Plot design

Upgrading the suburban area with their own hands


Many people think that it is very difficult to equip your own personal plot without the help of professionals, but in fact everything is much simpler than it seems. In this matter, it is important to take into account some of the mandatory conditions and follow them clearly. Here you can resort to projects already completed and executed by designers. But if you want the result to be original and to satisfy all your individual desires, then let's embody our ideas and fantasies on our own.

Tips for landscaping the dacha

Some people try to grow big crops and therefore divide their land into many beds. Others plan to build a playground for their children and place a sandbox. And for yourself to build a gazebo and dig a pool, creating a pleasant resting place.

Conducting the improvement of the site, almost all people, both specialists in this field and non-professionals, forced to abide by certain rules. Fulfilling these conditions, you can achieve remarkable results without spending extra effort and money. During the landscaping, it is important to consider how all means of communication will be laid and connected. How to place flower beds and paths throughout the site and where to install the lighting correctly, making it all in the same style. It is also necessary to take into account how the relief of the terrain and existing plants will be combined with new decorations and plantings.

When planning your actions, it is necessary to take into account the shape and size of the land plot. The smaller the area of ​​the site, the more carefully it will be necessary to plan all the details for its improvement.

A good look, attracting attention, will give a combination of different design elements. For example: in a small rocky garden, combinations of stones and plants will look very good in places where dry streams and rock gardens are located. It is recommended to place in one particular area all the details of the decor, made of the same material, this will give the composition a sense of completeness.

Planting on the site

Let's talk more about the features planting various types of vegetation. For example, all sorts of crops that produce crops should not be planted in places where there is a lot of shade, because they require more sunlight.

In order to search for the most suitable territory for planting such plants, it is necessary to form a special map of dark areas of the terrain:

  1. Prepare a white piece of paper
  2. Sketch out a map of the territory, mark where the north and south are, and where and from where the sun moves,
  3. Draw on paper all the buildings and fences that create the shadow,
  4. Be sure to mark the height of these objects,
  5. In some dark color shade the shady places
  6. In areas where the shade lasts most of the day, planting vegetation is not advised.

But the shady places in the country is great to use. to create in them zones of rest and comfort and furnish with suitable pieces of furniture and buildings.

Even in shady places you can lay out the track.

Specific Design Styles

So, proceed to beautify the suburban area with their own hands. Let's now talk about the styles available, most often used in the landscaping of the garden plot.

More often There are three main types of design designs for the summer cottage:

  • regular or geometric,
  • landscape or landscape,
  • mixed.


This style is well suited for gardens of even shape with land without elevations and depressions.

The main differences of this style are:

  • shapes with strict straight lines,
  • ponds and flower beds must be regular geometric shapes,
  • paths should also be straight.


The second in a row is the landscape style, which is best used in areas with areas with different levels of height.

Creating such a design, you need:

  • observe the natural forms of water bodies and flower beds,
  • use natural materials
  • create smooth bends of paths.

This design style has incorporated the main features of the two previous styles. And it is considered most popular with summer residents and gardeners, for the reason that using it, it is possible to realize almost any fantasy and ideas.

You can bring to work on the arrangement of the garden professional designer. Under such circumstances, it makes no sense to think about certain styles - an experienced master himself will choose the best style, taking into account the specifics of a given territory and your desires and whims.

Some problems and solutions

Let's look at the most common difficulties in areas that are particularly concerned about their owners. When arranging uncomfortable and inconvenient areas often you may encounter such problems, as:

  1. Grungy pillar in the most prominent place, spoiling the whole view. Decorate it with decorative flowers that will need to be planted in beautiful pots or boxes. Another good idea would be to plant a climbing plant near the pillar, which over time can grow and decorate a nondescript object.
  2. The ordinary fence of the chain-link net does not possess decorative properties and does not cover passers-by from the curious glances. Such a problem is corrected by planting plants near the fence, which, trailing along the grid surface, will provide not only protection from undesirable views, but also add a beautiful view to the fence. In the role of such vegetation, you can use ivy, climbing rose or climbing girlish grapes.
  3. Lack of space for flower beds. A great option would be to use stylish decorative flowerpots, pots or flowerpots, into which you should plant your chosen beautiful plants. Such point elements are quite convenient for moving from one place to another.
  4. Lack of space for arched structures and canopies. As an alternative, pick up an upright object that is present on the land plot: a trunk of a dry old tree, a fence, a wall of any structure. With this method, you will have a flowering garden area with lashings and you will be able to decorate nondescript and ugly objects.

Little tricks

  1. Zones that need to be camouflaged, for example, cracks in the base of a building, can be hidden by using cushion-shaped plants with a magnificent shape and pleasant color. Such vegetation most often tolerates shaded areas and can be planted in places with a small amount of sunlight, and in illuminated areas.
  2. The neglected appearance of the space is created by foliage showered in the fall. But because of the lack of time and constant employment, you are not able to manage to remove them, and all this spoils the general look of the garden. Spread around the territory of the plot ground cover vegetation, which will perfectly merge with the foliage and decorate this area.
  3. A bunch of compost gives a bad smell and spoils the aesthetic image of the landscape. By organizing a vegetable fence of decorative or berry, but pleasantly scented bushes along the heap contour, you will be able to solve two problems at the same time.
  4. If the children, cutting off the path, run on the lawn and tread fresh paths that do not look very nice, cover them with a small layer of gravel, and it will turn out as if it was planned.
  5. It is also possible to decorate the existing path of concrete slabs. It is necessary to extract parts of the track in a staggered manner and plant beautiful undersized plantings in these places. Thus, the design of the track will be much nicer.
  6. It is possible to update nondescript and pale tones of buildings and fences with the help of painting. Wall drawings will give the garden plot a spectacular, original and attractive look.
  7. It is possible to decorate an unhappy and inconspicuous garden with shrubs and plantings that can be cut. For example, boxwood. With the help of this method, you can decorate the garden with peculiar figured trees and shrubs.

Refinement of the dacha: simple but wonderful ideas

So, today we will learn to recreate concise, but divinely beautiful works of landscape design, without attracting experts and saving money, because the prices of their services, which is no secret, are shocking enough.

Where to begin?

