Exotic fruits

How to grow avocado from the bone at home


There are about four hundred species of wonderful exotic fruit - alligator pear. Avocado of South American origin, belongs to the family of laurel. It has gained wide popularity, so many countries with tropical and subtropical climates successfully cultivate it. Its taste is reminiscent of pine nuts, the pulp contains proteins and oils. In this fruit, sugar and fruit acids are completely absent.

If you are an inveterate lover of exotic plants, you can easily grow avocados at home, and the tree will take a worthy place in your greenhouse. Unfortunately, in room conditions, avocados do not bear fruit, but if you have a greenhouse or a greenhouse, then there is an opportunity to observe its flowering. The tree itself is very beautiful, so only for this it is worth conducting an experiment.

There is a little trick on how to grow avocados at home. Get a ripe avocado at the nearest supermarket. You can make an amazing salad from its flesh, and gently remove the bone. It will need to be dried. Build a lightweight wire frame material. Put it on the glass. Pour into a container of settled water, insert an avocado pit and make sure that its blunt end is placed in water. The bone should not be completely submerged. This is a must. In this form, it should be with you until the appearance of full roots, no less than five cm. The water level should always correspond to the initial position.

We have come to the second stage of our venture - how to grow avocados at home. Now we have to prepare the ground properly. Our soil should be of several components. All components we have to mix in equal proportions. It will take: humus, garden soil, coarse sand (add a little lime) and peat. Peat must be raw. Now we know how to plant avocados. Choose the right size pot, fall asleep soil and immerse the bone, burying it in half. Make sure that the roots are not damaged. Timely watering is necessary, but do not allow excessive soil moisture. Sprout will not make you wait long.

Growing avocados at home is not a problem. Follow the advice and recommendations, and your tree will be strong, healthy and beautiful. Remember that this is a heat-loving southern plant. He needs frequent watering and a lot of light. Therefore, how to plant an avocado is only half the battle, it is important to properly care for it. To young shoots and leaves get enough moisture, be sure to spray them with water. To humidify the air, you can use an aerator. Such devices you can easily purchase at a flower shop. Loosening the soil also has a beneficial effect on the growth of this plant. And in the spring-summer period, fertilize it with special liquid fertilizers for tropical crops. At the same time you will significantly increase the chances of admiring a tropical plant.

If you exactly followed the recommendations and know how to grow avocados at home, the result will certainly please you. At home, you have to replant the tree every year. As it grows, increase the volume of the pot.

If you are lucky and you live in the area of ​​Sochi, then you can try to plant your strong seedling in the open ground. Lowering the temperature below 5 ° C will simply kill the heat-loving plant. If you still decide to take the risk, specify the variety of plant that will live in conditions that are alien to it. Remember that there are varieties for which even 10-15 degrees of heat is extremely low.

How to grow avocados at home, by germinating seeds, we told. You can plant a stone directly into the ground. Another way suitable for growing is grafting. To obtain a certain variety need a vaccination. It is unlikely that there will be a large number of people who will engage in such activities without professional interest, but the cultivation of avocados from the bones, most likely, will interest many.

Avocado Bone Preparation

The stone usually takes up half of the fruit. For successful cultivation you need to choose a ripe fruit. Usually in mature seeds 100% germination.

How to choose a mature fruit? Press on the avocado palms on both sides - the ripe fruit itself straightens. Often in the stores there are unripe fruits - at home you can help the fruit to reach it - put it next to bananas and apples. These fruits produce ethylene, accelerating ripening.

Avocados are quite unpretentious in growing - you can just stick into the ground. But since the seed usually germinates for a long time - up to three months - it is better to germinate in water. Large bone contains more nutrients - this is the best option for growing.

Photo of avocado seed

It is easy to get a bone from an avocado. It is necessary to cut it in half lengthwise and rotate the halves. Seed gently remove a spoon from a half fruit. Rinse well from residues of pulp. Then make small holes of 5 mm on the same level, in the middle of the stone. Insert 3-4 toothpicks and put a bone in a glass of water. Water should reach the middle.

The bone must be placed correctly - with a pointed end up, and with a flatter side into the water.

Put a glass on the window and wait for the sprout and roots. As already mentioned, it can take up to three months. But in the spring, this process is much faster - it takes a lot of time in a week. Do not forget to constantly add water to the glass as it evaporates.

First, the bone will crack in half over the cotyledons - this is a good sign - you can soon plant it in the ground.

In the pot you need good drainage, the soil is suitable universal for flowers. Bone we plant also with a blunt tip down. We dig half in the ground.

Opened Avocado Bone

At this time it is important:

  1. Keep the ground moist.
  2. Provide a bright place.
  3. Grow in a warm place.

Avocado sprout

A few days later a reddish sprout appears. It grows rapidly - literally before our eyes. At first, the growth rate is amazing - avocado grows about 50 cm in 3 months. Then growth slows down, mostly the avocado tree grows up and not rush to acquire side shoots. To make them appear, you need to pinch the top of the young tree when it becomes the desired height.

It is important to know! Stone and leaves of avocado contain dangerous toxin - persin. It can cause allergies before anaphylactic shock! Do not start this plant if there are cats and small children in the house who like to taste everything.

Avocado care at home

Avocado photos

The plant trunks are flexible and you can make an interesting composition of three trees. Three avocados are planted in one pot and, as they grow, weave their trunks into a pigtail. Only you need to leave gaps to increase the trunks in volume - because they grow. It will turn out very decorative tree in three trunks.

After three to four years, flowers may appear, but when growing an avocado from a stone at home, this is rare.

Avocado flowers

Usually it turns out a tree with large leaves. At home it can grow up to two meters, and in nature it reaches 17 meters.

Features of avocado homemade tree

Home-grown avocado tree has a number of features:

  1. In its natural habitat, the plant grows to a height of 20 meters, and the tree growing at home, reaches a maximum of 2.5-3 meters.
  2. Fruiting of this tree occurs very rarely. It is mainly used as a decoration element.
  3. If you are lucky, the fruiting of the tree begins at 3-6 year of growth. Its fruits are quite edible, although they are slightly inferior in taste to those brought.
  4. The plant cleans the air, and thanks to the original and lush crown, the room is dominated by a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Conditions for growing avocados

For the cultivation of avocado from the stone at home, you must adhere to some rules. It is better to plant the bone in the spring, during this period there is an active growth of plants. For procurement of planting material, it is necessary to choose a ripe fruit that has no deformations.

