Plot design

The subtleties of the design of the garden and garden in a private house


Cultivation of the land, the cultivation of vegetables and fruits at the dacha plots is perhaps a favorite activity for villagers and owners of country land. And what kind of Russian cellar goes without home-made seals? In France, they store wine, and in our country barrels of pickled apples and sauerkraut, three-liter rows of compotes and pickles, slender rows of jars of salads and jam. And all this culinary splendor, gleaming with glass sides, is traditionally collected from its gardens and orchards. Just because it is more useful, without GMOs and nitrates. After all, the hostess can vouch for food grown by herself.

The phrase "garden design" sounds a bit unusual. Land is cultivated for practical use, and there is almost no time left for aesthetics. However, fashion has come to us to create beauty everywhere and in everything. Even a vegetable garden can look like a work of art, decorated by a designer with a delicate taste. Vegetable paradise and fruit trees require a clear distinction between zones and additional decorations. Arbors, fences, garden paths, fountains, flower beds and greenhouses can play their role. Let's try to figure out how to create a garden design with your own hands without the help of professionals.

Main function

The design of the garden and garden should be focused on its main function - the cultivation of vegetables and fruits. Accordingly, the decoration should make the summer farm not only a beautiful spot on the landscape, but also a convenient platform for the riot of vegetation that will grow on it.

The main purpose of the design is to systematize the beds, areas for shrubs, garden areas, the greenhouse complex or the greenhouse, recreation areas. The garden design is developed on the basis of the already existing stylistic picture of the site. It is previously embodied in the general landscape design. The latter combines the design of a house or cottage, courtyard, playground, garage, bath and other outbuildings that are located in properties.

How to choose a place in the garden

Experienced gardeners advise first of all to pay attention to the nature of the area. You can not have beds on a slope, in a valley or vice versa on a hill. In each of the options will have problems with moisture: its excess or lack of. The optimal solution for the location of the garden is plain. Also pay attention to the degree of illumination of the site by the sun. In order for plants not to experience a lack of natural light, they must bask under it at least 8-10 hours a day. The next step is to analyze the soil, which will help determine its acidity and type (sand, loam, sandy, clay).

Depending on the nature of the soil, not only a suitable place is chosen, but also the types of plants that will take root on it. In the early years, the garden economy did not occupy an area by area. First, for beginners it is easier to care for a small section. Secondly, the gardener will take time to assess the yield, to determine the correctness of the choice made. Initially, the beds give a simple rectangular shape, and between them leave small paths. The full planning and arrangement should begin after two or three years. It is easier to move test beds than to move a solid “interior” of a vegetable garden.

Garden design with garden beds

Each piece of land on which they grow a particular type of plant is called a bed. Initially, their height does not exceed 10-20 cm. It is more difficult to care for lowlands, but if necessary they are easier to move. After a couple of years, their height is freely increased to 50 cm. Planning beds is a breaking up of a vegetable garden into separate separate areas. In the design there is even a special word that designate such actions: zoning. A strict system is necessary not only so that you can move freely between the beds. Some plants in close proximity can interfere with and inhibit the growth of each other.

Try to make the beds versatile, so that they are suitable for growing different plants. Every two or three years, their green “inhabitants” need to be swapped, since the soil for them becomes too scarce. The versatility of the beds will not worry about the constant transfer of protective structures.

Comfortable beds - how and from what can be done

The beds are conventionally divided into two types: ready-made and hand-made. The first option is suitable for those who have no time to engage in the construction of structures. To choose the right material in the store, carefully read the description of the product, the approximate timing of its operation. Pay special attention to its toxicity. Wood - the easiest option for those who decided to make the beds themselves. It is easy to clean, environmentally friendly and easy to install. However, so that the tree does not rot prematurely, before constructing the structure, be sure to impregnate it with a special solution that will prolong the life of the material.

After the bed is ready, it is painted in the desired color and thereby ennobles the appearance of the whole garden economy. Brick and cement mortar create more monumental designs. They are established only if the place under the beds has passed the test of time, and solid boundaries are required. Without the use of cement mortar, the bricks are simply laid out obliquely at each other and partially dig into the ground for reliability. The most budget option consider ordinary bottles. Plastic or glass - the choice for the designer. The first ones are simply strung on metal pins that are dug into the ground in the manner of a miniature stocking. Glass containers can also be stuck with their necks in the ground, or laid out in orderly rows on their side and secured with cement.

Beds can be made from other available tools: pieces of slate, polycarbonate, metal mesh, ceramic tiles.

How to combine plants in the garden

Vegetables and flowers live by their own rules, and some of their duets are particularly productive. So, for example, calendula is recommended to be planted near the gooseberry, raspberry, currant. A flower with a strong smell will protect shrubs from encroachments of the main weedy pest - bindweed. Although the plant looks beautiful, it tends to stubbornly creep forward with the determination of the invader, who braids everything in its path.

