Characteristics of tomato variety Batian: description and reviews


Today our conversation will be about tomato with the unusual name “Batyana”. This variety was bred by Siberian breeders relatively recently, despite this, tomatoes are already known in small circles of gardeners and are rapidly gaining popularity in sales markets. Batyan tomato fell in love with summer residents for their taste and special characteristics, which we will consider right now.

Tomato Batanyan: characteristics and description of the variety

Variety tomato belongs to the type of indeterminant plants, their growth can reach two meters and at the same time, after the appearance of inflorescences, the bushes do not stop in development, but on the contrary, they are actively creeping up. Tomatoes of this type are early ripening, the ripening of fruits from the moment of planting seeds occurs in the southern cities for 85 days, in the northern regions of the country the number of days before ripening increases by at least 10 calendar days. On medium-stem stems, up to 8 brushes are located, on each of them 5-7 fruits are formed, the weight of one tomato varies from 250 to 400 g, in greenhouses you can get a larger crop, weighing up to 600 grams. About tomato batyana, namely about the description of the variety, reviews say that the fruits and yield fully comply with the claims of breeders.

Those who planted tomatoes Batyana, say that the fruits are rather large, heart-shaped, a distinctive feature is an elongated spout. The gardeners of these fruits note amazing taste qualities with a sweet, pleasant aftertaste. The grainy, fleshy juicy flesh is hidden under the thin skin of red or pink color. The high safety of the fruit allows you to transport the product over long distances. Because of its size, the tomato is not suitable for whole-canning, but excellent summer and winter salads, juices, sauces, lecho and pastes are obtained. Even a dish decorated with fresh tomatoes will sparkle with new bright colors and give the eater an unusual taste game.

Pros and cons varieties

Breeders on this variety worked for many years, and we hope that their efforts were not in vain. The advantages of this type include many positive qualities of tomato Batanyan, but we decided to highlight the most important points that gardeners need to know when growing fruit. So, tomato Batian has the following advantages:

  • high yield,
  • fast ripening,
  • excellent taste
  • resistance to many diseases, in particular to late blight.

There is only one lack of a Batanya - tying bushes to a support, in order to avoid fallen stems from its own weight. By the way, iron rods can be used as a support or made from a wire frame. Also often on the farm as a support serve thin boards. We do not recommend using wood material in order not to lure other pests.

Features of growing

This variety of tomato was bred for greenhouses and open ground. The cultivation of tomato culture always begins with the treatment of seeds in a weak solution of manganese. This procedure allows you to weed out the damaged seed, and disinfect the good seed and increase its immunity to the environment. Further, the seeds are processed by growth accelerators, after which the seed is dried and dredged into the ground scalded with boiling water by one and a half centimeters. Water, cover with film shelter, creating a greenhouse effect.

After a while, the film is removed, and the plants are watered with mineral fertilizers. Then twice a week, produce watering with warm water at the root. A month later, the plants are subjected to picks. A month later, the seedlings are planted in open ground or a greenhouse at a distance of 50 cm from each other. What other planting schemes exist for seedlings, you can learn from the video gardeners, which are fully freely available. As mentioned earlier, the description of the variety insists on the indeterminate growth of the bushes, so you need to take care of the support in advance. Passing begin to hold after the formation of the trunk in one or two stems. Pacenki appear constantly, so the plant needs this procedure on a weekly basis.

After the first inflorescences appear on the bushes, tomatoes are fertilized with organic substances that stimulate the growth of the stem and enable the crop to grow larger. Solar lighting will help to double the harvest. Tomato culture of this type refers to the light and heat-loving, so on the shady side it will not survive, the bushes will quickly turn yellow and die. It is better to choose the sunny side during landing.

Diseases and pests

No matter how strong immunity to disease is, you still need to spray the plants as a preventative measure. In specialized stores for summer residents, you can find various drugs that help protect tomatoes from diseases. Their price barrier varies from kopecks to thousands, so each gardener will be able to find a suitable tool for his wallet.

