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Gumi fertilizer - application, instruction


Farmers began to notice that over the past 3-4 decades the fertile soil layer has been significantly destroyed. The main indicator of fertility is the presence of humus in it. What caused the impoverishment of land? The first reason can be called the impact of natural forces - erosion of wind and water. The second reason is dehumification, that is, a person’s impact on the earth. Gumi fertilizers are popular preparations for feeding the soil and improving its properties. Consider their advantages and features of the application.

Fertilizer for plants Gumi 500

The composition and effect of Gumi fertilizers

These fertilizers are complex and represent a universal combination of beneficial micro and macro elements, humic acids contained in biologically active substances and microflora. Top dressing positively affect the general condition of the soil and cultivated plants. They are used not only to strengthen the seedlings, but also to prevent many diseases (rot in tomatoes, blight, regional leaf burns).

The benefits of using gumi are as follows:

  1. Plants not only become hardy, but also increases their overall yield.
  2. Cultures develop better, grow faster, strengthen their root system.
  3. The fertility of the soil increases significantly, and the harmful substances that are in the soil become insoluble and do not accumulate in the plants.

Gumi fertilizers may have different components, but the basis remains the same.:

  • humic acids in the form of salts (55-75%),
  • nitrogen,
  • phosphorus,
  • alkaline earth metals (potassium and sodium).

These and other components contained in the fertilizer help the plants to develop not only at the beginning of growth, but also before the final growing season - harvest.

Gumi-30 fertilizer concentrate 0.5 kg

Thanks to this fertilizer, fruits and vegetables produce protective proteins that increase their resistance to chemical agents and adverse environmental factors. This means that you can keep gifts for the garden for a long time, this is important in the winter.

Varieties of Gumi Fertilizers

Currently, there are many types of Gumi fertilizers on the market. But they are all slightly different from each other. The composition of fertilizers depends on which crop it is intended for. The manual clearly describes all the necessary details that you need to know before use.

There are various forms of fertilizer, differing in purpose and composition:

  1. "Gumi-20 Universal" - liquid concentrate. Available in plastic bottles of different sizes. Instructions for use indicated directly on the bottle. It is widely used for berries, vegetables, lawn, flowers.
  2. "Gumi-30 Universal" is a paste. Before use, it must be diluted with water in a certain proportion. Working suspension can handle seeds, cuttings, roots.
  3. "Gumi Omi" contains a lot of nitrogen, helps to accelerate the ripening of the organic mass. This type of bait is widely used on very thin and acidic soils.
  4. "Gumi-90" - bags containing 6 g of powder in each. Before use, the contents of the bag are water soluble. It is very convenient to use such a tool for indoor plants or when you need a small amount of working solution.
  5. "Gumi Potassium" - granules in packets of 0.5 kg or gel weighing 300 g. Fertilizer contains a large dose of potassium, which has a positive effect on the fruits and ovaries of flowers.

Dry fertilizer Gumi +

  • "Gumi Kuznetsova" is produced in liquid form and stimulates the formation of roots. This fertilizer is well proven when planting seedlings, transplanting plants or if crops grow on loamy or stony soils.
  • Benefits of application

    In the people of Gumi fertilizer is called "plant hormone", and for good reason. After all, indeed, gardeners get great pleasure from their work in the garden plots, and thanks to Gumi, the results are amazing.

    What are the properties of this fertilizer:

    1. Stimulates the uniform growth of plants and their development as a whole. Especially widely used tool for feeding seedlings.
    2. Increases seed germination rate.
    3. Hardens the plants, making them more resistant to stress (drought, frost, hail, rain). Young shoots quickly adapt, due to this a rich harvest is formed.
    4. Vegetables and fruits become resistant to pests and diseases. Increases their immunity to rot, late blight.
    5. There is an accumulation of cultures of starch, vitamins, minerals. As a result, you get delicious fruit.
    6. Increases soil fertility.
    7. Gumi preparations can be combined with insecticides and pesticides.
    Bioactivated humus fertilizer Gumi-20M

    Universal fertilizer "Gumi Omi" is a great helper for those who like to engage in gardening and horticulture. It is very economical and practical. Fertilizer can be used for the cultivation of tomatoes, sweet peppers, cabbage of various kinds, greenery, grapes, strawberries, apples.

