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Flower pots do it yourself


Decorating flower pots with a cloth with your own hands is an easy way to update and decorate your flower pots.
Fabric for decoration can be chosen one for several pots, making a certain ensemble, or different, at your discretion. The finished product can be decorated with lace, beads, etc.
It is necessary:

We begin work by cutting off the necessary piece of fabric. The width, it should completely cover the pot, the length - be a little more to envelop the bottom and top of the inside of the tank.

After the fabric has been prepared, it is necessary to grease the pot with glue, using a brush. The fabric is also slightly coated with glue, it should not be too much. After that, glue the fabric and level.
The next step is to cut the lower and upper stock. It is necessary to make an incision on a small smushka, then lubricate it with glue and glue the pots to the bottom. From above we start the fabric inside the plastic container and fasten it. Upon request, the pot can be decorated and everything - the product is ready.

Decor flower pot decals and drawings - master class

A drawing or an inscription on a flowerpot looks very mysterious, they make a certain note of magic. Translated labels and drawings on pottery look very elegant, but you can also experiment on plastics and ceramics.

It is necessary:

  • pot (we have clay, you can take at your discretion),
  • black and white acrylic paint
  • brush,
  • glue,
  • drawing (printed on a printer, you can use decals or stickers),
  • paper towel,
  • varnish
  • scissors.

Getting Started:
First, take the pot. For the decor of a semi-antique flower pot, with the help of a brush we unevenly paint the surface with white paint. In order to give an uneven pitch, somewhere in the third part of the flowerpot is painted gray. This happens as follows: in a separate container, we mix black and white beauty, so that the shade turns out to be affectionately gray, take a paper towel and soak in gray beauty. With a napkin we apply light paint on the bottom of the pot and leave it for a while, until it dries.

While the flowerpot dries, we are preparing a drawing. The image in the mirror image printed on photo paper needs to be cut out.
After the picture is cut out and the pot is dry, glue it to the surface (we part a little glue half with water). Lubricate the surface of the dish and stick the picture, properly pressed. We leave for some time to dry up.

At the end of time, we take a sponge soaked in water, thoroughly moisturize the image. After that, gently roll the top layer of paper so that only the drawing remains. Dry thoroughly. To protect the image or inscription, varnish the surface and that's it, the décor is complete.

Clay Flower Pot

To make clay flower potwill need:

  • clay,
  • kiln,
  • household rubber gloves to protect your hands.

By preparing everything you need to work, we begin the creative process. The procedure is as follows:

  1. carefully knead the clay, breaking all the lumps. We achieve a homogeneous state of mass
  2. we pinch off a small piece of clay and roll it into a ball. Hands flatten the ball, giving it a flat disk shape. The base for the flower pot is ready,
  3. again pinch off a small piece of clay and roll it into a bundle, the length of which will be equal to the diameter of the bottom of the product. We fix this item around the bottom,
  4. we make the next bundle and fasten it over the previous one. Similarly, we fix the subsequent rows, adjusting the required height of the walls,
  5. hands moistened in water, gently smooth the surface of the pot, removing irregularities,
  6. dry the product for 3 days in a warm place
  7. we burn and decorate the dried and hardened product. Flower pot made of clay is ready.

Cement Flower Pot

Large vases are usually made of cement to decorate loggias or gardens. Little ones cement flower pots will look massive and unaesthetic.

To make an original pot for flowers from cement, you will need:

Himself manufacturing process quite simple and does not require special skills:

  1. prepare the solution by mixing sand, cement and water,
  2. put a rag in the cement mortar and let it soak well,
  3. turn the bucket upside down and cover it with cellophane,
  4. remove the rag from the grout and hang it on an inverted bucket,
  5. let the product harden and remove it,
  6. dry the product for a week and decorate,
  7. This pot is not only original, but also has high strength.

Decor of flowerpots "Mosaic"

As a basis for laying out the mosaic can be various elements: seashells, pebbles, eggshell, colorful glass windows.

Before starting work, rinse well, dry and degrease the surface. future flower potas well as mosaic details. After that, PVA glue is applied to a small area of ​​the surface of the container and the decor details are laid out. Correct mosaic elements can be a toothpick.

