Pests and plant diseases

Instructions for use of Intavira in the fight against insects in the garden


All those involved in farming know how difficult annual yields are. To save the plant and get the fruits from it is far from every gardener. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main negative factors is the invasion of insects - pests.

To combat the scourge, there are many popular ways, however, after interviewing many avid gardeners, it can be concluded that it is very difficult to save the crop without using chemicals.

One of the most effective drugs is Intavir, it has firmly entered the life of farmers and has become a reliable advocate for plants from health and active growth.

Features of "Intavira", and its method of exposure

"Intavir" refers to insecticides of the widest spectrum of action. He is able to destroy more than 50 species of insects, which include the most dangerous pests:

  • Colorado beetle,
  • moth,
  • carrot and onion fly,
  • weevil,
  • cherry fly
  • tea moth,
  • thrips, aphid, whitefly.

The drug successfully copes with pests of home and garden plants.

At the heart of it is a concentrated active substance, which is called cypermethrin. The peculiarity of its action is that it destroys an insect from the inside, through the intestinal tract, poisoning and paralyzing it once and for all.

We buy this water-soluble powder in stores in the form of tablets that have a third hazard class, that is, moderate. Tablets can be stored for up to four years, provided that the package is not damaged.

Analogues of the drug are drugs with a similar spectrum of action: Iskra, Alatar, Arrivo.

Among the main features of "Intavir" are the following:

  • Possessing the widest spectrum of action, it effectively fights with winged, scaly, coleoptera and other types of harmful insects.
  • According to its classification, "Intavir" is a pyrethroid with an intestinal and contact mode of action. When cypermethrin is activated, an internal paralysis of almost all organs, including the nervous system, occurs in the animal's body.
  • The drug can be used in conjunction with other pesticides, but do not use it with those substances that have an alkaline reaction.
  • “Intavira” has a rather long validity period, from 10 to 15 days.
  • Refers to phytotoxic agents.

The producer of this chemical means is the Fasco company. There is a permit until 2014 for its use in the private sector and throughout the country. The price is quite affordable and ranges from 10 to 12 rubles per pill in various regions.

How to apply "Intavir" on the plot

For each individual plant there is a certain time of application of the chemical, it is associated with danger to humans. Spraying must be done strictly according to the instructions, otherwise the resulting crop can damage your health, as a certain proportion of the chemical will enter the body.

Berry bushes, such as currants, blackberries, raspberries, are sprayed before the flowering period, and then after the crop is harvested.

The second procedure is necessary as a preventive measure. At that time, when the flowers were already blooming on the plants, the use of Intavira is prohibited! Approximate consumption of the finished solution - two liters per bush.

For vegetable crops and fruit plants, the use of the drug should occur at least 20 days before the fruits appear. An adult tree will require about five liters of working fluid.

How to prepare a solution for different types of plants

“Intavir” is able to withstand the onslaught of many flying, sucking, crawling and gnawing insects, and here the consumption rate and the dose of the drug will depend on the particular pest.

  • If plants are affected by aphids, thrips, and on the leaves of potatoes and eggplants, Colorado beetles sit like clusters, the solution is prepared from one tablet and 10 liters of water. Application should occur during the growing season, but long before the removal of the fruit.
  • Listogryzuschie tracks, such as moth, leafworm can be destroyed by the same solution 1 X 10 l. Use during the growing season with a break of two weeks.
  • For the weevil is preparing a different "treat" - one and a half tablets on a bucket of water. Spray the solution on the leaves about flowering.
  • The fight against whitefly requires dilution of two tablets per 10 liters of water. Spraying exercise during the growing season.
  • With a glass pot that adores currants, and a stem fly on raspberry bushes can be fought with a liquid based on a tablet diluted in ten liters of water. Processing before flowering and at the end of the harvest.
  • "Intavir" can successfully deal with bed bugs, carpets and fleas, but in this case, you will need an increased concentration of the solution - a tablet for half a liter of water. This solution should treat all surfaces of the bed, carpets, baseboards and batteries.
  • For home colors, one-eighth tablet per liter of water is sufficient. This amount is usually enough to process the plants on two window sills.

Important! Do not allow more than three treatments, remember that the drug is toxic and many plants have a cumulative property.

The effectiveness of the use of "Intavira" will be complete if, after processing the plants, there will be no precipitation within 6 hours. It is important to know that insects with time produce immunity and adapt to the chemical effects of the tool, so gardeners periodically change drugs so as not to cause addiction of pests.

What is the danger of "Intavira" for a person?

As noted above, the drug has a moderate degree of toxicity, so it is necessary when using it to observe the following precautions:

  • If the treatment area is quite extensive, you should wear the necessary equipment before work: a bathrobe, boots, a respirator or gauze bandage, and glasses to protect the mucous eye.
  • At the end of work, wash with running water and soap, rinse your mouth, treat with all protective clothing with detergent and rinse.
  • During spraying can not eat, drink, smoke.
  • You can not be on the treated area to other people without protective equipment, it is fraught with insecticide poisoning.

If signs of toxic poisoning are noticed, an ambulance should be called immediately, especially in cases with children. Before arrival of assistance, it is recommended to do the following:

  • Prepare a weak solution of potassium permanganate and wash the victim’s mouth and nasal cavity.
  • Wash your eyes with warm and clear water.
  • If the agent for any reason is inside the body, it is necessary to make the patient drink a few cups of water and then induce vomiting.
  • Well helps with poisoning activated carbon in an amount of 30 g or any laxative agent.

Important! The toxicity of the drug applies to bees and fish, so you should not use it next to apiaries and ponds. The distance to the hives is at least 5 km, to the coast - 2 km.

Feature means

The insecticide contains in its composition the substance cypermethrin, which has a detrimental effect on insects, causing paralysis of the limbs, as a result of which the insects die within a day. The drug belongs to the natural insecticides belonging to the peretroid group. Substances that have a destructive effect on insects are found in some plants, these include:

Intavir is a universal remedy in its chemical properties against various garden pests:

  • Colorado potato beetle
  • carrot flies
  • moths,
  • moths and other harmful insects.

Insecticide copes well with pests of indoor plants and plants:

Description and storage

Intavir instruction allows the use of agricultural land, where they grow vegetables on an industrial scale, and on the plots of land. This insecticide has no harmful effect on plants, it is safe for humans. Produced in Russia by the company "Fusco" in the form of powder and tablets that dissolve in water. The instruction characterizes the product as moderately hazardous when used. The shelf life of the drug in the original packaging is 4 years.

The insecticide should be stored separately from other drugs and food, out of the reach of children at a temperature of minus 10 degrees and up to plus 40 degrees. After opening the package, you need to use the drug almost immediately, it is not subject to long-term storage, as it loses its properties. The remnants of the finished funds belong destruction. To do this, it is necessary to dig a hole and drain the remnants of unused product, it will completely dissolve within a month without causing any danger to the environment.


Inta vir can be used with other insecticides, excluding those that may cause an alkaline reaction. The time of impact of this tool on insects takes about two weeks, the drug is not phytotoxic. Use this tool on the garden during one season is allowed no more than three times, for better effects on insects, it should be used in turn with other drugs. The following treatment with Intavir can be carried out after one year.

For the preparation of the drug requires ten liters of water and one tablet of active agent, which is dissolved in water. The finished product is poured into the sprayer and treated plants, fruit trees and berry bushes. For spraying an insecticide choose a quiet and calm weather, preferably in the early morning or evening, the drug will have a good effect if it does not rain for several hours, as it is easily washed off and loses its effectiveness. It is recommended to spray only insect-damaged trees and shrubs.