Indicators of a ripe product are the peel of a dark-colored fruit, dense and elastic flesh, after pressing on the fruit it regains its shape, the bone is easily separated from the pulp, the quality bone has the size of a quail egg.

If the product is slightly not ripe, you need to put it in a paper bag with products that contain a large portion of ethylene - this is the gas that accelerates the ripening of fruits. These include bananas, apples or tomatoes. When storing the fruit in a temperature regime of 18 to 23 degrees, after 2 days, the avocado will reach the necessary condition.

Stages of avocado seed germination

Growing avocado at home from the bone is made in this sequence.

Extracted seed. To do this, a small incision is made in the center of the fetus, 1 cm deep and gently, with rotating movements, its bone is cut. Further, it is washed under running water without damaging the brown shell.

Before germinating avocados, a place is prepared for its growth:

  1. The drainage system is placed in the pot, for which ordinary gravel or expanded clay is suitable.
  2. A nutritional mixture consisting of equal parts of humus, garden soil and sand is prepared. Since it is possible to plant an avocado directly into the soil, for the normal germination of its seed, it should have a loose texture.
  3. The prepared mixture is poured into a pot, leaving some free space, 1–2 cm from the top edge.

Seed is germinated using different methods.

How to germinate avocado pit

The closed method provides for the germination of planting material directly in the ground. To do this, the bone is placed in the ground at 25 mm in depth, with the sharp end of the top and well watered, soaking the entire soil. The container is placed in a warm place, with good lighting and watered throughout the germination period. After 20–30 days, a sprout appears.

An open method of growing avocados is to set the seed in a container with water, suspended. For this you need:

  • prepare a glass or other container
  • in the middle part of the seed, from different sides, make 3–4 holes into which toothpicks are inserted, 2–3 mm in depth (they serve as a support so that the seed cannot fully submerge in water, but only its lower part),
  • the seed is placed in a prepared container with cold water, a blunt end, and the immersion of planting material should be 1/3 of its size,
  • instead of water, you can use a hydrogel that can hold moisture for a long time,
  • throughout the germination period, you need to make sure that the water level does not decrease,
  • after the first root appears, the plant can be transplanted into the ground, but in order for the plant to stick, its roots must be at least 30 mm.

For the appearance of the first roots it takes from 2 to 6 weeks.

Avocado seed contains Persin, a substance that disrupts the digestive system and causes various allergic reactions. Therefore, work is recommended to wear rubber gloves.

Conditions for growing avocado tree

After the avocado seed has been planted at home, it is necessary to conduct a series of activities to arrange its place.

For normal growth of avocado, you need to comply with some requirements:

  1. Regular moistening of the soil, which is produced as it dries. On average, watering is done 1 time in 10 days. In winter, the trees are watered less often, letting the soil stand dry for a couple of days, this is necessary to maintain the optimum level of soil moisture.
  2. Maintaining humid air, is achieved in different ways - this is setting a pot with a tree next to crops that emit a lot of moisture, spraying the leaves of plants in the summer season or heating, the pot is installed on a tray with wet sand.
  3. Providing a favorable temperature in the room, which should be in the range of 16-20 degrees. In winter, a favorable temperature is 10–12 degrees, as the plant falls into a state of rest and sheds leaves.
  4. Timely feeding plants. On average, it is performed 1-2 times per month. For dressing mixtures are used for growing ornamental crops.

When yellowing leaves, you need to pay attention to the frequency and amount of watering. This is usually a sign of excessive watering.

Avocado tree decoration

Before you grow an avocado from a bone at home, you must consider all the nuances of its decorative design:

  1. Some options include planting several sprouts in a pot, with the further interweaving of their stems, thereby obtaining a magnificent and original tree.
  2. To obtain a tall tree, it is recommended to transplant it at least once a year. The favorable period for this procedure is the end of February, the time when the plants are actively beginning to grow. The first transplant should be carried out on reaching the height of the tree 15 cm.
  3. To reduce the growth rate of avocados, pinch its tops. This procedure accelerates the growth of lateral shoots that make the crown lush and attractive.

Forming pruning is carried out in the spring, when active growth of all plants occurs. The first pruning of the apex is done after 8–10 leaves, in the presence of side shoots, they are shortened after 5 leaves.

From sprouting the bone to the formed tree - video

How to grow avocado from the bone?

When trying to grow avocados, consider the following points:

  • In the bone and leaves contain a small amount of persim. Persin - poison dangerous to humans. Therefore, you should take care of the inaccessibility of the plant by children and animals.
  • The tree will begin to actively bear fruit, only when created from natural conditions.
  • To ensure the temperature, it is desirable to get a photo lamp.

To grow this unusual and tasty overseas fruit you will definitely need a ripe fruit. Only a bone of a ripe fruit has a chance to germinate.

The growing process can be done in several ways..

First way or as it is also called closed, is simple. The stone of a ripe fruit should be thrust into the ground, with a wide side to a depth of 2–4 cm. The soil should be constantly loosened and watered every three days. The temperature in no case should not fall below 20 degrees. Under favorable conditions, the stone should germinate in about a month.

Open way interesting and exotic. Before planting in the ground, the stone must be germinated in water, in a suspended state. The bone should be cleaned and thoroughly washed. Further, along the circumference line approximately in the middle, it is necessary to drill several holes into which it will be necessary to insert wooden sticks (for example, a toothpick or a match). The sticks will act as fixers when the bone is lowered into the water tank. The stone must be constantly in the water, wide edge down.

It is necessary to closely monitor the water level in the tank.. Some gardeners use polymer pellets or hydrogel instead of water. Polymeric material will keep water for a long time with high quality, which is very convenient in this case and you will not be able to follow the water level. Hydrogel and polymer granules can be bought in specialized garden stores.

As in the first case, the roots, and then the sprouts appear in about 25–30 days. When the length of the roots reaches 5 cm, the bone will be ready for transplantation into the open ground.

To begin with, the bone should be transplanted into a container or a flower pot with openings.. The soil should not be tight. To provide the necessary moisture and air exchange, the soil must be loosened. Stone planted in the soil, so that half was on the surface. It is important to be careful when disembarking the bone, so as not to break the delicate roots. The shell of the bone should not be removed.

Lighting and temperature

Tropical plants are very light-loving, but partial shade will come down. To avoid burns, young plants, it is advisable to avoid direct sunlight. If your apartment or house has a room with windows facing west. The window sill of this window will be an ideal place for fruit to grow. In providing the plant with light, the fitolamp method is excellent.

