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Wood swing with their own hands


Everyone knows that most children can ride on the swings on the street for hours. Children like the feeling of flying. In apartment buildings you can find swings, which are installed on playgrounds. But on private sites they are usually set by caring parents. Simple design allows you to make a swing swing with your own hands. In addition, parents can involve their children in the process of construction, construction or decoration.

Let's take a closer look at how you can independently make children's wooden swings.

Outdoor wooden swing

The most common option is the manufacture of wooden swing. And this is not surprising since such structures have a number of advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly,
  • Timber available,
  • Low manufacturing costs
  • Simple work
  • Safety, as wood is a soft material, which significantly reduces the risk of serious injury from falling.

Due to the properties of the tree, wooden hanging swing can be seen almost in the territory of any private yard or cottage. In terms of mobility, they are usually divided into portable and stationary. Wooden structures, unlike metal ones, are most often made stationary, since wood does not have sufficient weight for stable standing.

Where to install

Choosing a place to installThe following points should be considered:

  • Viewable. It is desirable that your child is in sight.
  • Remoteness. The economic zone or a reservoir located nearby is not a good place for games. If you do not have another opportunity to establish a swing, then you need to protect the site with a fence. It is also necessary to ensure that the swings are placed at a safe distance from the fence, walls with windows, trees and other obstacles to flight. It is strictly forbidden to install structures around communications.
  • Shaded and illuminated. Places must be chosen light, but in summer, especially at noon, it is necessary to create an additional shadow.
  • Humidity. It is worth paying attention to the fact that street swings made of wood will become unusable due to excessive moisture, not to mention its harm to the child.
  • There must be no drafts at the chosen place.
  • The site should also be free from poisonous plants, allergens, honey plants or thorny bushes.
  • The topography of the soil is also an important point in the choice of location. Before installing the swing place must be leveled. Thus, you will not have to vary the length of the support pillars, and the baby will not interfere with anything.
  • Pay attention to the fixtures of each construction node.

Product design selection

First of all, children's swing made of wood should be safe. Most often, the ability to stably stand on the surface is determined by the configuration of the frame. Before starting the main work, it is necessary to decide what the future framework will be. His choice is important in ensuring the safety of the structure.

Types and types of frames are divided into the following:

  • U-shaped frame. This view is the most economical design model. For its manufacture will require the least amount of lumber. In addition, the support will not interfere with the movement of the child, and also will not cause injury through negligence. But at the same time, it is worth paying attention to the fact that in order to ensure good stability of the structure, its supports must be concreted. Therefore, these swings are stationary. U-shaped frame is ideal for installation on soft ground and for the manufacture of overhead sectional swing.
  • L-shaped frame. Such frames are often referred to as an inverted V. It is more stable in comparison with the previous version. With this design, you can not only hang the swing, but also make a children's corner.
  • X-shaped frame. It is a variation of the previous type, but the fastening of the uneven supports is performed not in the place of their joint, but slightly lower, at a distance of about 20 cm. At the intersection of the vertical bars, jumpers should be laid. This is a simpler method of making a support. It is worth noting that such a frame needs additional reinforcement in the form of a side stop.
  • A-frame. This type is the most reliable of all designs due to its bridges that strengthen the support. Therefore, it is recommended to give your preference to exactly this kind of support, if you plan to expand structures by arranging stairs, installing a rope for climbing or other elements for children's entertainment.

Drawing production

This stage allows you to determine the optimal dimensions of the future design, as well as calculate the load and choose the right combination of wood species for manufacturing. Also using the drawing, you can determine the exact amount of material required and the parameters of the workpieces.

Drawings must carry the following data:

  • Frame shape,
  • The dimensions of the future structure, including the height and perimeter of the base,
  • The presence and installation of any additional elements
  • The type of seat and their number
  • Suspension length and view.

The size of the future wooden swing must be determined on the basis of the following parameters:

  • The age of the baby, what the length of the suspension and the size of the seat will depend on,
  • Growth of the child, so that the length of the suspension is determined

Tip! Hangers and swing seat must withstand the weight of the child. But it is recommended to make a certain margin of safety up to 120 kg, so that several children or a child with an adult would fit on the swing.

Material for production

In order for a wooden suspended structure to be of high quality, it is necessary to choose the right wood. It is recommended to give preference to more durable species: larch, oak, birch, pine, spruce. It should be noted that the lumber must be dry, of good quality, with no holes, falling knots and other defects.

Then you can prepare the material, depending on the chosen type of frame (dimensions are in mm):

  • For the frame, it is necessary to prepare a bar 80 by 80 or 100 by 50 in the amount of 2 pieces. For all other types of frame 4 beams are prepared.
  • As a crossbar, a log is used in the same section in the amount of 1 piece.
  • To make a seat, you need a board measuring 600 by 300 by 25. If you are making a seat for a child up to two years old, you need to think about additional elements in the form of handles, backrests and fences.
  • For the suspension, a welded target with a corrosion-resistant coating is suitable. It can also be replaced with a strong rope, which climbers use. The length of the suspension should be equal to two heights of the swing.
  • In order to secure the suspension, it is necessary to use a carabiner, steel corners or hanging hooks. Their number will depend on the method of attachment.
  • The wood is treated with a primer.
  • For decorative use wood varnish or paint.
  • For concrete racks, you must use sand, gravel or cement.