Security measures

Since the drug is used in the fight against insects, it can be dangerous for insects that help pollinate plants, so it should be used correctly:

  • Berry processing - such as currants, strawberries and gooseberries, should be carried out before flowering, cherries and cherries - when the berries begin to sing.
  • Vegetables are sprayed during the appearance of insects and caterpillars. If the primary treatment does not give the desired result, then you need to repeat it, but only after two weeks.
  • To destroy leaf-eating and other pests on grapes spraying is carried out in two stages: before the flowering of the vine and during the appearance of the berries.

The correct ratio of water and preparation for processing all plants is described in detail in the instructions.

This tool is also used for the destruction of pests on indoor plants, but before using them directly, the flowers should be brought out onto the street.

This tool is used to combat domestic insect bugs, ants. Before the treatment of the premises, it is necessary to use protective equipment, after finishing the room to air well. If the house has an aquarium, then it must be closed, as the preparation is detrimental to fish, and pets should be taken out of the apartment.

The last processing of vegetables and fruit trees is carried out before harvest about a month before.

The drug is not advisable to use in early spring, since the harmful insects are still dormant, also Intavir not used for treating trees from fungal diseases. Do not use the drug during the flight of bees and near fish reservoirs.

Working with the drug requires compliance with precautions and use of protective equipment: respirator, gown, gloves. At the end of spraying, it is recommended that hands and face be washed in a soapy solution, things should be washed.

If you feel unwell, a person must be given first aid, give water to drink to induce vomiting, rinse your mouth and nose with a weak solution of manganese, and give activated carbon to drink. If these funds have not brought a positive result, you need to call a doctor.

Reviews of the drug are mostly positive, but Intavir does not affect some insects, therefore it is recommended to use this agent in combination with other insecticidal agents or to pick up other drugs.

The main characteristics of the tool

Inta-vir is a synthetic analogue of naturally occurring pyrethrin poisons. To a greater extent they are concentrated in the flowers of chamomile or chrysanthemum, protecting them from harmful insects that can destroy the inflorescence.

The main active ingredient in the chemical composition of the insecticide is cypermethrin (3.75% consistency). The poison actively affects the nervous system of parasites, leading to paralysis and subsequent death of about 50 species of garden pests. Some of them die already the next day after poisoning. Other species are destroyed by repeated use of funds for 1-2 months. The drug is most toxic for the following types of insects:

  • Colorado beetles,
  • cabbage moth,
  • pray
  • caterpillars - leaf eaters,
  • sawfly,
  • carrot flies,
  • thrips,
  • moths,
  • bedbugs and other.

From aphid, Inta-sup also helps. But the drug will be especially effective when used together with another chemical.

Plants remain neutral to the action of the active substance. But, unfortunately, Intavir can be dangerous for beneficial, pollinating flowers, insects. Therefore, it is not necessary to use insecticide unless absolutely necessary or as a preventive measure.

For indoor plants, Inta-Vir also applies. However, this should be done with caution, primarily because the drug is toxic. After using it, the room should be left for several hours and then ventilated thoroughly.

Instructions: how to apply the tool

The way of using the product corresponds to similar insecticides. To maximize the impact of Inta-vir, the instructions for use suggest the following procedure:

  • The tablet should be dissolved in 7 liters of water at room temperature, making sure to work in a ventilated area or outdoors,
  • the composition is uniformly applied to all cultures, including those that are not affected by the parasite,
  • fruit trees should be watered with Int-virus more abundantly, spraying 3-4 liters of chemical to each,
  • the second procedure is carried out only if the insects continue to parasitize on the plants, but not earlier than in 15 days, and not more than 3 times during the growing season,
  • the useful effect of the product will be significantly reduced if precipitation falls out within 4-5 hours after treatment.

Judging by some reviews, the dissolution of the Inta-vir tablet may take considerable time. In order not to wait, gardeners recommend grinding the product to a state of small pieces or powder before opening the package. If it is poured into water in this form, it will not affect the quality of the drug from parasitic insects.

Do not leave the pill open. Even without contact with water, it will release toxins.

The tool is best applied in early spring when the first signs of plant damage appear. At this time, the parasites are just beginning to multiply, so the insecticide will allow you to interrupt the harmful process on the vine. In addition, the spring has not yet formed fruits, so that the particles of poison will not exactly remain on the products of the future harvest.

The use of Inta-vir in the garden when processing individual crops has some nuances. For example, strawberries should be sprayed before the first flowers.

On the cherry trees, the composition is sprayed before reddening the fruit. For pear trees and apple trees, Intavir can be a very useful tool. However, trees should be processed no earlier than two weeks after flowering.

Inta-vir for strawberries are usually applied after harvesting before preparing the berries for the winter. The best time for the procedure is September. Although some gardeners recommend processing in October.

For currants, Inta-vir is bred both before the flowering of the bush and after. In any case, the capacity of 10 liters of water will have to spend 1.5 tablets of medicine.

The volume of the composition used may vary significantly depending on the type of parasite or the cultivated culture:

  1. Vegetable cultures are sprayed with 10 liters of solution for every 10 acres.
  2. However, when Inta-viry is processed, tomatoes and cucumbers from aphids or against whitefly concentration increase one and a half times.
  3. Against aphids and moths, parasitizing on a pear or apple, a ten-liter bucket of solution is required for each of the trees.
  4. To protect strawberries from weevils, 1.5 liters of Inta-vir per hundred are used.

Because of its tendency to wash off and exposure to the wind, the drug is best applied in good weather either in the morning or at dusk. If it suddenly rains after work, the procedure can be repeated the next day. However, it is necessary to reduce the concentration of the solution by 1.5 times, because even after precipitation, some of the chemical remains on the surface and in the soil. Inta-vir ticks can also help.

Before being treated with a warm shower, the parasite showers must be washed off the houseplant. Почву в плошке можно закрыть целлофановой пленкой. Дезинфекции подлежит вся поверхность растения. Дополнительно раствор наносится на подоконник или иное место вокруг цветочного горшка.

Средство применяется и для уничтожения комнатных клопов. However, this procedure will require a strong concentration of the chemical:

  1. Per liter of water will need to use 2 tablets.
  2. Then you should carefully treat the entire surface of the bed, including small folds and crevices where bloodsuckers can get stuck.
  3. Bedbugs live even away from the bed: for batteries, in furniture, under wallpaper and car, in household appliances. For successful processing, it is necessary to identify all the nests of insects so that their population disappears once and for all.

The drug acts on cockroaches and ants. The rules for using the tool in this case are no different from the treatment methods for bedbugs. By the way, Inta-Vir from ants is used in the garden. To do this, sprinkle chemical soil around the anthill.

This method requires special care. The formic heap processed in such a way should be fenced in from children and pets, and it is necessary to put means with obligatory in rubber gloves and in a respiratory mask.

You should not save on the concentration of the composition and you should strictly follow all the requirements of the instructions regarding the frequency of the procedure. If during work in the garden at least a few affected plants are missed, after some time the parasites will not only fill the treated crops, but will also become resistant to the chemical. The same applies to the missed nests of parasites in the apartment.

Negative impact on humans

Like any toxin, Inta-vir requires extremely careful attention. However, its danger to humans is moderate, so do not be afraid to work with insecticide. The main harm is the penetration of the solution into the stomach. This in most cases provokes severe intoxication.

