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Stimulator of fruit formation - Universal Ovary: instructions for use, reviews


Every gardener wants to get a big harvest with minimal effort. To make this dream real, agricultural engineers invented a biological product called the Universal Ovary. Stimulator of fruit formation can significantly increase the yield and at the same time reduce the time of fruit ripening. However, we are primarily interested in how safe is the use of these drugs in suburban areas.

What is this drug

The Universal Ovary is a fruit stimulator of natural origin. This is the main difference from most chemical analogues. The preparation contains special substances, thanks to which tasty fruits will appear on the branches very soon. With their shortage, this process is much slower. This is primarily macro and microelements.

Composition and general information

Practically every gardener today wants to know exactly how he will process his plants and whether this will affect the quality of the fruit. This also applies to such a popular drug as the "Ovary". Universal stimulator of fruit formation, the composition of which we now consider, today is used by the overwhelming majority of large-scale garden farms.

So, the active active ingredient is the sodium salts of gibberellic acids. A natural, natural compound that will not be alien to your plants and will not affect the quality of the fruit produced. Concentration is not too high - 5.5 g / kg. The manufacturer of this drug - LLC Orton. It is produced in bags of 2 g.

Difference from mineral top dressing

Indeed, many of you may ask, then what is the difference between the usual foliar feeding and the drug "Ovary universal". The fruit stimulator acts on a slightly different principle. All substances in its composition are fermented, that is, they are absorbed almost instantly and do not affect the green mass of the plant. However, the acceleration of fruit ripening is not his only task.

Exposure spectrum

Having studied this data, you will be able to accurately answer the question of whether the Universal Ovary will be used at your summer cottage. The fruit stimulator provides a solution to several problems at once.

First of all, its effect is observed precisely in the fact that the possibility of barren flowers is reduced almost to zero. That is, the fruits are tied in any weather, even in the absence of pollinating insects. This can greatly help out in greenhouse conditions.

The second effect is the earlier formation of the ovaries and the prevention of their falling off. Summer residents know how many fruits just fall off, barely tied. This is due to the nutrition of the plant and the amount of moisture in the soil, temperature. Now the problem is solved.

What else is used stimulator of fruit formation "Universal Ovary"? The instruction says that when using this tool the ripening time is reduced on average by 5-7 days. This is not so little, especially when it comes to ultra early varieties. Then you can have a competitive advantage over many garden farms.

Finally, the most important effect is an increase in yield by 15-30%. All this together makes it possible to seriously facilitate the life of the gardener, and most importantly - to improve the results of his work.

In which regions the drug is especially in demand

Of course, in the southern regions with a mild climate there is no need to use the "Ovary". Universal stimulator of fruit formation, the reviews of which are very good, is recommended primarily for regions with adverse climatic conditions. Judging by the reviews of gardeners, especially helps the drug in regions where early and late spring frosts are often observed. The "ovary" perfectly helps to preserve your seedlings in case of sharp fluctuations in air temperature, in drought conditions, that is, in any case, when there is a danger to the flowers and emerging ovaries.

Mode of application

To process your garden, you only need to properly prepare the working solution. The concentration will depend on the culture to be treated. According to the general recommendations, the powder should be diluted in water at room temperature. After a few minutes you need to mix the solution thoroughly. Now it is ready for use. The treatment should be carried out in dry and calm weather, preferably in the morning or in the evening. The solution is stored no more than a day, during this time you need to have time to perform all the manipulations.

Application for various fruit crops

Let us now dwell in greater detail on the method of using such a drug as the fruit stimulator “Ovary universal”. How to breed it for a particular culture can be found in the instructions for use. Especially well respond to such processing tomatoes. They are recommended to be processed at least three times per season. The first time at the beginning of the first flowering. This may be even during the cultivation of seedlings in greenhouses or greenhouses. Then the processing takes place during the formation of the second and third brushes. Dilute the drug, based on the proportion of 2 g per liter of water.

Eggplants and peppers also tolerate such treatments. Compared with conventional planting, this procedure allows you to increase the yield almost doubled. Processing of these cultures is performed twice. The first time when you set the buds, the second time during flowering. The working solution is prepared, also based on the proportion of 2 g per liter of water.

Cucumbers open and protected ground is also treated twice. The first treatment is desirable to perform with the appearance of single flowers, and the second with mass flowering. Dilute 2 g of the drug to one and a half liters of water. Similarly, you can spray the beans and cabbage, potatoes and peas, strawberries.

Precautionary measures

The drug is not phytotoxic, hazard class - 3. It does not accumulate in the fruit and does not pose any threat to health. However, it may cause irritation of the skin and mucous membranes. Therefore, be sure to work in gloves, lab coat and mask. After finishing the garden, be sure to wash your hands and face with soap. You can keep the dry product for two years.

