Pests and plant diseases

Instructions for use Fungicide Ordan


Experienced gardeners know that it is impossible to grow a crop if you do not fight plant diseases. Among the many means of protection, the Ordan fungicide is often chosen, which successfully copes with blight, peronosporoz, and some other diseases.

On the composition, properties and characteristics of the drug will tell in our article.

Fungicide "Ordan" is produced in the form of fine powder with a greenish tint.

Composition, purpose and mechanism of action

Fungicide "Ordan" contains two active substances of different directions:

  • Copper chlorine (HOM) protects plants outside. Being fixed on the surface of plants, does not allow the penetration of pathogens into the tissues. Upon contact with the active substance, harmful microorganisms stop developing and die. Such an effect is called contact. Learn also → the use of copper oxychloride from phytophthora.
  • Cymoxanil - a systemic substance that, penetrating into the tissue of plants, spreads throughout the whole body with sap flow and penetrates even into those areas where the preparation did not get in the course of spraying. The active substance prevents the formation of RNA pathogens, from which they can not fully function and do not pose a danger to plants.

Thus, "Ordan" provides double protection, due to contact-system influence. The peculiarity of the drug is a preventive advantage. It acts much more effectively in preventing diseases than in treating them. It is used against fungal pathogens:

  • Late blight,
  • Peronosporaza - downy mildew,
  • Alternaria,
  • Mildew - downy mildew of grapes.

The drug is designed to protect garden crops, fruit trees, berry bushes and houseplants.

Release form, analogues, compatibility with other pesticides

The drug is produced in the form of fine powder and Packed in sealed plastic bags, weighing from 25 g to 1 kg.

Fungicide is produced by one of the largest agrochemical companies “August”. At the end of 2016, she became the leader in sales of plant protection products. The list of products of the company includes more than 160 products for the care of garden and horticultural crops intended for home gardens.

Specialist advice

Out of the numerous user reviews, outraged reports appeared about the negative consequences after the drug Ordan, purchased from online stores, allegedly produced in Ukraine. Be careful, the production company "Avgust" has no enterprises in the territory of this state.

  • JSC Firm "August" "Vurnarsky plant of mixed preparations" in the Chuvash Republic,
  • plant "August-Bel" in the Republic of Belarus.

All other specified firms are fake! Before purchasing a fungicide, make sure that the manufacturer's details on the package are correct.

A.M. Uskov- CEO of Avgust Group Protection
Interview with the newspaper "August Field" -2016.

Among the numerous product range of the company, Ordan enjoys wide popularity due to the effectiveness of the drug and its availability. For its use does not need special equipment and training. The tool can use any gardener. It is recommended not only for large agricultural enterprises, but also private household plots.

The drug is produced in the form of fine powder and Packed in sealed plastic bags, weighing from 25 g to 1 kg.

Fungicide completely, without sediment, dissolves in water. When spraying, it is well fixed on the surface of plants, provided that there is no precipitation a day before treatment, and one day after it.

If Ordan could not be acquired, it is possible to replace it with other drugs with similar active substances. At the same time, it is important to consider that their properties will differ from this fungicide.

The composition of the drug

The composition of Ordan is quite unique and includes the following components:

  1. Copper chlorine. It has excellent bactericidal properties. Chloroxide copper does not penetrate deep into the trunk, that is, does not cause damage to the plant. This component prevents the mineralization of substances in the fungus and causes the death of fungal spores.
  2. Cymoxanil. His task is to protect and cure the plant. This component already penetrates deep into the plant, where it destroys fungal spores and has a regenerating effect on the diseased cells of the plant itself.


Fungicidal drug Ordan operates in three directions: it destroys the spores of the fungus, restores the cells of the horticultural culture, and is also used for the purposes of prevention. Fungi can affect both fruit trees, and vegetables, and berry bushes, and flower beds. Fungicides (from fungus, i.e., fungus and caedo-kill) serve to combat them. There are a great many fungi, and, depending on their species, garden crops become ill with one or another disease. Ordin instructions for use:


Vines are susceptible to mildew and late blight. Ordan - a great choice of gardener to combat these diseases. For prophylaxis the drug is used during the growing seasonIn the spring period, each vine should be processed with a 3% solution, in the autumn, after harvesting, the treatment is repeated. If the vines are already infected, they must be treated at least three times with a break of ten days.

