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Flower beds with his own hands from improvised means and materials


It is not always clear why you can not just plant a beautiful flower garden in the country, and someone has a desire to make unusual flower beds with their own hands from scrap materials. Let's be honest, these experiments are not always successful, but we will try to introduce you to the most beautiful variants of such flowerbeds.
Let's see, are able to decorate such beds our cottage or not.

Flower beds with their own hands from old things.

All of us change the windows in the house over time, and the old windows, although they look unimportant, still seem to be strong. It is a pity to throw them away and there is really no place to apply them. On the blank wall of the house or shed from the old windows you can make original flower beds imitating the window. It is an acceptable option - to bring the old window into a tidy look, remove old glass from them and add a box for flowers and fastenings along the edges of the window.

If old furniture is thrown away in the house, the drawers are also the basis for the original flower bed. From small boxes and saw cuts, you can build a beautiful flower train. boxes for the season are quite capable of getting wet from the rain, it is wiser to place such a flower garden on the veranda or in the gazebo.

How to make a bed "basket" of linoleum.

From a dozen iron rods and linoleum residues it is not difficult to make a beautiful and large flower basket. And it is not necessary to fill the basket with earth and plant new flowers in it, if you surround this basket with a bush of peony or daylily - this will also be beautiful.

Vertical flower beds do it yourself from plastic pipes.

Plastic pipes can make a vertical flowerbed. The depth of such clubs is quite small - only plants with a shallow root system will feel good here - purslane, succulents, etc. And where will the excess water flow? If you make holes at the bottom, then dirty water will stain the wall. You can make an irrigation system with tubes for drip irrigation of each module, or it is easier to do this - use such a design as a pot for cups with small colors. The solution to paint a pipe in bright color is very cute.

Beds from wooden pallets.

There are lots of ideas what to make of pallets, but the option of a flower bed -boobie for dogs looks unexpected. I hope this is a summer version of the booth and the dog has a more convenient permanent place. In any case, the pallets must be carefully sanded, drown protruding nails and paint, because The dog can get hurt on the raw surface of the pallet.

Flower beds with their own hands from cement.

Beautiful and simple flower containers can be made from cement. Take any container - basin, bucket, pot. The bottom is covered with a piece of reinforcing construction mesh, this will be the future hole of our pot. The rest of the surface is covered with cling film - it is soft and fits the surface tightly. We cover with usual cement mortar, on top there is a grid layer and another layer of mortar. We decorate with pebbles, gravel, pieces of tile, etc. When the solution froze, take out our form and get the finished pot of any shape and size.

The original version of the garden container for flowers is obtained using soft forms. We fill the original pot with something heavy and press it into a plastic bag filled with a solution. When the form froze, we put it in a bag moistened with a liquid cement mortar; we wrap the edges of the bag inwards and coat it with a solution. An important detail is the rope string.

Beds of plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles are surrounded everywhere, we throw them out daily, it’s understandable desire to somehow apply them at the cottage. From a large plastic bottle and plaster you can make a swan or another garden figure.

Cutting the usual plastic bottle and painting it, you can get such a cheerful flower garden.

In order that flower beds from plastic bottles look neat, it is desirable to paint them.

Flower beds with their own hands from tires.

The main thing in such a flower bed is accuracy - taking into account the fact that painting on tires keeps bad, it is necessary to paint such a flower bed every year.

Old iron barrel also be able to become a flower bed. Unpretentious lobelia feels great in such a flower garden.

Flower garden from old CDs.

A plastic cup and three old CDs - and you have a miniature flower bed ready for your desktop or kitchen.

Flowerbed-stream. It is possible to make a flower bed from large-sized containers. You can read more about the intricacies of creating such a bed in the article. "Secrets of the design of beautiful flower beds".

Flowerbed-well. Do you need to decorate an old inactive well, or are you ready to make it a decorative imitation, such a flower bed will become a bright accent in any garden.

Many flowerbeds made from all sorts of things are funny and sweet, they look great as a mischievous accent in landscape design. It is important that these beds look neat, the plants in them feel comfortable and have a healthy look. Some of the beds will be in our garden for long, the most successful will delight us for years. Indeed, in a good cottage there is always a place for a bold experiment.

We have prepared additional variety of flower bed do-it-yourself from scrap materials in our video.

Why do we need flower beds?

At first glance, it can be decided that flower gardens do not carry any special meaning, with the exception of beauty and aesthetics. But it turns out that many gardeners plant flower beds in order to attract beneficial insects to the sitewhich are necessary for different stages of pollination of crops, besides this, insects can fight with some garden pests.

Similarly, flowerbeds are used as a natural way to drain the soil.

There are many interesting ways to arrange a flower bed, for example, in the form of flower clocks. Certainly, many have seen mechanical clocks, which are arranged on a beautiful flower bed, but real flower clocks should be planted so that with the help of them it was possible to know the time without any mechanism! Various garden plants are closed and opened at different times of the day, so they can be used to determine the time.

In landscape design You can find a variety of flower gardens. Before proceeding to the choice of materials, it is necessary, first of all, to figure out what kind of flower bed you would like to see in your suburban area.

  • Rock garden This flower garden is stylized as Alpine mountain peaks. To arrange such a corner, you must use large stones. In addition, to decorate the rock garden will have to plant those plants that grow in the mountainous areas of the Alps.
  • Water. Such a flower garden is an excellent find, which is rarely found at the present time. Externally, the water bed is a small pond, bordered by beautiful flowering plants, and in this case water plants grow and bloom. Such an unusual flowerbed will look quite impressive and unusual.
  • Decorative garden. This flower garden can not be called a flower bed, it is rather a way to build a small garden in the form of a cultural garden. All plants in the ornamental garden should be planted in neat beds, forming a geometric pattern.
  • Mixborder It is a kind of flower garden, which looks quite attractive almost throughout the year. For this you need to pick up those plants that will be good at any time of the year. Making mixborders is not too difficult, if you choose the right plants.
  • Front garden A small area between the building and the road. Most often, the front gardens are intersected by paths leading to the threshold of the house. Along such paths, identical flowers and shrubs are planted. Thus, a peculiar unusual alley is formed. The rest of the cultivated plants should support the overall composition.
  • Parterre. This is an ornamental flowerbed on which ornamental plants can grow in a certain order, thereby forming a symbol or pattern.
  • Rabatka. Rabatka is one of the varieties of flower beds, which is now quite common. Such a flower bed can be found in almost every city park. Plants on rabatka planted beds. In this case, the length should be at least three times as wide as width. It is recommended to plant tall plants against the walls if the flowerbed is located near the building or fence. Also, tall plants can be located in the center, if you can approach the flowerbed from all sides.
  • Rockery Rockery is a flower garden, which consists of low cultivated plants and stones. For him, you can pick up all sorts of shrubs, low flowers, ryuny, as well as ornamental grasses that are planted between the stones.
  • Abandoned garden. Beautiful view of the flower garden, which resembles a place left long ago by man. It is in this style that you can find flower beds decorated from old pans. In this style are also appropriate any decorative items.

