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How to perform landscaping of the suburban area with their own hands


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Landscape design of the dacha can be done with your own hands, but for this you need to think in detail about all the stages of future improvement. Garden design includes a large number of various works, this is gardening, and the laying of paths, and the construction of various buildings for decoration and use, and the construction of a drainage system and much more.

Dacha improvement project

Arrangement cottages need to start long before the summer season with the drafting of future work. First, put on the plan all the available buildings, perennial trees and shrubs. Consider what you leave out of this intact, and what you remove or redo. Before taking up logging, weigh the pros and cons, because removing a tree is not difficult, but a new one will grow for a very long time. If possible, save and existing buildings - this will significantly reduce your costs.

The remaining space is divided into the following areas: work, children, sports, recreation area and so on. The presence and size of these zones will depend on what you want to use the dacha: for growing crops, relaxing with children, having fun parties with friends, barbecues on weekends or something else. Do not make all decisions alone, you should definitely consult with family members, neighbors and friends.

When you have brought into the layout all the main elements of the future design, proceed to detail. Divide the garden and gazebo by garden paths, limit the flower garden and the pond to borders, consider the types and varieties of green space, materials for the manufacture of greenhouses, baths and much more.

Some types of work also need to be planned in detail, and, having really assessed your strength, decide what you will do with your own hands, and for what works you will hire professionals.

Home improvement dacha

Before you begin work on the arrangement of the suburban area, clean it up. Remove all the garbage and last year’s leaves, cut off dead branches, uproot stumps, renew and touch up buildings that need it. Only after all these procedures will it be possible to proceed to the main work. Do not catch at all at once, select one site or zone and begin to put it in order according to the plan. After that, take another site.

Begin landscaping the garden area most often with a fence. This will immediately determine the boundary of your territory and will help designate the internal division into zones.

Gardening the garden plot

There are various ways of planting trees on a plot, including planting fruit and vegetable crops, creating flower beds, green hedges, and you can plant ground cover plants in the children's area, recreation area or sports area.

Ground cover plants are good because they almost do not require care, quickly cover the free space, not allowing the growth of extraneous weeds, look like a very beautiful green carpet and it is pleasant to walk barefoot on them. In addition, most of these crops are perennial, they are enough to plant once, and they will delight you for many years.

The best way to decorate the garden is a variety of flowers. They give a unique look, make the garden elegant and changing, as they bloom at different times. Flowers are appropriate in any area, you only need to correctly pick the soil for them and create a combination that will suit your family.

Green hedges are a great alternative for a person who does not want to see heavy structures made of concrete, glass and metal in the garden. The living wall helps the buildings to harmoniously fit into the natural landscape, it is quite possible to decorate with it a fence, a gazebo, a veranda, a shed for tools and much more.

Improvement of various zones

Take care of convenient paths for quick access to any part of the garden, the choice of material depends only on your desire. It can be gravel, paving slabs, concrete screed, masonry and more. Pay special attention to the choice of coverage in each zone, if the children's area or recreation area can be covered with fine green grass, then it is better to lay out the barbecue area with fire protection tiles or a concrete screed.

Country houses finish with durable material, many of which not only significantly increase the life of the building, but also become an additional decoration, thanks to its attractive appearance.

Drainage system

It happens that in spring when the snow melts, or after heavy rains the water lasts a long time in the garden. This has a bad effect on plants, they suffer from oxygen starvation, since excessive moisture does not allow air to flow to the roots, so they can get very sick and even die. No less destructive water affects the soil and garden buildings, washing out the first and forming mold and fungus on the second.

In order to avoid all these negative consequences, it is necessary to carefully consider the drainage system and land reclamation. The system in each case is created individually depending on the height of the site, the abundance of precipitation, the composition of the soil, the proximity of lakes and rivers, the depth of groundwater flow and other parameters.

What does landscaping include?