    In addition, Gumi is used for fertilizing flowers - indoor and growing on the site. If you want to have lush roses, fragrant petunias and begonias, you need to regularly feed the plot with this tool. Moreover, Gumi has a reasonable price.

    Application in the garden and in the garden

    In order to achieve good results, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the recommendations for use placed on the package. And it should be remembered that the consumption rate may vary, depending on what kind of fertilizer is used and to which plant will be applied.

    It is necessary to process seeds with Gumi fertilizer in order to increase the percentage of their germination, increase the yield of the crop, and strengthen the root system.

    Treatments are carried out by different methods.:

    1. To produce enrichment of one square meter of soil, it is necessary to use 10 liters of working solution in late autumn or early spring. Top dressing should be carried out with a working solution of the same concentration. Dilute Gumi according to the instructions for use (it is placed on each package of the product).
    2. Seeds need to be treated with a composition in a concentration: 2 ml of "Gumi 20", diluted in 500 ml of water. This is done immediately before sowing. You also need to soak cuttings of fruit and berry crops for a day, before planting. The same solution feeds indoor plants twice a month.

    Liquid concentrate Gumi-20 - NPK = 1: 1.5: 1

  • Root crops, in particular potatoes, before planting need to be treated with a solution that is prepared from 60 ml of "Gumi Kuznetsova" and 1 liter of water. This type of fertilizer is used for growing beets, carrots, radishes.
  • Marina Vitalevna, 25 years old:

    “Gumi was advised to me in the store after I complained about the poor germination of flowers. Processed with universal fluid seeds, soil. When the leaves appeared - watered the plants. In the summer, really marked large inflorescences, and the flowers became brighter. I will feed the land with this fertilizer. ”

    “I have been engaged in gardening since my youth; naturally, the soil is already scarce for minerals. Fertilizer "Gumi Omi" advised me to buy a neighbor, and I myself noticed her great harvest of tomatoes and strawberries. This year I have cultivated my beds, gathered a big harvest. I am pleased with the result, and I want to mention the economy of the funds - the expense is small, and the price is low!


    Organic-mineral fertilizer Gumi is an excellent tool that combines the features of organic and mineral fertilizer. Preparations of this line are widely used in horticulture and horticulture. They increase yields, have a beneficial effect on the soil, are the safest substances for both plants and humans.

    Record Navigation

    The preparation Gumi from the company BashInkom, according to the instructions, is not a traditional fertilizer, like ash, for example. The instruction from the manufacturer calls Gumi not a fertilizer, but a "fertility elixir." Gumi (like yeast) does not replace the usual fertilizers for plants, but complements them, and the instruction assumes the use of such an assistant as a growth promoter and an activator of immunity. In terms of high performance and efficiency, value for money, Bashkir products have practically no worthy counterparts in the field of world agriculture.

    The Russian company BashIncom emerged in 1991 with the aim of introducing scientific research into the practice of agriculture. The following year, the company launched the branded product Gumi, and a little later a series of fertilizers Gumi-Omi. At the turn of the 20-21 centuries, their famous biological fungicide Fitosporin appeared. In recent years, the range is constantly updated by introducing the latest scientific developments. Products are in demand both among large agricultural farms and among gardeners who love the plants they grow in their summer cottages.

    Humates are different

    The composition of Gumi includes humates and mineral elements. Humates are special organic compounds.

    The dead organics (plant and animal) are eaten by earthworms and other living organisms, they transform substances, and the output is humus. The humus contains humic acids. These substances are found in any soil, in peat, in sapropel (this is sludge from organic residues), in brown coal. The agricultural industry extracts these humic acids and treats them with alkalis. As a result, derivatives are formed - specific salts (in the chemical sense of the term), called potassium and sodium humates. Studies have shown that they gently act on plants like hormones-stimulants.

