Aihrison (Tree of Love)


Aihrizon - from the family of pulley trees, a relative of the well-known money tree. It is a bush succulent, 30 cm high, with a diameter of up to 25 cm, the stems of which branch strongly, but almost do not woody. The second romantic, tender name of an Aikhrizon, the tree of love, got accustomed to the people, because the plump leaves covered with a silvery fluff look like green hearts gathering in rosettes. And many still believe that this is the tree of happiness.

The island of Maidrera, located in the Atlantic Ocean, is also considered the birthplace of Ayhrizone, and can also be found in Portugal, the Canary Islands, and the Azores. At the moment, actively grown by fans of indoor plants.

How to care for the flower with Aikhrizone

Airchrison tree of happiness planting and care at home photo

Aihrizone - the plant is not capricious and it takes root well even in apartments where there are unfavorable conditions for growing. To care for him is quite simple.

Choosing a place for the flower Aihrizone

Avoid direct sunlight, the effects of heat from the battery, household appliances. The best place is the western or eastern window, on the southern side it is necessary to create a light shade using gauze or tulle. The temperature regime for spring and summer is 20–25 ° C, 10 ° C is sufficient in winter, and leaves fall at elevated temperatures.

Watering and moisture for a flower

Aihrizone is a succulent that does not need strong watering. When the leaves are elastic, dense - moisture is enough. Watering often, but a little, abundant watering will lead to rotting of the roots, in winter, extremely rare watering is needed.

Humidity is not a decisive factor in care; the plant tolerates the dry air of rooms well. Occasionally a warm shower will not interfere, but not in the winter.

Soil and fertilizer for airzone

Since the root system of the airborne zone is small and weak, do not use heavy soil and high pot, in which case the roots may rot. The ideal mixture for the plant: combine one part of peat, turf land, coarse sand, expanded clay or gravel, put it in clay pots with a diameter of up to 12 cm with good drainage material added to the bottom, pieces of birch coal will also be useful.

For pomp and a good type of bush in the spring and summer, it is necessary to fertilize often: complex fertilizers with a low nitrogen content are introduced every two weeks, in the winter fertilizer is not required.

To form a nice rounded crown, pinch the upper parts of the young shoots, underdeveloped and old - remove completely. In the spring, it is necessary to cut extra long shoots, just cut off the flowered flower stalks.

Flowering of achyrizone

Begin to bloom 2-3-year-old plants. Blooming in spring, almost all species can rejoice in bloom for about six months. When the age is reached, but the flowering does not occur, the conditions of care may not have been met - transplant it into a small pot, water it moderately, leave it to winter in a cool place.

Growing from seed

To grow airborne seed from seeds, prepare a mixture of leafy earth and sand in a ratio of 1 to 2. Sow the seeds, build a greenhouse, covered with glass or film, place in a bright place, periodically ventilate and irrigate the soil. In a couple of weeks, shoots will appear. The grown flowers dive, change the original soil to a mixture of sand, light soil and leafy land in a ratio of 0.5 + 0.5 + 1. Strengthened plants spread out in separate pots with a diameter of about 7 cm, ensure the air temperature is 18 ° C.

Aichrizone Cutting

Reproduction of AIhrizona cuttings photo

Cutting is even easier: cut off the sprout, a couple of hours after cutting off the main plant, dig in the ground for succulents or a mixture of sand and vermiculite. Rooted bushes planted in pots with a diameter of 7 cm. For the formation of roots, the stalk can also be put in water, but it can simply rot.

Diseases and pests of the tree of love

Aihrizone has strong immunity. Observing proper care, the disease will not appear, and harm is likely to bypass. Occasionally they can be attacked by nematodes, spider mites, and mealy worms. Excessive watering threatens to rot. Falling leaves in the fall is quite normal, because the plant is preparing to winter, but when faced with this summer, check whether the plant is exposed to direct sunlight. Excessive watering or drying out of the soil can also trigger leaf fall.

Signs and superstitions about airflow

Aihrizon photo care at home omens and superstitions

There is a belief that where there is growing ayhrizon, love, happiness and harmony will reign, so be sure to get this tree of love into your home. It is believed that he takes away the negative, protects against adversity and misfortune, clears the aura of the house.

Ochchkolistnyy or achichrizone aeonium Aichryson sedifolium

Ochchkolistnyy or Aihrizon Aeronium hybrid photo

The shrub is about 40 cm high, with straight shoots, the leaves are short - about 15 mm, wide, like a mace, grow close to each other, forming a rosette up to 6 cm in diameter. May be yellow-green, green, sometimes with reddish stripes, emit sticky substance that covers the surface of the sheet. Flowering - yellow flowers, forming a racemes, blooms about two months. In winter, it is prone to dropping foliage.

Household aichrizone aichryson x domesticum

Household aichrizone aichryson x domesticum photo

Hybrid tree shape of love. Compact bush with a height and diameter of 30 cm, with small leaves in the form of a mace, up to 2 cm in length and 1 cm in width, assembled in miniature sockets covered with white fibers. The leaves are bright green in color, the inflorescences are yellow, fragrant, can bloom up to six months.

Aihrison sinuous Aichryson tortuosum

Aihrison sinuous Aichryson tortuosum

Neat shrub, about 30 cm high with light green thick diamond-shaped leaves, covered with the edge, collected in rosettes, the area of ​​the leaf plate is about 1.5 cm. The short petiole is a feature, flowering reaches six months.

