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Means Alatar from bedbugs - instructions for use


Every professional gardener or amateur gardener sooner or later faces the problem of insect invasion. The drug "Alatar", the instructions for use of which are presented below, is an excellent solution to the problem.

General information about the drug

"Alatar" is a universal tool that is used to kill insects of different species in the garden plots. Every second gardener uses in his work "Alatar", reviews of which indicate its effectiveness. The drug has a liquid structure and is diluted in water in certain proportions. You can buy the drug "Alatar" for insect control in any specialty store or on the Internet. In order to get the most positive result, you need to carefully study the method and rules of application, prepare the necessary equipment or devices.

"Alatar" - instructions for use

  • Pour 1-10 liters of water into a suitable container (bucket, bottle). You can dilute the entire amount of the solution at once, and you can do it in parts for ease of use.
  • Add Alatar to the water in the amount required by the instructions. It is good to mix the resulting solution to evenly distribute the drug.
  • It is necessary to cultivate a garden or a vegetable garden only in clear weather, when there is no wind. It is not recommended to spray plants in the period from 11 00 to 19 00. It is better to do this in the morning or in the evening when there is no scorching sunlight.
  • When spraying, you should carefully treat each leaf in order not to miss the accumulation of insects.
  • It is not recommended to use the solution at temperatures below 10 degrees and above 30 degrees Celsius.
  • When working with the solution you can not smoke or come close to the fire. Chemicals contained in Alatar can lead to fire, which may result in an accident.

Features processing of different cultures

It is important to carefully familiarize yourself with the principles of the work of the drug "Alatar", the instructions for use clearly describe to the consumer all the features of the treatment of different plants.

General guidelines: the plant needs to be processed during the growing season. Before starting any manual or mechanized work on the sprayed area, you need to wait ten days after processing.

Potato processing. On 4 liters of water to part 5 ml of a preparation. Consumption of the resulting solution - 4 liters of solution per weave garden plot. Used to destroy the Colorado potato beetle. You can repeat the treatment after 20 days.

Cabbage processing. On 4 liters of water to part 5 ml of a preparation. Consumption of the resulting solution - 4 liters of solution per weave garden plot. Used to destroy cabbage moths, butterflies, cabbage scoops. You can repeat the treatment after 25 days.

Carrot processing. On 4 liters of water to part 5 ml of a preparation. Consumption of the resulting solution - 4 liters of solution per weave garden plot. Used to destroy carrot lisobloshki. You can repeat the treatment after 20 days.

Processing onions. On 4 liters of water to part 5 ml of a preparation. Consumption of the resulting solution - 4 liters of solution per weave garden plot. Used to destroy the onion flies. You can repeat the treatment twice every 20 days.

Processing strawberries. On 4 liters of water to part 5 ml of a preparation. Consumption of the resulting solution - 4 liters of solution per weave garden plot. Used to destroy the raspberry-strawberry weevil. You can repeat the treatment after 30 days.

Processing apple. On 10 liters of water to part 5 ml of a preparation. Consumption of the resulting solution - 5 liters of solution per tree. Used to destroy the codling moth, leafworm. You can repeat the treatment twice every 30 days.

Processing black currant. Dilute 1 ml of the preparation per liter of water. Consumption of the resulting solution - 1 liter of solution per bush. Used to destroy aphids. You can repeat the treatment after 25 days.

Processing of ornamental trees and shrubs. On 10 liters of water to part 5 ml of a preparation. Consumption of the resulting solution - 5 liters of solution per plant. They are used to destroy moths, aphids, peppered moths, scale insects, moths, haws, sawflies. Single treatment.

Processing of flower cultures (on an open ground). On 10 liters of water to part 5 ml of a preparation. Consumption of the resulting solution - 1-2 liters of solution per 10 m 2. Used to kill aphids, thrips, whitefly, bedbugs, scoop-gamma, cabbage moth. Single treatment.

"Alatar": reviews and opinions

After reading the views of different gardeners, you can make one definite conclusion: the drug is very effective and is very popular. Even after one treatment, the garden is freed from pest invasion. Most gardeners apply exactly “Alatar”, the instructions for use for which gives all the necessary instructions and allows everyone to use it.

