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How to trim the dracaena for branching and care for it


Dracaena grows at home to 15 years. In this case, the evergreen plant grows tops, and the lower part of the stem bare. The leaves, having fulfilled the due date a little more than a year, gradually dry up, leaving a scar on the stem. How to cut dracaena for side shoots? The plant allows you to create new forms by shortening shoots.

Principles of the formation of a bush draca

In the flower shop they usually sell dracaena with ready-made ramifications. At the very beginning, when growing a young plant, a bush is formed from it in greenhouse conditions. It may consist of two or three branches. Is it possible to trim the dracaena in the future? Each branch can be formed separately independently, getting a picturesque palm tree. All operations are carried out only on a healthy plant.

Time to trim

The stem dracaena is a structure in which dormant buds are arranged in a spiral along the entire length. This is what allows for a cut made in any part of the trunk to get seedlings, the beginnings of new branches.

Planted pruning dragon make in the active period of growth, when the best sap. There are cases when the formation of a bush is needed urgently. For example, part of the stem broke off. Then the shortening should be carried out according to the rules, below the break point. Any pruning can only be effective on a healthy plant.

How to trim the dracaena at home

When shortening the central stem, you need to consider a few points:

  • the top with green leaves should be in the zone of comfortable lighting, so the height of the trunk is calculated on the future growth of twigs and leaves,
  • for the emergence of new shoots will need to provide the necessary conditions for the germination of new shoots from dormant buds,
  • All operations on the design of the correct cut, sealing it are carried out under sterile conditions.

You can use for pruning a plant that has 30 cm from the soil to the place of attachment of the upper leaves.

Cut any part of a leafy or bare trunk. Remote site can be rooted, having received one more copy of dracaena. Cutting dracaena for branching as an operation, is conducted with a sharp knife without squeezing the tissue.

After the upper part of the plant has been cut off, it can be used for rooting the tops, or cut into chubukas of 7-10 cm, each of which is capable of producing a new plant. The requirement to cut only with a sharp knife and an even cut is mandatory.

If the stem at the cut is leafy, the leaves must be removed by 10-15 cm, exposing the trunk. Place the cut to close the garden heat or molten paraffin so that the inner layer does not evaporate moisture, does not dry out. On the cut must be formed the beginnings of new branches. They can be from two to five. But not all beginnings will grow. The number of new formations depends on the conditions in which germination takes place.

Achieving the simultaneous development of all new shoots due to uniform lighting. The dragon plant needs to be rotated during germination and subsequent care.

Conditions for germination:

It is important at this time not to open the place of the cut, not to remove the package, not to change the conditions of germination. At the same time, the rest of the leaves requires watering, the stem must also be moistened. Watering is conducted only by the bottom method, pouring out the remnants of water that has not been absorbed into the earth lump. It is important that the germination was conducted in the light.

As soon as the plant gives the beginnings of the cut, it is ready to continue its development without additional shelter.

Optionally, of all the budded buds, new branches will develop. Some do not have enough food, and they wither. But trim the plant so, you can repeatedly, updating it and giving a new shape.

If the plant has a bare stem, then it is completely placed in the package after abundant watering. The package before the appearance of the seedlings is not removed, so as not to violate the microclimate. Water the plant through the pan.

When forming dracaena fringed shoots can go on the stalk anywhere. Then the palm tree will be stacked.

Is it necessary to trim the dracaena at home?

The plant looks well-groomed if it is regularly cut and formed. Therefore, pruning is one of the mandatory operations for the care of the dragon. It happens, the plants form deformed shoots, they should be removed. Then, instead of them, the plant will launch new processes, more foliage is obtained, the plant takes on new forms.

Any areas with pests and diseases should be immediately removed to exclude infection of the entire plant. This operation is called sanitary pruning.

Types of dracaena

Evergreen plant dracaena germinate top, exposing the stems of the lower part. After a certain period of time, a little over a year, the leaves gradually dry out and leave a scar on the stem. The amateur florist should know how to trim the dragon tree at home. This applies to all species of the genus:

  • Reflex - a small plant, branched from the roots. Its stems are mild, folded leaves. Lush bush does not need a strong pruning,
  • Surculosis is a bush-like flower that constantly forms shoots. Leaves of this species have a dark green color. It is important for the bush to keep its shape, but cutting it off is easy. It will be enough to pinch the top,
  • Fragrant dracaena is the largest of all species and can grow to the ceiling. It is strongly branched, its wavy hanging leaves perfectly decorate an apartment or office. You need to know when and how to cut the dragon seed to get side shoots, so as not to miss the right moment.