Tropics are home to avocados, so the fruit loves warmth. With the appearance of the slightest draft or a sharp decrease in temperature, the plant will show discontent - the leaves will immediately fall off. Поэтому даже летом в жаркую погоду, растение не желательно выносить на улицу.

Постоянная температура должна поддерживаться и в помещении. В тёплый сезон температура в комнате будет оптимальной для авокадо, а вот в зимнее время температура в комнате не должна опускаться ниже 22 градусов тепла.

В зимнее время у растения может начаться период покоя. В ситуации когда температура в помещении понижается до 10–12 градусов, реакция авокадо происходит незамедлительно — листья сбрасываются и растение переключаются в режим зимней спячки. При правильном уходе и постоянной температуре такого не случится.

Полив авокадо

Watering is an important process. when growing avocado from pits. In the conditions of cultivation in the apartment, watering should be abundant and regular. Watering should take into account temperature indicators, as well as the time of year. It should take several days, after the soil dries, before the plants require water. After drying the top layer of soil, inside the pot remains a necessary chapter, which is enough for two days.

An evergreen tropical plant requires moist air. Indoors, most often dry air, and spraying from a spray bottle will help to solve this problem. It is important to remember that even small droplets should not fall on the plant, only the air around the bush is moistened.

Another way of moistening is considered a special container for a pot, with a layer of moist expanded clay at the bottom.

Fertilizers and fertilizers

In the cold season, from September to March, avocados do not need feedings, and the rest of the time the plant must be fed fertilizers. Top dressing is carried out once a month with complex fertilizers. The complexes recommended for citrus and other tropical plants will do. Avocado champion on the use of potassium, which is so rich in tropical soil. Nitrogen and potash fertilizers are great.

Avocado Transplant

Avocado is growing quite active. and in natural conditions reaches 20 meters in height. At home, the growth is 2.5–3 m. As the root system grows, the pot becomes cramped for the flower, so it needs to be transplanted.

At a young age, the plants are transplanted every year, and from 5 years they are often reduced to once in 3 years. A transplant of a plant into a new container is made by the method of transshipment. The tree is carefully carried along with a clod of earth around the rhizome.

Important for the growth and development of avocados, has the soil in which it grows. Avocados are suitable for any light and friable land without clay, preferably not oxidized. Dolomite flour or wood ash can be added to the soil to reduce acidity.

Suitable soil mixture for avocados can be made at home by yourself. For this, in equal parts, humus, peat, calcined river sand and purified garden soil are mixed. To plant a seed in such a soil means to ensure the emergence of a healthy and strong plant.

Pruned avocado

To avoid pulling the plant in height, you need to pinch it. The procedure will help the plant to acquire pomp in the form of lateral shoots. The pinching process is carried out only when at least eight full-fledged leaves appear on the acoustics. The first two years, you can pinch only the top of the plant. This contributes to the lush branching and development of the lateral processes. When the side branches are formed enough and will get their eight leaves.

The pruning and pinching procedure is carried out in the spring before the start of sap flow. Pruning is essential for plant development and growth, and also helps you form a decorative crown. The formation of the crown depends entirely on the imagination of the grower.

It is possible to plant avocados at home not only for the sake of fruit. At home, avocados have long become an ornament. For this you will need a little flower gardening experience. You can grow several avocado bushes and transplant them into a flower pot or container at the age of about a year. Plants can be twisted together in a pigtail, as long as the plants have flexible branches.

Diseases and pests

The most terrible pests, as for other indoor plants, consider spider mites and scythe. The spider mite is a very voracious insect and sucks the juice from the stem of the plant, and can also carry diseases from other indoor plants. Shchitovka not less dangerous insect that eats juice. You can fight pests with the help of insecticidal preparations and folk remedies.

Among the diseases, the main danger is powdery mildew, which leads to decay of the rhizome and further death of the plant.

The process of growing can be addressed by other pathologies:

  • Leaves dry. The reason for the drying of the leaves is the lack of moisture or insufficient air humidity.
  • Falling leaves. If the leaves have fallen, then as mentioned above, the reasons are low temperature or drafts in the apartment.
  • Pale leaf. Causes blanching leaves may be a lack of light. Podyschite plant suitable bright place or provide lighting with fitolampy.

Avocados today is one of the most amazing and unexplored tropical plants. At first glance, a nondescript and almost tasteless fruit, is now gaining increasing popularity among the chefs. Our compatriots, too, are attached to this amazing fruit.

Some interesting facts about avocado

  • Avocados have many names, for example: Alligator pear, Poor Cow, Sea Cucumber.
  • Avocado fruit is known to man since ancient times. Recently, in one of the tombs dating back to 700 BC. er were found avocado bones. Known cave paintings of avocados, more than 12 thousand years old.
  • Avocado is the record for the amount of nutrients, in the Guinness Book of Records there is a corresponding mark.
  • An amazing fruit originally from Mexico.
  • It may seem to the man in the street that the fruits look the same, in fact there are more than 100 varieties of avocado. Varieties differ in size (from 50 grams to 2 kg), color (from green to purple), shape (round, pear-shaped), as well as taste.
  • Avocados are great for people with diabetes. The sugar content in fruit is less than 2%.
  • An interesting fact is that the avocado is a member of the laurel family, that is, it is a relative of the well-known bay leaf.
  • Avocado pit contains poison dangerous to humans.
  • As part of the avocado, the protein content is equal to the amount of protein in beef meat, so the fruit is so highly valued by vegetarians.
  • One avocado fruit contains a daily dose of carotinoid that blocks aging at the cellular level.
  • This tropical fruit is considered an evergreen.

How to grow avocado from the bone

For the cultivation of this unusual overseas plants need necessarily ripe fruit of avocado. Only a bone of such a fruit has a great chance of germination. This process can be done in two ways:

  • The first method (closed) is simple and uncomplicated. The bone of the avocado should be inserted into the soil with a wide lower side to a small depth (approximately 2 centimeters). When creating favorable conditions, it should germinate in about 30 days.
  • The second way (open) is interesting and even, one can say, exotic.

Stone before planting in the ground must be germinated in water in a suspended position. First you need to thoroughly wash and clean it. Then, approximately in the middle of the stone along the circumference, you must carefully drill three or four holes into which then you need to insert thin wooden sticks (for example, matches or toothpicks). They will play the role of support when the wide lower part of the stone is lowered into a container with water. These chopsticks, like catches, will keep the bone at the required height. The main thing is to constantly monitor the amount of water in the tank. The lower part of the bone should always be in the water.