The question of fruit formation in agricultural technology, or why you need "Ovary"

Most novice gardeners are faced with such misfortune as barren flowers. Its first sign is that for example, cucumbers or zucchini color is active, and the harvest is small. It can also be observed the active development of greenery, which in general practically does not bloom - does not form the ovaries. In this case, the garden grows one tops.

I will not explain the subtleties of “biological photosynthesis” and the causes of this problem in order to save time, but I consider it necessary to tell in detail about the method of solving this problem.

So, the modern gardening market is almost annually updated with new products to improve the growth of plants and all types of crops.

Do not rush to abandon their use, calling these inventions "household chemicals", hazardous substances, nitrates. The entire range of predominantly Russian origin, which already speaks of the environmental safety of the goods.

Even an experienced gardener to understand the entire range of such proposals is not easy. In order to simplify the selection, I will provide a detailed description of the fruit stimulator “Ovary universal”.

Who and why came up with the "Ovary"

This stimulator for vegetable and fruit crops appeared on the market 3 years ago. The drug is domestic production, produced by one of the companies of the Moscow region. It is sold in plastic bags of 2 grams. Inside the bag is a white powder, odorless. Taste I do not recommend.

  • Hazard Class - 3,
  • The powder is non-toxic.
  • Ground and surface waters do not poison,
  • In the soil, buds and fruits of plants does not accumulate.

The cost of the drug from 25 rubles per bag.

Composition and properties

The "ovary" is based on active substances - the sodium salts of gibberellic acids. To understand a simple gardener is a difficult name for a chemical, but in practice, everything is simple. In fact, it is an organic substance, which is obtained from the Gibberellin mushrooms. Their action is aimed at accelerating plant growth.

In particular, they are used for germination and soaking seeds. In consequence, this improves their germination, and the quality of the seedling mother. Later, after planting in the ground, they are used for top dressing in order to facilitate the adaptation period for the plants, it contributes to the formation of foliage, color and ovaries.

In fact, the Universal Ovary is a plant hormone involved in the formation of fruits. Conventionally, the effect of the drug can be compared with the IVF procedure for humans.

Experienced gardeners use a solution based on the preparation “Universal Ovary” to provide early flowering to the cucurbitaceous crops, as well as mainly southern plants - sweet pepper, eggplants, melons, watermelons.

In landscape design, this drug is used to feed flowering plants. Spray the colors with a solution after each flowering stage. Flowerbeds long-term retain flowering, and the inflorescences become larger and brighter.

When and how to use the "Ovary"

Gardeners-innovators and novices at the same time tend to use all types of products, fertilizers, and insecticides on the market to use on their land plots. Meanwhile, experienced gardeners rationally apply all these developments. So, the "Ovary universal" is recommended to use:

  • In a dry summer with little rain,
  • In the cold and rainy summer,
  • For indoor plants,
  • With a sharp summer cooling and temperature drops (it is hot during the day and up to +12 at night),
  • If few sunny days and pollinating insects.

Watering is carried out in the first phases of plant formation and preparation for flowering, as well as during the period of active fruit formation. Preferably every 20 days after each harvest.

Make the solution correctly

To obtain the desired result, it is important to observe the proportions of water and dry matter of the preparation. Thus, 1 gram diluted with one liter of water, preferably at room temperature. From the calculation that the bag 2 grams, it is recommended to immediately use 2 liters of water.

Already prepared solution retains its relevance no more than a day. After its use is not recommended.

On my own experience, I note that the solution that has already stood for more than 24 hours did not dare to use it for vegetable crops, but watered the flowers, without any embarrassment, for practical reasons.

They began to bloom with a new force. Additionally, I note that the dry powder also has a limited shelf life of up to 1.5 years, which is why it is inexpedient to purchase it for the future, as well as purchasing it in a large package.

Simple processing rules:

  • The solution is used exclusively for spraying, it is important that it gets on the foliage and inflorescences,
  • It is better to spray in the morning or late in the evening, it is important that there is no wind, and in the morning no rain was expected,
  • Using the solution, it should be remembered that one liter is enough for 25 squares of plantations.

Do not swear. It's not that much. So, 1 liter of solution is necessary for two rather large pears and or apple trees, if we are talking about cherries, then 4 medium bushes or trees, for raspberries - these are 3–4 meters of shrub plantings. During the season, such treatments can be carried out no more than 2-3 three, depending on the culture.

So, for trees and shrubs, two is enough - in early spring, when the leaves just started to grow and another 15 days later, when the first color began to appear.