Making flowerbeds from improvised means with your own hands

The best flowerbed will be the one with which you can handle in just a couple of hours. Registration does not take a lot of free time. You just have to come up with a design, and then decide exactly how you will translate your idea into reality.

If you already have flower beds that suit you with their size and shape, you can simply update them by creating a new design and inventing a design. It will be much easier than choosing crops that are compatible with each other.

Wheel application

As a rule, making a bed of old tires with your own hands is very easy and simple. Such beds can be found even on city streets. You can use both regular and curly old tires. It remains for you to decide which option is best able to decorate your summer cottage.

  • First of all, you need to pick the most worn tires. If possible, it is best to use summer tires.
  • After that, you need to make a pattern according to the scheme or based on your own sketches.
  • Next, you need to cut out all the elements of the tires, after which they should be stapled to each other in any convenient way.
  • It is recommended to cut tires with a shoe knife.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that cutting the tire is quite difficult, so this case can be trusted to a man. If you do not have such an opportunity, it is recommended to lubricate the shoemaker with liquid soap, which will improve the glide.

But how to arrange a flower bed of large tires? Of course, you can paint the tires in different colors and shades, but you can also use more interesting options. For example, a large tire can be wrapped with a clothesline. Such a flower bed will look like a regular wicker flowerpots.

Beds of tires are comfortable due to the fact that they can be repainted in different colors every year.

Application of stones

  • The easiest way to design a flower bed of stones is to create a rock aquarium in a natural style. Simply put, you need to scatter the stones in a way that nature itself has done. After that, plants and flowers are planted between the stones. Stone flower beds look pretty impressive if you use very large stones of the same breed for their design, and there is a flat lawn around the flower bed.
  • You can also arrange a flower garden with the help of stones and plates. Fencing the bed with planks so that she can keep her shape. After that, along the perimeter of the bed, you must impose a variety of stones. Your flower garden is ready!
  • There is another way, more complicated. A bed of stones with your own hands can be performed using the formwork. To do this, you must first hammer a formwork, then fill it with stones. Special attention should be paid to the decorative sides of the surface. Next, the formwork is poured cement. If you want to add more decorative effect, you can pour marble chips into the cement. It is worth noting that it is necessary to make drainage holes.
  • You can arrange a flower bed and without the use of cement. To do this, choose a place, prepare it properly and just lay stones around the perimeter. The height of the stones should not be more than 60 cm.

It should be borne in mind that stone flower gardens look quite attractive only if flower gardens are created on the site using the same type of stone.

Bottle application

Plastic bottles are an excellent material at hand for making flowerbeds. Perhaps it is such a flower garden will decorate your site.

To decorate a flower bed from plastic bottles with your own hands, you only need bottles and some garden tools. You can also use sand and earth for convenience.

Bottles are well washed out and dried, all labels must be removed. Then on the plot you need make markup of the future flower garden, gradually digging in around the perimeter of plastic bottles bottom up. Between the bottles do not leave gaps. They must be driven in to the same depth so that the fence is neat. In addition, quite beautiful flower beds can be decorated using glass bottles.

Abandoned garden

This style is excellent because it can use almost any available materials and tools as flowerbeds. It can be:

  • Wooden wheels
  • Old boots
  • Wooden boxes and more.

If we talk about filling, it is recommended to use perennial flowering plants. Such flowers will look obzhivshimisya and natural.

In order to arrange a small abandoned garden in your own yard, you need to take several different containers:

  • Old pot
  • Wooden fruit box
  • Several flower pots.

Each tank must have holes. Capacity needs to be dug a little into the ground to a shallow depth, as if the object had stood at this place for several years. It is necessary to place other elements of the composition near the container. After that, all the containers are filled with soil and a drainage layer, and then flowers are planted in them. It should be noted that all seasonal plants must be combined so that the flower garden always looks harmonious.

Quite unusual look will be country-style flowerbeds made from bricks. For this it is necessary to lay out small pedestals in a neat laying. But it is also possible to fold bizarre figures from bricks without using mortar.

Vertical flower beds

Such beds are most often done in cases where there is not enough space in the yard. This option is used for planting strawberries, as well as for flowers and vegetables. Vertical gardening is a rather fashionable phenomenon..

For decoration of the vertical flower bed you need to choose the version of the flower garden that you like visually. A vertical flower garden can be in the form of a wall flower garden, in the form of a peculiar flower wall or even in the form of a pyramid. You must select several containers, such as plastic bottles or flower pots. Capacities for vertical flower beds are attached on the wall. After that, they need to fill up the soil, and then plant the plants. Vertical flower beds in which spicy herbs grow will organically look.

A few recommendations gardener

Constantly blooming flower bed It is not only a beautiful decoration of the garden, but also a rather complicated matter from the point of view of gardening, since every plant in the flowerbed needs a certain care. Therefore, if you are not completely confident in your abilities, then for a start it is recommended to learn how to form flower beds from perennials. The combination of flowers in such flower beds, as a rule, is a simple matter.

If you make out a flower garden of perennial plants, it is important to consider the neighborhood. After all, not all flowers can get along with each other.

