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How money tree blooms - we care for the plant correctly


Money Tree (also called sweaty and crassula) is an unpretentious houseplant. Its historical homeland is Africa. Severe conditions and frequent droughts ideally prepared a fat man to the difficult conditions of city apartments. However, you still need to know about the money tree itself, care, flowering and possible pests. This will allow home to grow healthy Crassoul, which will delight the owners.

Money Tree: Home Care

This plant is a succulent, that is, it has the ability to store moisture in its leaves and stems. Thanks to this skill, Crassula easily endures long periods without watering, so a money tree can be wound up for those who often have to go somewhere.

Temperature features, lighting, humidity

The fat women love the light, but they don’t like direct sunlight. It is recommended to put them on stands or shelves under the window so that they receive diffused light. The best orientation of the windows is southeast. From this side there is always a lot of light, but when the sun is at its zenith, it already passes to the other side of the house and does not scorch the leaves.

If the windows face south or southwest, then it is recommended to shade the glass in the summer so that the indoor plant does not get burned. On the north side of the house crassule will miss the light. To fill the deficit can be put on the windowsill.

Important! With a lack of light, the fatty woman often suffers.

Air baths will be beneficial: it is advised to take the money tree to the open air when it is warm outside, but not hot. For example, in the spring it can be put on a balcony or loggia.

Air humidity

An important parameter for most plants. For Crassula too, but to a lesser extent. Due to the fact that the plant is a succulent, it easily carries dry air. Namely, it is in the period when the batteries are on. It is the hardest of all that a hunkie endures frequent changes in the level of humidity; it is difficult for her to adapt to changeable conditions.

If the air is very dry, then you can spray the plant from the spray. But much more, he would like to wipe the leaves with a damp cloth or sponge. In addition, it is a great way to remove dust, clean the surface of the plant itself from various contaminants.

Soil requirements and transplanting

The money tree has a developed fibrous root system, i.e. the underground part is rather weak and grows in breadth. Therefore, the pot must be selected with this feature in mind: wide and not very deep.

The soil should be loose so that the water does not stagnate near the roots. Otherwise, they may rot. It is advisable to provide drainage.

The following earthen mixture is considered optimal: sod soil (4 parts) + 1 part of sand, humus and deciduous soil. You can purchase any ready-made substrate. However, you need to carefully read which plants it is suitable for.

A money tree grows rather slowly, so it will not be needed to replant it more than once every 2-3 years. In some cases, the need for this procedure occurs less frequently. Adult plants are not very fond of this procedure, so no objective reasons for transplanting is not necessary.

Crassula roots are rather weak. At the same time, the stem and leaves are thick and heavy. In some cases, it may be necessary to strengthen the plant in a new soil mixture using spacers. They are substituted for a few weeks, and then removed.

Watering and feeding the bastard

It is very important to observe the mode of watering. Money Tree does not like excess moisture. From this, he rots the roots, which leads to the death of the plant. In spring and summer, Crassula is actively growing, she needs more frequent watering - every 7-10 days. In winter and autumn there is a period of calm. Watering becomes less frequent - once every 3-4 weeks. The plant likes good water: soft, settled, room temperature.

Attention! In the case of the bastard, it is safer to forget about watering than over-wetting the soil.

Another important point - the money tree does not like frequent feeding. It is enough to do it 1-2 times a year in the spring and summer period. There must be 3 basic elements: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. A specially prepared preparation for succulents can be purchased at a flower shop. In winter and autumn, only half of the dose (or less) is applied. “Overfeeding” fat women will not lead to anything good.

Cropping and crown formation

It is necessary to form the crown of the bastard. Otherwise, the shoots will grow uncontrollably, Krassula will become untidy. In some cases it is even possible to overturn the plant. The crown is formed using 2 procedures: pinching and trimming.

Pinching is done when 3-4 pairs of leaves are grown on a branch. New kidney gently pinch with tweezers or nails. Then several ovaries will appear here and the tree will branch.

Cut long branches of 6-7 pairs of leaves and more. Trimming do over the point of growth and powdered with activated carbon. Thus, the crown of the bastard is formed.

Flowering money tree

The plant blooms very nicely. In order to rejoice more often, it is necessary to properly care for the money tree: to ensure optimal temperature and light conditions, timely watering, moderate fertilizing. Flowers are more likely to appear if the plant is transplanted in time: in March or the first half of April.

Reproduction of indoor plants

The main method of reproduction is cutting. Even a randomly broken branch can be quite suitable planting material. However, breaking the stems is not recommended. Leaf or stem stem is carefully cut with a knife. Sprinkle with powdered activated carbon for disinfection and slightly dry the cut point on the plant and on the shoot. After a couple of days, the process is planted in the soil.