    In principle, any producer (far from always conscientious) can put ordinary peat in a bag, call this product a humate and provide it with instructions. There will be no criminal deception and corpus delicti, but there is no benefit either. In order to have a beneficial effect on crops, humates must be supplied in a concentrated form and in accessible forms. This is exactly the BashIncom corporate achievement embodied in their preparations. The company emphasizes that it stands for special farming, under the motto "anti-stress" and "living."

    Achievable results of using Gumi (Gumi-Omi) fertilizer for plants

    According to the instructions from the creators of Gumi, it is useful to use it in conjunction with organic fertilizers and (preferably) Fitosporin. Then efficiency will be maximum: food + stimulation + protection against infections. In this triad, Gumi plays his roles helping the lives of cultivated plants.

    • Transplant is less traumatic.
    • There is an intensification of development (external and intracellular).
    • Better digestible food.
    • Yields are increasing.
    • Less pestering the disease, the vagaries of the weather.
    • Soil substrate is recovering.
    • The penetration of pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins is blocked.
    • In vegetables and fruits, more nutrients accumulate, they are stored longer.

    Gumi fertilizer product line - names

    The range of products from the firm BashInkom very large. In addition to Gumi and its updated versions (labeled with letters M and K), fertilizers are also produced, supplemented with branded humates: the Gumi-Omi, Borogum, Bionex, Rich series. Each tool is provided with detailed instructions. As for Gumi directly, it is produced in three concentrations (20, 30 and 90) and in different forms: in the form of powder, liquid concentrate, paste and gel. They have very simple and clear instructions. It turns out a ready-made working solution for plants of universal use.

    Instructions for use of universal dressings Gumi:

    The liquid form (20% concentrate) is diluted in water of a thousandfold volume. For example, a glass is enough a couple of drops, and one spoon is enough to prepare a whole bucket of nutrient solution. Used for soaking, watering, spraying.

    The powder (concentration 90%) is dissolved at the rate of two grams per bucket of water. This amount of fertilizer spills the soil of two square meters. When spraying crops, a bucket of mortar is enough for a whole hundred of land.

    Paste (30%): from 100 grams a whole barrel of stimulating fertilizer is obtained. It is also possible to make a liquid concentrate from paste by diluting 100 grams in a glass of water. Four drops of such a liquid in a glass of water is enough to process the seeds and indoor plants. Half a cup on two liters of water will go to spraying the tubers before planting. A tablespoon on a bucket is consumed when watering plants.

    Gel marked "Olympic" - the latest achievement with the use of nanotechnology. Method of use is similar to the paste.

    It should be noted two more undoubted advantages of drugs - unlimited shelf life and quite reasonable cost.

    The composition of drugs Gumi

    The soil is depleted over time and needs to be enriched with nutrients. Various drugs are used to fill the deficit. Among the most sought after - Gumi. This organic fertilizer or tuki. They consist of micro and macro elements and various salts of humic acids.

    The compositions of certain types of drug Gumi differ. First of all, it depends on which plants need fertilizer, because for different plants certain elements are needed. For example, there is Gumi fertilizer used for feeding strawberries.

    However, the main composition of the fertilizer in this series is constant and contains:

    • about 60% of salts of humic acids,
    • from 2% nitrogen. It is required for the full development of the plant,
    • about 2% of phosphorus, which is quickly absorbed by the flora,
    • 1% potassium,
    • also present in the composition of sodium, which when combined in the soil with potassium, improves the viability of the flora. When air temperature or humidity changes, plants do not respond to this by lowering their growth.

    As part of the fertilizer there are other useful substances. Together, they contribute to the development of plants from the beginning of the growing season until the harvest.

    To date, humic dressings are widely used. For their creation, for the most part, exclusively natural components are used: organics of brown and black coal, peat, bird droppings, horse manure, sapropel. They are washed out of the soil for a long time, possess a protective property against diseases and enhance the growth of plants even in adverse conditions.