In terms of the application of scenery, you are a completely free man, with only one exception: you need to choose aesthetically beautiful and durable options for decoration. Of course, you can arrange a beautiful flower garden of old tires, but if you are not sure that you will regularly tint the tire every season, then it is recommended to choose something else that does not require much attention.

In addition, it is necessary to select such perennials for flower beds that will not lead undesired insects to your summer cottage. Therefore, you should not plant honey plants under your window, if you do not want to fight with bees on the site throughout the summer.

Now you know how to arrange a flower garden with your own hands from improvised means and materials for your private house yard.


Flowerbed in the country - is, above all, an element of decor. Without a neat flower garden with a lot of colored plants can not imagine a full site. It will look gray, dull and empty. Therefore, almost all the owners make out at least one flower bed on its territory.

But besides aesthetics, flowerbeds are more important. For example, some experienced gardeners plant flowers near the beds in order to lure insects. Arriving at the flower beds, they also pollinate your vegetable garden. Кроме того, некоторые насекомые борются с садовыми вредителями, за что садоводы им тоже благодарны.

Also, flowerbeds help to drain the land, so they are sometimes planted where the soil quality does not suit the owners of the site for various parameters. And the flowers that have outlived their short age may well become an excellent fertilizer for the soil.

However, the main purpose of the flowerbeds - to please the eyes of those who live on the site, as well as decorate the area next to the house. To make the flower garden look beautiful, they try to place it in the original container with the ground. Such designs from scrap materials are not just a container for flowers, but a full-fledged decorative element in your garden.

Choosing flowers

Since the main attention is always focused not on the flowerbed itself, but on its contents, one must be able to carefully choose plants that will not only look harmoniously in one container. They should also “get along” with each other, not oppressing, but not obscuring. In addition, it is worth remembering that there are plants that are demanding to care, and those that grow quietly without your attention. It is worth choosing flowers, being guided by the opportunities that the beautiful flower bed did not wither and did not wither two weeks later after registration.

If you do not want to regularly plant new flowers, then pick up perennials that will delight you with their flowering for several years in a row. These shoots include snowdrops, tulips, Chernobrivtsy. They are unpretentious in the care. Mother Nature herself can take care of them.

And if you are not afraid of difficulties, then plant more “delicate” flowers, such as rare roses, for example.

It is important that the plants you choose fit the climate in which they grow.. Some exotic flowers are difficult to survive without the sun, while others do not like constant rain, and so on. Find out all the necessary information about flowers before planting them in a flower bed.

Most experienced gardeners know that the combination of plants looks different. Flower beds can be made classic or more original, following simple rules, or completely ignoring them. Here are examples of the main types of flowerbeds that are used to decorate private house plots. You can take them into service or create something of your own, trying not to repeat existing schemes.

Like the animal, whose name is this flower bed, the flower garden can change its appearance at one moment. It all depends on what angle you look at it. The space of such a flower bed is filled with variegated flowers, which contrast sharply with each other. At the same time, despite such a riot of colors, the flowerbed looks harmonious from all sides.

Irregular flower garden

This is one of the most familiar forms in which flower beds are made. Here all the plants are planted in even rows or circles. Everything looks simple, neat and well maintained. The only minus of such a bed is clear from the name - she will not please you with her blossoming appearance on a regular basis. Flowers will gradually fade.

Plants are selected those that bloom at one time, so it turns out that in one season the flower garden pleases the eye with an abundance of colors, and after a couple of months it becomes empty.

Flower beds do it yourself

The best flower beds in the garden are flower beds created by yourself. Beginning amateur growers very quickly cope with the task. The main task - the device beds. The whole process from creation to the design of flowerbeds takes place in stages. That is, each stage is a specific action that should be performed alternately. Here, all the little things are important.

Gallery: flowerbeds from scrap materials (25 photos)

Do it yourself

The first stage and the first item of the work on creating a flower garden is determining its shape and size. Creating your own design is much easier than selecting colors for compatibility.

To create a flower bed, you can use all the available materials from wheel tires to glass bottles. In general, everything that would seem to have been thrown away a long time ago can turn into a beautiful garden flower bed with an unusual design and decor.

For the manufacture of a flower garden with your own hands, you can use various materials:

  • Tires
  • Bottles
  • Stones
  • Old things,
  • Bricks and more.

Consider a few examples of such flower beds.

Unusual garden beds of tires

The most standard way to create flowerbeds with your own hands - use of car tires. It may be ordinary flower gardens. Tires can be laid out in a zigzag line, but for such a flower bed it will take a lot of space, and this design of the flower beds will be standard. But you want something new with a beautiful design.

For example, the same car tires can be laid out in the form of a pyramid. That is, the bottom row will consist of six tires: one in the center, and five around it. They need to be filled with earth, then put the second row of wheels on top of the first tier. Only in this case, you will need not 6 tires, but a total of 4, which need to be laid in such a way that the first row of flower beds protrude. In other words, for the gap that the tire occupied in the center of the first row, it is also necessary to move the second row to the center of the flower garden. After that, they must be filled with earth. And finally, you need a vertex, that is, you need to place one wheel on the second row of wheels in the center.

In addition, each wheel can paint in a different color. It can be the wheels of the first row, painted in one color, and can all be painted in different colors. The main thing here is to remember that the lower the tier, the brighter the color should be. This creates a unique distinction between flowerbeds and the surface of the earth.

Similarly, you can paint the second and topmost row. Here it should be noted that the higher the wheel, the closer it is to heaven. And since it happens to be blue, blue, you should not paint the top with these colors. But the color of the sun and heat always, in harmony with the sky and flowers, will create a beautiful design.

The next stage is planting flowers. Here you can pick up plants in color, height. At the same time on the lower part of the flower bed should plant low-growing flowers, the next row - higher. But the top of the flower bed can be decorated centered tall plants, and at the edges of the wheel - with curly flowers. Such varieties of flowers may be called weeping. Thus, during flowering you get a unique wheel bright flower hill.

Unusual garden stone decor

In addition to tires, stones are used to create beautiful beds, which can be randomly scattered throughout the site, that is, in the style of rock arias or neatly folded in the form of pyramids, triangles and other shapes to your taste. Stone - the creation of Mother Nature. Therefore, such flower beds will look as if nature itself created them, and this is not the result of the creation of human hands.