After the entire surface of the pots are decorated, the product is dried and coated with paint.

Decor flower pots do-it-yourself

Using paint, you can not only paint flower pots, but also write short reminders on them. It may be weights and measures table, the proportions of foods for certain dishes on the pots of kitchen plants, the multiplication table in the child’s room, or motivating quotes on the surface of a flower pot in a study.

Decoupage flower pot

With the help of decoupage technique, bright, beautiful flowerpots are obtained. We cut out a pattern or pattern from a multi-layer paper napkin. Separate it into layers. To work required top layer with a pattern. We apply the drawing to the dry surface of the pots and gently, moving from the central part to the edge of the drawing, cover it with white glue. A brush smooths wrinkles and folds. After drying, apply varnish on the surface of the product.

It’s easy to make flower pots with your own hands or to refresh old ones by applying decor. Prepare material necessary for work and start creating. The reward for your work will be the unique design of an exclusive product, emphasizing the individuality of your home.

DIY pots: unusual options

The ability to make from unnecessary or ordinary things something original and new is very valuable when designing a house. Creating a handy material from a handy material is one of the most common hobbies, and hand made never loses its popularity.

You can make yourself any thing - from decorative ornaments to furniture. Here we look at the design of a flowerpot with your own hands, which implies a huge scope for creativity. Products created by craftsmen, suitable for rural houses and country gardens, and for the modern interior of the apartment.

Flower pot decoration with mirror plates

You can consider the design of a flower pot from a finished base in the form of the most common plastic or pottery, and you can use at first glance unsuitable things as a base - cans, glass vessels, cardboard, pebbles, various finishing materials and many other items.

Masterpiece of nothing

For craft lovers, decorating a flowerpot with your own hands will not cause any special problems. And for its manufacture, they can use a variety of materials. It is only important that the appearance of the product is combined with the decoration of the apartment or house. Vases, pots, containers for home plants can be made from everything that you find at hand.

Flower pot design ideas

Used items

In each, there must be used aluminum cans, cans of paint and other liquids, etc. Their appearance leaves much to be desired, but the right decor will help to create unique and interesting gizmos. For example, fairly high cans of canned pineapples or other fruits, soups, canned foods for pets and decorative paints can be simply washed off, carefully removed the labels and used as flower pots. Their silver surface looks interesting in the style of hi-tech or minimalism.

How to make flower pots from tin cans

If the cans are bent over during use or look ugly, you can additionally decorate them with fabric, fur, pebbles or a shell of walnuts. Directly about decorating flower pots will be discussed below. And you can just paint.

Making a flower pot from a tin

Every modern person has exactly plastic bottles. Do not throw them away immediately, because of them you can create a lot of useful things. For example, leaving the neck of the bottle, you can make beautiful pots for climbing plants. To use the base of the bottle as a flower pot you need to give it strength and it is interesting to decorate.

Ideas to create flower pots from plastic bottles

The use of old shoes as flower pots has recently become fashionable. It can be rubber boots, and summer rubber sneakers. Most often they are used in gardens and cottages, in modern apartments, they are not so relevant.

Dressing flower pots of children's shoes

In an old leaky bucket, you can make a great place for a large fern or other massive plant. To do this, handles are removed from the bucket, the base is decorated and transformed into a designer masterpiece.

The decoration of the flowerpot and the process of its creation from old records seems interesting. The vinyl record heats up and easily changes its shape. If you give it the shape of a pot or bowl, you get very stylish decor items.

You can glue together wooden or plastic clothespins, forming a pot for plants, use broken children's toys. Also weave pots of twisted newspapers or magazine pages. It all depends on your imagination, free time and desire.

Flower pot of waste dishes

It is also possible to create unique pots, flowerpots or containers for indoor plants from old bags, plafonds, boxes, plastic packages, watering cans or other equipment. Even out of rubber tires, you can create an interesting flower pot, however, without the brute male power in this case is not enough.

From natural material

The most common for the manufacture of flower pots is considered a natural material. This may be a pebble, a stump, a shell from various nuts, cones, etc.