With greens (parsley, dill, lettuce) are well combined onion (daffodils, tulips). Fruitful cooperation is obtained marigolds and carrots. Potatoes and cabbage with nasturtiums get along quite well. In addition to the useful neighborhood there is also beautiful. Organically look irises and peonies surrounded by rows with beets or celery. Do not recommend planting peas with onions, tomatoes and potatoes side by side. Dill with carrot and beans with bell pepper also nourish strong dislike for each other.

Registration of beds with spicy herbs

Spicy herbs used to be successfully combined with lettuce, parsley and cabbage. Now a fashion has come to us for combining fragrant plants with flowers in decorative flowerbeds. As a rule, they are used for brewing tea, as a seasoning or home remedy. Spicy herbs look beautiful, exude a pleasant smell and sometimes even scare them of pests.

Actually the creation of round beds, which are divided into equal sectors inside. Each of them is planted with a certain kind of spicy herbs. Also create multi-tiered compositions that are decorated with natural stone. Spice is planted in brick and wooden beds not only in the garden, but also near the house on the yard territory. They give home gardens a well-groomed and stylish, modern look.

Designer greenhouse

Previously, greenhouse frames were made of wood, which was covered with a transparent film. The material quickly lost its “presentation” and came to a complete disrepair. In our time, polycarbonate has come to replace the film, and the structures have become more complex. They necessarily include full hinged doors and windows on both sides, which provide the necessary ventilation.

Under the designer greenhouse means not only a functional unit, but also the decoration of the landscape picture of the site. The construction itself can be considered as a separate art object. They create such greenhouses according to their own author's drawings, or draw ideas from special sources. It is noteworthy that the more complex the form of shelter for delicate plants, the more original the whole area will look, in which a special highlight will appear.

Decorative flowerbeds

Flower beds can be constructed from any available means. Old buckets, basins, barrels, baskets and even umbrellas are used. Flower rows are decorated with stones, bricks, wood, slate, bottles and gabions. Designs can be flat or have several tiers, each of which will grow different flowers. Dressing flower beds, perhaps the most creative process in all landscape design. Do not be limited to a garden. Flowerbeds are used as decoration and zoning of the entire precinct area, including the home territory.

Berry Bushes Hedge

Berry bushes not only look beautiful, but also give a tasty harvest, which is successfully used for making jam and in compote cooking. In suburban areas usually grow blueberries, gooseberries, raspberries, blackberries, currants, honeysuckle, barberry, Japanese quince. Berry bushes are easy to maintain and have proven themselves as a hedge.

Decorative green "fence" can decorate the garden or the facade of the house. To make it yourself, simply plant a row of shrubs at intervals to reserve in case they spread out wide. Over time, the fence will have to cut and give it a certain shape so that the green “fence” looks neat and well-groomed.

Garden planning

Gardening is considered by many to be a simpler occupation than gardening. Although trees require the same reverent care as the plants in the garden beds. Usually, the garden and the garden are not complete without each other, and sometimes they are successfully combined in one zone of the summer cottage. When arranging trees, they also focus on the soil composition and topography.

A “dead zone” is necessarily created around everyone, which is sown with neutral clover or lawn grass. Other plants may deprive too much of a young tree that has not yet been strengthened. In addition, falling fruits will cause damage to neighbors "from the bottom." Over time, the tree will grow, its root system grows stronger, and the crown will create more and more shadows. Bottom, in any case, nothing will grow except weeds and ordinary grass.

To avoid the proliferation of the first, the area is planted with harmless, but aggressive to the neighbors mustard. In small areas, garden trees are located right between the beds. They simultaneously separate the individual zones, and serve as decoration. If the area allows, the garden land is located next to the garden on one side and with a platform for rest on the other.

Adhere to the golden rule, which states that the area of ​​garden economy should be twice the size of the garden. This ratio is more easily perceived by the human eye.

Selection of plants and trees

As for the types of garden dwellers, it is recommended to select varieties for the local climate. For example, in middle latitudes, apple trees, plums, pears and cherries take root well. In places where a little warmer it is already possible to grow sweet cherries, apricots, walnuts and peaches. Also do not forget to add a couple of notes of coniferous "exotic" or Russian color: ate, pine, thuja, birch. Keep in mind that these trees grow to impressive size, so a couple of copies are enough away from home. Roses, magnolias, chubushniki are planted in the open garden grounds for decorative purposes. They will create a beautiful picture and add elegance to the landscape. You will want to look at such a picturesque landscape without stopping.

House for garden tools

A house for gardening equipment is a small building in which shovels, rakes, hoes, watering cans and other means for the care of their land are stored. You can buy it ready or build it yourself. Do not recommend to build a house of brick and other material, which is characterized by monumentality.

Inventory is better to store in a light structure, which can be disassembled and replaced at any time with a fundamentally different one. So you can always slightly adjust the design of the garden. They build houses from wooden boards. All the work will take no more than one day. Inside it is imperative to have shelves and hooks so that the contents are kept in order. Have houses either directly near the garden, or next to the other outbuildings.