Instead of water for germinating avocado pits, you can use special polymer granules (hydrogel). This polymeric material can hold a large amount of water for a long time. In this way it is very convenient, you do not need to follow the level.

It will take only 20-30 days, and the first young roots will appear, and then the sprout. The stone will be ready for planting in the ground when the length of the roots reaches 4 centimeters.

First you need a small flower pot with large holes. The earth should not be dense. It must be well loosened to ensure the necessary air and moisture exchange. Stone is planted in the soil so that two thirds of its parts are on the surface of the soil. There is no need to remove the shell on the bone.


Since the tropics are home to avocados, he naturally loves warmth. In case of a sharp decrease in temperature or the slightest draft, the plant will begin to show its displeasure - all the leaves will immediately fall off. Therefore, even with warm summer weather, it is undesirable to take it outside.

And in the room should also be maintained at a constant temperature. During the warm season, high room temperature will be favorable for avocados, but in cold winter time it will be enough for it to be 20 degrees Celsius.

There is a plant and a dormant period in winter. If in the winter in the room the temperature drops to 12 degrees, then the avocado will immediately respond - the leaves will drop and switch to the "hibernation" mode. But with proper care and a constant temperature balance this can not happen. This tropical plant is considered evergreen.

Watering rules

Watering avocados at home should be regular and abundant, but taking into account temperature indicators and the season. Excessive watering can harm. In the summer it is watered more often than in winter. After the topsoil has dried, a couple more days should pass before you start watering the plant. Only the upper part of it immediately dries out, and the moisture for the avocado remains for about two days inside the pot.

Air humidity

Of great importance and humidity. The room is almost always dry air, and it is very harmful for this plant. Daily spraying will help solve the problem. It is very important that during such water procedures only the air near the avocado is moistened, but not the plant itself. Even small droplets should not fall on its leaves.

There is another way of moistening - this is a special tray for a pot with moist expanded clay.

Diseases, pests and other problems

Avocados, like all houseplants, are afraid of the same pests - the shield and the spider mite. A voracious spider mite can not only destroy all the leaves on a plant, but can also carry various diseases to other indoor plants. The shield sign feeds on plant sap. After its appearance, only dry leaves remain. You can fight with such pests by various folk methods or insecticidal preparations.

Among the diseases, the main danger for avocado is powdery mildew.

In the process of growing other problems may arise:

Dry the tips of the leaves. Causes - the rules of irrigation (lack of moisture), insufficient air humidity are not observed. It is necessary to establish regular watering (only after the top layer of the earth dries out) and to humidify the air in the room using sprays.

Falling leaves. Causes - drafts and lowering the air temperature in the apartment. It is necessary to maintain the optimum temperature in the room and avoid drafts.

Pale leaf. The reasons - the lack of coverage. It is necessary to find a suitable place for the plant or to arrange additional (artificial) lighting for it, especially in winter.


  1. Evgenia May 20, 2017 at 2:45 pm

Tell me, what's up with indoor avocado, if it leaves leaves? They are green, fresh, but the upper ones are lowered, although the lower ones are “standing”. The plant stands on a southern window, in partial shade. Humidity and temperature are good, the cleaner-humidifier constantly works in the room, there are no drafts.

Eugene March 18, 2018 at 19:22

It's quite normal. The leaves of the avocado are quite large, and therefore omitted. And the lower ones are as they have not grown to the right size.

Reply Anastasia June 5, 2017 at 09:30

Most likely, they lack moisture. This happens in the summer. Reduce the watering interval.

Reply Svetlana Bondar March 6, 2018 at 20:45

the avocado grew just by planting a bone in the ground, sprouted after three months, now a sprout appeared, waiting for heat to see the first shoots

Reply Irina July 14, 2018 at 19:25

I germinated my bone in water for six months! Already desperate and decided to throw it away, but she released the spine, now the roots are more than 4 cm, it's time to plant!

Reply Hope July 24, 2018 at 11:14

if the avocado leaves have fallen - wants to drink, pour some water into the pan and see that in an hour the leaves will rise. I have about 10 avocados growing in pots and all different, there are with small leaves, and there are with large

Reply Olga on August 14, 2018 at 01:21

decided to make an experiment, brought avocado and sheseka (medlar) bones from Israel, waited a long time, and now there are sprouts. avocados already 20 cm, sheseks sprouted 4 pieces. one planted in a separate pot, the rest are afraid to replant. my loner began to wither. so that the rest of the shoots let them grow next to other plants. I wonder what happens. good luck to all.

Reply Danil August 26, 2018 at 14:17

I planted a bone back in November right into the ground, was silent all winter, and sprouted in the spring. Periodically take pictures. Now the plant is already 20 cm, the leaves are large. Sometimes they fall if I do not water for a long time. On some, the tips have dried up, maybe the power is not enough?
I can not attach a photo.
By the way, I planted just in the baby bucket. The earth is layered, expanded clay, hydrogel, sand, earth from the forest. There is no drainage hole, it is even better, because the excess water goes to the ground at the level of claydite, and some takes the hydrogel. I water a glass of water 1-2 times a week, create a puddle. Within a few seconds, water seeps into the ground. I thought about fertilizers, but I do not know what to feed.

Reply Daniil Sergeevich September 25, 2018 at 09:40

About heat-loving and the soil - strange written. My avocado from spring to yesterday was on the balcony. The temperature periodically dropped to +6 - not a single sheet fell. The soil, apparently, is acidic - it is rapidly overgrown with moss. Now the plant is just over 160 cm in length and continues to grow rapidly.

Reply Anna on November 1, 2018 at 10:19

Ahpphh to 15 centimeters in the home, after transplanting my avocado swept almost 80 cm 😀 tell me, is this normal?

Reply Svetlana November 22, 2018 at 07:01

I landed 9 pits in the water for the sake of interest, there was no shift for a long time. I waited a month or two and just changed the water. In about 3-4 months, the roots of 3 out of 9 seeds went, the rest did not. I planted 3 bones from which only one rose and now, the tree is already 30 cm high, two stems come from one stone and there are a lot of large leaves. The greens grew quickly, the tree for about a year, maybe a little more. Now the leaves began to turn yellow and dry from the ends, although the watering is constant, it stands on the window, it may be a draft, I think to look for another place in the apartment

Reply Sabina November 25, 2018 at 10:39



Sabina November 25, 2018 at 12:26

It looks like your avocado lacks coverage.

