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Periwinkle - medicinal properties and contraindications


Small periwinkle belongs to the kutrov family. In the people it can be known as ivy, grave, coffin grass, nyushka, povy, kreschatik. Thanks to bright, beautiful blue flowers, this plant is sometimes planted in front gardens or in vegetable gardens. But what else is interesting periwinkle small? Use, contraindications and recipes with this plant will be described in this article.

Plant description

Periwinkle is a perennial evergreen shrub. It can grow in height up to 35 cm. The roots are thin, up to 70 cm long. The stems of the plant are of two types: creeping and vertical. The first type is non-bearing, stretched by one and a half meters and rooted. The vertical stems grow upwards by 20 cm. The leaves are short-stalk and last all winter. In shape, they are oblong-elliptical, 3-5 cm long. From above, dark, green, slightly lighter below, gray-green, shiny. The leaves are collected in whorls of 3 pieces.

Flowers are dark blue and dark blue colors, their diameter is 2-3 cm. On the pedicels are located one by one. The fruit of the plant is two curved leaflets up to 8 cm with brown seeds. Vinca blooms in May and June. Fruit ripening begins in June.

This plant attracted the attention of man in ancient times and was considered a medicine due to the fact that magical power was attributed to him. But already in the 18th century they learned to use it as a sedative and hypotensive drug. Although physicians at the time were actively using periwinkle, the therapeutic properties and contraindications were not fully studied.

Where grows

This plant loves the steppe slopes, the edges of deciduous forests, logging and the space between bushes. Periwinkle is widespread in the European part of Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, Moldova, Belarus, the Baltic States, in the Caucasus, as well as in Asia Minor. Distributed by roots, dividing the bush and seed way. In the care of the plant unpretentious, normally tolerates shade. Today, periwinkle is often planted as an ornamental plant in flower beds, parks, or cemeteries. In the cold winter can freeze slightly, but in the summer will definitely recover. Although many have seen periwinkle blooming in the woods or beams, the beneficial properties of the chemical composition of this plant are not known to many people.

Plant composition

In past times, this shrub was used only for certain diseases. Years later, additional research was carried out, it turned out which areas of health can affect periwinkle. Medicinal properties and contraindications depend on the chemical composition. The grass contains more than 20 alkaloids, among them there are those that have oncolytic action, these are Minorin, Devincan, Isomaidin, Reserpine, Aymalicin, Pubescin, Vinin and others. The composition is malic, acetic, ascorbic, succinic acid. It also contains rutin, carotene, flavonoids, mineral salts, pectin, triterpene saponins, glycosides, phytosteropes and tannins.

Medicinal properties

Given the rich chemical composition, which has periwinkle, medicinal properties and contraindications are in the following areas. The plant can be used as:

  • wound healing
  • hemostatic (improves the contractile function of the uterine muscles),
  • hypotensive (dilates blood vessels and lowers vascular tone, thereby reducing pressure),
  • sedative (Vincamine alkaloid affects the nervous system, calming it),
  • blood cleaning
  • astringent (the plant has a inhibitory effect on pathogenic flora),
  • laxative (increases muscle relaxation of the small intestine,
  • fortifying (improves metabolic processes).

It is worth noting that periwinkle pink is rich in alkaloids, which have antitumor effects, they have a damaging effect on cancer cells.

Use in traditional medicine

Traditional healers in their recipes often use periwinkle. Medicinal properties and contraindications of this plant allow using it for various ailments. So it has a beneficial effect on migraine, dizziness, fever, scurvy, toothache, bad breath, enteritis, stomach pain, diarrhea, and colic. Also, periwinkle is useful in the treatment of bronchitis, tuberculosis and colds. It can be taken to people who have hypertension. The plant is often used for female belah and sexual weakness in men.

Periwinkle is used externally if bleeding from the nose, uterus, lungs or hemorrhoids occurs. If inflammation has developed in the oral cavity or a toothache has arisen, rinses are prescribed. Lotions help if rash, itching, weeping eczema, or wounds occur.

How to cook a plant

You can independently assemble and prepare for further treatment of small periwinkle. Medicinal properties, recipes of traditional medicine were collected over the years. Below are some tips for preparing a homemade periwinkle medicine:

  • Hypertension. Boil a spoonful of chopped leaves in 200 ml of water for 20 minutes. Take filtered broth 4 times a day for ¼ cup.
  • Colds, intestinal disorders, fever like hemostatic, wounds, rashes and mouth rinses. Crushed shoots and leaves 2 tbsp. spoons dipped in 300 ml of boiling water. Boil for another 15 minutes, then wait another hour for the agent to infuse. Take 100 ml, three times a day. From this broth make compresses and rinsing.
  • When lowering the sexual tone. Preparing tincture on vodka or alcohol (250 ml). 20 g of flowers and herbs are dipped in alcohol. Bring to a boil and set aside to cool. Take 8 drops in the morning and at night for 4 days. After that, two days break. This scheme is repeated only three times.
  • Dermatitis. Spoon the grass in a thermos and pour boiling water. Dampen gauze and make wrapping of affected areas with cooled, filtered infusion.
  • Headache, nosebleeds, cough, eczema and skin rash. Prepare tincture on alcohol and take.
  • Allergic diathesis. Ten fresh leaves to grind and mix with a spoon of melted butter. Heat the mixture and set aside for 20 minutes. Strain the mass of rubbed problem areas of the skin.
  • Internal bleeding. It is suitable for itchy dermatitis and washing of wounds. Grass and flowers (30 g) should be dipped in boiling water and put on steam with the lid closed for 10 minutes. Strain the already cooled decoction. Three times a day to drink half a glass.
  • Headache. 20 grams of plants (leaves) insist in 100 ml of alcohol. The drug is ready for use on the 10th day. Take three times a day before meals, five drops. If the disturbances are caused by a narrowing of blood vessels in the brain, in this case it will not be superfluous to plant such a useful plant as periwinkle on your site.