The garden design is an important step in the design of the landscape. Just because this site is steamed with a garden usually takes up to 60% of the total area. Such a vast area can not be ignored and left in the neglected form and utter confusion. Just try it, and the fascinating process of registration will delay your head.


The majority of residents of the post-Soviet space, hearing the phrase “summer cottage”, represent not a beautiful place for recreation, but an abandoned area with cucumber and tomato beds, over which you need to work for a long time to put them in order.

In the modern world there are too many beautiful ideas that you want to embody, so instead of building a neglected garden bed with a shed, it is better to decorate the area next to the country house with neat greenery, orchards or flower beds. If you rationally think over the space, then everything will fit in one place at once.

A well thought out plot outside the city is a combination of practicality and beautiful appearance. Such a landscape design of the garden and the plot adjacent to the house will allow you to turn your private territory into a place where you will always want to return.


The first stage, which is undesirable to exclude - the planning of the future project. If you think out the location of all zones correctly and draw a project on paper, then even on 2 acres you can plant all the most beautiful flowers and the most delicious berries.

Do not mix the garden and garden. Under them it is necessary to allocate certain places, placing, for example, beds in the sun, flowers - where it will be convenient to admire them, and trees - in the corner of the courtyard or under the windows.

Zones can be divided both visually and using partitions, paths or low fences. It all depends on your wishes.

To make your site look really beautiful, you need to choose one style and follow the rules dictated by it.

One of the most unusual styles for modern sites is the east. Its popularity is growing due to the constant interest in the culture of Japan and China. In these countries, much attention is paid to the art of decorating the area. The Japanese often have stone gardens and ponds decorated with gravel in the courtyards.

In general, pebbles and rubble are almost the basic materials used to decorate the plots in the oriental style. So, if a pebble is quite an expensive material, then getting the right amount of rubble is not difficult. You can even choose the desired size and color of the stone. For the decoration of the territory or design borders suitable more massive cobblestones.

Fit into this style and a small pond. Its dimensions can be quite small, as long as the water flows peacefully, and does not beat up with a taut stream.

You should also definitely consider the drainage system so that water does not destroy the soil.

To design a suburban area in the oriental style, it is also important to choose the right plants. Suitable, for example, boxwood or bamboo. Some talented owners even manage to make low bamboo fences.


This style is known to many by such names as rural or country. Now it is popular because many residents of the city do not have enough simplicity and rustic comfort, and they strive to get it at least in the country. Rustic style is simple and natural. Sections of this type seem at first glance a little neglected.

If you have become tired of half-empty courtyards with calibrated rows of plants and narrow paths, then you can arrange the territory next to your house in the country style.

It is characterized by the use of very simple plants, decoration of beds and decoration of the garden with the help of old utensils and unnecessary things. Materials for registration of the suburban area in this traditional style are selected the most simple: wood and stone. Sometimes this short list replenishes the vine, from which chairs or partitions are weaved.


If you have built a cottage in modern style, then it is worth surrounding it with suitable plants and decor. There are various design options for the site in a modern style. Делая дорожки и террасы, вместо гравия и опилок можно использовать каменные или бетонные плиты.

Приветствуется четкая геометрия и продуманность каждой детали. Даже клумбы должны быть квадратными или круглыми, находящимися на одном уровне.

Оформление огорода

When you have decided on the style, you can proceed to the design of individual areas. A vegetable garden is exactly the area that many people neglect, although it is not worth doing this. It is enough to arrange only the space for garden beds in order to get practical benefits from your plot.

Drop stereotypes and forget about the "grandmother's" beds, on which the older generation spent half of their free time. Let the garden too be beautiful.

Consider how to divide the area allotted for the beds into several separate zones. It can be divided using paths, hedges or wicker fences.

To clearly represent the final result, fix your ideas on paper. This should be done even if the garden is very small. Seeing the outline of the future project, you will be able to decide on which plants are best planted in the sun, and which can survive its absence.

It is most convenient to divide the territory of the garden into several squares or rectangles.

So you will not only make your site more beautiful, but also get access to everything that is on one square, which means that you will not have to wade through the thickets of plants and herbs, trampling them.

However, it is not necessary to go a proven path. You can build vertical beds, plant plants in a cart or wheel. In fact, you can do everything that you do with flowers in a flower bed.

The main thing is that there is enough space and sunshine for all living things: higher plants should not shade low-growing ones. Also it is necessary to choose a soil rich in vitamins and useful microelements.

In order for the garden to perform not only a practical function, but also a decorative one, it can be decorated with flowers or fruit-bearing crops with bright green tops. Even a carrot, a head of cabbage or a salad can become a real decoration of a small vegetable garden. It is worth avoiding only those cultures that are not combined with each other externally or “survive” each other.

Another interesting solution that will definitely appeal to those who like to spend time in nature, is as follows. Next to the barbecue and the area intended for recreation, plant a small flower bed with herbs that are used as seasonings for meat. So you not only decorate your site, but you will always have the necessary herbs at hand.

