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Rose Black Magic: care and maintenance


Since those times when people learned to cultivate and plant roses, they have not lost hope to bring out the queen of flowers of black color. Breeders around the world are struggling to solve this difficult task, but so far to no avail. Roses of black color do not exist yet, although works on their removal are being carried out today. The fact is that these beauties do not have pigment genes responsible for this color.

Popular varieties of black roses

Nevertheless, it should be recognized that today there are varieties of roses that are as close as possible to the cherished goal. These include:

Black baccarra - a magnificent plant, unblown buds of which are almost black.

Mildred Scheel - dark crimson hybrid tea rose.

Burgundy Ice - The flowers of this rose are painted in a thick color of Burgundy wine, and its velvety petals are black coated.

Black magic - hybrid tea with an unusual dark shade of petals, which changes during flowering.

There are several more varieties with very dark petals that claim to be the “black” rose, but today we would like to elaborate on the features of the Black Magic rose. It deserves special attention, and after reading the article, you will understand why.

The history of the variety and its features

This relatively young variety is the result of the hard work of German breeders. Rose Black Magic was bred in Germany (1997) in a breeding company. In translation, the name of the variety can be translated as “black magic”. And indeed, the flowers simply fascinate: dark maroon, like velvety petals, even at the beginning of flowering have a dark ebb, and in the last month their color becomes even darker and more saturated.

Rose Black Magic: photos, description

Bushes of this variety are about a meter high. They have excellent growth power, upright. Young growths are painted in a characteristic bronze color. Their decoration is not only magnificent flowers, but also beautiful leathery leaves with a glossy sheen, painted in bright green color.

This variety has taken a worthy place in the encyclopedia of roses. Rose Black Magic is represented in it as a hybrid tea variety. The plant blooms continuously and abundantly (from the first decade of July to September).

Rose Black Magic differs from many varieties in that it pleases not only with single flowers, but also with inflorescences consisting of four amazing buds. Flowers can not be called very large: their diameter does not exceed 12 cm, but they are very beautiful, thanks to iridescent petals with a velvety surface. The buds are elongated, having a goblet shape and such a dark burgundy color that in daylight they may appear almost black. The fully blooming Black Magic rose has a distinctive black and red color, with dark maroon petals in the center.

In 2000, this beauty was awarded the prize "Golden Rose". Ten years later (2010), its long flowering was noted at a competition of rose lovers in the United States. And a year later she was awarded the title "Queen of the show." By the way, in a vase, these flowers, bred for cutting, are preserved in their original form for two weeks.

Despite the fact that the Black Magic rose was bred more than twenty years ago in the German nursery "Rosen Tantau", its description in reference books is quite rare and laconic.

Landing rules

Experienced flower growers and connoisseurs of beauty roses argue that these flowers can be planted in autumn and spring. However, it is worth mentioning that the autumn planting is recommended for regions with mild winters. With severe frosts, the sapling can freeze out, because by the onset of cold weather, it is poorly rooted.

If you plan to grow flowers for cutting, plant a bush in September, but not in open ground, but in a greenhouse or greenhouse. Planted in the autumn bushes will delight you with flowering next summer. In the open ground, the Black Magic rose is best planted in the spring, when the threat of recurrent frosts is completely over. Usually this period falls on the end of April - the middle of May.

Where to plant a rose?

Rose Black Magic, the photo of which we have posted in this article, needs a well-lit sunny place that must be protected from drafts. Try to avoid areas that fall under the shadow of trees or buildings.

Black Magic rose bushes are rather sprawling, so it is not recommended to plant other flowers next to them. Creating a group planting, leave the distance between the bushes at least one meter.

Soil requirements

For hybrid tea roses loose loose acid soil is most suitable. If it is heavy in your area, before planting, it is necessary to dig a hole 50 cm in diameter and 30 cm deep. In it, fill the mixture of leaf humus, compost, sand with a small amount of wood ash and mineral fertilizers for roses a third.

Place the Black Magic rose seedling into it, smooth the roots well, and pour in the remaining soil mixture. After planting, the soil around the seedling is well rammed for fixation and watered abundantly. It is not necessary to water the bush during the first week, since the young roots are not yet able to actively absorb moisture, and this may cause them to rot.

Plant Care

Rose Black Magic is unpretentious. Care of it means thorough weeding and watering with warm and distilled water. After watering, the soil must be loosened so that a crust does not form. If during planting the well is well filled with fertilizers, then fertilizing in the first year is not required.