First, let's take a sheet of paper, colored pens, pencils or felt-tip pens and a passport of the land plot (it indicates the size of the territory). And now we bring artistic talent to life and draw our possessions on a sheet. Is it done? Okay. We begin to divide the territory into zones. In principle, we focus on our taste preferences, but designers recommend to highlight and beautifully elevate:

  • the area in front of the house
  • the area around the bath and any other buildings,
  • the area where the gazebo and pergola are located, or rather its supports,
  • area near the fence.

In addition, you can decorate the playing area for children, the pool area, etc.

What materials to use?

Wow, there are a lot of ideas here! Even for tiny territories there is a mass of grandiose ideas! As they say, 6 acres - not a sentence!

In order to improve the territory, it is not necessary to spend money on the purchase of all kinds of dwarfs, ducks, swans and other “living creatures” intended to decorate a garden. You can apply different materials at hand. I am sure, at the dacha of this good - a bunch and a small truck!

So, to create mind-blowing masterpieces on the street, we use:

  • plastic bottles,
  • stones,
  • old stumps and fallen trees
  • car tires,
  • pipes,
  • sculptural items
  • furniture - armchairs, chairs, beds, tables,
  • dishes - kettles, pots, cups, glasses, plates,
  • shoes - boots, sneakers, shoes, slippers,
  • garden tools - buckets, carts, troughs, barrels, crates, watering cans,
  • sanitary ware - bathtubs, toilet bowls, sinks.

You can also use the old car, bike, motorcycle or moped. Incredible. Is not it? What else do we need? Well, of course, flower seeds. Here I am no longer an assistant, as they say, the owner is the master (more precisely, the hostess).

What to think of?

What can be created on the site? Many things! For example:

  • colorful lawn or lawn,
  • lovely garden paths,
  • refreshing artificial reservoir
  • sophisticated decorative arches and pergolas,
  • fabulous flower beds
  • unmatched live arbors.

Amazing lawn

To lay a gentle and colorful carpet of soft grass in the summer cottage, you have to work hard. We carry out such work:

  • we prepare a plot allocated for a lawn: we dig up the ground, remove all roots and debris accumulated in the soil, add fertilizers,
  • we plant the gifts of flora: we moisten the soil, we fluff up and evenly distribute the seeds to a depth of 3 cm so that they germinate and are not eaten by birds or dried out by the sun,
  • take care of the grass: gently water, mow, weed and fertilize.

If desired, a bright lawn can be decorated with wonderful sculptures, charming figures or bright compositions in the form of an overturned basket, from which fruits, vegetables or flowers are poured out.

"Green Carpet", in principle, is not whimsical, but it requires attention. Well, if you leave him to the mercy of fate, he will quickly avenge his horrible appearance.

Pretty garden paths

Of course, the lawn is already a small masterpiece, and in a duet with original paths it is a real work of art. The material for the tracks does not please cheapness, but this is not a reason to abandon the wonderful paths.

They can be created using stones, wood sawing, twigs and glass or brick chips. Tracks made from scrap materials look concise, but homely. Laying of any raw material is carried out on a sand-gravel pad, under which it is desirable to spread geotextiles.

Stunning artificial reservoirs

The fountain at the dacha looks incredibly impressive. Silent singing of water, chirping birds and the scent of flowers - this is probably paradise Why do not we make such a miracle on the site? So, we carry out such work:

  • digging a hole
  • we strengthen the trench
  • install the tank
  • we mount a special small pump,
  • pour water
  • decorate the fountain.

As an ornament fit a variety of plants and decorative lighting.

No less magically looks at the site pond. It is constructed very simply:

  • digging a hole
  • we strengthen the trench
  • we set the capacity, for example, the old bath,
  • pour water
  • we decorate a pond.

What to do if there is no suitable capacity? Elementary! Cover the bottom and walls of the future reservoir film. Only whole, and not torn.

The role of the decor is perfectly performed by fragrant flowers, small pebbles or large stones, shells, figurines in the form of fish, frogs, storks, water lilies and floating flower beds.

It looks fabulous on the site of the stream, decorated with huge stones and plants - ferns, reeds, bergenia, marsh irises. For its construction:

  • choose a place
  • remove the soil along the contour of the reservoir,
  • we cover the bottom with geotextiles,
  • we pour crushed stone or pebble,
  • we add fragments of ground glass so that the brook glistened when the sun embraces it with gentle and bright rays,
  • we lay big stones on the shore,
  • equip the bridge,
  • we plant plants along the contour of the reservoir - barberry, viburnum, daylilies, etc.

As you can see, it is very easy to recreate amazing compositions from improvised means. The main desire.

Graceful arches and pergolas

At the summer cottage, arches and pergolas are beautiful in the passionate embrace of climbers. The design can be made of plastic and metal pipes. As for greenery, the choice is huge. Ordinary ivy or grapes are wonderful, marvelous clematis, noble climbing roses and elegant honeysuckle are delicious. Just imagine: in the summer, pergolas or arches are wrapped in rich greenery, in the spring - in soft foliage, and in the fall - in fire crowns.

Divine flower beds

In order to improve the dacha, we will settle on it delightful residents who pamper the intoxicating aroma, lush flowering, and stunning appearance. The colorful gifts of the flora look perfect everywhere: around the house, in front of it and behind it. Flowers can be used the most simple, but you need to think about the design. Although, what is there to break your head? Wonderful and exclusive ideas do not count.

Is there an old log lying around? Fine. We make a notch in it, fill it with earth and plant flowers. Is there a stump in the yard? Great. We take out the "insides" from it, fill it with soil and plant the plants. Do you have an old boat, a barrel, a cart? Wonderful. We make a luxurious flowerbed in unnecessary things.

In the garage is a retro car, which is a pity to take to the dump? Is incomparable. Raise the hood, fix it so that it does not close, throw away the "insides", fill it with earth and plant flowers. In the attic, old shoes, dishes, plumbing are waiting for their time. Well, their finest hour has come! Master them vases!

Is there a metal bed, chairs, stools, washstands? Yes, we are fabulously rich! We extract all these treasures to the light of God, we cover them with a film, we pour earth and plant flowers. Are there unnecessary vases and jugs? We fill them with soil, lay them on one side, plant the plants, creating an imitation of the stream. You can continue indefinitely!

