Plot design

How to decorate the garden with their own hands


Already passed those times when the garden was a livelihood. Today, a garden is, first of all, a spiritual haven, a secluded place where you can escape from the city turmoil, difficulties and various troubles. Therefore, ideas for the garden are always popular.

Gardeners are increasingly focusing not only on the agrotechnical methods of cultivating the site, but also devote time to decorating their landscape, realizing with their own hands fascinating ideas for the garden.

Branch Wattle

Wattle from branches as an ornament is an interesting idea for a garden.

The best material for wattle are willow rods. However, they are in no way inferior, for example, raspberry bushes, cut to update the garden. Combining twigs from various bushes, you can form unique color palette wattle fence and its beautiful drawing (making twigs of various thickness).

Strong poles are used as stakes for which the rods are woven. However, the poles can rot in the layer of earth, and they are regularly replaced. In order not to do such hard work, you can, besides poles, use pieces of metal pipes with a diameter of 15-20 millimeters. The pipes are much better than poles, and they can be driven into the ground, and in the intervals between the pipes in a vertical position weave branches of branches. Such a construction is not only more reliable than the classical one, but it is also much easier to spin branches on it. No need to think about the strength of supporting poles. As a decor, clay pots with interesting patterns can be hung on poles.

Water beds on the site

The flower beds are those decorations that gardeners are especially proud of. The choice of flowers of different colors, the shape of their petals, the flowering period, the height of the stems, the saturation of the leaves, the smell is only part of the floral design that the gardener is focusing on when creating the flower bed.

New solutions for flower bed design can be made by hand in the form of buildings with scrap materials.

However, not every gardener can boast that he has unique and fascinating waterbeds made with his own hands. Meanwhile, to implement a similar idea for a garden or a dacha is not difficult at all.

The order of registration of the water bed:

  1. Dig a hole under the flowerbed. The depth should not be above 50 cm, and the gardener sets the shape and area of ​​the flower bed according to his wishes.
  2. The perimeter of the flower bed must be laid out of brick.
  3. At the base of the flower bed put a plastic film and cover it with a layer of sand 5 cm.
  4. In the middle of the flowerbed determine the plants planted in pots.
  5. Along the edges of the flower bed there will be a layer of sand, making it 10-15 cm. In the ground you can plant plants such as water-toffee, calla, chaff.
  6. Fill the flowerbed so that the leaves, planted in pots of plants, freely floated on the surface.
  7. As an auxiliary decoration of the design and decor, aquatic plants will fit, which do not need to mate with the soil.

If you fulfill the most important condition for the plants to fill at least half of the area of ​​the flower bed, in this case, plant ornaments will be a pleasure all season.

As a beautiful decor on a flower bed at the sites, it is allowed to place a number of figures (toys) in the form of fairy-tale characters: mermaids, frogs.

Fragrant design and sounds

Melodious and fragrant garden decorations - This is a fairly new decor solutions for garden design or garden. However, we must not forget that the sound and smell must be unobtrusive, complementing the tone of natural aromas and sounds that do not negate them.

For the design of the aroma of the garden or cottage you can use not only classic flowers and flowering bushes, but also fragrant herbs.

If fragrant herbs are grown by “islets”, which is not very far and not very close, then you can reach interesting waves of smells, the range of which will vary depending on your stay in the garden.

The smell of aromatic herbs is different from the aroma of flowers. Due to the influence of aromatic elements, it can affect the well-being of a person.

For aromatic "design" take the grass:

  • hyssop,
  • rosemary,
  • sage
  • thyme,
  • basil,
  • coriander,
  • oregano
  • lemon balm
  • mint,
  • cumin and fennel.

“Musical sound breezes” should be made independently from various improvised suitable materials. In this case, you can choose your interesting, but unobtrusive sounds.

The best known for the decor and sound design are different pendants with shells, they form a rustling sound, similar to the sound of the surf. Besides, easy to do with your own hands "Musical sound breezes" of beads, empty bottles. Very attractive, interesting-looking and unobtrusive-to-listen "breezes" made from plastic bottles.

If you sit on a comfortable bench in the shade, among the smell of fragrant herbs and the rustle of “winds”, after covering the usual urban turmoil or a working day spent in the garden, your imagination can draw attractive landscapes of previously unknown lands.

Its rutarium for the site is a fascinating idea. In the decoration of rutarium used intricate shapes of the roots of trees, and so it is called - the garden of roots.

It turns out that for such a small place you can find your magic decor. We all see how intricate forms are the roots. Imagination, sometimes, at the sight of a small root, can provide a plot of a magical story. And if you add attractive combinations and compositions yourself from the roots in such a case it is difficult not to freeze in great admiration.