To have access to fresh fruits even in the cold season, as well as indulge yourself with seasonal vegetables, install a greenhouse at home. Even the simplest greenhouse made of polycarbonate and improvised means will serve you for years.

Fruit garden

No plot for the city and without trees. In order not to take the place of simple ornamental plantings, find fruit or berry trees, which in the summer will delight you with a tasty harvest. Most trees are planted at the edges of the site or even behind the fence, so that they do not take up space and do not create a shadow where it is not needed.

It is not difficult to choose seedlings for your plot. Decide what weather conditions you live in, check the soil, and on the basis of these data, select those trees that will take root from you.

The garden is decorated with neat flower beds with bright flowers or greens. Making beds is only at the entrance to the garden, because in the shade the flowers will still not grow and bloom. Shadow "love" ferns, moss and vines, so they should be placed in a cold shaded garden.

Many people prefer to equip a recreation area in the garden. This place literally breathes beauty at any time of the year, so it's nice to relax here with a loved one, and with friends, and with your family. Under the shade of trees you can put a table with chairs. They will be reliably protected from the scorching summer sun, and in the hot season they will serve as an ideal refuge where you can read, relax or even work.

Fabulous courtyard

If you dreamed of living in a fabulous house, then you can add a bit of magic to your everyday life by building a low house of light stone and surrounding it with a neat garden with bright flowers and lush greenery. Near the house is located a gazebo that is protected from heat and rain by a roof. Its walls are covered with green climbers, which only adds fabulousness to the site. A separate place was found for the recreation area. Bright benches, chairs and a table made of light wood fit into this peaceful landscape as well as possible.

Despite the fact that the territory of the yard seems slightly neglected, the tracks divide the site into several zones, and the beds themselves are well-groomed and neat. On them, green grass is combined with pink, yellow, purple and orange flowers. Such a riot of colors delights and makes admire the courtyard, which looks like a fabulous landscape. It is not difficult to care for him, because the plants, for the most part, are perennial and not demanding to care.

Luxurious garden

The second example would be appreciated, perhaps, by the queen herself. The territory of this site is small, but everything on it is thought out to the smallest detail.

Smooth paths that go from one building to another, form a circle in the center of the courtyard. There is a fountain in the circle, and opposite it is a beautiful light arbor. Plants are selected in two colors: green and red. The reddish stone and a brick fence in the same shade are well combined with them.

Plot with greenhouses

Those who do not want to turn their site into a useless work of art will like the following example.

Here almost the entire small courtyard is used for growing plants. They are not only on neat even beds, but also in greenhouses. In summer, greenhouses can be decorated with flowers in pots, so that they are not empty. Next to such a source of beauty there is a place for a recreation area - a table with several chairs.

Resting place

The last plot is an ideal place to relax and unite with nature. In the center is a neat lawn that will appeal not only to you, but also to your children and animals. It is surrounded by trees and shrubs that protect the yard from prying eyes and gusts of cold wind.

The seating area is located on a small elevation. It is decorated with wide stone slabs. They have chairs and a table made of light wood, and a portable mini flowerbed with flowers is used as decoration. Near the elevation is a bright animal house.

The dacha is an excellent field for experimentation. Embody all your dreams and ideas, and do not let a low budget stop you, nor lack of experience in the development of landscape design. Keep in mind all the tips and advice, and then you can easily create a truly impressive landscape.

Plot near the house

When the owner of the dacha decides to equip the land plot with his own hands, then most often he begins his work with the arrangement of the local area. More specifically, the first thing he does is build a front garden in front of the house.

Immediately it should be noted that in this part of the site should not be planted tall trees, which sometimes make some owners of suburban areas. The best thing put there flower bed. It can be supplemented with garden shrubs that will look harmonious and, of course, will be a wonderful decoration of the facade.

Even with the arrangement of the local area can be arranged next to the shelter canopy, under which you can set the table. This solution is quite practical because it provides the owner with the opportunity to eat in the fresh air. It is desirable to fence this part of the site with a fence - hedges or wicker fence.

In most areas, the garden is located behind the house. This is done primarily to ensure that garden trees are located at a certain distance from the road. On the territory of the garden you can plant fruit trees. Or you can give preference to ornamental shrubs, which will be a wonderful decoration of this part of the site. Landing the latter is only in the event that a country plot you plan to use as a resting place.

Regardless of what kind of garden you create, for a change on it should be planted shrubs and flowers. They are placed in between the fruit trees. This will add appeal to your garden.

Recreation area is usually located in the garden. It is best to use a lawn between the trees for its device. There you can arrange a gazebo, arrange a decorative pond or install a brazier. You can also install the grill and the elements that will ensure a comfortable rest of the owner. As an additional decoration, you can use flowers and ornamental shrubs.

Planting shrubs - Another solution that can be implemented when arranging your summer cottage. They are planted around the perimeter of the territory. This will highlight the recreation area and also get a hedge, which will be a great addition to your cottage.

