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Beds of tires - 54 photos of the best flowerbrow design ideas at the cottage


It is possible to decorate a country court yard with the most unexpected materials at hand. Widespread recently got tires. Flowerbeds of tires do-it-yourself look unusual and original.

Wrong opinion that the bed of tires looks cumbersome and inconsistent. If you wish, you can create a magnificent work of art with minimal cost.

Tires - bedding material

Tires are an excellent bed material, affordable and durable. Find old tires, even if you do not have a car in the economy, is not difficult. Working with them is easy. The older and worn the tire will be, the easier it is to work with it and turn it inside out. In addition to low cost beds of tires have several advantages:

  1. The gray graphite color of the tire in the garden creates clear lines and gives a harmonious look to the landscape.
  2. Ease of coloring allows you to infinitely change the color gamut of the flower bed. Planting other flowers, you can repaint the tire - and you get a new garden decoration.
  3. Squat wide forms of tires are associated with patriarchal reliability and durability.
  4. To make a small sculpture, a sharp enough knife and a good sketch found on the Internet.
  5. Rubber vases are mobile and durable. They will never be broken, and in order to move such a flower bed to another place it will not take much effort.

Tires are not particularly affected by temperature fluctuations.. They are not afraid of heat or frost. However, it should be borne in mind that the plants inside the rubber black base will be uncomfortable. Therefore, it is better to paint such a “flower bed” in light colors. This will protect the tire from overheating and make it more attractive.

In addition, when working at the lawn mower, the tire becomes a protection for bushes and trees. It plays the same function in city yards, where it is not easy to grow a young bush or tree.

Types of flower beds of tires

Flower beds of tires for flowers are of different types:

  • low
  • round,
  • high
  • integers
  • cut,
  • multi-tiered
  • suspended.

Pre-tires are cleaned of dirt and sand, washed, painted and set in the right place. They fill in the soil and planted flowers. To avoid excess moisture and the roots of the plant, planted in such a flowerbed did not start to rot, it is important to make a drainage layer of expanded clay, gravel or something like that.

You can install tires groups, separately, in the same plane or in tiers. Options may vary depending on the height or diameter, be single, low or high, composed of several put one on another tires. These beds are installed on special stands or just on the ground, hung on trees and walls. More original, you can use tires by cutting out figures of animals and birds, or some fantastic creatures. With the help of an idea, strong hands and a knife, the old wheel turns into a magnificent vase.

General recommendations for working with a tire

Having decided on the concept of a future flower bed, according to your idea, you should put a tire on a hard surface (concrete, asphalt, etc.) and apply chalk to it along the lines that will be cut. Cut out the contour with a knife contour or jigsaw.

Before work should Rinse the material under strong water pressure to protect the instrument from rapid blunting. Next, you need to degrease the surface of the White - with alcohol and immediately paint it until the rubber is covered with dust.

At first it is better to apply white paint, then color. This will give the finish color greater brightness. You can create an ornament using two or three colors. When the paint is dry, the flowerbed is filled with primer and plants are planted with a small root system: marigolds, crocuses, begonias, etc.


Unusual flower bed – pyramid can be made from tires of different diameters. This can be a great solution at the dacha, where there is little space. Tires are laid starting from the largest one on the other and painted in joyful bright colors. A necessary condition is the presence of a difference in diameter of at least 20 cm. It is this space that is planted with flowers. From the second tier it is better to use ampelous plants that will hang beautifully down.

Layered flower bed of the tires with their own hands can be built from six tires of the same diameter. Three tires are placed in the first row, two in the second and one is placed at the very top. Such a structure does not take much space and will look good from all sides. Fill a pyramidal flower bed with various ornamental plants.

If space permits, you can lay out a larger flower garden. For its foundation will need five tires. On top of them lay out three, and crowns the structure of one. Depending on the coloring of the tires and the choice of plants, such a flower bed can be bright and showy or delicate and intimate.