At the fascinating thoughts of design and decor can push the combination of a site of rutarium and growing mushrooms. This will require small hemp so that they can be sterilized. Then holes are drilled in hemp with a diameter of 15-20 millimeters, mix the fungus mycelium with the sawdust and fill the holes with the resulting mixture. Next, hemp is dropped in 10 cm and covered for 3 weeks with an opaque film. Hemp is watered under the base (on top you do not need to fill).

When attractive family mushrooms and oyster mushrooms peek out from stumps, and around attractive and interesting compositions from the roots, in that case it feels as if you are falling into a fairy tale. Real self-grown mushrooms are, of course, better than any artificial decor.

Garden decorative paths

DIY garden paths will be your pride for years to come. As materials used, you can take river pebbles and bricks.

Work order:

  1. Construction of the track begins with a markup. A summer house or a garden plot probably had its favorite trampled paths earlier. The most correct and apply them for markup. The path must be the same width and even over the entire length.
  2. After the correct marking, the track is equal and covered with rubble in a 10 cm layer. Tamped with a special machine or with your own hands with a column.
  3. Then, the prepared composition is poured into the area of ​​a small area, equal. Pre-washed pebbles put pebbles into the mortar in a dense pattern, and the bricks on the side are laid with a curb.
  4. To align the area of ​​the mosaic over the stack of the shield and bend down with a powerful load. In case you wash the solution off the pebble plane, then there will be fascinating mosaic stains on the path.
  5. It is necessary to move on to pouring a solution from one small area to another, and put wooden partitions between the zones. Partitions are necessary to ensure that the frozen composition with mosaic does not crack in strong frost.

Flower bed made of natural stone

A unique flowerbed will be a unique decoration of any backyard area. Attractive bed looks with sides, lined with natural stones. For these purposes, you can take stones of various sizes, shapes and tones. Pretty put them on the perimeter upcoming flower beds in a number of layers. With such natural substances, in addition, you can form a real masterpiece. For example, create a composition with pebbles of various shapes and sizes, beautifully decorated with flowers. In a similar way you can build a basket, a large bowl or a pot with a wide neck.

Ideas for a garden do it yourself - flower garden made of wood

Another fascinating concept for the garden is flower beds, beautifully decorated with wooden components. This kind of version of decorating design is good if the flower garden is already broken, and there is no possibility to change its location. It is possible to refresh its external image with the help of a built fence with wood slats or sticks. As garden ideas, you can weave a wicker of any shape from flexible thin stems or make a hut from which the flowers will grow from the log cabins.

Simple flowerbed of the bus - an idea for the garden

Another material from which to create attractive crafts yourself for the garden - it's car tires. With them, moreover, can make a big pot for plants. For these purposes, its 1 side should be divided so that the teeth come out. For such a pot, you can dig a small hole or put it on a smooth plane. Then fill the inner place with earth and plant flowers. To make decorative tire can be painted from the outside in any color. Before painting the tire should be well washed and degreased. For these purposes amiss gasoline will fit. In order for the old tire not to become covered with cracks during cutting, it should be moistened with soapy water in a timely manner.

Garden figures with their own hands

It is quite easy to make unique garden crafts from any available materials, especially if you have special skills. You can make such figurines with your whole family. In this way, you can not only to decorate the backyard area, but also to preserve in the memory of the baby glorious memories of his childhood. Self-made garden figures will be a great present for native people.

Garden swing of tires in the garden

For the production of garden swing, you can use not only wood or iron, but also available materials, for example, simple car tires. Similar products can be fixed on a branch of a tree or in a frame intentionally made for this purpose. In addition, you can make a hanging swing in the form of horses or chairs. The superiority of this kind of installation is considered the availability of manufacturing and economy. In addition, such a swing can hang on any site. As an option, the swing of the tires can be hung on two rows of increasing trees or two near certain pillars.

Rope swing for the garden

Garden swings can be made with the help of boards and strong ropes. The thickness of the plank should be an average of 15-20 mm. Similar swing can be hung on a tree, and on a specially made frame.

How to make a swing seat? To do this:

  1. Cut a rectangle from a plate. In addition, you can knock down the seat of the plates.
  2. With 4 edges drill 4 holes with a diameter of approximately 22 mm at a distance of 30 cm from the edge.
  3. Board paint or varnish.
  4. Secure the rope on a branch or on a special design.

To stretch through the drilled holes in the plank a strong rope. In order to secure the plank it is necessary to tie all the edges of the rope in front of it onto the knot.