As for the tools, you will need the following: plumb, screwdriver, drill, saw, level, plane, grinder.


When you chose a place to install, it is necessary to remove all remnants of debris, get rid of thorny shrubs, level the area.

Hanging wooden swing on the street should be safe for the child. Therefore, each bar must be sanded to eliminate the appearance of splinters. All wooden elements also need to be coated with a primer. You can already prime the finished swing, but then there is a chance of breaking wood at the attachment points.

As mentioned earlier, there are several ways to frame the device. We will consider with you the main nuances of mounting each of the above frameworks:

  • N frame. The production of this type begins with the fact that it is necessary to fix the vertical posts and the upper jumper. After this, it is necessary to dig two cavities in the ground, the depth of which should be from one third of the entire height of the support. At the bottom of the grooves pouring a pillow of sand and rubble, after which the rack is installed, concreted. When concrete hardens, it is possible to install suspensions with a seat.
  • A and L frames. These types of frames are usually assembled on the ground. First of all, it is necessary to file four supports at an angle for a more reliable connection. After that, the top bar joins the goats. For the A-frame, you need to add a crossbar, which will allow you to create a more stable structure. After that, the assembled frame is installed on a previously prepared place. To ensure greater reliability, you can roll into the ground or fix the lower part of the support to the ground with a long rod or staple.
  • X frame for the swing is done by analogy of the previous versions. But in this case, the supports do not need to gash, they must be fixed with each other. The jumper fits into the upper corners.

Swing Seat

The manufacturing method as well as the material for sitting will depend on the age of the child. As a rule, children are undemanding to the exterior design, they will be satisfied with a simple seat of a tire or board. There are many ways to make a swing seat..

But now you need to familiarize yourself with how to secure the product to the crossbar.

Suspensions in the form of a rope, rope or chain must be attached to the crossbar. Suspension is a swing knot for attaching the swing to the crossbar. It is him who has the maximum load, so he needs to pay more attention to ensure safety.

Attaching the suspension of the swing and the seat can be done thanks to several methods using different fasteners:

  • You can simply throw the rope over the crossbar, and then tie it or fasten it with staples.
  • You can also use metal lining, which are fixed to the crossbar in the upper part.
  • Often for fastening use a carbine.

Decorative design

The final stage of making a swing implies decorating. Decorating a swing has a special function. It protects the tree from the effects of various external factors, and is also capable of forming a bright and beautiful element of the playground. For decorating the swing It is recommended to use safe and high-quality paints and primers in order not to harm the health of the baby.

As an additional decor, it is recommended to use various jumpers on the frame, which will strengthen it, and the kids will have a ladder.

Wooden Swing Care

Taking care of children's wooden swings implies the following:

  • It is necessary to monitor the state of attachment points,
  • It is necessary to monitor the state of the suspension,
  • It is necessary to monitor the quality of the swing seat,
  • It is necessary to monitor the quality of the paintwork of the swing.

When caring for swings, the following is not recommended:

  • The load on the swing should not be greater than the one for which it is designed,
  • It is necessary to avoid various shock loads,
  • Distribute the weight over the entire plane of the seat,
  • Ride only perpendicular to the pole, as the swing swing is not meant to ride along the poles,
  • Stick to a moderate swinging amplitude, in order to avoid overturning of the non-fixed structure.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the reliability of the installation of the suspension and the seat should be checked on yourself. If, under the weight of an adult, nothing broke or deformed, then the resulting swing will withstand the child. Despite this, the wooden swing should be regularly inspected, in particular, the main components and attachment points.

The details of the construction of a garden swing

When creating a wooden swing for the garden you will need to decide on the basic material. It can be metal, wood or plastic. They are most often used in the construction of a swing with backs and without. When creating this design with your own hands, it is best to pay attention to the wood.

Such a swing, of course, will have its drawbacks. However, they are related to all wooden products in the open air. With proper processing and installation of the structure, it will serve for many years. Such swings will not suffer from the impact of negative environmental factors.

The most unfavorable of them are:

  • snow,
  • rain,
  • mold and fungus,
  • rot,
  • Sun rays,
  • temperature drops.

With your own hands you can quickly build a swing in the garden.

The advantages of self-made swing

Wood has many positive properties that ensure its successful operation in different conditions. This allows you to make a wooden swing to give not only comfortable and beautiful.

Wood constructions have such features:

  • Environmental friendliness. Wood is a natural material that is completely safe for people and animals.
  • Appearance attractive. Swing made of wooden elements, able to perfectly fit into any landscape. This is due to the fact that in the garden a large part of the environment is natural materials. In comparison with metal products, wooden swings look much more harmonious in the garden near the country house.
  • High security. Wood has softness and flexibility, which allows to avoid many injuries in the process of using the swing. This advantage is especially true if the design is intended for children.
  • Ease of installation. Almost everyone can build a swing on their own. The main thing - to get acquainted with the technology of construction of the structure.
  • Versatility. Such material is perfectly treatable. It can be cut, grind grind. Swings are made as single, and in the form of spacious sofas. To work on the design and construction of the swing does not need to involve specialists.

Swing dimensions and models

With an independent construction of a wooden swing, you should take care not only about finding materials for the structure, but also about creating a project. You will also need to determine the location of the swing. To speed up the work, you should use the photo of finished products. You can also use the existing drawings.