Now let's talk about the colors. Peerless:

  • delicate daisy
  • graceful mallow
  • bright sepabryinka
  • subtle marigolds,
  • fragrant peony,
  • fluffy dahlia,
  • wonderful aster
  • lovely balsam,
  • curly hyacinth,
  • elegant petunia.

There is a mass of plants, pampering lush flowering, charming appearance and fragrant smell. The choice is yours.

Elegant live arbors

Designers recommend to get a live arbor. Just imagine: you are sitting in the gazebo, breathing in the sweet smells of plants, and you feel how the body is filled with the force of nature. Indescribable feeling! In addition, such a structure looks incredibly impressive. How to make a wonderful arbor? Pretty simple. For this:

  • choose a place
  • we buy seedlings (suitable birch, maple, linden, willow, as they are very flexible),
  • we plant trees at a distance of 1 m,
  • we establish supports between saplings, having connected with a wire,
  • fasten the branches to the wire when the trees start to grow,
  • when the seedlings grow to 2 meters, we begin to create a roof from their branches, weaving together,
  • To cover the bare trunks, we plant vines,
  • form the interior decoration.

Over time, flowers and trees will create an amazing gazebo for the envy of everyone. Of course, you need to take care of this masterpiece, but it's worth it.


A variety of sculptures on the site look very interesting. For example, you can build funny little animals from car tires and plastic bottles painted in bright colors. In addition, painted stones look original. Of these, you can make ladybirds, deer, piglets, hedgehogs, hares. “Housekeeping” is arranged in a chaotic order or we create an amazing composition.

What conclusions suggest themselves? And they are the following: to ennoble the dacha without investment is a reality. Cash is not needed here. Главное – это буйная фантазия и жгучее желание!

Креатива Вам, дорогие друзья! До скорой встречи на других страницах блога. And don't forget to sign up for updates bye!

Quote of wisdom: Of young people, those who blush are better than those who turn pale.(Caton Mark Portia).

Beautiful flower beds, flowerpots, flower beds

Ordinary potted flowers and small flower beds, unfortunately, do not look original and quickly become boring. But there is a solution: it is necessary to collect all the old utensils, household items that have become unusable and are gathering dust in the attics and in the barns. That antiques are able to transform and create a unique style of your site.

These items include:

  • Leaky watering cans and wooden barrels,
  • old stools, benches and chairs,
  • broken bicycles, car tires,
  • Krynki, troughs and china.

Barrels are successfully turned into beds for climbing plants. We fill the containers with earth, make holes and plant crops. Extremely unusual, but beautiful vases also come out of the sinks or toilet bowls.

Car tires, put vertically on each other, will perfectly serve as a flower bed. When the flowers begin to curl and grow downwards, get a beautiful flower fountain.

A broken bike can also be turned into an original pot. Instead of sitting and steering set potted flowers. Just do not forget to fix the design.

Chests, grandmother's suitcases, wicker baskets - than no flower beds? If they look untidy, you can cover them with a special tool that protects the tree from rotting.

From the old stool or chair, remove the seat, set the container with the ground and plant everything you want.

Metal backs from beds will be an excellent support for rose bushes, raspberries or climbing plants.

A broken vase, fragments of china will be useful for creating an original stream. Put a vase or jug ​​on its side, fill it with soil, lay out a kind of small streamlet around glass or porcelain and plant any plants. You can create the impression that streams of moss, young or sedums flow from a jug.

Shoes, torn boots and boots, arranged in a chaotic manner, will create a collection of unusual lawns, with flowers of different shapes planted in them.

Garden figures and sculptures

Shady areas of the garden, where there is little vegetation, will be perfectly complemented by straw figurines, gnome figurines and house sculptures. If the area is small, then the figures, respectively, should be miniature. In the garden of a large area and statues can be made larger.

From the tire covers a great variety of cartoon characters and fairy tales, all kinds of animals and birds.

By the way, ordinary plastic bottles are a cheap and easy-to-use material from which you can create an original decor for a cottage composition.

Fountains, artificial reservoirs

When a country site is large, you can build a pool or a multi-level fountain. And what to do if the garden is small, and you really want to have a reservoir? In this case, it will be enough to dig the required size of the hole and install a bath or any plastic container into it. If there is no bath or container, you can simply use polyethylene. We lay the bottom of the film and fill with water. The edges can be beautifully decorated with flower beds or pebbles, pebbles, small cobblestones.

Already existing water can be perfectly transformed with the help of flowerbeds floating on the surface. It is very simple to make such a flower bed: we take a plastic container, make small holes in the bottom, line the geotextile and fill it with soil. Above you can plant your favorite flowers and lower the design on the water.

Bright and original garden paths

Paths and paths on the plot will look attractive and cozy, if they are laid out of small hemp, twigs, pebbles, mosaic tiles or fragments of colored plastic. Any material must be laid on a sand and gravel base.

In order for your cottage to please your eyes not only in the daytime, but also at night, you should think about the lighting, but not just install lights or hold the light around the perimeter, you can make the plot at night fascinating and attract attention. And will help in this simple tin cans. We take a jar, draw any interesting pattern, make holes in the pattern with a nail or an awl. It remains to paint the case in a bright color and attach a wire handle. Set inside the candle. You can fasten a few cans and hang a garland of them in a certain part of the garden. For the decor and fit glass jars. We paint them with acrylic paints and install candles.

Making an original and attractive garden plot is simple. A little effort and you will want to again and again admire the masterpieces that you have made yourself.

Landscape Design Ideas:

How to correct the shortcomings of a small area with the help of landscape design:

What to consider at the design stage

First you need to decide on your desires and preferences about refining your own possessions. It is necessary to take into account climatic features, as well as the relief of the site and its size.

To do this, first of all, take a sheet of paper and draw on it a plan of your site with all the buildings on it. Then apply those objects that you would like to create in the process of refining. Make a list of trees, shrubs and flowers that will be placed there, taking into account the existing ones. The next step will be the division of the territory into zones that need to be beautifully decorated. For example:

  • the area in front of the house
  • the area around other existing buildings (bath, outbuildings),
  • Children's play area (if needed)
  • arbor space
  • area near the fence,
  • arrangement of garden paths, lawns, flower beds and front gardens,
  • a place for the water element
  • plot for a dry stream and rock garden.

Ways to landscaping the site

There are various ways with which you can give a well-groomed look to your summer garden and decorate it. Consider more options that can be used for its design.