Other unnecessary materials for decoration

In addition, you can always use the materials at hand, any items that seemed to be thrown away a long time ago. But all this can be used to create the original garden flower garden with an unusual decor.

Everything is suitable for this: glass and plastic bottles, an old bathroom, a bicycle, jugs, a cart, a chest, a wooden barrel, and so on.

The most common option of flower beds from improvised means - empty glass bottles. To do this, you need to preliminarily mark the intended shape of the flowerbed on the ground, after which, having pulled the cord, with the help of a garden spade, dig a recess along the stretched cord so that after installing the glass bottles with the neck down, they remain on the ground slightly more than half.

The main condition of such a flower bed is putting bottles down the neck. You can, of course, experiment and install them, on the contrary, but then, besides the fact that garbage will accumulate inside them, they will also become an excellent breeding ground for spiders and other insects. Also, the owners of this experiment are waiting for the most unpleasant surprise: due to getting into the wind, they will make unpleasant sounds.

For materials at hand can be attributed to the old bike or old shoes. For example, an old bicycle can be installed in the middle of a bed of glass bottles, having previously attached a small chest to its trunk, hang a couple of old leaky shoes on the steering wheel, and drill many holes in its frame in its upper part over the entire area. You can also cut the upper part of the frame in half, so that only the frame in the form of a bicycle remains. After that, all that was established it is desirable to paint. In this case, the paint may be the color of green, which is necessary to paint everything, including even old shoes. But if the creator of such a masterpiece is a lover of bright, then each object of such decor can have its own color.

When the flowerbed is ready, and the paint is dry, you need to fill all the insides of the bike, shoes, a small chest on the trunk and the frame itself through the slot or holes made with good ground. For this purpose, the soil is better to buy in the store than to take from the same bed.

Now you can start planting. Here everything is in the hands of the owner of the flower bed. For example, in the trunk on the trunk you can plant high growing flowers. Thus, the impression is that the bike carrying a chest of flowers. In the shoe you can plant low-growing flowers. It will be very original to decorate the frame itself with climbing, weeping plants that will hang like a flower web entangled in a bicycle.

Now imagine what happens at the end of the work! One gets the impression that someone was driving, drove into a flowerbed with flowers, filled them with everything that was at hand.

Making such a bed is not an easy task, especially since such a bike is not always on hand. But it does not matter. It is possible to do without this transport.

So, what else can serve as an excellent solution to decorate a flower bed in an original way? For example, porcelain pots, vases, buckets, a basin, and even an old bath can serve as excellent decor items for a flower garden. All this can be used for making flower beds. Old bath You can put in the center of the flower bed and just plant flowers in it. You can, having shown imagination, install it in such a way as if it was upset and even slightly grown into the ground, and in it, over time, beautiful flowers grew. By the same principle, you can use buckets, pots and other improvised means.

Flowerbed of bricks

If in the house there were no unnecessary things, a beautiful flower bed can be made of brick. This method is very simple, as it requires only basic construction skills.

Remember that the brick structure is very difficult to remake. It can not be transferred, it is impossible, without first having disassembled all or part of the flower bed, to quickly change its shape. Therefore, before proceeding to the design of your flower garden, you need calculate everything and take into account:

  1. Will not further interfere with flower bed passage,
  2. Will she clutter the space,
  3. Do not have to dismantle it because of the construction,
  4. Is it convenient to be located
  5. What shape and height it will have.

In other wordsA brick flower garden requires:

  1. Creating a clear plan
  2. Creating a project
  3. Calculation of consumables
  4. Building skills.

When all this is ready, when all the nuances are foreseen, you can safely import the material and begin construction. And having built a flower bed, it must be filled with earth, where all the necessary plants should be planted, taking into account their combination in color, height and flowering time. If this is not done, it may turn out that at the same time all the flowers in the flowerbed will blossom. In the end, most of the season it will stand without flowers, which is very undesirable. Calculation of planting - a guarantee that throughout the season on the plot will always enjoy the eye ever flowering, bright, beautiful flower bed.

As you can see, everything is not so difficult, as it seems, at first glance. A little patience, investment, fantasy and time. As a result, you can achieve the original creation of a flower garden with your own hands from improvised means.

A variety of ideas for a flower bed with their own hands: photos and examples of the use of different materials

This section provides examples of ready-made solutions. With the help of these ideas, flowerbeds for making your own hands will make it easier to formulate your own requirements. Based on these data, it is easier to take into account the land relief, the amount of financing, personal construction experience, and other individual features.

This natural material has unique aesthetic characteristics that will help to create an interesting appearance without additional processing. If you apply durable granite and high-quality building mixture, the design will be durable and reliable. It does not have to be restored for dozens of years of continuous operation. Such a structure without damage will withstand a lot of weight, so there is no need to observe excessive caution when updating the flower bed in the process of caring for it.

In the previous embodiment, the unusual raw materials creates certain inconveniences. If you apply a brick, typical concrete blocks, it is not difficult to create a flower garden with a certain size. In this case, you can also count on solid durability.

Previous materials are difficult to process. Stone and brick components weigh a lot, so you have to spend a lot of physical effort. It takes time for the cement to harden. This can cause some difficulties.

If you use a tree, many practical issues are easier to solve:

  • This is a lightweight material that is not difficult to move.
  • It is well treated. Cutting boards, drilling holes and connecting individual parts is not difficult with the use of hand tools.
  • Such products are not difficult to modify, repair.
  • Similar, as in the photo, designs can be transferred after the end of the summer season in the economic extension to ensure good preservation.
"Second Life" of old tires

These products, unlike wooden analogs, do not need special protection from rain and other atmospheric influences. If necessary - the paint can be updated quickly. On such elements there are no traces of blows. Tires with irreparable defects and after several retreading costs nothing. It is only necessary to take into account the cost of their transportation from the nearest tire station.

Glass flower bed

Such material preserves the integrity and appearance for many decades without changes. To facilitate the design, you can use plastic bottles.