Processing plants will require generally accepted safety measures:

  • the body surface should be protected with a dressing gown, goggles, medical mask and gloves,
  • shod best rubber boots,
  • after work, the clothes should be sent to the laundry,
  • you should wash your hands with soap and wash, be sure to rinse your mouth with potassium permanganate,
  • the sprayed room should be left for several hours and then ventilated.

Usually, even when ingested, Inta-vir does not cause severe poisoning. But still the deterioration of health is possible.

In no case should not ignore the first symptoms of intoxication, diarrhea and vomiting. If the poison got into the gastrointestinal tract, this in itself will not pass. The victim will definitely need medical assistance and possibly hospitalization.

For first aid it is necessary to do the following:

  1. The most important thing - you need to call the doctors. Even moderately dangerous chemical poisoning can sometimes lead to serious consequences.
  2. First aid measures include gastric lavage by drinking several glasses of water and causing vomiting.
  3. The victim should be washed with soap, he needs to rinse his mouth with a solution of potassium permanganate of low concentration.
  4. To eliminate the effects of intoxication, you can take a laxative and activated carbon (6-8 tablets).

In case of poisoning, the most important thing is to remove most of the toxin from the body as quickly as possible. The simplest security measures quite allow to achieve such a result and improve the condition of the poisoned person.

Precautionary measures

So that the tool does not deteriorate, you need to remember a few rules. First, the long-term storage of insecticide in a printed package or as a solution is prohibited. Secondly, Inta-vir can be kept only at temperatures from –10 o C to +40 o C, always away from food and medicine, in a dark, inaccessible for moisture, protected from children and pets.

If for any reason Inta-vir has deteriorated, its use can be dangerous not only for garden crops and the environment, but also for humans. This chemical is recyclable.

Before using Inta-Vira, one should be aware of its toxicity to bees and fish, so it is worth using caution when using poison near bee farms and reservoirs.

For the safety of the bees of their years during the treatment period from parasites is limited to five days. Chemicals are not allowed into sewers, rivers and lakes. Spraying in a two-kilometer zone around fish farms is prohibited.

After use, residues and packaging must be recycled. They should be buried deep in the ground or burned. To prevent poison from entering the body along with the fruits, treatment should not be carried out later than 30 days before harvest.

If for any reason Inta-vir has not had the desired effect, it should be alternated with another chemical. This is a more effective way of baiting insects than increasing the toxin concentration and frequency of treatment.

Inta-vir is a wide spectrum chemical. The remedy can help in many cases. It is not one of the most toxic. Therefore, the drug can be a good option when choosing an insecticide. In addition, it has many positive reviews and is sold at a reasonable price.

Description and features of the drug "Inta-vir"

The insecticide "Inta-vir" paralyzes pests due to the fact that its composition is based on the active substance cypermethrin. Its concentration is 3.75%. The drug is available in tablets and in powder form. "Inta-vir" is included in the group of pyrethroids - natural insecticides contained in certain complex flowers. In large quantities, these substances are contained in daisies, chrysanthemums and tansy.

Pyrethroids are a synthetic analogue of pyrethrins, so the treatment with Inta-virom contributes to the immediate damage to the nervous system of parasites. In contact with plants in insects, spasms and muscle cramps begin, leading to rapid paralysis and their further death. The main thing is that pyrethroids do not carry any danger for plants.

"Inta-vir" has a universal chemical composition, therefore, it fights with lepidoptera, coleoptera, and even-winged insects. The drug helps with the attack of bedbugs, Colorado potato beetles, potato moths and cows, cabbage whitefish and scoop, sorrel leaf beetles, moths, aphids, thrips and many other harmful insects. "Inta-vir", the use of which is aimed at the extermination of harmful insects, can have a negative impact on beneficial, pollinating individuals. Use the drug with extreme caution. Also, pests can experience immunity to pyrethroids, so the drug should be replaced by another with a different chemical composition.

Consumption rates and instructions for use "Inta-vir"

"Inta-vir" is applied to plants in the form of an aqueous solution, so you can crush the tablets or dilute the powder. Spraying should be carried out only in dry and calm weather, preferably in the morning or evening. To evenly distribute the solution on the leaves, you can take a household spray.

The best result will be, if after the treatment of plants with a preparation for several hours dry weather continues. Apple, pear and quince should be processed ten days after the start of flowering. Repeat the procedure after 14 days. In order not to cause the pest to get used to the drug, it is not recommended to spray it more than three times and it will be better to alternate with other insecticidal agents.

It is better to process strawberries before flowering, and currants and gooseberries before and after. Trees of cherries and cherries should be processed before the fruits are painted. On average, one tree should take up to 2.5 liters of solution. For these purposes, the drug "Inta-vir" is used in the amount of 1.5 tablets per ten liters of water, the instruction says. The same proportions are suitable for spraying tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and cabbage. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated after a while.

"Inta-vir" is also suitable for the destruction of indoor insects, only the instructions for use will be slightly modified in this case. To destroy bedbugs, fleas and bed mites, you need to dissolve 1 tablet of the drug in 700 ml of water. For cockroaches, the solution should be made more concentrated, so water for the same amount of the drug should be taken 500 ml.

First aid for poisoning

If after the procedures with the drug "Inta-vir" the state of health began to deteriorate sharply, this signals the first signs of poisoning.

In this case, you should immediately provide first aid to the victim, causing the ambulance:

  • wash your mouth and nose with a weak solution of manganese,
  • rinse eyes thoroughly with running water, if a preparation has got into them,
  • if "Inta-vir" got into the body, the victim must induce vomiting, giving him to drink 1 liter of water,
  • In order to permanently eliminate toxins, 30 grams of activated carbon and any suitable laxative should be taken.

Recommendations for the protection of flora and fauna

The drug is toxic to bees, so for their movement it is necessary to allocate a protective zone with a diameter of 5 km and limit the flight time to 120 hours. Inta-vir is also dangerous for fish, therefore its use near water bodies at a distance of less than two kilometers is prohibited. The container from under the used solution must be burned or buried so that the product does not fall into the sewage system and the nearest water bodies.

Inta-vir for pests: instructions for use

Many gardeners and housewives have come across harmful insects and parasites living in the garden, greenhouses, rooms.

The main active ingredient of the drug is cypermethrin, whose concentration is 3.75%. This substance has a paralyzing effect on pests. Available Inta-vir in the form of tablets or powder.

How to use the drug from pests

To destroy insects, you must dilute the tablet or powder in 10 liters of water. Spraying should be carried out in calm weather when there is no rain. It is advisable to sprinkle in the morning or evening. It is important to observe uniform wetting of the leaves. To do this, you can use a household atomizer.

A good result will be if after sprinkling for several hours it will not rain. It is recommended to cultivate such crops as pear, quince, apple, one and a half weeks after the start of flowering.

Repeat the procedure recommended after 2 weeks. More than 3 chemical treatments are not allowed. In order not to cause addiction in some insects, you can alternate Inta-vir with other pest preparations.

Strawberries are best treated before flowering, and gooseberries and currants can be before and after flowering. A 10-liter bucket of water will need one and a half pills Inta-vir. Sweet cherries and cherries should be processed prior to the beginning of the coloring of the berries. On one tree will need 2-5 liters of solution.

When pests appear on tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, you can sprinkle the prepared solution. If the pests appeared after a while again, the treatment with Inta-vir repeats.