Hanging flower bed

If you have a strong fence or a blank wall in the country, you can make a flower garden, hanging tires on them. The inner space is filled with soil, ampelous plants are planted, and the place is completely transformed. It is important not to forget about the drainage: put down the sand and small pebbles and drill the rubber to drain excess water.

The tire can be hung on a special support or a tree, secured with a chain, covered with plywood or rubber with drilled holes, covered in soil and planted. However, this design will be too heavy, water will drip from its bottom. Therefore, despite the fact that it looks spectacular - not everywhere acceptable.

More simple option - use the tire as a cache-pot or stand, placing vases in pallets in it. Pallets will retain excess moisture, and the construction is not so heavy. This option is often used on the walls of arbors and on the verandas.

Interesting ideas

An interesting composition of a flower bed of tires with their own hands - a kettle and cups. For its design, in addition to tires, additional material is needed: a pipe for the kettle's spout, and a ribbon for handles. Properly selected paint and plants will complete the decoration.

Even more surprising flower beds are obtained with this option, as unscrew the bed cover inside out. Pre-chalk on the bus draw pattern. The result may be a wonderful pot, an elegant figure of a fantastic bird, a swan or a parrot.

It is easy to cut the tire, the main thing is to have a sharp knife. To turn it inside out you need to apply physical force. Creativity of the master can be embodied in fairy characters.

How to unscrew the tire for a bed

Arranging a bed of tires, you can show them to the viewer not only the outside, but also the inside. For example, from the inside out of an inverted tire, you can make a flowerpot "A la Petergof". In a marbled construction, no one recognizes a conventional tire.

To make such a pot, you need a whole wheel with a disk. Apply a serrated or wavy line of petals to the sidewall, cut out and proceed to the inversion.

To do this, put the wheel down cut sideways, step on the disc with your foot and consistently turn the edges of the rubber up. This work will require considerable strength. To protect your hands, it is better to wear gloves. As a result, you should get a pot on a metal rounded leg.

Since this flower bed will be elevated above the ground, ampelous plants are more suitable for it.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of a bed of tires with his own hands is:

  • originality,
  • clear and simple technology
  • thanks to the peculiarities of the material, interesting shapes can be achieved
  • low costs
  • visual appeal
  • the ability to paint the product in any color.

The disadvantages can be attributed only to the fact that this material is not distinguished by elegance and grace, and for the manufacture of flower beds will take some time and effort.

Useful recommendations

First of all, it is necessary to determine the dimensions of the flower bed of tires, based on the material available and the size of the site. In large areas it is better to install massive, large multi-tiered products. An alternative option - a lot of small beds.

There are several helpful recommendations.which can be used when making of flowerbed covers:

  • more malleable winter tires. In work, it is much more convenient than summer and does not require special cutting conditions,
  • choosing tires, you should give preference to the most worn out. Rubber on them became soft, thinned, which facilitates its processing,
  • worn tires are easier to turn out
  • Before working with a tire, it must be cleaned of foreign objects and traces of dirt:
  • in order to cut a shaped element, it is necessary to make a markup. This will facilitate cutting and the result will be more accurate. For these purposes, use chalk and markers.

Tire painting

Beds of black tires look very unattractive, so it is better to diversify the look with bright colors that can be original combined.

Rubber is a rather specific material that requires special handling. To paint it you can use these types of paints:

It is necessary to paint a flower bed from the wheels both from the outside and the inside, so that the black edges do not iron through the green spaces. A primer is applied to the surface of the product with a brush. When it dries, you can begin the process of staining.

Significantly shorten work time use of dyes in aerosol cans. All work will take no more than half an hour. Paint, thanks to the sprayer will fall evenly and beautifully.

Advantages and disadvantages

The desire to give in his garden a beautiful and original appearance, makes the owner make efforts to design all kinds of flowerbeds. Gray pots or plastic containers look ordinary and monotonous.

