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Heteroauxin: appointment and instructions for use


Instructions for use "Heteroauxin" calls the tool for the rapid and gentle growth of various plants. The drug is a fertilizer belonging to the group of auxins (special natural stimulants responsible for accelerated growth).

What is the main active ingredient of the drug in question? This is indonyl-tri-acetic acid. The main forms of release are capsules with powder and tablets. Vitamins B1 and C multiply the effectiveness of this agent.

What amount of drug recommends using the instructions for use? "Heteroauxin" (the dosage must be observed exactly) is mixed with certain vitamins, observing the following proportions: in ten liters of water dissolve six tablets of this product together with one tenth gram of vitamin B1.

The considered drug in the Russian Federation is produced only by two companies: Green Belt and Orton. However, according to the creators, it is impossible to completely eliminate the need to apply the usual organic or mineral fertilizers, which are usually used by gardeners.

The response to the drug gets mostly positive. Buyers talk about miraculous cases of plant rescue (for example, processing found fading roses, followed by growth in a beautiful bush). Note that the substance is dissolved for a long time. However, without exception, recognize its undeniable effectiveness.


"Heteroauxin-super" instructions for use are recommended in order to accelerate the growth of the roots of any plant. With it, the rhizome develops actively, it becomes powerful. All this allows the above-ground part of the plant to also become more robust and more fruitful. "Heteroauxin" allows you to successfully replant trees, as this substance, among other things, provides excellent survival of new seedlings.

What does the drug in question provide?

  • Tissue regeneration.
  • The appearance of the roots and their subsequent development.
  • Fortress ovaries.
  • Root formation in seedlings.
  • Increases the duration of flowering.
  • Promotes accretion of tissues.
  • Stimulates the reproduction of bulbs.
  • Accelerates germination.
  • Improves survival rate.
  • Increases the number of fruits.

Mode of application

The rules for the use of the drug in question depend on which plants are used for it and which goals are pursued. Given these data and determined the correct proportions.

So, effectively a means for bulbous plants. They are initially soaked in the finished solution, and then planted. Their growth rate doubles. To achieve the effect, it is recommended to dissolve one tablet in one liter of water.

Successfully used the drug in question and in order to stimulate the growth of orchids or to save those flower roots that are sick or are already dying. However, customer opinions on this matter are somewhat different. Some argue that this is the best tool for orchid resuscitation. Such people report an incredible efficacy of the drug. On the other hand, there is also other information. For example, that the remedy helps only in the case of dicotyledonous plants, and has no effect on orchids (since their leaves have a linear veining). It has not yet been possible to confirm the absolute authenticity of this or that opinion, since there are enough facts to support both versions. Therefore, it would be reasonable to independently verify the efficacy of the drug and make your own, informed opinion about it.

It is important to remember that the remedy in question is difficult to dissolve in water. Therefore, it is important to know how to do it correctly. First you need to crush it into powder and carefully dilute it with a small amount of alcohol (fifty percent). Next, you need to add water in the manner described in the instructions.

Features of use for fruit and berry crops

In what cases allows to use "Heteroauxin" instructions for use? For apple and other fruit crops. In this case, the drug is used to improve the accretion, accelerate survival, as well as increase the growth rate of individual cuttings. Use "Heteroauxin" instructions for use for cherries and other fruit trees recommends in the amount of two tablets per ten liters of water. Each liter of working solution is used for hundreds of cuttings. They should be soaked according to the following principle: stiff - for sixteen to twenty hours, green - for ten to sixteen hours.

Use the drug "Heteroauxin" instructions for use for grapes recommends as follows. Used 0.02% solution, which processes the cuttings during the day. It is necessary to immerse only two thirds of the cutting in the working solution. This is an important condition for success.

Hazard Class

According to the established state standards, such a class of drugs is assigned a hazard class, which certainly informs the instructions for use. "Heteroauxin" refers to the third class. That is, it is a substance that is of moderate danger to humans. What does this mean in practice? Instructions for use "Heteroauxin" calls the substance that irritates the mucous membranes (eyes, mouth, nose, respiratory tract). Should all possible avoid cases of ingestion of the drug inside the human body.