The use of the drug in the area of ​​reservoirs is prohibited, since the active substance is highly toxic to aquatic fauna.

For the destruction of indoor insects (bugs, cockroaches, fleas, etc.), the following drug concentration is established: for cockroaches, one tablet of the drug is dissolved in 0.5 liters of water, for other types of pests - 1 tablet per 0.7 liters of water.

The drug has a hazard class 3, i.e. the substance has a detrimental effect on pests and is a minimal threat to humans and domestic animals.

If the procedure was performed at home, then in the treated room you can not eat or smoke. If any signs of poisoning appear, it is necessary to call an ambulance and provide first aid before the arrival of specialists.

Rinse the victim’s mouth and nose with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. To remove toxins from the body, you can give a mineral laxative or activated carbon.

This chemical product must not be stored with food and drugs. Keep out of reach of children. Storage temperature should be from -10 to +30 degrees.

Intavir - instructions for use for plants, reviews of summer residents

Now there are many chemicals that can protect the crop from the effects of pests. However, many of them have a directed effect on individual groups of insects.

This quality makes it possible to use this tool for most garden plants, as well as indoor crops.

Mode of application

Form release means - tablet, in rare cases, powder. To prepare the working solution, it is necessary to dissolve 1 or 2 tablets of Intavir according to the instructions for use, based on the physiological characteristics of one or another pest. When dissolving the tablet, a cloudy solution with a characteristic odor is formed.

During spraying, the drug is deposited on the surface of plants, while not penetrating into the tissues. The validity period of inta-vir is from 2 weeks to 1 month, depending on weather conditions.

It has been observed that repeated use of this agent for the same type of pest can be addictive, therefore it is sometimes recommended to alternate different insecticides in order to avoid this. This drug has the ability to resist adult pests, but it is not able to destroy the larvae.

According to the instructions of the drug, inta-vir is used immediately after preparation of the working solution. The treatment should be carried out by uniformly spraying the leaves of the plants, and it is necessary to treat not only the affected areas, but also those without obvious signs of pests.

For large trees, a drug consumption rate of up to 10 liters per tree is provided. If necessary, a second treatment with the agent is carried out, but not earlier than 2 weeks after the previous one.

The consumption rate of the drug to protect different crops

The use of funds may vary depending on the treated crops, and these differences are not only in the concentration of the drug, but also in the timing of its use.

To protect pears, quinces and apples:

  1. From the moth you need to prepare a working solution of 1 tablet per 10 liters of water, should be processed after flowering for 1 week, if necessary, re-spraying to withstand a period of 2 weeks,
  2. from the flower eater use a working solution of 1 tablet per 10 l of water, spraying is carried out during the appearance of buds,
  3. from a leaf-holder to prepare a solution of 1 tablet per 10 liters of water, process during a mass accumulation of caterpillars,
  4. Intavir aphids are used in the form of a freshly prepared solution of 1-2 tablets in 10 liters of water, should be sprayed during the period of completion of flowering.

For berries. To protect strawberries, gooseberries and currants from the sawfly, weevil, leafworm, and moth, a freshly prepared solution of Intavir is used.

Cherry and sweet cherry. To protect cherries and cherries from a cherry fly, use a freshly prepared solution of 1 tablet and 10 liters of water. Processing is carried out during the staining of berries.

Vegetables. The use of the drug for greenhouse is carried out in order to protect tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers from a complex of pests. To prepare the solution using 1-2 tablets and 10 liters of water, depending on the number of insects. It is necessary to process during the mass accumulation of pests.

The use of Intavir to protect vegetable crops is carried out from a complex of pests. To do this, dissolve 1 tablet in 10 water, the treatment should be carried out in a period of mass accumulation of pests. Repeated spraying is allowed if necessary.

It is necessary to spray twice: the first time during the flowering period, the second time - during the setting of the berries.

Restrictions on the use of the drug

The use of the drug has several limitations. First of all, it is impossible to process Intavir when plants bloom, as it may be the cause of the death of bees.

It should also be borne in mind that the effect of the drug is aimed at combating pests, therefore its use for the treatment of fungal diseases is impractical. Do not spray the plants in early spring, when many pests are still in the resting stage, as this will not bring positive results.

Do not store the working solution for more than a day. Unused preparation should be poured into the soil, where its properties will be destroyed within 1 month.

Application Reviews

A large number of reviews about inta-vir says that this drug is popular among gardeners and gardeners.

Tatiana, 40 years old. I have long been engaged in the cultivation of roses, but every time when aphids appear on young pagon, it forced me to look for various ways to protect plants.

Dmitry, 54 years old. I tried Intavira on a gooseberry from a moth. I was pleasantly surprised not only by the result, but by the ease of use of this tool. After that, he tried on other plants from aphids and caterpillars, and was also amazed at the effectiveness of the treatment. So now I use it very often in various cultures.

Universal insecticide for plants Inta-Vir: composition, instructions, reviews

Среди множества инсектицидов довольно сложно выбрать один, самый эффективный препарат. Опытные садоводы и огородники рекомендуют использовать уникальное средство Инта-вир.

Это кишечно-контактный инсектицид широкого спектра действия, уничтожающий более 50 видов вредителей. Его можно использовать на садовых и комнатных растения, овощных культурах.

Назначение, действие инсектицида

The drug Inta-vir belongs to the group of pyrethroids, synthetic analogues of natural pyrethrins. Pyrethrins are plant insecticides found in chamomile, tansy and chrysanthemum flowers.

The drug is used to destroy a large number of pests:

  • scoop
  • cabbage tree,
  • moth,
  • Colorado beetle,
  • thrips,
  • carrot fly
  • aphid,
  • leaf-eating caterpillars,
  • leafworm,
  • potato moth,
  • sawfly,
  • apple flower beetle.

In addition, the drug is often used to combat cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas and red ants in the apartment.

Available Inta-vir in the form of a water-soluble tablet or powder, weighing 8 g.

The active ingredient of the drug is cypermethrin, at a concentration of 37.5 grams per kg. The most effective insecticide in the fight against aphids, thrips, whitefly and caterpillars.

How to prepare a solution

One tablet is diluted in a small amount of water, then the volume of the solution is adjusted to 10 l. Consumption of the drug depends on the cultivated area and type of pests. If the solution needs less, then the tablet can be divided into two parts. In this case, 0.5 tablets are mixed with 5 liters of water.

Prepare the solution to be in a well-ventilated area or on the street, after wearing a respirator and rubber gloves.

Instructions for use

It is necessary to carry out processing of plants in dry, calm weather, preferably early in the morning or in the evening. The drug is not resistant to washing, so you may need to re-spraying.

To use the drug Inta-vir should be strictly according to the instructions. Spraying can be carried out no more than 3 times per season and only after flowering. If it is impossible to get rid of pests for 3 times, then it is better to use another preparation in order not to cause addiction in insects.

For spraying apples and pears from aphids, moth or leafworm, you must take 8-10 liters of prepared solution per tree.

To process strawberries from the weevil or tomatoes and cucumbers from the whitefly and aphids, you will need about 1.5 liters of solution per 10 square meters. m. Potatoes, carrots, beets and cabbage are recommended to be sprayed with Inta-vir at the rate of 10 liters of the drug per 100 square meters. m. landings.

To bring cockroaches, bedbugs, ants and fleas in an apartment, it is enough to treat the places of their appearance with a more concentrated solution (1 tablet per 0.3-0.5 l of water).