A prerequisite for the expressive look of a flower bed is a curb designed for a clear separation of its borders. What provides an outlet for the realization of the creative potential of the gardener, in special and unusual configurations. See photos of beds of tires.

Very often, everything depends on the financial component of this issue. Putting the owners of flower beds before the choice between the acquisition of attractive specimens of plants, or the purchase of ready-made forms for their disembarkation.

To avoid unnecessary cash expenditures, it is possible to make a flower bed yourself using old tires. This material is available in large quantities, at the stations specializing in clothing. There, you can easily choose tires of suitable sizes for you, which have long since worked out their term.

Over time, used tires lose their former hardness, so they can be processed without any special difficulties. The edges of the inside-out tire look more fun. After that, they resemble leaves of trees or flower petals. The difficulties encountered at this stage can easily be handled by imagination and a strong hand.

Tips for working with tires

It must be carefully prepared for work. In order to create beautiful forms gave you pleasure. The most ductile, to create a sophisticated element of landscape design and easy to use, is considered winter tires.

An old, multi-year tire will not require much physical effort to cut a patterned pattern. Worn out treads, after painting will not be visible at all. A smooth colored surface will not give out the material from which it is made.

Manufacturing process

How to make a bed of tires? Before making the flowerbed, tires should be thoroughly cleaned and cleaned of small stones stuck in treads. Next, on a clean plane, gently chalked out the contours of your chosen patterns. Exact drawing in the future will free you from errors, will give the flowerbed symmetrical edges.

Then, the original pattern is cut out according to the outlined contours. Not everyone has the strength to cut a hard rubber with a knife, so for this purpose it is best to use a jigsaw. It will take effort to turn the product inside out. Fix the tire in the center and holding the cut edge and turn it out. It is necessary to polish the edges of the upcoming habitat for flowers to eliminate small irregularities and degrease with gasoline.

Certain types of decor require preparatory priming plane. And after preparation, a stone vase comes out of the tire. Impeccably smooth surface is covered with a special paint. In such an unusual vase, flowers are perfect all season. In more detail you can consider a photo of a bed at the cottage of tires.

If the finished product paints with a brush, it is possible to paint thoroughly any unevenness. You will spend a lot of time saving paint. The sprayer guarantees you the most even laying of paint, as well as save you from the stains and traces of the brush.

The most ideal use for this purpose spray, but this option will cost you much more than others. It is necessary after you have painted it for several days to dry the flowerbed in the open air.

How to make a flower bed?

There are several basic types of beds of tires that are ubiquitous. To make any of these, need to cook:

  • tire,
  • a piece of chalk,
  • knife or electric jigsaw,
  • paints,
  • brushes.

Depending on the model may need extra:

For example, to make a flower bed in the form of a chrysanthemum, you will need an old cup or any round container along which you can cut circles for cutting the petals. Step-by-step instructions are presented in the photo below.

The knife must be taken necessarily sharpbecause the tires on the tires are very thick. Cutting is not always convenient, but do not be discouraged.

It will go faster if applied instead of a knife jigsaw. It is possible that for the first time it will not work, but having filled your hand, you will be able to make flower beds from the improvised material not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones.

In order to remove the tire and give it shape, it takes male power. You can just make a flower bed, but you can use the cut part to give a volume design. In this case, cut the circle set down instead of the legs and it turns out a beautiful pot of tires.

An attractive multi-tiered flowerbed, in which flowers are selected, both in color and height.

For the manufacture of this design will require 14 tires, which must be carefully positioned and filled with nutrient primer. This number of old tires is difficult to find, therefore you can only use 7 pieces, after cutting them in half.

In the second case, the tires will perform 2 functions: decorative and as the side of a multi-tiered flower bed. Such a flower garden will not only please the eye, but also significantly save time during weeding. Even if the weeds penetrate there, it will not be difficult to remove them.