Flower "stream"

You have a country plot, garden, garden, lawn, flower garden, but something is missing. The soul asks for beauty. Here, for example, to make an artificial reservoir with your own hands. No, not a pool, but at least a small pond or stream. But it is so hard! It is necessary to dig a hole, carry stones, acquire a film or plastic container, mess with water plants, buy all kinds of mechanisms - filters, pumps. You think beauty is never simple? Also, as it happens! An easy way to acquire beauty without additional material and physical costs - a stream of flowers.

Flower creek is a garden idea and a great component of landscape design. An unusual way of planting plants is not in the usual flowerbed, but in the form of a streamlet, which flows from a container.

The decoration of the backyard plot is a creative process, which makes it possible to take a break from working in the garden and in the garden. Furnished, decorated territory becomes a great place for entertainment for the villa owners and their guests.

Do-it-yourself garden decoration: garden design ideas

The number of garden decorations in the garden is not limited to the rules. There are only tips. It is not necessary that a lot of jewelry, figures - this is bad. It happens that it is beautiful. It all depends on the situation and your taste. If you are not sure of some kind of garden decoration, it is better not to purchase it.

Garden decorations, the photos of which you see below, create coziness on the plot, even if they are very small! First of all, these include garden figures and sculpture. They produce a strong "local" effect, enlivening one or another corner of the garden, making it cozy and stylish.

The size for the effect produced does not matter, it is important what kind of a figurine is and how correctly, “to the place”, it is placed.

So, it was decided - we decorate the garden with our own hands and the photos presented on this page will help you to orient in the whole variety of the proposed options.

Ideas for decorating the garden with sculptures

The basic principle of the idea for decorating a garden is the sculptured figures: they must be of good quality and neatly made.

The best option is ceramics or a special polymer resin.

Special chic - hand-painted figures. Avoid cheap plastic stamping and overly repeatable plots and remember that garden decorations should match the style of this garden. However, not everything is unequivocal with stamping: much depends on the manufacturer. Sometimes there is literally nothing to take in the shops, and in the markets you can buy beautiful plastic figures, but skillfully painted, in which the material is absolutely not striking. The advantage of garden figurines is that they are mostly small items, they are easy to rearrange, combine, store in winter. And also - they are quite realistic to make yourself. This is a chance to get unique items that can not be found in any other garden.

Figures have two methods of application. Firstly, they are used by themselves, and secondly - as constituent elements of various thematic corners, landscape miniatures. In any case, figurines and sculptures are creative elements in your area.

In addition to figurines and sculptures, there are still some objects that can also be attributed to garden decorations.

These are containers for plants, but only original, beautiful, artistic supports for plants, decorations-plugs, bird feeders and garden suspended modules, decorative balls for flower beds and decorative bridges.

How to decorate a beautiful garden and where to place the figures

If you still do not know how to decorate the garden beautifully and where to place the figures, remember the basic rule: garden decorations are things for the soul, moods, so arrange them as your heart dictates.

But remember that it is better to use garden decorations where you will often see them and be able to admire them.

Ideas for decorating the garden: a combination of functions

Most of the figures and sculptures are separate “works” of weather-resistant materials, just decorations. But one of the ideas for decorating a garden is to combine functions.

So, for example, a garden figurine can be at the same time a container, a fountain, a holder for bushes, a garden thermometer or a lamp can be built into it.

Interesting ideas for the garden: a choice of meaning

The choice of garden figures is great, and everyone can choose to their taste!

One of the interesting ideas for the garden - the choice of meaning. First, each thematic corner has its own figure.

So, naturally, by the pond you can buy a frog, a turtle, a fish, a heron, put a fisherman gnome on the bridge, put decorative mushrooms in the “forest” corner, put a mole with a shovel at the entrance to the garden, put a decorative wheelbarrow with flowers on the lawn or grinder, etc.

How to decorate a garden plot with a collection of figures

One of the ideas how to decorate a garden plot is to collect a collection of figures. For example, many dwarfs can “settle down” in the garden, and all with different “tools” of labor, depending on the corner where they stand.

In addition, you can still come up with a "script", under which you will acquire or make figures.

For example, if your theme is “fairy tale”, then you need to collect fairy characters.

Ideas for garden decor from a variety of materials

Much can be done independently. Embody your design ideas! Moreover, you will easily find everything you need at your dacha.

The ideas of the garden decor from various materials are embodied from different materials: cement, wood, large stones and small stones, metals.

Garden design ideas can be implemented from old pots, ropes, old tires, and even foam.

In the photo, how to decorate the garden, it is clear that almost everything is made from unnecessary remnants of various materials.