Precautionary measures

Is "heteroauxin" dangerous? Instructions for use for indoor plants calls the drug harmless to the physical health of humans and animals. Therefore, Heteroauxin is non-toxic.

Nevertheless, it is important to observe certain precautionary measures. For example, processing of roots must be carried out by purchasing a number of personal protective equipment in advance. Among them, there are: gauze bandage, gloves, special dressing gown.

Simultaneously with the process of processing, you should not eat or drink anything, as well as smoke. After the procedure, be sure to wash your face and hands well with soap, rinse your mouth with clean water.

Do not allow the substance to enter any water bodies.

Help with poisoning

What if the drug penetrated into the body and caused intoxication? Instructions for use "Heteroauxin" recommends that you immediately remove from the mucous membranes (flush eyes) and skin, and thoroughly clean the stomach. After these measures have been taken, symptomatic treatment is necessary.

Is it possible to replace?

It happens that due to certain circumstances it becomes impossible to procure "Heteroauxin" (powder). Instructions for use tells about its composition, therefore, based on these data, you can figure out what should be replaced. Interestingly, for this you can use the tools known to each. Among them, there are: yeast, honey, nettle, and aloe.

Also very positively to the acceleration of plant growth is affected by the tips of young shoots of nettle. It is recommended to collect them, carefully knead and leave for a half to two weeks in warm water. This solution is also useful for stimulating the growth of necessary plants.

Ordinary yeasts can also help. One hundred grams of this substance must be dissolved in boiled water (approximately ten liters). So at home it will be possible to obtain an effective drug to accelerate the growth of roots.

Another way is to soak the cuttings in a special solution. It should be prepared from honey, dissolving it in water (in proportion to half a teaspoon of honey per half liter of pure water). In this solution, the handle should be from four to eight hours. However, it is important to wash them with water before planting them in the ground.

You can also try to make a solution of a tablespoon of aloe juice in a glass of water. Mass should brew for two days in a dark place. Now you can dilute the substance with five liters of water and leave cuttings in it for a period of four to eight hours.

Of course, using the described improvised means you can create a good tool, but its effectiveness can never be compared with it from the drug Heteroauxin. Therefore, to fully replace it still does not work.

"Heteroauxin" instructions for use recommends that you store at a temperature of minus ten to plus thirty-five degrees. The powder should be placed in a dry room as possible in order to preserve its properties. The container in which it is located must be hermetically closed. Do not place nearby food or medicine intended for use by humans or animals.

The drug in question retains its useful properties for the first two to three years from the moment it was released. If the substance is stored for four years or more, the working dose will have to be doubled. The prepared solution of the drug is suitable for use within two days.

Do heteroaksin for amateur gardeners to recommend? Definitely yes. Although it is not suitable for all types of plants (or rather, not for all, it is equally effective), this drug is successfully used by thousands of people. In most cases, it helped to strengthen the root system, which can not but affect the above-ground part of the plant and the quality of the fruit.

Be prepared to take proper care of your plants and devote the required time to caring for them. The results are definitely worth any of your efforts and in no way cause you to regret the decision. Choose the best preparations for the care of plants.

"Heteroauxin" - what is it?

“Heteroauxin”, or indolylacetic acid, is a type of auxins, an organic additive that accelerates and improves the development of a powerful root system. For garden, garden room and other plantings, the tool is used in the form of a heteroauxin of potassium salt, neutral in its chemical reaction.

“Heteroauxin” is poorly soluble in water. Its release form is 0.1 gram tablets. They are diluted with a considerable amount of water, which is disadvantageous if you only need a little solution. Sometimes you can find an encapsulated form of the drug.

Ways to use:

  • soaking or dipping the roots and planting material,
  • watering.

It is forbidden to dusting, spraying, rubbing dry stimulator.

The tool needs accurate dosage. Excessive amount of the drug will act in the opposite way, slowing down the development of the roots. The working solution quickly decomposes under the influence of light.

General conditions of feeding "Heteroauxin":

  • the approximate concentration of the working solution is 0.02%,
  • Consumption for pickling is 15-20 ml of working solution per 1 square meter of soil.
Hetero Auxin Plant Growth Stimulator

Properties, features and action

Consider what is remarkable about this additive.

