Pests and plant diseases

Detailed instructions for use of the drug Maxim


Not only humans and animals are affected, but also plants. Every summer resident knows that an infection from one infected plant can destroy half of the crop. For the control of pests and diseases, scientists have developed special tools, called disinfectants or fungicides. One of these drugs is the drug Maxim.

Description and characteristics

Antifungal contact fungicide Maxim is well established in the fight against rot, scab and mold. The drug contains active and auxiliary substances. The main active element is considered to be fludioxonilwhich content in 1 liter of means makes 25 gr. Fludioksonil is considered a natural antibiotic, its directional effect adversely affects the bacteria secreted by the soil.

The drug was developed by Swiss scientists, employees of the world-famous concern "Syngenta." Maxim protravitel is produced in the form of a concentrated solution. Spill the drug into a plastic container (usually ampoules) with a volume of 2 or 4 ml. And it can also be packaged in special plastic bottles, equipped with a dispenser. The volume of such a bottle is 40 ml.

The drug remains active for about 12 weeks. A distinctive feature of Maxim from the rest of the treaters is that the fungicide protects the plant throughout the entire growth period.

Instructions for use and mechanism of action

The drug Maxim (instructions for use below) has a special mechanism of action. After spraying around the bulbs, tubers or seeds, a protective film is formed. Thanks to the film, the infection cannot penetrate inside, a protective barrier is created around the root.

Maxim reaches the maximum protective concentration of fungicide after two sprays.

The drug is recommended to dilute with water. For each individual event there is a certain dosage, which must be followed.

Bulbs and rootscolors most commonly affect:

  • Fusarium,
  • gray rot
  • gelmintosporiosis,
  • penicillosis.

Maxim must be diluted with water, at the rate of 2 ml per 1 liter of water. Before planting the bulbs must be processed: they are soaked in a concentrated solution of Maxim for 30 minutes.

For disinfectionground concentrate is prepared according to the instructions: 2 ml of Maxim to 2 liters of water. This solution is enough for 10 square meters of soil. Before planting, the soil is watered and covered with a black film, which must be left for 2-3 days.

If a soil disease is detected after planting, it is recommended to cultivate not only a plot of land, but also the plant itself. A solution (2 ml / 1 l. Of water) needs to be poured into a spray bottle. They process a small above-ground part of the diseased plant and a plot of land. Treated land and seedlings are recommended to cover with a black film for 2-4 days.

The soil is often affected by the following diseases:

  • root rot,
  • wilting fusarium,
  • wilt verticillary,
  • rhizoctoniosis.

For processing lawn from snow mold and root rot use a solution prepared at the rate of 2 ml of the preparation for 2 l. water. Usually this volume is enough for 20 square meters. Spraying occurs after mowing, in the autumn season. And also the procedure must be carried out after the snow has completely melted.

Seed potatoes suffer from:

  • scab,
  • storage rot,
  • rhizoctoniosis,
  • Fusarium

To protect the potatoes from rotting during storage, 2 ml of Maxim is diluted with two liters of water and sprayed with each potato. As a preventive measure in the fight against diseases, a concentrated suspension (2 ml of Maxim per 50 ml of water) is recommended to spray potatoes before planting.

The concentrate does not lose its activity 24 hours. After spraying and soaking the bulbs, tubers and roots, the treated elements must be dried and only then they begin to land.

Flowering crops must necessarily be treated with a fungicide. The drug with a unique composition recommended by the Ministry of Health for use with a protective purpose.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any treater, Maxim has a number of pros and cons. The benefits include:

  • maximum efficiency,
  • versatility,
  • usability,
  • insect safety.

The main substance is of natural origin, which can significantly reduce the consumption rate. A long protective period and the ability to increase the immunity of plants makes this tool unique.

The disadvantages of the fungicide include:

  • may cause addiction of pathogens and pests to the drug with repeated use,
  • dangerous to fish, it is necessary to avoid the ingress of funds into the reservoirs.

Precautionary measures

Drug Maxim can be dangerous for humans. When working with a concentrated solution, you must adhere to certain safety measures. Experts recommend treatment in special clothes using personal protective equipment: glasses, respirator, gown and gloves. The dishes with which the watering or spraying was carried out is strictly prohibited to be used for domestic purposes.

During processing it is forbidden to eat, use tobacco and drink. In case of contact with exposed skin, it is recommended to rinse them with running water. Avoid contact with the fungicide in the eyes. If Maxim got into his eyes, the procedure should be stopped, the affected area should be washed with water and, if necessary, seek medical help.