Instructions for use means Alatar

Universal remedy Alatar is an insecticide of a new generation, designed to combat both domestic insects and plant pests. The effectiveness of Alatar confirms its composition. Which includes two active substances such as: Malathion with a concentration of 22.5% and Cypermethrin 5%. Additionally, a surfactant (surfactant), an antioxidant, a solvent and a stabilizer are included. Alatar is produced in two forms of 5 ml ampoules and 10 ml and 25 ml bottles.

Insecticide belongs to the 3rd class of danger (slightly toxic). But, like all insecticides, is poison. Therefore, to begin with, we will protect ourselves when working with it. You will need rubber gloves, a mask or respirator, goggles and clothes that after processing are sent to the wash. Alatar is a concentrated emulsion that is diluted with water. The average consumption of the working composition is 50 ml per 1 m 2 of non-absorbent surfaces, and 100 ml per 1 m 2 for absorbing surfaces. Warranty period of storage 2 years. To prepare the working composition, we take 5 ml (one ampoule) of the emulsion and dilute it in 2 liters of water, then add another 8 liters. As a result, we get 10 liters of working solution. Processing produced by spraying.

How to prepare an apartment for the treatment of bedbugs

To begin with, we will carry out the cleaning, with the help of a vacuum cleaner, you can open the nests of bedbugs and destroy individuals that have got in the way.

  • Wet clean, move all furniture away from walls.
  • Vacuum the back of cabinets, carpets, and paintings.
  • Food and dishes folded in packages and put away in cabinets.
  • Personal hygiene products pack in sealed bags.
  • Bedding send in the laundry.
  • In the presence of aquariums, terrariums tightly cover and turn off the compressor.
  • Remove from the room people and all warm-blooded animals.

Processing should be done with open windows and windows.

Where to carry out processing from bedbugs

  • Skirting, crevices in the floor, places of poor fit of the wallpaper to the wall.
  • The reverse side of the mattress, the frame of the bedroom set.
  • Nightstands, poufs, dressers (sliding shelves).
  • The back side of the paintings, carpets, sconces.
  • Heating panels and space under the window sills.

In the course of the work, it is forbidden to smoke or eat. If, when working with an insecticide, it gets on the skin, immediately wash the area with running water and soap. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of running water.

Changed a lot of anti-bedbugs, and the parasites returned again. A friend advised me to take Alatar. Already the second month, no bugs there. True, the smell from the apartment was weathered for a long time.

Alatar decided to try it when I read about it on the Internet. The bugs tortured, disappear for a short time and then come back again. Strongly poisonous, be sure to protect your skin and eyes. But effectively, there are no bedbugs for more than a month, now we sleep peacefully.

What to do after processing

After 6 hours we do a little cleaning. Soda solution (a teaspoon in a glass of water) wipe the entire contact surface, tables, the outer side of furniture, etc. Full cleaning should be done after 2 - 3 days. Alatar is a contact insecticide, that is, it penetrates the chitinous membrane inside the bug and affects the nerve endings causing paralysis and death of the insect. The residual action allows you to fight both with adults at once, and again with the newly hatched eggs for some time. Therefore, after processing bedbugs, I can appear for some time.

Pros and cons Alatar

The advantages include:

  • Water-based, practically odorless, does not damage treated surfaces.
  • High efficiency, residual effect up to 6 weeks.
  • It is a little toxic allowed for use in premises, schools and honey. institutions.
  • Low price category, in relation to low consumption

The disadvantages include:

There are no minuses, only inconvenience with solution preparation is possible.
The best result is achieved by joint actions of you and your neighbors. After all, you can not guess from whom they will come running next time.

If you have experience using this tool, share it in the comments below. Perhaps your experience will help others make the right choice.

Happiness to you and your home.

"Alatar" to fight insects - instructions

Means "Alatar" in comparison with other drugs has significant advantages, including the following:

  1. The use of the drug "Alatar" is characterized by very high efficiency, since its composition provides for the presence of two components, which are characterized by a strong effect and contribute to the destruction of even the most resistant plant eaters. These chemicals are called malathion and cypermethrin. They are characterized by a synergistic effect, that is, their influence on pests increases as a result of their simultaneous use.
  2. As part of "Alatara" contains a special adhesive. Its purpose is to prevent washing or removal of the drug from the leaves of plants.
  3. Long term of use due to low consumption rate. On 10 l of liquid only 5 ml of means will be enough.