    The preparation Gumi Omi and its types is a unique growth biostimulator due to the content of the active complex of mineral substances. For humans, they are completely safe.

    The effect of fertilizer application

    The effect of the plant hormone (sometimes called Gumi) on vegetables, consumers will be completely satisfied. The use of dressing Gumi is useful for plants because:

    1. Gumi-treated seeds are distinguished by their rapid emergence. Due to this, the plant produces fruits for a longer time and a bountiful harvest due to a well-developed root system.
    2. The fertility of the soil increases due to the fact that the nutrients, when combined, are sent directly to the plant. The content of harmful substances decreases: various chemicals and salts of heavy metals will not harm the plant, because fertilizer does not allow them to dissolve. Similar purification of soil and flora occurs through the root system of plants.
    3. When using organic means of Gumi, there is no need to buy many other supplements containing minerals.
    4. Gardeners, who use a unique feeding, say that the number of pathogenic bacteria is reduced, and the endurance of plants is increasing. They perfectly tolerate waterlogging or dry soil.
    5. Landings become resistant to harmful insects.

    Rule on the use of feeding

    Initially, the drug Gumi was produced in pill form. 2-3 tablets were dissolved in 1 liter of water and this volume was enough for about 50 supplements. Now these drugs are sold in liquid form, packaged in convenient containers. Each package of fertilizer Gumi Kuznetsova instructions for use is attached.

    To increase soil fertility, fertilizer is used in early spring or after the end of the harvest. During this period, the soil better absorbs top dressing, because the soil is resting. Useful substances are not washed out.

    Top dressing can be used at different stages of growing garden crops. It has a wide range of applications.

    To obtain a solution of the drug for drip irrigation in 1 liter of water using 1.5 ml of fertilizer. At 0, 5 ml more is required to prepare the solution for watering with a watering can or foliar feeding.

    For preplant processing, the following is done:

    1. For the treatment of cuttings of garden plants, seeds, top dressing for indoor flowers, a solution is made at the rate of 100 ml of water for 2 ml of humic fertilizer.
    2. For preplant processing of potatoes, garlic, onions, a saturated solution is prepared: 60 ml of fertilizer is used for 1 liter of water. The first treatment with additional feeding of saplings of garden crops is made after rooting, after a few weeks.

    The seeds are treated with a solution before sowing. Их можно либо заранее замочить на сутки, либо полить посеянные в грунт или на рассаду семена перед их заделкой.

    Лук, картофель и чеснок замачивают перед посадкой на срок до 3 часов. Рекомендуется замачивать перед посадкой черенки садовых растений.

    Seedlings should be fed when transplanted into open ground. This will help the plants to adapt easily. In addition, the soft fertilizer Gumi Omi is used as foliar feeding, for sprinkling on the leaf.

    In the growth phase, feeding is done every two weeks. It is recommended to water the solution and home plants. This should be done every two months.

    Especially useful drug in the cultivation of garden crops in greenhouses, where plants are susceptible to bacterial and fungal diseases. Thanks to feeding and spraying with preparations from the humic fertilizer series, this problem can be solved.

    When using humic dressings, there is usually no need for additional funds.. However, in some cases they are combined with drugs that are used for the prevention and treatment of plant diseases. Gumi can be combined with Bitobaxicillin and Fitosporin. In this case, the solution is used in a ratio of 3: 2. That is, three parts of a solution of humic fertilizer on two parts of biological products.

    Different types of gumi fertilizer

    Gumi is used, except for summer residents, and large producers of agricultural products. For each individual culture, a number of individual trace elements and nutrients are needed: for herbs, fruit trees, and vegetables, some are used for flowers, and others for flowers.