Lawn grass at their summer cottage looks very aesthetic. If it is properly planted, then it will not be difficult to care for it. In addition to the beauty of the landscape, you will still benefit from the fact that there will always be clean and fresh air on your site: 50 square meters for one year. m planted grass can absorb up to 40 tons of dust particles.

Another plus - in the summer you will not languish from the heat due to the high humidity of the lawn. It must be remembered that the best survival rate for lawn grass is early spring, when the earth is still full of moisture and there is no scorching sun rays. If you do not have time to meet the deadlines, then the lawn mixture can be sown in early autumn, when the rains have sown the earth.

There are different types of lawn grass:

  • Sports lawn - suitable for a planned playing place, for a children's area or for walking dogs. This herb is not afraid of trampling, it grows thick carpet and unpretentious to the soil.
  • Parterre or English lawn - not intended for outdoor activities, but more to please the eye with beauty and well-groomed. Such lawn mixtures are composed of tender herbs, require constant care and good soil. Parternaya kind of lawn is afraid of shaded areas and trampling, therefore, plays only a decorative role.
  • Universal lawn - it is rolled grass strips with turf. With the help of it you can equip any area for movement. The grass on such a lawn is tough, unpretentious and does not have a special aesthetic appearance. Such rolls need to be purchased in a specialty store, and at a cost they are much more expensive than if you buy grass seeds and sow them yourself. Under the universal lawn also need to prepare the soil in a special way and be able to properly lining the grass rolls.
  • Garden lawn - the most unpretentious option for the dacha: grass, included in the lawn mixture, is not afraid of any shading or scorching sunlight. They are also not demanding on the soil. Such a lawn is suitable for a recreation area and can be sown near a pool or an open patio.
  • Meadow or Moorish lawn - It is a lawn with herbs and flowers that will delight the eye all summer. This lawn mixture is not difficult to make: you need to pick up the plants so that they in turn can bloom throughout the summer season. Mowing the Moorish lawn is needed only occasionally to eliminate the flowering plants, making room for those that need to bloom. Grass on such a lawn grows up to 10 cm in height, so you cannot walk on it, because after crushing with legs, it may not restore its former appearance.

Once the type of lawn is selected, you need to prepare the ground for it:

  • remove all trash from the site and remove all weeds,
  • 3 times to dig up the soil and gently rake,
  • homemade roller (you can make a barrel) tamp the ground so that the soil does not subside, and again rake it loosen,
  • mix the seeds of the lawn mixture with sand and sow, without trampling them,
  • rake the soil again and ram it with a roller after that,
  • pad with seeds sown gently pour water.

Then, as the grass rises, it must be trimmed periodically for the best growing season, about 1-2 times a week. It should be cut in dry weather, but if the lawn has overgrown, then this procedure should be carried out in the morning, during the dew. Each time it is necessary to mow the grass in different directions so that the cover is straight and level. Lawn mowing Watering is necessary depending on the soils on which your lawn grows. If it is loam, then irrigate as needed, but do not pour. Grass growing on sandstone is watered twice a week in hot weather.

Garden paths

Without country paths, not a single country house with a plot appears. They are needed to connect all the objects on it. Therefore, they perform an important function in the dacha décor. Next, we will discuss what types of garden paths there are:

  • garden paths - These are natural, previously trodden paths on the site without prior planning. They can be refined if laid out of paving slabs, and at the edges to build curbs of cobblestones,
  • gravel paths - it is possible to build this version of the path in the following way: dig a ditch of the necessary length, width and 10 cm in depth. Lay out the bottom and edges of the ditch with geotextile with good density, and reinforce the sides with curb tape. Pour gravel, screenings, rubble or pebbles on the prepared base. This option will look beautiful if the backfill, painted in different colors, arranged alternately, dividing the path into zones,
  • flood tracks - for this type of paths you need a concrete base, on which natural stone, tile or paving stones are subsequently laid. The finished structure should rise 5-10 cm above the ground in order to avoid erosion by rain flows and mud sediments. This kind of path is suitable for heavy loads.
  • paths from wooden bars and cuts- For this option, it is desirable to use solid wood (maple, walnut, poplar, oak, birch), provided that you live in a dry climate zone. To build a wooden path, you need to cut segments of a length of 1 m, a width of 30-40 cm and a thickness of 20 cm and treated with fuel oil or other protective composition against moisture and rot. Then prepared the bars lay on the base of sand or small gravel. It is better to lay a wooden path in the autumn period, so that during the winter the soil beneath it settles and its natural ramming occurs.

If your site has old felled trees, then it is just a godsend for the equipment of garden paths. To do this, you need to cut trunks and branches into equal cuts.

Then put a geofiber into the finished ditch to protect the path from grass germination, pour a layer of sand and lay cuts on it. To reinforce the individual elements of the track, it is necessary to fill in small wooden gravel or screenings between the wooden parts.

Flower beds, flowerpots and front gardens

Flowerbeds and front gardens are used to decorate the summer cottage. This, you can say, "hall" or "reception" of your country house. Flower arrangements can visually combine the appearance of the building with the vegetation in the garden, creating an atmosphere of comfort and harmony.

Here you need to take into account the fact that planting flowers around the site, you can not place them randomly, otherwise the picture of the landscape design of the yard will not work.

To create a beautiful and harmonious flower bed or front garden, you need to combine mixed plantings of annuals and perennials, complementing them with beautifully flowering and decorative and deciduous plants, using the principle of multi-tiered. With this arrangement of flowers in the foreground will grow ground cover and undersized plants, which serve as a border for a flower bed, and medium-sized perennial plants will become the soloists of the flower beds, attracting the main attention.

Planting flowering tapeworms will look particularly impressive against the backdrop of decorative foliage or flowers in contrasting shades of tall plants.

Making out flowerbeds and front gardens, you can take into account the landscape features of the site: the location of the flower bed can be arranged as a flat composition or slightly elevated above the surface of the flowerbed and framed with decorative stones or tiles.

Another way to decorate your summer cottage can be placement of outdoor flowerpots with flowers. Many gardeners make their own from scrap materials, for example, old tires, or using outdated furniture and other household utensils. Outdoor flowerpots You can also purchase ready-made flowerpots in flower or other specialized stores.

