Features of the cultivation and characteristic varieties tomato Mazarin


Tomato Mazarin - This is a large-fruited juicy variety of tomatoes, which, due to its excellent taste characteristics and excellent yield, has become widespread among domestic gardeners.

Let's talk in more detail about this variety and tell you how to grow Mazarin tomatoes.

Description varieties Mazarin

We offer you a description of this variety. Bred Tomato Mazarin In Russia in the middle of the last century and is intended for regions with a temperate and warm climate. In those areas where there is a warm and long summer, it is possible to grow tomatoes in open ground, and in central Russia it is best to plant tomatoes Mazarin in the greenhouse.

This is an early ripe variety, which allows you to shoot the first harvest after 110 days after planting seeds.

Bush up to 2 meters with large and numerous leaves. With proper conditions, this variety shows excellent yields, and fruiting begins in June and lasts right up to the most frost.

Advantages and disadvantages of tomato varieties Mazarin

If we talk about the benefits of this variety, we can note the following:

  • Excellent taste.
  • Great yield.
  • Large fruit.
  • Good lezhkost.
  • Tomato Mazarin is weather resistant.
  • The bush easily endures drought and heat.
  • Resistant to various diseases.
  • Long fruiting period.
  • It is not exacting in leaving.

Among the shortcomings we single out:

  • The flavor characteristics of the grown crop will depend on the ambient temperature.
  • It is necessary to pinch and tie up tall bushes.

Characteristics of tomatoes varieties Mazarin

To determine tomato Mazarin can be his description and the characteristic appearance of large fruits. If speak about characteristics of the grown crop, we note:

  • Fleshy and large, very fragrant and juicy fruits.
  • Heart-shaped, rounded, has a slightly pointed tip.
  • In its appearance and description of a ripe tomato is like a giant strawberry.
  • Having reached the physiological ripeness, the tomato Mazarin gets a red-raspberry color.
  • The skin is dense, the fruits ripening do not crack.
  • From the first brush, the weight of ripened tomatoes can reach 700 grams, in subsequent brushes the weight of tomatoes is no more than 400 grams.

Important. It should be remembered that the characteristic of this variety classifies it as a salad, which is explained by the reduced acid content in the grown crop. Therefore, tomatoes are best stew, stuff or eat fresh.

Features of growing tomatoes varieties Mazarin

Like most other early varieties, seedlings are planted by Mazarin in late February or early March. It is recommended to use for planting seedlings nutrient light soil having a neutral acidity. Ideally, you should use the nutrient mixture, which is prepared from grain soil, parts of peat and parts of old humus. It will not be superfluous to add ashes, superphosphate and potash fertilizers to the soil.

Planting seeds for seedlings is not difficult. They must be planted without digging, sprinkled on top of a small layer of soil.

Sprouting occurs at temperatures of 23-25 ​​degrees, the pots themselves should be covered with a film on top. In bad weather and cloudy days, you should additionally highlight the pots of seedlings with energy-saving lamps. It is best to water them moderately from a spray bottle.

As soon as the sprouted seedlings have the first true leaves, you should pick a pick and transplant the seedlings into separate pots. Growing seedlings already in separate containers, it should be fed with fertilizers containing potassium and phosphorus. It is recommended to perform such dressing twice, the last time after fertilizing immediately before planting the seedlings in the ground. Used feedings should be used in full accordance with the description.

Tip A few weeks before the estimated date of planting seedlings in open ground should be hardened plants, carrying them first for a few minutes, and then all day in the open air.

It is possible to plant seedlings in open ground or in the greenhouse at the end of May. When growing tomatoes in open field, seedlings should initially be covered with foil. Description of the landing pattern - in a row or in a checkerboard pattern. On one square meter of beds planted no more than three bushes. But when compacted planting significantly reduced yield.

Before planting, the soil should be loosened, dig holes, where superphosphate and potassium sulfate are added one tablespoon to each hole. Subsequently, throughout the entire growing season, it is necessary to feed vegetables with superphosphate and calcium sulfate 3-4 times with an interval of three weeks.

Tomatoes to improve yields form in one stem, and the lower leaves and side shoots are removed. After transplanting, seedlings should be tied to supports, which can be used as vertical trellis or high strong necklaces.

Tomato Mazarin loves abundant, but not frequent watering. That is why irrigation landings can be performed once a week. For irrigation use warm water, in which to improve yields, you can add a small amount of mullein.

Harvesting is performed as the tomatoes ripen. They can be removed even green, and subsequently they ripen in 3-5 days and receive a characteristic bright red color.