The description of the characteristics of the crop indicates the resistance of tomatoes to late blight, but this does not mean that during an epidemic, without protective equipment, the plant can survive the fires. It is better not to hope for chance and immediately take care of the tomatoes, so that later there will be no problems with a decrease in fruiting and the destruction of the bushes. It is enough to spray the plants once every two weeks.

Cases are much easier with the invasion of insects. In the greenhouses, the white-winged butterfly often eats, which eats plants. First you need to identify the cause of the appearance, get rid of it, and only then remove the whitefly. Usually it is transferred to a greenhouse with seedlings, that is, if you have not watched the saplings, and the butterfly has time to lay the larva, then everything, in time, moths will live in greenhouse conditions and multiply. Each time their offspring grows up. Partial cleaning of the larvae and spraying the leaves with a special solution will help get rid of them.

Insects that live in open ground do not like mulching, therefore, to mulch the ground around tomatoes preferably once a month. On the Internet, you can find many ways to mulch with a photo instruction that will help you carry out the procedure correctly, without harm to the plant. If this did not help, then you will have to resort to the help of specials again. solutions from the store.

Soap solution and garlic tincture help to cope with surface pests. Any option should be plentifully applied to the leaves and the crop. It is recommended to repeat the procedure twice a month or after every heavy rain. Why after the rain? Because the drops settle on the leaves and the solution is slowly washed off, the protection weakens, thereby luring the pests again.

The Siberian variety Batyana will please you and your family with a large harvest. Plus, the plant is unpretentious, so even a novice gardener can grow it. The main thing is to follow all the rules of cultivation and strictly monitor the watering of plants. In addition, you must responsibly choose the choice of fertilizers that are necessary for tomatoes. Try tomatoes with an unusual name and enjoy their taste until the autumn, because it is up to this time of the year that the bushes will bear fruit.


I learned about “Batyana” last year, when I came to visit my friend. They began to sing tomatoes in her garden. I could not resist the temptation and plucked the first ripened fruit. The taste, of course, it was excellent, with a slight tomato acid. But there was something unusual in it, probably a little porous structure and soft skin. Then a friend told about this variety and said the name. After the vacation, she shared with me the seeds of this tomato. This year I planted seeds for seedlings, and then transplanted it into a greenhouse. Bushes vymahali more than two meters in height. Fruits on the hands a lot, all large, shaped like a heart. I have already collected the sowing material for the next year, so now for a long time my family will eat this type of vegetable.


I often look at new breeders and recently stumbled upon a tomato called “Batyana”, the name made me smile, so the next day I purchased seeds. Planted the seed immediately in open ground, missing the moment of growing seedlings. The plant doesn’t need much care, and it is necessary to water and loosen the earth every week. Then he had to tie up the bushes to the support, well, it also does not matter. When I started to sing the harvest, I didn’t know what to do with it. It is large, it does not completely slip into the banks, and I have already done salads for the future. We had to process them for tomato juice, because we couldn't eat fresh tomatoes. I figured that two buckets of the crop come out of one bush. And 10 bushes were planted. In general, we are ready to meet the winter. Probably the seals will remain next year too, too many of them happened.

Characteristics of fruit vegetable Batyana

Impressive numbers will help to better characterize the tomato dad. For example, the weight of an average fetus is capable of reaching 300-350 g; in special conditions, tomatoes gain weight up to 0.5 kg. The Siberian selection tomato bush is strong, reaches a height of 170-180 cm. The indeterminate plant is attractive, the dense and large fruits are endowed with a heart-shaped form and crimson-red color. It is worth noting that the plant is very productive. Responses of active summer residents note: in the most favorable seasons from 1 m² it is not difficult to collect up to 17 kg of delicious and fragrant fruits.

Taste characteristics of tomato dad are not in last place. Fleshy, juicy, almost without seeds, the fruit is suitable for any preparation. Of these vegetables, you can make an excellent, with a rich tomato flavor juice. Those who planted these tomatoes, note the sugar content of the product. Many housewives with great pleasure prepare them from tomato paste, ketchup, lecho and other culinary delights.