Interesting design ideas for garden design

Главное — интересная идея для оформления сада: к примеру, из обыкновенного детского мяча можно сделать садовую фигурку в виде ягоды.

Garden mushrooms can be done like this: legs can be made from pipe sections, and caps should be cast from cement in an old small bowl. Decorate the mushrooms with mosaic, paint.

Another design idea for the garden: from the foam, after some training, you can fashion animal figurines. But first you need to make a simple frame of reinforcement or, for small figures, the frame of plastic bottles and wire.

We decorate the garden plot with our own hands

We decorate the garden plot with our hands further: you can make a turtle figure out of cement. Shape for the shell will serve the old basin.

Brilliant and mosaic balls for flower beds can be made from ordinary balls.

You can decorate your garden with flower containers and mirrors by attaching them to silicone sealant.

Make a container for letniki from coconut shells.

Brightly colored glass bottles can decorate rockeries or sculptures.

Figures of swans can be made from old tires and painted with facade paints.

How else to decorate the garden plot (photo ideas)

Look at the photo, how to decorate the garden area: a stylish "bench, which does not sit."

The original stone decoration can be made independently from foam, and then tinted with spray paint.

Lay out a mini-picture of colored gravel.

Arrange several figures on the steps or on the retaining wall.

The flower bed or landscape composition can be decorated with colored concrete columns or painted wood.

Retaining walls, flower beds, rockeries, streams can be decorated with large sea shells.

How to decorate your garden in an original way

You can make a stylish garden table-tray with glass overlay from the lid of a garden barrel, and you can decorate it in any style - from classic to hi-tech, and change this decor as you like, laying various flat objects under glass: leaves, pictures, CD- discs, chips, tape, cloth.

Pay attention to the photo: we decorate the garden with our hands always in the most original ways. For example, a sundial made of decorative stones is a fashionable novelty that will be out of competition.

A huge container in the form of an ordinary terracotta pot makes an impression due to the combination of its usual shape, but its unusual size.

Truck wheels with all its simplicity - a good accent, which has many applications.

You can make small volumetric sculptures made of concrete overlaid with sea pebbles: an apple, a fungus, a hedgehog, and even a “toy” castle. Such works of art will certainly be garden accents.

New design ideas for garden design

"Green" sculptures can be figures of ornamental trimmed shrubs, and can be formed by vertical gardening: you only need to find the appropriate support, for example, in the form of an umbrella, house, baby elephant.

A small author's screen with an unusual finish may not block anything, but be a garden sculpture.

Another new idea for decorating a garden is a decorative “hut” decorated with wood carvings. This is a job for a real master. But you can buy such a product in finished form.

Flower boxes can be pasted over with wood saws.

There are garden figures - stones. These are not real stones, made from a special resin. In appearance, some such stones can resemble sculptures. Such stones can decorate any garden composition.

Water beds

What to hide, flower beds are those country or garden decorations that gardeners are especially proud of. The selection of flowers of different colors, the shape of their petals, flowering periods, the height of the stems, the thickness of the leaves, the scent is only part of the floral design that the gardener orients in when forming the flower bed.

New solutions for flower beds can be made by hand in the form of structures from scrap materials.

But not every gardener can boast that he has original and interesting water beds, made with his own hands. Meanwhile, to implement such ideas for the garden or the garden, as water beds is not at all difficult.

The order of registration beds:

  1. Dig a hole under the flowerbed. The depth should not exceed 50 cm, and the gardener determines the shape and area of ​​the water bed according to his own wishes.
  2. The perimeter of the flower bed must be laid out of brick.
  3. At the bottom of the flower bed is laid plastic film and covered with a layer of sand 5 cm.
  4. In the center of the flowerbeds establish plants planted in pots: water lilies, nympheynics, nuggets
  5. Along the edges of the flower bed, a layer of sand is made thicker by 10–15 cm. Plants such as the water-toffee, calla, and chaff can be planted in the ground.
  6. Fill the flower bed so that the leaves of plants planted in pots, freely floated on the surface.
  7. As an additional decoration of the design and decor suitable aquatic plants that do not need grip: duckweed, azolla, vodokras, pistia, eyhorniya, rogulnik.

If you fulfill the main condition: plants fill at least half the area of ​​the flowerbed, then live decorations will delight the entire season.

As a decor on a bed in the foam areas, you can arrange several statuettes (toys) in the form of fairy-tale characters: mermaids, fish, frogs.

DIY crafts for the garden (photo)

To create an original art object for your garden, it is not necessary to run to the store to buy material. Your new creations can be made without them. Take a look around. After all, surely in your household there is something that you have not used for a long time for one reason or another.