Diseases and pests of tomato varieties Mazarin

This variety of tomatoes is resistant to various diseases of the nightshade family. Such diseases as gray rot, tobacco mosaic and late blight are extremely rare. The gardener should only follow the rules of prevention, fertilize in time, air the greenhouse and avoid overmoistening of the soil.

When grown in open ground, the grower may be faced with the problem of insect pests. For example, on tomatoes Mazarin may appear aphid, slugs and spider mites. Depending on the specific pest, it is necessary to use special insecticides, bare slugs can be repelled with ammonia, and with aphids they fight washing the affected areas with a light solution of soapy water.


Tomato Mazarini characteristic and description of the variety which you will find on this site is an excellent choice for experienced gardeners and beginning gardeners. This variety of tomato has a good yield, tastes great and is easy to clean. It should only be remembered that this variety is more intended for fresh consumption, but it is not suitable for canning and salting.


The main characteristic of tomato varieties Mazarin is a good yield and keeping quality. A weak-leaf plant has a strong stem and simple inflorescences, which contributes to the speedy ripening. Large fruits of red-crimson color have a heart-shaped form and a pronounced aroma. The flesh is characterized by such features: tenderness, juiciness, sugar content and low seed.

Tomatoes are distinguished by early ripening: Since the first shoots appeared before the onset of the fruiting period, about 110 days have passed. The plant is drought-resistant, able to tolerate heat 40 ° C. It normally tolerates temperature fluctuations and can withstand even frosts. The variety is resistant to diseases caused by blight.

Advantages and disadvantages

Main benefits Varieties of Mazarin are:

  • juicy fruits with a sweetish taste,
  • high yield
  • large-fruited
  • high capacity for storage and transportation,
  • resistance to insignificant weather changes, heat, a small drought and a disease of the Solanaceae family,
  • long period of fruiting.
In addition to a number of advantages, the variety has some limitations:
  • the need for garter and pinching of tall plants,
  • low seed,
  • the dependence of the level of yield on weather conditions, in particular temperature.

Sowing scheme

Sowing planting material is necessary for 45-55 days before transplanting into the ground. When there are 2 leaves, carry out a pick. After that, every 14 days, fertilizing is carried out with special preparations and organic matter.

Before planting seedlings in the ground using a mixture of superphosphate and calcium sulfate. For 1 m² grow 2-3 tomato bush.


Seedlings transplanted to a permanent place in the greenhouse in May, in the open ground - in June, covering the film. Before planting, the soil should be loosened and fertilized with superphosphate and calcium sulphate. Optimum placement for large-fruited varieties - 3 bushes per 1 m². After planting, seedlings are watered and tied to a support.

Tomato care

Caring for tomatoes varieties Mazarin, as well as for any other, by watering, feeding, weeding and pasynkovaniya. 10-12 days after planting, the plant requires abundant watering. Between irrigation, the top layer of soil should have time to dry.

Use warm water. During active growth, watering is necessary only in drought. Immediately after watering the greenhouse should be ventilated.

Regular removal of shoots contributes to the formation of the main stem, which leaves less than 4 brushes for large fruits. For feeding plants use magnesium sulfate. 2-3 times per season, tomatoes need a garter, and every 10 days - pasynkovanie. Pollinate the plant in warm weather by tapping the stem and shaking the flowers. For pollen to germinate, watering or spraying flowers is necessary.

About doubles

Variety Mazarin is often found under a different name - Captain Mazarin. There is no difference between them.

These large-fruited tomatoes have excellent taste and high yield. They are slightly capricious and low seed (grown only from purchased seeds). But adherence to the basic rules of planting and care makes the variety available even for novice gardeners.

Features of planting and care

Mazarini tomato is suitable for cultivation in the open field only in the southern regions. In the Moscow region in the open ground it does not always mature, in the Leningrad region it can only be grown in greenhouses.

The plant is formed into one stem, removing all the stepchildren and pinching the brush after the fifth. It turns out a rather long stem with 4 ... 5 tassels, on which large fruits are formed. During the period of active growth of the plant, the plant requires abundant watering.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the video about this sort of tomato:

Pay attention to the seeds

According to numerous reviews, good seeds of tomato varieties "Mazarin" sells only "Biotechnics". In packages from other companies, seeds are often sold, which give not very successful tomatoes - large, cone-shaped, but pink and tasteless.

Reviews of tomatoes Mazarin

In general, the grade speak very well - as the yield, and the taste. Among the drawbacks, the formation of a green or yellow non-ripening top on some fruits is noted.