  1. Indolyl acetic acid promotes active growth:
    • fruitful and ornamental shrubs, trees,
    • cuttings and seedlings of berry crops (grapes, blackberries, raspberries),
    • seeds, bulbs and tuber bulbs,
    • potted indoor flowers ("heteroauxin" is recommended for orchid care).
  2. How it works:
    • activates natural rooting,
    • improves plant growth
    • promotes engraftment of crops during cutting, planting and transplanting,
    • protects from falling foliage and ovary,
    • increases the ability of the plant to regenerate,
    • increases the vital capacity and the number of flowers, fruits and seeds of crops,
    • shown in the treatment of rhizomes before transplanting a plant from a greenhouse into open soil,
    • increases yield
    • accelerates the germination of seeds and bulbs,
    • prolongs the flowering period of ornamental plantings,
    • dying plants returns to life, which is especially important for rare species of crops,
    • stimulates the development of cuttings of exotic and coniferous plants, berries and fruits (plum, cherry, cherry, pear, apple).

Heteroauxin Super Company Green Shield

  • Positive sides:
    • low expense, which is very profitable,
    • Instructions for the treatment of the drug is very simple
    • enables the reproduction of flowers by parts of the bulb,
    • Indolyl-3-acetic acid, which is part of as an active ingredient of the drug, is non-toxic, completely decomposed in the soil in less than a month.
  • Mortar Tips

    Following our recommendations, you will prepare a good tool for your plants.

    You will need:

    • tablets "heteroauxin",
    • medical ethyl alcohol in a concentration of 96% or 70% (can be replaced by vodka, formic alcohol),
    • vessel with a lid (non-metallic polymer container is best suited for this).

    In order to correctly and correctly prepare a solution of indole acetic acid, you need:

    1. Grind the tablets to a powdery look.
    2. Place the resulting mass in a dry dish.
    3. Fill a medical syringe with alcohol or vodka (ten cubes).
    4. Pour the contents of the syringe into the jar and tightly cover with a lid.
    5. Heat the mixture. To do this, immerse the specified vessel in a container with water at a temperature of 50-60 degrees Celsius. Periodically you need to shake it, unlock the lid to release the formed vapor.

    Instructions for the preparation of heteroauxin GRP

  • Remove the vessel from the water bath when the crushed tablets dissolve completely.
  • Dilute the product with water. When an emulsion is formed, stir it for 10-15 minutes without stopping.
  • Base and working solutions can be stored for a maximum of 4 hours. Watering will require one cube of liquid per liter of water.

    Heteroauxin: instructions for use for trees, shrubs, seedlings, seeds

    Consider the most frequent use of this supplement.:

    1. Bulbs:
      • bulb plants immediately before planting soak in diluted drug (tablet 1 liter of water),
      • reproducing bulbs and bulbs in parts, soak them for 4-5 hours in working solution,
    2. Seedlings and seedlings. On the eve of the transplant, the roots of the plants are placed in the working fluid (1 tablet per 5 liters) for up to twenty hours. After planting with the same tool you need to water the land around the plantations. Repeat the irrigation procedure after 10-12 days after transplanting and in autumn during the fall of the leaves.

    For watering seedlings, you can use a weaker solution of "Heteroauxin" - 1 table. 3 liters of water.

    The basic dosages are as follows.:

      seedlings of fruit and berry bushes, trees - 1-2 tablets per 10 l (dip or soak the rhizome before planting for an hour or two),