Periwinkle is allowed to use only after talking with a family doctor. This indication is especially relevant if the medicine is applied by mouth. Periwinkle is a poisonous plant, any overdose is unacceptable, because it can suppress the work of the heart, in some cases, such treatment can lead to cardiac arrest. Do not use for the treatment of bradycardia, lactation and pregnancy.

Collecting and harvesting

In this article, attention was paid to how periwinkle can help (medicinal properties, application and cautions were considered). Therefore, you can prepare this plant yourself, so that this useful collection is always in the first-aid kit. Flowers, leaves and stems are harvested in May and June, when the periwinkle blooms. Roots can not pull out. Raw materials are laid out in a ventilated place and dried during the week. Since the plant is poisonous, it is dried in those places where there is no person.

Healing composition

The composition of dwarf shrub includes many important acids: succinic, ursolic and malic. It is rich in vitamin C, proteins and tannins. There are more than 20 types of alkaloids that prevent the occurrence of cancer.

The effect of glycosides on the heart is positive. It is intended as a treatment for atrial fibrillation using unconventional methods. Pectin in its composition eliminates the body from poisons and lowers blood cholesterol.

Plant use:

  • To expand the vessels of the brain and heart.
  • To reduce uterus.
  • Eliminate bowel spasms.
  • Used as a painkiller.
  • For the treatment of bronchial inflammation.
  • For getting rid of headaches, heat, unpleasant aroma from RT.
  • Treats impotence.
  • Therapy of diabetes.
  • To stop bleeding.

The healing characteristics of the medicinal shrub are as follows:

  • It delivers oxygen to the brain.
  • Enhances the functioning of the heart.
  • Toning veins.
  • Eliminates muscle spasms of the arteries.
  • Resists bacteria.
  • Prevents diarrhea.
  • It has a diuretic effect.

Periwinkle is used for the treatment of diseases of the organs of vision, in particular, if there are vascular spasms or blood circulation disorders in the retina.

The plant perfectly cures diseases of the spine, children's neuritis of the facial nerve, regenerates brain function after injuries and diseases. Among the ailments that are affected by this healing plant are: hearing loss, runny nose, myeloma, leukemia, tachycardia, and many other diseases.

Many serious diseases are cured with vinca-based products. With the help of an infusion prepared from this semi-shrub, it is possible to improve the condition of the face, restore skin elasticity and softness.

How to prepare it correctly

For healing purposes, the plant is harvested at the beginning of summer, during the period of rapid flowering and fruiting. Harvest flowers, leaves and plant stems. The processes must be cut, and not dig up with the roots, otherwise the plant will die.

Raw materials are dried under natural conditions. It is best to lay it on the gauze and put it on the lawn. He dries for about a week in clear weather. If it is raining outside, then you need to transfer the raw materials to the house, to a place that is well ventilated.

Cooked raw materials have no smell and bitterness. It is placed in a glass jar and stored for two years. When harvesting we must not forget that the plant is very poisonous, so you need to be very careful.

Use in alternative medicine

Recipes use periwinkle great variety. Here are some of them:

  1. To stop bleeding and treat skin ailments. To carry out the therapy, it is necessary to prepare the infusion: 30 g of the plant, together with the inflorescences, is poured with a glass of boiling water and the container is placed in a water bath for 10 minutes. As soon as the composition has cooled, it is filtered and 0.5 cups are drunk 3 times a day. This same wipe wipe damage or redness on the skin.
  2. Composition for the treatment of diseased gums. For rinsing the mouth, the plant is boiled in wine or milk. For this: a spoonful of grass is poured with 0.5 liters of water and put to boil for 10 minutes, then insist another 20 minutes. As soon as the composition was filtered, the periwinkle was squeezed and poured with wine or milk, so that the infusion circle would come out.
  3. For the treatment of ulcers on the skin. Spoon the plants pour a glass of hot water. Insist about 5 minutes, then allow to cool and filter. The resulting infusion lubricates pus on the skin.
  4. For the treatment of male impotence. To prepare the tincture, take 100 g of herbs, pour a bottle of vodka and allow to brew for 2 weeks, stirring regularly. Take 5 droplets mixed with a spoon of running water, twice a day, preferably in the morning and at night. The duration of therapy leaves 4 days, then pause for 2 days and continue the treatment. All you need to go through three courses of therapy.
  5. Infusion from cancer. It will take 50 grams of plant flowers and a bottle of vodka. Raw materials are poured with alcohol and insist a week in a warm dark place. Capacity is constantly shaken. Then the infusion is cleaned and take 7 drops before each meal. Infusion must be washed down with water.
  6. For leukemia and lymphocytic leukemia the following tincture will help: pour a spoonful of herbs with a glass of hot water and allow to stand for 20 minutes in a closed container. Take three times a day on a spoon before a meal.
  7. Infusion from formations on the skin. For the preparation of boils from a boil with a capacity of 0.5 liters pour the raw material at ¾ and pour a bottle of vodka. Capacity tightly clog and put in a dark place for 10 days. The resulting composition is treated boils three times a day.
  8. From children's diathesis. For the treatment of this disease apply a plant-based healing healing ointment. A spoonful of butter must be melted and add 9 crushed periwinkle leaves. The composition is again heated, allowed to cool for 15 minutes. and clean. Ointment smear red spots on the skin of the child.
  9. Remedy for tonsillitis. If there are problems with the larynx, then the periwinkle-based tincture in a short time will relieve them and also cure such a disease as a sore throat. You will need a spoonful of foliage plants and a cup of water. All you need to mix, put on the fire and boil for 20 minutes. Then the composition is cooled and insisted, filtered. Add warm boiled water to make a full glass. Tincture caress larynx three times a day.
  10. Anemia. Infusion for anemia is prepared from the foliage and flowers of the plant. 3 spoons of dry raw materials pour a cup of water and mix well. Take a spoon six times a day.
  11. To increase potency. Infusion on periwinkle is used to increase male power. Spoon chopped leaves poured a quarter liter of water. Cook for 10 minutes and allow to infuse in a dark place during the day. Then the composition is cleaned and consumed in a spoon twice a day, a quarter of an hour before meals.
  12. From hypertension. 2 spoons of finely chopped leaves pour 0.5 liters of warm boiled water and put on the stove to boil for about 10 minutes. Then the reservoir is cooled and cleaned. Use a third of the cup three times a day before meals.
  13. With an epileptic seizure. For the treatment of this serious illness use the foliage and flowers of periwinkle in the form of infusions, tea, tincture. Spoon of dry raw material is poured with a cup of hot water. Capacity is wrapped in a blanket and insisted for two hours. Then the infusion is cleaned and consumed 2 tablespoons three times a day.
  14. With bleeding of the uterus. It is necessary to prepare a healing broth; for this, 3 spoons of raw materials are poured with a glass of water and put on the stove. The rest is brought to a boiling state, removed from the stove, hidden in a blanket and insisted for 2 hours. Then take three times a day on a small spoon.