Wood swings have many types of designs. You should consider each of them in more detail:

  • Family. The main distinctive feature of such structures is their large capacity. The basis of the design is a long bench. It usually fits up to 4-5 people at once. Most often, these products have a canopy that can protect from rain and sun.
  • Children's swing. Such products can be made in various modifications. Often designs have supports, seat and fasteners. When building them, it is important to think about creating maximum safety conditions for the child. For this, a comfortable back is constructed, partitions and belts with which the child is fixed.
  • Portable. Such designs differ in the small sizes and small weight. Such characteristics allow not only to quickly dismantle and move the swings within the site, but also to transport them by car to other places. Such swings on branches of trees, on quickly established support fasten.

A photo of a wooden swing on top confirms that portable structures look quite attractive. When choosing a variety of swings that are planned to be installed on your plot, you should pay attention to the peculiarities of the backyard territory.

Choosing a place

Any construction planned at the dacha should first be designed. Also, before work is chosen the optimal place for construction.

It is best of all if the platform on which it is planned to establish a swing, will be equal. You should also choose a place where during the sunny days will remain the shadow. You can install a swing under a spreading tree or place them directly on the porch, where you can save a canopy from the weather.

Such factors directly affect the comfort of people on the swing. For example, sitting on a seat too heated is rather unpleasant. If the structure is in the open air, wooden elements can deteriorate due to the constant impact of precipitation.

You also need to choose a place where there is enough space for rocking. It is necessary to take into account that during the day the shadow will move depending on the position of the sun in the sky. It is better to place the swing where the shadow turns out by noon. At this time, is the most intense heat.

Wooden swing drawing

To build a swing with your own hands from wood is quite simple. To do this, you need to perform an accurate drawing. Simple suspended structures, which are mounted on an A-shaped support, will perfectly fit both in a large area and in a small garden. On their construction will not need to spend a lot of effort and time. Необходимо подготовить такие инструменты:

Также для выполнения качелей понадобятся рубанок и молоток, стамеска, пильные козлы, отвертка, электродрель.

Поэтапное строительство

Создать качели для дачи своими руками можно достаточно быстро. Чтобы не возникало проблем при непосредственном выполнении работ, стоит заранее составить чертеж. It will reflect all building materials with dimensions. Based on the detailed scheme, you can easily understand which building elements you need to buy.

For example, you will need bars for racks, boards for the back, seats and armrests. You should also stock up on fasteners. It is better if a pine impregnated with special compositions is chosen to create the structure.

Such subtleties of construction structures should be considered at the planning stage.

In addition to fasteners, you need to prepare struts, a chain (2 cm thick), hooks, sandpaper.

Family swing do it yourself

The best place to install the structure will be the backyard. In most cases, it is equipped for recreation. Here the swing will look cozy and harmonious.

From the end of each support leg, a slant markup is applied to the swing. Such work is carried out using the square. As a result, you should get a bevel on which the cut will be performed.

Before sawing wooden elements of construction, you must first fix them in the mounting trestle. Saw should be on the markup. Do not forget about controlling the parties. Sometimes it is required to process an already made bevel. To do this, use a plane.

To make the second leg identical, you should attach to it the first joint to the joint. Each mark is transferred to the second leg. Then they are cut. After that, each leg is laid on the edge so that between their lower parts is 1.2 m. The upper ends of the legs are adjacent to the crossbeam.

From the bottom of the support legs mark half a meter and put the bottom bar to secure the legs of one side of the swing. The upper fastening bar should be located 15 cm below the transverse beam.

As soon as the supporting legs of each side are fastened, the transverse beam should be mounted. The seat is created on the basis of the L-shaped frame. The boards must be 50 mm thick.

To hang the swing on both sides of the structure, it is worth installing the screws on which the rings will be attached. Such elements must be used to connect the swing and support using suspensions. Usually chains are used for wooden constructions.

The connection of the main parts is carried out using carbines. The length of the suspensions is chosen in accordance with the wishes of the site owner. It is better if the bench is placed at a height of 30 cm from the ground.

Completion of work

At the last stage of the construction of the structure, all its elements are treated with varnish. This will ensure the smoothest possible surface, as well as preserve the natural look of the wood and increase the service life of the swing.

The design can also be painted in any color. In addition, many install a small canopy. It is necessary to include fantasy in the process, and the swing can be made as original as possible. To make the swings more comfortable, you can put pillows on them.

Types of swing

Depending on the size, design features of the swing are divided into three types:

  1. Family. Differ in rather big capacity. At the heart of such a swing is a long bench, which easily accommodates up to 5 people. This type of swing is equipped with its own canopy, so the influence of the sun and the weather becomes insignificant.
  2. Baby. There are many varieties here. As a rule, they consist of a small seat, support and fasteners. The main thing in such a swing is the presence of safety features that will protect the child from falling.
  3. Portable. Compact version. Such a swing can be put in the car with you while on holiday. Usually they are mounted on tree branches or other supporting elements.

Required Tools

For the construction of the swing will need the following tools:

  • saw (hand or disc)
  • jigsaw
  • hammer
  • nails
  • drill with drills
  • plane or grinder
  • roulette
  • marker or pencil

A similar set of tools should be in the garage or workshop of any owner. Therefore, problems with the inventory here should arise. They do not require special skills in work.