Loose or open air Aichryson laxum

Loose or open airy Achrison Aichryson laxum photo

Shrub in the shape of a cube, about 40 cm high. Leaves-rombiki, with white pubescence, 1-3 cm in size, placed on a long petiole, form rosettes. Yellow flowers bloom in early spring and can bloom for about 6 months, characterized by dropping foliage after flowering.

Aihrison spot Aichryson punctatum

Aihrison spot Aichryson punctatum photo

Reaches a height of 40 cm. Brown-green shoots have a thick white fringe, and diamond-shaped leaves are slightly pubescent, located on long petioles, collected in sockets.

Aihrizon (Tree of Love). Care at home.

This room flower is a big fan of light. Therefore, a well-lit window sill will be the most favorable place to grow it. Due to its compactness, the airflow will perfectly fit on it. But it should be noted that the light should be diffused, should be avoided and protect the flower from direct sunlight. Usually such plants are placed at windows oriented to the east or west. So that the flower does not grow one-sided, turn it from time to time.


In the warm season, the temperature for airflow is not particularly critical (if it is, of course, not too high or low). Normal room temperature is quite acceptable for a plant. Optimally, it can be within + 20-25 degrees.

In winter, the situation is somewhat different. In order to ensure the future lush flowering of achyrizone, a lower temperature (+ 9-10 degrees) is necessary. Most often on the window sill by the window and about the same temperature remains, but if the window sill is heated and the temperature conditions on it do not satisfy the needs of the plant, then try to find a more suitable place for it. Otherwise, it is not enough that the flowering will be poor (and even it will not come at all), and the tree itself will begin to lose leaves intensively, stretch out, become unattractive.

Watering and humidity

Aihrizone succulent and, therefore, may for some time exist due to accumulated moisture. To treat watering should be very careful. It is very likely to pour the plant! There is no defined watering mode for this flower. As with almost all indoor plants, the frequency of watering for him is determined by the conditions in which they are contained. First of all, it is the air temperature. You should also consider the size of the plant and the volume of the pot. To begin with, until you have worked out your irrigation schedule for airborne water, it is better to water in small portions of water after the topsoil has dried out. There is a proven way to check if there is enough moisture in the plant. Just press lightly on the flower crown with your palm. If you feel that it is elastic, springy, then everything is fine. If the crown is sluggish, it requires urgent watering. With a prolonged re-drying, the leaves of the plant wither, shrivel. Especially carefully and much less frequently, it is necessary to water the airflow in winter.

The love tree tolerates dry air. Spray and moisten the air in other ways, no need. Moreover, as with all room flowers with pubescent leaves, spraying can harm it. But many growers practice periodic washing of the whole plant under the aroma. It has a good effect on the health and appearance of the flower.

In the warm season, when airborne has a period of vigorous growth and flowering, it can be fed with fertilizer for succulents (cacti). Periodic feedings - every 15 days.

Transplant Transplant

Airhrizon does not like large, spacious pots. Yes, they are to him and without need. The root system of the plant is not particularly developed and is located in the upper part. A large pot will not only slow down the flowering of the tree of love, but can also provoke stagnation of water, followed by rotting of the roots. Consequently, it is necessary to replant airflowson only as needed, when the pot is clearly becoming small for him. For planting - transplanting it is desirable to use low pots. But if the choice is small, then pour a large layer of drainage material into a high pot. To the composition of the land, airflow is unassuming. From ready mixes it is possible to use the earth for succulents. Suit and mix for cacti. It can be supplemented with pieces of charcoal. If you make the mixtures for the flowers yourself, then the simplest dredger for airhrizon:

  • Sod land - four parts,
  • Leafy ground - one part,
  • Humus (or greenhouse) land - one part,
  • Coarse sand (or perlite) - one piece.

This mixture is desirable to improve a small amount of brick chips and charcoal.


If you wish, you can give your plant any shape. A love tree tolerates pruning and shaping very easily. Depending on your desire, you can grow it in the form of a bush or in the form of a small tree. In the first case, nothing special needs to be done. It is enough to pinch the tops of young plants to stimulate branching. To get a pretty tree from an airyzone is also not difficult. It is necessary to leave one of the sturdiest stem and periodically clean its lower part from twigs and leaves. For the formation of a beautiful crown, the tops also pinch, weak or, on the contrary, too developed branches, are cut off.

Breeding airhrizone

The easiest way - reproduction by cutting. I recommend to the beginning florist to cut the stalk into a container with some water, and wait until he gives the roots, then plant in the ground. In this way, geraniums, epiphyllum, violet (Saintpaulia), hibiscus, Benjamin ficus and many other plants breed. The advantage of this method is obvious - it is more visual and allows you to control the process. Do not forget to add an activated carbon tablet to the water. It protects the water from souring and blooming.

More experienced flower growers, transplanted ahichrizone cuttings immediately to the ground. Before planting, cut off the stalk should be slightly (a couple of hours) podvyalit in pritenennom dry place. Landing is suitable for the same land as for an adult plant, but diluted twice with coarse sand or perlite. Rosewood cuttings are usually rooted very well and quickly.