Another way is to use seeds. It is less effective and less common. However, it is also necessary to know about it: the seeds of the money tree are sown in a prepared substrate consisting of sand and leafy soil. Seedlings need to spray and air every day. For growing seedlings also use a flat and wide cup with holes at the bottom, so that excess moisture will leave.

Pests and diseases of bones

Crassula has a rather strong immunity. However, it is subject to certain diseases. It can also be attacked by pests.

More often, a fat man is affected by any fungal infections. In this case, leaves on the leaves appear brown or lighter in color. To cure the fungus, you can use special fungicides. The drugs are sold in flower shops.

Another disease is root rot. Its cause is excessive watering. It is quite simple to define it: leaves become friable, lose turgor. It ends with the fact that they turn yellow and fall off.

If you notice in time that the plant is unhealthy, then it can still be cured. For this money tree is taken out of the pot. First, gently shake off a clod of earth, then wash off the remnants of water, so that only the roots will remain. They are carefully examined. If they find rotten - cut off. The cut is treated with crushed activated carbon. Then the plant is planted in a new pot with a new earth.

Disease prevention - reducing the number of irrigations, their volume. Excess water from the pan must be immediately removed.

Sometimes pests are inflamed on a fathead, for example, a spider mite or a scythe. You can and should fight them. It is acceptable to use both insecticides and household, improvised means.

The spider mite produces a thin spider web between the leaves and stems and small yellow spots. To get rid of it, you can, if you wipe the plant with a cotton swab dipped in 96% alcohol.

The shield becomes a cause of brown and yellowish tubercles. From home remedies well helps solution of household soap.

Because of the mealybug in the leaf axils, a raid resembling dirty cotton wool appears. Wiping them with garlic infusion or a solution of household soap will save them.

Insecticides can be used against any pests.

Why the fat woman does not bloom?

To date, three main factors are known, because of which color does not appear on a fat woman:

  1. Age of the plant. The money tree begins to bloom only when age will exceed 5 years.
  2. Sun rays. This plant prefers a short light day. If direct sunlight gets on the bastard, then, most likely, you will only admire its leaves.
  3. The plant can be attributed to the type of succulents, so it does not need abundant watering. If the soil is constantly wet under the bastard, you will not be able to admire its amazing color.

So, from the above, we can draw certain conclusions. First, the flowering of the money tree depends on its location in the apartment or house. Per plant must not be exposed to direct sunlight. Secondly, it is necessary to monitor the soil moisture. Do not often water the flower, this action you only harm him.

We create optimal conditions for the blooming of the bastard

For this flower will fit almost any soil. The tree propagates very simply - a full-fledged plant can grow from an ordinary little leaf. The plant gets acclimatized very quickly, immediately releasing the roots into the soil.

Proper care of the money flower will help you achieve its flowering. It consists in the following:

  1. Compliance with temperature. Money flowers must be brought to fresh air. However, it should be noted that a sharp temperature drop can adversely affect the flowering of the tree. The best time of the year to “breathe” the flower will be late spring and summer. The optimal temperature for the growth of bastard is 15 - 30 degrees. Some flower growers believe that the money tree in the winter must be kept in the cold, then it will surely bloom in spring:

  • Correct watering. Excess moisture in the soil to anything. When water surplus significantly slows the growth of the flower. Also, due to the glut of soil moisture, the root system of the fatty meat may rot. Watering the tree is necessary when the surface layer of the soil dries to 0.5 cm in depth. When watering need to achieve a slightly damp soil. However, during periods of flowering of the tree, especially at the very beginning, the volume of water for moistening the soil can be slightly increased.
  • Top dressing. Money flower needs timely feeding, it needs to be done a couple of times a month. Fertilizers are better to choose those that are intended for cacti and other plants belonging to the class of succulents.
  • Transfer. Growing fatty provides for its subsequent transplant. This home tree can be attributed to the type of fast-growing. In order to choose a pot of the correct volume, pay attention to the top of the tree - it must correspond to the volume of the pot chosen for transplanting. In the process of transplanting try not to damage the root system. Replant the tree along with most of the earthy coma. However, some amateurs believe that they know how to achieve the flowering of Crassula - a new pot should be no longer than the previous one by more than 1 cm; see:

  • Trunk formation. Many growers are advised to trim the top of a plant that has reached a height of 35 cm. This circumstance contributes to a better growth of the tree, the formation of a strong trunk and a beautiful crown.
  • The plant also needs constant care. Regular airing of the room, disposal of the tree from the dried leaves are welcome. With the intensive growth of the tree, you need to use supports for garters twigs. It is also necessary to wipe leaves from a damp cloth with dust.