Polina November 25, 2018 at 15:52

Thanks for the answer! Indeed, there are practically no sun rays at home, I transported it to work, there is always the sun, what do you think will help? Or already meaningless?



Sabina November 25, 2018 at 15:57

Well, surely it will not be worse) And there maybe it will be scorched)

Polina November 25, 2018 at 16:58

Rose December 2, 2018 at 13:21

Agree. I planted in March, and saw in November. I did not even hope. Joy does not convey. No leaves yet

Reply Anna December 3, 2018 at 19:57

I have this way, the lower leaves have dried, cut, from what I read, I realized that there is not enough moisture in the air ... .. now I regularly spray the air around ... I hope it will survive .... thanks for Ann the number of tips

Growing nuances

Avocados are representative of the laurel family. Under natural conditions, it can reach an eighteen meter height. So the tree can be called very conditionally. But at home, in any case, it will not grow like this, but it will be a very cute and spectacular mini-garden.

The first condition for the successful development of avocados is to choose the right fruit. It should be ripe, as the fruit bone risks not to germinate, and slightly squander when pressed.

The next moment - the bone must be able to get it. From this, again, it depends on whether the plant will turn.

You need to be prepared for some of the nuances:

  • A very young tree is not particularly attractive. It looks like a thin, bare stalk with a tuft of leaves on the very poppy,
  • the direct rays of the sun are vital to the germ, otherwise it’s not worth waiting for normal development,
  • in winter, you will have to make a lot of efforts to save the green pet and prevent it from shedding leaves: to ensure the air temperature is not less than +16 C and not to be watered often,
  • does not tolerate dry or too wet soil, but requires high humidity.

But not to bury completely (there is a risk of rotting), and:

  • lower it in the hole to half
  • make sure that the blunt end is hidden in the ground and the sharp one rises above the surface.

After two to four weeks, the sprout of an avocado should just go out from the tip. And for this to happen, the bone needs to be watered all the time, keeping the soil wet. When the sprout stretches for 15-20 centimeters and gets wide, laurel-like leaves, it can be moved to a more spacious container.

We grow in the open way

This method is more exciting, especially for a novice grower, and more visual: the initial seed germination in water allows you to see millimeter, but the roots, which are stubbornly chosen outside.

The bone must be specially prepared.

  1. On the blunt side, make three or four holes.
  2. Вставить в них зубочистки. Они послужат опорой, которую надо установить в стакан с водой так, чтобы намокла только нижняя зона косточки.

Есть другой способ: несколько раз продырявить косточку посредине и воткнуть зубочистки под прямым углом. Они лягут на кромку стакана, удерживая конструкцию. Воды, опять же, наливают столько, чтобы она закрывала низ.

If you do not forget to monitor the level of liquid in the glass, then after two to four weeks you can enjoy the roots, which appeared from below, and the soft green sprout from the sharp end. Gradually getting out of the "house", he spends the nutrients stored in the bone. So, it's time to take a small pot (necessarily with drainage holes in the bottom), and plant an avocado seed along with the “newborn”, deepening it into the ground by three centimeters.

Conditions for active tree growth

Choosing a place in the house where the avocado will always be, you need to remember the conditions conducive to its healthy development and active growth. Since it is very light-loving, it is better to put the pot in a well-lit place. But take care of temporary shading so that at noon, direct sunlight will not burn the leaves. Avocado penumbra also makes good, so it will feel quite comfortable on the north window.

So that in the autumn and winter the exotic pet would not shed its leaves, it was illuminated with luminous or special phytolamps.

It is necessary to water with warm, settled water. In spring and summer it is generous, only the crust dries up, but not before the formation of a “swamp” in the tank. In winter, the substrate should remain dry for 1-2 days.

Avocado hard with dry air. Therefore, regular spraying, but not of the leaves themselves, but of the air around them, is an indispensable condition for well-being and growth.

No need to plant a tree in any soil. It is best to mix in equal parts humus, coarse sand, garden soil and peat. And add ¼ parts of lime.

Will the tree be grown from the stone

Opinions on this score vary, based, apparently, on the personal experience of different gardeners.

  1. According to some, the theoretical possibility that home-grown avocados will produce fruit exists. But for this, the tree must reach a height of at least two meters, and, in addition, it must be grafted. And yet it’s not a fact that even if such conditions are met, something will work out.
  2. Others say that in the overwhelming majority of cases (and this is 95 -99%), indoor avocados do not bloom, and, moreover, do not bear fruit. Such examples are the rarest exception and great pride of the owner.

Home care

After the sprout appears, growing avocado will not take much time and will not require any special tricks. The most important condition - generous watering. If the leaves begin to dry, the tree does not have enough water.

In the case when the plant is drinking regularly, and the foliage still has not gained enough juiciness, the pet “protests” against too dry air. It is necessary to spray around the plant with cool water from a spray bottle, trying not to wet the leaves themselves.

Although the birthplace of avocado is tropics, the sweltering heat does not suit him. Best of all, he feels at a temperature not lower than 16 and not higher than 20 C.

In spring and summer, the tree is fed up. To do this, buy special liquid fertilizer for the tropical representatives of the world of flora.

The plant quickly stretches up. And if there is no intention to admire a two-meter pillar, it will have to pinch.

Once a year, young avocados are “relocated” to a more spacious container, carrying along with a clod of earth around the root. An adult tree can be replanted no more than once every three years.

Perhaps in gratitude for the care and love after six to eight years, your pet will delight you with bloom.

Fight against diseases and pests

Like any living creature, avocados can get sick and suffer from pests. In most cases, the disease provokes errors in the care.

  1. Dries and falls foliage - look for the cause. It can be covered in too low or high temperature in the room, excessive or insufficient watering, drafts. As soon as you find out what is happening, correct the situation.
  2. The tips of the leaves or even their entire surface turns brown, the leaves fall off — most likely, too dry air in the room led to this result. And it needs to be moistened urgently using a spray gun.
  3. The same situation is the result of water shortages. It will save him the right watering, in which the plant does not dry out, but not "wrap". Especially you need to carefully monitor the state of the avocado in the winter, when the central heating is turned on. It is best during this period to put a tree on a pallet with sphagnum or wet clay.
  4. When the leaves "turn white", it is a signal that the avocado asks for more light. Move it closer to the window, in the autumn-winter season, provide illumination. But if the green pet has lived in a shaded place for a long time, it must be accustomed to a greater “dose” of light gradually.