Features of soil preparation for tomatoes

In order for crop yields to be high, the growth and development of tomatoes is full, it is necessary to prepare fertile land for cultivation. It is especially important to carry out this procedure in those areas where there is little usable area or the plant is grown from year to year in the same place. To bring the soil to the proper quality, saturating it with nitrogen, eliminating obsessive weeds, experienced gardeners suggest using green manure. Lupine is most suitable as a green manure: it takes nitrogen from the earth, which means it will become a plant stimulant for tomato culture.

Lupine is sown in the fall or at the time when sowing is carried out. It can be noted that lupine is not only food for the soil and vegetable plants, it blooms beautifully. In addition to this plant, experts suggest using clover or alfalfa as fertilizer. Variety of tomato batian will be effective in a drained area with a light composition.

For seedlings the land is prepared in advance, in the fall. Keep it better in outdoor conditions. In the cold period, microbes that may be in the garden ground will die. A good fertile land composition should consist of good humus, compost and ordinary land from its own plot. As an addition to the composition, wood ash, a small amount of potassium sulfate and superphosphate are added.

Sowing and growing crops

Seeds purchased even in a specialized store, you need to check for germination. You can do this manipulation in a glass of salt water. Full seeds should sink to the bottom of the tank.

The tested seed is decontaminated by using a weak solution of potassium permanganate and is laid out in earthen grooves, which are made in convenient boxes for seedlings. From above, seeds are sprinkled with earth and gently soaked with warm water. Boxes cover and expose in a warm and dark place. After a week, young shoots should appear in the containers, from now on they should be kept in a well-lit place.

Grow seedlings at a temperature of + 24-26 ° C. Periodically it is possible to carry out hardening events, for this purpose, pots with sprouts are taken out on the balcony or a window opens. The procedure should last no more than 15 minutes. During the period of plant growth require additional nutrition, suitable aqueous solutions of complex fertilizers. It is necessary to water the seedlings with nutrient composition once a month.

After 65-70 days after the emergence of the culture, it is possible to organize the transplant of plants to a permanent place of growth. Weather conditions can prompt this date, night frosts should stop. With a stable positive temperature, tomatoes will take root quickly.

It is worth remembering about moderate warm irrigation, weeding and timely mulching of the soil in the beds during the period of caring for vegetables.

Description and characteristics of the variety

Variety of tomatoes Batian submitted to the State Register in 2008. It is bred for cultivation throughout Russia both in open ground and under film cover.

  • Dad tomatoes are a variety, not a hybrid.
  • Indeterminant, not limited in growth. In the open ground it grows up to 170-180 cm, in the greenhouse even higher - up to 2.2 meters.
  • Early ripe. The first crop of ripe tomatoes can be harvested 90 days after germination. However, in bad weather conditions, maturation can last for 10-15 days longer.
  • You can grow in open ground, even beyond the Urals, while collecting large and sweet tomatoes.
  • The bush is powerful, well branched. It requires a pinching and garter, as it forms many long stepsons, which take on nutrients, thereby negatively affect the number and size of fruits.
  • To get a good harvest of large tomatoes, these bushes are recommended to form in two stems.
  • Ovaries are formed equally well, both in the greenhouse and in the open field.
  • The leaves are large, dark green color. Inflorescences are simple. On one brush, 8-10 flowers are formed, of which up to 6 fruits are tied.
  • Prolonged fruiting, which many gardeners like, as it allows them to harvest from several bushes for a long period.
  • Unpretentious to care, resistant to minor temperature drops.
  • Batyana's tomato is practically not subject to the diseases peculiar to this culture.
  • High yield: 1 bush for a season forms 5-6 kg of tomatoes, in favorable seasons from 1 m² up to 15 kg of tomatoes are harvested.

Advantages and disadvantages

Variety Dad has many advantages:

  • The rapid ripening of fruits.
  • Excellent taste of ripe tomatoes.
  • Large fruits that do not crack.
  • High yield.
  • Good lezhkost.
  • Resistance to transportation.
  • Unpretentiousness in leaving, maintains small temperature drops.
  • Resistance to late blight and other diseases of the nightshade.

I was able to get rid of ARTHROSIS AND OSTEOCHONDROSIS PER MONTH! Operations are not needed. Read more here.

Among the shortcomings of the serious identified. These include the need for pinching and tying up a bush and brushes so that they do not break under the weight of large tomatoes.