Period of pruning

On the stem dracaena are located along the entire length sleeping buds. Due to this, the rudiments of new branches appear on the cut.

There are certain nuances of how to trim the dragon fruit at home. The most favorable time for pruning is the middle and end of spring. At this time, there is an active production of auxins and cytokinins, which favor rapid growth of shoots. In autumn and winter, during the rest period, the crown of a plant cannot be formed. During this period, cutting for the flower will be a great deal of stress.

An exception may be cases when it is damaged or when apex trimming is required, as it rests against the ceiling.

Care features

The dragon tree prefers lighted places. At the same time variegated species retain their color in a lighter room. Green plants feel better away from the light source, but not in full shade. When the soil dries out for 3–5 cm, the dracaena should be watered abundantly, but the soil should not be over-wetted. Very good flower refers to spraying the crown.

The plant is undemanding to the composition of the soil. The most suitable composition will be a mixture of sand, turf and peat 1: 2: 1. Be sure to at the bottom of the pot should be a drainage layer. For the development of the plant, the best temperature in cold time is 16–18 ° C, in warm time - 20–25 ° C. Feeding during the growing season should be carried out every two weeks.

Some amateur flower growers call the branch tops of dracaena by pinching or stopping. In fact, this palm-flower is not pinched, but cut. The purpose of this action is to get a new plant.

Often resort to cutting not only the top, but also the trunk. You can cut small particles (about 15 cm), which will give new shoots from the kidneys and plant them. Dracaena leaves contain substances necessary for building tissues and cells, so they should not be cut off.

Crown formation

One of the rules of care for the dragon tree at home - sanitary pruningFor example, in case of breakdown or illness. Most often, a plant disease occurs due to improper care: waterlogging of the soil, drafts and dry air.

This adversely affects the leaflets. They begin to turn yellow, dry and fall off, baring the stem. The flower becomes ugly. It must be treated with fungicides.

Decorative pruning is carried out most often during active growth, when the movement of juices is carried out in the plant. It is impossible to combine transplant plants and pruning. For the procedure will need:

  • knife or sharp pruner,
  • garden pitch to protect the wound from infection,
  • sphagnum moss,
  • paraffin candle.

At home, pruning this flower is necessary, observing several important rules. Treat the knife or pruner with alcohol or hold it over the fire to sterilize it.

The main stages of trimming the tops of dracaenes at home to form a crown:

  • determine the height of the trimming plant and put marks on the trunk,
  • make an even cut,
  • juice from the wound should be rubbed with a piece of cotton wool. Process cut place with molten garden pitch,
  • remove the leaves below the cut 15 cm,
  • wrap the trunk at the place of leaf removal with moss and fix it with a thread. Do not let this place dry out,
  • moisten the soil with watering,
  • put on the package on the shortened part of the dracaena to create the greenhouse effect and increase the humidity in the place of trimming until side shoots appear.
  • plant must be put in a dark place. The temperature should be quite high.

Trim dracaena trunks better at different heights to form a lot of green along the entire length of the plant and "make" the bush to be fluffy and voluminous.

Care after circumcision

When the flower is stressful after pruning, you should feed the dracaena along the stem and into the root with nitrogen fertilizer. Feed after irrigation to prevent root burn. Feed ammonium nitrate at the rate of three liters of water - one teaspoon or with the specialized fertilizer Plentafol. Feeding should be repeated for two months every 2 weeks, until the shoots are about 6 cm long.

Dracena Recurved (Reflexa)

In nature, it is a huge tree up to 10 m tall. In home gardening grown as a bush up to 1m tall. The plant has bright coloring of leaves of the pointed form, up to 20 cm and thick powerful stalks. Color of foliage - from dark to light shades of green, with beige or yellow stripes.

Dracaena Surculosis Shopper (Surculosa)

New shoots grow out of the ground. In room conditions it reaches a height of 1.5 meters. This species grows well in width, the number of shoots in a pot increases rapidly. The leaves are oval, with a sharp edge.

Several subspecies of this dracaena have different color foliage. Juicy bright green leaves are covered with yellow, white, cream or light green spots of different diameter.