    Heteroauxin growth stimulator for plants

  • When planting seedlings purchased in the nursery, tuberous bulbs of crocus, gladiolus, apply a creamy mass containing clay and peat (1 part), diluted drug (0.01 g / l). Just before planting, dip the roots into it.
    1. Processing cuttings: put them in a solution (1 liter per hundred pieces). It is necessary to soak the stiff cuttings from 16 to 20 hours, green - 10-15 hours). The procedure is done immediately after separation, immerse 2/3 of the plant in liquid, without affecting the main upper part of the cutting. The proportions fluctuate depending on the size of the cutting and the thickness of the bark of the tree - table 2-6. 10 liters of water.
    2. Seed soak: 6 tablets per 1 liter (from 10 to 12 hours). Dosage, method and terms of application for soaking the seeds of garden crops:
      • carrots (0.6 mg / ml),
      • Table beets (0.8 mg / ml)
      • tomatoes, cucumbers (0.5 mg / ml).
    3. Care for other cultures. Watering the area near the adult fruit-bearing, berry, ornamental plantings takes place 2 times: when buds swell and when leaves fall. Consumption rate - 5 liters per bush and 5-10 liters per tree. The dosage of “Heteroauxin” is: 6 g of product per 10 liters of water for fruit, 4 g for berries.
    4. Food damaged during transplantation of roots. The soil around the plantings should be watered with diluted indole acetic acid (one tablet per 3 liters of water). Repeat the procedure twice a week.

    Use for grapes

    For grapes dipping "Heteroauxin" is used only in a special case. For example, in the absence of survival rate, cultivation in a cool climate. For better grafting and accretion of the vine, its wetting lasts 2-3 seconds. At 10 liters of water is taken 2 ml of the working solution.

    At winegrowers soaking cuttings is often used. The consumption rate is –1 mg / ml, that is, 5 liters of working solution per 4 centimeter diameter cuttings with 4 buds. Dried cuttings are soaked in infused water for 24 hours, adding 1 tablespoon of honey per 10 l.

    The drug has a negative effect on soft, immature grape cuttings of green color.

    Application of "Heteroauxin" for indoor plants

    This stimulator is used as an additive for indoor flowers.

    He promotes:

    • growth and development of rhizomes and the whole plant
    • better survival rate
    • faster budding,
    • long flowering period.

    Methods of use for flower seedlings (dosage - 1 tablet per 10 liters of water):

    • dipping the roots on the eve of the disembarkation (a liter for two dozen pieces, 2 liters per square meter).
    • watering the land around plantations after a week and a half after disembarkation.

    Application for orchids

    Для орхидей «Гетероауксин» – эффективное средство реанимации в случае болезни или риска гибели корешков после плохой зимовки, болезни и упадка цветка. Отмечают, что эффект заметен на двудольных, имеющих сетчатые, но не линейные прожилки на листьях.

    Популярны два способа спасительного влияния препарата на этот цветок:

    Split the drug diluted in a not very large volume of alcohol (50%), then dilute the mixture, following the instructions described above. Next, remove the pot from the pot to the ground, remove the decayed roots. Soak the remaining root system overnight, dip the orchid on the root collar in the working solution. In "Heteroauxin" add more:

    • Vitamin B1 (ampoule or 2 tablets)
    • fungicide for orchids,
    • "Zircon" (one drop).
    1. Healing branches

    Give a break with this treating agent at a concentration of the working solution of 1-3 tab. per liter. Apply a fixing bandage, support the branch.

    It is more difficult to heal branches in open soil: here you have to build a special film fence around the plant (for a period of two or three weeks) to protect the orchid from the wind.

    Drug storage conditions

    Keep this tool:

    • in sealed original packaging,
    • away from children and animals
    • in a dry room, keeping the temperature from minus 10 to plus 35 degrees Celsius.

    The expiration date is indicated on the package, but note: 100% activity of the substance is observed during the first 2-3 years from the production date. After 4 years of storage, any dosage used should be doubled.

    Consumers leave the following reviews of "Heteroauxin":

    Anastasia, 23 years old:

    “It is easier to use“ Heteroauxin ”for your flowerpots than to worry about the weak growth of flowers - I was convinced of this. My orchids look much better after using this drug, they do not fade for a long time and are pleasing to the eye. A good tool, and I liked the price. "

    Konstantin, 56 years old:

    “I decided to buy heteroauxin potassium salt in our Moscow store. Soaking the cuttings in its solution - rooting passed quickly. And last year he planted apple trees in the garden, using the same means - so not one was lost, such powerful ones grow. I think I will continue to use it, and I advise everyone to try. ”

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Heteroauxin is perhaps the strongest plant growth stimulator used in agricultural technology. This is both a virtue and a disadvantage: a slight overdose of β-IAA not only causes the opposite effect, but can destroy plants with a prolonged life cycle (see below). Dosage recommendations like "at the tip of the knife" for heteroauxin definitely do not work: to work with this drug, you need to get used to the hundredth and thousandths of a percent. The forms of heteroauxin production (see below) are precisely designed for the preparation of effective working solutions at home.