Drug reviews

Catherine: I have been using inta-vir in the garden for many years. Very effective drug. From all pests, of course, does not save, but with aphids, the Colorado beetle and whitefly copes perfectly. The drug is very easy to use and relatively safe.

Anna: Always buying Inta-vir for spraying potatoes. Colorado beetle disappears after the first application. During the summer I spend 2 treatments: before flowering and after. Excellent result.

Characteristics of the drug

The active ingredient is cypermethrin with a concentration of 3.75%. The substance has a paralyzing effect on insects, they begin to spasms and cramps. This leads to their doom. Danger for the plants themselves, the drug is not.

Inta-vir actively defeats the following lepidoptera, beetles and even wings of the following plant pests:

  1. carrot fly
  2. Colorado potato beetle
  3. potato cow and moth,
  4. cabbage tree and scoop,
  5. sorrel leaf beetle,
  6. moth,
  7. aphid
  8. thrips,
  9. bedbugs, etc.

But this tool has a negative effect on both pests and beneficial insects that pollinate plants.

Therefore, when applying the drug Intavir, instruction requires special care, and pests of crops are often resistant to the drug. In this case, it is recommended to use another drug.

What is dangerous for people?

Intavir is a toxic drug. For a person is a moderate danger. Requires when applying for compliance with certain safety rules:

  • when working with the drug it is necessary to protect the body with a long robe, respirator or gauze bandage and goggles,
  • feet should be protected with rubber shoes, better with boots.
  • wash your face and hands with soap after work,
  • rinse the mouth thoroughly,
  • wash protective clothing.

In premises treated with Intavir it is forbidden to smoke or eat.

During the processing of the dwelling there should not be other residents in order to avoid insecticide poisoning.

Medical care

If after work the state of health worsens, signs of poisoning are noticeable, then the injured can receive basic assistance before the arrival of the ambulance.

First aid is as follows:

  • washing the mouth and nasal cavity with a weak solution of potassium permanganate,
  • washing the eyes with running water, when a solution gets into them,
  • when ingested, give the victim to drink 3-4 cups of water and induce vomiting,
  • 30 grams of activated carbon and any laxative must be taken to eliminate toxins.

Characteristic. Benefits of Intavira

The active component of Intavira is zipermerin. Means of contact-intestinal action, i.e. the insect dies from contact with it and getting into the digestive system.

The drug gives a good result in the destruction of most common types of insect pests. With its help, almost all types of cultivated plants are treated, and also medical, household disinfection is carried out.

Intavir is effective against:

  • cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas - in everyday life,
  • Colorado potato beetle, aphids, flies, thrips, butterfly pests, caterpillars, etc., in gardens and vegetable gardens,
  • various pests of indoor plants.

In the agricultural fields, Intavir is used to process wheat, corn, sunflower, and other crops.

The drug is available in the form of powder and compressed tablets. The basis for its cultivation is water. In diluted form, the Intavira solution has an unpleasant, sharp odor.

Advantages of using Intavira:

  1. Duration of exposure. Remains on the surface for several weeks.
  2. Resistance to external effects: the sun's rays, temperature extremes.
  3. Universality - destroys various types of insects.

But the advantages flow from the disadvantages. Prolonged action means at the same time that the poison can persist for a long time on the leaves, fruits of the plant. The ability to fight almost all insects makes it dangerous for other beneficial insects, as well as animals, birds, fish, people.

Processing by Intavir

The basic solution, according to the instructions for use, is an aqueous emulsion in the following ratios: 1 tablet per 10 liters of water.

Council Intavir tablet is poorly soluble in water. To speed up the process, you can knead it directly in the package and then add it to the water.

The treatment is carried out in dry, windless weather. If possible, work should be done in the evening or on a cool day, if precipitation is not predicted. Moisture reduces processing efficiency. Since the drug is toxic, with a pungent smell, spraying on a hot day can lead to vapor poisoning. In this case, the use of a respirator is necessary.

We should not forget about other personal protective equipment: glasses, gloves, thick clothes. The solution is prepared in accordance with the instructions for use specified by the manufacturer on the packaging, and used immediately. Divorced means are not stored.

Spraying is most often carried out using a spray gun. At the same time it is important that there is no strong wind outside. If the breeze is still present, it is necessary to splash in the direction of the wind. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting the whole dose of poison on yourself.

If, despite all the precautions, there was still a poisoning, then it is necessary to act depending on the degree of poisoning: flush the stomach and induce vomiting, wash the parts contaminated with saline, call a doctor if necessary. For people with allergies, take hypoallergenic means.

What is dangerous Intavir. When you can shoot the fruit

The drug is classified as "moderately hazardous" - this suggests that if you follow the instructions for using Intavir, the substance should be safe. However, unfortunately, there are still cases of poisoning. Most often this is due to disregard for the rules of use. To avoid this, it is necessary not only to comply with all safety measures during the processing of crops, but also to know and apply a number of other necessary conditions:

  1. Processing fruit, vegetable crops to produce before flowering or after it. Cypermethrin, contained in Intavira, remains on the grass for up to 2 weeks, in light soil for up to 2-3 weeks, and for heavy loamy soils for up to 10 weeks. Fruits can be used for cooking no earlier than 20-30 days after processing. And the processing itself is carried out no more than 2 times per season.
  2. Storage rules It is necessary to exclude access to the drug for children, pets.
    Small children are at particular risk. Since they spend more time on the floor of the house or on the grass, on the street, they tend to touch objects more, to taste them. Therefore, it is necessary to exclude the contact of children with surfaces treated by Intavir. Also categorically it is impossible to give the processed fruits earlier than in a month.

Intavir is toxic to fish, so it can not be used near water. And when processing at home, the aquarium is closed with a protective glass and the compressor must be turned off. If there is an apiary in the garden plot, it is necessary to limit the departure of bees to 5-6 days.

When processing Intavir indoor plants, you need to remove all the products, personal belongings in the room. And if this is not possible, then everything is sealed in plastic bags. Homes should not be children and pets. And after work, general cleaning and airing are required.

Intavir is quite an effective means of protecting plants and crops. Without it, can not do with a large number of insect pests. But it is very important to strictly follow the rules of use indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer. Only then you can be confident in the safety of grown products for their own health.

Protection of flora and fauna

The area of ​​the protective zone for bees is up to 5 km. The limitation of summer in time is up to 90-120 hours. The drug is toxic to fish. It is forbidden to use it near fishery bodies of water (closer than 2 km from the coast).

If, after three treatments, the pests do not disappear, then Intavir should be replaced with another insecticide and then alternate the preparations.

The drug Inta-vir instruction

The drug Inta-vir, like the insecticide Spark, has a very wide scope of action - according to the instructions, it can neutralize more than fifty varieties of harmful insects.

In addition to the instructions governing the treatment of plants, there are recommendations for Inta-vir's destruction of unwanted domestic insects: the drug also affects them. The visible result is observed very quickly.

In recent years, scientists have created quite a few other chemical compounds, many new names have been proposed, however, the instructions of most of them do not imply such a huge sphere of impact, which Inta-vir demonstrates.

At the same time, its toxic accumulation in the human body is not observed, in the natural environment it breaks down into substances safe for the biosphere within two to four weeks. The undoubted advantage is the low cost of the drug. It is easy to use, the solution is very simple to prepare.