From a pebble - flat pebbles of a streamlined shape - it is easy to glue together a whole decorative composition, in which there is room for a houseplant. You can also use cones or nutshell.

Flower pot decoration with small stones

Ordinary hemp or logs, which are often used as seating in the garden, can be used to cut the inside and plant a plant there. In the garden, it looks very stylish.

You can also create an interesting pot for indoor plants from a vine or various twigs, but products from a vine are not so easy to make.

The use of vines for the manufacture of flower pots

It is interesting to design a flower pot with your own hands from half a coconut shell. Great pots are made for small plants that fit perfectly into the interior in eco-style.

Design Ideas

In the proposed options do not need to purchase expensive materials in order to create a luxurious pot. For this we will use the available materials that everyone has in the house. Everything that is at hand is used. However, choosing the right design should take into account the base material.

most suitable material

eggshell paint

painting framed in eggshell frame

shells, cloth, ropes

marine design, the use of flaxen rope

paper, glass, cloth

design with lace, glass mosaic

decoupage, design of yarn or toffee

keeps all material well

use of cereals, decoupage, use of cloth

fabric, thread, rope

burlap bag, jarnbombing

Consider a few ideas in more detail.

Beautiful decoration of flower pots do it yourself

Modern decor flower pots do it yourself

Decorating flower pots with their own hands

One of the simple and at the same time good options is fabric. To create such a design, you need to take a clean ceramic or plastic pot, wipe it with sandpaper (for better adhesion with the material). Next, apply glue to the surface with stripes along the pot in a circle. Now you can proceed to the finish. To do this, gently attach one edge of the fabric to the pot along its length, and continue to wrap with a cloth, smoothing it (so as not to accumulate air bubbles under it). Triangular cuts should be made on both sides to make it easier to secure the material. Everything! The original pot is ready.

The idea of ​​decorating flower pots

Flower pots decor

If you want to complicate the task, the lace version will suit you. With their help, it will turn out to make a gentle and cute pots in vintage style. As in the first case, the lace held by glue. But here you need to be careful, because between the laces there can be glue drops. It is advisable to apply it in those places where the areas most likely to be filled with cloth are supposed to be. The rest of the technology is the same. It is enough to "put" lace on glue in any order. You can decorate the pot completely or arrange the laces on the edge. The choice is yours.

Another option is to decorate a flower pot - burlap. It is used on the same principle as other fabric. This decor will give the garden a delicate rustic look. Add it with buttons, decorative bugs, pebbles, flowers.

Beautiful decoration of flower pots do it yourself

Modern decor flower pots do it yourself

Decorating flower pots with their own hands

Ropes and threads

For the decoration of flower pots is well suited to the use of ropes and threads in different versions. Consider a few:

Twine. Pot, trimmed with this material will look attractive and restrained. It is necessary to grease the pot in a circle with glue, and tie it with threads, leaning them tightly against each other. The original basis will turn out. It can be decorated with various decorations to your taste, or leave in this form.

Thread for knitting. Flower pots in the style of “yarbombing” (covered with bright knitted cloths) will give the garden a cheerful touch, besides, they will protect the plants from overcooling and overheating.

The idea of ​​decorating flower pots

Flower pots decor

7. A bit of gold

Paint the pots in any bright color, such as pink. After drying with scotch tape, mark the outline of the future triangle pattern and fill it with gold paint. When the figure is dry, carefully remove the tape.

8. Cozy chebbi chic

Paint ceramic or brown plastic pots with light acrylic paint. After its complete drying, it is necessary to clean some areas with sandpaper. To make such a flower pot with your own hands look even more spectacular, use several colors of paint.

12. Textured country style décor.

A large rope or cord is suitable for making a flower pot with your own hands. Generously apply silicone glue to its surface and wrap tightly with a rope. Some turns can be painted in a contrasting color.

15. Memories of vacation

Sea or river pebbles brought from vacation as a souvenir can be useful. With the help of glue "liquid nails" glue over the surface of the flower pot. If the natural texture of the stone does not seem attractive enough, then paint them.