The most popular outdoor vases in gardeners are clay, plastic, stone and concrete. You can also use metal, but at the same time take into account that they can be heated in the sun. Therefore, they need to be placed in shaded places and in time to water the plants planted in them.

Not all flowers can be grown in outdoor pots, as some plants may not have enough space for the root system. The following cultures can take root in the flowerpots: petunias, pansies, vervains, fuchsias, ageratums. Petunias in street vases When making your choice in favor of one or another type of pot, you need to remember that they must fit into the overall mood and design of your front garden. If the bed area is small, you should not put massive flower pots on it.

And, on the contrary, in a large flowerbed, small pot can simply get lost, and harmony will not work.

Fences for flower beds and flower beds

At the cottage attracts attention not only bright flower beds. Fences and fences for flower beds can be an important detail in the landscape design of your site. They give a feeling of completeness of the composition, can divide the space into sectors and serve as protection from the attention of children and animals.

Fences for flower gardens are different in purpose:

  • if you need to separate the lawn from the flower bed, then a mini fence with a height of 5 cm is suitable,
  • when the fence serves as a curb for a path in the garden, then it should be 10 cm high,
  • The fence in the form of limiting the spread of the root system of plants beyond the limits of the flower bed must be immersed in the soil to the required depth and be durable. Better if it is plastic tape,
  • for fencing flowers from children and pets built translucent picket fence not less than 40 cm high. Materials for picket fence - wood, plastic and metal,
  • to protect the rose garden you need a fence of 50 cm in height. Such a height will be optimal against the background of high flowering rose bushes,
  • Mixborders from low plants will look good in a frame of flat stones or paving stones, which can be laid out along its perimeter.
Fence from logs for a bed

Arbors usually serve as a secluded place in a country estate where you can relax and unwind. This element of the dacha landscape is also often used for business meetings or friendly tea parties.

It is important to successfully choose the location of this decor item so that it blends beautifully with the overall look of the landscape style.

To do this, you need to decide which arbor you want to have at your dacha: what materials, what type of construction, what elements of decor should you have. The most beloved option by summer residents is a pavilion for family holidays. It should be comfortable, with a fireplace or barbecue.

By type of gazebos are:

  • half closed
  • open,
  • light closed
  • in the form of a small house,
  • stationary (on the foundation),
  • temporary (collapsible options).

Forms of arbors are different:

  • rectangular,
  • round,
  • square,
  • non-standard,
  • polygons.
Semi-closed rectangular gazebo When you have decided on the type of gazebo, you need to decide where you want to build or install it.

It is desirable that this was a shaded place under the canopy of tall trees, away from the active source of noise. The arbor fits very well into the dacha landscape next to an artificial pond.

If you decide to build an arbor with your own hands, then its construction is carried out according to the classical method:

  • составление чертежа,
  • возведение фундамента и заливка основания под пол,
  • сооружение стен и крыши.

Окончив строительно-монтажные работы, нужно приступить к отделочным действиям внутри беседки и снаружи, чтобы придать сооружению индивидуальный облик.

Водная стихия

Artificial reservoirs at the summer cottage are a source of natural freshness and coolness. They give peace and aesthetic pleasure. If the site has a slope, then you can create a stream or a mountain stream, the bottom of which you want to put stones.

With a very steep slope, the stream bed becomes narrower. You can still arrange a few small cascades.

A favorite element of the water element among summer residents is a cascade waterfall.. To make it look natural, its height must be more than two meters. You can choose any form of drain (slack flow or flow with a strong flow). Equip cascades with small height differences along the course of the water flow. Cascade waterfall If your site has a source or an underground key, you can lay it out with stones and install a garden sculpture next to it.

Another example of landscape decoration is the fountain. With its design, you can show imagination and install light and sound elements, as well as special nozzles for jets of water.

When there is a desire to arrange a microcosm with vegetation and animal life, then a garden pond is exactly what you need. The shape of the pond can be arbitrary or geometric, but its area must be at least 3.5 square meters. m and a depth of 60 cm.

Such parameters are necessary so that the pond does not swamp and all life forms can be preserved in it. Ponds with a smaller area and depth must be cleaned with additional equipment.

The banks of the pond can be filled with marsh plants, having previously been reinforced with medium and small stones, and in the pond itself you can get ornamental fish. The bottom of such a reservoir is concreted or covered with special materials. Dachnaya pond It is recommended to regularly take care of dacha pond, otherwise fallen leaves and other organic residues may rot in the water, forming mud. For this, a long net from the surface of the water is collected various debris.

A hedge in a country house serves as a decorative division into zones, for example, separating an economic zone from a place of rest. The hedge is executed in different variants and from various plant material:

  • the design of the arch at the entrance to the site by weaving actinidia, varietal grapes or climbing roses through it,
  • fence of conifers. It can be planted along the paths leading to the ground floor of the garden. For this, spruce trees of beautiful conical shape are planted,
  • a living fence of maples. Trees sit along the fence near the roadway. In addition to decorating the fence, they absorb dust and noise,

  • decorating part of the fence with pyramidal thuyae and cypresses. Before them can be planted in a row of shrubs that are cut (bush honeysuckle, dogrose),
  • in the backyard along the fence you can plant hops or girlish grapes. By weaving a fence, these plants will shade ornamental groups planted on the site,
  • dogwood, barberry and spiraea can be decorated with a gazebo, allowing plants to twist around its supports,
  • economic zone can be separated by a fence of currant, raspberry or honeysuckle bush.
  • Grape hedge

    Dry creek

    An imitation of a water stream or a dry stream is an interesting and original look of the decor in the landscape of a country site. With the help of flowering plants, as well as stones of various shapes and sizes, an illusion of flow is created.

    Such decoration of the backyard landscape does not require large material and labor costs, as if it were necessary to build a real water flow, for which you constantly need to take care.

    Another advantage - it can be used for drainage of storm water. Along the shores of a dry stream, you can also plant any plants, in which it differs from a natural reservoir where only moisture-loving flowers can grow.

    Rock garden

    A rock garden, or a dry landscape, is a type of landscape design borrowed from the Japanese. Basically, such a landscape looks like a flat platform covered with small pebbles or sand, and the main elements on it are unclarified stones collected in groups.

    They are compiled according to certain Zen Buddhist rules. According to this philosophy, stones are divided into five types: Curved, Lying, Flat, Low vertical and Statue.