In order to form a powerful root system and crown, do not let the Black Magic rose bloom in the first year. To do this, remove all formed buds. From the second year the bush is fed during the whole vegetative period. In early spring, the plant is fed with a solution of chicken manure or mullein in the ratio of 1:20.

When the buds begin to form, fertilizing is carried out twice a month. In this case, suitable universal mixtures for flowering plants or fertilizer for roses. This variety of roses loves foliar dressing, which must be carried out before flowering. For spraying suitable solution "Humate" or "Superphosphate" according to the instructions. Such dressings are carried out in the evening hours, but not too late for the bush to dry by night.

Preparing for the winter

Rosa Black Magic is a frost-resistant culture, but despite this, she will not be able to spend the winter without shelters. Therefore, for the winter should be prepared carefully. Before the first frost, the bushes are cut and spud up to 40 cm in height. Lower leaflets are removed. In September, pinch shoots to stop their growth. Stop loosening the soil and watering, too, in September.

With the onset of stable cold weather prunyed shoots and the tops of all stems are pruned. After the temperature drops below zero, the rose must be covered. To do this, set the frame of the wire above the bush, which is fixed covering material. Shelter is designed to create an air gap. The lower edge of the film should be left slightly open on one side.

The rose is covered finally after the air temperature becomes steadily negative. In the spring to take shelter do not rush. Wait until the snow melts completely. With the onset of heat, open the bottom edge of the film and carefully remove the soil layer from the plant.

Using Black Magic in Landscape Design

We talked about the fact that this variety was bred as a crop for cutting. However, very soon the magnificent roses began to be used in landscape design, and they found application in almost any style. It is necessary to take into account some features of the garden decoration:

  • For the formation of a modern and elegant composition using hybrid tea roses, it is necessary to use various types of herbaceous plants, both perennials and annuals,
  • well looked placed in the background of the flower garden lilac, white and pale blue delphiniums or daylilies of pastel tones,
  • Beautiful additions to this variety are aquilegia, foxglove or dull monards,
  • Planting other ornamental shrubs such as hawthorn, steppe almond, broom, Japanese quince and well-groomed lawn from forbs will be an excellent background for these roses.

Professional designers believe that the best black roses look against the background of deciduous shrubs: chubushnika and cotoneaster, viburnum and honeysuckle. Shade bushes can be silvery moss.

Variety description

Black Magic shrub rose bush, up to one meter tall, distinguished by strong straight shoots. The leaves are large sizes painted in dark green. On the stems is a small number of thorns.

The flowers are medium in size, have the shape of a glass, are located on long peduncles. Petals are dense, leathery, bent down. Flowers can be placed singly or in inflorescences up to four pieces.

As a rule, the flower consists of 30-50 petals of maroon color.

The period of intensive flowering falls on the end of July - beginning of September. The buds open very slowly, exuding a delicate, subtle fragrance.

With the onset of autumn, the black magic rose petals become darker and the aroma more saturated.

Diseases and pests

Rose susceptible to the development of diseases and insect pests. This can only be avoided with proper care of the plant and timely treatment with fungicidal agents.

In case of violation of the rules of care on the rose bushes, Black Magic develops powdery mildew, the plant is attacked spider mite and aphid.

To successfully cultivate Black Magic roses, you should use the advice of experienced flower growers:

  • For the prevention of disease should be constantly monitor the density of the soil.
  • With an excess amount of nitrogenous fertilizer, the rose of the Black magic ceases to bloom, since the increased nitrogen content has a beneficial effect on the growth of only green mass of the bush.
  • Watering is carried out once a week, otherwise the root system rots due to an overabundance of moisture.
  • The plant requires careful preparation for the winter cold, despite the fact that the plant tolerates frost well.

Plant propagation

Black Magic rose can breed under natural conditions. During the first year after planting should not allow flowering bush. For this purpose, the buds are pruned. Such pruning will make the flower resistant to adverse weather conditions and will allow to increase the green mass.

Reproduction is carried out by dividing the bush and cuttings. If the gardener does not have enough experience in breeding roses, you should purchase seedlings in the nursery.

The bush is divided in springafter bud break. The bush is dug and divided into 2-3 parts. It is necessary that the new plant had at least two shoots. Shoots shorten to three buds. Long roots are pruned and treated with aseptic solution or wood ash. After that, they are planted in pre-prepared wells.

For planting, you can use cuttings with a length of at least 10 centimeters. Harvested cuttings are placed for two days in a solution of biostimulant, then planted in open ground. Cuttings should be covered with a plastic bag or a glass jar to create a greenhouse effect.