When using the drug should be remembered that "Alatar" is a poison. Instructions for proper handling of it are as follows:

  • The substance is strongly recommended to be used in dry, calm weather.
  • the best time for spraying is morning (before 11 o'clock) and evening (after 19 o'clock),
  • a certain temperature condition should be considered - the air temperature should not be less than 10⁰С or more than 30С,
  • spraying must be done evenly, trying to distribute the product on each leaf of the plant,
  • Certain security measures should be followed, namely: it is strictly forbidden to smoke or spray near open sources of ignition. Failure to follow these rules may result in a flare-up and subsequent accident.

How to breed "Alatar"?

Instructions for breeding in liquid pest remedies "Alatar" is as follows:

  1. It is necessary to prepare a container with a liquid in the amount of 0.5-3 liters.
  2. Alatar is poured into the liquid at a dose required to process a certain type of culture, and stirred until complete dissolution.

"Alatar" - method of administration and dosage

The dosage and method of use of the drug differ depending on which culture you are going to process:

  1. Potato - sprayed only when a massive attack of the Colorado potato beetles, ladybugs or potato moths. Consumption rate per 100 sq.m. provides for up to 10 liters. The treatment is carried out for 10 days.
  2. Cabbage is sprayed using a dosage similar to that of a potato. During the period of active vegetation, the remedy will help in the fight against whitefly, leaflets and thrips.
  3. Currants, gooseberries - treated during the growing season. Consumption is 2 liters per bush. The main enemies of these cultures are moths, flower beetles, aphid.
  4. Pear, apple, quince. They are attacked by the same pests as currants. They are also sprayed during the growing season. The consumption rate is 3 liters for young trees and 6-8 liters for adults.
  5. Raspberries. It can be processed during flowering or before preparing for winter. On the bush using 2 liters of substance. The fight is with beetles and weevils.
  6. Ornamental trees and bushes. Their spraying is carried out both before and after flowering, as well as during the growing season. 10 sq.m. apply ready-made solution in the calculation of 1.5 liters.

Means "Alatar" will become your reliable assistant in the fight against pests that destroy your plants.


Efficiency directly depends on the composition, Alatar contains two main components: cypermethrin and malathion. It is these two substances that perfectly fight insects and clean the garden. Also in the composition there is a component that helps the drug stay on the leaves for a long time.

It is this property that makes it possible to finally exterminate insects and continue pest control to the end. An incomparable plus is a small expense, for the destruction of insects you need only 5 ml of the product per ten liters of water.

This amount of funds is enough to handle one weave garden.

Alatar: instructions for use, reviews

  • First, you need to pour 1-10 liters of water into a special container, dilute the entire solution or do it in parts.
  • Then add the drug to the water, calculate the amount and evenly distribute Alatar.
  • Do the processing, the recommended time for spraying plants from 11 to 19 hours.

Handle better in the morning or evening, when there is no strong sunlight.

  • During processing, you need to pay each leaflet, separate attention.
  • The recommended temperature for use is from 10 to 30 degrees.
  • Do not smoke or set fire to anything during the treatment, Alatar is highly flammable, you may suffer.

Processing different cultures

For each plant has its own method of processing. General guidelines state that the plant should be processed during the growing season. After processing the site, you need to wait ten days and only after that begin any work.