    Carrying out the above recommendations, you will provide the best conditions for intensive growth of the plant, but also for its flowering.

    Features of flowering and how to achieve it

    The fat woman is generally unpretentious, easily rooted in any soil by sprout and even a leaf and grows quickly. This small sprawling tree up to half a meter tall with oval thickened fleshy leaves brings a special flavor to the interior. A bloom makes it look gentle and elegant. The fatty flowers, gathered in loose convex panicles, resemble small white or yellowish stars of 5-6 rays with a pinkish core.

    Why Crassula is not picking up the buds and what to do about it?

    The main reasons why sweeties do not bloom are the wrong conditions or flower sickness.

    1. The fat woman will not give buds in bright sunshine, she prefers medium light and short light day. The first thing to do to make it bloom is to place the pot on the north window, where there is little light.
    2. The soil in which the money tree grows should be slightly acidic. Fertilizers with high phosphorus content can be used. Crassula can be grown in street land, but in this case it will not have enough nutrients for flowering.
    3. An abundant and frequent watering to the succulent is not required, it is enough to do this every 5-6 days. Excess moisture can cause dropsy on crassula leaves - punctate light brown bumps. And then the plant will urgently need to replant in a new soil.
    4. If Crassula is affected by pests, then you should not count on the buds. Instead of wondering how to make it bloom, you need to carefully examine the stems and leaves. The spider mite and aphid cause the leaves to dry out, the shieldweed declares its presence with brown oval tubercles on the parts of the plant, the mealybug is a sticky white fuzz. In these cases, Crassula is treated with soapy water or special chemical compounds to kill pests.
    5. Other common diseases of green friends can prevent the flowering of the money tree: for example, fungi. It is necessary to treat the plant with fungicides, remove damaged parts, replace or disinfect the soil and the pot.

    Proper care

    In early September, you need to take care of creating temperature conditions for the fatty woman.. The flower can be brought to a warmed loggia, where the sun is rarely. The air temperature there should range from 5 to 15 o C - the main thing is that it does not fall below, otherwise Crassula will simply freeze. Watering can be left the same, moderate. It is advisable to replace the pot with a new one, which will be 1 cm wider than the previous one. Such a regime will force the plant to form flower buds.

    If there is no loggia, you can leave the plant in the room, but you will have to air the room more often, and the leaves of the plant - regularly wipe off the dust with a damp cotton wool, giving them the opportunity to breathe.

    It is necessary to remove faded flowers in time - then the money tree will please the owners with fragrant lush flowering all winter.

    The crassula pot should be the same width as the crown., and to maintain the balance of the flower is better to choose a heavy ceramic container. Unfortunately, in an easy plastic pot, the overgrown brute often outweighs and falls. In order to prevent this, the branches of the plant also need support and tying.

    Top dressing and pruning

    Once a couple of months, it is necessary to apply special fertilizer for succulents and cacti to the soil where Crassula grows.

    You can form the crown of the bastard in different ways, depending on experience and fantasy.: dome, ball, figure eight, square, pad of any shape. But pinching will make it thicker, which, if other conditions are met, will result in more flowers.

    Types and varieties of crassul

    Three species are often found among tree representatives.

    1. Crassula oval (or ovoid). The most common, in nature, it grows up to 3 meters in height. The apartment can reach one and a half meters. This type of unpretentious, perfectly tolerates shading.
    2. Crassula Treelike has bare branches and trunk, leaves ovoid. Gray leaves with a red border. Flowers collected in inflorescences in the form of panicles. But bloom this species at home happens infrequently, it does not tolerate shading.

    1. Crassula silver (portulakovaya). This flower has a much smaller size compared with the first two species. But according to other signs, it differs little from them.

    Creeping forms are most often found such:

    • Spiderlike (mossy).
    • False-like.
    • Milky.
    • Accurate.
    • Tetrahedral.
    • Cooper.

    In the genus of fat girls there are a huge number of species, among which there are even aquarium specimens. Houses usually grow a tree money tree.

    Fat woman does not require much care. You just need to moderately water plant, periodically feed it, remove dust from the leaves, trim, form a crown.

    Lighting Requirements

    Tolsyatnku should be placed in a well-lit place. The best option is the south-east direction. This rule is recommended to follow not only experienced growers, but also experts on Feng Shui.

    Why the money tree is falling! It is necessary to closely monitor that the sunrays do not fall on the bastard, because of this, it can turn red, fade and reset the leaves.

    In summer, the tree crassula is a good place to expose to fresh air. She will feel great on it. In cold weather, it is better to put a sweetie on a window that faces south.

    Watering features

    Периодичность увлажнения определяется температурой. Each tree is watered as follows:

    • In extreme heat twice a week.
    • If the temperature is normal - 1 time per week.
    • In winter - 1 time in 20-30 days.