The use of roses Black Magic in landscape design

The rose of this grade is often used by landscape designers for registration of personal plots. Her presence gives the landing a special beauty and charm.

The plant looks good as a single or group planting. Rosa Black Magic is planted in mixborders or used as a hedge.

What caused the popularity of Black Magic

The variety of roses Black magic is world famous and highly valued by experts and amateurs. Especially popular grade received when used in bouquets. Cut flowers are very long - about two weeks, and emit a subtle, unobtrusive fragrance. Velvet petals are able to decorate any composition.

However, this variety of roses is used not only when making bouquets, many owners of country houses and large beds grow Black Magic in their gardens. In 2000, the Golden Rose of Baden-Baden competition was held, in which the Black Magic variety won first place. It also influenced the conquest of love by professional gardeners and amateurs.

Planting and growing

Rose Black Magic is very resistant to growing in adverse conditions. Planting bushes should be made in spring or autumn. However, it is recommended to plant roses in the autumn only where the winter climate is relatively mild. What rules should be followed during planting?

  • For landing you need to choose a protected from drafts sunny place. On the bushes should not fall the shadow of trees and higher shrubs.
  • The soil should be loose and have a weak acid reaction. If in the area where the rose will be planted, the soil is rather heavy, you should dig a hole deeper, at least 50 cm in diameter and at least 30 cm deep.
  • First, the place chosen for the plant must be filled with leaf humus, sand and compost. After that, the roses are planted. Care must be taken not to deepen the neck of the root. It should only be lightly sprinkled with earth.

Black Magic rose bushes should be planted in spring or autumn

Care rules

  • Care for the bushes is simple: they need to be watered and weeded as needed.
  • Starting from the second year after planting, during the vegetative period, the bushes need to be fed with special fertilizers. When the buds are formed, fertilizing should be done every 14 days.
  • To prevent diseases of rose bushes, for example, powdery mildew, it is necessary to process the stems with the preparation Forecast. Also suitable Topaz, Fundazol. If the leaves become rusty, the treatment should be done with Oxyhom. In general, with proper care and planting bushes, diseases can be avoided.
  • From such pests as aphid or spider mite need to use drugs Spark and Fitoverm.

From such pests as aphid or spider mite need to use drugs Spark and Fitoverm

In order for the rose not to be affected by various diseases, the following tips should be observed:

  • follow the quality of soil compaction. The bush must hold tight in the ground
  • if you fertilize the rose with nitric solutions during flowering, the leaves will grow, but not the buds,
  • watering a rose is not necessary often, but plentifully, otherwise it will rot. Once in 5 days - the norm.

You can propagate a rose by cutting and dividing. However, for those who do not know how to divide and graft, the easiest way is to buy seedlings. In winter, the bushes need to cover and pile up, despite the fact that the rose tolerates frost.

Sort Black Magic is actively used in landscape design because it is very beautiful

Features of the use of varieties in landscape design

The presented variety is actively used in landscape design, as it is very beautiful. Whatever style of the site is chosen by its owners, a rose will always be appropriate. It gives the garden charm and beauty.

Apply "Black Magic" in landscape design can be both in single and in group planting. You can also find plants suitable for this variety of roses and plant them in mixborders.

Another good option is to build hedges from the rose bushes that will look extraordinarily beautiful. Whichever way is chosen, the Black Magic will always look advantageous and beautify any, even the seemingly simplest part.

What Black Gardeners Say About Black Magic

Responses of gardeners about the presented grade of a rose positive. Professionals say that the plant is great for cutting, but does not smell as bright as, for example, Queen Elizabeth.

Caring for a plant is simple. However, it is worth noting that the flower is very light-requiring. Also, the rose should always be watered and protected for the winter from frost.

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Description and characteristics

Among gardeners, the black magic variety is particularly popular, so caring for it needs a detailed description. The plant is a burgundy flower with a moderate number of thorns, consisting of 35-50 petals.

A well-groomed rose garden adds a special beauty to the site, where you can plant different varieties of roses, for example, Bonika, Gloria Dey, Jubilee Prince de Monaco, Kerio, New Dawn, Chopin, Abraham Derby, Mary Rose, William Shakespeare, Graham Thomas, Blue Perfume, Pink Intuition. Blooming bud can reach 14 cm in diameter. The height of the bush varies in the range of 100-150 cm. The plant is characterized by endurance both in the frosty and in the hot season, and the duration of its flowering is 18-25 days. The peculiarity of the variety is also resistance to diseases and pests.