Dracaena Scented (Fragrans)

In nature, it reaches a height of six meters. At home grows to 1.5–2 meters. Bright, glossy leaves 60 cm long densely cover an upright stalk. The color of the leaves is plain, dark green or with light stripes.

When can you trim a dracaena?

Favorable time for pruning - april and may. This is a period of active growth, which accounts for the start of sap flow. In these months, phytohormones are actively produced: cytokinins and auxins, which contribute to the rapid growth of lateral shoots. The wound after spring trimming will quickly heal.

Sanitary pruning

With this method, diseased, damaged leaves and shoots are removed.

Most flower diseases come from improper care.: overflow, dry air, drafts.

The stem is rapidly exposed and the plant becomes unattractive. Therefore, ten days after the treatment of the flower with fungicides, it is possible to prune.

The purpose of pruning is to eliminate the further spread of the disease and remove spoiled leaves and shoots.

Decorative trimming

Aims at the formation of a beautifully shaped dragon with leafy shoots.

How to understand that you need to pinch the top to get the side shoots:

  • the plant has grown almost to the ceiling, has become too high, making it difficult to care,
  • shoots are deformed and get an ugly shape,
  • The plant has only one trunk, which is bare and looks unattractive.

How to trim the dracaena:

  • the plant must be healthywithout pests
  • do not combine transplant and pruning plantsThe interval between these procedures is up to two months.
  • Items required for trimming:

    • sphagnum moss - has a loose structure, is able to absorb and retain moisture,
    • garden pitch - protects the wound from the outflow of juice and from infection,
    • sharp pruner or knife - for an even cut.

    Step-by-step crown formation instruction

    How to cut the dragon fruit at home and do not harm the plant? Consider the main stages, how to form a crown:

    1. Determine the height of the trim. Make a mark on the trunk, where young shoots will appear from.
    2. Quickly make an even cut. Use a sharp pruner or knife. Do not break off the top.

  • From the place of the cut juice will be allocated, which must be removed with a piece of cotton wool. Then process the place cut the melted garden pitch. Do not use it very hot, so as not to burn the plant.
  • Remove the leaves on the remaining shoot 15 cm below cut level.
  • Spray the barrel with water. The plant during cutting loses a lot of moisture necessary for normal development.
  • Wrap the trunk, where the leaves were removed, with sphagnum moss and carefully fix it with a thread. Regularly moisturize this place and do not allow drying.

    You can also cover the cut-off with polyethylene, as shown in this video, then you don’t have to constantly moisturize this place:

  • Moisten the soil by watering through the pan.
  • Before the appearance of lateral shoots, put on a transparent bag on the shortened part of the plant. It will create a greenhouse effect, increase moisture at the pruning site, and contribute to the appearance of kidneys. Once every five days to remove the bag for airing, to prevent the formation of fungal infections.
  • Move the pot with the plant from the sun-sill to a dark place with high temperature.
  • Care for dragon season after trimming

    After trimming the dracaena, it is desirable to create a comfortable environment:

    1. A month after pruning, new side shoots should appear in the dracaena. During this period, remove the greenhouse from the flower and move the pot to a permanent place.
    2. Room humidity - 75%, air temperature - up to 25 °
    3. Lighting. Ensure a uniform flow of scattered sunlight.
    4. Periodically turn the pot with a plant so that the shoots do not stretch to the light and evenly developed.
    5. Ensure that the soil is constantly wet, but do not allow overflow.
    6. Spray the crown once a day with separated or filtered water.
    7. A jet of water is a fine spray that will evenly moisten the entire surface of the sheet. Once a week add "Epin" or "Zircon" to stimulate the growth of new shoots.

    Dracaena tolerates pruning, allows you to form a fluffy crown. With the help of simple pruning, the aesthetic appearance is easily maintained and a beautiful plant form is formed.

    All about dracaena

    If you have seen this flower, you will agree that it can rightly be called a fascinating indoor flower. The young plant has not too branched stems, but they are completely covered with leaves. Leaves can be:

    • green
    • green with yellow stripes
    • green with pink stripes
    • green with white stripes.

    In addition to the color of the strip, leaves vary in size and the width of the color bar. When a plant is pretty for everyone, it grows quickly, and its trunk becomes like a tree. In many species of dracaena, in the upper part a bundle of leaves is formed, which resembles a palm tree. There are species in which the leaves grow in a spiral.

    If you are going to transplant the dracaena, you will find a small root that is located in a flowerpot compactly.