Some reviews indicate decent resistance of Mazarini to vertex rot and blight, but there is no information about full-fledged field experiments. Therefore, when growing, one should pay attention to agrotechnical measures - avoid thickening, water carefully and regularly inspect the plants for the presence of phytophthora. If detected, immediately treat Bordeaux liquid.

If you have experience in growing tomatoes of the Mazarini variety, you can leave your feedback in the comments.

Mazarini Tomatoes Description

Mazarini tomatoes belong to the early ripening plants. The plant belongs to the hybrid variety. Productivity varieties high. Plant height - from 1 to 2 meters. The stem is bright green, straight, standing. Covered with short and thin hairs. In Tomato Cardinal Mazarini leaves are large, bright green. Their location is next. The root system is fibrous, branched. Root length - from 0.5 meters to 1 meter. The fruit is a berry. The color of the fruit is bright red. The form is oval, oblong. The average fruit weight is 500 g. The minimum weight is 300 g, and the maximum one is 750 g. The taste is sweet, with a slight pleasant sourness. The whole crop weighs up to 16 kg. The flowering time of the plant is from July to August. The number of days from planting to harvest is 110. Tomatoes Cardinal Mazarin is a self-pollinating plant.

Positive properties:

  • Tomato plants taste great,
  • Easy-to-grow,
  • Resistance to hot and dry conditions
  • Large fruits,
  • Tomatoes have a strong skin that does not crack,
  • Long fruiting time
  • Easily tolerates many diseases of Solanaceous plants.

Negative properties:

  • The variety is not frost resistant
  • Weather conditions affect the taste.

Landing features:

  • Before planting, the land must be fertilized and fed,
  • The desired soil temperature is 17 degrees,
  • Landing at a distance: one square. meter no more than 5 bushes.

Tip! First you need to dig holes in advance, a depth of 15-20 cm, and then plant seeds in them. Top sleep with a layer of earth. At the end pour water and feed to the plant to stick better.

Regularly, you need to carry out several procedures so that Tomato Mazarin grows in comfortable conditions for him:

  1. To get rid of unwanted shoots and leaves,
  2. A plant should not have more than 4 brushes, otherwise the fruits will be small and not juicy,
  3. Feed every other week,
  4. Permanent watering.

Late blight

This disease is very easy to recognize. Its main feature is dark spots located on the skin of the entire fetus. This disease is very dangerous for the plant. Infected parts of tomato die, and if the disease is not stopped, then the whole plant dies. Causes of late blight: heavy rainfall or excessive watering. To cure a tomato Mazarin, you need to stop watering it for a while, but at the same time ensure that the plant does not dry out. During the rains, the tomato needs something to cover so that the moisture does not fall on it.

Medvedka is a pest of many plants. She gnaws holes in the fruits of the tomato itself. In addition, the insect prefers to act at night, so it is difficult to catch it. However, there is one good way to save the crop and destroy the bear. To do this, in the beginning of autumn, dig a hole around the planted plants and pour warm manure into it; cover it from above with earth. In late November-early December, remove the loose ground and leave it for a couple of days. Larvae deposited in the manure will die.

Tobacco mosaic

The very first signs of the disease appear in the leaves - bright specks that are very noticeable. Later the leaves shrink and fade. In the end, the fruits begin to rot from within and die. Such a disease is transmitted through various insects, as well as from other diseased plants growing nearby. To prevent the disease, transplant the diseased plant, if there is one next to the tomato. If one or several tomatoes are already infected, then it is better to remove them from the land plot, since the started disease can no longer be cured, and in no case it is impossible to risk other plants and crops.

Leaf twist

During this disease, the leaves of the plant are curled into a tube, but not all, but only those that are closer to the top and at the very top. The leaves turn pale and every day more and more wither. These signs may appear due to two reasons: spraying with chemical means and waterlogging. This problem can be solved quickly and easily: use folk remedies instead of store sprayers and do not water the plant too often.

Phased planting

This variety is mid-season. Planting seeds for seedlings is recommended in February.

As with any variety of tomatoes, it is important to properly germinate the seeds and plant the seedlings.

