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Flower pots do it yourself


Any hostess is interested in making your home cozy, beautiful, revitalizing it. Fresh flowers are a great decoration for every home. Not a small role is played by the pot in which the flower is planted. Often you have to deal with the fact that ordinary flower pots are not beautiful enough, they make the interior simple, boring, and design pots are not affordable for everyone. Do-it-yourself flowerpot decoration is a great solution to this problem! After all, you can decorate the pot as you wish, and you will still have the opportunity to brag to the guests with a handwritten piece.
In this article we will talk about different ways of decorating, which will enable you to easily make elegant flower pots.

Sea motive

Everyone in the house who has ever been to the sea, there is a collection of seashells, pebble, colorful glass. These souvenirs can be used to decorate containers for flowers. Sea pebbles, glass can be found in any store, now it is not a problem. Beautiful enough is the combination of sea souvenirs with various small items (coins, buttons, broken pieces of crockery, tiles).

It is very important, before sticking shells on the pot, be sure to wash and degrease them.
It is best of all to glue the parts to the surface of the container with building glue, which has a high viscosity, dries quickly. In order to better strengthen the shells, stones, glue must be applied to objects and on the pot. After applying the glue, you need to press down the decorative elements to the surface of the container and hold for a couple of seconds.

After all the pebbles, glass pieces are glued, you can paint over some empty places (at your discretion). Void filling can be done with paints, or with a mixture of cement and PVA. This mixture should be a consistency of thick cream (diluted with water). It is necessary to add tone with acrylic paints, for example, colors of turquoise. The resulting mixture must be applied with a brush. After the voids are filled, and the mixture dries out a bit, remove the excess mass from the decor elements.

Decoration of a flowerpot with a sawn birch branch

Another option that will help fill the voids, to emphasize the marine style, is sand decoration. To do this, suitable sea or river sand. The decoration is as follows: glue is applied to the voids, after which the pot (under the slope) is sprinkled with sand.
The decoration of flower pots and the application of ordinary varnish are completed. This will give your product shine, make it stronger.

Eggshell as a decoration

Eggshell is quite popular, and most importantly affordable means of decoration. The shell can be used in natural color or give it the necessary tone.

It is very important, before starting decorating the pots, to remove the film from the shell, degrease it, wash it, dry it well.
Eggshell pot decor is rather simple in its technique. For starters, you need to prepare the foundation. The first step is to cover with adhesive the area of ​​the pot on which the material will be attached.

After that, with the convex side facing out, a fragment of the shell is attached. It must be attached tightly to the surface, but very carefully so as not to break. To correct the position of the parts, you can use a needle or a toothpick. After all the work done, the decorated surface is covered with PVA glue.

The next stage is painting. If the shell is already colored, then it can only be given brightness. Another option: completely paint the surface, which can be both the main background and the basis for further decoration. At the end of the robots, to fix the product, it is varnished.

Decoupage technique on a flower pot

Decoupage is a decoration method in which various paper pictures, cut out paper, napkins are used. This technique can be used on clay, plastic, corrugated pots. The technique is very simple.

Making the decor with your own hands, you can select the following steps:

  • pot preparation (removal of unnecessary elements, degreasing, pot primer),
  • coating paint, which serves as the foundation,
  • working with paper, namely: cutting out the necessary motive, preparing a napkin, because only its top layer is used,
  • decoration pots (gluing paper on the surface),
  • decoration with additional materials
  • fixing varnish.

Beads, beads will add special elegance to the decor of flower pots.

Unique decor with lace and burlap do it yourself

Very gentle and magical is the method of decorating flower pots using lace or burlap lace.

Work with lace is quite simple. In order to decorate the container, you need to apply PVA glue on the inside of the material and glue the fragment. Similarly, glue a piece of burlap. A very interesting option is the combination of these two materials. You can also decorate with beads, beads, pebbles. In general, it all depends on your imagination. Additional elements just need to be fixed with glue.

Burlap can be used without lace, replacing it with a rope. It will look very nice pot, fully placed in a small bag. To support the sacking in such cases there will be a rope tied around the pot.

The use of ropes and threads for decorating pots

The use of ropes and threads takes place in different ways of decorating a flower pot. They are an additional element that will give the product refinement. For example, you can decorate a flowerpot with sacking, give it tenderness with the help of lace, tie up everything (without using glue) with a thread or brown rope. This method will emphasize the shape of the flowerpot, make it beautiful.

Also, the ropes and threads can be used to decorate the pot yourself, giving them different shapes (flowers, leaves), making curls, pigtails. They are attached with glue.
It looks beautiful pot, completely shrouded in rope.

Decorating a pot with simple pencils and a ribbon bow

Such a pot can be painted with spray paints. Before you start coloring, some parts of the flowerpot, which should be of natural color, should be covered with adhesive tape. Paint non-taped places and allow to dry. After, remove the tape - the pot is ready.

Groats as a way of decorating - master class

Decorating with grits is also a pretty good idea to decorate pots. As they say, cheap and cheerful!