Do not rush to throw out a damaged umbrella. From shoes create miniature flower gardens Since the wagons today are rarely used for their intended purpose, it will be difficult to find such a “blank”

The last three examples with photos of simple flower beds and flower gardens with their own hands illustrate the potential attractiveness of various things. They are suitable for creating original compositions. This approach opens up really unlimited opportunities for the successful implementation of their own ideas cheap.

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How to make flower beds and flower beds with your own hands from scrap materials: photos and algorithm of actions

Experienced professionals begin work on such projects with careful planning.

In determining the installation site of the corresponding object, several important factors are taken into account.

It is necessary to provide a good overview from different angles. For this you need to carefully examine the specific land. You should check the view from the side of the house, walkways. Ideal aesthetic characteristics must be ensured from each “visible” direction.

Next, clarify the availability of nearby swimming pools, playgrounds for children's games and recreation for adults and other functional areas. You should make sure that these objects and flower beds will be appropriate additions to each other.

For good growth requires a suitable microclimate. Delicate flowers can destroy powerful gusts of wind, direct sunlight. Ensure sufficiently intensive watering. To simplify the care to the relevant part of the site, you need to lay a water supply system with a tap, or install an automatic irrigation system.

The next stage is exploring various options. This article will help determine the correct sequence of actions. After - you will have to look through thematic materials yourself. They use the Internet and the obtained information to refine the search parameters of suitable photos and videos.

In addition to the installation site and the wording of the main idea, the project should contain:

  • list of plants
  • their distribution plan
  • list of necessary materials and components.

Note! To create high-quality flower gardens and flower beds with your own hands from scrap materials, the photo and the formulation of general requirements will not be enough. It is necessary to study in advance the technologies that are needed to create the appropriate engineering networks and building structures.

Как выбрать подходящий вид клумб для цветов своими руками: фото и профессиональные рекомендации

Подобные рисунки можно найти на профильных сайтах, в журналах для садоводов. With their help, you can explore spectacular compositions from different plants. In such materials it is necessary to borrow the best ideas for reproducing them on their own plot of land. Below are some professional terms and techniques that relate to this field of activity:

  • The simplest option is the Mono flowerbed. Here, in one working cycle, similar plants are planted. The benefits should include easy care. The disadvantage is the limited flowering period.
  • To eliminate this "minus", planted different plants. They are selected so that throughout the summer season they bloom consistently.
  • In the "traditional" version uses a chaotic arrangement of plants. Also apply harmonious and contrasting colors, bright accents.
Flower bed "carpet" type

Such a modification is characterized by clear boundaries. Selected plants of the same level so that there are no differences in height. Simultaneous flowering is needed to create the drawings established by the project.

Flower Garden "Border"

The specific name in this case defines the exact purpose. Such solutions are used for beautifully framed walkways, car drives.


This flower bed is also installed near the aisles. But make it up from plants of different characteristics

Flowerbed of petunias without fencing Flowers raise higher and present in the most favorable light with the help of flowerpots Alpine Hill

With this technique, plants are planted on a slope to give the composition a volume and better visibility. The photo shows that this hill was created artificially. Gravel can be used for bedding. Next - create a layer of fertile soil. Prevents landslides support wall, made of artificial stone. Large boulders and pebbles are used for decorative design.

Vertical flower garden

This solution is suitable for decorating related architectural structures. It looks unusual and bright. But it should be understood that watering plants at high altitude will be difficult. To eliminate excessive loads on users, capillary irrigation tubes can be brought to the appropriate points. The corresponding system will additionally help to save water.

So the utilitarian building structure can be transformed into a unique decoration. Modular modification of the flower bed

Similar solutions are used in combination with paving slabs. They look appropriate in large areas.

3D flower garden

To create a sustainable three-dimensional structures using embedded frames. Carefully select suitable plants for ascents, angles, and other difficult surface areas.

Instructions for the construction of flower beds in the country with their own hands for beginners

After studying the theoretical foundations, you can proceed to practice. Consideration should be given to the characteristics of certain plants and selected materials. But the following tips will almost always come in handy:

  • The liked option should be transferred to the drawing. It can be a freehand drawing, created without exacting compliance with the requirements of architectural standards. It indicates the exact location, size and shape.
  • Sod is removed at the selected site. For the drainage make bedding of gravel, other granular materials.
  • At the same stage, the foundation, supporting elements and parts of the future structure are established. If necessary, the parts are protected by a thick film from mechanical damage.
  • In the presence of the relevant points of the plan establish a watering system and drainage pipes. Mounted power network for decorative lighting.
  • Then fall asleep soil, moisten it. To accelerate the growth of flowers and protect against pests make appropriate fertilizers and specialized tools.
  • Soil parameters are assessed by structure (loam, peat, sand), acidity. Adjustments and selection of chemical components are made on the basis of a comprehensive analysis.
  • The soil layer for annual plants is made from 20 to 35 cm thick. Perennial - more than 45 cm. Planted begin 2-2.5 weeks after backfilling.

The following sections provide photos of flower beds and flower gardens with their own hands, considered in detail the features of the use of various materials.

Creating a flowerbot with their own hands from bricks, photos, construction features

This design is suitable for expressive design of relief areas, climbs. Notice how much simpler a regular lawn looks like on the other side of the walkway in the photo. Supporting walls are subjected to significant loads, so they are made of stone, brick, concrete blocks.

All listed materials weigh a lot. Therefore, the same technologies are used as in the construction of fences, arbors, other standard architectural objects of “small forms. Below is an instruction on how to make a flower bed of bricks with your own hands:

  • Heavy construction will not be able to maintain stability on weak ground for a long time, therefore, they establish a reliable tape-type foundation.
  • According to the appropriate plan, they dig a trench, tamp the bottom, assemble the formwork.
  • For large structures will require additional reinforcement in the form of a reinforcing cage.
  • Pour mortar and wait for solidification (about 2 weeks in the summer season). Clean the formwork, protect the surface from moisture bitumen mixture, roofing material.
  • Next, build a wall of the selected materials. The photo shows that smooth stones can be laid without the use of cement-sand mortar.
Wall decoration should be consistent with the overall style of the architectural ensemble. The original project "Stone hedgehog" For a low wall there is no need for a strong foundation.