Some difficulties in growing the “Tree of Love”

Airflow does not bloom. The reason is likely to be too warm winter. But also the reason may be in too big a pot and excessive watering.

Ahichrizon leaves fall intensively. If he loses the leaves in the warm season, this may be due to improper watering. Equally, it can be either insufficient or excessive watering. Another reason may be the defeat of direct sunlight. Ahichrizone leaves fall during the flowering period of the plant, but this phenomenon is normal. Fall foliage can begin and closer to winter. This is a signal that it is time for the flower to switch to winter mode of maintenance.

Diseases and pests. With proper care for AIhrizone at home, these misfortunes are not afraid of him. But due to unbalanced watering various rot can develop. Careless care also provokes spider mites, mealybugs, nematodes, scale insects, sciarid.

general information

In fact, it is not a tree. Most species are herbaceous plants. Many among them and shrubs.

The connection of this plant with love can be traced quite clearly. Many omens about him endow him with the ability to predict important changes concerning the relationship between lovers. The plant is often called the “tree of happiness” and the “money tree”.

This low, highly branching succulent, belonging to the family of pulpy leaves, is unpretentious in its care and to the growing conditions, decorative, easily propagated and quickly grows. This unusual plant produces excellent bonsai, as it is easy to form.

This article provides information about the tree of love ayzhrizone: signs, reviews. Also here you can learn about the features of care for this amazing plant.

The plant belongs to the genus Aichryson, which in total includes 15 species.

The love tree, aihrizone, is a small plant (up to 40 cm) with fragile stems. The base has lignified form only in adult plants. Smooth small leaves with slightly visible pubescence on them are painted in greyish-green or green shades. Depending on the type, their shape can be rhombic, heart-shaped, spatulate, etc.

Most often the tree blooms in April and May. Inflorescence, located on not very long peduncle (height up to 20 cm), has the form of plates or loose panicles. Flowers in the form of stars are mostly yellow in color.

Growing conditions

For this plant is easy care at home. The tree of love, aihrizon, is unpretentious and prefers moderation in everything. Yes, and to the conditions of growth it is not picky. The place is suitable for him bright, but without hitting the direct rays of the sun. This condition is necessary in order to avoid burns on the leaves. However, even if you are in the sun, the tree will live, but will cringe a little. In a very shaded place, it will lose its compactness and become loose.

Flower containers for airshaft should not be selected "for growth" due to the fact that it has a poor root system. It is necessary to provide for the presence of drainage at the bottom of the pot. Feels great on light nutrient soil (preferably neutral). You can add crushed bricks or coarse sand to the ground. Suitable for this plant and soil mixture intended for cacti.

Airchrizone grows well indoors all year round. Ideal conditions are warm summer (temperature + 21-25 ° С) and winter is cool (+ 8-12 ° С). If such a regime is observed, the plant will be able to rest in the fall and blossom in the springtime.

Regarding irrigation, moderation should also be taken into account: in summer, this procedure should be carried out as needed, and rarely in winter. This succulent is able to calmly endure a temporary drought. For plants of this moisture is inherent in ordinary apartments.

Below are some varieties of airhison.

    Home. This kind of love tree, aihrizone (see photo in the article) is a hybrid derived from sinuous and pointed aihrizone. This is a low shrub with a rounded crown. The fleshy leaves have a slight pubescence and a white rim on the edges. The flowers are yellow fragrant.

Home Care Rules

Aihrizon is a barometer of family relationships. Such an important plant needs proper care, although it is not particularly picky about it.

  1. Watering the plant, as noted above, should be infrequent. This is due to the fact that it has the ability to accumulate moisture, and abundant watering can cause rotting of the roots. In order to understand whether the plant needs moisture, you should touch the stem. Resilience suggests that watering is not necessary. If it is sluggish and is forced, it means that water is urgently needed.
  2. Periodically holding the shower will allow the plant to free itself from accumulations of dust and restore its normal form. But this should be done only in the period of its development or flowering. Дерево любви аихризон нельзя купать в моменты его покоя.
  3. Water for irrigation should be soft and separated.
  4. Fertilize the plant can be once a month means intended for succulents.
  5. In the presence of fungal diseases, it is necessary to immediately cut out healthy fragments to obtain a new plant by vegetative propagation. It is impossible to completely save him in this case.
  6. To control pests use special chemical solutions. Although it rarely happens. Only in hot weather can there be a scout and a spider mite.

It should be noted another important point. One of the features of the plant is the content of poison in its juice. It can cause poisoning and therefore the flower should be kept away from small children and animals.

More on fertilizer application

Once every 2-3 weeks, during the active growing season of the plant, it should be watered with a solution of a special fertilizer for succulents and cacti. If it is difficult to find a similar dressing, then you should not add anything at all.

Such means differ from universal fertilizers in the lowest content of nitrogen. Aihrizone and other succulents treat him badly.


The Ayikhrizon tree of love looks beautiful and exotic in the room. Care of it includes the mandatory formation of a bush. Without such a procedure, fragile overgrown branches with an asymmetric crown can break under the weight of their branches and leaves.

As noted above, this plant is perfect for creating bonsai. It can be shaped into a miniature tree, from it you can create a ball and fancy silhouettes. In addition, pruning stimulates the growth of new young branches. This procedure should be carried out several times a year. Flower growers should not be frightened by the gradual dropping of leaves after they have dried. This is quite a normal phenomenon that occurs with the growth of the bush and during the flowering period.