Most of the owners of suburban areas in the arrangement of their land garden pays no attention. As a result, it looks like an independent part of the site, in no way in harmony with its other components. Such disregard for the arrangement of the garden is unjustified, since harmony is lost in the country.

If you approach the planning of the garden correctly, it can be a wonderful decoration of a country hacienda. To do this, first of all you need to think about how to place it on it. beds and plants. Some plants in their colors and form can be an excellent alternative to flowers.

An important element in the arrangement of the garden are decorative tracks. They will act not only as a decoration. They can perform a practical function. Thanks to them, the owner can get easier access to plants grown in the garden. Another point: you need to think about the fence for the beds, which should be in harmony with the tracks.

Decorative design

After planning the main elements of the site owner completed, you can proceed to the decoration of the garden and garden. Currently, there are many ideas that allow you to radically change the design of your site. If you find it difficult to come up with something of your own, then you can borrow ideas from the photo of a summer house design. Their implementation will make it more attractive. Rest in the countryside will bring you a lot of positive emotions. The main ideas of the site arrangement are given below.

If the task is to decorate the site with your own hands, then the most effective way can be considered flower bed arrangement. You can do it yourself, using the materials at hand.

  • Often, when it is necessary to create a flower bed in the area with their own hands, they resort to the use of automobile tires. There are lots of ways to make flower beds from this material. Usually, first, various figures are made from tires, and then flowers are planted in them,
  • natural stone is also a good material for device beds. With it you can protect the flower beds, doing the original laying. As a result, you get a beautiful flower garden, which can have different shapes. It is possible to decorate such a flower bed not only with flowers, but also with low-growing plants that look great in such an object,
  • old barrels can also be useful for creating flower beds. If your site has this unusable gardening equipment, then you can give them a second life. To do this, they must be painted. Note that they can be positioned in different directions - both horizontally and vertically. From several barrels you can make a train, which your children will especially enjoy
  • Old furniture can also serve as the basis for creating a flower garden. To create flower beds you can use not only chairs and armchairs, but also sofas, wardrobes, dressers. Arrange such flower beds can be in various places on your site - near the house or in the garden.


Installation sculptures and funny figures - This is another way to diversify the design of your summer cottage. And we note that this technique can be used regardless of the style in which your site is decorated. Specialized stores offer a wide variety of different sculptures and figures that can be placed in your garden. They can be conditionally classified according to the material used for their manufacture. Not only the appearance, but also the quality characteristics of the object depend on it.

If you do not want to spend money on the figures for your garden, you can make them yourself, using the available materials. To create them, in particular, you can use the most affordable material - car tires.

If you want to decorate your garden with your own hands in a rustic style, you can create a scarecrow, which can then be placed in this part of the plot. Such an object will not only decorate your garden, but will also fulfill practical functionby scaring off annoying birds. Showing a little imagination, you can make the figures of the original form, using the old dishes. For example, a stump, to which an unnecessary basin is attached, can turn into a beautiful mushroom.

Note that how attractive the composition will be depends largely not only on its design, but also on how it is located. If you want to place on the summer cottage animal figures, it is best to install them in the garden. Moreover, they should be placed as naturally as possible. Figures of fairy-tale characters, gnomes will be a good decoration for the playground. They can also be installed in the garden next to the beds.

If you want your site to get an original look, then an artificial reservoir can be arranged in the recreation area. Next to it should be located summer cottage or install benches. Big pond do not necessarily. If your site is small, then a small pond will be quite enough. Even arranging such an object, you can make the site more attractive.

If we talk about the decoration of the reservoir, it is best to plant special plants next to it in containers and lay natural stone. If you are going to arrange a large pond, then as an addition you can arrange waterfall or stream flowing into it. Such a decision will be an excellent decoration of the recreation area, and besides, it will create a relaxing atmosphere for the owner.

Classic design

In the classic version of the garden is made using clear forms and directions. The nature here is strictly limited. There is no place for the slightest discrepancy of the form. Color, as a rule, choose one for the whole garden. Trees are trimmed in accordance with the overall style, the paths are laid out in strict accordance with the general concept. Flowerbeds have a triangular, round or square design.

Application in this style of flowers and plants is strictly limited.. Such a design of the garden plot is rarely seen, but it is quite possible to arrange some part of the garden in accordance with it. In this embodiment, the following techniques are used:

  • Shorn bushes and trees.
  • Sculptures in classic style.
  • Garden furniture of the corresponding design.
  • Paved paths.
  • Concrete or stone curbs.
  • Fountains and artificial reservoirs in the classical style.
  • Lawns with grass.

Landscape style garden

Garden and garden design in this style gives more space for creativity on your site. Gardens, broken in accordance with this trend, involve the use of natural materials. Garden areas are decorated using various design techniques.

The hand-crafted corners of nature in such a garden will add to its charm. Flowers and plants are selected in many ways. They must be combined with each other, like the colors of plants. In addition, you need to take into account the characteristics of plants. Picking up flowers of different flowering period, it is possible to provide the garden with continuous flowering throughout the summer.