Nutrient mixture before laying in the flower bed you need especially carefully check for weeds.

If a piece of the root of any weed falls into limited space, it will soon be difficult to get rid of it.

The final stage is painting the sides. flower beds. To do this, select the oil paint of the desired color.

Before painting, wash the dirt off the tires and dry them.

To prevent the formation of small cracks in the paint is necessary apply at least three layers. Layers must be thin.

It will always look spectacular flowerbed white. The remaining colors need to be chosen carefully, knowing that the color determines the first impression. The sides of the flowerbeds of the same shade as the blooming flowers that will be planted there look harmoniously.

Making a flowerpot for flowers

In order to make their own pot of tires, it takes a little time and effort. Need to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • tire,
  • jigsaw,
  • round container
  • chalk or white marker,
  • brushes,
  • oil paint.

Instructions for making a pot:

  1. Remove disc cap for a while.
  2. Apply to the surface tires chalk outline. If circular petals are assumed, then circles should be drawn around the perimeter with a cup or a round container. If the teeth, then you need to pre-cut out of paper or cardboard one piece and putting it, draw the same figures around the perimeter.
  3. By drawn contour cut curly board flowerpot. The resulting circle does not need to throw away, it will serve as a leg for the resulting flower garden.
  4. Unscrew tire, giving it the desired shape.
  5. Insert the cap into place, giving the whole structure rigidity.
  6. Substitute a circle cut earlier under the flowerbed, making a footpot for a flowerpot out of it.
  7. Clean the surface from dirt and dust. To dry
  8. Paint with oil paint.

This pot looks spectacular on the terrace and on the lawn. It can be planted with flowers and ornamental plants of different heights: it can be low marigolds and sprawling castor. In this design looks good ampelous plants.

Baskets and pots for pots

Attractive look among the greenery of the garden or on the lawn swans from tires. They can be left as a decor for the garden, or used as a flowerpots for low pots. Для их изготовления берут покрышку и рисуют на ней контур, по которому затем нужно «пройти» лобзиком или острым ножом.

Для фиксации длинной шеи лебедя можно use thick wirewhich you can then paint over.

In order to keep the paint better, you need to degrease the surface of the tire and additionally prime it before painting. For a swan, two types of paint are most often used: white and black.

Car tire: well forgotten retro

It only seems that the flowerbed of tires is inconsistent and cumbersome. In fact, if you wish, you can create a real work of art out of tires, and with minimal cost, which is important at current prices for everything. In addition to the penny cost, such a flower bed has a number of other advantages.

  1. The graphite gray color of the tire creates clear lines in the garden, without which any landscape seems slightly neglected.
  2. The ease of coloring (can and firm hand) allows you to infinitely vary the colors of the flower framing. They planted other flowers - repainted the tire, and a completely new garden decoration is ready.
  3. Wide squat forms of tires cause associations with some kind of patriarchal reliability, durability of the garden.

Council Choose tires from foreign manufacturers - they are much more flexible in their work.

How to work with a tire - general recommendations

Having come up with the concept of a future flower bed, put the tire on a hard surface (asphalt, concrete, piece of hardboard - that is) and apply a line on which to cut out the excess with chalk on its side surface. Saw the contour with a knife or jigsaw. Degree with white spirit and paint immediately, until dust adheres to rubber.

It is better to paint with white paint first, then color: so the finish color will be brighter and smoother. Using two or three colors, you can create an ornament. When the paint is dry, you can fill the flower bed with primer and plant the plants.

Tires can be placed directly on the ground, hung on chains or cables, pyramids of them should be folded. It is better to select plants with a small root system: crocuses, marigolds, begonias.

How to easily turn out the tire for flower beds

When arranging a flowerbed, a tire can be presented to the viewer not only from the outside, but also from the inside. From the tire turned inside out, it turns out a flower-pot “a la Petergof”, and if it is painted in marble, then no one will guess about its origin.