    Today the Gumi series is widely represented on the market:

    1. “Gumi-20. Universal. Suitable for processing a variety of plants. A wonderful preparation for soaking potatoes before planting.
    2. “Gumi-20M. Rich". Berry cultures, various greens and vegetable plants are treated with this agent both in open soil and under greenhouse conditions.
    3. “Gumi-20M. Rich house ”- designed for indoor plants, they usually have a little soil in the pot, for this reason they always have a lack of nutrients.
    4. Fertilizer Gumi-30. Universal "- top dressing in a pastelike form. Excellent preparation for feeding fruit trees and vegetable crops, gives plenty of ripening fruits.
    5. In fertilizer "Gumi-Omi. Compostin 50% of the composition is organic extracts, a lot of nitrogen. Using this tool allows you to get high quality compost in a short time.
    6. “Gumi-Omi. Onion-garlic "- a kind of preparation for soaking before sowing these vegetables and ensuring their protection. In addition to a strong improvement in plant conditions for development, it protects them from various pests. Includes copper, boron, potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, chicken manure.
    7. “Gumi-20. Kornesil Kuznetsova "- is a universal dressing in liquid form, consists entirely of natural substances. Used specifically to strengthen and restore the roots, regardless of which plant is processed. Gumi Kuznetsova is a fertilizer, reviews of which are only positive.

    The means of the Gum series are in terms of the composition of environmentally friendly preparations for feeding. This product belongs to the 4th class of safety, that is, it does not show harmful effects on humans, animals or plants.

    It is worth noting the efficiency of the drug consumption. Most of the gardeners say that only one tank with the drug is enough for the summer season. There are no negative sides (there is only one remark - the smell). However, a positive result on the growth of plants from the processing of this series of dressings is available in all reviews.

    Consumer reviews about Gumi

    Those who use these drugs for growing plants speak of them very positively. Here is a description of gardeners Gumi fertilizer, its use and reviews about it:

    In my garden I often use the Olympic Gumi-K - this is an environmentally safe fertilizer in the form of a gel, well-protected against the stresses of the plant, after its application the harvest is quick and abundant.

    It incorporates everything that vegetables need: various minerals and biologically active substances. Fertilizer, of course, everyone should apply.

    I really like Hydrogumin fertilizer - it is an environmentally friendly growth stimulator for plants. Its composition and properties are much better than other similar fertilizers. And I was convinced of that too. I recommend this drug to everyone. Hydrogumin, in my opinion, is much better than other humates.

    I purchase Gumimax fertilizers regularly. Among its varieties there is a fertilizer for indoor plants, but now I have not found it in the store and bought a universal one. This supplement gives protection to plants from various infections, so I advise everyone to buy it for prevention.

    I regularly use a universal remedy with a very strong insecticidal action of Gumi + BTB + LPC. It has high safety and well protects plants and its fruits from spider mites, Colorado beetles and many other pests. In addition, he scares off the smell of insects. In my opinion, the perfect drug, I advise everyone.

    General description and chemical composition

    Every year the soil at the site is depleted, the amount of nutrients decreases, getting a rich harvest is becoming more difficult. To restore the balance of macro-microelements in the soil, you need to regularly make appropriate fertilizer. There are several varieties of Gumi on the market, each of which contains its own set of useful components. It all depends on the purpose of the complex, on the type of crops that should be processed.

    In the main part of the fertilizer Gumi contains:

    • salts of humic acids (60%),
    • phosphorus (up to 2%),
    • nitrogen (2%),
    • potassium (1%),
    • sodium (1%).

    In addition, the drug also contains additional substances that help plants to fully develop from the beginning of the growing season and before the removal of the fruit. Humic dressing gained the trust of lovers of gardening and gardening due to high efficiency and prolonged action. Only natural components are used for their manufacture, including organic stone and brown coal, bird droppings, peat, sapropel, horse manure.

    The diverse chemical composition of the fertilizer provides for planting a sufficient amount of vital substances, protects them from various ailments and adverse environmental factors.