The following design elements are used in such gardens:

  • Flower gardens with diverse species of plants.
  • Garden furniture made of various materials.
  • Garden paths with different shapes.
  • Pergolas in diverse styles.
  • Decorative fountains and artificial reservoirs of natural form.
  • Alpine slides and rockeries from various materials.

To facilitate the work it is desirable to break the whole process into stages. Choose for each stage its materials, colors and method of implementation. Consider some elements that will help you understand how to design your garden.

Garden terraces

The smooth surface of the earth does not create a pleasant impression. No one wants to have a miniature football field on his plot. Therefore, such areas need to be broken using the terraces. This technique will create a multi-level garden plot and will give it an interesting look.

The walls delimiting different zones can be made of different materials. Some gardeners make terraces of brick, but this is not a very good solution. Decorated brick walls are subject to destruction due to precipitation and quickly lose their shape.

For retaining walls suitable:

  • Concrete brick.
  • Тротуарная плитка типа брусчатки.
  • Природный камень, известняк, сланец, туф.

Применение бордюров

Для того чтобы оформить сад и огород, применяют бордюры. Для изготовления этого элемента садового декора в ход идут различные материалы:

  1. Этот элемент сада можно сделать из дерева. In order to prolong the service of this raw material, it must be painted and coated with antiseptic preparations.
  2. For fences apply slate sheets. They are not subject to wetting, but the material is very fragile. In addition, the use of slate does not allow the curbs to be arranged along a curved line. In the gardens, you can often see such fences.
  3. The most successful limiters are obtained from low paving slabs. Such borders easily fit the curved lines and with their help you can give any shape to flower beds and flower beds. Tile can be installed directly into the ground, but the best option would be laying it on the foundation. With this installation curbs in the garden will last a long time.
  4. For flower beds often use ready-made plastic fencing. In stores a large selection of such elements of garden decor. They come in various shapes and colors. They are easy to install by yourself.
  5. Concrete with gravel mixed into it is also great to demarcate the garden landscape.
  6. In order to prevent the penetration of lawn grass in a flower bed or in the garden, you can apply iron sheetsburied in the ground. Due to this, the sheets will hardly be visible, but the grass will not be able to spread further than the space allotted to it.
  7. Decorative borders are from metal rods. They are perfectly combined with different design styles, give a lightness to the flowerbed and decorate the garden.
  8. A natural stone as curbs will give a natural flavor to the garden. The flower beds framed by such a limiter look harmoniously with the surrounding nature. Flowers and other crops are planted inside the beds, and the spaces between them are sown with lawn grass.

Lawn grass application

Making a garden and garden using lawns from grass looks very advantageous on any site. The soil, not planted with flowers or other crops, looks ugly. Therefore, it is advisable to sow all free areas in the garden with lawn grass, since it looks much better than bare ground.

Lawns do not require much care. Most weeds can not survive in the vicinity of such a grass. The remaining weeds are easily harvested by weeding. During the summer, grass needs to be watered and trimmed with a lawn mower.

Create a natural corner

In order to give the garden a natural charm, landscape elements are applied, as rock gardens and rockeries. The difference between them is significant. Rock garden is created from natural stones, which serve as a limiter for the location of plants. Rockery is a type of landscape design element, where the stone is the basis of the composition. In rockeries, plants and flowers are only accents.

In addition, rock gardens often combine with artificial waterfalls and ponds. Especially well such elements of garden design look on sites with a natural slope.

In order to create such a corner on your own, you will need the following:

  • Sand and gravel.
  • Big stones.
  • Plants suitable for rock garden.
  • Soil for plants.
  • Decorative dumps.

First of all, it is necessary to create a multi-level basis for plants. For this, sand with gravel and large natural stones are used. Having created natural pockets, the soil is poured inside, in which flowers and other plants are planted.

If you add a tank with water to such a composition and put a pump in it for closed circulation of water, then such a corner of wildlife will be a favorite place on the site.

In addition, there are different types of dumping in the corners. With the help of color or natural pebbles you can make interesting decisions. One such option is a dry stream. With the help of large pebbles, a smooth area resembling a stream is laid out.

Garden paths

In many garden plots, grass-free zones are used as paths. But they are impractical and do not look good if grass grows along the edges. Even if the grass is cut, it looks unattractive.

For tracks use the following options:

  1. The path of the lawn grass. To prevent the grass from being trampled along the walking line, it is possible to install paving slabs with a distance of one step.
  2. Concrete tracks. They are very easy to use and do not require special care. Concrete is poured mainly in the area near the house or between the outbuildings.
  3. Gravel is used for garden paths. This material does not require maintenance and is very easy to use. But there is one condition. Such paths must be fenced.
  4. If the standard tracks are bored, they can be made using different techniques. Plates for the walkway can be made of concrete and natural leaves of large sizes, which are used as prints. It is not only beautiful, but also practical.
  5. Paths of paving slabs and clinker bricks are a classic option for the discussed element of the garden.