Under the concept of landscaping is commonly understood landscape designas well as proper planning of the location on the site of various functional areas. That is why it is necessary to approach this work in a comprehensive manner, correctly defining your requirements and wishes for the backyard territory. Depending on this, it will be necessary to draw up a work plan, subsequently implementing it.

Landscape design specialists recommend planning several functional areas on the site. This may be a recreation area, a functional area with a summer kitchen, a barn and a utility room, it will be necessary to allocate a few dozen square meters for beds and perennial plantings. All such works, as well as buildings erected at the dacha, must be thought out before they even begin to work on the ground.

Detailed plan - the key to success

It is planning that needs special attention., since the success and success of the accomplished accomplishment will largely depend on how correctly and professionally the sketch and design project of the future landscape design of the backyard territory of the dacha is made. For many of us, it is precisely the proper planning for the improvement of a dacha that presents certain difficulties.

On the Internet you can find numerous workshops and thematic videos, which tells how to equip the dacha with your own hands. However, in theory and in practice, such works may differ significantly. It is necessary to think in detail about the style of the dacha design, arranging with your own hands that will allow you to create here a great place to relax.

It is necessary to think as much as possible location of all functional buildings on your site, decide on the location of the zone for a comfortable rest, where a parking area will be allocated, and where trees are planted, a flower garden is decorated, or several beds are made. Landscape design and planning for the improvement of the garden will be exclusively individual. It is necessary to consider the characteristics of the site and the taste preferences of the homeowner. The factor of finance is also important, as well-designed and implemented landscape design or landscaping of a dacha will invariably require substantial financial investments.

It is best to plan the improvement and development of landscape design in the country to give to professional specialists. An experienced landscape designer and architect will be able to properly plan the architecture of the house and all functional buildings, as well as create such a sketch-project, which later can be implemented independently or contact specialized companies. However, all these works can also be carried out independently, by putting a bit of effort and showing imagination and ingenuity.

Determine the future work front

You need to decide what work will need to be done without fail, and what can be discarded. So, if your country house is just built or is in excellent condition, then it will not be necessary to additionally carry out its exterior finish. The same applies to planted fruit trees. If you planted a beautiful country garden, then you will be spared the need for landscaping.

What works are carried out with the improvement:

  • Refinement of the main and functional buildings.
  • Work with the lawn.
  • Additional landscaping.
  • Planning a zone for a relaxing break.
  • Execution of the functional area with hozblokom and barn.
  • Arrangement of flower beds, alpine hills and other landscape elements.

General garden work

In most cases, when landscaping the dacha territory, they abandon numerous beds, shrubs and other agricultural plantations. It is required to uproot such unnecessary plantings, level the ground and sow it with varietal grass. When leveling the lawn one should carefully dig up the ground, if possible, remove all weeds, tamp the soil and plant varietal grass. We can recommend you to use mechanized motor-cultivators for digging the garden and vibrating plates, which will allow you to ram the ground, ideally leveling the surface.

If earlier arrangement on the backyard territory of a real emerald lawn and lawn presented some difficulties, today you can find high-quality seeds, various easy-to-use fertilizers and another tool in specialized garden shops, which will greatly simplify lawn care. Just remember that the appearance of the lawn will directly depend on the provision of appropriate care for the grass. Therefore, you need to decide whether you can regularly come to the country to water the grass and once a week to cut it with a trimmer and lawn mower.

Many gardeners in the improvement of the site does not pay enough attention to the quality of the fence. But it is precisely on how high-quality, attractive and reliable fences and hedges are used, the overall perception of the site will depend. If you don’t have a desire to invest in a new full-fledged fence, then you can try hedgeFor this purpose, rose hips, thuja, grapevine and various similar green plantings are planted along the existing fence.

At this stage of work, a breakdown of the site into functional zones is carried out. Separate zones from each other can be both functional buildings and high green spaces. In the latter case, it will be possible to avoid the feeling of heaviness in the perception of the design, and you can easily make such a hedge that will take its final attractive appearance in a year or two.