    All stones need to be selected in size, shape, color and arrange in such a way that an integral composition is composed. Properly laying a rock garden can only be a professional.

    If you are not adherents of oriental philosophies, but simply lovers of something new in landscape design, the rock garden may well fit into the overall picture of your site, as an element of the original decor.

    Elements of scenery

    Garden furniture can be a wonderful decor for your site, and sculptures will become accents in any compositions. They always transform the dacha space and serve as its real decoration. It is also important and proper lighting night garden.

    First, let's talk about sculptures. The first thing you need to determine how many of them you want to place and where they will look best. Garden sculptures should harmoniously fit into the general look of your garden and be combined with ensembles and compositions located in it.

    It is impossible to saturate with sculptures the landscape of the dacha: only one object of a garden sculpture should be visible from each point of the garden.

    The main thing in the selection of sculptures for the site is the style in which it was created. Each statue should correspond to the design of the garden and its color scheme. So that you can successfully pick up the crowning accents in the form of sculptures, it is important to remember that they are divided into three categories:

    • Antique - Greek statues (cupids, goddesses, amphoras, bowls and others). Such sculptures are suitable for a garden where geometry or elements of topiary art dominate (the art of cutting plants).
    • National - sculptures in the Italian style (nymphs, angels, fountains in the form of lion heads, terracotta products), in Asian (pagodas and Buddha statues), English (stone lions), Dutch (small mills). English National Sculpture
    • Pastoral - statues in folk style (household utensils, animals, castles, houses, heroes of fairy tales).

    To opt for a particular style, you need to carefully examine your site and decide which sculpture he needs.

    If we talk about the elements of garden lighting in the form of lanterns and lamps, they are designed to draw attention to the most beautiful and picturesque places in your garden. They can be placed:

    • near the statues
    • along the tracks
    • next to the lawns and flowerbeds,
    • as well as arrange the illumination of the reservoir in the form of underwater and floating lights.

    The garden needs lighting at any time of the year, especially when it starts to get dark early. Illumination serves as an ornament to exotic plants and decorative elements, and also allows you to move around the site comfortably and safely.

    As for garden furniture, besides attractiveness and convenience, garden furniture, verandas or gazebos should be moisture resistant, resistant to temperature extremes, sustainable and light. Choosing furniture for the garden, you need to consider:

    • the appearance of the site itself,
    • registration of a facade of a country house.

    It fits well into the country landscape wooden furniture in country style. If you need a more budget option, then plastic furniture with imitation wood can easily fit and decorate the country interior.

    The wicker furniture made of rogoza also looks beautiful, creating an atmosphere of lightness and comfort. Metal or wrought-iron furniture goes well with any design. The only thing that needs to be considered is that such furniture is installed only on concrete, stone and tiled platforms. Furniture made of cattail. Regardless of what materials your garden furniture will be, preference should be given to options with removable cushions. Just do not forget to clean them in the rain. Such pillows are washed in a washing machine.

    Not the last place in the gallery of garden furniture is occupied by sun beds, deck chairs and hammocks. They will not only decorate the landscape of your country house, but also allow you to fully relax in the fresh air.

    Thus, we see that it is quite a feasible task to refine and equip the summer cottage area with our own hands. To do this, you need your desire, some means, the ability to properly place accents and combine decor items so that they not only delight the eyes of the hosts and guests, but also contribute to rest and relaxation.

    Flower decoration - not invented by us

    The easiest way to start landscaping your summer cottage is to start with flowers. It is important when creating flower beds to pay attention to the colors used. Flowers can be planted in the form of beds, and in the form of rabatki. Perennial or annual plants are selected at the discretion of the host, as well as ornamental herbaceous plants and flowers that differ in height. What are the beds and how to properly equip them, we told in separate thematic articles. Today our conversation is about ideas for garden styling.

    Plants and flowers planted along the lawn and representing a blooming border will look appropriate. The center of a lush bright lawn can be decorated with a flowerbed with multi-colored plants of different heights. There are a lot of design options for flower beds! You can frame them with a wooden fence or with picturesque stones, make a fence of plastic bottles, sow the edges with ornamental plants or arrange with wooden saw cuts. To decorate the site with their own hands, even unnecessary household items and a variety of improvised accessories will do.

    Alpine slide: without snow, but with flowers

    Gardening suburban area is possible with the installation of alpine slides with their own hands. Alpine slides are now very relevant, even among novice designers, gardeners. It is important to remember that their creation will require a change in the relief of the earth, as well as the selection of the desired stones. Folding the alpine slide on a flat surface and decorating it with cobblestones and flowers, you can hardly see your dream in the end. Such a hill will not add any aesthetics, but only, on the contrary, will add foreignness to it.

    Mobile solutions - for decoration

    When there is no time and opportunity for a complete improvement of the garden, you can use pots, flowerpots or pots. By planting unpretentious types of plants in them, you will easily distribute all the beauty throughout the territory, and if necessary, you will rearrange it, thanks to the mobility of such a solution.

    Showing imagination, you can even ennoble the usual wooden box. Having painted it in an unusual manner or hanging it by the ropes, which were beaten like hands, you will add to the design a share of humor and fun.

    Flower pots are great for creating sculptures. Having picked up pots of different sizes, they are fastened with wire, refreshed with paints, they add flowers and woo-a-la - there are very cute and unique figures in front of you!

    Ponds are visible from afar

    What else do they like to decorate summer cottages, except for flowers? Of course, the ponds. Ponds and ponds in combination with green plants will become a paradise of your garden. On hot summer days, sitting here will be a pleasure. It is possible to design ponds in different ways, here an immense horizon of possibilities opens up for your imagination. On the shore of the pond, you can build a flooring of wooden boards, which, so as not to suffer from their impregnation and painting, can be replaced with composite ones. The advantage of this material is that it is not subject to rotting, does not change color and is very similar to wood. The correct name of this cover is decking. It is also ideally suited for the construction of a veranda or terrace, or for side sections of the pool.

    Even a little pond will bring in the charm of water.

    Stone slabs also perfectly cope with the role of the coast. The time spent will be justified, because as a result you will have a stunning and reliable reservoir. For better fixation of stones should prepare the ground. Part of the soil is removed, gravel is poured, carefully tamped and covered with a layer of sand. Stone slabs are laid out on top of the sand layer. For greater reliability, sand and cement should be filled in the form of a mixture in the intervals between the plates. Excess need to be removed and wait for the rain, which, having moistened the blind area, will allow cement to bond the plates with each other.

