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Rainbow rose: how to get a multi-colored flower at home


Rainbow roses are known all over the world. its unique color petals. They can not be grown in the garden, but quite the power to create their own hands.

But if such an exotic coloring is not the result of breeding or genetic engineering, then what is its secret then?

What is this miracle and where did it come from?

Roses of unusual color owe their birth Dutch florist Peter van der Verkenu. The original colors of flowers was obtained by Peter during experiments with special coloring pigments.

Florist injected into the stalk of a growing rose water with the addition of pigment of a particular color in order to achieve the iridescent color of the petals.

With the right approach, the color of the petals will go in a rainbow order - from red to purple hues.

The life of the rainbow buds is 3-5 days at normal room temperature.

Rainbow roses owe their birth to the Dutch florist Peter van der Werken

Creating a colorful flower at home: myth or reality?

Despite the seeming complexity of the task, creating a multi-colored rainbow beauty with your own hands is quite real.

This means that when the stem is submerged in tinted water, the colored liquid will begin to rise up the stem, to the bud.

After the dye penetrates into the petals, the water will evaporate from their surface, and the paint will remain. Using food colors, you can make a rainbow rose literally in one day.

To create a rainbow of petals should take flowers white - The buds of red shades simply will not resist color in the desired color.

To create a rainbow of petals, white roses and food coloring will be needed.

How to make a colored petal: step by step instructions

For production you will need the following:

  • white queen of the garden with a stem length of 20-25 cm,
  • 4 narrow and stable glasses of sufficient depth,
  • paint of four contrasting shades that reads well in water: red, blue, yellow, green (as an option - red, purple, yellow and blue, or purple, green, yellow and blue),
  • sharp stationery knife
  • plastic cocktail tubules.

What to do and in what sequence:

  1. To get a bud, the petals of which will have different rainbow shades, mix one shade of paint in each glass.
  2. Holding the flower under a stream of warm water, cut at an angle a small end of the stem.
  3. Carefully split it with a knife into 4 parts of the same thickness. The length of the split ends depends on the height of the glasses (about 10-15 cm).
  4. For more convenience and protection of fragile parts of the stem, put a cocktail tube on each split tip. Pre-cut the tubule along the length of the stem.
  5. Immerse each of the parts of the stem in separate glasses of paint. Place all water containers as tightly as possible.
  6. Secure it in such a way that its split stalk steadily held in glasses.
  7. Remove the flower in a cool dark place to avoid direct sunlight.
  8. The process of complete staining will take from 24 to 72 hours. After a day you will see amazing changes in the color of the petals.

Final recommendations for those who are ready to make a rainbow rose with their own hands

If necessary white rose can be replaced with light yellow or pale pink. The degree of lightening of the petals depends on how bright they are after dyeing.

When incising the stem, rememberthat it is not necessary to divide it into more parts than is required - so you risk loosening the stem.

Do not mix all colors in one glass. - you get a non-uniform dirty color, in which the entire bud will be colored.

To achieve individual shades of the petals is possible only by immersing the split stems in separate containers with colored water.

The more paint you add to each container, the more saturated and bright shade will turn out at the petals. If you want to achieve a gentle pastel gradient, a couple drops of each color of paint will suffice.

To achieve individual shades of the petals is possible only by immersing the split stems in separate containers with colored water.

Immerse parts of the stem in water only when the paint is completely dissolved in it. Water for staining should not thicken.

By bending the ends of the stem and immersing them in water be very careful - split tips are very fragile and easy to break.

To make the coloring even and interesting, avoid the temperature difference in the room, and also daily change the tips of the stems in places with each other.

For some reason, it is believed that make rainbow roses with your own hands - not an easy, professional task. This delusion is easy to dispel after a couple of experiences, try it.

The result is worth it: unusual flowers surprised everyone around. And if you add children, then this botany-house magic will definitely become a favorite activity for several evenings!

How did you manage to get multicolored roses?

Dutchman Peter Van Verken, one of the owners of a flower company, was the first to get flowers with colorful petals. Genetics at one time made it possible to obtain plants with blue color of the petals, but neither genetics nor selection achieved plants with differently colored petals. Dutchman spraying experiment different paints did not find use because the paint left marks on the hands. But already in 2004, flowers were obtained with different colors by applying knowledge of plant biology and dyes.

Any cut flower absorbs water through the capillaries of the stem. For the experiment, a white rose was used with a stem split into several parts. The white flower is most suitable for coloring, as you can get the most clear shade.

Rose selection

The basis should be a white rose. length of 20 -25 cm. The choice of the phase of flower development has a great influence. If the rose flower has almost completely dissolved, the dye is absorbed quickly. The rose in the bud stage absorbs the dye more slowly, respectively, the color will not be as intense. Of course, you should remember about the life of cut roses. Here you need to find a middle point so that the flowers you donated do not wilt literally that very day. As an experiment, you can try to take a light pink or pale yellow rose. Of course, color contrast and brightness will suffer, but you can get something like that.

Selection of dyes

Suitable food, but gouache does not fit. Usually use from 2 to 4 dyes, each of which must be diluted separately, in a high narrow container. The more you dilute the dye, the more intense the color will be. Paint should be diluted a little earlier than to manipulate the plant. Choose high-quality dyes so that the plant has a lasting color.

How to divide the stem?

To obtain a flower with petals of several flowers, it is necessary to split the stem into about 2-4 parts, each part will be colored in a certain color. You should not cut the stem into a large number, since it is technically difficult to produce. The rose stem is hard enough and therefore it is necessary to use a sharply sharpened knife, and preferably a scalpel or blade. The height of the cut is about 8-10 cm. The cut should be made under water so that air bubbles do not form, which subsequently prevent the dye from penetrating to the flower.