Choosing the material for the swing

Swing can be made from completely different materials, for example, from metal, of tires, from wood, from pipes, from pallet etc. In this article we will consider the construction of a classic type of family swing.

Wood is selected as the base material. There are no special requirements for the selection of wood. It can be oak boards, pine or spruce.

The advantage of using wood as the main material is its availability and ease of processing. Metal requires special equipment and professional skills.

Anyone can build a wooden swing. The construction process is simple and not expensive.

If desired, you can decorate the swing wood carving or paint in any color. The only drawback will be the fragility of the swing. The tree is subject to weather conditions and may lose its strength over time.

Necessary materials

When making a wooden swing, you will need the following materials:

  • Bar in quantity of 4 pieces. Height is from 2 m.
  • 2.5 m long timber in a quantity of 1 pc.
  • Board (length 2 m, width 10 cm) in a quantity of 15-20 pcs.
  • Board (length 2 m, thickness 40-50 cm) in a quantity of 2 pcs.
  • Screws with a ring 6 pcs.
  • Carabiners 6 pcs.
  • Screws 80 pcs.

Support structure

    We manufacture two L-shaped supports from four long bars. With this arrangement, the maximum swing stability. The upper part of the bars fastened with screws.

For greater reliability of the construction, the legs of the supports should be fastened with additional fixing boards. The supports themselves are parallel to each other. at a distance of 2.5 m and buried in the ground to a depth of 50-70 cm.

  • With the help of nails, supports are connected by a crossbar of a 2.5 m long timber. Pay attention to the thickness of the crossbar. The thicker the tree, the better. This item will account for most of the load.
  • Hanging swing

    1. On both sides, approximately on the lateral middle of the seat and on the back, screws with rings are screwed in. The remaining two rings are attached below the crossbar. They will serve to connect the swing and support with chains.
    2. With the help of carabiners, chains are attached to the rings and interconnect the main elements. The length of the chains is regulated independently of their own preferences. For maximum comfort, the bench should rise above the ground. not less than 30 cm.

    Final touches

    Construction homemade swing almost completed. At the end you should cover the tree with special protective varnish. This will significantly extend the service life and make the bench surface smooth.

    At their own request, you can paint the swing in the desired color or install a small canopy. It all depends on the imagination and desire.

    After all this, you can safely call your loved ones and enjoy the work done.

    More clearly, the creation of a wooden swing with your own hands is shown in this video instruction:

    Preparing drawings

    After all the preparatory moments are completed, it is necessary to translate the idea on paper. To do this, you need to understand what kind of swing design we will do.

    Having defined the constructive type of the swing, mentally imagine them awake as if you were already swinging on them. And now it's time to draw them. After completing the sketch, we recommend to look for similar options on the Internet. After all, the drawings can be both unique and those for which work has already been completed. It’s better not to reinvent the wheel, but to take ready-made options - this will save you time and energy.

    Below are a few options for drawings, with which you can independently build in the form of a swing for the guys.

    How to make a street swing

    For the manufacture of wooden swinging elements will need the following material:

    • Glued laminated timber of 8x8 or 10x10 cm.
    • Plywood is thicker.
    • Solid wood
    • Boards.
    • Chains, nuts, bolts, screws, screws, studs.

    Manufacturing process:

    • Using a drill, we dig 2 pits 1-1.5 in depth and 20 cm in diameter.
    • We make cases of fossa of ruberoid.
    • We throw the remains of bricks or large stones into the pits and fill with concrete.
    • As soon as the concrete grapple, we mount the corners of metal to install supports.
    • The aboveground component of the concrete base must be ground and painted in a bright shade.
    • We tighten the base with screws (120 mm). To do this, first make a cut in the bar and set the studs. Using a hacksaw, we cut out the struts and fasten them to the structure with the help of pins.
    • Using screws, we make the seat of thick plywood. We varnish and fasten the sides of the chain.
    • We make cuts in pillars and install them on mounted corners.
    • Suspend the seat.

    How to make a wooden swing with your own hands, you can learn from the following video.

    Swing made of wood ready.

    Of metal

    Here we will explain how to perform a metal swing on the bearings with your own hands.

    In order to lay the pillars we need:

    • 74th metal pipe - 2 pcs.
    • Bearings - 2 pcs.
    • 15th pipe - 1 pc.
    • Cement mortar.
    • Shovel.
    • Sand.
    • Welding machine.
    • Iron strip 7cm - 1pc.

    The process of installing supports:

    • In the thick pipes make special holes on top. It is necessary that they lay the crossbar.
    • Cooking cement mortar.
    • We dig holes for support.
    • We dig in pillars and concretes.
    • On the crossbar install 2 bearings with limiters of steel strip. They must be welded to limit the movement of bearings from side to side.
    • Install the crossbar on the support. It is also welded.

    The list of necessary materials and tools for arranging seating for a new swing:Welding machine.

    • Hammer.
    • Screwdriver.
    • Angle grinder.
    • Pipe bender
    • Roulette.
    • 32nd pipe - 8m.
    • Chain - 6m.
    • Board 314x25 cm
    • A strip of steel with a length of 341 cm.
    • Carabiner for chains - 2 pcs.
    • Bolts for carbines - 2 pcs.
    • Coloring composition and water-repellent liquid.
    • Screws small - 42 pcs.