Indoor avocados can be attacked by mites or scale insects. To get rid of pests will help remove insects manually using soap solutions. If the branches are too affected, they are best removed. Insecticides are used as a last resort.

The first step - buy avocado fruit in the store

The avocado tree has wide leaves and flexible stems, which allows it to form various decorative compositions. Usually, three trees are planted in pots, of which pigtails form during growth. It is believed that the presence of an avocado tree in the house harmonizes relationships and creates a romantic atmosphere.

To do this, you must buy in the store ripe avocado fruit. To check it for ripeness, you need to press down the fruit with palms on both sides, and then release. Ripe fruit will restore its structure, so you can safely buy it. But even if the avocado is not fully ripe, you can also buy it - it will mature with time.

To make the fruit ripen faster, it can be placed next to apples or bananas, since these fruits emit ethylene gas, which contributes to the early ripening.

We sprout bone avocado

Avocados must be peeled, taken out of the stone and sown on the same day. Usually seed germination 100%. Plant bone in three ways.

  1. Untreated bone can be planted directly into the ground, leaving a third on top. The blunt end must be in the soil. In this state, leave the bone, it is necessary to water once a week.
  2. Untreated bone can be pierced in three places with toothpicks 3 mm deep, then put it into the water with a blunt end. The lower part should be in the water, and the puncture site should not be immersed in water.
  3. Peeled avocado seed should be placed in water, leaving a third on top. Purified bone germinates faster, and in this case, you can observe how the root system and the stem are formed.
Avocado seeds, germination in water. © KVDP Germination of avocado seed in the ground. © skyseeker Avocado sprout from the bone. © Cayobo

For planting it is better to choose a large bone, because it has more energy to grow. Water for soaking should be used separated from room temperature (23-25 ​​° C). You can add wood or activated charcoal to water, but this is not necessary, as the bone is unpretentious and will germinate perfectly without these additives.

Stone can sprout in a week, and maybe in two months. It depends on the season. It is best to plant it in the spring, because at this time it will germinate faster.

Plant a pit in the ground

Once the sprout grows 3 cm, it can be planted in the ground. The soil should be loose, well-drained, so that the bone can breathe. Avocados do not like stagnant water in the roots, so drainage is required. You can take a small pot for planting; later, after a year, the plant can be transplanted.

Drainage should be 2 cm high. In the soil it is necessary to make a small depression, plant a bone in it so that a third comes out of the ground, then pour it with ordinary distilled water, preferably with a small amount of salt, better filtered.

Next, you need to put the pot on the brightest place in the room, you can fertilize once a month or once in two weeks, for this fit any mineral fertilizer. In this case, the plant will quickly grow and develop.

If the tree is stretched out due to lack of sunlight, then you need to pinch it. To determine whether watering is required for a plant, it is necessary to deepen a finger into the soil into two phalanxes. If it is wet, then water is not necessary.

Avocado flowers. © Cayobo

To give the tree a more decorative look, you can germinate a few bones of avocado, and then, during their growth, weave a pigtail from the stems. At the same time the braid should not be very dense. It is necessary to leave gaps between the segments, because the trunk expands over time. Otherwise, the decorative plants will be lost. When there is a gap, you can fix the weave due to the flexibility of the stem.

From the third year of life on the tree may appear yellow-green flowers. In order for the tree to begin to bear fruit, it is advisable to have two or more avocado plants. This is necessary for cross-pollination of trees.

It is advisable to remove the plant in the summer to the country and put it under the canopy of trees in a sunny place. Then the avocado will begin to bear fruit in the third year.


My Avocado plant has already reached 30 sentiments ... Probably stretched out due to lack of light. Pinned him, but the lateral shoots did not appear .... And for some reason the leaves dry up. Thanks for the article, did not even assume that blooming is possible at home!

I have the same situation. Stretched out, the leaves dry, crumble. Pinned, does not branch. The barrel is bald. Thrown, Sorry.

Yes, I had the same thing, it grew huge, threw it away, now the second grows and the leaves also dry. Let it be worth it, see what happens. Below the bare trunk, above the side began to release the branches. Good luck to everyone with exotics.

And how do you pinch avocado ?? Than??

You can just nails, you can scissors.

And how, just scratch your nails or cut with scissors.

Pinch the upper kidney with your nails (under the kidney to remove it), or simply cut off the unnecessary part of the branch, or the same kidney, with scissors.

It is better not to pinch - I understood by experience. In order for your tree to be “spiked” besides filtered water, its temperature conditions are necessary. I usually try - dropping any finger of my right hand into a watering can with water. Water only with warm water. I have trees more than 2 meters tall. I just take and interweave new long shoots among themselves - a crown of leaves is formed. And not high and beautiful ...

A photo of your trees
no online?

yes to go nuts
such a height to keep in an apartment with animals is not real

Animals, too, it is advisable not to keep in the apartment =)) they are there closely, especially dogs

I have long risen - about two months so. all the time is on the east side, almost half a day of the sun - I think the sun is well off, but the trunk is also bald. so bald they are not due to lack of light. the leaves do not dry - I understand them better to spray them as soon as they start feeling sad.

Pinned the top, the leaves really began to dry and fall off, but there were side shoots.

I already have a whole tree with my height, I sleep like under a palm tree.

My avocado has been growing for more than 5 years. I noticed that there are no shoots on the straight trunks of the shoots, and if the branch is bent, then young twigs begin to grow in the fold. A very tall tree had to be tied to the cornice, but it did not bloom, but I would love to see it.

I would like to know why my avocados are drying leaves around the edges, and they blacken beforehand. Plant I mean the stone began to grow in the garden, and then brought home to the pot. Plantation for 7 months

The tree especially suffers from dry air, in this case, first the tips and then completely the leaves turn brown and even fall off.

The same result gives a lack of water. In order to avoid such problems, it is necessary to observe the irrigation regime without overdrying and over-wetting the plant, and also, especially in winter, when turning on the central heating, increase the air humidity by regularly sprinkling the tree with warm water or placing it on a sphagnum drip tray expanded clay.

Hello, Nazar. I have a question for you: cut off the top of the avocado. Below the slice the trunk began to darken. This is bad? [..]

A black border appears on the leaves because of too abundant watering.

This is due to a lack of potassium.

I got an avocado off the bone.

How is it - under the canopy of trees in a sunny place?

I understood: under the trees growing in the sun, so that the light was diffused, not direct.

Today found a brush. tree 3 years. winters in the garage in 25l. the bank.

Congratulations! How did the process go further? What is the wintering temperature?