  • Potato processing: we take 4 liters of water and dilute 5 ml of the preparation in it. All 4 liters can be put on a weave garden plot. Alatar in this case is used to exterminate the Colorado potato beetle. Processing can be repeated only after 20 days.
  • Cabbage processing: we take 4 liters of water and we also dilute 5 ml in it. All 4 liters laid on the weave garden plot. Alatar is used in this case for the destruction of the carrot plate.
  • Onion peeling: take 4 liters of water and dilute 3-4 ml of the preparation in it. All 4 liters laid on the weave garden plot. In the case of onions, the drug is used to kill onion flies. You can repeat the processingbut only in 20 days.
  • Processing strawberries: take 4 liters of water and dilute it 5 ml funds. We cover with these quantities of solution weave a garden plot. In the case of strawberries, the drug is used to destroy the raspberry-strawberry weevil.
  • Cleaning the apple tree: take 10 liters of water and dilute 5 ml of the preparation in it. On one tree we use 5 liters of solution. The tool is used for the extermination of the codling moth, spider. Reprocessing can be done in 30 days.
  • Black currant cleansing: take 1 liter of water and dilute 1 ml of the product in it. One liter of water is used per bush. Used to destroy aphids. Re-processing can be carried out after 25 days.
  • Purification of ornamental plants: we take 10 liters of water and dilute 5 ml of the preparation in it. We use 5 liters of water per plant. Used for the extermination of aphids, moths, peppered moths, scale insects, leafworms, haws, etc. A one-time treatment is recommended.
  • Purification of flower crops: we take 10 liters of water and dilute 5 ml in it. The resulting solution of 1-2 liters per 10 m2. Used for the extermination of aphids, thrips, bedbugs, moths, whiteflies. Single treatment is recommended.
  • There are no instructions for cleaning indoor plants.

Reviews about Alatara

Before you buy Alatar, most people will want to read reviews. Reviews are divided into positive and negative, you can read them below.

I decided to try a new means for fighting insects and acquired Alatar, the impression was good, it destroyed most of the Colorado beetles, but not completely. I think after the second treatment I will achieve the complete extermination of beetles. So if you are thinking whether to buy or not, buy!

Several times he processed different plants, but Alatar did not help. Most of the berries were eaten, I can not call this tool effective.

I coped with my task one hundred percent. But with this drug you need to be careful, because it is still toxic and you need to add water in small doses. Well and the main thing, do not forget about personal hygiene after processing. If you want to buy Alatar, I hasten to please you: it costs only 15 rubles.

Preparation of the working mixture

  • We take one vial of "Alatara" for 5 ml, we open it.
  • The contents of the ampoule dissolve in 2 liters of water, mix.
  • Then add water in small portions, while stirring at the same time, up to 10 liters of solution.

Important! Mix well the water and the drug - it should be a homogeneous liquid..

Нормы расхода препарата

Норма расхода препарата будет зависеть от условий произрастания и вида растительности. Here are the recommended proportions of the drug and water in the preparation of the solution for the destruction of various types of pests:

  • Against weevils, the Colorado potato beetle, and other harmful insects attacking vegetables, 5 ml of the preparation is added to 4 liters of water. Processing of vegetation is performed during the growing season. Four liters of the finished mixture is sprayed on 100 m 2. Against an onion fly, the vegetation treatment process is carried out twice.
  • Against leafworms, moths that attack apple trees, 5 ml of the preparation is added to 10 liters of water. Five liters of the finished solution is sprayed with one tree. Processing is carried out during the growing season twice.
  • Against the aphid, which attacks black currant bushes, 1 ml of the preparation is added to 1 liter of water. Each currant bush is processed once during the growing season with one liter of solution.
  • Against various insect species that attack ornamental trees, a 5-liter bucket is added to a ten-liter bucket of water. Processing of vegetation is carried out during the growing season. Consumption of the finished mixture is about 5 liters per plant.
  • Against various types of pests that attack ornamental flowers and vegetation grown in gardens, 5 ml of the product are added to 10 liters of water. For processing a garden plot with an area of ​​100 m 2, depending on the extent of its damage by harmful insects, it may take up to 2 liters of the mixture.

Processing rules

  • For uniform spraying of the finished working mixture over the treated area with vegetation, a spray gun is used.
  • Processing should be carried out when there is no precipitation, there is no strong wind.
  • If there is still a little wind present, the drug should be sprayed with the wind.
  • The treatment procedure must be performed from morning to 10 hours, in the evening after 18 hours, but no later than 22 hours.
  • The air temperature during the processing period of vegetation should be in the range of 12-25 degrees with a plus.

Important! The drug "Alatar" is not recommended for a long time, it should be alternated with other compounds with different chemical components, since insects may eventually develop immunity.