Architectural decorations

It is much more pleasant to be in the garden, where not only beds with flower beds, but also decorative elements harmoniously inscribed in the overall concept of landscape design. These include:

  1. Arches entwined with climbing plants. They are made of rods, iron pipes, grapevines.
  2. Lanes for plants that divide the plot into zones. In order to separate the garden from the recreation area, this decorative element will work very well. Such trellis near recreation areas look especially beautiful. They create a shadow and look great next to them.
  3. Flowerpots, pots, pots in which flowers are planted. These garden accessories are sold ready-made, but they can be made by hand from tires or cement.
  4. Arbors and mangal zones have become an indispensable attribute of country real estate. Now more and more gardeners come to country houses not only in the garden, but they spend there various family holidays and rest from the fast rhythm of city life. Braziers, lined with stone, will give comfort to any garden.
  5. Garden sculptures made of stone or carved out of wood add to the uniqueness of the site. They complement the overall style well and create accents.
  6. Garden furniture is a must-have in the garden. Wrought or rattan furniture looks much prettier than an old, faded sofa and chairs that will not add beauty to the site.

Using various methods of beautification of a garden plot, it is possible to make a place where it will be pleasant to come from any, even a small plot. The garden plot is used not only for planting and harvesting, but also to take a break from the bustle of the city surrounded by beauty that you can do yourself.

Where to start: planning

It all starts from the stove: you need to match your desires with realities. To do this, first sit down and write what you need on the site. Just a list of what you and your loved ones want to have. Then you take a plan of the site with the dimensions and begin to place something that you simply cannot refuse. This is usually a playground or carport, some kind of garden - at least a few beds, if you have children - a playground.

Place the carport closer to the gate - less space will go to the driveways, the playground will be visible from the windows, and most likely from the kitchen windows: it’s not all the time to sit with them, and so are the children supervised, and you do With the placement of the playground will have to wisely: it is necessary that there was no draft, and part of it was in the shade, part - in the sun. To have the best conditions.

About draw a plan

The garden can be made decorative, because it is not necessary to hide it. It will decorate your site and you will be proud of it. Here it will need a sunny piece of your site.

Now you need to find a place for technical and support facilities. You will definitely need a barn, and another compost pit. They can be attributed to the backyard, but better - closer to the garden. If the house is planned heating, you need a place to store firewood. For this, firemen make, and they can be attached to the shed, and can stand separately, and some copies can also be a decorative element. Somewhere in a secluded corner will need to put a toilet and shower. But with the toilet, there is also a trouble: you need to take into account the distance to neighboring areas (at least 2 m), and the prevailing direction of the wind is also important, so that smells do not disturb.

Next comes the turn of what you really want. Usually it is a gazebo, pond or fountain. The pond and the fountain can be combined, close to the arbor. Up to the point that with its one edge it can hang over the water. On the other side, you can put a shop by placing an arch near it or erecting a pergola (the same arch, but more solid). Near the gazebo, you can make a small shed and put the grill. Metallic or brick - for choice. Under the reservoir is best to take the lowest section, or where the groundwater is closest. Everything else will be attached to the free space.

A pond and a gazebo nearby - a good combination

It seems that these are all basic objects. If you managed to put them all in the site plan - great: you can plan garden paths. You need to contrive and make the minimum number of tracks, but they must connect all the main buildings. Paths can lead to auxiliary facilities. So even more romantic. And along the way look for places for flower beds, flower beds, rock gardens, decorative slides. You can even bend the paths specifically to shield the place under the flower bed. This, by the way, is one of the favorite receptions of professionals. They generally do not use even lines. Only on elongated areas to visually bring the far edge.

Do not forget about the trees with shrubs. They, by the way, can serve as a cover for an unsightly fence. And he will have you around the perimeter. Partially it can be decorated with hanging beds, partially covered with shrubs. As long as the trees grow, you can put a grate in front of the fence, along which to cast climbing roses, clematis, any other similar plant.

Unusual gazebo: a roof with a hole illuminates a small pond. At will it is possible to move chairs in a shadow or on the sun

Garden plot design: choose style

In most cases, the design style of the garden is very difficult to determine. Most often it can be described as "modern." Interesting solutions of different “nationality” and different styles are used, and sometimes these combinations are very successful and interesting. That and self-design, which is intuitive, you can create beautiful landscapes. But to make a plot in a certain style is in some sense simpler: you know for sure whether this idea will work or not. Let's look at some design options for a garden plot in a particular style. The easiest way to work with ethnic areas.

Chinese and Japanese cultures have significant differences, but it is difficult for a non-expert to design a garden plot, it is almost impossible to distinguish these two directions. For ease of perception, combine them into one style: Eastern.

Design in the Japanese style - an abundance of stones, interesting combinations of hardwood and softwood

For these cultures, achieving maximum harmony is inherent. What is good about Japanese or Chinese style garden design is that they use a lot of rubble and pebbles. If it is difficult or expensive to get the pebbles in the right quantity, then with rubble problems are much less. It may be lucky, and you can even agree on the color - the meticulous Japanese in the backfill use pebbles of the same size and the same color, or form different shapes from them.