    Seat fabrication process:

    • Bend the pipes as necessary and boil it with the help of a welding machine frame.
    • We process the wooden surface with water-repellent liquid and paint it with ordinary street paint.
    • We put a wooden surface into the frame and fasten it so that it fits tightly. This can be done with a metal strip, welding it in several places behind the seat: on the sides and horizontally along the seat.
    • Chains with snap hooks are bolted.
    • Bearings and chains are also bolted through iron strips specially bent with a hammer for this business. The size of the strips is about 20 cm.

    Now you can use the swing.

    The configuration of such a swing can be varied. Here are a few of them:

    • Bungee - the simplest design. It is made of rope tied at both ends. Above there should be a solid crossbar, and from the bottom - a plank or a round crossbar.
    • Tire Swing - a variant similar to the previous one. They are suspended both in vertical position and in horizontal position. You can create fancy shapes from them, which gives an impetus to the creative process of creating a unique swing design.
    • Another option is a plank or a piece of tarpaulin is suspended from both sides of the edges symmetrically on two ropes or chains.
    • With wide seats. This option is usually attached with four ropes or chains. Instead of wide sitting, you can use old chairs without legs, pallets and even benches.
    • Soft swing. Its design resembles a hammock. They can also be made of a fabric base and wooden sticks or woven from a rope.

    One of the options for a swing swing will be discussed in the next section of this article.

    On the spring

    This option of children's entertainment can be installed in the country - children will love it.

    Manufacturing process:

    • We purchase a truck spring at a metal market with a height of at least 35 cm - this will be our spring.
    • We dig a hole under our spring.
    • We assemble the anchor: for this we need a crosspiece (you can use reinforcement with a diameter of 20 mm) and a pipe 50-60 cm long. These two elements must be welded.
    • Fastened with a lug anchor and spring.
    • We lower the anchor into the pit, level it and fill it with concrete.
    • Weld boss to the spring. This is necessary for mounting the body of the swing.
    • We take a drawing paper and draw the necessary configuration of the case - it all depends on your imagination. Do not forget about the pens for which the kid will hold in the process of riding.
    • We transfer the drawing to plywood and cut it out with a jigsaw.
    • Fasten the housing to the boss with metal strips of size 30x4 mm and bolts.
    • We color the swing in bright colors.

    You can also learn more about how to make a swing on a spring with your own hands from the video below.

    Now you can use the swing.

    We do for home and apartment

    Any homemade design that is used at home by children must meet certain safety requirements. This also applies to swing, made with his own hands.


    • Material. It must be environmentally friendly. It is advisable to use natural materials. For example, a perfect tree. And at home - this is also a good microclimate, which will positively affect the health of your children.
    • Order. After the child rode on the swing, they should be removed. Stay close to him while skiing.
    • Elements of the swing should not be traumatic. Hands and feet should not be confused and stuck in them.
    • Workmanship. The entire surface of the swing should be smooth - polish it in the best way and free from knots.

    Before proceeding to manufacture, you need to determine the space where the swings will be, and prepare all the necessary materials for this.

    The materials that we need for the manufacture of devices for skiing:

    • Plywood (board) with dimensions of 400x400 mm for the manufacture of seats.
    • Limiting strips with dimensions 400x65x20 mm 5 pcs.
    • Copper tubes 4 pcs. with a diameter of 20 mm: two 65 mm long and 2 125 mm long.
    • Rope length 6 m.

    Manufacturing process:

    • The board for sitting and levels needs previously to be processed by a plane. Sharp and protruding parts need to be removed.
    • We drill holes in the 4 corners of the seat at a distance of 40 mm from the edges. The diameter of the holes should be 6-10 mm. The limiter plates also need to be drilled with the same distance to the edges. Recall that there are only 5: 2 go back, 2 - on the sidewalls and 1 - in front.
    • We assemble the entire structure. To do this, push the rope through all the holes and fix it with secure knots.
    • We hang the swing and paint.

    Swings for home ready.

    Child safety rules

    Below are a few rules by which your child will be safe when riding:

    • If the swing design implies a single point of suspension, then the fastening of its elements must be performed in such a way that the rope or chain does not twist during the swing.
    • If a chain is used as a suspension, then it should be sheathed. Unwanted garden hoses can help. This is necessary so that the fingers of the child do not fall into the chain.
    • Placing two swinging devices on the frame is not allowed. In this case, the possible collision of children with swinging.
    • Secure the landing area. Sliced ​​bark or sand will soften the blows at possible falls.
    • Make the seat light. For this fit plastic, rubber or wood.
    • The seat must be different springy qualities. Bumpers, broken off by rubber - quite an acceptable option. This should keep children from being hit by a swing.
    • At the perimeter of the landing zone there should be no plants that could harm the child.
    • All wooden components carefully process a plane, polish and apply varnish on them. So children will be warned against spills and scratches.
    • All the protruding parts in the form of bolts and nails, as well as other metal parts, drive into the wood.
    • From the safer designs of the swing, L- and A-shapes are distinguished. This is due to the fact that in this case the load is less on the structure than with other forms. The greater the distance between the vertical supports, the more reliable the construction and the less wear and tear on the parts during use of the swing.
    • Carabines of a swing swing tend to wear out quickly - they need to be changed once a year. Use carbines with plastic inserts, so they will be protected from wear.
    • Do not use hooks instead of carbines. In the process of active swinging, they can break, and the child will suffer.
    • It is better to lubricate the place where the rope and attachment point contact with engine oil. From this, its service life will increase.
    • The arrangement of children's swing options must meet safety requirements. It must be places outside of any vertical barriers: walls, fences, trees and all kinds of buildings. With a strong swing, there is a high probability of injury to the child. Additionally, inspect the nearby area for the presence of sharp and cutting elements - they should not be.