Under natural growth conditions, aykhrizon is a spreading shrub. When keeping it at home, regular pruning can transform it into a sort of miniature tree.

How it's done? During the period of intensive growth of the plant, the tops of the newly formed shoots should be pinned approximately 2-3 cm. It is also necessary to get rid of the unsuccessfully located (protruding) and weak twigs. And after a period of rest of the plant, with the loss of good shape, it is best to re-root the cuttings cut from it. You should not waste time on any attempt to return the decorative plant to the old plant. A new tree will grow pretty quickly.

According to some beliefs, the love tree, aihrizone, will bloom only in the house where there is mutual understanding and harmony. The flower feels bad in an atmosphere of hostility. Flowering in this situation stops, the leaves wither and begin to dry and fall off. It is important to notice in time the deterioration of the condition of the plant and try to prevent the deterioration of the situation and establish normal relations.

According to superstition, only the restoration of good relationships at all levels (emotional, spiritual, and sexual) will help to return the plant’s fragrant appearance to the plant. Dissolving its flowers will say that marriage is no longer in danger.

There are signs that interpret the blooming of the indoor air chamber not as an indicator of the situation in the family, but as a way to strengthen relationships. It can be said that even if the tree is simply in the house, it will always contribute to peace and harmony in the family.

Signs for wealth

There is a belief that a love tree can increase the income of a plant owner. Aihrizone growing in a house where they are carefully cared for, is also able to help the owner. Unexpected prizes, winnings and finds are possible.

However, some experts say that only purchased plants bring financial assistance, and donated ones can provoke losses and unforeseen expenses. Therefore, for the tree of love, received as a gift, you should give a coin in exchange (buy off the forces of the dark).

Signs for singles

According to some signs, the love tree, aihrizone, should be made by people who dream of a serious and strong relationship. A plant in a house can tell its owner about the presence of a person next to him who is suitable for living together. The beginning of the flowering of the plant suggests that the only person beloved by his fate appeared in the owner's life. In this situation, you should not miss your chance. And if the flower withers and dries, you should not count on the nearest marriage.

This plant can help girls who dream of getting married, but do not notice worthy partners near them. Similar observations can be made during the period of romantic relationships. If the breath is fresh and cheerful, then the relationship with this lover can bring happiness. If, on the contrary, the state of the flower deteriorates, you should take a closer look at the person.

It is important to remember that omens work only in the case of proper care of the plant. That is, in order to use the unusual possibilities of the tree, you need to exert maximum efforts for a comfortable growth of the airzone.

Opinions gardeners about the plant

Almost all flower growers about this plant give the most positive feedback. The love tree achirizon perfectly survives in any conditions. And this is one of the most attractive moments. Many believe that it should be in every home, because they call it the tree of happiness and love. Is it bad to grow love and happiness?

And it looks like a real small tree with a good dense crown. This flower can be called grateful and sweet. Looks great in any room design. The only small drawback is the fall of the leaves during the flowering period. Pretty soon there are new young leaves, thanks to which the plant is quickly restored.

The compactness of the plant is another important advantage of it, thanks to which many growers grow it in their homes.


It so happened that airflow is the guarantor of well-being and tranquility in the house. He retains love, so it is often given to new settlers, newlyweds and spouses who celebrate anniversaries. This is the best assistant in finding the only and beloved person. The most reliable indicator of excellent relations and “weather in the house” is the blossoming of the airdrop. And best of all, if it is long.

Description of species and varieties

Aihrizone is a succulent herbaceous or semi-shrub plant with strongly spinning shoots covered with oppositely arranged heart-shaped leaves, which caused the name "tree of love".

When damaged, green leaf plates, which can be either monotonous or have blotches, become a source of unpleasant odor. Flowering occurs in the second half of spring, when the yellow, cream or red star-shaped flowers, gathered in shields or panicles, bloom. After the inflorescences dry up, with the death of the arrows, the vital forces leave the leafy rosettes.

In natural habitats, succulent is represented by 15 species, among which the following deserve special attention:

  • Aihrizon dotted - succulent plant up to 40 cm high, green, slightly pubescent shoots of which have a brownish tinge. Leaves collected in the sockets are attached to the stems with long petioles.
  • Sinuous - undersized succulent with diamond-shaped, fleshy leaves on short petioles. Plant height of 40 cm fully corresponds to the diameter of the crown
  • Loose - the view is represented by plants with a height and diameter of up to 40 cm. It is characterized by long racemes, consisting of small golden flowers.
  • Ochcholistnyy - a variety stands out narrow crown and densely arranged sticky leaves of green, decorated with red stripes.
  • Domestic airshyzon - as a result of the interbreeding of airyhrizon, a point and sinuous, a hybrid was obtained with a height of 15 to 30 cm. The leaves, which are club-shaped, are pubescent with white fleeces. Succulent blossoms bloom yellow color with a pleasant aroma. In the culture there is a variegated form of Variegatum.

Features and difficulties of growing the "tree of love"

Flower Ahirizon received a large spread in the indoor floriculture for ease of cultivation.

However, despite the docile nature of the plant, if the “tree of love” is not provided with optimal conditions for keeping, you can face the problem of falling foliage.