From migraine
Infusion of this medicinal plant perfectly affects the vessels of the head, eliminating spasms and relieving headaches. You need to take a spoonful of raw materials, pour 100 g of alcohol and let it stand for 3 weeks in a dark place. Need to drink 10 droplets three times a day.

You can make a healing boil that will help to deal with a headache. To do this, a spoonful of crushed raw materials is poured with a glass of running water and boiled on low heat for a quarter of an hour. Then allow to cool and clean the brew. Use three cups three times a day.

Universal porter
A spoonful of finely chopped plants is poured with a glass of water and set on fire for about 20 minutes. Allow the composition to cool, filter it, then dilute it with a cup of warm boiled water. We use 1/3 mugs three times a day. The resulting brew will help with such illnesses as:

  • Intestinal obstruction.
  • High pressure.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Inflammation of the bronchi.
  • Male impotence.
  • Eliminate toothache.
  • Colitis.
  • Improve metabolism.
  • Slows down the growth of cancer cells.

From high pressure
To get rid of this disease you need to prepare a healing herb from herbs. For this we need:

  • A spoon of white mistletoe and periwinkle.
  • 2 spoons of valerian healing.
  • 3 spoons hawthorn.

Raw materials are crushed, thoroughly mixed and filled with hot water in the proportion of a collection spoon for 2 cups of hot water. Collect infuse for about an hour and filter. Take a month, three times a day for a third cup one hour after a meal. As soon as the course is completed, the infusion should be consumed every month for 2 weeks in order to consolidate a positive result.

Periwinkle use in the beauty industry

The plant is so multifunctional that it has found application even in the beauty industry. It is part of a variety of cosmetics. Manufacturers add it to various lotions and ointments to increase skin tone. Apply the plant to create different shades of lipstick and original fragrance in perfumery. However, in all cosmetics its percentage should not be more than 10%.

Useful properties of the plant

Vinca alkaloids - substances that have caused most of the beneficial properties of this plant. In the aerial part contains about 20 of these compounds. These are aquamycin, devincan, minorin, vinblastine. The most prominent property of alkaloids is the ability to inhibit the growth of tumor neoplasms.

В состав растения входят витамин С, дубильные вещества, флавониды, каротиноиды.

Препараты барвинка малого, а также приготовленные в домашних условиях средства с этим растением, обладают такими свойствами:

  • dilation of cerebral vessels, improvement of blood circulation in them,
  • improvement of myocardium,
  • strengthening the vascular wall,
  • reducing the intensity of pain of different origin (dental, headache),
  • lowering blood pressure
  • improving the function of the optic nerve,
  • destruction of malignant tumors,
  • cessation of bleeding,
  • fertility treatment in women
  • reduction of ischemia after cerebral strokes,
  • correction of the functions of the vestibular apparatus, the fight against impaired coordination,
  • rendering sedative effect.

Preparations with periwinkle are widely used in hypertension, osteochondrosis, cancer, tuberculosis, and gastric ulcer. Also means with periwinkle used in migraines, vegetative dystonia, fever.

Despite the many beneficial properties of periwinkle, there are also contraindications to its use. The plant and preparations based on it are not allowed to be used during pregnancy and lactation, as well as in bradycardia.

Improper use of periwinkle for medicinal purposes can cause impaired function of the heart muscle. In the most severe cases, it is fatal.