    Types of children's swing

    Swing performs a number of useful functions:

    1. Help brighten up the leisure of children.
    2. Contribute to the training of the vestibular apparatus.
    3. Develop coordination of movements.

    Children love to swing on a swing

    На протяжении нескольких веков качели оставались популярным аттракционом, причём не только для детей, но и для взрослых. Ни одно народное гуляние в Древней Руси не обходилось без «полётов» на этих устройствах. During the Russian Empire, they were among the poor and rich people. Naturally, they looked different: the poor swayed on ordinary wooden planks tied with ropes to poles, while the rich swings were decorated with decorative elements, pillows, bows and ruches. Nowadays, the interest in them does not fade, they can also be seen on the courtyards, in many children's organizations, in the country "residences".

    Table: advantages and disadvantages of different materials

    1. Strength.
    2. Environmental Safety.
    3. Long service life.
    4. Non-slip seats.
    5. No dependence of the temperature of their surface on weather conditions.
    1. Subject to rotting, if not adequately treated.
    2. Increased risk of splinters and minor injuries.
    1. High reliability. Such swings can withstand significant loads (up to 150 kg).
    2. The ability to decorate different parts.
    1. Susceptibility to corrosion.
    2. High thermal conductivity of the metal, which prevents the comfortable use of the swing (in the heat they are very hot, and in cold weather too cold).
    1. The vastness of the range of forms and colors.
    2. Ease of installation (due to the low weight of structures).
    3. No need for special care.
    4. The harmony of presence in country areas and in massive complexes for children's entertainment.
    1. Low reliability design compared with products from other materials.
    2. Inability to use outdoors.
    3. Exposure to severe frosts, temperature extremes, high humidity.
    4. Can only be used by younger children.
    5. Not all plastic structures withstand severe frosts, temperature extremes and high humidity.

    Swing constructions

    According to design features, swings are:

    • frame,
    • suspended,
    • floor standing
    • transformers,
    • electronic type.

    Age preferences for swing type frame - children from 3 to 10 years. Such facilities have a great advantage - mobility. They can be placed in any area of ​​the dacha or playground. They are strong enough to withstand the weight of children of primary school age.

    Suspended swing is attached to the crossbar. For this you can use chains, ropes, ropes. Their reliability increases with the use of a strong crossbar and under the condition of competent fastening.

    Outdoor structures can be used by children under 5 years old. Most often, when creating them combine plastic and metal parts.

    For very young children, you can make a transforming rocking chair, which combines several elements at once:

    • Chair for babies,
    • mini chair,
    • directly rocker.

    The modern world can not be imagined without electronics. There are swings, equipped with a special system, which may include:

    • timer,
    • "music Center",
    • device for setting the rhythm of swing movements.

    They should be purchased only if your family has a newborn baby.

    What functions of the swing can perform

    Swing, despite similar functions, may differ slightly from each other. This is connected with the design of these structures, and with their principles of work.

    Which adult doesn't remember rides like boats? This type of swing can be used to entertain both children and their parents.

    How cool to fly to heaven, swinging on the "boats"

    There are several types of children's designs, designated by one concept - swing balancers. These devices include a swing:

    Such fun is suitable even for small children. With the support of an adult, a one-year-old baby can ride on a swing.

    On the swing balancers, you can only ride together.

    Nowadays, manufacturers of children's buildings offer a rich variety of spring devices for swinging with balancing.

    Of course, the swing can be purchased at the store, but it is better to work hard and build the swing yourself. Years will pass, but your child, already matured, will surely remember the minutes of "ups" and "falls" on the swings that you made with your own hands.

    Preparatory work

    If you decide to build a children's swing yourself, then you should carry out the preparatory work:

    • decide on the type of future design,
    • specify the parameters
    • draw a drawing
    • purchase the necessary materials
    • Get all the necessary tools.

    Material selection

    The simplest design of the swing - suspended. You can make them completely wooden or combine different materials. For hanging elements most often use metal chains, ropes, strong cord, parachute straps or rope.

    When through the holes in the crossbar need special fasteners

    For mounting, you can use special tools.

    It is possible to fix the swing with the girth of the crossbeams with the help of special carbines

    The seat is best used polished board, because it is comfortable, does not crack in the cold, will not bring discomfort to the child in the heat and cold. You can apply tools - old seats from chairs, armchairs, etc.

    A broken chair can be used as a seat.

    If you have more than one child or guests with children often come to you, then you can make a balance weight for two. Make them from different materials. The advantages of a metal swing are in their strength, but for an independent construction of such a construction a good welder will be needed. Wood swings are easier to make and less dangerous to use.