Important limitations when working with the drug

The main condition - the drug Inta-vir can not be applied to flowering plants, it can lead to mass death of bees. Measures for processing fruit and berry crops and vegetables should be stopped 3-4 weeks before the collection of products (in the instructions it is written as “waiting period”).

In return during the flowering periods and shortly before the crop ripens (when absolutely necessary), biological means Fytoverm and Akarin are used (copes with any aphids, caterpillars, young larvae, various mites), as well as Bitoxibacillin and Lepidocide (for some varieties of aphids, caterpillars).

The substance only affects insects, there is no point in using the drug against fungal, bacterial, viral diseases. Also, preventive early-spring spraying with inta-virom of the whole garden, when the pests are still asleep, is also ineffective, this is unnecessary harm to the environment and a waste of time, effort and money for the farmer.

If an unused solution of the chemical remains, do not pour it into the reservoirs and in the vicinity of them: this is detrimental to fish and other aquatic creatures. The liquid should be buried in a hole under a layer of soil: in a light soil, the compound collapses in a month, and in a heavy soil - in two.

Operating principle

For centuries, dried plant flowers called “Dalmatian chamomile” (feverfew) have been consumed against harmful insects. Only in the second half of the twentieth century did chemists synthesize similar artificial substances called pyrethroids. They are hundreds of times stronger effect on insects.

In 1971, scientists received a second-generation pyrethroid cypermethrin. It is this insecticide (pesticide) that forms the basis of a special pill known as Inta-vir.

Insects are in contact with the treated surface, swallow the chemical particles with plant food. The poison quickly destroys their nervous system and leads to death. However, this insecticide does not kill insect eggs.

Cypermethrin coating can have a detrimental effect on pests for two weeks (up to a month).

There is evidence that repeated use of the drug for several years can lead to a weakening of its impact - some insects adapt and become less sensitive to this chemical. Different insecticides need to be alternated.

The process of processing plants according to the instructions

The Inta-vir tablet dissolves immediately before treatment in ten liters of water, this amount of liquid is distributed by spraying within one or two hundred parts. The drug is applied to plants in small spray, preferably in the late morning or early evening hours.

When performing works, according to the instruction, standard hygienic and protective requirements should be observed. Toxic effects of moderate severity of pyrethroids have on humans (and other mammals) exclusively with the internal use of large doses. And, practically, they are not dangerous for birds.

Malicious objects affected by the drug

Perhaps only slugs and tillage pests such as the wireworm are not affected by Inta-vir. Ticks, too, are not always amenable to its influence (then they use the drug Akarin instead).

If you sprinkle the "tops" and pour the "roots" with Inta-Vir, the voracious creatures will be stopped. A spraying of the drug over the carrot beds during the flight of the carrot fly (at the time of cherry blossom) will prevent it from leaving eggs at the base of the seedlings (the larvae then eat out the roots).

The Inta-Vira instructions contain measures for the protection of various plants (treatments begin when the first harmful individuals are observed or immediately before their expected appearance):

  • Potatoes - from larvae and adults of the Colorado potato beetle,
  • cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers - from the greenhouse whitefly (alternating with chemicals that penetrate into laid eggs - for example, with Mospilan), thrips, various types of aphids,
  • cabbage - from aphids and various caterpillars,
  • strawberries and raspberries - from the weevil (gnaws the buds at the base), raspberries - against the raspberry beetle (and its larvae worms), protective spraying is performed during the budding period and again at the end of fruiting,
  • fruit trees and berry bushes - against a complex of pests (aphids, caterpillars, flies, weevils, leafworms, pinworms), 1-3 irrigations are carried out during the season: the first, usually, before flowering, the second - by young ovaries, the third - one month before maturation harvest
  • seedlings, decorative leafy and flower crops (trees, bushes, herbs, flowers) - from various harmful insects.

Some methods of struggle are not prescribed in the standard instructions, but (with caution) are quite acceptable:

  • To protect against dvuvostok attacking seedlings, powdered Inta-vir tablets are sprinkled on the ground surface and the area around the planting tanks,
  • a strong solution of the drug is poured on the wasp nests, which are dangerously located near the dacha, and also pour anthills,
  • 2 tablets of Inta-vir are diluted in a liter of water, and this concentrate is applied in the places of movement of house cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, and ants.

Mixtures and analogues of pesticide

Sometimes the question arises about the joint use of different drugs. It is categorically impossible to connect the solution of Inta-vir with Bordeaux liquid. Mixing with HOM, Ridomil, Fitosporin, Appin, Zircon, Fufanon is permissible.

In mixtures, the dose of Inta-vir is sometimes reduced (with stimulants half a tablet is placed on a bucket of liquid, with insecticides - a tenth).

The substance cypermethrin is a component of many complex pesticides (Inta-CM, Alatar, Spark-double effect, “Masha” crayon, etc.). They have increased toxicity.

Features of the drug Inta-Vir

Инсектицид кишечно-контактного действия, эффективен против различных видов вредителей комнатных цветов (трипсов, всех видов тли, белокрылки) и садовых растений (колорадского жука, вишневой мухи, морковной мухи, плодожорки, долгоносика, чайной моли, грибных комариков и др.). По заявке производителя — Инта-вир уничтожает 52 вида вредителей.

Производитель: «Фаско» (Россия). Выпускается в виде таблеток весом 8 г и водорастворимого порошка. Класс опасности — 3 (умеренно опасное вещество).

Analogs than to replace: drugs Alatar, Arrivo, Spark, Sharpay.

The drug is a broad-spectrum, effective against even-winged (Homoptera), Coleoptera (Coleoptera), Lepidoptera (Lepidoptera) and other pests.
To belong to the class of pyrethroids, has an intestinal and contact action:

  • cypermethrin leads to rapid paralysis of all organs of the insect pest, affecting its nervous system,
  • Intavir can be mixed with other pesticides, except those that have an alkaline reaction (check in each case)
  • The protective effect is 10-15 days,
  • The drug is not phytotoxic.

Inta-Vir at home

Preparation of the working solution for treatments at home: 1 tablet is diluted with 10 liters of water, used for spraying on a sheet. To kill cockroaches 1 tablet diluted with 0.5 liters of water.

Houseplants spray when pests are detected. It is best to use a kitchen scale to within grams and divide the tablet into 8 parts, take 1 g per 1 liter of water. It is enough to spray 2 sill flowers.

Despite the manufacturers' statement that cypermethrin does not cause resistance, there are factors that weaken its effect. Pyrethroids (including cypermethrin), entering the body of insects, are exposed to oxidative enzymes and enzymes that hydrolyze ester groups (esterases).

Apparently this property, as well as poor wettability of leaves, explains the incomplete destruction of pests. Therefore, for indoor flowers spraying can be replaced by dipping leaves in a bucket with a solution. It is permissible to increase the concentration by 2-3 times (2-3 tablets per bucket of water). Waiting time - valid for up to 20 days.

It should also be noted on Inta-Viru positive moment - the absence of a toxic smell, from the minuses: the drug is easily washed off with rain.

Recommendation in view of the manufacturer’s dubious claim that pests are not resistant to Inta-Vir, use it for the garden no more than 2 times per season, and alternate with drugs of another group (for the active substance) by year, t . e. use Inta-Vir at the dacha in a year.


The product diluted in containers under the influence of the sun, temperature and humidity completely decomposes within a month. When introduced into the soil, it persists for 2-3 weeks in light soils and up to 10 weeks in heavy ones.