Great idea for the design of the yard near the garden house: rubble and pebbles, slabs as a walkway - the dirt will not rush into the house

Large stones, near which the bushes of boxwood are planted, the traditional form of a small fountain. Very interesting idea with a border of painted rubble. Only if you do something like this, make sure that the water that flows from the formwork has a way to go: under pebbles and rubble there should be a dense soil with a slope towards planting or access to the drainage system - this is how water is organized.

A small fence is made extremely simple. Bamboo is still good because it does not rot

To make the design of a Japanese-style garden plot really traditional, you can use bamboo. A small fence and gate are made extremely simple. A pair of stakes are driven into the ground, bamboo crossbars are attached to them, and thin bamboo is attached to crossbars. It turns out such a bamboo shtaketnik.

Paths are very characteristic - rounded stones at a distance of steps from each other, slabs of stone, or even concrete slabs, but they are not square, as we are used to, but long. Note that the gaps between the stones / slabs are overgrown with grass, moss, or covered with pebbles.

Paths for Japanese style garden

Often in Japanese gardens there are fountains. But these are not pompous structures with sculptures and spurting streams, but combinations of bamboo and stone along which a small amount of water flows. Make them easy even by yourself, but how, read here.

Several photos of Japanese style garden designs are collected in the photo gallery. There are interesting ideas that are easy to implement with your own hands. And the costs are minimal))

Garden plot in modern or modern style

The design of the garden plot in the Art Nouveau style is international. It befits elements of different cultures. The basic rule is a harmonious combination of shapes and shades. Straight lines and rounded shapes are most often combined.

Art Nouveau garden seating corner

Is it difficult to create such a corner in your own garden? The tile can be replaced with concrete or stone slabs or wooden flooring, as long as the geometry is preserved. Flowerbeds of unusual shape - smooth edges both at ground level and high. The seats are installed between two high beds, and in order to be really comfortable and comfortable, you can make the curb higher and nail the board - the back. All this cubism is broken by a round ceramic pot with a plant. Instead of a pot, you can make a small fountain in the form of a stone ball, through which water flows.

Such a fountain is easy to do. The main thing is to find a suitable stone and drill a hole in it.

As you can see, the fountain is close in style to the Japanese style. Slightly modified, it fits wonderfully into modern garden design. And this is not the only stylized element. For example, often use wicker furniture. But it has a different shape - either cubic or with curved surfaces, but only in one plane. Looking at the photo below, you will understand what it is about.

It is wicker furniture, but its shape is completely different.

Wicker garden furniture for decoration in modern style

And again, pay attention, hard straight lines are broken rounded: on the bottom photo there are pyramidal thujas, on the top - a round table-flowerbed (an extraordinary solution, by the way) and curved lines of chairs.

This is where the expanse for lovers of high beds, so it is when making in this way: smooth lines more convenient to set with the help of high boxes. They are made of wood, stone, concrete. The material should be combined with the main finish or be complementary.

Vegetable garden with Art Nouveau style

Approximately in the same traditions, the house adjoining territory and platforms near the reservoir are made out. To make a flooring from planks, planken or decking, to put the characteristic furniture - part of the garden is framed.

Terrace near the house will solve the problem of wet ground

By the way, you can make an arbor in an unconventional manner.

The original arbor. With her garden design will not be boring

There are a lot of ideas, and all of them are interesting in their own way. See some photos in the gallery below. Maybe something will come in handy for your garden.

Ideas for the fence and walls

Like it or not, but the fence is always there. And he is not always the decoration of the garden. More often it’s quite the opposite: it’s the owner’s headache: how to disguise it or make it look more acceptable. There are actually quite a few solutions, and for different tastes.

If you can draw, and the fence is relatively even though, paint it with some scenes. It is clear that to choose a suitable plot is not easy, but you can rely on the overall style of the site.

Not boring fence and design style of the site is easily guessed))

You can use the fence as a time for a vertical flower bed or garden. It is beautiful and useful. Particularly pleased with this idea of ​​the owners of small areas. Here are just a professional sheet fence so you can only use it if the summer in your region is cool. In all other cases on it the plants are burning.

The fence can be turned into a vertical bed

Approximately the same idea is useful for decorating the wall of the house. Only here flowers are planted more often, and mostly amulets, but nothing can prevent you from planting in such baskets or boxes, say, aromatic herbs or just beautiful flowers in the lower tier, and at the top let them hang ampellas.

Wall design option - metal baskets lined with jute fiber, inside - ground

Very often, plain jewelry or some unusual elements divert attention from the not very attractive surface that the fence represents. Это могут быть самодельные цветы из цветного пластика или целый каскад разных ящичков в которые можно или высадить цветы, или поставить из в горшках.

Незамысловатые украшения, а задачу свою выполняют — отвлекают внимание от неприглядной поверхности