    Calculation of materials

    The easiest way to make a suspended swing with a metal support and wooden swing-balance.

    Materials will need such:

    • 2 iron pipes for support pillars (d = 74 cm),
    • 2 bearings
    • 1 metal pipe (for the crossbar) 50 cm long (d = 150 mm),
    • ready solution for concreting,
    • welding machine,
    • 2 plates of metal is not already 7 cm.

    For the swing-balancer prepare:

    • any wooden material (average length - 2.5 meters). You can take the usual thin log, timber (thickness 40-50 mm) or a board about 25 cm wide.
    • seat boards (width - 30–40 cm, length - 45–60 cm) with a thickness of at least 30 mm.
    • metal rod for support.
    • hardware.
    • paint or primer.
    • 2 wooden handles (they can be made from a wooden rod with a diameter of 25 mm, a length of about 60 cm).

    Step by step instructions for making a suspended swing with a chain and a wooden seat

    Preparing everything you need, you can get to work:

      In the selected area, dig holes for support posts, using a hand-held bit or shovel. They should not be made too deep. Treat the lower part of the support pillars with anti-corrosion compounds to avoid rust problems.

    Applying a hand drill, you significantly reduce the construction time of the swing

    For this stage, you can take ready-made solution.

    There is one more reliable way of fastening the supports and the crossbar - by welding a special construction (this option is very suitable for connecting wooden structural elements).

    Using a special element to connect parts, you can ensure the reliability of your design.

    Bearings with metal plates are mounted in the central part of the transverse crossbar. Bearings must provide a swing in the forward / backward direction. Further actions are:

      To bearings fasten pipes - holders of a seat. It can be 2 pipes with a welded bottom crossbar (under the seat) or a solid structure in the form of a smooth letter “P” (without corners). A swing can be hung on chains, a sturdy rope or a thick cord that attaches to the holes made in the seat.

    Bearings are required in regular lubrication.

    For safety, you can use a one-piece metal construction that holds a wooden seat.

    The condition of the swing should be carefully monitored. It is necessary to regularly lubricate the bearings with engine oil and tint shabby details.

    Before offering the kids a ride, try the swing yourself.

    How to make a swing-balancer for a child of wood with their own hands

    Based on the drawings made and armed with the necessary materials and tools, you can start assembling the swing balancer from wood. The work is carried out in 4 stages:

    • base mounting
    • making rocker-balancer,
    • assembly,
    • painting products.

    The scheme you have drawn gives a clear idea of ​​the sequence of actions.

    The base is the basis of the reliability of the structure for children. This element of the swing can be constructed from a wooden bar (10x15 cm), logs (20 cm), boards (not thinner than 3 cm), securing them in the intended place of the future swing. A lower frame about 1 m long is made of wood and vertical supports are fixed to it (with the help of self-tapping screws) or stands at an angle.

    The rocker-balancer is the easiest way to make a timber or a thick board.

    For the entire length of the balance bar (up to 2.5–3 m) 2 bars are laid parallel to each other, between them (on both sides) bars are placed shorter (up to 1 m). All the resulting construction is fixed with screws or waterproof glue (for carpentry work). You can use one board.

    Seats with handles are made at the edges of the rocker arm, in the central part of it there is a hole for a profile pipe.

    Handles, like all other wooden parts should be perfectly smooth, so that the child does not drive a splinter into the skin.

    The assembly of the rocker arm and base is carried out with the help of two pipes: a support and a segment, mounted in the center of the swing. They are combined, inserted into a steel rod in pre-drilled holes in both pipes.

    Possessing certain skills, you can build a swing balancer for children.

    Decorating process

    After the swing is mounted, you need to take care of their appearance. It is easiest to paint them with oil paint. This method is suitable for both wood and metal structures. You can dream up and make the swing especially attractive for children.

    The easiest way to decorate is by painting with paint.

    Do not neglect the rules for the use of children's swings, which will help to avoid injuries. You can not:

    1. Too close to them when they are being used by other children.
    2. Sway standing, leaning your feet on the seat.
    3. Twist the ropes, chains or other hanging elements.
    4. Get off the swing before they stop.
    5. To sit on one seat at once to several children.

    Before using the swing, it is necessary to carefully inspect all components and connections for their integrity and functionality. Regularly lubricate the swing, avoiding the appearance of rust and squeak. Make sure that there are no sharp objects in the construction, protruding bolts, unpolished wooden sections.

    Swing with your own hands is easy. The main thing is to adhere to the technology of manufacturing products and recommendations of experts.

    A-shaped garden wooden swing with your own hands. Drawing. Scheme. Step by step photos

    A very detailed design of a wooden swing for the garden.

    Such a swing will be able even to the most inexperienced master.
    These swings are attached to the ground, being installed in concrete bases during casting (see photo 5). See the project bench for this swing on the page below.

    Photo source:

    We make a bench for a swing

    Below are step-by-step photos, drawings for making a wooden bench for a garden swing, which we described above.
    This bench is universal and therefore this design can be hung not only on a-shaped swing, but also on other types of swing, for example, you can hang the ceiling beam in the gazebo.

    Photo source:

    Attachment options for the upper crossbar swing

    Detailed description of one such mounting option.