However, in any case, it is necessary to check the composition of the soil, the level of groundwater. Only after that do they make the right conclusion about the need to create a special solid foundation.

Slate wall

Work with such material is easier compared to previous versions. It is easily cut into plates with the desired size. It is installed in the ground vertically without a foundation, wet technological processes. Slate is resistant to external influences, is inexpensive.

But when using it, the following disadvantages should be kept in mind:

  • The material does not have high strength. From it will not turn out high reliable walls. When processing it is difficult to make smooth edges. You have to be careful when installing, during operation.
  • Places joints of individual elements gradually diverge. As the subsidence of the soil installed sheets deviate from the vertical. The appearance of this material does not meet modern aesthetic requirements.
  • From it will not work to make a high-quality wall of complex shape.

Important! Flowerbags with their own hands from bricks, slate, stones belong to one of the most durable structures. Spent efforts are compensated by a solid appearance. These facilities are not difficult to repair.

How to extend the life of the beds with their own hands from the boards, photos and important notes

How to make a bed of boards to ensure its integrity and the preservation of the aesthetic characteristics for a long time? One answer is given in this photo.

This pot is assembled from boards with cut grooves. They are connected firmly without the use of nails, screws, and other fasteners. After the end of the season, the soil is removed, disassembly is performed. Separate boards are not difficult to carefully check. They are impregnated with special compounds that prevent rotting, protect against ultraviolet rays. If necessary, replace the failed elements.

In this photo, the wooden flower beds are made from a large deck. It was cut and core removed. Coloring performs aesthetic and protective functions. Perfect appearance and high resistance to external influences

Here is a wall with a cut pattern of natural wood. But it is really more durable compared to the natural counterpart. Here used a modern composite material created from polymers, sawdust, dyes and other components. Its only significant disadvantage is the relatively high cost.

Opportunities when choosing a bed of tires with their own hands, photos and examples of implemented projects

To create such a composition does not need special fasteners. Reliable fixation in empty form and when filled with soil is provided by a high coefficient of friction of surfaces.

Note! It should be emphasized chemical neutrality of the material. Flower beds of car tires are not destroyed by moisture. They are not damaged by microorganisms, insects and animals. Long-term safety is ensured without the use of special impregnations and other protective equipment.

For such a "monumental" buildings do not need a special foundation The scheme of making a pot

When playing this technology, the following recommendations will be useful:

  • For cutting it is convenient to use a power fret saw (1).
  • With this tool, complex cut lines are created accurately. Enough effort to separate the extra parts (2, 3).
  • Next, the tire is turned over to the other side (4) and turned inside out. This process (5-8) is carried out in stages. Convenient to use rubber shoes. It provides reliable adhesion to the area of ​​application of forces and does not damage the surface.
  • The upper part of the "flower" (9) is connected to the bottom blank (3). An old steel or cast disk (10) can be used for this assembly.
  • Created pot is installed on a flat platform (11, 12) without additional supports.

Important! To reduce physical activity - choose winter models of tires. They are made of soft rubber, which lends itself well to handling. Such products are easier to give the desired shape without any extra effort.

The given photos of flower beds of tires and tires demonstrate a small part of the potential possibilities. Even beginners are not hard to work with this material. Particularly attractive minimum financial costs.

Simple flower bed of plastic bottles with their own hands, photos and technology

In this case, as in the previous example, the availability of raw materials is attractive. It can be accumulated gradually, or purchased cheaply from wholesalers.

Fences from plastic bottles for flowerbeds are resistant to various types of external influences

They are driven into the ground without a layer of waterproofing, other protective equipment. They retain the original color for many years in direct sunlight.

Products from polymers are not damaged by water, have high strength A simple fence made of plastic bottles for flower beds and a complex composition can be created independently without detailed instructions. Large containers make original vases


This type of flower beds - the exact opposite of the previous one. When choosing flowers for her try to find those plants that bloom in turn. And it turns out that when one part of the flower bed fades, the other just blooms. Such alternation pleases the eye. A flower bed can serve as a yard decoration during all the warm months.

Unusual, but difficult in the performance of flower gardens - carpet. Such a flowerbed on top looks like a green carpet decorated with bright colors. It looks just amazing. But to create such living patterns is quite difficult, because you have to first make a sketch of a flower bed on paper, then draw patterns on the ground, sow seeds. And still it’s not a fact that everything will work out from the first, because Plants may not behave at all as expected, thereby disturbing the harmony at the site.

You now know the main garden compositions of this type and can use them to decorate the territory adjacent to the house.

Creating a flower garden of car tires

Flowerbeds of tires with their own hands - this is the most effective and cost-effective solution. The flexible and elastic structure of automobile tires allows you to give the products the most bizarre shape.

Motorists simply throw away old tires in a landfill, where they lie for years and pollute the surrounding nature. Giving a second life to unnecessary tires, you not only decorate a flower garden, but also take care of ecology. Finished products can be painted in different colors, to complement the composition with other ornamental materials creating unique elements of the landscape. The photo below demonstrates the organic combination of bright decorative flowers and the painted surface of the flowerbed.

The advantages of decorative products from waste rubber

Various flower beds of tires do-it-yourself amaze with their uniqueness and original design. In addition, the landscape design items have a lot of other advantages:

  • simple manufacturing technology
  • the ability to create unusual shapes,
  • aesthetics of decorative elements,
  • the finished product can be painted,
  • small expenses (purchase of paints and varnishes).

The disadvantages of this method of manufacturing landscape scenery are practically absent. The only limitation is personal rejection of the use of old tires and unwillingness to spend personal time and energy on the creation of outdoor vases.

To create spectacular beds of tires with your own hands photo further, it is not necessary to be a professional decorator. Enough to realize their creative potential and spend some money and free time.

Kinds of flower beds and methods of decorating the site

Flower beds of wheel tires can be:

  • high and low
  • single and multi-tiered,
  • in the form of flora or fauna,
  • suspended structures.