    Formation of a tree

    The plant is shaped into a bush or tree. The crown is monitored immediately after landing. To carry out the work on the formation of the crown, a very thin blade must be used, which will make it possible to eliminate the point of growth on the young shoot with great accuracy. This can be done after the appearance of 3-5 pairs of leaves.

    After a while Crassula forms branches of the first order. They should also pinch the tops, when there will be 3-5 pairs of sheets. The next branching order is no different. This method of formation will provide an opportunity to get a spherical crown.

    Watch the video!Formation of the crown of the money tree

    Features feeding

    For effective fertilizer, special or universal formulations should be used. The tool should be intended only for cacti and other succulents. It is recommended to apply top dressing once a month, beginning in April and finish fertilizing in September.

    Many of the money tree use the drug "Gilea" - fertilizer for cacti. It is very common, it is easy to get it. Top dressing is carried out according to the instructions:

    • 2 caps of substance
    • dissolved in 1 liter of boiled water,
    • the solution is fed succulent during intensive growth.

    A good result is provided by the drug for feeding Pokon (Pocon) for succulents. Per liter of water will require 10 ml of the drug.

    In addition, there are a lot of other compounds on sale that are quite suitable for fertilizing, most often you can find Uniflor cactus, humisol Gumi, Effecton DC and other substances.

    A sufficient amount of calcium in the soil ensures optimal development of the plant skeleton. In addition, calcium maintains an optimal moisture balance. You can recommend to pour calcium in the form of lime, adding it to the soil during its preparation. You can use the additive calcium sulphate, which will provide a positive effect.

    Calcium can be added to the soil in the form of eggshell, which is rich in this element. For this, the shell is crushed and crushed. It is not bad to use the eggshell in the drainage, then the layer of the shell should cover the bottom of the container with a layer of 2-3 cm. It prevents moisture stagnation, opens air access to the roots.

    The most popular way to use the shell - the preparation of infusion:

    • 1 liter of boiling water is poured into the jar,
    • put a shell of a dozen eggs
    • All this is sent to a dark place and let it stand for 2 weeks,
    • the resulting infusion watered money tree.

    Proper fit and transfer

    The fat woman is a very unpretentious plant. Well propagated (by sprout, tip, leaf) and rooted in normal soil. Withstands prolonged drought. Does without top dressing. It will grow well without causing any trouble. But do not bloom. And there is a doubt: does the money tree bloom at home?

    The main reason that the jerky does not bloom is its patience and ability to look attractive with minimal care. But in order to admire the flowering money tree, he needs to pay more attention.

    Care begins with the crassula with the correct fit.

    The pot for planting is selected taking into account the peculiarities of the Crassula root system. The direction of root growth is not inland, but in breadth, that is, the pot must be low and wide. As the jerk grows, it is transplanted into a more spacious and wide pot.

    Do not take too large containers, otherwise the plant, as expressed by gardeners, will “fatten”, directing all the juices to the root system. Flowers in this case do not wait.

    A suitable pot volume is selected, focusing on the Krassula crown. The volume of the top and the volume of the vessel should be approximately equal.

    The fat woman does not like the transplant too much, so it is better to transplant it only for objective reasons. The fat woman needs a transplant every 2–4 years.

    In order not to damage the delicate root system of the Krassula, transplantation should be carried out by the method of transshipment - together with an earthen ball on the roots. Procedure:

    1. Pour drainage to the bottom of the pot to prevent water stagnation and protect the roots from rotting. As a drainage, you can use brick chips or expanded clay. Shards from clay or ceramic pots will not work - sharp edges can damage the roots.
    2. Top with a substrate of turf land, peat, coarse sand, leaf soil (4: 1: 1: 1). You can use the finished soil for succulents and cacti.
    3. Plant a plant, water. The roots of fatman are weak, and the leaves are heavy. Therefore, if an adult plant is planted, then it is desirable to support the trunk with special props. A few weeks later, when the plant is well accustomed, they can be removed.

    Planting and transplanting can be done at any time of the year, but the probability of flowering will increase if the plant is planted at the end of February or in March, before the start of active growth. From the flowers planted in mid-summer you can’t wait.

    The best place in the apartment

    The health of the fatty woman depends on the degree of illumination of the room.

    Crassula loves scattered sunlight. Best of all she will feel at the window facing south-east. On this side it is always sunny, but there is no danger that the sun will burn.

    If the windows in the apartment overlook the south side, then it is necessary to darken the glass from the light. It is better to place the plant not on the windowsill itself, but on a stand just below the sill level.

    If the only suitable place is facing north, then it is better to put Crassoul on the window sill. The lack of light can be filled with special lamps.