It is necessary to consider the location of all footpaths on the plot. It is possible to make such garden paths and footpaths, pouring them out of the sand, making a bay of concrete or paving with cobblestones and paving tiles. It is necessary to choose the technologies and materials used to perform such backyard garden paths, taking into account the general style of the design of the entire summer cottage.

Arrangement of recreation areas

Exactly recreation area arrangement represents the greatest difficulties in the landscape design of the villa area. It is necessary to determine the functional buildings that will be built here. Most homeowners equip an open or closed gazebo, which becomes the central element of the whole summer house. We can also recommend you to pay attention to open pergolas, summer kitchens, open porches attached to the house, and so on. You can equip here a small decorative pond, by placing comfortable benches near it, on which it will be so pleasant to spend time on summer evenings.

On the Internet you will find various original projects of arranging a recreation area at the dacha, which can be borrowed for landscaping. We can recommend to economical homeowners to arrange a cozy gazebo with a brazier or a cauldron, which will make it possible to cook and relax at the same time outdoors.

The recreation area at the dacha can also include a small playground, where all conditions will be created for fun, as well as completely safe recreation and games for little children. It is best to have such a playground in the immediate vicinity of the house or gazebo, which will allow to look after the playing children. The area for such a playing area should be as flat as possible, without any inclines or elevations. Try to choose a penumbra for the playground, so that the children are not in the scorching sun, but they also do not play in the shade.

On the playground, you can equip:

If necessary, such an inventory for children's games can be either done by hand, or you can buy ready-made solutions for an outdoor playground.

Some useful recommendations

We are offering to you simplest and at the same time useful recommendations from professionals in landscape design, which will allow you to easily enclose the territory of the dacha:

  • Avoid frills in the design and decoration of outbuildings. The abundance of architectural forms, various outdoor furniture and plantings will create an atmosphere of anxiety and discomfort on the site.
  • If you are using the cottage only during holidays and weekends, then you should choose plants and green spaces that do not require constant care.
  • It is necessary to determine the basis of the entire design of the backyard territory and subsequently draw up the entire territory, as if beating the original design style.
  • It is possible to separate a recreation area from a kitchen garden by means of a motley flower wall or a green hedge from a thuja and other similar plants.
  • The easiest way is to beautifully equip the backyard territory by lining the site and breaking an emerald lawn here.
  • You can give a finished look to the plot by laying out a path made of stone or other natural materials.
  • You will need to take care of decorative and functional lighting. You will have to invest in various original lights and lamps that will ensure the comfort of using the backyard territory in the dark.
  • Do not blindly copy the design of glossy magazines or images from the Internet. This improvement is often carried out by professional designers, and numerous gardeners and landscape specialists will work on maintaining the appearance of the site.

Improvement of the suburban area is not particularly difficult. On the Internet you can find themed videos telling that how to ennoble the cottagethat will significantly simplify this work. You only need to plan as accurately and in detail all the works that will be carried out as part of the refining of the area, and then follow the thought-out plan exactly, having equipped a comfortable rest area in use, having planted the original green plantings and made an emerald lawn. This cottage will become a favorite vacation spot where you can spend unforgettable time outdoors with your family and friends.

Feedback and Comments

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My husband and I work together to equip our six acres, for children the most important thing is the presence in the recreation area of ​​an inflatable pool, barbecue and hammock. The maintenance of the dacha is a troublesome business, but it’s worth it; outdoor rest gives energy for the whole year.

Dacha on their own

Naturally, landscaping should start with cleaning the entire territory. It is cleared of last year’s fallen leaves, all unnecessary garbage is removed, old stumps (if present on the site) are uprooted, old buildings are disassembled, if possible, etc.

After the establishment of order in the territory, you can go to the improvement. But before you customize the suburban area with your own hands and achieve complete harmony of all the landscape elements and various structures on it, certain consistent actions are needed. To this end, it is recommended to draw up a plan for all upcoming landscaping works.