How to create conditions for successful growth

In order for the flower to develop well and please the grower with a decorative crown and beautiful flowering, it is necessary to create the most suitable conditions for the content of succulent in an apartment or house.

  1. Lighting and location. Succulent light-requiring. A space on the east or west window-sill is prepared for the airzone, where it can receive a large amount of soft light. To form a symmetrical bush, you should systematically turn the pot clockwise.
  2. Temperature mode. During the growing season, the succulent plant feels great at temperatures that are comfortable for the grower. For wintering, the airborne is sent to a room with a temperature regime of 8–10 ° C, which makes it possible to avoid foliar discharges and stretching of the shoots.
  3. Humidity. Dry air does not have a negative effect on the flower. In spring and summer, the plant likes to periodically take a warm shower. In winter, such water procedures are not carried out.

To see flowers on your "tree of love" you can not:

  • pour earthy lump,
  • plant a plant in a pot that is too spacious
  • leave winter flower in a warm room.

During the flowering phase, which can last for about 6 months, the leaves fall off the plant. Therefore, after completion of flowering, it is necessary to remove not only dried inflorescences, but also weak shoots, which will allow the indoor flower to recover faster.

Transplant flower ahikhrizon

After leaving the dormant state, the ahihrizone is annually transplanted into a fresh substrate, which is prepared from sod, leafy soil, humus and sand in a proportion of 4: 1: 1: 1.

For a flower, a rather tight pot is chosen: flowering is observed only after mastering the whole earthen coma by its roots.

The transplant procedure is as follows:

  1. Gravel drainage is lowered into the selected pot with optimal parameters.
  2. Drainage material is covered with a thin layer of nutrient substrate with a loose structure.
  3. Next, by transferring the flower is placed.
  4. Free space is filled with fresh soil mix.

Protection against diseases and pests

If the florist reacts to the maintenance of the flower and caring for him responsibly, he will not have to deal with such pests as spider mites, mealybugs and scales. Settlement of shoots is observed in too dry air, when cultural hygiene is not observed, providing for systematic water procedures in the form of a warm shower. If damage is detected by harmful insects, it is recommended to treat the plant with an insecticidal preparation according to the manufacturer's instructions, which is indicated on the original packaging.

In case of excessive watering and stagnation of moisture in the roots, gray rot development can be observed. To cure the plant, at the first signs of the disease, aihrizone is removed from the pot, and its root system is cleared of ground residue. The infected roots are removed, after which the plant is planted in a fresh substrate and treated with a fungicide.

Attention! When processing pesticides should take out the plant pot to fresh air, as well as to protect the soil under a bush or stem tree from possible ingestion of drugs.

If the grower has opted for the seed method for breeding a succulent plant, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Prepare a soil mixture of leaf soil and sand in equal parts.
  2. To ignite the soil in the oven for disinfection.
  3. Fill the container with the substrate, over the surface of which the seed should be spread and slightly pressed.
  4. Cover the container with glass and rearrange it in a bright room.
  5. Regularly air and spray crops.
  6. After emergence of shoots to remove glass.
  7. When the seedlings are stronger, pick them in separate pots.
  8. Provide young individuals with a temperature range of 16 - 18 ° C.

How to propagate the flower by cuttings

The cuttings prepared from the shoots remaining after pruning, quickly and quite easily rooted in water with the addition of wood ash, and in the soil mixture of vermiculite and sand, taken in equal parts. Before placing the cuttings in the selected rooting environment, the prepared planting material is dried in a dry, dark room for 2 to 3 hours.

Thus, with proper care, the “tree of love” will delight its owners with excellent health and decorativeness, the degree of which is particularly enhanced with prolonged and fragrant flowering.

Types and varieties of the "tree of love"

Choosing an airflow for your little greenhouse you should know that the plant has several types. Here are the most popular ones:

  1. Aihrizone home - is the most common variety of shrubs, reaching up to 30 cm in height. The diameter of the crown is about the same. For the plant is characterized by small dense foliage, with a shallow edge and a rich green color. This species is popular due to its flowering - you can admire flower stalks up to 20 cm in height.
  2. Sinuous - small-sized representative of the group, which grows up to 15-20 cm in height. For such a shrub is characterized by diamond-shaped leaves with the edge, as well as yellow inflorescences of stellate type. The plant can bloom up to 4-6 months in a row.
  3. Aihrizon is chicled - a shrub of a larger size with a beautiful spreading crown. Branches of this class are strongly branched, with dense sockets up to 12 cm in diameter. Also, this type of tree has no edge on the foliage, they are completely smooth and have brown spots. Flowering reaches 8 cm and is characterized by a rich yellow color, pleasing the hosts in the spring.
  4. Spot - a tree up to 40 cm in height, characterized by densely pubescent green-brown shoots and rhomboid foliage. Sockets are dense, have a carved border. This shrub produces small loose inflorescences of yellow color.
  5. Aihrizon loose - also a very common type of shrub, which is large in size and square crown up to 40 cm. The leaves are dense, rhomboid, slightly pubescent and located closer to the end of the petioles. It gives large yellow blossoms.