    Plant benefits

    In the process of using the drug Gumi note the following positive points:

    • active plant growth, full development,
    • high degree of resistance to stressful situations (drought, freezing temperatures),
    • reduction of ripening time
    • enrichment of plants with useful substances at the stage of budding, formation of fruit ovaries,
    • increased land fertility,
    • sufficient degree of stability and endurance,
    • strong immunity.

    After treatments with an organic mass, crops begin to strengthen due to accelerated protein production. It is he who enhances the immune properties of the planted crops. In addition, due to the presence of humic acids, Gumi neutralizes nitrates.


    Among the advantages of this complex additive emit:

    • environmental friendliness of finished products
    • increased enzymatic and microbiological activity of the soil,
    • improving the chemical and mechanical properties of the soil,
    • rapid absorption of beneficial trace elements by plants,
    • activation of external and intracellular development,
    • improvement of the soil substrate
    • increase in yields,
    • increasing resistance to fungal infections, bacterial diseases,
    • increase keeping quality and transportability of the harvested crop.

    Main varieties

    This natural elixir of fertility - the drug Gumi, is actively used not only by ordinary gardeners, but by major producers of agricultural products. There are several varieties of this nutrient complex:

    1. Gumi-20. Universal. Presented tool is suitable for most plants. It is especially in demand for soaking the seeds of potato tubers before laying them in the ground.
    2. Gumi-20M. Rich. The working solution based on this fertilizer is used for root and leaf dressings of all types of greenery, berry and vegetable crops cultivated in the open and closed ground.
    3. Gumi-20M. Rich house. The elixir of fertility is used to saturate the useful elements of garden flowers and houseplants.
    4. Gumi-30. Universal. Fertilizer is produced in the form of paste, it is included in the scheme of fertilizing fruit trees and vegetable crops, especially suitable for cucumbers. The working solution of the drug allows you to speed up the process of ripening the crop.
    5. Gumi-Omi. Compostin. Means for 50% consists of organic extracts and nitrogen. It shows its effectiveness in processing the compost, allowing it to be obtained in a short time.
    6. Gumi-Omi. Onion garlic. This type of preparation is diluted according to the instructions for use for soaking the planting material. As a result, plants are less susceptible to diseases, the attack of harmful insects.
    7. Gumi Kuznetsova. Liquid feeding is positioned as a universal composition, it contains only natural ingredients. Gumi Kuznetsov's fertilizer strengthens and restores the root system of agricultural plants.

    How to use in crop production

    The whole series of fertilizer formulations of Gumi is environmentally friendly, high efficiency and easy to use. Nutritionally balanced complexes belong to the 4th class of safety, which indicates absolute harmlessness to the human body, animals, and agricultural crops.

    The drug is allocated and cost-effectiveness. For processing plants throughout the summer season, only one container with fertilizer is used. The only minus is a specific smell. Reviews of the elixir of fertility are only positive.

    In order to avoid negative consequences for cultivated plantations, it is recommended to adhere to the instructions of the manufacturer and not to exceed the dosage for each particular plant species.

    Processing the working fluid of seed is carried out in order to increase the percentage of their germination, increase productivity and strengthen the root mass.

    There are different ways to apply Gumi fertilizer:

    1. To increase the degree of fertility It is recommended to use the used area in the late dressings or in early spring. On 1 square. m need to make 10 liters of working fluid. Bred fertilizer in accordance with the instructions for use.
    2. For seed treatment Prepare a working solution of 2 ml of Gumi-20 and 500 ml of water. This should be done before laying the seedlings in the ground. A similar concentration is used for soaking cuttings of fruit crops for 1 day before planting. The frequency of fertilizing indoor plants is twice a month.
    3. Tubers of potatoes before planting soaked in a solution prepared from 60 ml of Gumi Kuznetsov and 1 liter of water. Consumption is focused on 10 kg. After the appearance of sprouts, it is recommended to spray the planting on the leaf, using a working fluid of 2-3 tsp 10 liters of water. The interval between treatments is 5-10 days. This fertilizer composition is also ideal for feeding beets, radishes, carrots.
    4. Cucumber seeds are kept in solutione (2 drops in 100 ml of water) for 1-2 hours. Every 15 days the fertilizer is used to spray the bushes.
    5. Tomatoes, their seeds are also soaked in the working fluid. (1 drop per 100 ml of water) for 2 hours. For watering seedlings prepare a solution at the rate of 200 ml of diluted fertilizer for each plant. After the flowering stage, root feeding is performed every 2 weeks (2-3 tsp. Per 10 l of water).