    Despite the full care, grow a beautiful tree will not be one year. As a flower, it can release a whisk with white or light pink flowers. This flower smells very nice, but it is not always possible to wait for it to appear at the houseplant.

    Dracaena unpretentious in the care, and at the same time very beautiful - she very popular with flower growers. It is used as a decor, decorating or complementing the interior. Dracaena looks great as an element of flower arrangement. The flower can be put both in a large and in a small room. It can be a corridor or a hall, a hotel hall, a shopping center or an office.

    Indoor plant in question, does not require careful maintenance, does not shed leaves when the air temperature begins to fluctuate. Irregular irrigation is very calm, does not "naughty" and does not shed leaves.

    Since dracaena is a decoration of any room, it should be noted that it also calmly refers to electric lighting, as well as to the lack of daylight.

    Dracaena is a tropical plantwhich can bring joy to every home at any time of the year and in any weather. There are facts that prove that this dracaena humidifies the air in the room and reduces the level of formaldehyde. If the owners properly care for the flower, then it can grow up to 3 meters. Such a tall flower becomes not very attractive, so it would be better for him if it is cut in time. Ему не нужно стремиться к потолку, цель его выращивания — получение идеальной формы кроны.

    Как обрезать драцену в домашних условиях

    Dracuses are found in different forms, but they have one common feature - the trunk grows up and branches extremely rarely.

    Cut the plant should:

    1. If you want to improve its appearance or increase its decorativeness, dragon flower rejuvenate. To do this, shorten or completely cut the elongated shoots. Plant has some peculiarity: during intensive growth, the lower leaves of the crown just fall off, and the shoots at the same time acquire an unattractive appearance (deformed and bent).
    2. To crown turned out lush. On the trunk of the plant there are buds that are invisible to us. When part of the trunk is removed, the buds just under the cut wake up, and give side shoots. They, in turn, grow up, and give a lot of leaves. Lush crown can be obtained by increasing the number of shoots.
    3. If you want to get a multi-stemmed plant, the dragon cut is done right near the ground or at a short distance from it. Only by receiving a certain number of shoots, and waiting for them to a certain height, crown formation occurs.
    4. To save the plant. This refers to the case when the plant fell and broke, or fell ill. Then you should cut the top or sides of the branches to root them.
    5. If you want to get another such instance. You can cut the tip or side shoots that are easily rooted and take root.

    Trimming dracaena

    Dracaena, like any indoor flower, begins to grow actively from the beginning of spring until the end of summer. This period is considered the most favorable for its pruning.

    If we consider autumn, winter, and early spring, then during this period the dragon fruit should not be disturbed. Even if you did not have time to trim in the summer, then tune in for the spring. The thing is that the plant is in winter becomes weak and receptive to various diseases. Even if you cut it correctly, it is possible that the plant will fall ill and die.

    In spring and summer, the plant produces hormones that are responsible for its growth and development. The restoration of the trunk during this period occurs quickly. As for the winter months, the plant does not produce hormones, so healing will be slower.

    Only in emergency cases can the dracaena be cut during a period of slow growth. This case is a breakdown of the plant, which entails immediate cutting. In such a situation, it is impossible to wait for spring, the plant urgently needs your help. Cutting dragon fruit, you need to provide her resuscitation care. A sturdy tree should quickly recover and continue to delight its owners with an excellent appearance.

    Do not disturb the plant when it is sick. In a weakened state, or when it is affected by a disease, the plant may not cope with stressful situation and perish. First you need to cure him, well, and then engage in his circumcision. If this advice is ignored, then after cutting it will be possible to notice a cut that either dries out or rots. Then it will be too late to save the plant.

    Plant preparation

    All plants are recommended to cut. This procedure is an excellent stimulation of the kidneys, due to which new branches appear. But not all botanists consider this procedure necessary.

    Before you start trimming dracaena, you need to prepare for this. 2-3 days before this, it is necessary to water it so that the soil has enough moisture, but it has not yet had time to dry completely.

    For the terrestrial part of the plant, you need to use an anti-stress drug that is sprayed. The drug will help develop special substances due to which the shock condition is successfully transferred.

    Trimming dracaena carried out in a well-lit place at a convenient height. The trunk and leaves, if they are dirty, must be wiped with a clean cloth.

    How to trim the dracaena? To get a smooth cut without chipping, you need to take a pruner or a sharp knife. The selected tool must be treated with alcohol so that the cut is not rotted, and the wound on the trunk healed faster.