It may be a broken bike, old furniture , leaky bucket, worn tires and tires, accumulated plastic bottles , leftovers building materials , basins, barrels, unwanted shoes and much more. To give a new life to all these used things is very simple, the main thing is not to be afraid of experiments.

Visual scheme of how to make a decorative well for giving with your own hands

In order to make a small wooden well you will need a minimum amount of lumber.

First you need to decide for yourself what style you want to see the design of your garden. Provence style high tech or modern or you prefer minimalism . Taking into account the characteristic features of each direction, as well as your own preferences, you should proceed to its design and decoration.

Crafts made for the garden with their own hands can be not only an aesthetic addition to your garden, but also carry a functional component that can be useful in the household.

Bird feeder in the form of a funny and generous fairytale gnome

The tea mugs suspended on linen threads will look spectacular

Wooden ducks carved from wood will help decorate your pier by the river

Decorate your garden will also help materials of natural origin. Field boulders, river stones, tree trunks and their stumps, clay, glass, etc. All this will help bring beauty and improve the habitat in your area.

The most important thing is striving for perfection, it will help create a unique and beautiful decor for your site.

Stones for garden decor

Flat stones - a real find, especially if they are large. You can draw anything on them. And the main thing is to do crafts for the garden with your own hands out of stones - it is fascinating and fun, especially with children.

Big stones can just decorate the garden, and the stones of medium size will serve as excellent assistants in the garden. It is necessary to take pebbles in the shape of a certain fruit or vegetable, draw it on it and put it in the garden in accordance with the one drawn. The garden and the garden will be immediately filled with bright colors.

Stone Ladybugs - Crafts by Amanda Design

If you often go to the sea, take a bag of stones with you on your way back on the way back, beautiful elements of decor are made of them

Ladybugs from plastic balls

Visual guide to making ladybugs

Interesting ideas for your garden:

We bring to your attention a number ideas for your gardenwhich will help him become more original and interesting:

  • Summer candlestick

Use garden peonies to decorate small candles. Such a simple decoration will look even more impressive if you put a candle in a glass a la margarita.

  • New life of old tools

Another original idea for a garden with your own hands: tools that you no longer use can be used right on a flower bed. From several garden tools you get a great stand for climbing plants. This will surely add charm to your garden.

If space permits in the garden, an improvised awning for daytime rest will look great.

You can make a canopy using an inverted and suspended round frame from the chair, and of course, bright curtains.

Adding an optical illusion with a mirror is a breeze. This effect will add depth to your garden. Simply attach the mirror to the fence between the branches of the tree and watch as the space around doubles.

  • Change the viewing angle

Try to look at ordinary things from a different angle. So, the usual garden bucket can turn into an original stand for candles.

  • And once again a rarity!

An old garden spatula can add charm to your garden by making part of the handle of the gate.

  • Winter candle holders

Not all garden ideas are designed only for spring and summer, for example, using a simple plastic bottle and leaves that suit you in color you can easily make such lamps with your own hands. Such lamps can meet guests on the way to the house, setting them up for a festive mood.

  • Hanging saucer

Such a saucer can act as a birdbath or serve as a grate for a winding vineyard. You can paint it according to the overall style of your garden.

  • Unusual bench

New life of an old bench as a stand for flowers. This bench is just the perfect place for plants in flower pots.

With the help of a flexible wire, you can create an unusual arch for climbers.

  • Installations from branches

With the help of dry twigs or logs, you can create small natural installations. For example, it can be a creative entrance to your garden.

  • Unusual table

Unusual table, made by hand, can be an original decoration for the garden. For example, in this photo, the outdoor container for plants serves as the basis for the table, and a round plate as the tabletop.

  • Decoration for gazebos

Decorative curtain lifts will gain new life in the open air. Attach them to a hedge or pergola to guide the growth of grapes or climbing roses.

  • Decorate your hedge

Hanging bouquets are a great idea to make your hedge more lively or to decorate it with a garden party.

  • Make a hedge or gate

Creative solution - the creation of a living gate to the garden. For example, in this photo - a container on wheels.

Romantic idea: a charming hedge for climbing plants, assembled from just a few fence panels.

Antique furniture will add a special charm to your garden. The unusual solution in this case is “moss upholstery”, which will be the number one topic at your garden tea parties 🙂

In the garden decor I will look great all kinds of lattices. Antiques, ventilation grilles and others will add refinement to your garden.

  • Suspended fence

Such an unusual suspended fence can be considered not only as a basis for climbing plants, but also as part of the decor of your house or gazebo.