Brown rot is a type of fungal disease that can affect young tomatoes. To avoid infection, it is enough to follow simple rules: when tomato seedlings have taken root in a greenhouse or open ground (about twenty days after planting), you need to spray the seedlings with Ordan’s solution.

The second treatment is done in August, as the rains and the temperature difference (night and day) can lead to recurrence of brown rot. If the plant is already infected, you can try to heal it by spraying at least five times, about once a week. If it was not possible to cure the tomato, the plant should be removed and destroyed, and the ground should be disinfected.

Mealy dew - a dangerous disease that can destroy cucumber seedlings. The spores of these fungi are very persistent and can persist in the soil for several years. Dew affects cucumbers regardless of the phase of development. The reasons is high humidity, cold precipitation, the difference in temperatures day and night, a large amount of condensate on the greenhouse film, improper fertilizers, etc. As soon as signs of this disease appear, the following measures should be applied:

  • Stop feeding and greatly reduce watering
  • In cold weather, provide cucumbers with additional insulation with film or other material.
  • When the humidity is reduced, the plants should be treated with Ordan's solution, and such spraying should be carried out at least three times, the interval is seven days.
  • When the harvest is gathered, it is good to spray the plants, and after a day to remove it from the rhizome, the land is sanitized.

Flower crops

Garden flowers are affected by rust. It is easy to identify it - on the stem and leaves orange spots appear, leaves dry out and fall off. In this case, Ordan will also help. It is necessary to treat each bush with a working solution of the drug at least three times, the interval is ten days.


Ordan is well combined with other drugs. Their use is advisable if, in addition to the fungus, garden crops are affected by bacterial or viral diseases. Check, whether Ordan is compatible with this or that drug, very easy: you should dilute each of them in a separate dish, and then mix. In the case of precipitation, no combination should be carried out, and if there is no sediment, combination is possible.

The composition of the order. Drug use

The unique composition is distinguished by the combination of two actively acting substances different directions:

  • Copper chlorine has a fungicidal and bacterial action. The substance interferes with the process of mineralization of organic substances, which occurs in the spores, and thereby destroys the fungus.
  • Cymoxanil It has a protective and healing effect. The activity of the substance lasts up to 6 days. During this period, cymoxanil sneaks deep into the internal tissues of the plant and destroys fungal spores, regenerating the affected cells.

The order is issued with powder in 25 g sachets, 1 kg boxes or 15 kg bags.

Due to the different directions of bioactive substances, the main advantages fungicide:

  • The drug has a therapeutic, eradicating and prophylactic action.
  • Fungicide copes with a large number of plant diseases.
  • Multifunctional remedy is used for the treatment of vegetable, tuber and fruit crops for various diseases.
  • Ordan can be combined with most other chemicals.
  • Subject to the recommendations in the instructions, the drug does not harm the plants, as well as man.
  • Does not cause addiction in parasites to substances.

From reviews of gardeners and gardeners need to specify a few cons:

  • The powder mixture is inconvenient because it is easy to inhale inadvertently.
  • Bagging is not as convenient as in boxes or sachets.
  • The released form of the drug is not economical, although the price for packaging is quite acceptable. To prepare the solution requires large doses of Ordan.
  • The drug has a negative effect on fish and bees.

Application fungicide is carried out for plants grown on open ground, in greenhouses and home conditions.

Ordan fungicide: instructions for use

Treatment of diseased plants is carried out in the morning or evening, so that the bushes do not get sunburn from the scorching rays of the sun during the day. It is desirable that the weather was windless.

The beginning of the action of the funds comes 2 days after the spraying procedure. Cymoxanil penetrates 2–3 hours after treatment with the drug. For the whole season, they are treated three times with periods of 1-2 weeks.

The order is diluted in a small container with water, mixing the mixture thoroughly. The resulting liquid mass is diluted in a bucket of water and periodically stirred during the processing of the plants. The prepared solution is necessary to spend on the same day.

Grape Processing Ordan

Instructions for use involves the use of the drug to combat mildew and late blight of grapes. For the best effect means combined with pesticides. Preventive treatment is carried out in the spring during the growing season.

25 g of powder is diluted in 10 liters of water. For every 100 square meters. m spend 5-6 liters of solution. Treatments held at intervals of 1-2 weeks. After picking the berries, another spraying is carried out to reduce the risk of recurring disease of the grapes.