    To prevent infection, a fresh cut on the trunk should be treated with an antifungal agent. At home, it can replace activated carbon or cinnamon. The next step is to prevent the drying of the tissues adjacent to the cut. Of the drugs that are at home, you can use a wax or paraffin candle.

    Circumcision drapes and rooting the top

    How to cut dracaena for side shoots? Before cut off part of the plant stem, you need to imagine how the plant will look after this procedure. Next, you need to decide at what height will cut off part of the plant and do the procedure with a sharp knife or shears. This is done in one motion, while the cut on the trunk should be smooth.

    Cutting the plant can not only the top. If you think that it has become too high, you can shorten the barrel. Parts of the trunk that are longer than 12 cm can produce new shoots from dormant buds.

    Cut off the top of the head should be placed in a container of water for rooting. Activated carbon must be added to the water to exclude development of pathogens and rotting cutting. If the cutting is completely covered with foliage, then most of them need to be cut.

    If the cut stalk is long, then it can be divided into several parts, 12–15 cm long. Each piece must be put into water for rooting, as described above. Subsequently, all the cuttings are planted in the ground.

    Plant care after pruning

    To dracaena quickly recovered after surgery, you need to create suitable conditions for this:

    1. The temperature in the room should be 20-24 °.
    2. The plant should be in a well-lit place, protected from direct sunlight.
    3. Indoors should not be drafts. For a weakened plant, temperature drops are very dangerous.
    4. Dry soil should be watered with warm soft water or a solution with fertilizers.
    5. To maintain high humidity air, you need to crown sprayed with water at room temperature.
    6. To crown dracaena developed evenly, you need to periodically turn the pot with a plant in relation to the light source.

    At least once a week you need to inspect the plant, because it is weakened, then various pests and diseases can settle on it.

    Do not forget to feel the trunk and branches of dracaena. If their elasticity has decreased, then this may indicate problems with the root system. The plant must be removed from the pot and check the condition of the roots. Dark, hollow and dead need to cut, and the plant is transplanted into a new soil, using a root stimulator.

    Useful tips

    After pruning a plant for a few months, you need to treat it with increased attention.

    For watering plants need to follow. It is not allowed to overflow or dry land. Since the plant does not have a crown, it will not be able to absorb this amount of moisture. Overflowing is very bad for the roots of the plant - they have no way to breathe. But the soil should not dry out either, since the plant needs strength to grow new buds.

    To grow bonsai from the drafts will take more than one year. The main task is to build a thick trunk. He will grow more than one year.

    What you need to know about the dracaena

    Dracaena (sometimes Draconic) belongs to the Asparagus family and includes up to 150 species. Popular species that are often found here are Dracaena fragrant, edged, bent, derem, godsef. It is externally similar to a room palm, therefore, the required care for it resembles palm. He likes the temperature of 18-20 degrees, frequent spraying and rubbing. Well-lit rooms are welcome, however, the scorching sunlight leaves burns on the leaves in the form of spots. Feed the tree once a year from March to August.

    Why and when to cut dracaena

    What for? Trimming dracaeni gives rise to the formation of new outlines, dense foliage without the formation of "bald", long trunks.

    When? In the active period of growth, during sap flow. Sleeping buds spirally cover the entire trunk, which awaken only after it is cut.

    An exception. With minor damage or complete breakage of the trunk there is a need to shorten the bush.

    Do I need to stop the top

    Sooner or later, the length of the tree can reach too great a height, which affects the appearance of a beautiful view. Therefore, if you are wondering: “Is it possible to trim the dragon flower at the top?” The answer is simple: “It is necessary to stop the crown”. Cut off the top is not necessary to throw, it will go as a tip cutting for breeding.

    Features trimming dracaena

    When shortening the main trunk of a succulent shrub, it is necessary to consider the following features of how to trim the dracaena at home:

    • The stalk needs pruning, the bare part of which has already reached 30 cm.
    • The procedure should be performed with a sharply sharpened knife.
    • The entire length of the plant can be cut into 10-centimeter cuttings and grow new dragons.
    • If the cut piece of the stem has leaves, they must also be shortened by 10 cm.
    • To preserve moisture, the cuttings of the cuttings are coated with paraffin, garden pitch, and wax.
    • You should know that not all the beginnings will give rise to shoots.
    • The processes in the process of germination must be periodically rotated together with the vessel in which they are located. This is necessary for uniform light penetration and for germination of all shoots.