Medicine with periwinkle

Vinca preparations are represented by such medicines:

  1. Devincan. The drug contains alkaloid vincamine, obtained from the plant. Devincan has a sedative and moderate hypotensive action. The tool is prescribed for hypertension of the second and third degree, autonomic neurosis. Release form - tablets and solutions for intramuscular administration.
  2. Oxybral. The drug contains alkaloid vincamine. The drug affects the brain tissue, normalizing metabolism at the cellular level and stimulating blood circulation. The tool has no toxic effect on the liver, kidneys, blood. Oxybral is available in the form of capsules and solution for injection.
  3. Sclerovish. These are periwinkle-based drops, which also consist of Astrogal wooly-flowered grass and Yakorens creeping. The main pharmacological action is antisclerotic. Drops delay the development of atherosclerosis, improve blood circulation in the brain vessels, normalize blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.
  4. Rozevin. This drug belongs to the group of cytotoxic drugs that inhibit the growth of malignant tumor cells. Rosevin embodies the medicinal properties of pink vinca: the preparation contains an alkaloid, which is extracted from this plant. This drug is used for cancer of the lymphatic system, malignant bone marrow tumors, myeloma.

The use of drugs that contain periwinkle extract is strictly controlled by the attending physician. If necessary, adjust the dose.

The use of periwinkle in traditional medicine

The use of periwinkle in traditional medicine is not limited to pharmaceutical preparations, as part of which there is an extract of this plant. Medicinal products can be made by hand.

Based on periwinkle, the following recipes are prepared:

  1. Infusion that helps with hypertension. To get it, you should take a tablespoon of crushed periwinkle leaves, put the raw materials in 200 ml of boiling water and put in a water bath. Boil a quarter of an hour, remove the heat, let the liquid cool. Filter, squeeze the liquid from the remaining raw materials. Apply the periwinkle tincture in this way: drink the third part of a glass of the obtained product three times a day.
  2. Tincture of flowering shoots. This tool is used to treat malignant tumors. To prepare it, take 50 g of flowering shoots of the plant, pour 500 ml of vodka and let it stand for a week in a warm place. During the specified period, shake the container with the tincture. After seven days of exposure, filter and squeeze. To accept in the morning and in the evening, on 5-7 drops, washing down with water. Reception exercise before meals.
  3. Periwinkle tincture for potency. To prepare, take 100 g of dried grass periwinkle, pour 500 ml of alcohol (40%). Means to insist for two weeks. Capacity with tincture periodically shake. Take 5 drops, diluted in a tablespoon of water, morning and evening, for four days. After that, take a break for 2 days, then repeat according to the indicated scheme. Treatment takes 3 such consecutive courses.
  4. Collection that helps with hypertension, vascular dystonia. You will need periwinkle leaves, valerian roots, blood red hawthorn leaves, viburnum bark. All components take 2 tablespoons. Also add 3 tablespoons of mistletoe herb and a tablespoon of caraway fruit. Mix everything and take a tablespoon of the mass obtained from vegetable components. Pour the specified volume with a glass of boiling water and put in a water bath for 15 minutes, then remove and let stand for 45 minutes. When the medium has cooled, top up with cold boiled water so that the volume of the infusion is a glass. Take the drug in half a glass, 3-4 times after meals. The duration of treatment is 21-30 days.

When using periwinkle in traditional medicine, the raw materials should be properly harvested. Collect it in the spring and early summer. Cut periwinkle is recommended pruner or scissors, the place of the cut - 3-5 cm above the soil surface.

Dry periwinkle need 5-7 days, spreading the plant on gauze or mesh. This should be done in well-ventilated areas, for example, in the attic. You need to lay out the plant in a thin layer, up to 5 cm.

Periwinkle is a plant with useful properties that is used in various diseases, including such serious pathologies as ischemia, malignant neoplasms, and hypertension. Applying drops of periwinkle or any means prepared on its basis, you should strictly follow the instructions. We also recommend that you read about the medicinal properties and rules for using calendula, goldenrod, and echinacea.

Amazing vitality

The name "periwinkle" comes from the Ukrainian language and literally means "bright wreath."

Indeed, the plant blooms with delicate lilac flowers.

Among its advantages is the rapid adaptation to any conditions of life, unfading foliage and healing properties.

About the medicinal purpose of periwinkle knew many centuries ago.

He was even endowed with magic power and worn as a talisman, protecting against evil sorcerers.

European girls used the flower for fortune telling and called it a witch’s violet. If someone was sentenced to death, then before they killed, they threw a periwinkle petal into boiling fat.

There is a petal - the condemned is not guilty, bounces off the oil that has turned up - the guilty person is burned at the stake.

With the help of bouquets hanging in front of the house, the Alpines protected themselves from lightning.

Ukrainian brides wore lilac wreaths on their heads, and the newly-married couple of newlyweds were showered with petals, wishing them happiness and longevity.

In the 18th century, the periwinkle ability to soothe and reduce high blood pressure was discovered (the symptoms and treatment of renal folk remedies are written in this article).

And what do you know about the healing properties and contraindications of badger fat? Recipes of traditional medicine are published in a useful article.

Read about the healing properties of bear bile on this page.

Secrets of the workpiece

With medicinal purposes, periwinkle small is harvested in May-June, when it blooms and bears fruit.

For harvesting, they take not only flowers, but also the leaves and stems of the plant. Shoots need to be cut, not ripped out with roots, otherwise the periwinkle will die.

The extraneous processes, withered leaves are removed, then the raw materials are dried in the open air. It is best to spread it on gauze, laid on the grass.

It takes no more than seven days to dry if the weather is good. If it rains, periwinkle laid out in the rooms, constantly aired, or on the street under a canopy.