    For flowering is necessary that the room was cool.

    The fat woman loves fresh air, the room needs to be aired often. The plant should not stand on a draft.

    In the summer, the sweetie is better to make on the balcony or in the garden.

    Optimal temperature

    In summer, the optimum temperature for a crassula is 19–25 ° C. In the dormant period — in winter —, the fat woman is comfortable at a temperature of 13–17 ° C.

    The best temperature regime to stimulate the flowering of fatty meat is 10–15 ° C. To lower the temperature, you can use air conditioners. But they too dry the air. The best option would be frequent airing of the room.

    If in the spring you take out a fat jug to the garden or to the balcony and hold there until the autumn, almost to the very frost, then this will increase the likelihood of flowering.

    A fat woman does not tolerate sudden changes in temperature. If she stood all summer on the street - you can’t immediately take her to a warm apartment. This will cause stress, which will reduce the chances of a bloody swell. First, it must be kept in an unheated room.

    Or bring into the house when it is still warm and the temperature of the air on the street and in the apartment is not much different from each other.

    Watering and humidity

    The fat woman loves moisture, but this plant will tolerate better drought than excess water. Excessively wet soil - the cause of root rot, the appearance of fungal diseases.

    In spring and summer, Crassula, which is actively growing during this period, can be watered once every 6–10 days. In winter, watering is reduced to about once every 2–3 weeks. During flowering, watering should be increased.

    Whether the plant needs watering can be determined by the soil. If it is dry at a depth of 5 cm, then it is time to water the jumbo.

    Water should be at room temperature, soft, well-settled..

    Succulent buckwheat easily carries dry air. Even in winter, when heating devices work, it is not required to be sprayed.

    But she still needs water procedures.

    Dust is collected on the leaves, which is harmful to the health of Crassula. Even a small layer of dirt prevents the plant from breathing. The leaves should be cleaned with a damp cloth, sponge.

    It is convenient to arrange sweaty warm shower in the bathroom. Water should not fall to the ground. For this, the surface above the ground is covered with polyethylene. After the shower, the sweetie should be given time to dry a little. It is sensitive to sudden changes in humidity, do not immediately carry it into place.

    In the summer, leaves need to be cleaned of dust once a week, and in winter - once a month.

    Feed for Crassula

    Fertilizers are applied 1-2 times a month. It is possible to use top dressings as special for succulents and cacti, and universal for indoor plants. The main thing is that the fertilizer contains the following minerals:

    • nitrogen - provides the development of measles system, leaves, shoots,
    • phosphorus - promotes flowering,
    • Potassium - is responsible for the absorption of nutrients, forms new cells.

    The fat woman needs to be fed between March and September. After September, during the period of rest, she does not need additional feeding.

    The formation of the fatty

    Formation not only gives the sweatshirt a well-groomed look, but also prompts her to bloom. It promotes better rooting, the emergence of new buds and shoots, makes the trunk strong. With the help of the formation, you can give the sweathery woman the look of an elegant tree, on which flowers will look even more wonderful.

    Formation is carried out by pinching or trimming:

    1. Pinching is suitable for young, grown from the cuttings of the plant. On the stalk should grow 3-4 pairs of leaves. Between the upper leaves you need to find a new growth bud. After pinching it with tweezers or fingers, a trunk branching is formed. Soon new ovaries will appear on this site. If only one kidney appears, it should be removed, ensuring the appearance of two kidneys. New shoots pinch in the same way.
    2. Pruning suitable for adult plants. On the branch should be 6−7 pairs of sheets. 4 pairs of leaves are counted to the place where the branching will begin. Cut the stem right above them, as close as possible to the point of growth, to make the remaining “stump” invisible. It is important not to damage the kidney itself. Cut the powder with "coal" or ground cinnamon. Near the cut point, new shoots will appear, which will soon become branches. These shoots pinch, forming the appearance of the plant.

    All manipulations on the formation of the Krassula should be carried out in spring or summer. That is, at the beginning of the active growing season and in its midst. In the winter or in the fall it is impossible to form a fathead.

    Crassula bloom

    If after two years of caring for the money tree at home there is no flowering yet - most likely, the flowering age has not come.

    Flowers should wait when the plant turns about 5 years. The age of flowering of some varieties comes even later.

    If the plant is in a fairly cool place, then it can bloom for several months in a row.

    The money tree blooms in late autumn or winter.

    How often the money tree will bloom is hard to predict. At the beginning of the life of the plant between flowering periods can take 3 - 5 years. In the future, with proper care, Crassula will delight flowers annually.

