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This club describes the life of the Russian-Swedish people, various news is published on the site. Here you can find a lot of different photos, even there is a special section "Photo Gallery". It is in it you can find pictures of the city of Stockholm and various maps.

Swedish Palm is a kind of bridge connecting two different cultures, Russian and Swedish. It is here that you can share with other Internet users various novelties, describe any activity or event. The participants of the virtual club share their opinions, problems, as well as joys and sorrows. Responsive citizens always respond and try to help those who are in trouble, or, conversely, share the joy of any victories, or even just maintain a good mood.

The club "Palm Swedish" has its own specialized forum. By and large, this is a common resource for everyone. To take full part, you need to go through the most simple registration, which takes very little time. Like all forums, this system has different sections and headings. You can ask any question and find the answer. And you can also share your opinion about something and leave a corresponding review. All sections of the forum "Palm Swedish" are divided into various topics, so using such a resource is not difficult and you can always find a quick enough answer to the question.

Project sections

First of all, it should be noted one of the most important sections of the "Club". It is in this section are all the innovations of this virtual community. Here you can learn about new products, as well as various announcements, event planning and more.

The section "Visual Sweden" is a photo gallery, it presents various pictures of the most beautiful and exotic places in a given country. Here are all the photos related to the Russian-Swedish culture. In other words, this is a spectacular section that can be viewed in pictures.

The next section is "Communication", that is, these are the forums that have already been written above. Also here you can find a large number of different ads. On a site like Swedish Palm, ads can be published in various subsections. For example, "Dating", "Services", "Purchase and sale".

And another section that needs to be mentioned - "Information". Here you can find various articles and lists of the required Swedish literature.

The club is of great importance in the development of Swedish-Russian relations and connects many Internet users who are separated from each other by a large number of kilometers.

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General recommendations for palm trees

The conditions of palm trees have many similarities; there are some minor differences in care related to the peculiarity of a particular variety. But the natural climatic conditions for most palm trees are tropics. Caring for a palm tree at home should occur based on the following:

1. It is better to have a pot with a plant in warm southern rooms. Mature plants are less demanding on the environment and grow well in any environment, but young palm trees need a certain temperature.

2. During the summer period, palm trees are kept at a temperature of 16 to 22 degrees, but a slight deviation from the norm will not cause any harm to the plant. In winter, the temperature in the room should be maintained at 14-16 degrees, with the exception of cold-resistant varieties that suffer a decrease to 10 degrees.

3. Palm trees are demanding of air humidity. In summer, the crown is often sprayed with warm water and washed, arranging sanitary days for the plant. In winter, they are limited to washing the leaves once a month. With insufficient humidity in the room, the tips of the leaves of the palm tree begin to turn yellow, the plant loses its attractiveness.

4. From early spring to autumn, the plants are watered abundantly, preventing the earthen clod from drying out. For watering use warm water. In winter, the frequency of watering is reduced, but does not allow the soil to dry completely. Drying the soil leads to yellowing of the leaves. If this happens, the dry part can be cut to live tissue.

5. Palm trees are light-loving plants, but direct sunlight can cause burns. Plants are located near the windows, pritonyaya curtains. Adult specimens are able to tolerate sparse shadow and grow quietly in the depths of the room.

6. When airing the room in winter, no drafts should be allowed, because palm trees do not tolerate cold air and may freeze.

7. Young plants are demanding on the composition of the soil, so they are grown in a lighter soil. When transplanting adult palm trees, sod land is added. You can use a specialized primer for dracen.

8. Palms need additional nutrition. From early spring, fertilizers are applied to leafy ornamental plants. The frequency of feeding 1 time in 10 days. In winter, palm trees should be fertilized less frequently.

Caring for a home palm (photo): transplanting

Palm trees are transplanted in the spring until the moment of active growth. Young plants are transplanted every year, and larger ones - 1 time in 4 years.

Transplantation is carried out carefully, trying not to injure the root system of the plant. Sick and damaged roots are cut to healthy tissue and sprinkled with powdered charcoal.

The size of the pot for palm is important. It should be tall, but not wide. Some species of palm trees, for example, date, have a specific feature, their roots rise to the surface of the soil. For planting such plants use narrow long pots, and the roots protruding from the ground are covered with moss.

After transplanting plants, the earth around it is well compacted.

How to propagate a palm tree?

Reproduction of palm trees at home is quite problematic. Some species reproduce exclusively by seed. There are palm trees, which can be propagated by division or by offspring.

Seed propagation is particularly difficult. Seedlings are grown in the lower heated, keeping the temperature up to 35 degrees. The first shoots may appear in a few months. These palm trees grow longer than usual.

Problems in the care of home palm (photo)

1. The tips of the leaves turn brown.

Most likely, the reason lies in too dry air or insufficient watering. Also, the appearance of dry tips is a reaction of the plant to the draft.

2. The leaves turn yellow and fall off.

Insufficient watering in the summer leads to yellowing of the leaves. In the warm season, the soil should always be kept wet.

3. Brown dry spots on the leaves of palm trees.

This is the result of over-wetting at low ambient temperatures.

4. Brown leaves of a palm tree.

If such a phenomenon is seen on the lower leaves of the plant, then there is no reason to worry. In adult palm trees, the lower leaves die off, they need to be cut. If the upper young leaves become brown, this is the result of excessive watering.

Palm pest control (photo)

Poor palm care at home leads to pests.

• Shchitovki

Brown plaques are visible on the surface of the leaves and stem. Insect sucks the plant sap, leaves die.

To combat the pest apply soapy solution, which washes the leaves. With a strong lesion, spray the drug "Aktellik".

• Spider mite

With insufficient air humidity, plants are affected by spider mites. On the stem and leaves, you can discern a web. The plant withers, leaves fall.

For struggle apply spraying aktellik.

• Mealybugs

Insects infect leaves and shoots of plants. A large number of pests leads to the death of the plant.

At the first signs of infection sprayed aktellikom.

Description and photos of home palms

From a huge selection of palm trees, you can choose plants to your liking. It can be dwarf or tall specimens, varied in leaf shape.


This variety of palm trees is often used in gardening apartments, offices. Refers to fast-growing species. Its trunk is powerful brown in color, and the leaves are located at the top. The shape of the leaves fan.

Features of cultivation: Does not require high humidity, but requires regular watering. Attitude to light is neutral, withstands shady places. Propagated by seeds that germinate only after a few months.


This is a fan palm, which has two varieties. She has a strong trunk, green leaves. The plant is very demanding to heat. In the room where the palm tree is grown, it is necessary to maintain a temperature of 24 degrees. Watering moderate, avoid waterlogging. Lighting should be good, without direct sunlight. Lower leaves periodically need to be removed.


The most popular indoor plant from a subtropical climate. Her panicles contain feathery green leaves. Caring for a palm tree at home does not cause trouble. It can grow in the shade, withstands the sun, abundant watering and dry soil. It tolerates fertilizing and transplantation.

Propagated by dividing the bush during transplantation. It is enough to plant a few branches in a separate pot to get a new plant.

Hamedorea blooms at a young age. Inflorescence is a panicle containing cream or white flowers.


Palm is placed on the lighted place, in the summer it is useful to take to the fresh air. Watered moderately, in the summer period in the water they add nutrient mixtures once a week. In winter, the palm tree contains at a temperature of 10 degrees. Repot the plant annually.