    How to cut dracaena for side shoots

    An elongated bush with a bare trunk does not look attractive. It needs to branch. Below is the sequence of how to trim the dracaena for side shoots:

    1. Decide on the branch location.
    2. Strictly horizontally cut off the stalk with a sharp knife. You can not break.
    3. Leave the area below the cut off about 15 cm from the leaves.
    4. The resulting cross section to cover with wax or charcoal powdered.
    5. Wrap the remaining piece of moss, not covering the wax-drenched cut.
    6. The whole structure must be constantly in a humid environment until the buds appear. Such an environment can be achieved by constantly moistening the moss or covering the trunk with a plastic bag.
    7. Moss wrap should be removed as soon as a kidney appears.

    How to make a tree

    Fluffy dracaena - the result of pruning and care for a single day. It is possible to grow a bush in several trunks by planting cuttings in one pot. In the process of growth, the roots are strengthened and intertwined with each other, requiring greater capacity. Pomp can also be achieved by setting a horizontal inset between the stems.

    For decoration dracaeni, externally similar to a palm tree, take a lot of time. The apical stem from the mother plant develops very slowly.

    Is it possible to get a thick barrel

    Thin and fragile trunk with careless handling can break, and all your labors collapse in one moment. Therefore, building it in diameter is an important achievement. In order to get a thick trunk should adhere to the following points:

    • Mandatory dressing.
    • Bright, not scorching light.
    • Air temperature is 18-25 degrees.
    • Do not allow the soil to dry out.

    In winter, when the temperature is lower than the set, you need to reduce the frequency of watering.

    Bansay of Draceni

    Pruning is exactly the procedure that will help grow the dragon flower imitating the bansai. To get such a tree is a matter of one year. Tips for building a multi-sided cascade bansai tree from a dragon:

    • A five-year-old dracaena with a stem diameter of 5 cm is ready for the formation of a bansai.
    • Under the cut, several shoots must be seen, further growing upwards. At the same time the trunk will thicken.
    • The basis is laid, now everything depends on how you want to see the tree in the future. After a while, new overgrown trunks can be cut close to their base.
    • Repeat pruning already on the following branches.

    Professional Tips

    1. If stem cuttings are not rooted for 1.5 months, it makes no sense to wait anymore. Repeat the procedure. Rooting is determined by the saturated appearance of the cutting, it is categorically impossible to dig the soil to visually see the growth of the roots.
    2. The newly acquired mini-bush requires a mandatory transfer to another pot.
    3. The trimming procedure is done with a knife, not with scissors.

    Videos about pruning draca

    The video demonstrates how to cut the dragon flower correctly to form a beautiful plant crown:

    Find out what shape the dracaena is from this video:

    Cultivation of a beautiful tree Dracena is achieved by its periodic pruning. Thanks to her, you can get new decorative leafy flowers, to form any form of a bush.


    If your plant has reached a considerable height, it has a bare trunk and a bunch of leaves at the top, then you can return to it an attractive appearance with your own hands.

    Dracaena is a grateful plant. If she creates a good living environment, she can decorate any room. Knowing the simple methods of crown formation can achieve the perfect shape.

    Features of growing dracaena at home

    Dracaeni prefer to grow in a well-lit room, and variegated varieties will retain their color in a brighter place, green-leaved ones feel well away from the light source, but not in a dense shade.

    Water these plants should be plentiful, when the top layer of soil dries out on 3-5 centimeters. Dracaeni do not like overmoistening, but on spraying crowns speak well. The best temperature for their development: in the summer of 20–25 ° C, in the winter of 16–18 ° C. To the composition of the soil dracaena undemanding, but develop best of all, if the mixture consists of turf, sand and peat in a ratio of 2: 1: 1. At the bottom of the pot a layer of drainage is required.

    Dracaena is able to decorate any interior.

    Feed the plant during the growing season every two weeks, alternating a solution of organic and mineral fertilizers. In the cold period of the year, draceni begins a period of relative rest. It is necessary to reduce watering and cancel feeding.

    How to prune and re-arrange a plant

    With all the variety of forms and varieties of dracaenes, they have a common feature: the trunk grows in height and branches extremely rarely.