    How blooms bloom, what flowers - depends on its type. The most popular indoor plants are:

    1. Crassula is oval, or ovoid bollard (c. Ovata). It has rounded leaves in bright green or silver gray. On the tops of the shoots appear inflorescence white or pink.
    2. The jade tree (c. Arborescens) blooms after reaching the age of 8-10 years. White, yellow or red flowers on a background of dark green foliage.
    3. The Hobbit (c. Ovata Hobbit). Because of the bizarrely twisted leaves of emerald color, it is called "hobbit ears" or "Shrek's ears." Blooms white or pink buds.

    Crassula flowers - about 1 cm in size - look like asterisks, petals are painted with delicate shades. They can cover both individual shoots and the whole plant, giving the tree a magical appearance. Flowers smell very strongly, sweetly.

    There is a belief that the flowered bloody jerk is a sign that cherished wishes will soon be fulfilled. It is not only a symbol of prosperity and good luck, but also just a useful plant. The fat woman releases phytoncides - substances that protect the house from bacteria and absorbs unpleasant odors.

    How to achieve flowering money tree?

    A flowering money tree is a great rarity and a pleasant surprise. Many would like to see their pet blooming, but for this you need to observe some important points. In general, the plant is considered unpretentious and even patient. It grows very quickly, it is easy to grow it, but the period of flowering occurs very rarely. Here you will have to be patient with the owner of the houseplant.

    Jade tree is widespread in the countries of South Africa. The plant feels so well in native conditions that it is easy to meet in the wild in a flowering state. The money tree feels favorably, being most of the day in bright sunlight and high air temperatures. The growth and development of the whole plant depends on a sufficient amount of light and heat. An excess of light and the direct rays of the sun are undesirable and even dangerous. Short daylight hours, which are common in many regions with the arrival of the autumn-winter season, also adversely affect the development of fat woman. When grown at home, it is necessary to choose a window sill for the plant with the correct lighting, without the danger of sunburn.

    Caring for a potted flower begins with its planting. For a money tree, the composition of the soil does not matter much. It takes root in any soil and multiplies in any way. The shoot, the tip of the shoot, and even a regular leaf when rooted in the soil or water very quickly take root, grow rapidly and feel good in a new place. Proper planting is the first step to the beginning of the long-awaited flowering. But there are other simple, but mandatory procedures.


    The houseplant is very fond of fresh air, but it negatively affects the sudden change in temperature. Therefore, it is better to carry out “walks” on the balcony or on the street in the warm season, when the difference in indoor and outdoor temperatures is minimal. During the warmer months, the fat woman loves temperatures from 20 to 25 degrees, and in the period of rest (in winter) - from 10 to 15 degrees.

    Although a fat man belongs to moisture-loving representatives, but the excess moisture in the soil only hurts him. Firstly, with water oversupply, growth and development may slow down, and secondly, the root part of the plant may rot. It is best to water the flower after the top layer of soil dries out about one centimeter deep. The volume of irrigation water is moderate, but at the beginning of flowering - the amount of water during irrigation must be increased. It is important to use water at room temperature for water treatments.

    Fertilizers and fertilizers

    Money tree positively refers to regular feedings that can be applied to the soil once or even twice a month. Since the flower belongs to the succulent plants (such as, for example, cactus), it is better to use fertilizers that are intended for feeding cacti.

    The fat woman is a fast-growing plant that needs timely transplantation as it increases in growth and volume. To choose the right flower pot, you need to focus on the top of the plant. Its volume is the approximate volume of the pot. It is important that the transplant does not disrupt the integrity of the root part. It is better to transplant the plants together with the earth clod or most of it. New soil mixture should be of the same composition as the previous one.

    Daily care of the plant, contributing to its flowering

    A money tree may not bloom for a long time, even for several years, but this does not mean, but it will never bloom. It is necessary to repeat daily simple rules of care, which will bring this long-awaited period closer:

    • Airing the room that contains the plant. The fat woman loves fresh air.
    • Timely disposal of a flower from dried, withered and old leaves.
    • Use supports or garters for a fast growing stem and shoots.
    • Regular wet-rubbing of the leaf. Even an imperceptible layer of dust prevents the plant from breathing and fully developing.

    Propagation of the money tree

    To propagate cuttings is especially simple.

    To do this, take part of the stem and leaves.

    • An escape or leaf of a large size is neatly cut with a knife.
    • The stalk is placed in water and waiting for the roots to appear.
    • The addition of charcoal prevents rotting, and the formation of the root system occurs faster.

    Tip! Direct planting of cuttings into the ground is completely permitted.

    • Stalks with germinated roots need to be planted in a 7 cm tank, in which a substrate of equal amounts of turfy and leafy soil, sand is placed.

    The fat woman successfully propagated by seeds. They need to land in containers with the mixture:

    • 2 pieces of leafy ground
    • 1 piece of sand.