Dad tomatoes are considered to be a salad, but they make excellent juices, ketchup and pasta. Also, many housewives use them for harvesting for the winter in a variety of vegetable platter.

According to reviews of gardeners, Batian tomatoes are sugary, so they make a very tasty juice. They are also suitable for salting in barrels according to the recipes of our grandmothers and for marinating in slices in jelly.

Watch the video! Tomato Batyana

Reviews who planted

Batanyan tomatoes are very popular, and many gardeners secrete this variety, indicating its early maturity, taste and high yield. We chose real reviews gardeners experts who are proposed below in our article.

Anna Aleksandrovna,Tyumen region

Daria Alekseevna, Rostov region

Svetlana Vasilyevna, Astrakhan region

Alexey Vladimirovich, Chelyabinsk Region

Polina Georgievna, Moscow region

Evgenia Semenovna, Tomsk Region

Tatyana Ivanovna, Sverdlovsk Region

Valentina Stepanovna, Vologda region

Description varieties Batyana, reviews, photos

Early ripe, productive, indeterminate (unlimited growth) variety of tomatoes of the Siberian selection. Recommended for cultivation in the greenhouse in the middle lane and in open ground in the southern regions.

Bush 1.8-2 meters tall, requires a garter to a support or trellis and pinching. The best results were obtained with the formation of plants in 1 and 2 stalks. When forming in 2 stalks, leave the stepson under the first flower brush, this will be the second stalk. Remove the remaining stepsons.

Batyana's tomato variety is included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements in the Russian Federation for cultivation in open ground and under film shelters in personal subsidiary farms.

Tomatoes Dad, video

If you grew up Dad tomatoes, please write what yield and fruit taste were in your climatic conditions. Has this variety become your pet? How do you rate disease resistance to disease? Describe briefly the advantages and disadvantages of this variety. If possible, attach to a comment photo of the whole bush or individual fruits grown by you. Thank!

Your comments about Tomato Batyana and additions to the description will help many gardeners to evaluate this variety objectively and decide whether to plant it or not..

Origin Tomato Batyana

Томат создали совместно двое новосибирских предпринимателей, семеноводов и селекционеров: Постникова Ольга Валентиновна и Дедерко Владимир Николаевич. Они же подали заявку на испытание и регистрацию сорта. В 2008 году Батяня был занесён в Госреестр селекционных достижений. Семена реализует агрофирма «Сибирский сад».

Семена томата Батяня реализует фирма «Сибирский сад»

About the "Siberian Garden" many gardeners respond poorly. From the seeds under different names grow the same tomatoes. The reason for this, of course, is the re-grading. It happens with other companies, but in my experience, Moscow companies (Gavrish, Aelita, Search) almost always sell exactly what is written on the packages. So if you manage to grow a real Batya, then collect the seeds from your fruits. There is no guarantee that there will be no regrading in the next package.

Video: Batanyan and Princess tomatoes in the greenhouse

To find out the actual yield, again I had to delve into the study of video reviews of this variety and reviews about it. Gardeners, who grew Batanyan, confirm that the fruits, indeed, can grow with a weight of more than 300 g. But with respect to productivity, the truth is somewhere in the middle. On one bush only 3-4 brushes are knotted and matured. Above them the fruits no longer have time to grow. In total, about 9–12 fruits are poured on one plant, and sometimes 6, 200–300 g each. When planting per square meter of three plants, the yield is clearly higher than indicated in the State Register.

Growing seedlings tomato Tomatoes

The dad grows in a high and fragile bush, on the windowsill it can stretch and break, so do not rush to sow the seeds early. After all, this is an early variety. The optimal period is after March 15th. Sow in such a way that by the time of disembarkation to a permanent place the seedlings will be no more than 60–70 days. Soil mixture for seedlings compose of soil and humus or compost from your site. Mix them 1: 1. If you prefer ready-made primer, then buy products under well-known and proven brands.