In addition to waste tires, to create a flower garden you will need: a sharp knife, paint, stones of different sizes, remnants of building materials. Once the location and shape of the future flower bed has been determined, you can begin to work.

The simplest is the shape of the flower. The larger the tire, the larger the bed of tires. For work it is better to use the already used soft thin rubber of European manufacture. The tire is pre-cleaned, well washed and dried. After this, the contours of the petals are applied with chalk. Highlights cut and remove the upper part.

Cut out bed of tires

Cut a bed of tires with his own hands photo selection of the main stages of work.

As a decorative coating used enamel, nitrokraska or oil paint. The paint material is applied to a clean, dry surface. If desired, you can use a spray can or car paint.

How to make a bed of tires in several tiers? To create a multi-tiered flower bed, you must select several tires of different or identical circumference. Of them neatly cut middle in such a way as to get a circle. The first is a large tire, its base is lined with expanded clay or rubble, and a fertile layer of soil is poured over it. Similarly, the next smaller tires are installed. The number of tiers depends on the desires and the selected items. Flowering plants are planted in the gap between the established rings.

Many-tiered flower bed of tires do it yourself photo before and after.

One of the most elegant creations of old protectors is considered a flowerbed-swan.

The car tire painted in snow-white color can become the real masterpiece of landscaping.

From the edge of the tire, it is necessary to retreat four centimeters and make two similarly rounded cuts on opposite sides. The middle section will become the neck, and wings are cut from the widest part.

In order for wings to appear, the tire must be turned out. Plumage can be created using incisions of various lengths. Wings are set at will, under any inclination. At the end of the swan is painted white.

How to make a bed of tires, clearly shown in the photo.

Various uses of plastic containers

Often enough to create decorative soda compositions used multi-colored plastic bottles. Transparent plastic packaging is a fairly durable and reliable material, so beds of plastic bottles will last more than a dozen years. For work, you can use a container of green, white, red, yellowish, blue and even black colors. Each color is suitable for the realization of one or another idea.

The easiest way to create flowerbeds from plastic bottles is to lay out the original design using an empty container.

Decorative flowerbed, created by yourself from scrap materials - a photo of a beautiful lake with two herons and aquatic vegetation.

To create an artistic composition you need to use the required number of bottles of a certain color.

Under the created composition it is necessary to dig a small trench of necessary sizes. For stability, the bottles are filled with sand and then buried according to the figure.

Plastic, unique in its qualities, can be used to make various animals and birds, gnomes and other fairy-tale characters. Artistic illustrations for any children's fairy tale are created with the help of plastic bottles. Это может быть «Колобок», «Царевна-лягушка» или «Три поросенка». Очень понравились садоводам изящные пчелки – их легко сделать из желтых и черных бутылок небольшого размера. Легкие крылышки делают из прозрачного пластика.

Декоративные фигурки и небольшая клумба из пластиковых бутылок своими руками фото представлено ниже.

Forming a flower bed with a brick

The use of bricks allows you to create the most luxurious and unusual in its shape flowerbeds. Most often do flowerbeds of a geometric shape with a brick with their own hands: round, square or rectangular. If desired, you can make the original multi-stage or acute-angled design.

The easiest way to make a brick curb. Decorative fencing does not trap moisture, but it maintains clear flower garden borders. Having laid a brick with an end face, it is possible to significantly reduce soil washability, but in this case the cost of a brick bed will increase slightly due to an increase in material consumption.

Making round flowerbeds out of bricks is a little more difficult. To create a rounded shape, you must use halves of bricks, which will need to be pre-cut.

Looks great on the garden many-tier flowerbeds of bricks, in their composition several flower beds of different heights. The construction of the construction of such complexity will be the subject of special pride of the owners.

Round and rectangular beds of bricks do it yourself photo.

Flowerbed do it yourself from scrap materials photo further

Flowerbeds with decorative rubble

Making your own flowerbeds from improvised means is a fascinating activity that you can do, not only on your own, but also connect the whole family to the creative process. An interesting and fascinating hobby will help not only to originally and tastefully equip a personal plot, but also to have a great free time.

Subtleties of design

When you have sorted out the colors and their possible combinations, you can proceed to the creation of flower beds and their further design.

Before you make your own hands the most simple flower bed, it is not superfluous to get acquainted with the existing varieties of flower beds. Almost all complex compositions can be created with your own hands, without spending extra money on such a decoration.

Many novice gardeners are familiar with the concept of Alpine Hill. But not everyone knows how it really looks like, nor about where such flowerbeds came from.

Rock gardens - these are flower beds stylized as alpine mountains. To create them, the soil is first prepared. A hill is made of earth or stones. Land can be laid out with small stones, covered with moss or a thin layer of green grass. The plants that adorn rock gardens are used by those that grow in alpine meadows. If you do not have access to such colors, you can always replace them with something similar.

Another original variety of flower beds, which is not difficult to do with your own hands - water. We have this type of flower beds used less frequently. But he is popular in the East. So, if you decorate the courtyard in oriental style, then this design solution will allow you to convey the right atmosphere. For water beds do not need a lot of space. Flowers are located in a small pond, which is also decorated with live plants along the edges. Lilies and other flowers that can survive in such an environment are planted in water.

The flowerbeds stylized as decorative beds look beautiful. In these plants, as a rule, are planted in even rows. Sometimes they form some kind of geometric pattern. For example, square, rectangle or spiral. Real herbs or vegetables can also adjoin to flowers in an ornamental garden. For example, carrots, thyme or basil.

Word "Mixborder" Many people do not understand. But in reality there is nothing complicated. This is just a flower bed that blooms almost all year round. Even an inexperienced gardener can arrange it. Enough to get acquainted with the peculiarities of flowering plants and place in one place flowers that bloom at different times of the year.

On the territory of many suburban areas there are front gardens. This is not a separate flowerbed, but a series of flowers growing along the path. Such a beautiful design passage is used very often. A vertical alley, decorated in a similar way, pleases the eye and makes you want to walk along your site more often.

There are a few more flowerbeds with interesting names. For example, arabesque, which is a patterned flower garden. The easiest way to implement such an idea is planting flowers in circles or spirals. In addition, you can try to create a pattern or an important symbol for you. An arabesque can even be a flowerbed on which some inscription or initials of the creator are planted on the plants.