Отличительной чертой розы «Блэк мэджик» является то, что с наступлением осенней прохладной погоды, ее лепестки заметно темнеют, а приятный аромат становится насыщеннее, что полностью соответствует описанию этого сорта.

If you live in an area with a stable warm climate, it is recommended to plant rose bushes in early autumn. Thus, with the arrival of summer, it will be possible to see the blooming buds of these flowers.

Important!The root neck of the rose should not be deepened into the ground, otherwise the bush will not bloom. If you decide to start planting Black Magic roses in the spring, then the most suitable time for this will be the end of April or the beginning of May. It is possible to create the most comfortable conditions for growth and reproduction for the plant by dropping it in a sunny place, which does not fall on the shadow of buildings.

You should also protect the flower from drafts and wind. Before planting, it is advisable to dig a hole 50 cm in diameter and 30 cm deep. In conditions of weak soil acidity, the plant grows better, therefore, wood ash should be added to the flower well. In addition, you can add mineral fertilizers and fill the pit with sand, compost or hardwood humus.

When planting bushes, it is necessary to take into account the growth dynamics of the bushes; to do this, keep a distance between groups of planted flowers. It should be at least 90 cm. When the flower is already planted, you need to moisten the soil. After that, it must be mulched so that the moisture does not evaporate.

Application in landscape design

This variety of roses is very common when performing landscape design. It is appropriate to arrange flowers both in single execution, and in the form of several bushes of various flowers.

Did you know?In Germany, the 1,000-year-old rose bush has almost reached the top of the cathedral, near which it grows. A hedge of rose flowers will not only give the design an exceptional look, but will also delight with its rich and pleasant smell. For registration of beds use annuals and perennials.

When combining Black Magic roses with an elongated foxglove, graceful aquilegia and lush monards, you can achieve an interesting color combination in landscape design. A lawn of forbs can serve as an excellent backdrop for roses, and planting decorative deciduous shrub chubushnika or viburnum will favorably emphasize the well-groomed garden.

Rose has always been of particular interest to gardeners. With proper care, she will delight her full-blown buds. To do this, it is necessary to choose the location of the plant, to provide him with watering, application of top-dressing and timely pruning.

Planting location and soil requirements

The place is chosen as sunny as possible, but protected from drafts. It is not necessary to plant a rose in a place where the shadow of buildings or trees will fall. In such conditions, the rose will not be enough sunlight.

The black magic bush is quite tall and spreading, so you should not place other flowers near it. The distance between the bushes, with group plantings, must be at least 90-100 cm.

Hybrid tea roses prefer loose soil with a slightly acid reaction. If your site is heavy soil, before planting roses you need to dig a hole at least 50 cm in diameter and 30 cm in depth. The pit is filled with a mixture of sheet humus, sand, compost. All components are thoroughly mixed, add a small amount of wood ash and mineral fertilizers intended for roses.

TIP. To fill the pit, you can use ready-made soil mixes for roses from the store.

Fill the pit with the prepared mixture by a third, place the black magic sapling in it, spreading the roots on the surface, and pour in the remaining soil.

IMPORTANT. When planting, do not dig the root neck. It should be slightly sprinkled with soil, otherwise the bush will run wild and will not bloom.

After planting around the seedling carefully ram the soil for a good fixation of the bush and watered. The surface is mulched to avoid moisture loss. In the first week after planting, watering the bush is not necessary, because the roots can not yet absorb moisture and can rot.

Rose Care Black Magic

From the second year, the rose bush black magic must be fed

Care rose consists of watering and thorough weeding. Watering a rose should be warm, defended with water. Weeds are regularly removed, and the soil after watering is loosened.

If the planting pit is filled with fertilizers, then there is no need to make special dressings in the first year of cultivation. For the formation of a powerful root system and crown in the first year the rose should not be allowed to bloom. To do this, all the buds formed tear. In the middle of summer, it is possible to feed a rose with a solution of mullein (1X10) with the addition of mineral fertilizers twice. But do not feed in the fall, so as not to cause the growth of new shoots.

From the second year the bush must be fed the entire vegetative period. In early spring, fertilize with a solution of mullein or chicken manure (1X20). After the beginning of bud formation, fertilizing is carried out once every two weeks, using universal mixtures for flowering garden plants or special fertilizers for roses.

Loves rose and foliar feedings. Only they can be carried out exclusively before flowering. For spraying a bush, use Humate's solution (a teaspoonful of 4-5 liters) or Superphosphate solution (1X10). The fertilizer is sprayed with a spray bottle, wetting the leaves evenly. It is necessary to carry out such top dressing in the evening hours, but it is not very late for the bush to dry by night.