In stores sell a lot of different soils, choose well-known brands, do not plant all the seedlings in the new items, test

Spread boiling water on the ground in advance (5–7 days) to kill the fungus and pest eggs. Let it dry, and on the day of planting, instead of plain water, prepare a solution of Fitosporin (1–2 tbsp. L. Concentrate per 10 liters of water) for irrigation. This preparation contains beneficial bacteria that will recycle organic waste in the ground and successfully compete with harmful microorganisms, such as pathogens of rot, black leg, etc.

Fitosporin has been used by gardeners for the prevention of fungal diseases for many years.

Decontaminate the seeds, too, since microscopic spores of late blight and other diseases can live on their surface. Place them in a gauze bag, hold for 5 minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate, and rinse with clean water. After all these preventive procedures, you can start sowing.

Well-known manganese is great for disinfecting seeds.

The depth of seeding is 6–10 mm. Faster they will germinate at a temperature of + 20 ... +25 ⁰C. Transfer the shoots to the light window-sill, the optimum temperature for tomatoes throughout the cultivation + 20 ... +25 ⁰C, at night + 16 ... +18 ⁰C. Care in the seedling period for Tomato Batman classic:

  • Water as the topsoil dries.
  • Dive in a larger tank, each time the plants begin to crowd each other on the windowsill, and the above-ground part becomes much more underground. A total of 2–3 transplants may be required. Sprawling seedlings can be deepened to the first true leaves.
  • Every 2-3 days, turn the plants on the window sill to the glass on the other side. At the same time, make sure that the leaves do not touch the glass, in sunny weather they will get burned and dry.
  • Feed at an interval of 10–14 days with complex mineral or organic mineral mixtures for seedlings: Agricola, Fertika Lux, Humate, etc. Give the last dressing one week before disembarkation.

Preparing beds and planting seedlings

The planting scheme for this variety is 40x50 cm. In accordance with it, mark the area. Do not plant tomatoes in the shade, otherwise the already thin and long stems of Batany will stretch, they will ache, bloom poorly and tie small fruits. Scatter a bucket of humus or compost and 0.5 liters of wood ash into each square meter of bed. On acidic soil, add a glass of dolomite flour. Dig or loosen the earth to mix it with fertilizer.

Compost is the same humus, but derived from plant residues and kitchen waste

Make a hole for each plant. You can additionally make a bottom 1 tbsp. l complex mixture for tomatoes (Gumi-Omi, Pure Leaf, Red Giant, etc.). Be sure to mix it with the soil. Place the seedlings in the roots, if necessary, expand or deepen them, pour water over the sun and cover with earth. Immediately tie the tomatoes to the pegs, and in the greenhouse to the trellis.

Caring for tomatoes Batian

A tall and large-fruited tomato must be well fed and watered. In dry weather, water twice a week, spending 2-3 liters per bush. After rains and watering the earth loosen. If at the base of the stem the rudiments of aerial roots (tubercles) appear, then powder the bushes with wet soil brought from a free site. Rowing up with inter-row spacings, you can damage or bare the roots in the ground. Hilling is an optional exercise, it improves the nourishment of the bush, but it delays the development of the aerial part, postpones fruiting for about a week.

Heaped tomatoes direct all forces to the formation of new roots and stop growing

Feed the batian twice a month with complex fertilizers containing nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and trace elements (Fertika, Agricola, BioHumus, etc.). Flowering and fruiting tomatoes can not be watered infusions of mullein and bird droppings. Shrubs will fatten, that is, the leaves and stems will be thick, bright, juicy, flowers can be formed a lot, but the fruit will not. From home fertilizers, you can make an infusion of weeds and add ash to it.

As a result of fermentation (fermentation), elements that serve as good nutrition for tomatoes go out of the weeds into the water.

There was an experience of growing tomatoes using organic matter. The first time I planted one tomato on a dung bed with cucumbers. His stem grew very thick, some kind of double, the leaves were huge, and at the top a whole basket of flowers formed, like a sunflower. An ugly bush turned out, he did not tackle the fruit. The second case: I poured tomatoes on the infusion of litter from my own house and immediately killed them. After a few hours all the bushes turned yellow and dried. Apparently, she went too far with concentration. Now I feed or infusion of weeds, or purchased mixtures. A bird droppings, and the store, only a few years dared to feed the potatoes. Survived, and gave a good harvest.