The finished raw material does not smell, but it tastes bitter. The grass is placed in a glass container and stored for two years. Periwinkle - a poisonous plantso be careful with him.

Useful composition

As part of the periwinkle small a lot of useful acids:

  • amber
  • ursolic,
  • apple.

The plant is rich in vitamin C, carotene, tannins.

Alkaloids, of which there are more than 20 species, stop the growth of malignant tumors.

Pectin removes poison from the body and reduces cholesterol.

Spheres of application

Periwinkle dilates the blood vessels of the brain and heart, causes uterine contractions, relieves tension in the muscles of the intestine.

Folk healers use the plant for pain relief, treatment of bronchitis, migraine, malaria, elimination of bad breath.

Periwinkle is used to get rid of male impotence (recipes for treating nettle impotence are published here), to ease the symptoms of a cold. Diabetes mellitus is also treated with it..

External application helps to stop the bleeding.

Oral Inflammation removed by rinsing, and lotion with healing herbs impose on wounds and eczema.

And what do you know about sesame, the useful properties of which are described with the article on the use of seeds in traditional medicine.

What is the use of bell pepper for human health is written here.

Among the medicinal abilities of periwinkle are the following:

  • supplies oxygen to the brain
  • improves heart function
  • tones the veins
  • relieves muscle spasms,
  • fights harmful germs
  • holds together with diarrhea (compote of dried fruits will help),
  • has a diuretic effect.

The plant is used to treat eye diseases (eye exercises for hyperopia), especially if there is a spasm of blood vessels or blood flow in the retina is disrupted.

Periwinkle copes with:

  • osteochondrosis,
  • children's neuritis of the facial nerve,
  • restores the brain after suffering injuries and diseases (signs of a microstroke).

Among the diseases for which the action of a medicinal plant is directed:

  • neurosensory hearing loss,
  • vasomotor rhinitis,
  • myeloma
  • leukemia,
  • neurogenic tachycardia,
  • Hodgkin's disease.

These and other complex diseases are treated with the use of drugs that include periwinkle (Vinkamin, Devinkan and etc.).

Women use the plant to make a decoction. With it, they improve the complexion, return skin elasticity and velvety.

Traditional medicine tips

We give the main and most effective of them.

Stop internal bleeding helps to decoction, for the preparation of which are needed:

  • grass with flowers (30 grams),
  • boiling water (350 ml).
    Periwinkle is boiled under a closed lid in a water bath for 10 minutes.
    After cooling, pass through cheesecloth.
    Accept, three times a day for half a cup.
    This broth moisten and external wounds:
    ulcers, reddening of the skin with dermatitis.

You will need:

  • 200 ml of water and a tablespoon of crushed leaves.
    Boil for 20 minutes, cool, pass through cheesecloth, then add another glass of chilled boiled water.
    Take a third cup three times a day.

This decoction will help to cope with:

  • constipation
  • hypertension,
  • tuberculosis,
  • bronchitis,
  • impotence
  • colitis (read about diet here),
  • relieve toothache
  • speed up metabolism
  • slow the development of cancer.

The broth is used externally: they wipe the skin in cases of dermatosis. For the treatment of sore throats they gargle.

To rinse and fight gum disease periwinkle boiled on wine or milk in the calculation:

  • 10 grams of plant for 2 cups of liquid.
    Boil for 10 minutes, then leave to infuse for another 20 minutes.
    After straining, squeeze well, add boiled wine / milk to make 200 ml decoction.
    They are treated and asthma.

Purulent wounds on the skin clean and tighten with periwinkle tincture:

  • 1 tbsp. l herbs pour 200 ml of boiling water.
    Without removing from the stove, insist about five minutes, then cooled, passed through gauze and applied to the wound.

Men are advised to drink tincture. periwinkle with impotence. For its preparation take:

  • 100 grams of plant
  • insist 14 days on 500 ml of alcohol (40%).
    From time to time shake the container with the tincture.
    Drink 5 drops mixed with one tablespoon of water twice a day, preferably in the morning and before bedtime.
    A course of treatment is 4 days.
    After two days of rest, they repeat the course.
    It is recommended to undergo 3 courses of treatment.
    This recipe is also suitable for getting rid of migraine.

For cancer patients Vinca-based remedies help slow the growth of tumors (using tincture of wax moths for oncological diseases). To prepare take:

  • blooming periwinkle shoots (50 grams),
  • insist on vodka (half a liter) for 7 days, in a warm place.
    Every day, the container is shaken.
    A week later, the tincture is filtered, squeezed out the leftovers and drunk, twice a day, 5-7 drops before a meal.
    Be sure to drink water.

Coping with leukemia and lymphocytic leukemia helps the following infusion:

  • Vinca herb (teaspoon) is filled with boiling water (200 ml),
  • insisted 20 minutes under the lid closed,
  • The medicine is taken before meals, up to three times a day, in a tablespoon.

If boils form on the skin, they are treated with periwinkle tincture on vodka. Prepare so:

  • a half-liter jar of periwinkle leaves falls by one quarter,
  • poured vodka (half a liter),
  • tightly close the container lid,
  • placed in a place where the sun does not penetrate.
    After 9 days, the medicine is taken out and the boils are washed 2-3 times a day.

For the treatment of diathesis children use an ointment made from vinca leaves:

  • 9 leaves rubbed into the palms and add melted butter (a tablespoon),
  • everything is re-melted
  • cool for a quarter of an hour
  • pass through cheesecloth.
    The mixture is treated with redness.