I planted avocados, 2 stalks, both sprouted, then planted them in a pot next to each other, twisting one trunk over the other. A plant that twists leaves always dry, the first one feels fine. Watering is very rare, there are no plants in the sun at all — through closed blinds, next to a hot battery. So I do not know why some people do not grow something. Very unpretentious plant.

My avocado has been around for 10 years, but it never bloomed! The lower leaves, too, dry up, but this is from dry air and from lack of water. After I visited the greenhouse of the Pharmaceutical Garden of Moscow State University and saw their avocados, I calmed down))) He also had dried leaves, although it grows in the greenhouse and humidity there - hoo. I thought for a long time what to do with ugly dried leaves, so here: I cut them off, cut them off the top, water them abundantly, feed them and put them on a bright place, and from each bosom I start to grow along the branch! But here, does not bloom, alas, and ah ... In general, avocado - this is one of the most famous wetlands)))

What do you feed?
My already 7 years old - a couple of transplants, but I feel that the land is already empty, and it is already dangerous to transplant a 2 meter tree.

If the tree is closely in the pot, then no dressing, which, by the way, should be regular, and not occasionally, will not help. We transplanted almost three-meter lemon in a tub for 150 liters and everything is in perfect order!)

The leaves on my tree, too, dried and fell. I will reveal the secret! He put a sphagnum moss (bought in a store) in a pot over the ground. Everything! The krone is gorgeous, the leaves are green.

Hello to all! The article is interesting and I decided to grow an avocado in the form of a pigtail (3 pieces in a pot). So, what size pot should you take so that they are not cramped? Thank you in advance!

I have a tall and voluminous pot. Plant height is about 2 meters ... I almost forgot - you need to spray constantly ... 1-3 times a day, depending on the temperature in the room.

First small. The volume increases gradually as the root system grows. Immediately in large pots of plants can not be planted.

Why not plant large pots at once?

When transplanting an avocado, the pot should only be not much larger than the previous one, since it is difficult to maintain the optimum level of moisture in a large volume of soil (in a large pot) and the plant is easy to pour. It is in large pots, with a small root system (in young plants) the most common is the rotting of horses.

I immediately planted in my big bloom and it smells pity the photo here I cannot show my avocado micro climate I freeze a 6 liter container of water and put it on the balcony when the heat

And how do you use this container in relation to the pot with the avacado? explain, but it is not clear :)

Good afternoon, Catherine! I think that Alexey using a frozen container with water just lowers the temperature on the balcony and increases the humidity. This is his secret to creating a suitable microclimate for avocados!

Good afternoon, we have a half year tree. It grew well, but when transplanted after some time, the midges began to appear. Land dried. Today I will be replanting, but here the problem is that our bone has blackened in just a couple of days and it seems to be beating. And the trunk is covered with a crust (wood is not wood). Tell me the bone should behave this way or did the tree get completely sick?

Yes, it should be so - the seed has fulfilled its role, now the plant develops independently. If it got sick, it would be reflected primarily on the leaf blades. But how to get rid of the black flies can be read here - https://www.botanichka.ru/article/sciara/

I lay the garlic clove on the ground near the plant. there were no black flies! )

My avocado is 40-50 centimeters, it looks good, only the lower leaves on the tip have dried up. But what a problem, the bone has darkened and looks like it dries and dies already, the guy pulled a little for it and one half fell away from the stem, nothing was damaged. He did the same with the other half. In the place where there was a bone, the stem is brownish, but it looks as if it is just lumbering. I do not know what with my avocado, will he live without a bone? ((

Will be. Stone fulfilled its role. Now the tree will develop independently.

that's just put the bones in the water as much as 3 pieces

Alexey, I plant a bone right into the ground.
Only the upper part of 1/3 of the earth does not fall asleep.
Periodically I water, I keep on the warmed loggia.
Stone bursts after 2 months and immediately a sprout appears.
The process itself is very interesting. you will not regret. Good luck!

in Israel, I planted a bone in the water after two months rose; in Russia, I planted three times in the water;

I Avocado bones germinate immediately in the ground.
Thank you all for the advice.

У нас хорошее 10- метровое авокадо плодоносит более 500 авокадо Круглогодично (9 мес в году) – Крупные, с тонкой кожурой, очень маслянистые
Экспериментирую Теперь на маленькой “авокадо-ферме”
1) Сажайте косточку на зубочистках в воду в непрозрачном стаканчике- Корни вырастают за 10-20 дней
2) Старайтесь использовать фильтрованную воду, затем постепенно добавляйте понемногу почву и компост от компостных червей или подкормки – Создайте среду близкую к будущей почве
3) While the plant is young - do not plant in the open sun.
4) If after transplantation the plant did not get along or the temperature or water regime was disturbed, do not worry. In most cases, with proper watering and sub-feeding with “compost tea” from the same stone at the place of the dried-up tree, a new one will grow. Already more adapted, or even 2-3 stems at a time.
P.S. California, We will choose Mexican avocados for Krasnodar region

Hello everybody! I read the comments on the cultivation of avocados and I want to write about my plant. In November, she planted avocados in a pot of pelargonium just for the sake of interest, just stuck it in the ground entirely, honestly did not expect it to come up, the bone was beautiful and she planted it and forgot what was called about it. When watering, Pelargonium saw some kind of sprout, I wanted to pull it out, but then I remembered that there was an avocado seed. The plant began to grow and I decided to plant it separately in a pot, dug and planted, there were already white roots. our windows are western, so the plant did not receive much coverage. When the avocado grew, cm 15 then suddenly another 3 sprouts started to grow nearby, from the same seed. I pulled out, I thought that they would be cramped, let one grow. But no, after a while 2 more sprouts appeared, I also pulled them out, but when the sprout appeared for the third time, I decided to leave. It became interesting why the plant gives all new sprouts. And so two trees grew in one pot, one bigger and more powerful and the other a little smaller and began to lean on its side, because the leaves prevented standing straight. And three weeks ago, they transplanted them into separate pots, before that they took them out with a lump of earth, broke the bone in half with difficulty, and both plants have their roots on it and now they are growing. I would like to know whether they can be planted in the garden when? How to cover them for the winter? Or they should only grow at home. The height of the first plant is about 45 cm, and the second is slightly smaller and thinner.

You can grow avocados on the street only where in winter there is no below -4 ° C, and even then, if it is a cold-resistant variety. In our climatic zones, isolated attempts are successful in the warm climate of the Black Sea coast. The rest, unfortunately, have to cherish pets on the windowsills))

When I cut the avocado, I cut it and the seed will sprout from it now or not.