The use of fungicide for cucumbers

All summer residents know that cucumbers often become infected with peronosporosis, or downy mildew. Preservation of fungal spores in the ground can last several years. Infection can overtake the plant at any stage of development. The reasons for the appearance of perinosporosis are watering with water. low temperatures, day and night temperature drops, high humidity levels, condensation on the greenhouse film, improper agricultural practices, too much fertilizer, etc.

25 g of Ordan is dissolved in 5 liters of water, which is enough for a plot of 100 square meters. m. If the vegetables are grown in a closed ground, the drug is diluted in 8 liters of water. Treatments are made every 7-10 days.

Ordan for tomatoes

Many tomato varieties are susceptible to brown rot, which spreads through the stems and leaves of the plant during the entire growing season. After 20-25 days after planting seedlings in open or closed ground spend processing seedlings for preventive purposes. The repetition of late blight occurs in August, when humidity increases due to frequent rains and temperature drops occur. The number of procedures is adjusted to 5 times.

Dilution of the drug takes place in the same proportions as for cucumbers.

Use of fungicide for potatoes

Vegetable culture is often affected by powdery mildew, brown and white spot, as well as gray rot of fruits. For prevention, the culture is sprayed at an early stage of development. Repeated treatment is carried out in 1-2 weeks.

A bag of powder is diluted in 5 liters of water. This volume is enough for 100 square meters. m

Precautions in working with the drug

The following should be observed when working with a pesticide. regulations:

  1. Foliar treatment of plants occurs in the form of spraying Ordan. The instruction does not provide for other methods of using the funds.
  2. Working with Ordan provides for the mandatory use of protective equipment in the form of clothing and footwear, working gloves, goggles and a respirator.
  3. The solution after preparation is used completely. If part of the solution remains unused, then it is disposed of in specially designated areas.
  4. At the end of the procedure, hands and face should be washed with running water and soap.
  5. A container in which the fungicide was diluted should be thoroughly rinsed, dried and cleaned to be isolated from children and animals.

If the product has come into contact with skin or eyes, rinse thoroughly with running water. If the solution got into the mouth or inside, then you need to rinse your mouth and clean the stomach, causing vomiting. Without the use of a respiratory mask, toxic fumes can easily penetrate the lungs. Work should be stopped, all workwear should be removed and washed. In any case, you should consult a doctor who will accurately determine the degree of poisoning and assist in cleansing the body of toxins.

Acquisition and storage of the drug Ordan

You can buy a fungicide in any store of products for the garden and the garden or order it online, at the same time online you can read reviews about the preparation and make sure of its effectiveness. Ordan's shelf life is 3 years. Store the drug must be in a dark and dry room, which must be isolated from children and animals. It is not necessary to set the temperature, it does not affect the hermetically sealed means. But the direct hit of the rays on the packaging can spoil the drug, so you should choose a shady place. After expiration of the storage period, the fungicide cannot be used.

Planted several rare grape varieties in their summer cottage. Fungicide Ordan was very effective as a prophylactic agent. And last year, she noted her healing qualities. The spread of the fungus stops for 10 days, then the procedure must be repeated. I am satisfied with the drug, but during the application it has to be stirred frequently.

Not the first year I have been using Ordan from the company “August” and decided to leave a review about it. Acquaintance with him began from the moment when I discovered blight on the leaves of cultivated potatoes. It was in the summer, when there was rainy and cold weather. Neighbors in the country advised to buy Ordan, which for the price turned out to be inexpensive. The first experience was successful, the disease receded. Then I decided to try it out for tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini. The results were 5+. Now I use only this fungicide. There is no reason to change it to another means.

Previously processed tomatoes Bordeaux liquid, but then decided to try Ordan. I spend the first spraying closer to the end of May, the second - in September, when it starts to rain and colder. Results can be expected soon. After the second or third treatment bushes get rid of the disease and they grow next healthy leaves. For the price, quality and efficiency suits.

Characteristics fungicide Ordan

Ordan is a two-component fungicidal drug to combat fungal plant diseases.

Active substance: wettable powder (SP) Copper oxychloride 689 g / kg and Cymoxanil 42 g / kg.

The uniqueness of the composition is considered to be the combination of two active, active substances of different directions.