Aihrizon - a beautiful ornamental tree for home greenhouse

Reproduction at home

Aihrizone is reproducible well, basically the process occurs through the stems or cuttings. To do this, it is necessary to dry the planting material in a darkened room and plant it in the soil. Potted soil unusual. The composition contains moistened sand and vermiculite. You can also use hardwood or sod land. All components are introduced in a ratio of 1: 1. Further disembarkation occurs after the appearance of the roots, they must be transplanted into a larger pot and grow air seed at a temperature of 16 ° C-18 ° C.

Rarely reproduced by means of seeds. As a rule, they are immediately placed in the ground, which also consists of river sand and hardwood. You can water the plant only by spraying.

Important! Before the appearance of the first germs, the pots must be wrapped with plastic wrap.

After sustainable healthy shoots are formed, it is necessary to plant young shrubs in small pots, continuing to care for the plants in case of propagation by shoots.

Aircraft meets reproduction easily and unpretentious in a new landing site

Growing difficulties

Beginning flower growers often face problems in breeding airflow. It is not always possible to solve them without a certain experience, so we present the most common difficulties below:

  1. Strong foliage abscission. This phenomenon is not uncommon, and there can be many reasons for its appearance. For example, you are too much waterlogged earthen clod, kept the plant under intense solar radiation or peresulili soil in a pot. If the foliage falls in late autumn, this indicates a rise in temperature inside the room. Take the air cream to a cool place where there will be no more than 8 ° C-10 ° C. Also, do not be afraid if the leaf fall occurs at the end of flowering - this is normal.
  2. In the conditions of "warm" wintering, the airgrass stems, as a rule, become bare and stretch along, forming the wrong skeleton. If this happened to your plant, then the only thing you can do is root the tops, rejuvenating the tree. Pinching of the apical bud along with pruning of the central stem is also allowed.
  3. It is resistant to diseases. The same goes for pests. However, the plant is subject to the negative effects of rot, so do not “fill” the pot.

Airflow may be affected by improper care.

Caring for airflow

Maintain optimum air temperature. In the period spring - summer the plant should be in conditions of 20 ° C - 25 ° C. Если в вашем жилище душно, тогда постарайтесь обеспечить аихризону приток свежего воздуха либо вынести горшок в сад, укрыв от дождя и ветра. Зимовать дерево должно при температуре 8-10 °C.

Следите за освещением — аихризону необходим рассеянный, но яркий свет. Старайтесь закрыть от прямых солнечных лучей, т. к. this will create discomfort for the plant until it burns. The best option - placing the pot on the windowsill on the west side. If the windows face south - shade the place where the plant stands with a white sheet of A4 paper or a curtain.

Important! In order for an airyzone crown to be thick and regular, it is necessary to periodically turn the pot opposite side to the light.

Regarding the humidity of the air there are no special requirements, so the tree will approach the usual care as for any ornamental plant.

Take care when irrigating airflowers. This plant requires moderate soil moisture, an indicator of which is turgor of foliage. Do not rot, so inspect the outlet every week. If they spring, it means that the tree has enough moisture, and if lethargy appears, it is necessary to water it. In summer and spring, increase the volume of water in comparison with the winter period.

To stimulate the growth of new leaves you need to hold a warm shower twice a month. You will need to take out the pot with airflow in the bathroom, and spray it abundantly with water at a temperature of 30 ° C. Then leave the plant in the same place until the drops completely dry so that it does not get burned in the sun. And only then return to your place. In the period of rest it is not recommended to water ahichrizone in general

Airchrizon is unpretentious in care, but needs constant attention

Caring for a plant at home implies an annual transplant in the spring. Coming out of hibernation, the rhizome of air-yrisone tightly twists the soil in the pot and needs to be changed. Choose small containers, as the root system of these plants is superficial. The composition of the soil should be as follows:

  • leaf ground - 1 part,
  • river sand - 1 part,
  • turf - 2 parts
  • humus - 1 part.

Transplanting needs to be done every year so that the tree has a beautiful crown.

Top dressing and blossoming of a tree

Complex nitrogen-rich formulations are suitable for airborne fertilizer, otherwise the plant will not bloom. Fertilization is carried out in the spring - autumn period, or from the moment of flowering until its completion, 1 time in 2 weeks.

When growing orchidris at home, flowering usually occurs between the ages of 2-3 years in the spring and can last up to 6 months, depending on the type of plant. If the tree does not bloom when this age is reached, the conditions of its maintenance should be changed: transplant into a smaller pot, put it in a cool dark place and provide rare watering.

Important! When flowering, airflow leaves up to 80% of its foliage, and the sockets themselves die. This is a normal phenomenon, which is not an alarming sign about the disease of the tree. After pruning, the plant will quickly restore the green mass.

The blooming airyason will decorate your home with amazing colors

Pruning and disease

The tree of love can be grown shrubs or shtambom. In order for the airstone's crown to be thick and beautiful, it is necessary to regularly pinch the tips of the shoots, as well as to remove the outgrowths. If, due to the heat, the skeleton was crooked, you can cut off ugly shoots and re-root healthy cuttings.

As a rule, airflow is not too attractive for pests and is not affected by them. However, it is prone to diseases caused by improper care. For example, the rotting of earthy coma due to high humidity, abundant watering leads to falling off of the leaves and weakening.

Video: how to properly care for airflow

As you can see, the cultivation of airshaft at home is a rather hassle-free occupation, but as a result you will receive an amazingly beautiful tree. With proper care, the plant will delight owners with amazing blooms for 4–6 months in a row, and only a few simple rules need to be followed.