A container with a diluted dye must be placed as closely as possible to each other, fix everything carefully, give stability. The container should be high with a narrow neck, test tubes or something like that, since you will need to put each split piece of the stem into a separate container with a certain dye. Wide-mouth vessels will not work, since they cannot be moved close together. At this stage, you need to be very careful and cautious so that some split piece of the stem does not break off.

Within a day, the color change of the petals will be visible, they will become saturated and bright in about three days. Rainbow flower is ready! You can rearrange in ordinary water and a beautiful vase. Rainbow roses at home can stand about five days. If you add some sugar, liquid ammonia or aspirin to the water, then the rainbow rose will delight you even longer.

As a result, it should be noted that a multi-colored flower is a great solution for those who want to surprise their loved ones with an interesting gift. Choosing paint, pay attention to the fact that they should be well combined with each other. Choose fresh flowers for coloring. white, so you get the most saturated color.

The principle of coloring roses

At the heart of the technology that allows you to get rainbow roses, are the laws of physics and biology. The most important of these is the principle of transporting nutrients to the leaves and flowers of the plant. To color the buds in unusual colors, it is enough to immerse the cut of the stem in water with food coloring. The liquid, along with the pigment, rises through the capillaries to the petals and turns them into the most fantastic colors.

What you need for making

Make yourself a rose-rainbow can be from the Dutch or other varieties. Only a bud with white petals will be suitable for coloring, colored roses are not suitable for this purpose. In addition, you will need some accessories:

  1. Narrow glasses with a heavy steady bottom - 4 pieces.
  2. Food colors with contrasting colors.
  3. Sharp paper knife.
  4. Plastic tubes for cocktails.

Pigments for coloring pick up in contrasting colors. These can be red, yellow, blue and green tones. As an option - you can take a combination of red with purple, yellow and blue. The combination of green, violet, blue and yellow shades will look beautiful.

Step-by-step sequence of actions

To get a rose, the petals of which will shine with all the colors of the rainbow, stir one pigment in each glass. The flower is cut no later than 24 hours before the intended color. It is recommended to cut the stem 20−25 cm The sequence of actions should be as follows:

  1. The flower is kept under running warm water. The end of the stem is cut at an angle.
  2. Using a sharp stationery knife, gently break the tip of the stem into 4 parts. The length of the cut parts of the shoot is 10−15 cm
  3. To protect the fragile stems of flowers from damage, plastic cocktail tubes are put on them. They are pre-shortened in accordance with the length of the shoot.
  4. Each part of the tube is placed in a separate glass with paint. For this capacity to maximize close to each other walls.
  5. The rose is fixed in such a way that it stably holds the stalk in the cups.
  6. The flower is cleaned in a cool place, where direct sunlight will not fall.

How to make colorful live roses.

Surely you have seen such unusual flowers, - multicolored or with uncharacteristic color of petals, as if coming from a fairy tale. In fact, there is no magic here, and you can easily make sure of it, and at the same time please your mother, sister or your beloved with an amazing bouquet on March 8, Valentine's Day or any other holiday.

We buy flowers a day or two before the scheduled holiday. When buying, choose the freshest roses, in which the buds are not revealed until the end.

Dilute with water the color of the desired color so as to produce a saturated, but not thick solution. Pour the solution into a vase, a tall jar or bottle (it all depends on the height of the flower)

With a sharp knife, cut off the bottom of the stem of a rose at a sharp angle and slightly split. Put the flower in a container with a solution. We remove the flower in a dark cool place (bathroom or pantry).

Adding an article to a new collection

Rainbow rose - an incredibly beautiful flower with multi-colored petals. Although in reality, this is just a white rose, which has received a new, colorful look.

Many believe that roses with multi-color buds - is the result of genetic engineering. But it is not. You cannot plant a stalk of such a rose in your garden and grow a bush with rainbow buds on the plot. Seedlings of the rainbow rose - this is still unreal. But you can color your own roses from the bouquet. Agree, this gift will look just great!

How to make a rainbow rose

The process of giving the rose a few shades at once is not as complicated as it may seem. The plant is immersed in tinted water, and the dye through the stem goes to the leaves and petals. And although the moisture gradually evaporates, the colored particles remain on the petals. But it is worth noting immediately that only white roses are suitable for coloring.

You think, if you put a stem of a rose in a dye, it will acquire one particular color. How to get a mixture of shades? To do this, cut the end of the stem along into several parts and lower each of them into a separate dye - this is how you get your rainbow rose. But let's understand in order.

Step 1

Cut in the garden or buy a white rose with a stem length of 20-23 cm.

Step 2

Take water-soluble paints and choose 3-4 bright and contrasting colors. Do not take similar shades (orange and red or blue and purple) - the effect of them will be somewhat oiled.

The best color combinations for receiving a rainbow rose:

  • red + blue + green + yellow,
  • purple + red + blue + yellow,
  • yellow + magenta + gray + cyan.

Step 3

Take a few small containers of water, dissolve in each paint a certain color and mix well. Add paint a little bit until the water is no longer clear.

Step 4

Split the lower part of the stem about 15 cm long into 3-4 parts. Use a well-sharpened knife.

Step 5

Dip each part in a separate container with paint and try to fix the rose so that it does not overturn.

Step 6

Now it remains only to wait a day to see the real magic. The white rose was transformed and acquired an incredible color. It remains only to fasten the cut ends with adhesive tape.

Useful tips

  • Never choose red roses for coloring.
  • Use paints that dissolve in water and mix well.
  • Carefully split the stem of a rose.
  • Do not keep painted roses in direct sunlight. The plant dries quickly, and the petals fall off at the slightest touch.

As you can see, making rainbow roses is a snap. Give them to your favorite people and friends and enjoy the surprise on their faces.