Precautionary measures

  • Prohibited: take food, smoke, allow children and animals to stay in the area to be treated.
  • When treating a room with a solution, the vents should be open.
  • After completing the work, be sure to wash your face and hands with soap and water.
  • If the working mixture gets on the skin, it must be removed, rinse the affected area thoroughly with soapy water.
  • Excessively inhaling with the preparation you need to go to the clean air.
  • If affected by a solution of the organs of vision, they should be thoroughly rinsed under a stream of clean water.
  • If the drug got inside the body, it is recommended to take activated carbon in the proportion of 1 g of coal / 1 kg of human weight, drinking it down with a pair of glasses of warm water, artificially induce vomiting. Then you need to call a doctor.

Benefits of using the drug

  • Due to the presence in the preparation of two potent elements, it is highly efficient. These chemical components make it possible to destroy the most hardy to such chemicals harmful insects in full.
  • The presence in the formulation of a special adherent component, due to which the solution is reliably held on the surface of the leaves of plants, is not washed off.
  • Long period of use. This is due to low consumption - 5 ml of the drug per 10 liters of water.

Customer Reviews

All consumers, without exception, before using the drug "Alatar" recommend carefully study the instructions for use, so that the destruction of pests passed as efficiently as possible.

I, like any responsible gardener, am very worried when I observe various harmful insects on the leaves of cultivated crops. To combat them, I use the drug "Alatar", as it is inexpensive, and showed itself quite effectively. Of course, it consists of toxic substances, so working with a solution has to be very neat. But, but one treatment is enough, and you can not think about pests until next season.

Every year I cultivate my own garden with the specialized tool "Alatar", designed to combat various pests. As soon as the buds have blossomed in the trees, I immediately get down to business. The composition of the drug includes toxic components, so I’m picking up the day when the wind is almost absent, I’m sure to use protective equipment: goggles, respirator, gloves. I dilute 1 ampoule of the drug with water in a ten-liter bucket of water. The tool is reliable, he managed to check in two years.

I, like most pensioners, spend a lot of time at my own summer cottage. Of course, there is a garden where soot potatoes and vegetables. No season without pests. I tried many different means of beetle, aphids, and other pests. I bought inexpensive formulations, but they are poorly effective, so I had to work the garden three or four times. A neighbor last year advised me to try Alatar, one ampule of which costs about 60 rubles. It was enough for me to process my entire plot. As a result of harmful insects, I did not observe the whole summer.

Insecticide "Alatar": general information

Means "Alatar" belongs to the group of drugs with contact-intestinal action. It is ideal for controlling pests of the garden, reliably protecting the site from diseases. The drug helps to cope with aphids, leafworm, moth, flower beetle, cabbage moth, honeycake, raspberry-strawberry weevil and other uninvited guests.

Due to its availability and ease of preparation of the working solution, the insecticide “Alatar” occupies one of the places of honor in the “first-aid kit” of each gardener and gardener. Only 10-15 ampoules will provide reliable protection of your plants for the whole season. It can be used together with hunting belts, due to which the effect of the drug is significantly increased and its consumption is reduced.

The insecticide described is marketed as a concentrated emulsion, placed in 5 ml ampoules or in 25 ml vials. To prepare the working solution, the contents of the ampoule are diluted in a small amount of water (approximately 2-3 liters), and then more liquid is added to achieve the specified norm. Each culture requires its own amount of the drug "Alatar", as stated in the instructions for its use. Anyway the total volume of the solution should be 10 liters (the solution must be mixed).

Active ingredient and mechanism of action

If you believe the reviews of summer residents, Alatar is much more efficient in coping with its tasks than other similar means. It was possible to achieve similar results due to the presence in its composition of two potent substances at once: cypermethrin and malathion. Malathion (or karbofos) belongs to the class of organophosphorus compounds with a broad spectrum of action. "Alatar" perfectly protects plants from aphids (namely, it most often hosts the area), and also prevents massive attacks of insects and ticks.

The second constituent is a contact-intestinal insecticide, which is distinguished by high initial activity and causes paralysis of the nervous system of pests, both in adults and in larvae. In addition, the “Alatar” includes a special adhesive that performs a special task - it is he who prevents the solution from rolling off the leaves or being washed out by the rain (You can find information about this in the instructions for use, which is attached to the preparation, or in the instructions from the network).