    Landings covered with glass. Every day you need to air them. Seeds should germinate after a couple of weeks.

    The obtained shoots need to be transplanted into the soil:

    • leaf ground - 1 part,
    • sod land and sand - 0.5 parts.

    Seedlings brightly illuminated by diffused light. When they grow up, they are moved to a pot with a diameter of 5 to 7 cm. Apply the following composition:

    • equal parts of leaf and sod land,
    • good quality sand.

    Beneficial features

    It is believed that the plant brings financial success and well-being to its owner. That is why it became known as the money tree. У крассулы есть и другие названия: дерево удачи, обезьянье дерево.

    За свои целительные свойства денежный цветок иногда называют живым деревом.

    Многим известно, что толстянка обладает положительной энергетикой. But not everyone knows that such a money tree has healing properties, it is a filter plant. Crassula-released phytoncides have pronounced antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties, disinfect the air in the room.

    Buckberry juice is used to treat:

    • herpes, insect bites, cuts, boils, bruises (as lotions),
    • sore throats, gum disease (in the form of gargles),
    • arthritis, other diseases of the joints (are rubbed before bedtime).

    Parts of the plant as a medicine are strictly forbidden to ingest - they contain a large amount of arsenic.

    There are three species of common tree crassula.

    1. Crassula is oval (or ovoid). The most common type of tree, which in nature reaches a height of 3 m, in an apartment setting does not exceed 1.5 m. This money tree is unpretentious in its care; it carries the shadow better than others.
    2. Jade is treelike. Plant with bare branches and a trunk, fleshy flat leaves of an egg-shaped form. White or pale pink flowers of the plant are collected in inflorescences-panicles. But a money tree (otherwise, a wood tree), very rarely blooms when grown at home, does not tolerate shade.
    3. Crassula silver (portulakovaya). Unlike the two previous types of wood, this money flower is much smaller. The rest of the silver Crassula is very similar to the oval and tree species.

    Of the creeping plants, Crassulas are more common:

    1. spiderlike (mossy),
    2. pseudopathy,
    3. milky,
    4. dot,
    5. tetrahedral
    6. Cooper.

    The genus cholstyanka is distinguished by a variety of species, among which there are even specimens for the aquarium. However, the most widespread in home floriculture was a woodblock.

    Parasites and pests

    The money tree is also exposed to the parasites, like all houseplants. Particularly dangerous are the mealybug, the spider mite, the scythe.

    • Spider mite leads to covering the plant with a thin web. It is easy to cure with soapy water, fitoverm, fufaon, aktellik.
    • Shchitovka brings a lot of harm. The leaves of the fatty leaf are covered with yellow and brown markings. Treat with the same means.
    • The mealybug is destroyed with a solution of household soap, insecticides. With a small number of insects they are removed with cotton moistened with alcohol.

    Other troubles are possible with keeping a fathead:

    • Excess moisture causes the processes of rotting roots. It is necessary to water moderately.
    • The lack of moisture will lead to wilting of the leaves.
    • Using cold water for irrigation, draft, lack of fresh air will cause leaves fall.

    Watch the video!How to propagate the money tree

    Home care

    It is not difficult to care for fat lovers. In fact, the care of the money tree includes moderate watering, periodic fertilizing, dusting the leaves, cutting and crown formation.

    The shape of the fatty meat can vary depending on the intensity of the light: when there is a lack of light, the trunks are drawn out, become thin, and with an excess, on the contrary, they thicken.

    The fat woman, or money tree, should be placed in places with sufficient lighting, optimally from the southeast side. This rule is recommended not only flower growers, but also experts on Feng Shui.

    It is important to ensure that the flower does not fall in direct sunlight, from which the plant turns red, fades and leaves fall. In the summer, the wood pulpwood tree feels good and comfortable on the balcony, and in the cold season it is better to transfer the plant to the windows facing south.

    How often to irrigate depends on the temperature. You need to water the money tree:

    • twice a week - in the heat,
    • once in 7 days - at normal temperature,
    • once in 20–30 days - in winter.

    A man caring for a plant should ensure that the ground is not excessively wet, but does not dry out. It is better to water the plant in the evening, with warm, separated water.

    The fat woman tolerates moisture deficiency and does not require regular spraying. The dust accumulated on the surface of the leaf plates can be removed with a damp cloth. Crassula responds well to warm souls, who spend every 2-3 months, covering the earth with foil.

    How to transplant a money tree

    How to transplant money tree, you can learn from experienced flower growers. Transplantation takes place every 2-3 years, not more often, and only when necessary - if the flower has grown much.

    To maintain compact dimensions, you can do without transplantation, and only replace the top layer of soil in the pot.