Bounce back high blood pressure You can use a set of herbs, among which is present and periwinkle:

  • periwinkle and white mistletoe (photo) - a tablespoon,
  • valerian officinalis (instructions for use of tincture for children written here) two tablespoons without top,
  • hawthorn (3 spoons).

Everything is finely crumbled, mixed, filled with boiling water at the rate of:

  • tablespoon of collection + 2 cups boiling water,
  • insists hour
  • filtered.
    Collection drink about a month, three times a day, 1/3 cup an hour after a meal.
    After the end of the course, in order to maintain the effect, the infusion takes 10 more days of each month.

Danger when applying

Small periwinkle - a plant of poisonous. It can be used, especially, inside, only at appointment of the doctor and in strictly observed dosages.

A well-known traditional healer reveals in the proposed video the secrets of making tinctures and applying small periwinkle.

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Periwinkle has a number of contraindications:

  • diarrhea,
  • pregnancy (only strictly prescribed by the attending physician),
  • children, especially up to 14 years old
  • under reduced pressure
  • in some blood diseases, especially thrombophlebitis,
  • with allergic reactions.

There are cases that after taking such a drug there are unpleasant sensations, such as weakness, dizziness, redness of the skin, and so on. In this case, it is necessary to stop the fight and stop using it.

Leaf decoction

To prepare you need:

  • take the leaves of the plant in the amount of 200 grams,
  • put in a small container and pour boiling water,
  • cook over moderate heat for 10–15 minutes,
  • at the end let cool and strain through gauze (you can fine sieve),
  • drink 3-4 times a day about 50 milliliters per reception.

Decoction of dried grass

It is necessary:

  • take dry grass in the amount of 2 tbsp. l.,
  • put in a small saucepan (better enameled),
  • pour 250 ml of boiling water,
  • put on the fire and bring to a boil,
  • after turning the heat down and continue cooking for 10 minutes,
  • remove from heat, cool,
  • strain through cheesecloth.

Infusion can be consumed from diseases of the heart, circulatory system, blood vessels, as well as with heavy bleeding. The recommended dosage is 100 ml 3 times a day.

Alcohol tincture

  • the leaves of the plant and its flowers are taken,

This tool helps to cope with impotence, the main thing is to take 50 mln. Times in the morning and evening. The total duration of treatment is 1 week. If necessary, after a break of 14 days, you can continue the course.

Exists another version of alcohol tincturewhich helps to get rid of male weakness. It also requires leaves and flowers of the plant, only in the amount of 100 grams. They are filled with 500 milliliters of vodka, but unlike the first method, you need to insist for a whole week on the windowsill so that the sun's rays fall directly on the container with the liquid.

Crushed in in the amount of 20 ml 2-3 times a day for a week, then a break and resumption of treatment (if necessary).

Leaf ointment


    take in the amount of 50 grams of crushed leaves (always only picked from the plant),

The resulting ointment to lubricate problem areas on the skin, in particular, ulcers, eczema, irritation and so on. It is applied with light movements (using a clean disc) with a small layer, after 30 minutes it is allowed to remove all residues with a napkin.

Care includes the following points:

Как собирать и заготавливать

Собирать растение необходимо строго в определённые месяцы:

Also experienced growers, it is advised to collect in the morning, better at sunrise.

For procurement required:

If the plant is not intended to be cooked immediately, then it is necessary to dry it, for this:

  • leaves, stalks and flowers are crushed (the latter can be left intact),
  • laid out on newspapers or thick paper,
  • stored in a well ventilated place (for example, in the attic)

“I have been engaged in the preparation of periwinkle for 4 years, I have been collecting and drying it in order to make ointment in the future. With the help of this tool, I got rid of the ugly spots on my hands completely, and since then I have been rubbing a remedy to prevent reappearance.

Alexandra, 48 years old, Voronezh

“Recently, I have problems in the female part, often painful sensations in the lower abdomen, violations of the cycle. She began to make a decoction of the leaves and take 3 times a day for about half a cup at the time of exacerbation of the disease. As a result, the pain has noticeably decreased, and the cycle has become more regular. ”

Nikolay, 57 years old, Khabarovsk

“A decoction of dried leaves of periwinkle save from high blood pressure. For me, there is no better means, for so many years I tried almost everything, but the result was only of short duration. Only after a seven-day course of decoction, I forget about pressure for at least 2 months, moreover, my general condition also improved significantly. ”

Blitz Tips:

  • take the plant as a remedy only after consultation and appointment as a doctor,
  • Do not use more and longer than recommended,
  • it is necessary to maintain pauses between courses of admission,
  • follow all recommendations for collecting and harvesting grass,
  • be sure to provide the plant proper care.

Periwinkle chemical composition

Different types of periwinkle contain different chemicals. Vincamine was found in the small periwinkle, and in pink - reserpine and vincalecoblastin.

But absolutely in all forms there are alkaloids of the indole series. Vinca herb also contains ascorbic acid, bitterness, carotene, rutin, tannins, saponins.

Useful and pharmacological properties of periwinkle

Periwinkle is used in the treatment of such diseases: hypertension, neurotic condition, arrhythmias, vegetative-vascular problems. It also relieves vascular spasms, increases the tone of the uterus and diuresis.

In folk medicine, it is used as a special tool for cleaning and stopping blood. Tinctures and decoctions should be made and taken if you have: rheumatism, scurvy, diarrhea, fever, teeth ache, cough for a long time, infertility.

He also easily copes with the treatment of tuberculosis, eliminates brain spasms. Effective in the treatment of facial neuritis and polyneuritis.