It all depends on the degree of damage, if the cotyledons are broken off, then no. If the skin is scratched or slightly incised, then there is hope.

I have a sprout of sm7. Everything was good, but suddenly the leaves turned black and dried up. There was a crown of the head. It stopped growing

Good day! Avocados love abundant watering and spraying with warm water. Now it is very hot and dry, perhaps for this very reason what happened happened to him ...

An avocado seed sprouted at once with two sprouts, but yesterday I noticed another tiny sprout, although the rest had grown by 25 cm. I'd like to see flowering and of course the fruits)

Such an avocado is not uncommon - likes to surprise with new boring! When kids grow up a little, you can plant them in different pots, so as not to oppress each other. And you can experiment and weave braid pigtails.

Thank you, Oksana, later I will spread one)

Today I put an avocado seed in a glass of water, I hope it will sprout, I will wait.

Hello, I started sprouting a stone a couple of months ago, a bone sprout I transplanted into the soil in a pot. I used the earth from worms I kept in a bucket at home, the stem grew 50 cm on top of 5 leaves, just below 2 leaves and below the trunk is completely bare -The question is whether the tree grows correctly and will there be processes from the trunk?

Good day, Ayrat! The tree grows right. The twigs will begin to form higher. Above the eighth leaf, you will need to make a nip - remove the apical kidney. And then, on the side branches - above the fifth to sixth leaves. This will provide stronger branching, since the avocado itself is not particularly in a hurry to branch. And get ready - this plant throws a large crown - it needs a place and a volume tub!

I planted it in the ground, and it wasn’t right from the start — sideways. So I transplanted, because the sprout went already from the side. There was little land, and when it was full, the bone became below the surface, see three. Look at what happens. live near)

Hello! Help advice, who knows! The avocado plant is about 9 months old, about 15 cm tall, standing on the windowsill in the kitchen, the windows to the west. Yesterday the window was slightly open for a short time, today I discovered that the plant had lowered the leaves. Apparently, it was slightly frozen. How can it be reanimated?

Some kind of weak plant. My month, cm 30 in height, the same number of days from the moment of germination. I think if you cover with a jar and sprinkle with warm water, yours will move away.

Good afternoon, Anastasia! You can spray epin. It removes stress from plants well. Or any other drug with a similar action - ask in the “garden” store.

Oksana, Sergey! Thanks for the advice!

Cool plant. Two stalks grew from one bone! Pleasing to the eye . Now there are ten leaves on one, on the other there are more than 15 large and small leaves!

Our avocado, to be exact two avocados, is already a year and 2 months old (I wrote about them a little earlier) and the first one is about 75 cm tall and the second one is a little smaller. After pinching the plant gave two twigs, when she grew up and I pinched them, it turned out pretty beautiful plant. Maybe someone knows, so if you transplant them into large pots, can they be transferred to the summer cottage for the summer, just to the open air and not to be covered with anything, just what is called nature?

It is possible, but at a stable temperature above 18 degrees. And right away it’s better not to set the open sun, but in diffused light and in a place without drafts.

Good evening, Guys, tell me how to fertilize avocados properly, grown 20 cm. Leaflets do not want to grow, dry, what is not enough?

He paid attention and my stopped. It turns out that fleas are bred in the ground.

Dry the leaves can from excessive dry air or violation of the rules of watering. It is necessary to water the avocado as the soil dries, without pre-moisturizing or drying it out. You can feed them with universal fertilizer for decorative leafy crops - in spring and summer twice a month.

Do you guys planted mangoes ,?

Only pineapple and kiwi

Alex, by the way, we planted a mango, I don’t remember how long, probably a few years ... The bone was simply put in a jar of water, the water was changed, and it sprouted ... Now it is a branchy beautiful tree two meters high! He lives in an ordinary apartment, however, the heating in the room is turned off, was taken out on the balcony for the summer, and now we don’t take out the second year - stand by the window on the balcony ... Sometimes the tips of the leaves dry up - apparently sometimes we don’t control the watering ... I think so!

Or maybe the air is dry - need spraying!

Thanks for the reply, it has grown 25 cm., The leaves are 8 rows, small, and do not grow, only they are stretching upwards. What to do ?

If it stretches upwards, it means that it lacks light. Small leaves may be due to lack of nutrition. Start lighting up the fluorescent lamp and feed twice a month with complex fertilizer for decorative leafy plants.

My avocado is on the western window, it develops normally. I almost never take care of him, I water as needed, sometimes I feed him, I do not create any additional conditions, the plant just grows, pinches the top, now it has become even more beautiful, more beautiful, almost the whole window. I do not know what to do with it further, in the summer I will try to bring it to the dacha while everything is fine! Ugh, ugh! ugh so as not to jinx it.

I grew in height 40-50 cm at the top of 5 large sheets and a pair of very small ones, so these small ones do not grow and there are no leaves or shoots on the trunk. What can you do — can pinch the top?

Looks like he misses the sun. And for branching, yes, you need to pinch - avocados do not like branching on their own. And start feeding complex fertilizer for decorative and hardwood, twice a month.

Oksana thanks for the advice, I will try as you advised.))

Hello! I want to ask a question. Transplanted avocado, bone thrown, as it has already fulfilled its function. The plant began to fade, the leaves dry. What to do? How to save?

It is good to determine the cause.
1. If you started to dry it after transplanting - spray it with epin, build a greenhouse from a plastic bag for it, reduce watering, remove it from the sun.
2. If, as a result of overflow, you need to dry the ground (you can remove the plant together with the substrate from the pot), cut off the rotten roots (preferably without shaking the soil from the bulk of the roots), plant it back, spray it with epin and do not fill it again.
3. If from freezing, do as described in paragraph 1.

Thank you very much! I will try.

Oksana, sprouted three bones of avocado, I want to transplant in a pot with the ground. How to do it right - all three sprouts in one pot, what would then twist them into a pigtail. And whether it will be enough - three shoots - for cross-pollination. While growing up in the water - responded perfectly to spraying. Watched the growth - interesting. The most powerful roots are allowed - what to do with them when transplanting into pots - let them form a ball or reduce in size? Waiting for an answer .

good afternoon.
Please tell me if my avocado let a long branch to the side and it’s hard to keep it, what should I do? to tie or trim?
avocado more than half a year

YOU are a creator, cut, tie up or twist. Make it what you want it to be.