For the manufacture of the pot does not need a tire, and the whole wheel with the disk. Apply a wavy or jagged line to the sidewall of the tire, which will become the outline of the petals, cut out and start turning out.

To do this, lay the wheel cut sideways down, step on the disc with your foot and consistently turn the edges of the rubber upwards. This is a job for a man; it requires considerable strength and hand protection with thread gloves. Watch the video on how this operation is performed. The result will be a pot on a rounded metal leg.

Council If you plan to turn the tire inside out, it is better to take copies with maximum tread wear: they are significantly softer.

Apply paint to it, not only on the outside, but also on the inside, just below the level to which you plan to fill the ground. Since the pot will be raised above the ground, it can be planted with ampelous plants: petunia, fuchsia, bakopa.

The most original ideas flower beds of tires

The malleability of rubber and the flight of the gardener's fantasy, not burdened with extra money, work wonders. Here are a few examples of quite original and very simple ideas of a flower bed of unnecessary tires.

  • Wall flower bed. The tire is used upright. To do this, with the help of a screwdriver, it is screwed to the wooden wall of a shed or bath. It will look good in a duet of a magnificently blooming apple tree (nasturtium, petunia) and a climbing plant (haricot), from the shoots of which you can lay a bright green wreath over the tire.
  • "Flower Mountain". This is a large structure for those who have a large plot and accumulated a lot of old tires. They do not need to be cut or turned out: to wash, paint each one in its own color and fold it into a composition. At the base of the "mountain" 6 tires rest, on them - 5 pieces, above - 3 pieces, one tire crowns the mountain, preferably a smaller one. In each, you can plant a certain type of flowers.

  • Suspended pots "Bird of Paradise." The tire is cut into strips, from which the tail and the handle for hanging are subsequently assembled. Beak, eyes and crest glued with rubber glue. The finished bird is brightly painted and varnished, except for the inside, intended for soil and plants. Flowers in the bird are planted small, such as Tagetes.

Private garden is the place where you want to show imagination and individuality. You can decorate it with anything, any old things, which usually accumulates a lot in the country. Try to make a flower garden out of a car tire: time will pass unnoticed, and the result will please everyone.

Flowerpot from an old tire

Flowerbeds, alpine slides, vases, stools, swings - which is not only made of old tires. Rubber is a very durable material and is ideal for use outdoors. But in this case we are talking about flower beds, let's consider how to make a pot of old tires to give. There are many options for how to make a pot, on the Internet you can find real masterpieces, if you type the corresponding query, and we will consider, so to speak, the classic version.

We will need:

  • old tires
  • any template for marking the circles, you can use a large cup,
  • a piece of chalk,
  • knife (very sharp).

It is better to work with rubber on a hot day, for obvious reasons, then it is more pliable.

  • tires are different, so it is better to choose tires with soft rubber. Because we will need to squeeze out some rubber in the tread area,
  • clean the tire from dirt
  • using a prepared pattern, it can be a large cup, make a drawing with chalk, these will be future petals,
  • in compliance with safety measures, cut out the painted petals with a knife,

  • then turn down the rubber from the cut and turn the petals out,
  • between each petal we cut a deep slit to the edge of the cord (do not touch the protector),
  • grasp the petals with your hands and pushing your knee with your knee, turn them in the right direction;
  • Finally, the tire must be degreased and painted. It is not necessary to paint in the middle, there will still be a primer and for plants it is harmful, only petals and the outer surface are crust.

Of course, this is not the only way, and the variants of vases of tires can be different, you can look in this gallery.

Tire Flower Garden

There are many variations of different beds from old tires, but try to make one decorative flower garden busas in this photo. This is no longer a flower bed, I don’t even know what to call it, but it’s not a shame to put such a thing on the veranda. The way to sheathe or, in this case, tie up tires is often used to make furniture from tires. In principle, it resembles a stool, well, and we will make a cozy, original pot.