For which crops can be used

The drug has the name "Universal Ovary" - this gives the right to use it for almost all cultivated plants. So, there are positive reviews when used for:

  • All kinds of cabbage,
  • Potatoes,
  • Greens - cilantro, dill, onion, parsley,
  • Strawberries
  • Berry Bushes,
  • Gourds,
  • Fruit trees,
  • Flower plants and shrubs.

"Universal ovary" as a fertilizer

As the name implies, the drug "Universal Ovary" refers to fertilizers that stimulate the appearance of ovaries on many vegetable and fruit crops and are accompanied by an increase in their yield several times. It is a biological stimulant and consists of growth substances, natural micro-and macroelements, which improve the nutrition of plants and promote the formation of fruits. Growth substances (phytohormones, phenol, urea) regulate plant growth. The active ingredient of the preparation in question are gibberellic acids and sodium salts. Gibberellins are organic acids that strongly affect plant growth.

The ovary is a universal preparation that is suitable for processing a variety of vegetable crops, fruit bushes and trees:

  • tomatoes,
  • cucumbers,
  • pepper,
  • potatoes,
  • eggplants,
  • beans,
  • pea,
  • cabbage
  • raspberries, currants, strawberries,
  • pears, cherries, apple trees.

Sold in powder form, packaged in 2 g and 10 g. The shelf life of the drug is two years.

The mechanism of action of the drug

The described tool consists of substances that are responsible for regulating the growth and fruiting of plants.

Getting on the crop, fertilizer has the following effect on them:

  • improves plant nutrition
  • promotes the formation of the ovary,
  • prevents falling off of the ovary,
  • increases yield level by up to 30%
  • accelerates the ripening period of the fruit,
  • reduces the risk of damage to plants by fungal diseases (late blight, septoriosis, macrosporosis),
  • increases resistance to adverse weather conditions.

Fertilizer with the help of drops of water in which the powder is dissolved is instantly absorbed by the leaves and stems of the plants, after which the immediate effect of the preparation begins.

Recommendations for the use of the drug "Universal Ovary" for garden crops

Processing garden crops is carried out by spraying. The powder before work is diluted in water and stirred well. Spraying with the "Ovary" is recommended to be carried out in the morning (after the dew has dropped and before 9 am) or in the evening (after 6 pm) time. Also to perform the work it is best to choose a cloudless, windless day.

Despite the fact that the fertilizer "Ovary" is a universal preparation, the period of spraying and how to plant a fruit stimulator "Ovary universal" for different crops are somewhat different.For example, "The ovary is universal" for tomatoes according to the instructions, divorced in the following proportions:2 g of powder per 1 liter of water. At 10 m² of land will require 0, 3 liters of water. Processing is carried out three times: at the beginning of flowering, then during the formation of the second and third brushes. For maximum efficiency, three sprays are sufficient. For eggplants and sweet pepper, the proportions are the same, but spraying is carried out once at the beginning of flowering and once at the beginning of budding. The preparation "Ovary" for cucumbers is diluted in a proportion of 2 g per 1, 4 l of water, and the amount of working fluid consumption is 0.5 l per 10 m². Sprayed plants twice: when they are just starting to bloom and in the period of abundant flowering. Norm for beans: 1, 4 liters of water per 2 g of powder, at a flow rate of 0.3 liters per 10 m². Spraying is carried out at the beginning of flowering and during the formation of buds. The rules for processing beans also apply to cabbage. For spraying potatoes, 2 g of the "Ovary" is diluted in 2 liters of water, with 10 m². 0, 3 liters of solution will be required. For peas, a packet of powder is diluted in 3.3 liters of water. Processing takes place during the beginning of flowering and the second time - during the formation of buds.

The grapes are treated once at the end of flowering with a solution of 2 g of powder and 1 l of water. For 10 m² you need 1, 5 liters of the mixture. For currants and raspberries, the bag is diluted in a liter of water, and spraying is carried out during the formation of buds and young ovaries. For processing strawberries, pears, cherries, plums, apple trees pack diluted in 1 liter of water. For pears and strawberries, you will need 0, 4 l per 10 m², and for cherries, plums, apple trees - 0.6 l per 10 m². Strawberries are treated at the beginning of flowering and again in a week, the trees - in the period of abundant flowering and again - after the leaves fall.

The benefits of fertilizer "Ovary"

The universal ovary has many advantages compared to other types of fertilizers and preparations, because it:

  • quickly absorbed and begins its action
  • does not harm people, insects, animals,
  • promotes the formation of fertile inflorescences,
  • prevents the fall of the ovary,
  • shortens the fruit ripening period for a week,
  • increases yield by 30%
  • develops resistance to fungal diseases, pests, adverse weather conditions in plants,
  • accelerates seed germination and seedling growth.