    Gumi's fertilizer has established itself as a universal and completely safe means that has a beneficial effect on planting. The main thing - to adhere to the rules specified in the instructions, and do feeding in a timely manner.

    Gumi Composition

    Gumi is a new type of fertilizerstimulating the growth of garden and garden plants. It consists of agro-bows, but despite this, it is referred to as humic products, since most of the Gumi are sodium salts.

    In addition to sodium salts, a set of elements traditional for mineral fertilizing is included in the biostimulator: potassium, phosphorus, magnesium. Carefully developed mineral fertilizer composition allows nutrients to be quickly absorbed and absorbed by plants, as well as protect crops from adverse climatic influences.

    The composition of the feeding includes a number of substances that contribute to the active growth and fruiting of plants.

    Gumi's mineral supplements are considered to be environmentally friendly, since their humic acids contain the effects of nitrates, and a balanced composition allows trace elements to be easily absorbed.

    Currently, gardeners often use humic fertilizers made using peat, manure, organic compounds of stone and brown coal, bird droppings. These biostimulants retain nutrients in the soil for a long time and protect cultivated plants from various diseases.

    The composition of humic fertilizers depends onfor which garden, vegetable or flower crops it is intended.

    What is humic acid and why do people need them

    Human immunity, its ability to resist viruses and bacteria depends on the presence of humic acids in the body. They are formed in the soil during the decomposition of plant residues.

    Scientists, agronomists, chemists, biologists have still not figured out why vegetation does not decompose to the final products - water and carbon dioxide, and at some stage turns into humic acids.

    Once in the plants, and then in the human digestive tract, humates pass into the body a large amount of nutrients: amino acids, vitamins, minerals, polyunsaturated fatty acids.

    In a word - more than 70 useful components. When dissolved in water, humates structure it and make it similar to melt, which is known for its healing effect.

    In fruits that are grown industrially, there is practically no humic acid, so they do not have the power and saturation with nutrients. The benefits of such products is minimal. Mineral fertilizers help crops grow, but they do not represent nutritional value.

    Brand Gumi - the characteristic of the mixture, variety

    In addition to the varieties described above, the following feedings are produced:

    • Universal fertilizer Gumi-omi 20 - according to the instructions intended for irrigation of the soil twice during the fruiting season. Half a gram of substance which looks like black paste, dissolved in water - 10 l.

    This amount is enough 15 square meters if you use a watering can. For watering the entire area is necessary 20 liters. Potatoes are soaked in the same concentration before planting in the wells. This makes them more secure in front of fungal spores.

    • Fertilizer application Gumi 30 designed for foliar application. Used up to 6 times per season per sheet. The concentration of the solution - half a gram per 1 liter of water. Accelerates flowering and the appearance of ovaries, as well as pouring fruit.
    • Variety Gumi 20M, in which a balanced amount of nutritional components - nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus - is intended for indoor plants. The composition contains biofungicide phytosporin to protect tissues, as well as several additional batteries.
    • Fertilizer for vegetables, berries and greens contains 11 microelements, phytosporin, humates. It is applied in greenhouses and on an open ground. Bred for watering a half liter of water with a teaspoon of the mixture.
    • Granules for onions and garlic. 70 g per square meter according to the instructions according to reviews - it is possible and more if the soil has not been fertilized for a long time.
    • Liquid fertilizer Gumi Kuznetsova - according to reviews it can be used for the entire period of crop growth on any soils, according to the instructions it is intended to support the root system.