Many gardeners believe that the fountain can become the center of the composition of your garden. And it is not necessary to use it for its intended purpose ...

  • Cheerful greeting

The garden does not have to be serious, especially during various events. Show the funny side of your garden by meeting guests with such multicolored gloves on the fence.

  • Ocean of opportunity

Another creative idea for the garden - the original flower beds, painted in bright colors. Perhaps you decide to decorate them into unusual figurines that fit the style of your garden. Do not forget that when painting you should use waterproof paint.

Unusual flower bed - a box attached to the leg of the bed. Cheap, and most importantly easy to do yourself!

  • Strokes and accents

Add some light strokes, such as this watering can on the hedge. This can be a kind of calling card of your garden.

  • Use of things for other purposes

Do not be afraid to experiment and feel free to use things that were originally created for a completely different use. How, for example, this umbrella stand looks very organically as a holder for garden tools. Such unexpected finds will help your garden to stand out.

  • Beauty in simplicity

Simple design helps the garden seem more complex. A well-designed plan will help create a masterpiece in a small space.

  • Room in the garden

Make a simple canopy, using garden acrki and ordinary curtains. Here you can relax comfortably in a hot afternoon or gather for a small tea party.

  • Creative collection!

Your collectibles do not have to be dusting in a closet or lying under glass. Here's how in this case: both beautiful and practical

  • Hide not needed

In this case, we can not do without decorative garden covers. They will help to take out of sight, everything that does not fit into the overall concept of the garden, but it should be there.

  • Homemade greenhouse

And in this case there is a place for creativity - in this example, used old attic window frames.

We hope that we managed to wake up your imagination and, perhaps, in the following publications of thematic sites, we will be able to see photos of ideas from your garden!

How to decorate the garden with their own hands. Summer Country Tips

With the help of improvised means, and they have a lot of experienced gardeners, you can turn any idea into reality. It is possible to design a summer cottage with the help of unnecessary things, which are hard to throw away, and will not be useful in use An example of such things are empty bottles, leaky buckets, old furniture and so on.

My garden is my pride!

Many women like gardening of front gardens and flower beds.

Empty bottles (glass or plastic) can be dug into the ground next to the flowerbed, so you get an original border.

Do not rush to get rid of old tires, they make beautiful flower beds, especially if you paint the tire with bright color.

Tires, from large to small, you can lay a pyramid, pour ground there and plant ornamental plants. This form of flower beds will save a lot of space, and its beauty takes a person for the soul.

You can also create a flower garden with the help of an old chair, baskets, buckets and other containers.

Unusual beds

Instead of a simple stuffed animal to scare away birds, you can use a doll. To do this, a simple stuffed animal should be dressed in clothes and decorated with jewelry, tie with colorful ribbons.

So you can transform the beds with vegetables.

Children came to the cottage ...

The bright, original dacha will appeal to all, without exception, but after a while the child will become bored.

For a pleasant pastime of the child it is necessary to build a platform for the child. The presence of a special place for children on a country ownership is a huge plus. The area reserved for the child, will allow adults to engage in a garden, and children have a good time. An interesting slide, a small house, railings with ropes, a swing and a sandbox will make the play area of ​​the child interesting and unique.

An ideal place for the sandbox - Tenek. And best of all over the sandbox to put a special shelter, for example, an umbrella. If the area on the site does not contain all the elements, then you can attract neighbors who also have children. By negotiating with neighbors, you can build a playground for children outside the site.

A lot of people often come to the suburban building, so the benches and a wooden table do not interfere. In the shady part of the site you can arrange a comfortable and durable hammock, set the grill.

Turning the cottage into a heavenly place, you will count the days until you return. Do not be afraid to experiment and implement ideas in life. Take time to improve the site, and after a while, you will not recognize it!

Where to begin?

A small plot of land on which several flower gardens are grown. Bright toy dwarfs with ever-smiling faces hid among the tall stems of roses or tulips. Probably, this is what the decorated garden looks like in the ideas of people who absorb images from American films. In reality, oddly enough, everything is much more interesting and diverse when it comes to jewelry, especially those that can be done independently.

The beauty of homemade handicrafts is that to create them do not need large investments. Moreover, the original and aesthetic elements are often realized from scrap items that you have long considered trash. Old logs, frayed tires, plastic bottles are used - some of these materials will definitely be found in the storeroom at the cottage.

To decorate the garden is not to decorate the interior. There are no strict stylistic and compositional rules. But this can only complicate the task, since you will have to rely on your own sense of beauty, while managing not to overdo the decor. Все-таки растения — главные герои вашей территории.