This fertilizer belongs to the third class of danger. Of course, as with any drug, it is necessary to adhere to certain precautions when working with the Ovary, but it is safer for humans, animals, and bees than chemical preparations. Fertilizer does not spoil the green mass of plants and does not poison their fruits. При использовании удобрения вы сможете собрать первый урожай раньше обычного срока, что принесет хорошую прибыль в случае выращивания плодов на продажу.In addition, the harvested fruits will be larger and sweeter, which will make the crop more competitive. In addition, fertilizer contributes to the formation of ovaries on plants that are grown on not very fertile soils and in conditions of a small number of pollinators.

Drug storage conditions

The drug should be stored in a sealed package in a dark, well-ventilated place, not accessible to children, at a temperature not higher than + 25 ° C. The shelf life is not more than 2 years, provided that the drug is not opened. The diluted solution can be stored no more than a day in a dark cool room. In this case, the container should be tightly closed. Growth stimulator, if you follow the instructions for working with the drug, will be an excellent helper in gardening and gardening. Plants will be protected from many diseases and pests, and you will soon become the owner of a large and tasty harvest.

Description of the drug and the appointment

This tool is a stimulator of plant ovaries. Also, the drug contributes to the effective formation of fruits in the absence of pollinating insects and bad weather. Studies have shown that the use of funds allows you to increase the volume of the crop from 15 to 30%. Another advantage of the stimulator is that it shortens the ripening time by an average of 5-7 days. For effective results, it is enough to process the plant at the beginning of flowering only 2-3 times.

Drug benefits

Ovary universal very effective and has the following advantages:

- Stimulates the plant to the formation of ovaries.
- Prevents falling off of ovaries and fruits.
- Reduces the ripening time.
- Increases productivity.

The drug is especially effective during the period of spring frosts, sudden temperature changes and at high risk for the formed ovaries. It is also recommended to use in arid climatic zones, where there is a long absence of rain.

Mode of action

Biostimulator "Ovary" causes pollen grains to germinate and pushes pollen tubes to grow, due to which fertilization occurs more vigorously, even under not very favorable conditions. Moreover, it compensates for the deficiency of gibberelin in the plant tissues and thereby activates the formation of the fetus during inadequate fertilization and even in its absence. Floral brushes, treated with a means, attract nutrient compounds to themselves and the ovaries form more, they grow more quickly and give an earlier and higher-quality harvest.

However, to obtain the ultimate effect it is necessary to properly apply the "Ovary". For the manufacture of a working solution, 1 g of the substance is diluted in 1 liter of water. Spraying is performed either early in the morning or in the evening in dry, calm weather, measured by wetting the buds, flowers and leaves of the plant. One liter of ready-made mortar will be enough for processing 25 square meters of landings, since the treatment is carried out, rather quickly moving around the site. For example, a given volume of the drug is enough to process 2 mature fruiting apples.

The finished composition can be stored no more than 24 hours., because gibberelin is rapidly oxidized. It is possible to process not only stone fruits, but also pome crops, as well as berries, all vegetable plants, especially those that are grown in greenhouses. The drug is effective for cabbage crops, as well as for garden greenery, because it increases the development of the vegetative mass. Good results were obtained from its use on potatoes.

Processing of perennial plants is performed once: during flowering and budding. Gibberelin causes active fruiting, therefore, in order not to overly deplete the plants, they need to be intensively nourished and watered, moreover, the crop must be rationed, without overloading.

Instructions for use of biostimulator

The contents of the bag must be dissolved in a small amount of water. Sprinkle in the morning and evening in dry, calm weather.

The use of the "Ovary" on tomatoes and cucumbers, bred in open and protected soil, is carried out at the very beginning of flowering, on peppers - in the budding period, on cabbage - during the appearance of 6-8 leaves and when setting heads. For greater effect, 2-3 treatments will suffice.

The use of biostimulant for tomatoes

When using observed stimulation of the ovaries, preventing their fall, reducing the time of ripening, increasing the early and main harvest and immunity to disease and weather factors.

  1. The amount of water in the package will need 1 liter.
  2. Spraying of plants should take place in the period of the beginning of flowering 1-3 brushes.
  3. The consumption of the contents of the package is 300 mg per 10 square meters.
  4. Handle three times.

The use of a stimulator for cucumbers

When used, the ovaries are stimulated, they are prevented from dropping, the speed of crop production increases, the early and overall yield and the resistance to disease resistance and negative weather factors increase.

  1. The package is dissolved in 1.4 liters of water.
  2. Sprayed at the time of flowering: you can start even with the appearance of 1-2 flowers and with mass flowering.
  3. The substance consumption is 600 mg per 10 square meters.
  4. You need to process 2 times.

Ovary is a cheap and highly functional drug. He is able to quickly and easily increase yields up to 6 times. However, it is better not to buy it for the future, since it is stored for no more than one and a half to two years.