And if you have problems with the skin of the face, then you should simply wash with a decoction of periwinkle.

Preparations based on periwinkle in traditional medicine

Periwinkle is common in traditional medicine. The use of periwinkle is always beneficial to human health, if used in the right dosages.

Such medicines are made from it as: Vincamine, Vincathon, Devincan, Vincristine, Vincapan. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

This medicine stimulates metabolism in the central nervous system, dilates blood vessels and improves cerebral circulation.

It should be taken if you have: concentration is disturbed, memory deterioration in old age, cerebral circulation, migraine, and head spasms. If you breastfeed a child, taking this substance is contraindicated.

Another of the periwinkle-based drugs, which supplies cells with oxygen, boosts mental activity, improves coronary and cerebral circulation.

Causes such side effects: skin rash, tachycardia, various manifestations of allergic reactions, lowering blood pressure. Contraindicated in people who have suffered a myocardial infarction or have arrhythmia.

It regulates vascular tone and affects the decrease in peripheral vascular tone, calms the central nervous system, has a moderate hypotensive effect. This remedy should be taken if you have: neurogenic tachycardia, hypertension 1 and 2 degrees and various autonomic neuroses.


It consists of periwinkle rose extract.

This medicine belongs to chemotherapeutic anticancer agents. At the metaphase stage, vincristine blocks cell division.

If you use it in high doses, it will suppress the synthesis of DNA and RNA.

This drug is made on the basis of small periwinkle. You should take it if you have health problems in the following directions: neurogenic tachycardia, frequent dizziness, arterial hypertension, deterioration of memory and concentration in the elderly, impaired hearing and vision, female menopause, headaches, undeveloped thinking and intelligence in children and adolescents.

Proper dosage and regular use will help you cope with all these diseases.

How to prepare and store for the medical purposes the Vinca herb

Periwinkle has so many-sided healing properties and brings so much positive to human health that we need to solve the main task: how to properly assemble and prepare it for treatment. The main rules for the collection and storage of periwinkle:

  1. Collect periwinkle worth starting in spring and ending in July.
  2. Cut it should not be less than 3-5 cm from the ground.
  3. To pull out this plant with its roots is prohibited.
  4. After collecting all the leaves, stems and flowers, they should be carefully cleaned from foreign debris.
  5. It is necessary to dry the plant in the open air, with a temperature not lower than 40 ° C.
  6. If the weather is sunny and dry, then the periwinkle will dry out within a week.
  7. Periwinkle is a poisonous plant, therefore it is better to work with it in gloves and to wash hands thoroughly after it.
  8. Ready raw materials can be stored no longer than 2 years.

Recipes of traditional medicine for the treatment of various diseases

Periwinkle is considered a universal remedy, as its use for the treatment of almost all human diseases is practiced in both traditional and traditional medicine. If you follow all the instructions and take the treatment seriously, then you will be able to use it to heal your ailments.

Gargling for sore throat

If you have a sore throat, then the periwinkle infusion will quickly relieve you of both them and such a disease as angina. You will need 1 tablespoon of small periwinkle leaves and a glass of water. Mix it up and simmer for 20 minutes.

You give him time to cool and brew, then filter and add cold boiled water to make a glass. Gargle 3 times a day.

Anemia (anemia)

Periwinkle tincture with anemia consists of grass and flowers of periwinkle. We count 3 pinches of dry periwinkle and fill it with 200 ml of water, mix. You need to drink a little, up to 6 times a day.


The periwinkle tincture has a positive effect on the brain vessels, relieves spasms and reduces headaches. Take 10 g of grass and insist it on 90-100 ml of vodka, putting in a dark place for 3 weeks. Take should be 10 drops 3 times a day.

If you do tincture for you for a long time, you can quickly make a decoction. Crush one spoon of periwinkle herb and fill it with 220 ml of water, boil on low heat for 15 minutes, cool and squeeze the sediment. Take 1/3 cup 3 times a day.

Improved potency

Periwinkle tincture is also used to improve male potency. A teaspoon of crushed leaves pour 1/4 liter of water. Boil the mixture for 7 minutes. It is necessary to insist in a dark place the whole day. After the contents should be filtered and taken a teaspoon 2 times a day for 20 minutes. before meals.

Hypertension, migraine

If you have high blood pressure and migraine, then the periwinkle will help you with this problem. 2 teaspoons crushed periwinkle leaves pour 2 cups of boiled water. Boil for 10 minutes. After cooling it and strain, take 1/3 cup 3 times daily before meals.

How to use periwinkle in cosmetology

Periwinkle is such a universal remedy that it has found its application even in cosmetology. It is included in the composition of skin and body care products (even for children). Some manufacturers add it to enhance the tone in lotions and creams.

Periwinkle is also used to create different shades of lipstick and an unusual smell in perfumery. In all of these funds, its percentage of content should not exceed 10%.


Perennial grass with beautiful azure or pink flowers. Extremely tenacious, adapts to any growing conditions. Alcoloids that have a multifaceted impact are identified in the composition. Strongly lowers blood pressure, has an antitumor effect. Toxic, therefore requires caution when using.

The name "periwinkle" refers to a whole genus of plants. It includes dwarf shrubs and perennial herbs that grow almost throughout the world. But in folk medicine, not all members of a large family are used. Of interest is only a small periwinkle, the healing properties and contraindications of which today are formulated quite fully.