    Drawing of a swing bench for a gazebo or porch

    Such swings can be hung in not only in the gazebo, but also in any room, the main thing is that the support beam is strong. Below on step-by-step photos are detailed creation schemes. In one illustration, there is a template for cutting the side wall from the bench frame.

    Photo source:

    How to make a swing bench

    Click on the photo to enlargeI

    Photo source:

    Pergola Swing

    An interesting version of the swing, we found on the website Below in the gallery you can see step-by-step photos of the creation of not only the supports of the swing, but also the seats. By the way, the design is very simple and pretty. A special elegance is created parallel to the bars on the roof of the swing, giving the constructions a pergola look.

    Photo source:

    Scheme-drawing pergolas swing do it yourself

    See step by step photos of pergola swings. The 3rd photo shows the method of mounting the support beams with concrete bases. Because of the many details, it is recommended to fill the gaps between the wood pergolas with a special filler. Drawing benches, see below.

    Photo source:

    Drawing benches for pergola swing

    Here you can familiarize yourself with step-by-step photo instructions for creating a bench for the pergola model described above in the article. This is a fairly simple design, even a novice cope.

    Photo source:

    From logs.

    The advantages of wood products

    If you are considering options for what material to build a swing for children, we recommend you to opt for a tree. Of course, if you have a perfect welding machine and understand the properties of the metal, then you can create a super reliable and durable design - a metal swing for children.

    Perhaps you are considering the option of making swings for children from plastic. Immediately it should be noted that plastic is not environmentally friendly and reliable, so it is better not to use it as a material for a swing.

    Children's wooden swings have a number of advantages in comparison with other materials:

    1. The tree is an environmentally friendly material.
    2. Acceptable price for wood.
    3. You can easily find all the necessary materials on the market or in a hardware store.
    4. Children's wooden swing can be made simple design, which can handle even a novice master.

    Preparatory work

    Choosing a place where there will be children's wooden swings, level the platform, clean it from excess garbage. We recommend you to think over a design of a swing for children, being guided by age and growth of your child. Remember that the most important thing is the reliability and safety of the swing design for children.

    Draw a sketch indicating the length of all parts of the wooden swing. Evaluate what fasteners you need (screws, hooks, loops, ropes or chains) and in what quantity. A sketch will help you correctly calculate all the necessary materials and save you from acquiring unnecessary elements. At the same time, you will clearly think up a model of a swing for children, so that in the process you don’t need to redo the insufficiently stable or unreliable construction of a children's wooden swing.

    Types of frames

    There are several types of frames for children's hanging swing, which are distinguished by their stability, as well as the complexity of the design:

    1. The frame, resembling the letter "P" - is the simplest version of the frame for children's wooden swings. For its construction also need less material. The only drawback of this design is that it is necessary to concrete the supports, otherwise your child runs the risk of falling along with the swings.
    2. The frame, resembling the letter "L" - this frame is more stable than the first option, it can not be concreted. On the frame in the form of the letter "L" you can not only hang a swing, but also make a corner for children.
    3. Frame, resembling the letter "X" - this frame is one of the varieties of the L-shaped frame. The only difference is that the parallel bars are attached to each other not at the junction, but slightly lower, somewhere at a distance of 15 or 20 cm from the top. In the place of crossing of vertical supports the crosspiece lays down. This is a fairly easy to manufacture type of frame. Do not forget to further strengthen it in the form of a side stop.
    4. Frame, resembling the letter "A" - this frame is considered the most reliable and stable, as it has an additional jumper, reinforcing it. Use the frame in the form of the letter "A" if you plan to fix on it not only a swing for children, but also a rope, a ladder or other elements for children's games.

    Swing from logs with double legs. Step by step photos

    The author of the photo claims that he made these fabulous swings for 3 days. Let's break down some photos.
    1 photo: we have pine logs from 2-3 meters, with a diameter of 10-15 cm.
    4 photos: shows the method of attachment . This is a threaded needle with a diameter of 10 mm. Having crossed the necessary logs in the right places, we drill a hole and, inserting a needle, cut it with a grinder. We screw the nuts with washers on the knitting needle on both sides and tighten them. Isn't it easy?
    6 photos: we see that the side racks should be symmetrical
    7 photos: fasten the side racks. To do this, put on top of the log and fasten it with needles.
    9 photos: to give strength to the structure, we add two inclined stops.
    11 photos: bench size. Frame: timber 5x7, boards - forgings
    The last but one photo is a painted swing. In my opinion a bad color. Do not forget when painting to use special tools for processing, so that the wood served longer.
    The last photo: another child’s bench was attached to the swing. Credit
    About the foundation. То в местах соприкосновения качели с землей заливаем цемент, в которые заодно вставляем металлические основания, к которым мы потом сможем прикрепить наши ножки.

    Эти пошаговые фото мы нашли на сайте, автор которого является автором ниже приведенных фото.

    And here is another photo of the construction of a swing from a canopy of logs

    In the photo below you can see all the details of fasteners. Chains, carbines, anchors are used. The angle between the back and the bench seat is 100 degrees. All logs fasten in the same way as in the model above. Surprising simplicity attachment canopy. Photo by unknown

    Unusual swing for two

    If you pull on something creative, there are such original swings for two. The design, of course, is complicated, but, as they say, there would be a desire. But, like a small gazebo, it is very convenient to talk face to face, swaying slightly.