Planning zones

Taking into account the importance of planning, first of all you need to draw on paper a diagram of the boundaries of the site and mark on it all the existing buildings, trees, fruitful shrubs, flower beds and trampled down paths. This will help decide what can be removed or left on the site. For example, it is advisable to leave fruit trees, as it will take a lot of time to grow new ones.

Там же на эскизе следует отметить расположение будущих клумб, дорожек, беседок и всех остальных элементов ландшафта, которые хотелось бы иметь на данной территории. Обычно все дачные участки разбиваются на:

  1. Recreation areas with gazebos, benches, barbecue, etc.
  2. Children's playgrounds. This can most often be sandboxes, all kinds of slides, swings, and for adults, something is selected for their interest.
  3. Business areas. A cellar, a building for storing various garden tools, a summer shower, a garage, a toilet and other facilities are arranged here.
  4. Plots for gardening and garden planting. For the garden, in order to provide it with the maximum amount of solar heat, it is recommended to choose the south side of the plot, and for a simple garden there can be any, little shaded place.

All these zones are not mandatory, as the improvement of a country plot can depend on the area of ​​land and, of course, on the preferences of the owners themselves. After all, for someone it is important to have a garden with a garden, and for some it is just comfortable to spend time relaxing among the flower beds and neatly broken lawns.

Whatever preference the owners have made, in any case, the cottage should have a well-groomed appearance, and a decent fencing of the plot can play an important role here.

Hedge selection

A fence built of stone or assembled from elements of artistic forging will naturally be the most reliable and look quite solid. But these two options are very expensive and if you do not plan large expenditures on the device of the fence, you can do with the usual wooden fence.

A wooden fence is the most common hedge, but in order for it to last for a long time, it should be carefully treated with antiseptic agents and painted.

The fence usually performs two functions: protects the area from the penetration of outsiders and decorates the dacha. For example, if it is intended only to protect the territory, a shaped metal sheet can be used for the fence.

If there is a desire to make the fence inexpensive, but aesthetically attractive, you can install a wire netting "rabitsa". Its advantage over the other analogues is that it provides full transparency and due to this property it is possible to plant various plants under it, which require constant sunlight.

In addition, the wire mesh is an excellent basis for the formation of a hedge of climbers.

Plot style

If you have already bought a built dacha, you should not begin your own accomplishment with radical measures, especially if the plot was acquired with a ready-made landscape and any buildings. It is necessary to comprehend everything before making any changes, while it is worth considering the peculiarities of this territory.

A significant factor is the selection of landscape style, which should harmoniously fit into the house built in the territory and all other buildings. For example, a wooden blockhouse is unlikely to correspond to the high-tech style. But at the same time, the house made of wood can be perfectly improved if a beautiful flower garden is laid out in front of it, which is a constant attribute for almost any rural manor.

A large role in the improvement and the size of the dacha area. If the plot of land is standard 6 acres, then its improvement will have to be approached more scrupulously. In this case, it is advisable to break the front garden in front of the house and place small compositions in it to create a certain landscape.


There are many different options that allow you to create a unique landscape on the site without great expenses. Professional designers It is recommended to use the following ideas for landscaping the villa territory:

  1. On a small area, the area should not abandon any decor, considering that it will be superfluous on it. But it should avoid large design elements and a large number of small decorative items. Choosing elements of landscape design, you should remember about the harmony of style and measure it with this area.
  2. The highlight of the site can be a cozy wooden gazebo, entwined with a vine or other climbing plants.
  3. It fits very well into any landscape a small artificial reservoir, as well as outdoor flowerpots with bright colors. Harmoniously small rockeries or stone rock garden can merge with the environment.
  4. For lovers of the water element, you can separately arrange a small pond or an artificial waterfall, murmuring between the pile of stones.
  5. It is advisable to make the backlight area. For example, in the courtyard to install a few decorative lamps, and on the terrace to place wall lamps. If there is a flower garden, it can also be illuminated with small lamps, which in the evening will give it a special cozy atmosphere.
  6. A unique decoration of the dacha yard can be old painted car tires.