Fungicide ingestion in the oral cavity is fraught with poisoning. When the first symptoms (nausea, dizziness, bitter taste in the mouth) appear, it is necessary to take activated charcoal and immediately call an ambulance.

It is recommended to destroy the solution and dishes remaining after processing. The concentrate is poured into the compost pit, the plastic container is burned.

The shelf life of the fungicide is 3 years. After the expiration date of Maxim is recommended to destroy.

The composition of the drug treater Maxim

The base substance is fludioxonil (25% solution) - A natural antibiotic that is secreted by soil bacteria to protect against pathogenic fungi. Due to this, Maxim prevents most diseases of flower and vegetable crops, while maintaining the soil structure.

Protravitel of bulbs of flowers from rot Maxim

The term of protective action - up to 12 weeks, that is, almost the entire period of plant growth, which significantly distinguishes it from other popular means (for example, manganese solution). In addition, Maxim gives cultures protective properties, but also contributes to their strengthening and stimulates growth.

Instructions for use of the fungicide Maxim

Before using, Maxim is diluted with water in the concentrations shown in the table.

The solution is suitable for use within 24 hours after its preparation. Then bulbs, tubers or seeds are pre-soaked in solution for 20-30 minutes, after which they need a little dry and start planting. In addition, the drug can be treated bulbous and tuberous plants before storage. The bulbs should be washed well with water, then, after soaking, they are well dried and sent to storage. The remaining solution is good to handle the soil, where the next year is planned planting.

It is recommended to dilute the drug Maxim strictly according to the instructions in a separate container, which will not be used for receiving or cooking in the future.

For plants that are easily exposed to Fusarium and Verticillium wilt (flowering garden crops), this tool is simply necessary. Maxim is a unique drug recommended by the Ministry of Health for use in summer cottages to protect planting crops.

The main advantages and disadvantages of the drug


  1. Most effective (a substance of natural origin, a small consumption rate, long duration, increases the immunity of plants),
  2. Universal (suitable for use against many harmful diseases)
  3. Convenient to use (successfully combined with other protective agents, possible early use),
  4. Safe for insects, other types of invertebrates, as well as beneficial microorganisms.
The drug Maxim is a chemical substance of moderate danger to humans, belongs to the 3rd class.


  1. With repeated use over several seasons resistance of pathogens occurs, so that the fungicide becomes ineffective
  2. Is harmful to fish - to fear the ingestion of the drug in water sources.

Fungicide description

The active element of the agent is fludioxonil, an antibiotic of natural composition. This active element secrete soil bacteria to protect plants. Fungicide can strengthen the immune system, accelerate the growth of plants. This action occurs due to the enveloping protective film after planting and during storage of crops.

The drug can be used not only for treatment purposes, but also for prevention. With double processing, high efficiency is noted.

The drug can be purchased in the form of ampoules and suspensions in a vial. Fungicide has a red shade, no smell. In certain proportions, it is easily diluted in a liquid, economical in consumption.

Cultures are treated before planting, during storage, during tab. Thanks to this they will be protected:

  • from rhizoctoniosis,
  • from fusarium,
  • mold and rot in adverse weather and temperature extremes.

Instructions for use

The annotation contains detailed information on the dilution of the disinfectant. 4 ml should be poured with 2 liters of water. These proportions are suitable for planting 1 kg of material per liter of solution. It is necessary to strictly follow the proportions that are specified in the instructions for use, because if this is not done, then the desired effect will not be achieved.

For indoor plants, five drops of the drug per 200 g of liquid are used, and when the root propagates, it is dipped into the solution, dried and planted in the soil. Fungicide is actively used for growing:

  • daffodils
  • hyacinths
  • tulips
  • gladioli,
  • begonias.

Cultures with bulbs and tubers put on a sieve and immersed in a diluted solution for half an hour. Means can paint plants in red or pink color. This sign indicates that the drug is well absorbed.

Before planting, you can spray the soil with Maxim. In order to preserve the bulbs in winter, they are washed with water and treated with a solution. The most weakened and susceptible to the negative influence of the environment are small buds. They need to be carefully processed.

In order to prevent fomoz, fusarium and rot, potatoes are treated with 4 ml of the drug per 100 g of water. This concentration is enough for 20 kg of vegetables. Before direct planting, a more concentrated mixture should be used - 4 ml of the product should be diluted with 100 g of water. This solution is usually enough for 10 kg of culture.