It is necessary:

  • pot,
  • glue,
  • millet groats,
  • acrylic paint (we took gold and silver),
  • brush,
  • wooden stick,
  • napkins,
  • sponge,
  • varnish

Getting Started:
In order to give the surface an extraordinary relief, we decorate it with paper and glue. Dilute the glue with water (about half the glue, 1: 1). We tear a napkin into small pieces. Using a brush, apply glue to a napkin and glue on the surface of the dish. With a stick we make small relief folds. In this way, glue all the free space and leave for some time.

After the glue has dried, proceed to the millet. To begin with, apply undiluted glue to the folds, then sprinkle with grits on top. Sponge soak and leave to dry.
Next, proceed to painting. Using a brush completely paint pots in silver color, dry.
After the paint has dried, decorate the pot with golden paint, painting only the part where the millet is poured. Cover with top varnish.

Gypsum Flower Pot

To make a flower pot from plaster, you must prepare:

  • two plastic buckets of different volume,
  • water,
  • gypsum.

  1. prepare the gypsum mortar according to the instructions on the packaging,
  2. the inner surface of a large bucket and the outer small pasted over with cellophane. This is necessary so that after drying the gypsum is easily separated from the walls of the plastic containers.
  3. at the bottom of a large bucket pour a plaster solution of a thickness of 2-3 cm and let it harden slightly,
  4. a plastic bucket of a smaller volume is placed in a bucket, larger in volume,
  5. at the bottom of a small bucket we put the weight to weight. It can be sand, water or a small heavy object.
  6. in the space between the walls of two tanks pour plaster solution,
  7. after hardening the gypsum bucket, we cut and remove the finished product,
  8. dry the resulting flower pot for several days to completely evaporate moisture and paint with acrylic paints,
  9. The original flower pot of plaster is ready.

Flower pot made of wood

For the manufacture of Unusual Flower Pots You can use natural materials at hand.

  1. Prepare a small chock of wood of the required diameter.
  2. We drill in the chock nespoznoe hole.
  3. We saturate the inside with a solution to protect against mold.
  4. Outside we varnish the product.
  5. Creative flowerpots made from natural material for flowers ready.

Without any problems, you can make pots for flowers from any available material by decorating it with the help of various techniques. As an improvised material can be used: old kettle, cans of unusual shape, candlesticks, mugs, old shoes. Showing a little imagination, you can breathe new life into old things and give them a chance to please those around you with their creative transformation for a long time.

Simple decor tapes

If you do not have time for creativity, but there is a desire change your appearance your room, come to the aid of satin ribbons. Having tied a beautiful bow on the flower-pots, you can easily transform its appearance. The only condition is that the color of the ribbon must be in harmony with the general colors of the interior.

Materials for construction

You can also make excellent coasters or pots for plants from planks, cardboard, remnants of decorative tiles, fragments of bricks, wire mesh or various barrels.

From the dense or corrugated cardboard, you can create completely different pots or vases for indoor and garden plants. This may be the usual round versions of pots, and may be elongated rectangular or diamond-shaped models. Development of a similar model can be found in folk artists, and you can think of yourself, remembering the lessons of technology or creativity in school.

How to decorate a flower pot with a rope

Pretty simple is the design of a flower pot of planks or wooden bars. Having cut the base, it is easy to create a real pot for large houseplants with carnations or glue. Moreover, products from rough raw boards are more suitable for streets, and treated wood looks great in the apartment. It can additionally be decorated with burlap, ribbons and other decorative details.

Flower pot in ecotile

Remnants of decorative ceramic tiles can be used to create a small square flowerpot, simply gluing the details together. Mirror tiles and mosaic variants look interesting.

Wire mesh can be used as a flowerpots, large production barrels are suitable for installations with large garden plants, and they do not even need to be decorated especially: coarse supports with delicate garden plants look harmonious.

Flower pot decorating with wire mesh

We decorate the usual

Now consider the question of how to decorate a flower pot, what techniques you can use and what materials to use. And you can use the most common purchased plastic or clay pots, and you can decorate what happened as a result of skillful use of used things.

Painting of flower pots

One of the common ways to decorate a flower pot is to glue different items on the product. It can be shells, beautiful stones, glass fragments, bark, coffee beans, cereals, nutshell or cones, buttons or beads. With their help, on the surface of the pot, you can create a specific picture using different textures or colors.

Decorating flower pots with shells

A special decoration is the egg shell, which is applied to the surface using crackle techniques. The shell of boiled eggs is pre-cleaned, degreased in a solution of baking soda, and then dried. Then, PVA glue is applied to the surface of the pot, and the shell is applied from above with a convex side up. Cover the shell with a napkin or paper and press down to create cracks. To ensure that the shell parts are farther apart, they can be moved apart using a toothpick. From above, the pattern is covered with mascara, and after it penetrates inside the cracks, it is washed off from the shell itself with a damp cloth. Inside the cracks remains mascara, and the shell has a pristine appearance. From above all this magnificence can be varnished.