16. Ceramic mosaic tiles

A couple of ceramic tiles left over from repair, some beads and buttons, crockery, will be an original raw material for making mosaics. Smash ceramic tiles with a hammer and glue to the pot. Fill the remaining space with the remaining trifles. When the glue is dry, fill the joints between them with a regular tiled grout.

After the flower pot is decorated, you can decorate them living room. And to make this room look even more impressive, read about 20 amazing ideas that transform the interior of a small living room.

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Where to begin?

Do you think about the selection of consumables and the search for ideas for decorating flower pots? But why not look at the problem deeper? Is it worth it to spend money on an unpretentious abode for flowers? Perhaps you can make the pot itself at home? The advantages of such a hand made on face. Firstly, you get the product of the required capacity, and secondly - you fill the atmosphere with 100% exclusive.

A handmade pot will be 100% exclusive.

Polymer clay

Mini-pots made from this material will be an excellent complement to the minimalist atmosphere.

Polymer Clay Mini Pots

For their manufacture will require:

Sculpting a flower pot with your own hands begins with kneading clay to softness. As soon as it becomes sufficiently pliable, immediately form it into a ball.

The billet must be sent for 10 minutes in the freezer. The cold will harden the material a bit and facilitate further work on the formation and decoration of the flower pot.

Next will be the stage of preparing a place to fall asleep land. To do this, using a spoon from our ball, you will need to select the excess clay. When everything is ready, the billet is sent again to cool.

Shape a clay ball

The final step will be giving shape to the outer surface of the pot. It can be left round or with a sharp knife to line the walls to get a cube. Interesting abstractionist ideas modeling flower pots.

Cut out and shape the pot.

The finished product must be baked in the oven. Information about the temperature regime and the nuances of the process is available on the clay packaging. Whether or not to decorate flower pots fashioned with their own hands is a rhetorical question. In principle, they will be initially good with their exclusivity, but for non-minimalist interiors this may not be enough. Add attractive flowerpots have painted, staining in different colors. You can do decoupage on a flower pot or use any other decoration technique.

Cement flowerpots are characterized by high durability and originality of design. They are welcome guests not only in home interiors, but also in open spaces of gardens. So how do you make a flower pot of this material?

Depending on what size it is planned to make a product for it, either it will be necessary to assemble the formwork, or to use plastic containers as it. Focus on making a small accessory.

Cement Flower Pots

In a plastic bottle of 5 liters, cut the neck so as to obtain a rectangular or square billet. We lubricate its inner surface with oil. Knead the cement mortar and pour into the resulting container. The two-liter plastic bottle is also lubricated with oil, but already outside and immersed in the center in the filled portion of the solution.

When making flower pots with your own hands using this technology, you need to take into account that the smaller the core to be inserted, the thicker the walls will be at the finished product and, naturally, its weight will be great. Therefore, when making large flowerpots for the garden, it is better to collect the formwork for them right away in the places designated for location.

The process of making a flower hill of cement

When the cement grabs and locks (usually it takes 2 days), the plastic parts are removed. If the inner bottle can be simply removed, the outer part will have to be cut.

The final stage of making a flower pot

Dressing flower pots often produce acrylic paints, although other design options are not excluded.

Another original answer to the question of how to make a flower pot. This wicker pot will please fans of eco-style. The process of weaving for the uninitiated can not be called easy, but the effort expended will be rewarded in dignity.

If you do something like a basket or a bird's nest, you can’t do it at all, look for a simpler option. How do you, for example, have such an idea of ​​weaving flower pots, as usual strapping them with rods? In this business almost everyone can try their hand.

In addition to a stock of flat twigs, you need to prepare:

  • a coil of twine
  • a piece of burlap,
  • tin can,
  • glue.

Attach one of the twigs in a can-based and cut it to its height, making a slight allowance. On the received preparation it will be necessary to cut off also the remaining quantity of branches.

Further work on the flower pot with their own hands will continue the actual process of weaving. Spread the twigs in one row and begin to tie them together with a tight thread so that the canvas is made according to the type of mat.

Wicker flower pot is not difficult to do with your own hands

The cylindrical basis is pasted over with a sacking. After drying, the bank turns into a mat, which is fixed with several turns of twine. You can add artwork. The simplest decoration of flowerpots is done with a colored jute cord, which is replaced with twine.