The effect of the use of the fungicide can be observed for several months.

Additional Information

Fungicide Maxim can be neutral when combined with tank mixes. These include these types of drugs:

  • microfertilizers
  • insecticides,
  • other fungicides.

Protravitel incompatible with organic solvents.

The drug does not have phytotoxicity, has a moderate risk to humans. When using it, observe the following security measures:

  • after completing the treatment, the hands and face are washed thoroughly with soap,
  • mouth rinse with water
  • change clothes
  • means cannot be used near animals and children,
  • during the procedure you need to use a respirator, rubber gloves, a robe, a hat, a gauze bandage,
  • during the processing period you can not eat, smoke or drink,
  • the solution should not fall into open water.

Purpose of the fungicide Maxim

The active ingredient of the drug Maxim is fludioksonil, contained in a concentration of 25g / l. According to its purpose, the drug is a contact fungicide. From the point of view of origin, the drug is unique because its active ingredient is natural. It represents an analogue of an antibiotic that is secreted by soil bacteria that suppress pathogenic fungi. Killing pathogens, the drug retains the beneficial soil microflora.

Maxim is used for the following purposes:

  • for dressing bulbs, corms, seeds of vegetables and flower crops from rot, scab, mold, black leg before planting and during storage,
  • to protect potatoes from rot, scab, rhizoctoniosis, black leg,
  • for the treatment of gladioli and tulips, as well as other flower crops from pathogens of various types of rot, fusarium wilt, molds.

Storage and Precautions

Throughout the growing season, most plants need protection from diseases, most of which are of fungal origin. Created a large number of drugs to help deal with this problem. One of these drugs - Maxim fungicide.

Description of the drug Maxim

The drug was developed by the staff of the international concern Syngenta Crop Protection SAS. It is based on substances of natural origin. The release form is a flowable suspension concentrate (t.s.), a solution of high concentration. For convenience, it is packaged in plastic ampoules of 2 ml (the price is about 25 rubles) and 4 ml or 40 ml bottles with dispensers. Available in 1.5 liter cans with a red dye. The price of the canister is about 2000 rubles.

The main active ingredient in the composition of the drug Maxim - fludioksonil.

It is a natural antibiotic that inhibits and kills harmful bacteria. In 1 liter of its preparation is 25 g, Metalaxyl-M - 10 g. The drug belongs to the new chemical group Phenylpyrroles + phenylamides.

Protravitel Maxim - a combined tool designed to protect technical and leguminous plants from diseases that are transmitted with the soil and seeds. These are class mushrooms:

  • Ascomycetes.
  • Basidomycetes.
  • Imperfect fungi.

Particles after application to the bulbs, tubers, roots and stems form a protective film around them. Disease organisms can not penetrate this barrier, so the plants are not affected by disease. A protective barrier is also formed near the rhizome of the plant.

Purpose and Benefits

Maxim has a wide range of effects on plants:

  1. Protects against fungal diseases.
  2. Stimulates plant growth.
  3. Strengthens.
  4. Accelerates development, acting as a fertilizer.
  5. The drug is equally well fixed in areas that are easily wetted or resistant to moisture.
  6. It has a small consumption rate.
  7. Treated seeds can be stored for a long time.

Maxim belongs to fungicides of contact action. He almost does not penetrate deep into the plant, and remains on its surface and there effects the pathogens. Usually, protective preparations should be sprayed onto plants often, at least once every two weeks. They do not last long on the leaves, washed away by rain.

Maxim also keeps much longer, one treatment is enough to protect the plants for 12 weeks, which is almost equal to the length of the growing season. The instructions indicate that maximum efficiency is achieved when applying re-processing. The advantage of the drug is that it does not kill the beneficial microorganisms that live in the soil and help the plants to grow.

It is used for processing:

  • Tubers.
  • Seeds in preparation for storage or before sowing.
  • The roots of indoor and garden flowers, bushes before planting.
  • Soil before agricultural work.
  • Grass on lawns.

Maxim fungicide has a wide range of plants on which it is used, and diseases:

  • He saves the corn from root and stem rot.
  • Potatoes from scab, fomoz, dry rot, gelmintosporioza.
  • Rice from pyriculariosis.
  • Peas from Fusarium.
  • Winter wheat, triticale, barley from Fusarium, root rot.
  • Flax from Fusarium
  • Onions, garlic, bulbous flowers - from root rot, fusariosis, gray rot, gelmintospirosa, penicillus.