Однако нужно учитывать общую стилистику участка, а также конструкцию дома. For example, around a minimalist building with a geometric composition inappropriate will look even a motley bouquet of roses, not like sculptures made of plastic bottles. But for a cozy wooden house and you can roam, creating cute crafts.

Pay attention to the flower garden palette. If the earth is full of bright buds, then the decoration is better to choose with more restrained flowers - so they will not merge with the background or will not look too colorful.

What items to fit into the space depends on its size, your tastes and requirements. After all, filling the garden can perform not only an aesthetic function, but also serve practical purposes. In any case, if you wish, you can always find plenty of interesting solutions!

Figures for the garden do it yourself (photo)

If you decide to decorate your garden yourself, remember that here you need to subtly feel the difference between the stylistic direction of the garden and the sense of proportion. Since when decorating a garden, having gone too far with the number of figurines or choosing the wrong image of decorative figurines you can easily spoil the aesthetic appearance of your site.

After all, you must agree that the figures of the red cap, peasant women, bun, or other fairy-tale character in the Japanese garden will not look quite appropriate. A green lawn decorated with a large number of artificial palm trees will look even more strange, under each of which there will be a dwarf figurine.

Based on the requirements of landscape design, try to choose the images of figures in unison with the main direction of the style of your site.

Beautiful plaster statuette of a girl gently watering flowers

The most beautiful turn out exactly those figures for the garden, which are made by hand

Decorative garden figurines in the form of two funny rabbits will add individuality to your garden

Crafts for the garden of tires and tires (photo)

The use of old car tires as a material for the manufacture of garden decor has long been quite familiar practice for many people. For this fit absolutely all tires of any diameter.

Having a number of fresh and practical ideas in your head, as well as certain skills in piercing and cutting tools and devices, you can turn a dull piece of rubber into a beautiful art object, thereby unusually decorate your garden.

There is nothing difficult in this work, and as practice shows, it is less than one hour to make crafts for the garden with your own hands out of tires, even for a beginner.

For the manufacture of country swing from old tires you need, paint, strong rope and a special anchor with a loop

The original tire table perfectly complements the existing set of garden furniture.

A bit of fantasy and an old tire has gained a new life in the form of a swing for children "advantage"

Products made from tires - this is the very case when you yourself do not need to spend too much time on making garden articles with your own hands and invest large amounts of money to purchase expensive materials.

The scope of old automobile tires, where they can be used as a material for the manufacture of handicrafts, a huge amount. Starting from the design of ordinary flower beds and flower beds, ending with full-fledged playgrounds for your children. Garden Tinker Crafts - These are simple, cheap, well-proven products whose design forms know no boundaries.

Step-by-step production of a garden padded stool from an old tire

Original flower bed of car tires

Stylish car for the modern summer resident

Crafts for the garden from scrap materials (photo)

In order to create your own crafts for the garden with your own hands, as long as possible to retain their original appearance, try to choose the right material for them. Also important is considered to be solid. surface preparation to drawing paints and varnishes.

Modern synthetic acrylic paints, which are distinguished by reliable resistance to constant changes in air temperature and ultraviolet radiation, are ideal for open air.

Wonderful birdhouse made of scrap materials

A peculiar decorative well in the form of a flowerpot will be a real decoration for your garden.

Having decorated ordinary cones with soft decorative balls, you will receive an original decoration for your garden, which will please you all year round.

In such a demanding business as making a garden with your own hands, absolutely any little thing that has been gathering dust on your site for several years can be useful. As experienced gardeners say, in the country there is nothing unnecessary and nothing superfluous!

To give your creations a special chic, experienced designers recommend using different glitters, beads, beads, colored glass, etc. as their decor. With their help, you can create an original image of fairy-tale characters, gnomes, small animals or insects. Well, if you add a bit of magic to the surface of the products, in the form of fluorescent paint, you can enjoy the beauty of your garden not only during the day, but at night.

Glowing in the dark stumps will look magical and mysterious.

Fluorescent paints have long been widely used in the manufacture of garden furniture for the garden.

Screwing a pair of strong wheels to the usual stump, you will get a beautiful and mobile coffee table for your garden.

Unusual bird feeder from a tea saucer

New ideas for the garden that will inspire you (photo)

Everyone wants his site to look beautiful and cozy. It's so nice to admire this beauty during warm summer evenings. To do this, you need to spend a lot of time and money, because often the purchased decor items are quite expensive and unfortunately not everyone can afford it. And yet, even from this situation, there is an excellent budget solution - to make crafts for the garden with your own hands.