    Why cut dragon flower:

    • to improve the appearance, increase the ornamentation draceni rejuvenate - shorten elongated shoots pruning. Since the peculiarity of the plant is abscission of the lower leaves of the crown with rather rapid growth, often elongated shoots take on an unattractive appearance (they are bent, deformed, etc.),
    • to form a lush crown. Throughout the trunk dracenes are dormant buds, which are invisible to us. Removing a part of the trunk stimulates the awakening of such buds just under the cut, side shoots will appear from them, which, when grown, will increase the mass of leaves. By increasing the number of shoots, a more magnificent crown is formed,
    • for growing a multi-barreled plant and imitating bonsai. In this case, the trunk is cut off closer to the ground or at a small height, and then over the years the crown is formed,
    • to save the plant. If the dracaena fell and broke or fell ill and began to die rapidly, in order to save at least part of the plant, they cut and root the tops or parts of the branches,
    • for breeding. The apical and stem cuttings root quite easily, in addition, the stem is capable of releasing lateral shoots from dormant buds.

    Causes of flower cutting

    Basically, the owner of the plant relies on its own opinion and taste. If from your point of view the dracaena has reached a considerable height, has a bare trunk with a bunch of leaves at the crown and has lost its former attractiveness, you want to renew and rejuvenate the plant or get a multilateral copy of dracaena instead of single-barreled, then you can adjust the height of the plant, crown density and the whole appearance.

    When do you need pruning?

    There is an important rule: this procedure is carried out exclusively on healthy plants and only in the period of active growth - in spring or summer. The fact is that during the growing season, the plant's body produces special substances for the construction of new cells for successful wound healing. In winter, during a period of low temperatures and a decrease in the intensity of sunlight, it is very difficult for a plant to endure such stress. And weakened plants may even die.

    The only exceptions are emergency cases. For example, when a dracaena has broken or is damaged (rotted), the top (trunk), or if it rests against the top on the ceiling, an urgent trimming is allowed. At the same time, it will be necessary to pay additional attention to the care of the plant, so that the dragon trees could safely grow dormant buds.

    Dried or decayed dragon leaves may signal an emergency transplant.

    Any special in-depth knowledge is not required for self-execution of pruning. It is desirable to simply have an idea about the process.

    What will happen if you pinch (stop) the dracaena, can you cut the top, shorten a part of the trunk, cut the leaves?

    Some lovers of plants unknowingly called cupping or pinching off the top of the dracaena. In fact, these plants do not pinch, and cut. This is done in order to subsequently implant a part that is separated from the maternal organism and obtain a new plant.

    Срезать можно не только верхушку. Часто прибегают к укорачиванию ствола. Части ствола длиной 12–15 см способны дать новые ростки из спящих почек.

    Листья драцене обрезать не следует. Именно в листьях растений образуются вещества для построения новых клеток и тканей. Part of the crown is removed only on the cut cuttings in the event that it is all lined.

    Getting a thick barrel

    The main task is to build a thick trunk. Since dracaena trunks grow in thickness rather reluctantly, it is necessary to provide optimal conditions for growth. The first is a bright diffused light, the second is the temperature from 18 to 25 ° C, the third is watering as the soil dries, the fourth is top dressing. Be sure to control the combination of these conditions. That is, the lighter, the warmer and wetter. When reducing the light, you need to reduce the temperature and reduce watering, this will prevent the plant from being pulled out in height.

    How to form a tree

    After 3-5 years, when the dracaena trunk at a height of 10–15 cm from the ground reaches a diameter of 4–5 cm, the trunk is trimmed. With proper care, several new shoots grow below the cut point. Now these shoots will grow in height, and the trunk will thicken a little. In the future, it all depends on the fantasy grower. After some time, you can cut new trunks closer to the place of the first cut or away from it, on the same or at different levels, then repeat pruning on all branches or selectively so that the dracaena can grow.

    In this way, an original cascade multi-barreled version of dracaena resembling bonsai is created.

    Preparation for the procedure

    Two to three days before the planned pruning, it is desirable to conduct a preparation that will allow the plant to successfully transfer this procedure and successfully grow new shoots.

    First, you need to water the plant so that by the time of pruning the soil absorbs the bulk of the moisture, but who has not had time to dry.

    Secondly, spray the ground part of the draceni with the anti-stress drug Epin. This will help the plant to develop special substances for successfully overcoming the shock state and early growth of new shoots.