  1. Chloroxide copper - this substance has a fungicidal, bactericidal action. Remaining on the surface, copper oxychloride prevents the mineralization of organic substances in the spores of the fungus, which leads to their death.
  2. Tsimoksanil - has a protective, healing effect. The duration of the activity of a substance is not more than 6 days. During this time, cymoxanil penetrates into the deep layers of the plant, where it has a destructive effect on the spores of the fungus and regenerates the damaged plant cells.

Prescription drug: protective pesticide plus treating plant fungicide. Fight against fungal diseases of plants: late blight and peronosporosis (downy mildew). The drug has a triple effect: it has a detrimental effect on the spores of the fungus, preventing the disease from developing, heals the diseased plant cells and has preventive properties.

"Ordan": active ingredient, spectrum and mechanism of action of the fungicide

The chemical drug "Ordan" belongs to the group of fungicides, that is, substances for disinfecting plants from disease fungi. Their spores can affect vegetable, fruit, flower and ornamental crops, which causes the spectrum of the pesticide.

Its components are two active active ingredients: copper oxychloride (869 g / kg) and cymoxanil (42 g / kg). The first has fungicidal and bactericidal properties, and the second - protective and healing.

In tandem, they interrupt the mineralization of organic compounds in fungal spores and destroy the mycelium by regenerating damaged plant cells. The result is elimination of the pathogen, treatment of damaged areas and prevention.

"Ordan", according to the instructions for use, can be used on small personal plots and on farmland. Accordingly, for large enterprises, the drug is available in 15-kilogram bags and kilogram boxes, and for home use in 25-gram packages.

Impact speed and period of protective action

To fight fungal spores, a fungicide will be needed. from 3 to 20 days. For example, it takes 20 days to disinfect onions, grapes and potatoes from white and brown spot, powdery mildew, gray rot and peronosporoza. And for the destruction of causative agents of Alternaria, blight and perinosporoza on tomatoes and cucumbers, 3 days will be enough. In the reviews, gardeners note the long-term effect of the drug, which is maintained throughout the season. Also note the need for a maximum of 3 treatments for the complete destruction of the disease.

Advantages of the drug "Ordan"

The agronomists and experienced gardeners fungicide "Ordan" has earned the respect thanks to many featuresmentioned in the instructions. Among them:

  • versatility and versatility
  • ability of simultaneous treatment and prevention,
  • quality suppress the resistance of pathogens of fungal diseases,
  • the drug is harmless to neighboring plants,
  • subject to safety precautions, non-toxic to humans
  • in a short time, the toxic constituents break down into harmless compounds and do not accumulate in the soil.

Preparation of the working solution and instructions for use

"Ordan" for use on the farm or on a large-scale farm enterprise is diluted with water in the ratio of 25 g of powder to 10 liters of liquid.

Previously, the contents of the bag are poured into a clean vessel and a liter of water is added to it, then the resulting mixture is thoroughly mixed until the fungicide is completely dissolved. The mother liquor is poured into the sprayer tank and another 9 liters of water is added, covered with a lid and shaken. Manufacturers have provided consumption rates fungicide for a specific culture and disease:

  • 0.25-0.3 g / m 2 of “Ordan” is needed to save from the trouble of mildew on grapes, as well as tomatoes and cucumbers from phytophtoras, Alternaria and peronospora,
  • 0.2-0.25 g / m 2 of the drug will be needed for the treatment of potatoes from powdery mildew, rot and spotting,
  • 0.2 g / m 2 - for the prevention of peronospora on the onion beds.
Re-disinfection is carried out in 10-14 days and does not allow more than 3 treatments per season.

Precautions when working with the drug

When working with agrochemistry, it is important to observe the following safety regulations:

  • Do not use the drug for purposes not intended for this purpose. Fungicide contribute foliar spraying of plants.
  • Before preparing the working solution, take care of individual protection. It is strongly recommended to wear a special clothes, rubber boots and gloves, a hat, goggles and a respirator.
  • Processing plants should be carried out in cloudy weather in the morning or evening.
  • Make sure that there are no children or animals near you, and also take care of your bees.
  • Avoid contact with the toxic drug.
  • Do not store chemical residues. They need to be disposed of in a special place. In no case do not pour out liquid near reservoirs and wells - the active substances of the fungicide are very dangerous for fish.
  • At the end of all activities, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and several times and wash your face.