Protection against diseases and pests

Regular sanitary and preventive work in the cultivation of roses is necessary to prevent their infection by diseases and pests. Any problem is easier to prevent than to deal with it.

To prevent powdery roses on roses, it is necessary to treat the rose bush with the drug Prognosis or other analogue.

Common diseases of the variety are:

  • Mealy dew (downy mildew) - looks like a white coating on the leaves. It arises in wet, cool weather. To prevent it, you need to spray bushes with special preparations two or three times per season (Prognosis, Topaz, Fundazol, etc.)
  • Rust - brown pads appear on the leaves. To fight the rust help drugs Hom or Oxy.

The most common rose pests are black magic:

  • Rosana aphid - affects young shoots and leaves, which are twisted and begin to dry. Destroy the pest preparations Spark, Fitoverm, Karbofos.
  • Spider mite - appears in dry and hot weather. On the infection of the bush says the appearance of a thin cobweb on the leaves. To prevent the occurrence of a tick, the bush is sprayed once every 14-20 days with Fytoverm, Agrovertin.
  • The pink rosette is small green caterpillars that gnaw leaves. With a strong defeat bushes completely lose their foliage. Destroy the pest drug Spark.
  • The click beetle - you will not notice it on the surface, because it settles on the roots and penetrates inside the stems. The emergence of larvae contribute to weeds and thickened planting. To prevent damage by these pests, we need to regularly weed the area and loosen the soil after watering. The soil infected with the beetle is treated with Bazudin. You can sprinkle the drug to prevent infection by a pest.

Problems in the cultivation of roses black magic and their warning

Violation of the rules of planting and caring for roses lead to poor development of the bush and even to its death.

Due to inadequate care, roses can strike diseases

The most common mistakes when growing roses black magic are the following:

  1. Insufficient soil compaction. The bush is swinging in the wind and the roots are constantly traumatized. To control the degree of soil compaction during planting, pull the bush. It should hold tight in the soil and not move up.
  2. Incorrect dressing. The use of nitrogen fertilizers during the formation of buds will lead to increased foliage growth. Flowers will no longer be formed. A deficiency of potassium and magnesium will lead to shredding of flowers and redness of the leaves.
  3. Improper watering and poor drainage. A constantly wet root system will definitely start to rot. Watering should be infrequent, but abundant, and the soil is loose. If you constantly moisten the top layer of soil, the roots will begin to reach for moisture and will be on the surface. The rate of watering in dry and hot weather at least 10 liters per bush every 4-5 days.
  4. Planting under trees or near buildings, on the site, filled with melt water. In all these cases, the development of a full-fledged bush will be impossible.
  5. Wrong summer care. During flowering, you should regularly remove withered flowers. If this is not done, the rose will begin to form fruits, and flowering will stop. Shoots without flowers should also be cut. This activates them, and they will begin to form buds.

Wintering organization

For wintering roses, set a special frame made of wire

Black magic is a frost-resistant rose, but it is still not capable of wintering without any shelter. Therefore, the preparation for the wintering spend carefully.

Before the onset of the first frost, the plant is cut and spud to a height of 40 cm. The lower leaves of the bush are carefully removed. In September, pinching of the shoots is carried out to stop their growth.

In September, stop watering and loosening the soil. With the onset of stable cold weather, pruning of unripe shoots and the tops of all stems is carried out. All leaves before shelter for the winter from a bush are removed.

As soon as the temperature drops below zero, the rose must be covered. To do this, a wire frame is installed above the bush, on which the covering material is fixed in several layers. Shelter should create an air gap inside the shelter. The bottom edge on one side is left slightly open. Finally, the rose is closed on all sides after the onset of steady frost.

IMPORTANT. If, after a cold snap, warm days suddenly come, as it often happens lately, it is better to lift the bottom of the shelter for some air. If this is not done, the rose may start to rot from waterlogging.

Spring activities

In the spring, do not rush to take shelter until the snow melts completely. After the onset of heat, slightly open the lower edge of the cover and carefully remove the layer of soil from the bush. When the snow has come down completely and truly warm days come, take off the shelter and clean it of th earthing up soil.

If it is dry and hot weather, you can start watering the bush. In the spring, you also need to prune roses. Remove all the upper parts of the main stems, strong shoots pruned to 15 cm. On each stalk should be 2-3 buds.