    Treatment with a special drug "Epin" will help the plant to successfully overcome stress

    Tool to form a flower

    To perform the cut you will need a pruner or a sharp knife. Although the trimming procedure is quite simple, it is still an operation, therefore it is carried out under sterile conditions. The blade of the instrument is pre-disinfected with alcohol. The sharpness of the cutting edges affects the cleanliness of the cut: it should be smooth, without chipping. Then there is a higher probability that the apical stalk will take root, and not rot, and the wound on the trunk will heal as soon as possible.

    Cutting edge must be sharp

    Slice processing

    A fresh cut on the stem should be processed in order to avoid infection. For this purpose, it is desirable to have a special antifungal drug (for example, Topsin-M) or a substance that can replace it. At home, such functions will perform crushed activated carbon or cinnamon. Garden var is needed for covering up the wound. This technique prevents the drying of tissues adjacent to the cut. Instead of a garden vara at home, you can use a wax or paraffin candle.

    How to make a cut

    Decide on the cut point. Before cutting off a part of the dracaena, look closely at it, imagine how it will look when it releases several new branches at the top of the remaining stem, and then decide at what height the part of the plant will be cut off.

    First you need to decide on the place of the cut

    The cut should be smooth. Perform it in one motion.

    The cut on the trunk should be smooth

    Top Rooting

    Root the severed top of the plant. If it is covered with leaves, cut the leaves into quarters or thirds of the cutting height. Place in a glass of water, where add a tablet of activated carbon or a small piece of charcoal to block the development of pathogenic microorganisms and decay of the cutting.

    If the cut part of the plant is rather long, from 20 cm or more, you can divide it into several parts 12–15 cm long, process the upper sections in the manner described above, and also put it in a container with water for rooting to subsequently plant in the ground.

    In about a month, roots will appear on the handle.

    Top dressing for stimulation of germination of the sleeping kidneys

    After three or four days, when the plant overcomes the state of shock after pruning, it is necessary to feed the plant to the root and fertilizer with a high nitrogen content along the stalk. This dressing is carried out after irrigation to prevent burns of the roots. The easiest way to use ammonium nitrate at the rate of a teaspoon to three liters of water. But if there is an opportunity, it is better to use a specialized fertilizer with an improved composition of Plantafol in the proportion of 30:10:10.

    Top dressing is repeated every 2 weeks for 2–3 months, until new shoots reach a length of 4–6 cm.

    The plant is very responsive to dressing

    Possible problems with pruning

    Any organism under stress, which is also the removal of a part of a plant, becomes more vulnerable to adverse factors. After the pruning procedure, you should treat the plant with increased attention for several months.

    Be more careful with watering. It is necessary to prevent overflow and overdrying earthen coma. Since the dracaena has no crown or part of it, the plant cannot absorb as much moisture as before. When overflowing at the roots is not possible to breathe. But the soil should not dry up either, since the plant needs strength to grow new buds.

    Keep drafts from drafts. Temperature variations for a weakened plant are dangerous.

    The main goal - to prevent disease

    Once a week carefully inspect the ground part of the plant. On a weakened plant, pests and diseases settle more often than on a healthy one. If insects are detected, it is necessary to treat the trunk and the rest of the crown with an insecticide as soon as possible, for example, with the Agravertin preparation. If the crown remained on the dracaena and spots of various colors appeared on the leaves, your plant was attacked by pathogenic microflora. In this case, spray the plant with one of the fungicides (Topsin-M, Fundazol). Treatment with chemicals should be carried out in non-residential premises twice with an interval of 7-10 days.

    Update roots

    Occasionally feel the stem and branches of dracaena. The decrease in tissue elasticity signals problems with the root system. You need to remove the dracaena from the pot and check the condition of the roots. Hollow, darkened and dead roots cut off, re-transplant dracaena in fresh soil, using the root-stimulator root formation.

    Once upon a time I had a dragon tree, and it grew big-very big, and I decided to cut it off and cut it off (the husband said it looked like it had been killed); kidney will burst - perhaps they will not interfere with each other. Places slices covered with coal, filled with wax. The pruning was divided into 2 parts - a total of six cuttings and the main plant were produced. A month went by, on two pruned branches, 7 buds were crooked, and on one - 3 (thank God), I don’t know how this riotous life now gets on, I did not count on such a breakthrough.

    Lenka_minsk on July 18, 2012


    Dracaena - responsive to the care of the plant. Knowing the optimal conditions of maintenance and simple methods of forming the crown, even a novice gardener can turn a plant into a luxurious attractive decoration for each room.