First of all, of course, you should take care of the improvement of the site:

  1. Pay due attention to paths, paths, trees, flower beds and flower beds,
  2. Also do not forget about the recreation area ( arbors, terraces), where you often like to relax on warm summer evenings. They must look perfect.

If we talk about more interesting projects, you can aim at creating decorative mini-garden or other decoration. Best of all, the miniature will look surrounded by small statuettes and various figures.

A miniature dugout resembling a Hobbit house will be a real decoration for your garden

Beautiful composition of the fisherman, made from scrap materials

A bit of white paint and an old bike has gained a new life as an element of decor for the garden.

No less beautiful will look pond, decorated with artificial lilies or swans. If you do waterproof crafts for the garden do it yourself difficult for you, then you can easily get them in specialized stores. There, you will surely be able to find suitable products that will harmoniously fit into landscaping your garden.

It is important to remember that some products (especially those made from cheap plastic) are afraid of extreme temperatures. Therefore, if necessary, in winter, the whole decor You can move from the street to a more secluded place where he will not be threatened by the cold.

Making your own pond or pond is a pretty demanding task. Try to approach this issue very thoroughly.

Even a very small pond is able to radically transform your site for the better.

Master class do it yourself - everything for the garden and the vegetable garden (photo)

Many decorate their garden, using classical techniques for this - beautiful figures of little gnomes, unusual birds, as well as funny and funny little animals. This design style for the site is very popular, especially for those who have small children. It is proved that the fabulous atmosphere in the garden created in this way has a beneficial effect on the development of the child.

If you supplement the garden with a drinker or bird feeder, then in addition to improving the aesthetic beauty of the site, you will make a significant contribution to saving the hungry birds in the winter. Thus, you teach your kids to love all life on earth from a very young age.

Beautiful wooden bird feeder in a house view

In order to make a feeder with their own hands, second-class lumber is also suitable.

Idle and quick to manufacture a glass jar feeder

It will look very beautiful if you decorate a house for birds with sea stones and shells

If you put the soul, the original crafts can be obtained even from the usual pumpkin

Decor for the garden - photos of the best crafts with their own hands

If recently there was construction or repair on the site, then surely some building materials remain, for example cement. Via concrete can create a great garden decor do it yourself.

  1. To do this, you need to find the largest sheet, a burdock or water lily leaf will perfectly fit
  2. Then on this sheet you need to apply a layer of cement, not very thick, but not thin. In order for the sheet to subsequently stand, the top must be smooth and smooth, otherwise the sheet will have to be dug into the ground,
  3. After that, you need to wait about 5-6 hours, until the solution is completely dry, turn it over, remove the sheet from the cement and then the decor is ready.

To made crafts made of concrete hands did not look too gloomy, in the middle you can glue colored stones or just paint the sheet in any color.

Despite the fact that concrete is considered to be a rough material, it turns out to be quite interesting artistic crafts.

The presence of certain artistic skills and abilities allow you to achieve amazing results when painting concrete products

Wonderful flower pot of old rags and cement mortar

Cuts the old barrel and placing shelves in it, you can get an excellent wine storage cabinet

Making a grill with your own hands from an iron barrel is not at all difficult; the main thing is to be able to use a grinder and welding machine.

Wall decor flower pots (photo)

Flowers are beautiful idea for decor. If there is an empty boring wall on the site that needs to be decorated with something, then hanging flowers and photo frames will be a great option.

  1. To do this, you need to find empty cans or unwanted flower pots, preferably of the same size,
  2. Holes are made at the sides, in which you need to skip a rope or chain. It will be a lock to hold the crafts on the vertical wall,
  3. If the wall is wooden, then you can just drive a nail into it, if we are dealing with a brick or block wall, then we cannot do without a perforator and anchor dowels,
  4. Around pots, which can be colored at will, you can hang frames with photos or children's drawings.

Also on the wall will look very beautiful and spectacular clay products, which will give an image resembling the structure of the old Russian fairy tales.

Multicolored covers for flower pots will contribute to a festive mood

If you want your decor to look more impressive on the walls, use white as background.

A fence decorated with flowers will no longer have a dull and dull look.

Beautiful garden decor from wooden pallets

Bright flower pots will add freshness and color to your garden.

Beautiful garden - this is not a dream, because today you can make any dreams come true. By decorating your site with original and beautiful crafts, you will not only transform its appearance, but also make it not look like the others.

In the creation of decorative objects the main fantasy and some skills that come with time. A little perseverance, and all must succeed. Faithful assistants in this fascinating process will be your own made crafts for the garden with your own hands.