Therefore, we need detailed instructions:

  1. A prepared soil substrate is poured into the seedling boxes. This may be ordinary ground with the addition of mineral fertilizers, pre-calcined in the oven or decontaminated by adding a solution of potassium permanganate or copper sulphate. You can also use ready-made soil composition for seedlings that are on sale.
  2. Seeds are added to the prepared soil, sprinkled with earth and well moistened.
  3. Germinate seeds at room temperature, it is possible under the film. If such a greenhouse is used, then it is necessary to regularly remove the film and ventilate the soil, especially after watering, so as not to rot.
  4. Watering shoots need water at room temperature. It is necessary to carry out watering by means of a spray.
  5. When the first two leaves appear, the seedlings swoop. During this period, requires first feeding. The second feeding of seedlings is carried out on the eve of the transplanting in open ground.
  6. During the growth of seedlings during warm sunny days, it is recommended to take out boxes with it to the air for airing and hardening of seedlings.
  7. Planting of seedlings is carried out in May-June, subject to stable warm weather. To obtain a higher yield of tomato bushes Mazarin planted at a distance of about 50 cm from each other.
  8. Since the height of the plant can reach more than 1 meter, it is necessary to be tied up to pegs or to special trellis-type garden tools.

This variety of tomato unpretentious, and care of the bushes tomato will be simple.

To obtain higher yields, 1–2 shoots are left on a single tomato bush.For the second stem, a shoot is left, which is located immediately above the brush, the first to appear on the plant.

For large fruits on the plant must be left up to 5 pieces of brushes with ovaries.

Tilling - a prerequisite for a good harvest. Leaf removal at the bottom of the stemas well as yellowed diseased leaves will improve the quality of fruiting.

Watering as the soil dries. During the growing season, watering should be done more often, preferably with warm water at the rate of 10 liters per 1 square meter approximately every 5 days.

Top dressing of tomatoes

To improve the growth of plants using organic compounds, herbal infusion, humus, nitrogen-containing fertilizers, as well as potassium compounds.

It is good to use onion or garlic peel infusions to combat various pests. Additional measures are practically not taken, since this variety resistant to pests.

When grown in a greenhouse, pollination is performed by tapping the stem or slightly shaking the flowers.

Interesting! The peculiarity of this variety is that under greenhouse conditions with proper care, the yield will be higher and the fruits tastier than when grown in open ground.

The fruits ripen among the first among the tomatoes and continue to ripen until the cold.

Tomatoes Mazarin have a small number of seedsthat is considered one of the main advantages of this variety. That is, the taste is significantly improved compared to other types of tomatoes.

Tomato "Mazarin": description of the variety

The grade is removed in Russia, intended for regions with a warm or moderate climate. In areas with long warm summers, tomatoes can be grown in open ground.

In cooler regions, tomatoes are planted in a greenhouse, otherwise the ovary, formed in the second half of summer, will not have time to form. Crop harvested in the phase of technical or physiological ripeness, green tomatoes successfully ripen at home. Fruits are well stored and transported.

Mazarin - a popular early ripe grade of large-fruited tomatoes. The first fruits appear after 110-120 days after sowing the seeds.

The bush is indeterminate, reaches 1.8-2 m in height. Read about determinant varieties here. The leaves are strongly cut, abundant. Productivity is high, on a brush 5-6 ovaries are formed. Fruiting lasts from late June to frost.

You can compare the yield of a variety with others in the table below:

Pests and diseases

Tomatoes varieties Mazarini resistant to the main diseases inherent in the family of nightshade. They seldom become infected with late blight, tobacco mosaic, fusarium or gray rot. To protect the plants, it is important to observe preventive measures: do not flood the plantings, often air the greenhouses, and apply fertilizers in time. Do not abuse the nitrogen-containing complexes, they cause a massive discharge of ovaries.

It is important to monitor the quality of the soil. In greenhouses, the top layer of soil is replaced annually; before planting seedlings, the soil is sifted and baked in the oven. The spilling of soil with an aqueous solution of potassium permanganate or copper sulfate also helps. Planting is recommended to regularly spray phytosporin or other non-toxic bio-preparations that protect against fungus and viruses.

In the open field, tomatoes are often attacked by pests. From aphids, collecting on the stems and leaf stalks, helps wash the affected areas with soapy water. Naked slugs can be destroyed by spraying the planting with an aqueous solution of ammonia. Get rid of the spider mite will help insecticides. They can be used only at the beginning of summer, before mass flowering and the formation of ovaries.

Tomato Mazarin - a very good offer for beginners and experienced gardeners. The taste of the fruit and good yield make it a welcome guest at any site. There are almost no failures, the main thing is to observe the basic rules of agricultural engineering and take into account the small vagaries of the variety.

Useful video

You can view the description of the Mazarini tomato variety in the following video clip:

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