When sprinkling on the surface of the soil (in the grass) is maintained for 2 weeks.

Cypermethrin is highly toxic for bees and other beneficial insects (1-2 hazard class, protection zone for bees 4-5 km, duration of the bees summer limiting 96-120 h.). Highly toxic to fish, moderately toxic to humans and warm-blooded animals (2-3 hazard class).

The main characteristics of the drug

Inta-vir is a tool that can be used in farms, as well as at home and in home gardens. People have long practiced pest control with the help of dried flowers of the feverfew plant.

It helped protect crops and preserve the crop.

Based on these properties of the plant, scientists were able to carry out the synthesis of artificial substances, which by their properties resembled the qualities of pyrethrum, but had an effect several times stronger.

These drugs got their name pyrethroids. Recently, a more innovative pyrethroid of the second generation cypermethrin was launched, which became the basis of the drug Inta-vir.

The principle of action of the tool is based on the protection of plants from pests damage. The drug has a strong effect on the pest's nervous system, thereby causing muscle spasm and cramps. As a result, the nerve endings of the insect are affected, leading to its immobilization. As a result, the pest dies during the day.

Intavir for plants does not bear any harm, in addition, it does not pose a danger to humans. In addition, within 2-4 weeks the drug disintegrates into substances completely safe for the biosphere. Also noted that this tool has an effective effect on household insects - bedbugs and cockroaches in a short time.

This tool is a preparation of intestinal action, that is, it gets inside the pest during active eating of the leaves, which ultimately causes its death.

Intavir treatment is recommended against such pests:

However, there is a danger of a negative effect of the drug on beneficial insects (bees), therefore its use implies some restriction. Also, in some cases, the resistance of pests to the effects of Int-Vir is observed, then it is recommended to use other drugs.

To protect pears, quinces and apples

  1. From the moth you need to prepare a working solution of 1 tablet per 10 liters of water, should be processed after flowering for 1 week, if necessary, re-spraying to withstand a period of 2 weeks,
  2. from the flower eater use a working solution of 1 tablet per 10 l of water, spraying is carried out during the appearance of buds,
  3. from a leaf-holder to prepare a solution of 1 tablet per 10 liters of water, process during a mass accumulation of caterpillars,
  4. Intavir aphids are used in the form of a freshly prepared solution of 1-2 tablets in 10 liters of water, should be sprayed during the period of completion of flowering.

To protect strawberries, gooseberries and currants from the sawfly, weevil, leafworm, and moth, a freshly prepared solution of Intavir is used; 1 tablet of the agent and 10 liters of water are required to prepare it. 10 liters of water. Processing is carried out before flowering.

Cherry and sweet cherry

To protect cherries and cherries from a cherry fly, use a freshly prepared solution of 1 tablet and 10 liters of water. Processing is carried out during the staining of berries.

The use of the drug for greenhouse is carried out in order to protect tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers from a complex of pests. To prepare the solution using 1-2 tablets and 10 liters of water, depending on the number of insects. It is necessary to process during the mass accumulation of pests.

  • The use of Intavir to protect vegetable crops is carried out from a complex of pests.
  • To do this, dissolve 1 tablet in 10 water, the treatment should be carried out in a period of mass accumulation of pests. Repeated spraying is allowed if necessary.

The use of the drug to protect grapes from leafworms is carried out by treatment with a solution for the preparation of which use 2 tablets of the drug and 10 liters of water. It is necessary to spray twice: the first time during the flowering period, the second time - during the setting of the berries.

We recommend reading:

How to use the drug Decis Profi for plants,

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Rules for the use of Aktar pests.

INTA-VIR application in the garden

The spraying time of garden flowers, raspberries, currants Inta-Virom - before flowering and after harvesting (or with the end of flowering). Do not spray at the beginning of flowering! Vegetables, apples, pears and other fruit - spray during the growing season, strictly for 20 days before harvest.

The consumption of the prepared solution is up to 2 liters per currant or gooseberry bush, young apple tree and about 5 liters per adult fruit tree.

Insecticide drug

One of the most popular means to combat garden pests is the drug Intavir. Instructions for use of an insecticide detail the rules for its use.

This tool contains the active substance - cypermethrin, which has a toxic or paralyzing effect on 52 species of insects. In addition, the drug effectively fights pests of indoor plants. The insecticide "Intavir" is a tablet weighing 8 g, containing the active substance at a concentration of 37.5 g / kg. Its effect extends to such pests as:

  • moths, moths,
  • aphids
  • Colorado beetle,
  • carrot fly
  • cabbage tree,
  • scoops
  • leaf-eating caterpillars,
  • thrips and others

How to use the drug "Intavir"?

Instructions for use prescribes to dissolve the required number of tablets "Intavir" in a small amount of pure water. Next, this solution is diluted to the concentration required for the destruction of pests. In order to completely get rid of insects, it is necessary to spray infected garden crops with a spraying method.

For best results, it is necessary to achieve thorough wetting of all parts of the plant. It is not recommended to process the culture more than three times, and each subsequent spraying should be carried out only with a new appearance of insect pests. To achieve the maximum effect, it is advisable to work in the morning and evening, during a period of weak solar activity.

Shelf life and storage conditions

What conditions are necessary to store the drug "Intavir"? Instructions for use prescribes to protect the insecticide from children and animals, as well as to store the drug in a dry isolated place at a temperature of -10 to +45 degrees C. After opening the package, the tool should be used immediately.

Shelf life closed package: 2 years from date of manufacture.

Insecticide Inta-vir

Intavir is an insecticide that kills harmful insects and has a detrimental effect on their nervous system. More than 50 types of parasites - the drug has such a wide range of influence. Apply it in the garden, in greenhouses, protect fruit and vegetable crops in greenhouses, and houseplants are saved in the house from pests.

This is a Russian development, an analogue of natural poison, which was obtained synthetically. In its natural form, cypermethrin is found in flowers of chamomile, chrysanthemum, tansy, it provides plants with reliable protection from insects.

In Intavira the concentration of the substance is 3.75%. Due to the high toxicity, it is not sprayed for prophylaxis, only its use in the fight against parasites is justified, the possibility of the death of beneficial insects is taken into account.

Common species exposed to the drug:

  • thrips,
  • Colorado beetle,
  • tea moth,
  • cabbage tree,
  • ants
  • weevil,
  • cherry and carrot fly,
  • aphid,
  • moth,
  • leafworms and flower beetles.

Some species only need a single application, others die only after a few sprays. There are pests that are resistant to this chemical agent. For them use other methods of struggle.

Impact mechanism

Intavir is available in tablet form (8 pieces per pack) and in powder form. It is well dissolved in water, decomposes in the ground in a month. Cypermethrin in the composition paralyzes the nervous system of insects, during contact with the plant, eating leaves and flowers.

Spasms, convulsions, damage to nerve endings lead to the death of the parasite. For plants, the drug does not harm.

For home flowers, the use of insecticide is also safe, but for humans, its toxicity is harmful. Therefore, it is better to carry out spraying on the balcony, and if it is not possible to do it outdoors, then the room with the treated plants should not be entered for several hours, the room is thoroughly aired.

Spraying is carried out only in windless dry weather. Forecasters take into account, in the coming hours there should be no rain. Do not treat plants during the evening or morning dew - it weakens the effect of the toxin. Strictly observe the concentration, not increasing and not reducing it.

Exceeding the dosage will kill the beneficial microflora, worms - soil rippers, insect pollinators. You can not procure the solution "in reserve", storage will lead to the decomposition of the active substance and loss of effectiveness.