    Another advantage of heteroauxin is the simplicity of industrial synthesis (on the right in the pic. At the beginning), which makes the preparation of fakes economically unprofitable. You can, of course, run into a fake direct (completely different substance), but industrial production heteroauxin is quite benign.

    Based on these features, the use of heteroauxin for plants is justified in the following. cases:

    • For rooting cuttings of plants, without rooting stimulants not rooting,
    • For processing the roots of seedlings from the nursery before planting in the ordinary garden land, not subjected to systematic reclamation,
    • For processing cuttings of rooting plants, bulbs and seedlings in unfavorable years or in the edges with a shorter growing season, in order to speed up root formation,
    • To improve the survival rate of the stock to the graft, especially for grapes cultivated on the northern border of distribution, see below,
    • To accelerate wound healing on plants, especially ornamental,
    • For the rescue of dying valuable plants in combination with vitamins (also see below), when other reanimation agents are powerless.

    A serious disadvantage of heteroauxin is poor solubility in ordinary tap water. A solution of heteroauxin is prepared first with 50% and 70% ethanol (which is for injections) and then the alcohol solution is poured into a measured portion of water, see, for example. video

    Forms of release

    Chemically pure β-indole acetic acid

    Chemically pure β-IAA is a white crystalline powder, see rice on the right. For plants, heteroauxin as a β-IAA drug is used in the form of a potassium salt, which has a neutral chemical reaction. Selling heteroauxin is available in tablets, which almost completely eliminates the possibility of forgery. Do not take heteroauxin powder from unverified manufacturers, it is easy to completely falsify!

    In the Russian Federation, heteroauxin tablets and powder for agrotechnology produce Green Belt and Orton, see fig. below. The content of the active substance in one tablet is 0.1 g, which is convenient for accurate micro dosages. General instructions for use are given on the package, but for different cultures in certain conditions there are its features, which, in fact, is the article. The expiration date on the packages indicated the maximum, if the drug is more than 2.5-3 years old, the dose should be doubled. For small private farms, heteroauxin tablets are preferable, grams are already for a large area of ​​plantings. Working solutions must be used within 2 days.

    Forms of heteroauxin production for agrotechnics

    Note: the inscription "+ source of organic food" means that the drug with additives. Heteroauxin is also available with additives under the Zemlin, Kornerost brands, etc. Such drugs are not universal growth promoters. They must be used strictly according to the instructions for the cultures indicated in it.

    Application technique

    • By dipping the cutting in the solution for 2-3 seconds.
    • Soaking cuttings or roots for a period of 10 minutes to a day.
    • Watering with a weak solution.
    • By treating the roots with a clay-peat talker on a heteroauxin solution.

    In what specific cases and what concentrations a particular method is used, is considered further.

    Heteroauxin for grapes is used in extreme conditions of its cultivation (cool climate, short growing season), in normal it is better to use less powerful stimulants. To improve the survival rate of vaccinations using a shock concentration: 10 tablets per 1 liter of water. A solution of this concentration is prepared only on alcohol, see above. Cut the rootstock and scion moisten immediately before grafting with a cotton swab soaked in a working solution at the rate of 1 l per 500 vaccinations.