Features periwinkle small

This plant has many amazing properties, so it is present in the cultures of the peoples of Europe and Asia. It is distinguished by its phenomenal vitality. The leaves are long preserved on an evergreen shrub, and in spring the periwinkle looks almost as attractive as in the fall. The plucked flowers do not wither for a long time; they remain fresh until the moment when they are fed by a drop of water.

Because of the tremendous resistance to external conditions, the plant was credited with miraculous power. He was considered the source of eternal life, a talisman of evil spirits. In the Middle Ages, periwinkle acquired the meaning of the funeral and ritual flower. It was planted in cemeteries, honored as a symbol of eternal love and memory of the deceased, with which its folk names are connected: the burial ground, the sepulchral grass. Wreaths were made from it for divination; in Germany, with the help of a magic flower, they tracked down witches.

Periwinkle. Botanical illustration from the book of O.V. Tome "Flora von Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz", 1885.

The small periwinkle is an evergreen shrub with a soft cylindrical stem. It does not grow up, but spreads along the ground, superficially resembling a liana. But its shoots are small, the length of bare stalks reaches no more than sixty centimeters. Bush littered with numerous leaves of rich green color with pronounced veins.

The plant blooms in May, during this period small flowers of regular shape are revealed on the tops of the shoots. In the small periwinkle they are white or pink, which is why the plant is called periwinkle pink. A large relative of the periwinkle large flowers is blue, they are not used in medical practice. Flowering lasts a long time - until the first decade of autumn, after which the seeds in the form of smooth pods form in place of the flowers.

The culture is spreading quickly, it is well acclimatized at the places of planting and accidental hit of seeds. Therefore, often near the territories of organized planting of periwinkle (in park areas or in cemeteries) there are glades of wild evergreen grass with neat pink flowers.

Geography and distribution

Today, periwinkle grass is found in different parts of the world. It grows in Europe, where it is cultivated for decorative and medical purposes. It grows in Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia.

Its homeland is Indonesia, from where the distribution of the plant began in ancient times. In modern Russia, periwinkle grows in the Crimea, in the southern and south-western regions. It prefers forest edges and steppe slopes, often settles in thickets of bushes.

In industrial volumes it is cultivated as an annual grass on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.

Composition and properties

The healing properties of periwinkle were known in ancient times. The plant was used by ancient Greek healers Plinius and Dioscorides, as mentioned in the manuscripts.

The study of the composition of grass and flowers of periwinkle was conducted in the Soviet years. But until the end it has not been studied to date. It is known that alkaloids are present in the composition of the plant, more than twenty compounds have been isolated.

  • Alkaloids Minorin, Vincamine, Vinin, Pubiscin. The composition of these substances are similar to reserpine - a chemical compound that has a complex effect on the body. Reserpine affects the peripheral nervous system, relaxing it and increasing the productivity of neurochemical processes. Reserpine preparations are used in psychiatric practice for the treatment of mental disorders.
  • Alkaloid devinkan. Organic compound, moderately lowering blood pressure, shows sedative properties. The antihypertensive effect is associated with the ability of Devincan to lower vascular tone, reducing the severity of resistance of peripheral vessels and expanding the vessels of the brain. On the basis of the alkaloid isolated from the periwinkle plant, the drug drug Devincan is made. It is prescribed for hypertension of the first and second degree.
  • Alkaloids vinblastine, vincristine, vinorelbine. Complex chemical compounds of cytostatic range. To date, these substances are attributed to the vital means of cancer treatment. Cytostatics violate the growth and development of all cells of the body, thus preventing the spread of the tumor.

Infusion for hypertension

For the treatment of hypertension in the first and second stages, the periwinkle infusion is used. Apply the drug should be a course - for ten days, then take a break.

  1. Crush the grass of the plant. Use a teaspoon of raw materials.
  2. Fill with boiling water of 200 ml.
  3. Insist up to twenty minutes.
  4. Strain before use.

Take medication infusion should be no more than three times a day, a tablespoon.

Infusion for skin treatments

The healing properties of the periwinkle are manifested in high-quality disinfection of the skin with complicated dermatitis, eczema, purulent wounds. The recommended infusion is used only for external treatments. Take it inside is impossible.

  1. Crush dry grass, use a tablespoon of raw materials.
  2. Fill with boiling water of two hundred milliliters.
  3. Put in a water bath, rub on the stove for thirty minutes, not boiling.
  4. Cool and strain.

Wash affected areas several times a day. When used externally, the agent does not present a danger of intoxication.

Infusion for bleeding

Medicinal plant increases blood clotting, can be used to treat bleeding of an established nature. It is not recommended to use the infusion in case of an unidentified cause of bleeding, since such conditions represent a threat to the life of the patient.

  1. Crush raw, use one teaspoon.
  2. Fill with boiling water of two hundred milliliters.
  3. Warm in a water bath for fifteen minutes.
  4. Leave it for fifteen minutes.
  5. Strain.

Take a medicinal infusion up to three times a day, one third of a glass.

When using drugs, it is important to remember that Vinca contraindications are its toxicity. You should carefully monitor the state of health when taking the funds inside. And when the condition worsens with the appearance of drooling, nausea, urge to vomit, dizziness, stop taking the remedy and seek medical help. It is also not recommended to use the tool for hypotension because of the risk of critical lowering blood pressure.

Recipes infusions based on periwinkle have a complex effect on the body. The drugs lower blood pressure, relax the nervous system, and therefore are highly effective in treating arterial hypertension. On the basis of the alkaloids isolated from periwinkle, anti-cancer agents are produced. At home, you should use medicinal raw materials with caution because of the toxicity of the plant. It is safe to use as infusions for external skin treatments.