    Garden paths made of paving stones will be appropriate to move to the shore of the pond. Then all the decoration of the garden will be decorated in the same style. The technique is similar to the one we mentioned above.

    Lawn - beautiful Mouzon

    Arrangement of the summer cottage with their own hands will be half completed if you create a well-kept lawn on its small territory. Maintaining green beauty is not easy. Consider the following lawn care tips:

    • seeds for planting should be of high quality and appropriate to the local climate,
    • the edges of the lawn must be neat (you can use curb tape),
    • regular bevel grown grass is needed,
    • Do not forget about weeding, watering, feeding and repairing lawn flaws.

    How to make using the lawn area unique and inimitable? Drop it off as an unusual shape. This method of landscaping will add zest to your garden.

    The lawn as the basis of the wealth of green space

    Arches and pergolas so that the flowers were not naked

    Thinking about how to improve the dacha, one can not forget the pergolas, arches, trellis. You can decorate the path to the house by installing a pergola or decorative arch. Durable, but at the same time elegant design, entwined with a variety of bindweed, will be the perfect conductor to the recreation area. Having installed the arches at a short distance from each other, you, as a result, after a while, will get a shady corner, where it will be so pleasant to sit and read on hot summer days.

    Arch at the entrance is uplifting

    The choice of plants for landscaping decorative arches is very wide: it can be ivy, and grapes, and honeysuckle, and climbing rose, which have very beautiful buds when flowering. Choosing as a plant girlish grapes, you also will not lose. The color of the leaves will change from time to time: in early spring you will be delighted with delicate green fresh leaves, in the summer the foliage will acquire a rich green color, and in the fall, you will enjoy the view of bright red leaves.

    We decorate the toilet, as if it is not

    The first building at the cottage usually becomes not even a shed, but a toilet. A necessary thing, I must say. How can a toilet become an ornament, you ask, because our conversation today is about the transformation of the site? Let us tell you how to turn a very prosaic thing into a host of pride.

    Of course, putting a toilet in a visible place is not the best idea, but it can be beautifully decorated. For example, make it out of logs in the form of a birdhouse. Such a cute hut by itself evokes sympathy, and if you go in for gardening and plant flowers or low shrubs around, and even decorate a stone path, the building will play in a new way. See the photo below for an example.

    Regal toilet for the royal owner

    When we equip the plot, it is important to pay attention to style, where the priority is the appearance of the house. That is, choosing the design of the toilet, it is necessary to coordinate it with already existing buildings.

    Original options

    Dacha is a small country for creativity and limitless design. The host can use a variety of tools and materials to refine his own plot. We will tell you how to transform and beautify a boring garden patio and help it to become cute, cozy and unforgettable. Sometimes you don't even need to buy anything, just look around and you will find a lot of useful, but, alas, unnecessary things. We offer ideas for the design of the cottage, garden and vegetable garden, which are easy to implement with your own hands.

    Fairy straw third-bull bull

    His house is so reminiscent of his native village, where the grandmother kept a cow, pigs and other animals. How to return nostalgia to modern landscape design? Hay gobies will be very appropriate, and most importantly - not so much labor is needed. From the wire frame is tied, and the top is covered with hay. Check out how great it turns out.

    The touching charm of the hand-made

    Feeder feeder - not a rattle at all

    It is not necessary to uproot the old stump, which remained on the site. Make a bird feeder out of it. In the cold, your yard will become a haven for tits, sparrows and other birds who want to refresh themselves. All: both children and adults - will be happy to watch the bird's meal. The inner part of the stump should be hollowed out, leaving the side surfaces intact. Put some grains inside and your feeder is ready to receive the first guests. Having made it from a stump of a tree, you can hang the product on a branch near the house.

    The birds on the self-made feeder always sing beautifully

    Grass figures are right in their own way.

    Something similar is obtained if the figure is trimmed on top with a sheet of artificial grass. The coating is reliable, weatherproof and does not need watering. The frame can be made practically of any material, of course, taking into account the effects of moisture and sun. A wonderful example of garden sculpture is the rhino in the photo below.

    Grass donkey drags a lot of beauty

    Mesh shapes - just candy

    Garden figures from a grid become more and more popular. Это может быть и кувшин, и птица и ослик и т. д. Конечно, нужно немного повозиться, чтобы связать проволокой красивую фигуру из сетки с ПВХ-покрытием зеленого цвета. Такие изделия дополняются плетущимися и вьющимися растениями.Internal cavities can be covered with a small plastic mesh also green, and then filled with primer. Then you can plant any plants that are not demanding of moisture.

    A load of responsibility from flowers will not allow the peacock to fly away

    Decorative well - landscape wonderworker

    Beautifully look well-flower beds, from which a variety of flowers spill out. The presence of a well in the country or a well of concrete rings will allow you to create a decor on an existing base. Choose a brick or stone to revet the walls. Such materials are best suited, because they are well tolerated damp, and, therefore, will be a reliable "shelter" from rain, sun and frost. When you need to mask frameless installation, choose to decorate any material - lining or boards, siding, plastic panels or tiles. In the photo one of the options.

    Cart for decoration - for vision support

    This unusual design solution closes two tasks at once: serves as a flower garden on which you can place volumes at once of two flowerbeds, and it will also be a very original element of decor. Today you can choose a variety of carts options. Both sizes and styles will vary. The classic option is a cart in a rustic style, but some prefer to choose a cart in the style of the wild west or from the Provencal streets for their garden. Carts can be made of wood or metal, or have a combined parts.

    Old cart scatters beauty

    Small perplexities and ways to solve them

    Consider the most common problems of the areas that are most concerned about the owners. We improve uncomfortable and inconvenient areas:

    1. Lack of space for flower beds. A great solution would be the selection of beautiful stylized pots, pots and pot, in which you can plant any plants. Such dot decorations are very mobile and easily move from one point of the garden to another.
    2. The simple fence from a grid chain-link has no decorative feature and does not protect from prying eyes. The problem is solved by planting next to a fence of climbing plants, which, twisting around the grid, will create not only protection from prying eyes, but also present aesthetic pleasure. As a plant, choose a climbing rose, girlish grapes or ivy.
    3. Lack of space for arches and pergolas. As an alternative, choose any vertical object in the garden: an old tree, a fence, a wall of house constructions. Thus, you will get a blooming garden with climbing plants and decorate unsightly objects.
    4. Unsightly pillar on the frontal spot, spoiling the view. Decorate it with flowers that can be planted in cans. You can also plant a bindweed at the bottom of the pillar and allow it to decorate an ugly object.