Flower garden with a beautiful name "Rabatka" found in many parks. This is a long rectangular flowerbed, which is often located next to a building wall or fence. The tallest plants are closer to the wall, and the low ones are next to the passage. This not only looks beautiful, but also allows all sprouts to develop evenly, without hammering each other.

The last type of flower beds - rockeries This is a combination of low colors and stones of different sizes and shapes. It can be decorated with flowers or plants splicing on the ground, as well as ornamental grasses.

A beautiful flower bed in itself is a wonderful decoration of the site. But you can use some additional details of the decor.

For example, in the yard, decorated in an oriental style, in addition to flower beds, you can create a rock garden with your own hands. To do this, you will not need any special materials - it is enough to pick the simplest stones of different sizes and shapes.

Pursuing the design of the site in a rustic style, you can use simple household items. It may be old buckets, pots, barrels and other such things. Most often in such unnecessary containers are beds.

As a decoration, you can use the vine. From it it is easy to weave both a full-fledged fence and a low fence for a flower bed. Both options will look quite organic.

Also, flowerbeds are often decorated or surrounded and familiar garden sculptures - all sorts of gnomes or animals.

Original ideas

One of the most favorite materials for creating flowerbeds with your own hands is automobile tires. To build a simple flower bed from a tire, it is enough just to move it to a suitable place, fill it with earth and sow flowers there. However, it is possible to create something more complicated.

For example, cut the tire, cut off its upper part so that the teeth formed, or just wrap the tire with a clothesline. The last option is suitable for registration of a plot in a rustic style - your original flower bed will resemble a nest or wicker basket.

You can try to create a bed of wood. Boards, stumps, vine or thin branches - all this can serve as the basis for your future flower garden. It can be woven or knocked from the boards. Simply follow the instructions step by step.

To decorate such a bed of improvised means should be bright colors, painting the entire surface in one color, as well as creating some interesting patterns.

Where to place?

Beautiful flower beds can be placed almost anywhere. However, site owners often prefer to place them where they cannot interfere with the free movement within the territory.

The first and most logical option for placing a flower bed is right at the entrance to the plot. In this case, the flower garden will be noticed by everyone who comes to visit you. As a rule, two identical flowerbeds are placed near the entrance on opposite sides of the gate or gate. In addition, make out and track with flowers.

A flower bed next to the house is another interesting means of decorating the site. It is located usually near the main entrance or under the windows. By placing a flower bed next to the house in the country, you can constantly enjoy not only the beauty of the plants, but also their aromas.

On the site

If you do not want to place a flower bed near the entrance to the courtyard or the house, then place it on the sunniest place of your site. Thanks to this solution, you will be sure that the flowers will have enough heat and sunlight.

Tips and tricks

So that the decorative flowerbeds really serve as decoration for the site, rather than creating additional problems for you, you need to follow some tips that simplify the life of a novice gardener:

  • Provide plants with suitable conditions for growth and development. Plant them in the sun and fertilize the soil. Some flowers need to be additionally protected from wind or heavy rains, most also need protection from frost, so in winter the beds are protected either with special coatings or a thick layer of leaves.
  • Regarding the creation of flowerbeds from improvised means, try to do everything so that your creation on the site looked organic. If this is a courtyard in a rustic style, then you can safely decorate it with wooden products or flower beds surrounded by a wicker fence. Near the luxurious old mansion or modern cottage such facilities look ridiculous. The same applies to beds of tires, bottles or other similar materials.
  • Sometimes a layer of paint or thoughtful decor helps to correct the situation.

If you failed to create an even blank for the flowerbed from the first time, decorate it along the edges with artificial flowers, rope or metal ornaments. This will immediately improve the appearance of the product.

New life of an old car

The creativity of simple gardeners is sometimes a real delight. Here is an example of how you can turn a thing not intended for this into a flower bed. For example, the old, obsolete his car. Old car does not need to be sent to landfill. It can be filled with different plants.

The main type of flowers - curly, because they are so beautifully braided all around, covering the shabby details of a dense floral carpet. And in the cabin there is enough space for simple colors that can be admired through the windows of the car. Such an original flower bed is proof that nature still conquers all technologies, no matter how ubiquitous.

Rain of flowers

The following two examples look no less original. The first flower bed is located inside the umbrella. The inverted old umbrella is filled with earth. In this flowerbed, you can grow any plants, but preference is given to small specimens, filling, if desired, free space with small pebbles.

If you want a larger bed, you can use an old bath under it. This original solution will organically complement the site in a rustic style and amuse both you and everyone who will come to visit you. You don’t have to mess around with such a flowerbed - just fill it with a huge amount of earth, and then plant your favorite flowers there. Especially beautiful will look the finished composition, if you also paint the bath, adjusting it to the color of the petals.

Pink garden

The next option is no less simple in execution, but it fascinates at first sight, without leaving anyone indifferent. To make such a vegetable garden on your site, you do not have to make special efforts. It is enough to knock down simple square flowerbeds from the boards, then paint them in your favorite color. The pick-up allows you to perceive this area with flowers and a vegetable garden as a whole.

From the inside, the flower beds are filled with beautiful flowers and plants, and signs with symbols complete the composition. They look cute, and they are worth a penny - you can find similar options in almost any gardening store.

Such a plot with neat flowerbeds is an excellent solution for those who live on a small land, and therefore cannot afford full beds or wide flowerbeds.

Unity with nature

If you decide to make such a flower bed in your area, you will not spend a penny, only a couple of hours of your free time. Such a flower bed is made of pre-processed log of the tree. It needs to be rid of branches, knots and other rough edges, gouge out the opening inside and fill it with earth. Looks like a tree, inside which flowers grow, incredibly beautiful. It is possible to install such a flower bed under the house, near the shop or at the entrance to the courtyard.

Beds from improvised means is an opportunity to try yourself in something new and create a beautiful decorative element for your yard.

Be inspired by other people's work or go your own way - the main thing is that you like the result.

Master class on creating a beautiful flower bed with your own hands from scrap materials, see below.