Instructions for use of the drug "Alatar" for garden crops

As we noted earlier, for different crops a different amount of the described preparation is required, therefore, before proceeding to dilution of the working fluid, it is necessary to determine the dosage. Speaking about the tool "Alatar" and its instructions for use, we will not create any tables, but simply describe the dosage for the most common crops grown today.

Cabbage, potatoes, onions, carrots, strawberries

Cabbage is sprayed with “Alatar” only during the active growing season. To prepare the working solution, the contents of the ampoule (5 ml) are diluted in 4 liters of water, after which the resulting composition is sprayed with plants. The consumption of the drug in this case is 4 liters per 100 m². Cabbage processing is used to eliminate the problem of whitefish, cabbage moth, scoops, thrips, leaf beetles.

Spraying the potato preparation should be carried out only with the mass appearance of pests. As in the previous case, you will need 4 liters of working fluid per 100 m², and the duration of the manual work is 10 days. Insecticide used in the fight against Colorado potato beetle and ladybug.

A working solution is prepared according to the same scheme for spraying onions, carrots and strawberries: 5 ml of the preparation must be diluted in 4 liters of water. In these cases, the Alatar pest remedy (according to the instructions) will help to permanently get rid of carrot listobloshki, onion flies and protect the strawberries from raspberry-strawberry fruit.

Spraying the garden apple tree, and with it the pears and quince, is performed during the active growing season of the trees, after diluting 5 ml of the preparation in 10 liters of water. On average, about 5 l of the working composition is spent on one tree: 3 l - for young specimens and 6-8 l - for adult planting. The most frequent enemies of the apple tree are moths, flower beetles, aphids, peppered moths, moths, sawflies, moths, and Alatar copes with them perfectly.

For processing currants and gooseberries, 5 ml of the drug must be diluted in 5 liters of water.

The consumption of working fluid is up to 1 l per bush, which helps to get rid of aphids.

Ornamental trees, shrubs and flower crops

To get rid of pests, the Alatar solution also helps in the cultivation of ornamental shrubs and trees in its plot. For such plants need special care, so they are sprayed three times: before and after flowering, as well as during the growing season. Consumption of the finished solution is 1.5 liters per 10 m², and spraying is best done early in the morning or with the onset of the evening (after sunset), in calm and dry weather. All leaves of the plant should be moistened evenly, 4-6 hours before the expected precipitation.

The optimal temperature for the procedure is + 12 ... + 25 ° С. Alatar for fighting insects protects ornamental trees from sucking and leaf-eating pests, dipterans and trunk uninvited guests (this is also indicated in the instructions). For the treatment of such plants, 5 ml of the preparation (one ampoule) is diluted in 3.5 liters of water.

Alatar is also suitable for the treatment of indoor plants, and although the instructions for use do not indicate the recommended dosage for flowers in pots, they can be sprayed with the same composition that you use to treat ornamental shrubs.

Security measures when working with the drug

When working with any chemicals, you should always take precautions. Firstly, it is better to carry out processing in calm weather or so that a small wind comes from you. Secondly, be sure to close with clothing all open areas of the body (wear gloves and a hat). Do not be over glasses and respirator, because so you can fully protect your eyes, digestive tract and respiratory system. Also be sure to ensure that when performing the procedure, there are no people or animals nearby.

During the spraying can not smoke and eat. If, despite all precautions, the chemical still gets into the eyes or on the skin, they must be rinsed with copious amounts of clean running water. If the composition enters the body through the mouth, rinse it thoroughly with water, drink several glasses of warm water or milk and take activated carbon at the rate of 1 g per 1 kg of body weight. After that, by irritation of the posterior pharyngeal wall, vomiting should be induced.

After doing the work, immediately wash your hands with soap and, if possible, take a shower.

Storage conditions and shelf life "Alatara"

“Alatar” as a remedy for aphids, bedbugs, ticks and other pests is supplied in the form of ampoules (5 ml) or 25 ml bottles. In any case, the shelf life of the composition should not exceed two years. All this time, the package with the drug should be in a dry, darkened room with temperature indicators of -5 ° C ... + 25 ° C, separately from food and drugs. In addition, neither children nor pets should have access to it. Also means should be protected from fire.