Rest zone

For this zone is best suited lawn in the garden. It can be composed of several wooden benches and a small table, and best of all, if it is a large gazebo with an equipped place for a family dinner. It will perfectly decorate the area and protect guests from the hot sunshine or sudden rain. Not bad if there is a pool next to it.

Not far from it, preferably under a canopy, to build a barbecue and other attributes for cultural activities. In order to fire safety, the planned grill or barbecue should be installed at some distance from the apartment building and other wooden buildings. It is also not recommended to install them near the border with the neighboring site.


For children, it is necessary to arrange a separate safe area for games on the site. It should be placed near the house on a well-viewed area. If on the territory there is a pond or a pool, which are potentially dangerous objects for children, the playground should be located at some distance from them. And the reservoirs themselves should be fenced with a low, but dense fence.

The playing field should be level, without any steep slopes. At the same time, it should be moderately shaded, as the constant sun rays also will not bring benefit. It is best to stretch an awning over a playground or build a small carport. Then the children will be protected not only from the sun, but also from the rain.

If horizontal bars, slides, swings and other sports equipment are installed at the site, you should make sure that it is securely fixed, and that there are no stones, pointed pegs and other traumatic items on the territory.

DIY gardening

Having completed the landscaping of the dacha, you can begin to plant it. And so that in the future one could be proud of the landscape he created with his own hands, It is advisable to use some of the advice of professional designers:

  1. On the site you need to create a kind of bright composite places of flowers that will attract the attention of guests. For example, in the spring such a place could be a flower bed with planted tulips. And in the fall point of attention may move to a place where chrysanthemums bloom. You just need to pick certain types of flowers that would bloom in turns. This is advantageous for a small space. Such blooming compositions attract the eye, and the person simply does not pay attention to the size of the territory.
  2. If planting trees is planned on a small plot, then in order not to have an extra shadow in the yard, it is better to choose one or two trees with the original form, which has bright foliage. Designers are advised to opt for maple, linden or thuja. Ideal conifer, holly or holly.
  3. A small lawn with a flower garden, broken in front of the house of perennial plants between which one-year-olds can be planted, will be a good decoration of the plot. This can achieve continuous flowering.

Shrubs and lawns

It is best to choose lawns from all plantations for the improvement of the summer cottage and plant bushes on them. A tidy lawn will always look beautiful not only by itself, but also as a background for many other plantations. By the way, you can buy it already grown and rolled into rolls. This will greatly reduce the time and simplify almost the entire procedure of landscaping the territory.

But when buying a finished lawn, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the variety of its grass. There are many types of grass that are divided into shade-tolerant, resistant to trampling, drought, etc. In order to determine the appropriate variety of grass in a given area, it is best to seek advice from owners of neighboring areas who already have some experience in planting lawns.

For planting ornamental shrubs, which usually land along garden paths, fences and near alpine hills, lilac is most often chosen, as well as dwarf trees, weigela, jasmine, and Japanese rhododendron. These types of shrubs are not whimsical in care, and if the place for planting is chosen correctly, with regular cutting off extra branches, they will constantly delight the owners with their appearance for many years.

Flower beds

The final touch of improvement of the suburban area will be the device of flower beds. For them, you can select almost any place, as there is a huge number of flowers of the most varied varieties, from which you can choose resistant to moisture, heat, and even to constant shading.

In order for the beds to have a neat, well-groomed appearance, they are fenced off by small fences made of various materials. It can be a stone, a rod, a wooden lattice, a palisade, etc.

Often, designers use any available materials and even outdated pieces of furniture to bookmark the original beds. For example, if you attach some imagination and use any old chair, cabinet or even a chair, you can make a unique flower pot on the summer cottage.

Improvement of the territory of the dacha is a kind of creativitywhich can inspire your process and bring a lot of pleasure. And if you are not afraid to experiment, you can create a unique design landscape on your site.

Garden terraces

Beauty attracts any person; therefore, the improvement of the dacha plot is really important to begin with the decoration of a flower bed with beautiful fragrant flowers.