Maxim can be mixed with most insecticides, treaters and other fungicides with a neutral chemical reaction. They can be mixed in the same container, saving time for processing. Do not use together with disinfectants prepared with organic solvents. The preparation Maxim is suitable for tank mixes with insecticidal treaters. It is advisable to check their compatibility before mixing several drugs.

Seed, Tuber and Plant Processing

The ways of treating different plants with Maxim are slightly different. Seeds intended for sowing on seedlings are treated for protection from blackleg and other diseases. Grooves, in which seeds are sown, are also shed by the prepared solution immediately before sowing.

Семена пшеницы озимой, тритикале и ржи озимой, льна-долгунца протравливают от фузариоза и корневой гнили, используя 2 л препарата на тонну зерна. Processing is carried out before sowing or before storage. Seeds after processing can be stored no more than a year.

Potato tubers are treated before storing. They are subject to the following diseases:

  • Fusarium
  • Anthracnose
  • Alternaria
  • Silver scab
  • Storage rot
  • Rhizoctoniosis

More information about the use of the drug Maxim for the treatment of bulbs can be found in the video:

Maxim will protect healthy tubers from pathogens that are on diseased plants, will not allow them to develop.

  • For the treatment of tubers before planting 4 ml of the drug Maxim diluted in 100 g of water. Prepare the solution sprayed every tuber from all sides. When processing a large number of potatoes, they are placed in plastic wrap, sprayed and shaken in it so that all the tubers are moistened. Dried and planted in the ground. Before storing, potatoes are treated with a suspension prepared according to the prescription of 2 ml of the preparation per 100 ml of water. Dried, then planted in the soil, preparing it for planting next year.
  • For the treatment of flower plants, 2 ml of the drug is diluted in 1 liter of water. Prepared solution shed the ground under each plant, bringing in 100 ml under each of them.
  • The bulbs and roots of flowers, onions and garlic are pickled by diluting 2 ml of the medicine in 1l of water. Poured into a bowl, put the plants in it and incubated for 30 minutes. Then dried and laid for storage or planted in the ground. It is enough solution for simultaneous immersion of 1 kg of bulbs. After processing, you can repeat the procedure again with the next batch of material. The remainder of the drug is treated area of ​​the garden.
  • When processing indoor plants in a glass of water (200 g) make up to 6 drops of the drug Maxim.
  • For dressing peas diluted with 2 ml in 0.5 liters of water. Soaked before landing for half an hour. This amount of solution is sufficient for 1 kg of seeds. The drug has no phytotoxic effect, it does not harm plants.

Grain Processing Rules

When using the drug Maxim for processing grain do not use it on germinated seeds that have cracks on the surface. Their humidity before processing should not exceed 16%. Treated seeds are stored no longer than a year, but after 6 months you need to re-check their germination. Store them in a room that is well ventilated, at a low temperature.

The treatment is carried out by continuously mixing the seeds so that the particles of the preparation do not settle down. In this case, the effectiveness of the drug will decrease. The usage rate is about 11 liters per ton.

In small farms, batch plants are used, which are distinguished by accurate dosage and uniform distribution of seeds.

At large enterprises, Cimbria's pickling equipment is used. Here it is possible to prepare mixtures with other fungicides and insecticides, apply dyes and finishing additives.


Planting bulbs or tubers into the ground affected by fungal pathogens puts them at risk for the disease:

  • Radical rot.
  • Rhizoctoniosis.
  • Vertselleznoe wilt.
  • Fusarium wilt.

It is better to immediately treat this soil with Maxim. Prepare a solution at the rate of 2 ml of medicine per 1 liter of water. They spill the soil and cover it with a black film, which is not removed until 3 days. During this time, the drug disinfects the earth, and it becomes harmless to plants. Fitosporin, Baikal or fermented infusions are populated with useful microflora. A week later, you can plant seedlings.

If the plant is already planted in contaminated soil, then it is treated additionally. Sprayed with a solution prepared in a ratio of 2 ml of the drug to 1 liter of water, the plant itself and the soil around it. Then cover it with a black film for a couple of days.

Lawn treatment

Lawn grass suffers from the defeat of such diseases:

For processing, use the solution prepared by mixing 2 ml of the drug Maxim and 2 liters of water. Sprayed from a spray bottle. This amount is enough to handle 20 m2 of lawn.