It is very simple to form the bushes of Batanyi. You can grow it in one stem, removing all side shoots or two. Leave the second after the first flower brush. On it, too, break out all the stepchildren. The variety grows upwards indefinitely, so at the end of July or in August (depending on the region), pinch the top. Also remove all flowers. They no longer have time to turn into large fruits, only the juices will take over themselves and prevent them from ripening which have already been laid.

Indeterminate toats cut the top to have time to fill and ripen the already laid fruits.

Harvest and Destination

In the southern regions, Batian tomatoes ripen on bushes; in the northern and middle lane, they are usually harvested in the blanche ripeness. In any climatic zone, a tomato will be more fruitful if the fruits from it are removed immature, the remaining grow larger. Tomatoes ripen well on the window sill or in the basket, drawer, box, etc. To stretch the consumption of fresh tomatoes, weathe them at different temperatures: some are warm, others are cooler (+ 10 ... +15 C).

Any tomato will be more fruitful if the fruits are picked immature

Variety Batiana created for fresh consumption, cooking salads and juice. Of course, the meaty and tasty tomato will be a good addition to many dishes: pizza, soups, sauces, stews, casseroles. In winter, you can use frozen tomato slices in cooking.

Reviews gardeners

I like the variety primarily for taste. They are similar with Mikado pink, but the bush at Batyani is higher. The taste is harmonious, and not cloying, and moderately sweet. Beautiful shape. Even from the pros, it ripens quite early, moreover, in the first month it gives a good harvest. Another plus quickly poured, i. in many varieties and hybrids, reddened fruits must also be held on a bush or windowsill in order to eat, like red ones, and not quite ripe yet. And then everything is on time. Can be planted thicker than usual, mild bush. But there are drawbacks. Well sets 3-4 brushes, then very tight. From the experience of growing such varieties, I think, after the third brush, you can pinch. Another of the first is affected by diseases, but since there is little confusion after the fourth hand, this is not very scary. I noticed that the root system is weak, requires more watering. Apparently this is another of the reasons why this year in August, with some fruits, "hangers" were formed. Part of the fruit at the stem, remained immature, hard, whitish. But this is the first year, before this was not, the heat podmogla. Can crack. He gave the seeds of a neighbor, planted in the OG, with a pinch, a decent harvest turned out. Four brushes got it, each more killogram. He gave seeds to a peasant from Luga, he grows up for sale, the first tomatoes were 130 pounds per kilo for cheers, under the “bull's heart”, and all summer they sold 20 rubles more expensive than usual. The people specifically followed them.

Cargo ship

Batyana - an early variety, bush 1–1.5 m in the exhaust gas. Fruits are pink, heart-shaped, large (300 g to 800 g), fleshy, sweet. The yield of the bush is average, but the fruit is just a deluxe suite of Salad destination, and of course it is good for juices. I will definitely put on the trail. year!


We also ate the first Batyana yesterday. Like: meaty, sweet, and that is very important for me, the skin is easily removed. With one tomato came out a plate of salad. Seeds only got 7 pieces, cut into cubes did not want to shallow. Cucumbers remained in the plate, and the tomatoes all caught. Just something I have a little tomato (from 4 to 7 large-fruited on a bush).


Tomato Batyana. Tall, salad and juice. In the 2014 season in drought (from July to October there was not a single rain, there was no water in the water supply system until November) Japanese crab and Dad showed themselves from good sides. We doused 1 liter under a bush once a week (mulch straw). Top dressing in the second half of summer, an infusion of weeds and nettles with ash. Greenbacks stood, faithfully fruited, not sick and not capricious. Against the background of other varieties, dried in powder.

Donchanka tania

Personally, I liked the varieties of the Siberian collection (Sib. Garden), the Eagle Beak, Batyan. I collected seeds from them and now I use only my planting material.


I planted the SS for two years. Last year was the Golden Konigsberg ref. Grew red vague tomatoes. But Batyana, Gemini and Sensei, seeds, as from one bag. And Pink Honey was very similar to the EM Champion. In general, I realized that the Siberian Garden is a lottery, if good tomatoes have grown, you need to take your own seeds, because next year you can run into a return.