Mosaic flowerpot

“In a mosaic technique, you can decorate both a small flower pot and a bulky garden pot”

Incredibly aesthetic products. Shards of broken dishes, colored glass, small pebbles and so on can become mosaic elements.

In the mosaic technique, you can decorate both a small flower pot and a bulky garden pot. To create a masterpiece you need: mounting grid, plaster, tiled grout, tin base. In the role of the latter can act as a can or a whole bucket.

Mosaic flower pot do it yourself

So, how to make a flower pot of the mosaic type.

Tins covered with a layer of plaster and wrapped with a piece of mesh, so that it "drowned" in it. The field for creative activity is ready. You can begin to lay out a mosaic pattern. When everything is ready, the product should be left to dry. The final touch of decorating flower pots of this type will be the masking of the voids between the masonry elements of the grout. Excess blends are removed with a soft cloth.

Mask voids between masonry grout elements

Just a unique outdoor pot can be obtained from a piece of simple wood. Both stump and thick branches or pieces of logs will be suitable for work.

Flower pots made of wood

The very idea of ​​creating flower pots is simple, as all ingenious. To obtain a flower house, a core is extracted from a wooden blank. The resulting hole is cleaned and polished well.

Original outdoor pot stump

Even bark removal can be a decoration for flower pots with your own hands. Underline and fix the natural beauty will help a layer of varnish.


The material for the work will be its shell. It will make an excellent receptacle for succulents and those plants that do not need frequent watering. In such a pot, keep good ampelous plants.

Flowerpot for ampelous plants from a coconut

Making coconut flowerpots is not difficult. Walnut cut in half, remove the pulp from it. In the lower part, several drainage holes are made with a drill. A pair of holes is made on both sides of the half of the shell. They will be required to thread the chains or cord on which the structure will be suspended.

Making coconut flowerpots is not a time consuming process

How to decorate a flower pot - decide for yourself, but, as practice shows, such flowerpots are usually left in their original form. They and without additional decorations are very exotic.

Hand-made flower pots can be created from felt. By the way, today such products are in trend. They can be given a variety of forms. A felt nest is created by stitching details.

Funny pots for flowers from felt

Wine corks

Of these, you can make a mini-garden of cacti. In principle, cork pots are suitable for seedlings of any slowly growing types of vegetation. We were looking for non-standard flower pot ideas - please! Take the cork, choose the core with a knife, put soil in it and the mini-pot is ready.

Succulents mini-garden in traffic jams

The beauty is that such a pot can be attached anywhere, even on the fridge. To do this, just stick a powerful magnet to it.

Flower pots made from scrap materials

“If you don’t want or don’t know how to make a flower pot yourself, but you still want to have a colorful greenhouse, plant flowers in dishes”

It is possible to build interesting pots in decorative plan from anything. Feel free to use old computer or vinyl discs, ceramic tiles, mirror trimming.

If you do not want or do not know how to make a flower pot on your own, and you still want to have a colorful greenhouse, plant flowers in the dishes. Porcelain cups, teapots, clay containers will do. Such floral arrangements will enliven the style of country music, will be an excellent complement to the Provence.

Flowers in cups will enliven any interior

Plants can be planted in enamel pots, but they will have to be decorated already, since in its original form it is an option suitable for furnishing only a country house. The most spectacular will look decoupage on a flower pot-pan.

Look for an unusual pot for bonsai - adapt a salad bowl for this role. All that needs to be done in this case is to be careful not to split the glass or plastic, to drill the drainage holes in the bottom of the dish.

Flower pots to give from scrap materials

From what just do not try to create flower pots for yourself! Sometimes even cosmetics are used. Take a look around. Surely a few items will be found that are quite capable of becoming a great home to your green friends.

How to decorate flower pots with their own hands

It is possible to get a flower pot with a nice design in everyday life without making it from scratch. Present a new life to old flowerpots in the house or take as a basis unpretentious purchased items.

A real designer thing can be done by painting clay with acrylics. Such work on decorating flower pots is done with pleasure by children. Cute drawings with their directness are guaranteed to please the eye.