In total, the bush has exactly fifteen species, among which you can find both annual plants and perennials. And each of them is somehow different: some of them gather in beautiful roses, while others delight in abundant flowering. But as a room most often choose:

  1. Eoniumhe cloudy airshyzon - low shrub, a distinctive feature of which are elongated pear-shaped leaves of yellowish-green shade. Being relatively short, up to 15 mm, they grow close to each other and gather in sockets. Often complemented by red stripes with a sticky substance. The plant blooms for two months with yellow buds, and in the winter it loves to sap foliage.
  2. Home air cream - The result of selection, obtained by crossing two other subspecies: tortuous and point. The dimensions of this indoor bush are even smaller than the previous one, the height and width rarely exceed 30 cm. The leaves are club-shaped, the white fluff covers a bright green surface. On the tops of each twig, a beautiful rosochka is formed. Yellow flowers characteristic of the species are distinguished by a rich aroma and a long flowering period: they are able to please the eye up to six months.
  3. Tortuozum or winding airyzone - another miniature shrub. Flowering begins in spring and can last up to 5−6 months. Light plump leaves, collected in rosettes, have the form of diamonds and are covered with many white hairs. The dimensions of each leaf blade are also small, keeping around 1 cm. And the name of the houseplant is due to short petioles.
  4. Loose or open air - bush, height and diameter of which reach 40 cm. Like eoniom, sheds its leaves. But this happens not in winter, but, as a rule, after the end of the flowering period. On the long petioles are whole groups of elongated diamond-shaped leaves, forming rosettes. The average size of the leaf surface: 1 to 3 cm. Multiple yellow racemes appear in early spring and last for several months.
  5. Acupressure Point - compact plant with brownish-green shoots covered with white fuzz. The latter makes the subspecies unique in its own way: only its thick “hairs” grow not so much on the leaves as on the sprigs. Long petioles topped with small "roses" from the leaves.

Room humidity and irrigation rules

What home shrub is really picky about is moisture. It feels good in rooms with a dry climate or at a humidity of 50–70%. But in a particularly hot period, it is still advisable to occasionally wash its leaves with water at room temperature. In winter, such a procedure will do much more harm than good, but in the summer it is a great way to refresh the plant.

When irrigating airflow, never forget that it belongs to succulents. They store moisture in thick leaves, so abundant and frequent watering is contraindicated for them - such care will lead to the decay of the shrub.

During the periods of late off-season and winter, it is desirable to water the plant as seldom as possible.

The surest way to find out if moisture is necessary is to evaluate the appearance or press a little on one of its leaves. In need of watering the bush, they are sluggish. If the surface of the plate is dense and elastic, it does not need water yet.

Soil and feeding

This decorative flower is the owner of weak roots, so heavy or rough soil can adversely affect the speed of its growth. Large, high pots will also have to be abandoned - surprisingly, along with generous watering, they are one of the common causes of air decay.

Soil is best to buy purchased, for succulents, or, based on the recommendations of a specialist seller. But with a strong desire, you can prepare it yourself, taking the following ingredients in equal proportions:

  • sod land
  • coarse sand,
  • gravel or expanded clay,
  • peat.

Another way to “collect” the soil is to mix soddy soil with humus and sand in a 4: 1: 1 ratio. And of course, do not forget about the drainage layer: expanded clay (gravel) is placed on the bottom of the pot. He will often protect the bush from excess moisture. From which, by the way, airflow should be abstained for about a week. Only after this time the first watering is done.

The optimum will be a flower pot with a diameter of about 12 cm.

In general, the fertilizer to the shrub is not so important, but if you want to become the happy owner of a lush and beautiful plant, in the spring-summer period you can feed. It is worth choosing any complex additives, the only important condition - low nitrogen content. It is better to make them in small portions, no more than once every 2 weeks.

As a rule, this procedure is performed in spring. And it is relevant only if the current flower pot has become cramped and most of it is occupied by roots. But at the same time, the new “housing” for airflow should be a little more than the previous one and necessarily shallow, since its root system has a superficial structure.

Florists advise to replant newly purchased plants. Leaving airflow in store soil is a bad idea.

Usually novice growers do not bother themselves with such an aspect of plant care, as the formation of a crown by cutting the shoots. However, it is thanks to him that airflow can be transformed from an ordinary home shrub into a work of art.

During the flowering period, do not forget to get rid of the beginning to fade flower stalks!

Weak or old shoots must be promptly removed. Tops of young twigs gently pinch. And in the spring, when the plant begins to grow actively, too long stalks are shortened.

Creating conditions for flowering

The first yellow flowers appear on the tops of the shoots of Ahichriz by 2–3 years of age. At the same time, flowering time always falls on the beginning or middle of spring and, depending on the variety, stretches up to 6 months.. But sometimes it happens that the love tree went 4 years old, and it is not even going to bloom. In soIn this case, attention should be paid to the availability of favorable conditions for the appearance of peduncles:

  • “Wintering” in a bright cool place without drafts,
  • correct watering
  • correctly selected pot - ideally, it should be low and tight bush.

It is enough to follow up the implementation of these points, and next year airflow will thank its owner with flowers.