Batyana - a tomato with tasty and large fruits of average productivity. Difficulties in growing can be associated only with a large height of the bush. The stem is thin, but heavy fruits grow on it. Looking for reliable support. The rest of the classic care: watering, feeding, pasynkovanie.

The main characterizing features of tomato

Lovers of tomatoes are increasingly interested in their varieties and varieties, choosing the best option for themselves. Tomatoes are very tasty and healthy vegetables that can also be prepared for the winter. As for the variety Batyana, it was bred so that gardeners had something to grow in the harsh climatic conditions of Siberia. The most optimal landing will be in the central and southern regions.

Tomato cultivar belongs to the group of early ripening, because from the moment of sowing and until the first fruits ripen, about 13 weeks pass. Tomatoes appear early and do not lose their ability to fruiting until the first frost.

The bushes are 180 to 210 cm tall, and therefore need to be tied up. Particular attention should be paid to pasynkovanyu: to obtain the best yield will be enough to leave 1 - 2 stem.

Do not forget about feeding plants, you can use fertilizers of both mineral and organic origin. Dad has a high level of resistance to phytophthora, but the bush must be protected from other diseases.

  • resistant to low temperatures and even frost,
  • can be grown in open ground and in greenhouse conditions,
  • early maturing
  • requires periodical tying and pinching,
  • endowed with a high level of resistance to phytophthora,
  • characterized by high yields,
  • tall
  • requires periodic fertilizer,
  • has a fleshy consistency, the fruits are pink in color with a sweetish aftertaste.

Features of the fruit

The fruits of the variety of tomato batian resemble an elongated heart in appearance and have almost imperceptible ribbing. The mass of a single fruit can reach 500 g. Tomatoes are pink in color, in some cases almost crimson - this is what causes people to pay attention to them. Especially impressive are the fruits of tomato in a salad when combined with varieties of other colors.

As for the taste characteristics, Batyana has a sweetish aftertaste with some sourness. It has a pleasant aroma, so even children can taste it. The flesh is crumbly and juicy at the same time, and the skin is very thin. The fruit contains very few seeds, they can be chosen from ripe fruits and planted next year, because the Pope is not a hybrid.

Dad tomatoes are great for making salads and side dishes. As for conservation, this variety does not quite fit, because, due to its size, a tomato will not pass through the neck of a jar. But the tomato can still be used to make tomato sauce, salads for the winter and pickling in a barrel.

This variety of tomato has a high level of resistance to damage during transportation and even after several days on the way the fruit does not lose its presentation.

Variety of tomatoes Batian: description of the variety

Batanyan tomatoes are the result of work of Siberian breeders, adapted for cultivation on open ground even in difficult weather conditions of Siberia. The grade is entered in the state register across the Russian Federation.

Perfectly proved when planting seedlings in greenhouses and greenhouses. Shows excellent yield when cultivated in the south of Russia. Growing does not create any special obstacles, all the rules are the same as when growing other tomato varieties.

Indeterminate type bush, can reach a height of 1.9-2.1 meters, requires binding to a vertical support, as it is very high and can lie under its own weight. The best yield shows when forming a bush 1-2 stems. Read about determinant varieties here.

In terms of ripening, the variety of tomatoes is referred to as early ripe. From the emergence of seedlings planted on seedlings of seeds to harvest the first ripe tomatoes, it takes 96-105 days. Differs in a long period of fruiting, resistance to late blight disease.


Country of breeding varieties: Russia. The form of tomatoes is heart-shaped, with a slightly elongated spout. Average weight: 250-400 grams; when grown in a greenhouse, tomatoes weighing 550-600 grams are marked. Well pronounced crimson and pink shades of fruit.

Compare this figure with other varieties can be in the table:

The average yield of about 6.0-6.5 kilograms from a bush, 16.5-18.0 kilograms per square meter, when landing on it no more than 3 plants.

Yield varieties can be compared with others:

Good presentation is combined with high safety during transportation. Application table, processing on pastes, juices, lecho, not suitable for canning whole fruits because of their size.

See below: Tomatoes Papa photo