What we need.

  • Naturally, the old tire is small,
  • Twenty meters of twine,
  • Thick plywood, (about 5 mm),
  • Three bars for legs and several wooden blanks for their fastening,
  • Capacity for flowers,
  • Drill,
  • Self-tapping screws
  • Glue for fixing the twine,
  • Bolts, nuts or screws than you prefer to use.

The procedure for the manufacture of a flower garden of tires

  • Cut a cover out of plywood, or bottom, in general, which side to look at,
  • We make four technological holes for bolts where the legs will be attached.
  • Drill holes in the sidewalls of the tire and plywood to fasten the cover.
  • We are starting to fix the string, it is very convenient to do with a glue gun with hot glue, but if there is no such, you can just put Moment on the glue.
  • Begin to glue from the bottom edge of the wooden base.
  • Then we fasten the legs to the lower base. Here you can for reliability use the angle braces, attaching them with screws, and even glue for strong fixation.
  • Insert the prepared container for flowers. It is not necessary that it fits perfectly in size, it can be a bowl or a cut-off bottom of a plastic barrel.
  • That's all, we pour the soil, plant flowers.

photos from

True, there are nuances. For the capacity for flowers it is better to make a double bottom, well, like in flower pots, so that they can be reached when watering. Also, the legs for the flower bed should be polished and varnished. And yet, the glue gun is not very convenient to use in hot weather, hot glue will not keep well, so it is better to work in a cool room or just use superglue.

Suspended pots parrot of tires

Flower beds of tires in the form of flowerpots look beautiful, but you can add more creativity, for example suspended parrot pots from tires, paint in bright colors, plant vines, you get such a tropical corner.

Well, for the cause. Prepare:

  • tire with fine tread,
  • sharp knife
  • spanners,
  • bolt, nut and two washers,
  • drill,
  • brushes and paints.

So, we have a tire.

Now it needs to be divided into three equal parts with chalk, and cut from one side of the sidewall with a knife to make such a blank as in the photo.

Crop beds

Old tires can be useful for growing vegetables in the garden. Their main advantage is that in such beds little grass grows.

As we know, weeds significantly hinder cultivated plants from developing, and sometimes they simply drown them.

For the manufacture of beds you need an electric jigsaw. They cut the side surfaces of the tires.

On such small beds you can plant radishes, greens and other healthy vegetables. This bed has indisputable advantages if the plot is virgin land, where nothing grows.

A few beds and a bit of land are enough to grow a good crop of pumpkins and zucchini. Under such a bed, even the most malicious weeds can not grow and gradually rot. To speed up the process you can put under the tire several layers of newspapersand then fill the bed with earth. For the manufacture of long ridge tires need to cut and then fasten them, forming a curb tape.

The second advantage will be possibility of shelter of tender plants from cold snaps. It is enough to fix a thick wire on the tire, on which you can throw a film or spunbond.

High ridges can be equipped with tires, hoisting them on each other. This bed is very useful for plants, since it is half filled with various organic waste: branches, sawdust, weeds.

It all rot, forming a compost. On such beds well grow pumpkin.

What else can be made from plant tires?

Old tires give room for creativity to those involved in gardening. If you add wheels to the flowerbed, you can bring to life other original ideas and get out of them interesting detail in the garden landscape - in front of us in the photo is a cart from a bus that carries flowers.

From tires of different sizes you also get a beautiful multi-tiered flowerbed. And for those who have little space in the garden, you can make a vertical bed of several tires.

Interesting video

The video shows various interesting options for the design of beds of tires:

Useful and beautiful flowerpot, flowerbed, flowerpots can be built from the things that have fulfilled their age. Instead of littering the environment, tires can serve for many more years as a decorative detail Location on.

About other ways to get rid of old tires, we talked here. And their advantage in the garden compared to other materials is obvious: they are light, they can be easily transferred from one end of the garden to the other.