Of course, work in the garden and in the garden can not be called an easy task, besides the end result does not always depend only on diligence. In addition to the human factor, weather and climate conditions play a significant role, but this does not mean that you will have to come to terms with it. Having processed plants with means "Alatar" You will help them cope with one of the biggest problems - insect pests, and healthy cultures will be better able to tolerate cold wind or rain.

Release form

The product is produced in the form of a concentrated emulsion. Packed in 5 ml ampoules, 25 ml bottles. Immediately before use, Alatar should be dissolved in cool water. The prepared solution contains a strong odor, toxic. In the process of work requires compliance with individual protection rules.

The shelf life of the concentrate is 2 years from the date of manufacture, after opening the bottle must be used within a year. The prepared solution is used immediately or within 3 days. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the drug is reduced.

Alatar for the control of insects contains several active substances - cypermethrin, malathion. Substances are toxic, act on the nervous system of insects, violate the transfer of impulse. The tool enters the body by contact, food. It begins to act within a few minutes - paralysis, death occurs.

Cypermethrin is most effective in the first 2 hours after treatment of the culture. Pests fall to the ground almost instantly. Malathion, also known as karbofos, is absorbed as much as possible by plant tissues, it poisons insects in the process of feeding. Larvae, adults stop eating after 20 minutes.

Alatar is resistant to high humidity, sunlight, but if less than 2 hours have passed since the treatment, it started to rain, the spraying will have to be repeated after 2 days.

Additionally, the composition includes an adhesive that keeps the active substances on the leaves, increases the effectiveness of insecticidal substances.

Alatar for insect control is not used during the flowering period of crops, less than 20 days before harvest. These prohibitions are associated with the toxic effect of the drug. The active ingredients are absorbed by tissues, accumulate in the fruit. The use of vegetables, fruits, berries can lead to a deterioration of health, provoke pathological processes in the digestive system.

Insecticides do not have a selective effect - only on pests, destroy all insects, do not kill worms that are in the soil. During flowering, the bees, wasps and hornets actively pollinate the crops. Treatment of crops with poison causes the instantaneous death of beneficial insects.

The active substances are absorbed for 2 hours, then remain valid for 20 days. Alatar does not affect the vegetation process, nor does it change the taste of the fruit. Gradually, the efficiency decreases, in the presence of pests, re-treatment is required, 20 days after the first spraying.

Instructions for use Alatara

Immediately before use, prepare the solution. At 10 liters of water requires 5 ml of concentrate. Initially, dilute 1 l of liquid, stir thoroughly for 5 minutes, combine with the rest of the water. The finished solution is poured into a spray bottle or a bottle with a spray. It is allowed to use within 3 days from the moment of cultivation.

  1. Disinsection is carried out early in the morning or in the evening. It is necessary to follow the forecast so that the poison is not washed away by rain.
  2. Spray should fly in the opposite direction from the person.
  3. Particular attention should be paid to the back of the sheet, since it is there that pests concentrate, there are eggs.
  4. If necessary, after 14-20 days, repeat the spraying.
  5. Alatar can be combined with fertilizer, growth booster.

Application instructions are similar for all cultures. The amount of drug required is calculated based on the area, the number of plants, the number of insects. Standardly - 5 ml of a concentrate on 10 l of water. You can increase or decrease the dosage for maximum effect.

  • Cabbage. Processed during the period of active growth. The solution is made less concentrated - 4 ml per 10 l of water.
  • Potatoes, onions, carrots. 5 ml per 10 l.
  • Trees, shrubs. Consumption of 3 liters per shrub, sapling, up to 8 liters for large plants.

Do not re-spraying for 3 days. If the drug did not work, you need to wait at least a week.

Safety issue

Subject to the instructions, the rules of personal safety side effects do not occur. Violation of the requirements threatens the deterioration of health. If a toxic substance comes into contact with the skin, irritation, redness, burning, itching appear. У людей, склонных к аллергии, возникает сильная реакция.

Поступление яда в дыхательные пути, желудок грозит отравлением разной тяжести. Появляется головокружение, головная боль, тошнота, рвота, диарея, слабость, др. It is necessary to take activated charcoal at the rate of 1 tablet for every 10 kg of body weight. Wash hands with soap, rinse mouth with soda solution. With a steady deterioration of health call an ambulance.