To fight garden ants, Intavir is scattered dry around the anthill on the soil:

  1. 1-2 tablets are dissolved in 10 liters of water. The concentration of the composition varies depending on the type of pest. The solution turns turbid, with a characteristic odor.
  2. Spray evenly on the affected areas, but also seemingly not infected.
  3. Validity Intavir from 2 to 4 weeks.
  4. On a high spreading tree will take about 10 liters.
  5. In hot weather (above 25 ° C) the effect of the insecticide is reduced.

Spray the cultures before flowering. If there are a lot of pests, the dosage of the base solution (1 tablet per 10 liters of water) can be increased (1.5 tablets per 10 liters of water).

Apply freshly prepared strawberries to protect after picking berries, in September-October. Strawberries rescue from sawfly, moth, moth, weevil. 10 square meters. m. leaves about 1.5 liters.

For gooseberry, currant after flowering, protective spraying is repeated, the flow rate is 1-1,5 liters per bush.

Fruit trees

Pears, apples and quinces are treated differently, depending on the type of parasites. From the flower eater is protected with the appearance of buds. The solution is taken normal. Aphids are destroyed by a strong compound (1-2 tablets per 10 liters of water), spraying is done when the trees finish flowering.

From moth dispose of the base solution for a week after flowering. If damage occurs after 2 weeks, the process is repeated. With a leafworm they struggle by spraying mass accumulations of caterpillars, Intavir dissolve 1 tablet per 10 liters of water.

Sweet cherry and cherry

When the berry is full and begins to ripen, it is painted in a different color, the appearance of a cherry fly will spoil the harvest. Berries infected by the larva of this insect, lose their gloss and shine, rot. Apricot and honeysuckle are also attacked by a parasite. Trees and bushes are treated with a base solution. For efficiency on one tree need from 2 to 5 liters.

Dual processing will help protect the crop from leafworms. The first is produced during flowering, when buds are loosened. The second time is sprayed during the tying of berries. The composition is made strong - 2 tablets per 10 liters of water. The bush will take from 2 to 5 liters. Hands machining done no earlier than a week.

Cucumbers and tomatoes in protected ground are treated during the growing season. Sprayed places of mass accumulation of pests, destroying several types of insects in the complex. Dissolve in 1 liter of water 10 tablets, it will take 2 liters per 10 square meters. m. One procedure is enough.

Cabbage is processed three times during the growing season, the multiplicity depends on the degree of infestation by pests. At 100 square meters. 10 liters of solution will suffice (1 tablet per 10 liters of water), every 25 days can be repeated.

Potatoes, carrots and beets are sprinkled up to two times during the growing season. The solution is used base, 100 square meters. m. leaves 10 l. The term from one treatment to another is 20 days.

Indoor flowers

In the house, infected plants are sprayed with the usual solution, for its preparation in a small amount they use kitchen scales. For 1 liter of water take 1 g of the substance. The tablet weighs 8 g, therefore, 1/8 of its part is needed. A liter is enough for leaves of 10-15 home flowers. Before the procedure, cover the ground in a pot with a film and wash it off with a weak pressure of water under the parasite shower.

First aid

The drug when released into the stomach can cause severe poisoning. To avoid serious health consequences, it is urgent to rinse your mouth with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, drink 6 tablets of activated carbon and 1 liter of water, take a mild laxative and call a doctor. In case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

Inta-vir should be stored in a dry, dark place, when t is not higher than + 40C.

Remember. The finished solution can not be stored. It is used immediately after preparation.

For storage choose the place inaccessible for children and pets. Do not place packaging with insecticide near food and drugs. After opening the package, the preparation is not subject to storage.

Intavir for pests: how to use, precautions

Gardeners, gardeners and housewives are constantly faced with pests, various parasites that live in homes, gardens, summer houses, greenhouses.

And the question arises, by what means with them you can fight.

Now on the market are selling many types of insecticides, and you need to choose one of them, the most effective drug.

Gardeners and gardeners with experience recommend using a pest remedy such as Intavir.

Forms of release

Intavir release form is:

  1. water soluble tablet
  2. or powder, weighing 8 grams.

Both forms of release dissolve well in warm water at room temperature.

The active substance in the preparation is cypermethrin at the rate of 37 grams per kilogram.

It is noted that Intavir is more effective in combating aphids, thrips, caterpillars.

In addition, the drug Intavir used even in country toilets.

Preparation of the solution

To prepare the solution of Intavir, one tablet should be diluted in a small volume of water, then the volume of liquid should be brought to 10 liters.

How the drug will be consumed depends on the area to be treated from insect pests.

If the treatment area is small, then you can take half a pill and 5 liters of water.

Make the solution to be in a ventilated room or in the open air, but wearing a respirator and gloves.

Drug application

Надо сказать, что данный инсектицид используют только для массового уничтожения насекомых-вредителей, для профилактики не используется.

И если после многократного использования средства против одного и того же вредителя вызвало привыкание, то можно рекомендовать чередовать другие инсектициды во избежание ситуации.

Интавир воздействует на взрослых особей насекомых и не может уничтожить личинки.

Для обработки растений Интавиром нужно выбрать сухую погоду без ветра, желательно рано утром или вечером.

Intavir solution is not resistant to flushing, you may need to re-spray.

First you need to learn how to use Intavira. Spraying the drug can be done no more than three times per season, and most importantly after the flowering of plants.

It is also important to remember that the drug is addictive and if it was not possible to get rid of insect pests during the three treatments, then you need to take another drug.

  • In order to process apples and pears from aphids, moths, leafworms,
    you need 8-9 liters of ready-made solution for one tree.
  • For processingstrawberry from weevil, tomato and cucumber from whitefly and aphids
    It is necessary to take 1.5 liters of mortar per 10 square meters.
  • For spraying vegetables potatoes, carrots, beets and cabbage
    Intavir is taken at the rate of 10 liters of solution per 100 square meters of landing area.
  • Fruit trees such as cherries and cherries to save from the cherry fly
    It takes 2.5 liters of solution per tree.
  • To get rid of pests currants and gooseberries
    each bush must be treated with one liter of the diluted substance.
  • In order to protect the grapes from leafworms
    You need to prepare a solution of two tablets of the drug and 10 liters of water. Spraying is done twice, first during the flowering period, then when tied

It is also important to remember that the spraying of plants can be done no later than 23 days before harvest.

If you want to use Intavir for indoor plants, then you need to carry out pets and people from there and cover the aquarium.

In apartments for breeding cockroaches, house bugs, ants and fleas, it is necessary to treat the places where they usually appear with a concentrated solution, one tablet of Intavira per half liter of water.

... the drug got into the stomach

If it happened that the drug Intavir got into the stomach, then it can cause a very strong poisoning.

In order to avoid negative consequences for human health, it is necessary urgently:

  1. rinse your mouth with a solution of potassium permanganate,
  2. take 6-8 tablets of activated carbon and
  3. drink a liter of water
  4. drink is not a strong laxative,
  5. call an ambulance.

Storage rules

Storage of the drug is possible in a dry and dark place, at an air temperature of not more than 40 degrees.

  • It is important to remember that the solution should be used on the day of its preparation can not be stored in finished form!
  • Also it is impossible to store the opened pack of a preparation.
  • Storage space should be chosen so that there is no access for children and animals.
  • Do not store near food and drugs.
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