First aid for poisoning

Powder form of the drug exacerbates the work with him. If ignore safety engineering, you can inhale the dangerous substance. In cases where, during the preparation of the solution and disinfection, the poison has fallen on the mucous membranes or eyes, immediately wash them with plenty of water.

If you feel nauseous and dizzy, call an ambulance and wait in the open air. Before the arrival of the medics, drink the liquid of their crushed 3 tablespoons of activated carbon and 1 cup of water. Symptoms must pass. Otherwise, induce vomiting (if the victim is conscious). There is no antidote for poisoning. Therapy includes washing the body and supporting its functions.

Safety regulations

Ordan refers to drugs with moderate toxicity, so when working with it, the basic rules are followed:

  1. Before work, you must wear a protective mask, closed clothes and shoes, head cover with a scarf or panama.
  2. The order is prepared immediately before processing and all is used, the remnants of the finished solution are not stored. If the finished solution remains, it must be disposed of.
  3. After work, rinse face and hands as well as used dishes thoroughly with a washing soap.
  4. The drug is dangerous for bees, so it is advisable to clean the hives for the duration of the work. They can be returned no earlier than six hours after completion of work.
  5. Store Ordan should be in a closed package, away from food, out of the reach of animals and children. Storage should take place in a dark and cool place; direct ultraviolet rays should be avoided. The shelf life is three years, after the expiration of this period Ordan is disposed of.
  6. If the solution comes into contact with the skin and mucous membranes, rinse immediately with running water.
  7. If a drug is ingested, try to induce vomiting, then take activated charcoal and go to the clinic.
  8. If there was a poisoning with the pairs of Ordan, you should stop working, change clothes, wash thoroughly and lie down in the fresh air.
  9. In any case, if after working with the drug there is a deterioration in the state of health, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Gardeners reviews

I am a beginner gardener, so I follow the advice of my older sister. She was the one who recommended using Ordan for the treatment of roses, and I am pleased with the result. Last year, my roses died from an unknown disease to me, and this year I processed new bushes with Ordan, and the flowers remained healthy all season.

I use the Order for a long time and advise everyone. Inexpensive and effective remedy against the unpleasant diseases of my favorite tomatoes and cucumbers.

This tool is acquired by the wife, and I spend the processing of shrubs. The wife says that Ordan is an excellent modern remedy, a good replacement for outdated preparations.

In our harsh climate to grow a good crop is not easy, and it is very disappointing if the fungus threatens to lose with such hard-grown fruit. In this case, the use of Ordan is just a wonderful way out! The drug was advised to me by a neighbor in the country, and now I myself advise my acquaintances.

Advantages of the Ordan fungicide

  • Increased efficiency achieved through the interaction of the two components.
  • The presence of preventive properties.
  • Lack of resistance in plants when applied.
  • high effectiveness in the fight against peronosporic mushrooms,
  • double fungicidal activity - contact and locally systemic,
  • use in anti-resistant programs.

The mechanism of action of the fungicide Ordan

The mechanism of action of the drug is contact-systemic, that is, the protection of plants is carried out both outside and inside. Chloroxide copper provides contact protection, inhibiting the enzyme activity of phytopathogenic fungi, and cymoxanil inhibits the processes of biosynthesis in cells, suppressing pathogens at the system level.

Activation of the activity of the drug comes already an hour after treatment.

Instructions for use of the fungicide Ordan

The solution is induced immediately before use, it is not subject to storage. The concentration of the drug is calculated as 1 pack of Ordan per 10 liters of water.

If the volume of treatment liquid is calculated in a smaller amount, for example, for indoor plants, the amount of powder used is also reduced.

1 g of liquid is enough 1 g of the drug. First, the product is diluted in a small amount of liquid, and then bring it to the required volume with continuous stirring.

Sprayed plants during the growing season in not too hot and windless weather without precipitation. The number of treatments is directly related to the state of the plants. For prophylactic purposes, one treatment is enough; in treatment it is carried out three times.

The tool is compatible with other fungicides and insecticides, because in the absence of the effect it is more advisable to choose a different drug, and not to use Ordan for the 4th time.

According to the class of safety, the substance does not harm the environment, but its use near reservoirs is prohibited, it is also not used during the flowering period of plants.

From the time of the last treatment to harvest, at least three weeks should pass.