Pay special attention to the processing time. Carry it in the fall, after the plot will be mowed. To prevent relapse, repeat the treatment again. Do it in the spring, after the snow melts.

The composition, appointment, methods of influence on the disease of the fruit

The action of the drug is based on the unique features of fludioxonil. By its origin, this natural compound is similar to antibiotics, which are secreted by soil bacteria that suppress pathogenic microorganisms. An important feature of “Maxim” is that it acts only on pathogenic microorganisms of the classes Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes and imperfect fungi. It does not affect the useful humus microflora.

The tool refers to the fungicides contact-penetrating influence. This means that when applied to the surface of seeds and tubers, the drug gets inside and does not allow the pathogens to spread through the tissues of the seeds and roots.

Fungicide - disinfectant intended:

  • For presowing treatment of seeds of vegetable and flower crops,
  • Etching before planting tubers of potatoes, onions and garlic,
  • Protection against fungal decay before storing potatoes and other root crops, as well as rhizomes and dahlias, gladioli, cannes, and buttercups.
  • For spraying, preceding planting tulip bulbs, daffodils, snowdrops, belotsvetniki, proleskov, muscari, crocuses, hazel grouses, hyacinths, as well as lilies and other bulbous perennial.
For professional processing of a large amount of planting material, the fungicide is available in canisters of 5 liters.

The Maxim fungicide is effective against such diseases:

(+)The drug has such valuable qualities.:

  • It has a long duration.
  • In addition to protective functions, contributes to improving the immunity of plants.
  • Helps from many varieties of malicious diseases.
  • Preparation and use of the drug is not particularly difficult and does not require special skills and training.
  • Successfully combined with other means of protection.
  • It does not pose a significant danger to humans, animals, birds, beneficial insects, as well as to humus microorganisms in the soil.

(-) There is a drawback - when used for several years in a row, the drug causes resistance of the pathogenic pathogens against which it is intended. As a result, the fungicide disinfectant becomes ineffective. In this regard, it is desirable to alternate seasonally with other similar means. For example, if before planting, “Maxim” was used, then to protect the crop during storage, it is better to use the product with another active ingredient. Because, pathogens are used and adapted to fludyoksonil - the basis of this drug. It is necessary to change not only the name of the fungicide, but also its active component. For example, “Wrestler” after “Maxim will not help, because both drugs contain the same chemical substance.

Analogs of fungicide - treater

In addition to the protective agent "Wrestler", use drugs of similar action, but with other active compounds:

  • "Fungazil" with a valid base of imazalil sulfate, against several varieties of mold.
  • "Benorad" against pathogens of rhizoctoniosis of potato, powdery mildew, chalcosporosis, sugar beet fomoz. Used for the preventive protection of tubers before planting, and seeds before sowing.
  • Sinclair from root rot and mold seeds and tubers.

Release form

The contact maxim fungicide is the result of many years of work by the famous Swiss company Syngenta AG, one of the leading leaders in creating effective plant protection products. Some of the popular products are produced by the subsidiary company Syngenta, which produces about 125 types of drugs, including the aforementioned “Maxim”.

The company's products guarantee quality and effectiveness.

In addition to large-scale volumes for the needs of agriculture, packs of 2 ml, 10 ml, 100 ml and 1 l are sold. It is convenient to use them for private purposes in small personal plots. Another innovative property is the presence of a signal dye in the preparation. It helps to easily determine which part of the planting material has already been processed and which part has not. That allows you to control the flow rate of the working solution and apply it sparingly, without loss.

The fungicide is produced in the form of a concentrated suspension and packaged in sealed ampoules or vials.

Drug safety conditions

Protravitel belongs to moderately hazardous substances of the third class. This means that when preparing the working solution and working with it, you should use lightweight means of protection:

  • rubber or latex gloves,
  • special protective mask or respirator,
  • plastic, tight-fitting glasses,
  • clothing should cover the whole body.

During operation, care must be taken to ensure that liquid does not fall on the skin. If this happens, the product is urgently needed to rinse with plenty of water. After this, the process can be continued.

When material is being etched, no children or domestic animals should be around to exclude damage that the drug can cause if it enters the body.

Fungicide can be saved in a dark dry room. The maximum temperature from minus 10 0 to +30 0.

From the date of manufacture indicated on the package, the drug is valid for 36 months, if the container is not broken.