During flowering, the plant can lose half or even more of its foliage - this is a normal phenomenon, it should not be frightened. We need only a little help to restore the bush, cutting off all the dried flower brushes, weak (old or extra) twigs and reasonably increasing the watering.

Consequences of improper care

Despite the unpretentiousness of ayzhrizona, prolonged careless or incorrect handling of the shrub will sooner or later lead to damage to the appearance, and in the worst case - to the death of the flower.

I bought air cream, but just recently he died. I could not understand why ... and then decided to find and read the rules of care. It turned out that I often watered it - the leaves first fell on the plant, and then the shoots rotted.

Fortunately, it is easy to recognize the signs of violations in time; they do not overlap with possible diseases:

  • with insufficient polyve leaves become thin, lethargic and shrink,
  • elongated stems are a sign of poor lighting,
  • bare branches, if it is not associated with seasonal leaf fall, are a result of too high a temperature in the room,
  • atypical loss of foliage, in turn, can be caused by other reasons: staying under direct rays or abundant watering.

The latter is dangerous in that it can provoke not only the dropping of leaves, but also the decay of the root system and airflow in general. Therefore, never fill the bush with water and, if possible, do not forget about the drainage layer during transplantation.

Suffice it to pay a little attention to proper care and the plant will delight more than one year. And, according to beliefs, it will become a small tree of love and good fortune, which will lodge in the house an atmosphere of harmony and peace.

Seed growing

  • Flat containers with low sides are filled with prepared soil. The recipe is simple: one part of the ground leaf is mixed with half of the pure sand. Seeds are placed at a depth of half a centimeter.
  • It is recommended to cover the container with a glass lid or film. This mini-room is placed in a bright, warm (up to 20 degrees plus) place. Spraying of the soil surface and airing are carried out regularly. It is carried out once a day.
  • After a couple of weeks, the first shoots appear. At the stage of three, four sheets, the seedlings are transplanted into the next pot. Between landings, the distance is observed at a rate of five centimeters, and lighting is added.
  • The soil composition is slightly modified. To the previous filling is mixed, equal to the sand, part of the earth turf (light). Covering from this stage is not required. Protect immature seedlings from direct sunlight.
  • The final action is the final transplant of young, strengthened plants in individual pots, with a diameter of no more than 70 millimeters. The bottom is laid out drainage material, filled with new soil base. Used soil for succulent species.
  • The temperature regime is maintained two degrees lower than at the germination stage. Watering is necessary every day in small portions, to moisten the earthy coma, without excesses.

Breeding cuttings

A faster and easier way to get a stand-alone plant. Held at the beginning of the spring season (March, April). Planting material is selected from the scraps of the crown formation, or the selected shoot is cut.

It is selected stalk nine centimeters in length, dried in a shady place from two hours to the next day. Further rooting is possible in two directions. Put boiled water in water, with the addition of activated carbon, until the first roots appear.

It is practiced to place the prepared cutting directly into the substrate for succulents (ready-made or home-made), wet sand, vermiculite (moisture-containing mineral of a layered structure). Sprouted and matured “babies” are placed according to the same rules as seedlings. Care is provided adhering to the above parameters. Young specimens will grow and gain strength before their seed brethren.


There are situations with the absence of suitable material for reproduction or the preservation of the perishing Aichrizone. It is enough to find a healthy leaf, slightly drown in the prepared moist soil. After some time, the formation of the root system will begin. And from one piece it is possible to lift a new young succulent.

Deciduous state

  • Leaving the flowering period, the shrub is “plucked”. This condition is easily explained: the flower cover takes a lot of energy. Most of the leaves (about 80%) do not receive adequate nutrition. Fear for the plant with the loss of leaves at this point is not particularly worth it, everything is natural.
  • The transition to the “hibernation” of the pot dweller is observed in rare irrigations, lowering the temperature by ten degrees from the main one. In case of violation of one link in the chain of care, deviations from the norm are possible. The signal to rest is the fall of the leaves, but only in the period of autumn and winter.
  • All other cases of loss of the hardwood part talk about problem phenomena. Among them: a direct long-term hit of the rays of a celestial body, the overdried condition of the soil structure or its glut of moisture.

A damp earth commemorates one more trouble - root decay, decay of ground plant parts. It is not possible to save the entire succulent with this disease. Formed healthy parts of the trunks for subsequent rooting. The land is destroyed, the container is disinfected.

The heat is able to “bestow” the window pet with a shield or spider mite. The fight against the newly acquired "tenants" is carried out with the help of the treatment with insecticidal agents Aktellik, Karbofos, Aktara.

To please flowers Aikhrizonovye species are able to achieve two or three years of age.

Favorable conditions for the beginning of the emission of peduncles result in proper wintering, seasoned stripes and cramped “housing” conditions. Buds appear in the spring. Many species for half a year delight their owners with small asterisks of yellow shades. The shortest flowering period lasts two months.

Having lived to the cherished moment, darling and does not plan to flourish? The reason is simple - violation of regime recommendations. Sometimes fixing things up is pretty simple. Check the spaciousness of the tank (on request, transplant into pots of a smaller volume), reduce the number and frequency of irrigation, select a cooler place for wintering, but with sufficient lighting.

It is important to remove all flower stalks with the last faded flower. Pruning of old and weak branches is allowed. Increasing soil moisture will help in the restoration of vegetation in bare areas.