What can you do with your own hands?

Today, in specialized stores a large assortment of various decor and garden decorations for every taste is presented, including original flower pots. However, even with such an abundance of goods, it is not always possible to find what you need. There is only one way out of this situation - try to make pots yourself.

It is not strange, but the most unusual decorative flowerpots are obtained from ordinary material. You just need to be smart and give free rein to your wildest ideas and fantasies. The most harmoniously in the garden will look pots of household items. They give a real zest to your yard, creating the effect of grace and sophisticated nobility.

Beautiful hanging pots for annual plants

The second life of old shoes

Surely at the cottage you have old shoes that you have not worn for a long time, but they did not even decide to throw them away. The perfect way to breathe new life into it is to make an original flower garden out of it.

To do this, you will need an unnecessary pair of old shoes, the help of skilled hands and a bit of free time.


  1. Vypite fertile soil (preferably black soil) at the bottom of the boot, then plant seeds or seedlings of your favorite plants in it,
  2. Water the resulting decorative flower garden with warm water and place it somewhere in the visible side of the house,
  3. To prevent excess moisture from accumulating inside, several small holes can be made in the sole,
  4. To make the composition more interesting, shoes can be painted in any color you like.

Unusual flower garden in the old low shoe

To decorate a shoe with your favorite flowers and plants is a great idea for a creative summer resident.

Sometimes even ordinary things can look very stylish and beautiful.

In just five minutes, you can get a real masterpiece from ordinary sneakers.

Absolutely any footwear can be used as a base: rubber boots, sneakers, sneakers, sandals, overshoes, low shoes, sandals, burkas. As for flowers, it is better to give preference to bright, unpretentious, short-growing plants.

Old low shoes have become an excellent home for blooming petunias

A great combination of yellow and red flowers planted in old leather shoes

Such an attractive composition would be appropriate to place in a prominent place.

If you like the idea of ​​making a shoe-pots from a shoe, but you do not want to spoil it, the shoe can be used as a regular vase by inserting freshly picked flowers into them

Step-by-step master-class manufacturing pots

  1. Observing the necessary proportions, prepare the concrete mix. To make it easier to work with the material, the solution should have a consistency of liquid cream,
  2. Wrap a dry rag piece. If the size fits, dip it in the solution and hold it there for about a minute,
  3. Throw a moistened rag on your billet and allow time to dry for 12 hours,
  4. After complete drying, remove the piece. A pot of cement and rags ready.

The process of making pots from burlap soaked in cement mortar

Outdoor pot for flowers made from improvised means

Simple, but very elegant flower vases of any size

If you don’t like the cold and gray color of concrete, or you’re just tired of it, dilute it with bright contrasting colors, so the pots will look more elegant and fun.

Miniature garden of tin cans (photo)

One of the most favorite materials for the manufacture of flower pots - cans are.

  • Why are they very popular among gardeners? Everything is very simple. Metal cans have a lot of colors, shapes and sizes, so you can create from them a magnificent flower arrangement that attracts admiring glances.

Cans from cans will look great on a background of brick walls

To make cans pots, usually the following materials are required for work:

  • Cans,
  • Nails and hammer
  • Colored acrylic paints, swing brush,
  • Wooden base for fixing cans

Manufacture Guide

  1. To make the composition of certain outlines all the banks are painted in bright colors,
  2. After complete drying, a hole is made in the bottom of the can to drain excess moisture,
  3. It remains to fasten the jars to the selected base, pour soil in them and plant flowers.

Unusual design in the form of a flower tree

This work in the garden will be appreciated by connoisseurs of beautiful

In just a few hours, an ordinary drainpipe can be turned into a real masterpiece.

Attaching small hooks to cans can be hung where it is convenient.

Waste kettle as a flower bed

Found an old kettle in the garage? Do not rush to throw it away. From it you can make a beautiful decoration that will look original in your garden. In addition, hand-made creation of crafts will help not only to realize their creative potential, but also to save financial resources.

Return the product to the original appearance will help spray with acrylic or spray paint. Using a stencil on the surface of the kettle can also be applied to various patterns.