    The brand is developing and releasing new versions of fertilizers that will soon be available.

    Method of entering into the soil

    Each package shows the way to use this fertilizer. Since the dosages are different everywhere, you should first carefully read the instructions, and then proceed to the preparation of the liquid for use.

    Begin to fertilize plants 2 to 3 weeks after transplantation into the ground. In the seedling phase, seedlings are last fed when they grow reaches 3 - 5 cm. Adult plants enough to fertilize. 2 times a month. It is impossible to provoke an overdose with Gumi fertilizer, but it is necessary to dilute according to the instructions in order to save the mixture more economically.

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    What is the use of humic fertilizers

    Humic fertilizers are growth biostimulants that ensure normal growth and development of plants, increasing their resistance to pathogenic fungi and various diseases.

    Gumi is an effective protection against insect pests because it has a fungicidal effect. Препарат используется для борьбы с плодожоркой, паутинным клещом, тлей и другими вредителями.

    After using gumi for the treatment of plants, young plants easily tolerate transplantation into open ground, it is easier to tolerate lower temperatures and high humidity.

    Biostimulants are safe to use, as they contain a small amount of nitrates. They increase the fertility of the soil and the resistance of vegetable crops to diseases and pests.

    The use of humic fertilizers increases the "inner strength" of plants by producing protein at the cellular level. Plants treated with such compounds, have high immunity.

    Types of Gumi Fertilizers

    Due to the variety of technologies using Gumi, the forms of production of the drug and its formulations intended for processing certain types of crops are being improved.

    The line of drugs contains means of universal application, as well as fertilizing for specific vegetable, garden and ornamental crops. Convenient packing of the mineral composition greatly simplifies its use and makes consumption economical.

    Top dressing is made in water-soluble form and is intended for use in open and protected ground. Universal composition proved to be effective in fertilizing the soil during the planting season.

    The amount of the product used depends on the individual crop and the size of the area to be treated. The instructions on the package will help to correctly calculate the dosage..

    Periodic treatment during active plant growth will help to significantly increase the yield.

    The most commonly used types are:

    • Gumi Universal. Bring several times during the season during watering. The tool is used for soaking potato tubers before planting,
    • Gumi Rich: Vegetables, Berries, Greens. Used for processing plantings in open and protected ground, during watering or for spraying plants,
    • Gumi Rich House. It is intended for processing indoor plants and contains the minimum dosage of mineral components,
    • Gumi Universal (pasta). Designed for multiple processing of vegetable and fruit crops from adverse effects, accelerates the ripening of fruits. The product is used as a spray.
    • Fertilizer Gumi-Omi Compostin. This is an organic-mineral fertilizer that contains an increased amount of nitrogen and more than 50% of organic compounds. The composition is used to reduce the ripening time of compost, which is impregnated with fertilizer,
    • Gumi Kuznetsova Kornesil. Contains only natural ingredients in the form of liquid concentrated fertilizers and humic acids. It is used to strengthen the root system of plants when grown under the system of organic farming. Means is used for processing of personal plots and agricultural land.

    Currently, such preparations as Gumi Power for foliar application, Gumi Gold - plant growth stimulant, Gumi Plus with high nitrogen content are also actively used.

    How to use humic fertilizers

    Gumi drug is used in several ways:

    • root and foliar top dressing of seedlings before planting in open ground,
    • soaking plants with a truncated root system,
    • increasing the yield of vegetable crops grown in greenhouses,
    • seed treatment before planting in the ground.

    Gumi fertilizer: instructions for use

    The tool is quite simple to use. To prepare the solution, it is necessary to mix the amount indicated on the package with water at room temperature.

    Gumi is used from the beginning of growing plants:

    • seed treatment before planting or spilling the soil, if the seeds have already been sown,
    • fertilizing after the seedling has 2-3 true leaves,
    • processing of flower crops will accelerate the growth of green mass and prolong the flowering period.

    The manufacturer offers fertilizer in a convenient for use liquid form.