Rose breeding methods black magic

According to flower lovers, black magic does not happen much. This variety is so perfect that I want to get as many copies as possible.

Black magic roses can be propagated by cutting and dividing the bush

The easiest way to get new flower copies is to buy ready-made seedlings. Rose saplings Black magic can be purchased in nurseries or specialized online stores. The price of rose seedlings varies from 200 to 600 rubles.

If your site already has an adult rose bush, you can multiply it in two ways:

  1. The division of the bush. It is carried out in early spring, before the bud starts blooming. The bush is dug and divided into two or three parts so that each has at least two shoots. Long roots are cut, and shoots are shortened to three buds. Root cut sites are covered with wood ash. Cuts on the shoots covered with garden pitch. Roots need to dip in a talker of clay and manure and plant each seedling in the prepared hole.
  2. Cuttings. For this method of reproduction using woody or semi-woody cuttings of at least 5 mm in diameter. The length of the workpiece should be 10-12 cm, it should be 3 buds. The cutting is cut at an angle of 45 degrees, soaked in Heterouxin for 2 days. Blanks can be placed on the bed and covered with transparent glass or plastic caps.

For winter, such landings need to be covered by installing a wire frame over them. In two years, full-fledged rose bushes will develop from cuttings. The roses multiplied in this way will bloom for the third year.

Black magic at home

In room conditions to grow a variety of roses, black magic is almost impossible, they are grown only in open ground

This variety of roses is too large in size and very demanding of sunlight. It is almost impossible to provide optimal conditions for such a rose at home, so it is better to grow it outdoors or in a greenhouse (greenhouse).

Rose Flower Reviews Black Magic

Maria. Kaluga Black magic is a type of worker. Would buy again and again. Blossom is very abundant with a break of 2-3 weeks. Flowers bloom very slowly, and then hold on for a long time, two weeks each. Flowers first burgundy, and then almost black. Beauty!

Zoya, Lugansk region Black Magic is a great rose, the flowers do not lose their shape and stay on the bush for a very long time, it blooms in any rain, the bush grows at high speed, in one year it counted about 50 pieces on the bush in one flowering (at different stages of opening, from half-open buds to flowering, looks very original. True bush was an adult, about 6 years old.

Angela Vladivostok. Before this winter, she covered her Black Magic too warmly and she resisted. Shoots grew after wintering striped - black, green, black again. A week later, turned black at all. I already wanted to throw a bush, but there was no time. Suddenly, about a miracle, processes began to break out from under the ground. Now the buds and you can clearly see that this is Black Magic. That's so tenacious!

Galina. Moscow region. Super grade. I did not expect that in the suburbs the hybrid tea variety could grow and bloom as if in the south .. At first — single flowers — a large bud opens with wavy velvet. Rain, the sun they are not afraid. Then re-flowering begins - smaller flowers, but on one trunk more than a dozen average-sized buds. The power of growth is wonderful. I advise everyone to buy a grade.


At the beginning of breeding, the variety was removed for cutting. But he has all the necessary qualities of a garden flower. Therefore, it is grown in almost all countries where the dry hot climate: in Europe, California, Australia, even on the African continent. In our country, she is the universal favorite. Illuminated areas and flower beds are the best place for planting and breeding Black Magic roses.

In a vase, cut flowers can stand for up to 14 days.

bush black magic


Planting this variety is no different from planting a different hybrid tea variety. Planting in the ground from mid-September until the end of October, the following year you can admire an abundance of dark red flowers.

It is worth noting that the variety loves when it is fed. In this case, a liquid mullein is very useful. In early spring, the bush should be fed with nitrogen fertilizers. As soon as the first buds seem, it is necessary to produce additional feeding with the help of mullein and organic fertilizers. And so on until mid-August. Further the plant should be fertilized only with potash fertilizers. Thanks to this diet, roses will have numerous blooms for a long time.

Do not forget about regular watering. Bushes are watered directly under the root. Constant weeding is required. Soil loosening and mulching are performed.

Despite the cold resistance, the plants must be well prepared for the winter. It is necessary to make pruning in the fall. For the winter you need to pile and cover.

Black Magic roses can be propagated like any kind of hybrid tea roses. The most suitable method for varieties bred for cutting is cutting.

Love, Passion and Magic

Numerous awards confirm that this beauty is recognized worldwide. In 2000 she was awarded the Golden Rose prize in Baden-Baden. Received a prize in 2010 for the duration of flowering, taking part in the competition AARS (American Society of Rosewood). Also in 2011 she received the title of "Queen of the Show" at the same competition.