The pot from the kettle is mobile, and if necessary it can be moved to another location.

  • For those who do not want to bother with painting teapot, you can leave it at that. The shabby and dull shade of metal with a slight touch of time has its own special charm. Cold gloss of polished metal looks no less advantageous.

Using an old kettle as a flowerpot is a rather bold and creative solution.

This bed of annual plants

Improved vase: step-by-step master class

Today, craftsmen and craftsmen Hand Made do-it-yourself original pots from virtually any material that comes their way. Ideas for creativity and inspiration can be drawn from anywhere, including from the Internet.

Photos of beautiful flower pots placed in our article once again prove that man’s imagination has no limits. Innovative solutions and unusual super ideas allow you to create real works of art.

Nice motorhome for your favorite flower

  • If a wooden sticks glue together a hollow cube with each other in such a way that each new row forms free space, and each subsequent row overlaps it, we get an unusual cache, which is perfect for small plants. It can be placed anywhere, for example, on a window sill or hung on a rope, after planting room flowers in it.

Suspended pots of wooden sticks

  • Plastic bottles. Probably no gardening or decoration can not do without their participation. Working with this material is very convenient and simple, the main thing is to take precautions. The simplest thing you can make from plastic bottles is a hanging flower pot.

To create such a beauty with your own hands you need no more than five minutes.

It is very convenient to place bottles on the wall, so they will occupy less free space.

  • You can weave pots with your own hands from ordinary rope. The shape of the product may be different: cylindrical, rounded or cone-shaped, the main thing is that the plant to be planted freely into it. As a material for weaving, some masters use thin branches of the vine or artificial rattan threads.

A beautiful cone in the shape of a cone will effectively decorate the facade of your house

  • If you approach the creation of a decorative flowerpot more thoroughly, you can make a more interesting and large-scale composition. Hanging up old waste boiler над импровизированным костром из цветов и поленьев, можно получить весьма интересный результат, который не останется без пристального внимания ваших гостей.

Оригинальное исполнение цветника в виде подвесного кашпо из чугунного котелка

Ящики для цветов и рассады

  • Summer residents - people are resourceful and thrifty, so they never throw anything away, including trimming from boards and other lumber. After all, they make excellent wooden boxesthat can be used as flower pots.

With a box painted white it will perfectly contrast bright flowers.

Some groups of plants are very fastidious about the quality of the soil, so they can be planted only in good fertile soil.

White daisies always attract attention, especially if they are planted in a beautiful floor flowerpots.

  • Good to know! Wooden boxes can also be used for planting seedlings of various cultures. Only for this, in the upper boards, it is desirable to make special holes for the hands so that they can be conveniently and safely carried.

Wooden planter for seedlings

Beautiful flower beds from old things

Oddly enough, but the old bike, which has not been driven for a long time, may still be useful to you as a decorative ornament. It is not necessary to violate the integrity of the structure. Just use it as a living flower bed. Additional contrasting elements in the form of flowers and plants will make a real masterpiece of art from an old bicycle.

A bicycle cachet - everything ingenious is simple

  • Showing imagination, a unique pendant with flowers can be obtained from the usual bird cages. Just place a pot or a container with low plants in it and decorate it with some kind of decor.

Cute floral arrangement of annual plants

  • For craftsmen with golden hands, to make decorative pots for garden with your own hands in the form of a cart, no difficulty. To do this, you need a special tool and certain skills in handling wood and metal.

  • To improve your mood and bring yourself a lot of positive emotions, you can quickly and efficiently make a pot of ordinary trash cansmade of shiny metal. For convenience of movement, it is possible to fasten furniture wheels rotating in different directions to the ballot boxes.
  • Stylish groomed cart with beautiful flowers

    The original idea of ​​using garbage cans as flower pots

    As you can see, having a suitable material at hand, making a flowerpots with your own hands for the garden is very simple. For the manufacture of simple products do not need any skills. Even a child can cope with this task. As for the products more difficult, then without the help of adults can not do.

    The creative process of creating flowerpots is not only creative, but also educational. Therefore, even the youngest children can be attracted to this exciting activity.