There are many flower design options, flower beds can be selected in various shapes and sizes, from small flowerpots to large landscape areas.

Tip: To make the terrace and the garden look like a single whole, it is important to harmoniously combine them. Ideally, the same material should be chosen to cover the open-air living room, walkways, and additional recreation areas.

Advice: so that the lawn adjacent to the terrace always remains beautiful and there are no bald areas appearing on it, lay a walking path on the green "carpet", preferably of the same material that the terrace itself is paved with. If the resting place is on a certain elevation, terracing will be a good solution.

So at the entrance to the house or on the terrace you can put beautiful vases with brightly flowering plants, pick them up by color and species diversity. At the same time, it is important that the plants in one bed have common properties, irrigation conditions, and soil requirements. For each design a specific set of plants is selected, and we will try to consider the most optimal options for several specific situations.

On the terrace you can create, using different levels, a real flower waterfall, which will effectively highlight this design, attracting attention. To do this, you need to build a wooden frame to climb it climbing plants. Bindweeds and clematis are planted at the base of the frame, and they will quickly entwine the terrace with beautiful flowers. Further, in front of this floral wall, you should install flower stands with different levels or arrange an additional frame. Here will be placed flowers in pots, various baskets, decorative flowerpots. Flowers in them can be very different, which are chosen for every taste, combined by color, size, aroma.

This ensemble and will be a decorative terrace. On it you can land a mattiola and inhale its wonderful aroma on a warm summer evening. Daily aromas will fill your terrace with carnations, chamomiles. Lovers of fragrant herbs can plant mint, melissa, tarragon, oregano.

Arbor decoration

Improvement of the dacha site includes the installation of garden arbors, in which you can comfortably sit for a rest. Arbors are made in various ways. They are made with and without walls, triple with openwork grilles or simply with one roof over their heads, electricity is carried there or they hide in a far corner of the garden for privacy. In any case, no matter what configuration the arbor is, it is always decorated with flowers, climbing plants that give it a festive look.

If your gazebo consists of only one roof, then instead of walls you can twist it with a green living wall. For this fit ornamental vines, such as wild grapes, ivy, hops. Resting in such a green arbor, you will feel like in a forest somewhere lost somewhere far from civilization.

And you can sew such a gazebo with climbing roses. It is also a perennial plant, which in a couple of years will completely cover the entire arbor with beautiful fragrant flowers. Curly roses, or as they are called by the people "Katerinka", come in different colors, red, white, yellow. They can be combined with each other, planting stripes, segments, and you can choose one color. Especially attractive will look like 2-3 such arbors, each twined with roses of a certain color.

When landscaping the dacha, you need to take care of comfortable paths, garden furniture, installation of decorative elements in the form of stones, sculptures, in general, to choose a design that will fit your idea of ​​the beautiful.

Dacha design with their own hands

With planning a suburban area with their own hands Do not forget the obvious things that need to be considered. For example, the irrigation system for beds and trees, it must be either built-in, embedded in the ground, or watering will be carried out with the help of hoses. If you don’t share this and place the vegetable growing area far from the main water supply unit, closing the space between these two points with your own landscape design, then later you can damage flowerbeds and soil garden paths with soil from the hoses.

Also in a lot of layouts, the toilet and shower are taken out of the house and located on the extreme borders of the perimeter. It will be appropriate to beat them in the same style with the rest of the landscape design of the site, but not to highlight the brightest part, so that the attention to them is minimal. Zoning partitions should be developed, for example, vertical gardening on a small fence or a hedge that will visually hide buildings.

Arrangement of the summer cottage with their own hands

For arranging a summer cottage with your own hands, especially when it is small, you need to make a fateful decision, what percentage of it you will take to grow vegetables. All plants that are useful in the household need quality soil, weed stripping, good illumination and protection from drafts and large winds. Therefore, it will be very difficult to inscribe them, in our usual understanding, into a plot refined by the Western type. Fortunately, the solution has long been found, and if you do not plan to plant with huge plantations, you can safely use the ideas of the ornamental garden.