    Step one. High-quality and well-groomed lawn - the key to success

    Sometimes it is enough to equip a small area with a beautiful lawn, and the appearance of the site will change significantly for the better.

    True to maintain such beauty will have to work hard. Only when performing certain actions the lawn will be beautiful and well maintained:

    • quality planting material adapted to your climate
    • trimmed and neat lawn edge (use of curb tape is possible),
    • timely bevel of grown grass,
    • top dressing, weeding, watering and "repair" of the green carpet.

    Unusual forms of the lawn will give the site a special decorative effect.

    Step three. Decorative arches

    Not enough green lawn? Garden path pleases, but something is missing? Then we go further. On the way we will establish a decorative arch or a pergola. Entwined with climbing plants design decorate the site, inviting to go into the garden or recreation area.

    Several arches installed one after another, over time, will overgrow with plants so that they create a pleasant shady corner where you can hide from the scorching sun and rest from work.

    The choice of plants for arches is great: from the usual girlish grapes and ivy to the flowering vines (honeysuckle, clematis, climbing rose). But girlish grapes will delight you during the season with a variety of colors: soft green leaves in spring, rich greens in summer, and especially beautiful reddening leaves in autumn.

    Step Four. Flower beds and flower beds

    The flowers and various flower compositions give a special decorative effect to the site. To make such compositions look beautiful, it is better to arrange them in the form of flower beds or organized flower beds with the selection of planting material corresponding to the color scheme and flowering period. As part of the flower beds can be both annuals and perennials, flowers and ornamental herbaceous plants that differ in height.

    You can plant plants in the form of a border along the lawn.

    Or to organize a dense bed of different height somewhere in the center of a green lawn.

    And how many options exist for the design of flower beds. This includes framing them with various materials: a fence, a wooden fence or a brick around the perimeter, wooden cuts or decorative cuts, a fence made of plastic bottles, or a completely unusual use of improvised material and even household items.

    The usual old log, a long time, lying somewhere on the site or in the woods, can become an attractive flower bed. In the same way, you can decorate the stump of a cut tree or an old tub.

    Many liked the unusual design move - decoration of the garden, decaying means of transportation (cart, bicycle, boat). Decorated in the form of flower beds, they become the main art object in the garden.

    And even an old retro car that has been idle for a long time in the grandfather's garage can become an element of the landscape.

    Alpine hills are especially popular. But to create them, it is sometimes necessary to adjust the relief of the site and select the “right” stones. On a flat, flat relief, a hill made of round cobblestones and decorated with plants will look like a “dog grave”. Such a slide will be random and will not bring extra beauty to your site.

    Particular attention should be paid to the selection of stones for rock garden. The stones are selected not only in form, but also taking into account the plants that you plan to plant in this composition.

    If, nevertheless, there is no extra space on the plot to decorate a beautiful flower garden, then there certainly will be a piece of land near the house. This is where you can arrange a decorative front garden.

    Of course, care is also needed for flowers: weeding, feeding, watering, otherwise a beautiful flower bed will turn into neglected thickets.

    With a shortage of time or space, but if you want to be sure to decorate the dacha, use flower pots, pots or garden potting for planting unpretentious flowering plants. Such elements are easily transferred at will from one zone to another.

    As the pot, you can use any that has become useless dishes (pots, buckets, watering can), and here you can show creativity. To decorate products with mosaics, painting, to glue them over with wooden slats, to braid them with a rope or a rod - everything that is enough for your imagination.

    You can also use old shoes as a cache-pot - a very interesting and original solution.

    Step five. Pond arrangement

    We continue to move on. What else to decorate the garden? Or maybe dig a reservoir? In a fairly spacious area you can arrange a pond or pool. With a shortage of space - a small mini-pond or stream. This construction will certainly become a highlight of the landscape.

    For the arrangement of the pool we need a lot of money and appropriate training. A mini-pond to build the power of each. To create a reservoir, you can purchase ready-made forms of plastic, or make a concrete base. An old bath is suitable as a bowl.

    Great attention should be paid to the exterior design of the reservoir, planting plants and decorative lighting.

    The bridge built through a pond or stream will add even more decorative effect to the overall composition.

    We continue movement. Step Six - Decor

    Decor - a set of elements for the design of something. Our task is to decorate the dacha. What else can decorate the area, in addition to the above methods?

    Garden sculpture - an object designed not only to decorate the garden, but also to attract and stop at a glance. Garden sculpture should be consistent with the overall style of the garden. It is very important not to overload the territory with these elements.

    Garden sculptures and various crafts can be made by hand from the material at hand. The rule is the same - do not overdo it. Too many different handicrafts will break the harmony of the garden.

    The fence at the dacha can be not only an element of the fence, but also a decorative component of the entire appearance of the territory. There are many ways to create the fence and decor of an existing fence.

    If there is a wooden saw cuts on the site, it is perfectly appropriate to decorate some part of the fence with the same cuts.

    The fence fence is perfectly combined with elements of the landscape, decorated in the same style.

    You can decorate the fence with various hanging elements, painting, or creeping plants - vines. Flight of fantasy is not limited.

    An integral part of the garden decor is garden furniture. And everyone chooses it in accordance with their own taste and style at home.

    The table set in the shade of the trees is not only the decoration of the site, but mainly the place where the family gathers for lunch, tea and talk.

    Step Seven. Beautiful beds

    Even the most banal beds can become a real decoration of the suburban area with an appropriate approach to their design.

    The beds, decorated in the style of a regular French garden, will combine two functions at once: beauty and rational use of the territory.

    The bed, decorated in the form of a flower bed, will undoubtedly decorate any summer cottage.

    In this case, the beauty of the beds is achieved by a well-chosen assortment of plants: in shape and color.

    Our journey does not end here. We are only stopping. Ahead of us are waiting for new meetings and topics for discussing summer and near-flooded topics. Spring and summer are ahead - time to translate ideas into reality.