Making flower pots with eggshell

Also, decorating flower pots implies coloring them, and the colors are chosen for the interior. Pictures can be abstract or realistic, and you can also apply various images to the walls or textiles using the decoupage technique. You can also put some inscriptions on the surface of the pot.

Making flower pots with your own hands

Polymer clay can also be used for decoration, making out bas-reliefs with the help of toothpicks on the surface of the pot.

Wrapping pots with cloth or fur is also considered an excellent decorative technique. To keep a cloth or burlap well, you can tie them up with ropes, or you can glue them tightly. From a knitted material, for example, the sleeves of an old sweater, you can create a winter "clothes" for pots, which will easily stretch into small containers.

Making flower pots with a cloth

Also, a flowerpot for flowers can be wrapped with twine or thick rope, then for contrast, decorate it with a satin ribbon. Decorate the surface of flower pots and coconut fiber, and dry grass, and acorns.

Decorating flower pots with a rope Flower pot in eco style

An interesting idea how to decorate a flower pot is considered to be wrapping it with pencils or dry sticks. The first option is perfect for a creative workshop, and the second - for the interior in eco-style. To do this, you need to take pencils or dry twigs of the same length and, sticking tightly or tying them together, as if to wrap a pot with them.

Creating and decorating flower pots for fans of such entertainment will be a real treat. With constant practice, you can create really interesting, unique and original things that will give the interior of your home or the look of your garden spontaneity and individuality.

We offer you a video with ideas for decorating flower pots with your own hands.

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Preparing the base

To begin with, we are morally tuned. After all, any thing made with love brings positive energy to your garden. Then go to the material. We will need a base - a flower pot of any size, shape and structure (we will select an idea for each).

The pot that we take as a base is required to properly prepare. For this you need to clean it of dirt and existing design. Then it should be dried and then proceed depending on what we are going to do.

The idea of ​​decorating flower pots

Flower pots decor


With the help of an egg-shell we create an exquisite mosaic. We will need:

ceramic or clay pot,

Prepare the egg shells. It must be washed and the ceiling to the desired size. Then gradually apply glue to the pot and lay out a mosaic, choosing the right parts of the shell. Using this technique, you can create a specific pattern, completely fill the space, or create a frame for a picture applied using decoupage technique. At will the turned-out design can be painted with waterproof paint.

The idea of ​​decorating flower pots

Flower pots decor

For decorating flower pots, you can use a variety of materials, even paper or napkins. Transfer the selected picture from the paper to the base is obtained using the decoupage technique. This requires:

drawing on a napkin or paper

It is desirable that the base is made of clay, ceramics or glass (but plastic will do) in bright colors.

Separate the top layer of the napkin (on which is the drawing) or take the paper (it should be thin) with the drawing, lean it against the pot and gradually cover it with glue. So it will consolidate on the base and get a little soaked, taking the desired form (as if drawing on a pot). We are waiting for complete drying, and varnish it to fully fix and give shine.

Beautiful decoration of flower pots do it yourself

Modern decor flower pots do it yourself

Decorating flower pots with their own hands

Another interesting, not expensive and fairly simple idea for decorating flower pots is the use of cereals. Данный вариант также подойдет для совместного творчества с ребенком.

Для этого понадобится любая основа, клей ПВА, кисточки, и крупа, скучающая на полках. It is better to take a rump with a flat edge: peas, lentils, pasta of any modification. Next comes the fantasy. Using cereals, we have the opportunity to make the original design of the pot simply by placing them on the upper and lower circles of the product, as well as create any picture. For the latter is well suited semolina, rice, buckwheat, millet. Ready you need can be painted in accordance with the contours.

The idea of ​​decorating flower pots

Flower pots decor

Create a marine theme with the help of shells. They can be brought by you from a seaside resort, then this design will also be symbolic, reminding you of a vacation. In another case, you can purchase them in the store.

They are mounted in a manner similar to the previous one. That is, everything is held by glue. The rest is just your imagination. From the shells you can create an excellent marine motif on the surface of the pot, simply by arranging them in a certain order. Another idea that will remind you of a well-spent time: transfer a photograph to the base using the decoupage technique and make a frame from seashells. Complete the design, placing the remaining area. At will they can be covered with sparkles or paint.

Beautiful decoration of flower pots do it yourself

Modern decor flower pots do it yourself

Decorating flower pots with their own hands

3. Dressy ... tin cans

A thin rubber cord and beads will make a pretty flower pot out of a tin can. If the cord was not found, then replace it with multi-colored threads for knitting. Silicone glue is used to fix the beads.

14. Tissue decoupage

The technology of such an impressive decor is very simple. Spread PVA glue slightly with water. A piece of fabric of the desired size smooth on the surface of the pot with a brush, generously soaked in an adhesive solution. If the pot is made of smooth plastic, then pre-prime it with acrylic paint. After drying the fabric, varnish the pot.