Garden planning must be considered at the origins when we equip the dacha with their own hands. After all, this will require you to additional costs of building materials, no matter what option you choose. But due to the fact that the beds will look very neat, elegant, you can safely choose absolutely any piece of the perimeter, they will fit well everywhere.

In the immediate vicinity of the house, you can beat its color, texture, and make boards for boxes of earth of the same color as the walls of the house, or, on the contrary, you can create color accents. Since the contents of the containers you will have bright green plants, you should choose colors that are in harmony with the warm green shades. It is yellow, orange, brown, crimson.

Also bumpers on summer cottage with their own hands, photo- An example of which you see above, are decorated with various decorative materials, for example, neat wooden sawn, and the most even and similar in diameter are selected. You can use pieces of decorative tiles, lining. Some make out flowerbeds and beds with colored plastic bottles, but this, of course, is not very welcome if we decorate the cottage with our own hands in a modern style. It is better to use limestone, natural stone, vine or even ceramic tiles, in short, everything that in natural conditions will look organic.

Расположение грядок в коробах позволяет вам сделать чистые и удобные переходы между ними, это такие себе дорожки на даче своими руками, но наоборот. Пространство между досками чаще всего засыпают щебнем, мелким отсевом или заполняют газонной травой с высокими содержанием дерна и подобных растений, формирующих плотный покров, по которому вам будет комфортно ходить и в сухую, и в ненастную погоду.

А, использовав такой элемент вертикального озеленения, мы не только we decorate the dacha with our own hands, but we can also pull up a small fragment of the garden closer to home. In the building supermarkets you probably saw bamboo stalks, from which you can make such an unusual bookcase. Since the stem itself of such a diameter is large enough, one is enough for several full tiers, especially since it needs to be cut lengthwise. Drill holes in the bottom to drain excess water, pour a layer of drainage material, and then a layer of fertile soil. Planting in such containers costs plants with a small root system, which do not need a large depth, for example, lettuce, onions for receiving greenery, parsley, basil, thyme. Rack you can put near the porch or near the summer kitchen and every time you need fresh greens, you will not need to run to different ends of the garden.

Making your own summer cottage

Laying them using sets of ready-made templates can be easily. To do this, there is not only instructions for the product, but also educational materials on refining summer cottage with their own hands, video with which you can easily find on the web. These paths are made according to the formwork principle, that is, cement mix with additives is poured into the cells to increase its strength. When one piece grabs, the formwork is removed and the whole segment is installed. This method has only one major drawback - it is very popular, so your path will not be unique.

However, you can combine the technology, alternating rectangular segments with fragments of turf lawn. This option fits perfectly with the eco-concept. landscape dacha with their own handswhich is among the most fashionable trends. And if it is difficult to observe them in relation to stationary buildings, such as a house or a gazebo, then it is easy for paths. After all, if they bother you or are uncomfortable, you can easily dismantle them, replacing them with other fashionable elements.

Beautiful summer cottages with their own hands

In the flower garden you can arrange a bush of lush flowers, which will be decorated using any clay container, jug, pot, amphora. Blue color will imitate water, making the effect only intensify. However, after the end of flowering, this element will not lose its attractiveness.

When we we make out a summer cottage with your own hands, it is worth thinking not only of beauty and visual appeal, but also of convenience. And you can combine these two tasks. For example, the mangalny platform is almost always present either in the gazebo area or on the terrace, but not always it looks outwardly attractive. You can buy or lay down yourself such a large multifunctional oven. Its shape has been verified over the years, everything is convenient, but it has not been forgotten about its visual appeal either. It is convenient to have firewood downstairs so that they remain dry, you can make barbecues, kebabs and cook dishes on a spit in the brazier. And the countertops on the sides are perfect for prepared or ready-made products.

But for this cottage interior plot do it yourself, inside the arbor, applied built-in hearth, which is inside, such a semblance of a Russian stove. Thanks to this you can cook in the open air, without being distracted from the rest.