    Transplantation of plants is carried out in the spring (better - in May) in a pot a little more than the previous one. The soil for transplanting the bastard takes the usual, purchased, intended for planting cacti and succulents.

    Such a soil substrate can be prepared independently by mixing a part of sod land and sand with three parts of leafy soil. If you add a handful of humus to the earth, clay, ash, increase the nutritional value of the soil. In order for the transplanted flower to grow well, it is important not to forget about the drainage - expanded clay or crushed shards.

    In the pot, filled with drainage material and ground for a quarter, put the roots of the plant along with a clod of earth. Then the voids are filled with a new soil substrate. After transplanting the flower is well watered. The earth is periodically loosened to improve the oxygen supply of the roots, and if the soil subsides, the top layer is poured into the pot.

    If the root has become too long, it should be shortened before planting the plant.

    How to trim the bastard

    To create a beautiful decorative look you need to cut the money tree. The formation of the flower crown begins while the tree is still young. When the height of the fathead reaches 15–20 cm, pinch off two small upper leaves. As a result, branching will begin at this place, instead of two, four leaves will appear. As Krassula grows, the upper leaves are removed in places where branching of the shoots is expected.

    Is it possible to cut the stems and leaves of an adult plant? It is possible, but in this case hemp remains at the site of the truncated shoots, spoiling the appearance of the crassula.


    To grow a beautiful money tree, you need not only to properly care for the plant, but also to properly plant it. The crassula pot is small and shallow, but wide and heavy, steady. In deep tank, the plant root tends down, and the crassula itself stretches upwards, which is why the trunk becomes thin, weak.

    What land is needed for planting Krassula? The soil for the money tree should consist of equal amounts of leaf, sod land and sand. You can use the soil that contains three parts of sod land, one part of humus and leaf soil, sand, brick dust or fine gravel. After planting the plants, they are kept at a temperature of 16 to 18 ° C, watered once a day.

    A live tree is fed with liquid fertilizers for cacti and succulents. In the summer feeding is carried out twice a month, the rest of the time - once a month. The concentration of fertilizer is also reduced by half. Fertilizers are applied to moist soil - immediately after watering.

    Other important points

    1. The fat woman loves consistency, so you should not often move the pot from one place to another.
    2. The lack of light can lead to elongation of the trunk and the massive falling of leaves.
    3. In winter, there is a period of peace at Crassoule. At this time it is better to put the plant in a room with a temperature of about 5 ° C, water it no more than once every 20 days.
    4. When placing the crassula on the windowsill, it is important to ensure that the leaves do not touch the glass.

    Growing problems

    The money tree, like other indoor plants, is subject to attack by parasites. Spider mites, mealybugs and shchitovka are the most dangerous pests for the bastard.

    Spots on the leaves - a sign of damage to the shield.

    1. Spider mite. When attacked by a tick, the leaves and stems of the plant are covered with a thin cobweb. A soap solution, actellic, fitoverm, fufanone will help to cure a living tree.
    2. Shchitovka. The defeat of the shield can be identified by yellow and brown spots that appear on the surface of the leaves. The fight with the shield is the same as the destruction of the spider mite.
    3. Mealybug. To destroy the pest used a solution of laundry soap, insecticides. If the insects are small, they can be removed with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.

    In addition to the attack of pests when growing the money tree, other problems may arise:

    • decay of the roots and base of the trunk - with an excess of moisture (Crassula can not often be watered),
    • leaf wilting - in case of moisture deficiency,
    • leaf shedding - when watering with cold water, in a draft, with a lack of fresh air.

    The fat woman badly reacts to drafts, because of which all the leaves of the plant can dry out and crumble.

    How blooms

    The fat woman very rarely blooms even in experienced flower growers.

    It turns out that a living tree can bloom. However, to achieve the appearance of flowers is very difficult even for professional florists who know exactly how to properly care for the plant.

    Most often, beautiful white flowers appear on the plant when the weight loss is actively growing. Delicate flowers emit pollen, and therefore some people may develop an allergy during the period of the blooming of the fat man.

    Where can one buy

    Money tree can be purchased at specialized flower shops, greenhouses and online stores. The cost of crassula varies widely, depending on the type of plant, its age and size.

    Crassula average prices:

    • Crassula Ovat (height 20 cm) - 600 rubles,
    • Crassula Ovat (35 cm) - 1 390,
    • money tree (70 cm) - 8 500,
    • Crassula The Hobbit (50 cm) - 3 700 rubles.

    The money tree is unpretentious, and the care of the fat man will not cause any special problems. But in order for the plant not only to grow well, but also to attract financial well-being, you can't just buy a fat one - you need to grow a money tree yourself from a small process. It is very simple to care for plants - even beginning flower growers can grow money flowers.