    Instructions for the use of heteroauxin to accelerate root formation in grapes cuttings depends on the state of the planting material and current weather conditions. Too strong for present conditions, the solution will cause a violent root formation, but it will completely lull the kidney, the stalk will rot. From a weak solution, the bud will wake up before the roots are ready to feed it, the cutting dries. For thin, poorly matured and single-point cuttings, 2 solutions of heteroauxin are prepared: 0.2% (tablet per 100 ml of 50% alcohol) for dipping and 0.02% (solution of the 1st tablet in 25 ml of 96% alcohol poured into 475 ml of water ) for soaking. For completely lignified 3-4 renal cuttings with a finger thickness make 0.002% solution - 1 tablet per 5 l of water. Further:

    1. Dried cuttings are soaked in soft water for a day, with the addition of 1 tbsp. l honey on the bucket
    2. Plow cuttings, scratching the bark below the lower node with the buds to the green cambium or, from the strong, to the wood,
    3. Weak cuttings are dipped for 2-3 s in a 0.2% solution and soaked in a 0.02% solution a day,
    4. Strong cuttings are soaked in a 0.002% solution for two days,
    5. By the end of soaking, 2 glass vessels are prepared: with water heated to 65-70 degrees and cold (room temperature),
    6. Crusts of paraffin, stearin or garden water are thrown into a vessel with hot water until a liquid film 2-5 mm thick is formed,
    7. The cuttings are waxed - dipped through hot paraffin through a film of paraffin, and right there - into cold,
    8. Put cuttings on rooting.

    Rooting cuttings of grapes after heteroauxin treatment

    Operations 3, 4 and 8 are performed in such a way that the kidney (s) are not flooded. Water in a container with rooting cuttings must also be added so that it does not cover the kidneys, see fig. on right.

    Heteroauxin is effective for rooting lignified and semi-lignified cuttings. Soft green cuttings, he is likely to burn in the weakest concentration. If cutting with heteroauxin is carried out for herbaceous plants, the cutting must be non-vegetative, i.e. ripe enough (old) and lose the green color, see next. rice

    The concentration of the solution is 0.02% (2 tablets per 1 l of water). 1 liter of solution is suitable for 100 cuttings. Lignified and semi-lignified cuttings are soaked for 16-20 hours, grassy (not lignified) - 10-16 hours in DARK, i.e. put soaked overnight. Cuttings of woody plants should also be soaked in direct sunlight. It is desirable, if the physiology of this species allows, to remove leaves from cuttings.

    Rooting a grass stem with heteroauxin

    Cuttings for vegetative propagation of roses with heteroacusine are preferably taken from “green”, half-refreshed ones: a wood core must be fully formed under the green bark. Soak such cuttings as grassy at night. In the northern regions, or with a lack of valuable material for cutting, lignified rose cuttings can be treated with heteroauxin as weak grapes, see above.

    The root system of seedlings of fruit and berry crops is treated with a 0.002% solution of heteroauxin (2 tablets per 10 liters of water). In this case, more than for grapes, it is necessary to prolong the effect of the drug and better saturate it with plant tissues. Therefore, in the working solution of heteroauxin, a clay-peat mash is prepared: clay and peat are added gradually in equal parts while stirring until a mass of consistency of liquid sour cream is obtained. Dip the roots to the neck (not higher!) Into the mash and plant the material. Immediately after planting, watering is also carried out with a 0.02% solution of heteroauxin at the rate of 2-3 liters per bush or 5-10 liters on a tree.

    Note: in many manuals, incl. branded, for fruit and berry, watering with 0.002% heteroauxuxin is recommended in spring when buds bloom and in autumn at the beginning of leaf fall at a rate of 5 liters per adult fruiting shrub or 10 liters on the same tree. However, this is justified only for intensively used commodity gardens, which should quickly reach the maximum profitability, and when it starts to fall, it goes under the ax. For a long-lived garden, one should use sparing methods of stimulating root formation - fertilizer with phosphorus and potassium after harvesting, filling the soil with fertilizers before winter.

    For processing seedlings of vegetable crops and flowers, a 0.005% solution of heteroauxin is used (5 tablets per bucket). The treatment procedures are similar to woody ones, but the roots are dipped just into an aqueous solution, and watering with heteroauxin is carried out 7–10 days later after disembarkation in the evening or in warm cloudy weather.

    Flower bulbs

    Bulbs of edible cultures heteroauxin are not processed. The bulbs of flower cultures are soaked before planting 4-6 hours in a 0.01% solution (1 tablet per 1 liter of water) of heteroauxin for a more lush long flowering and abundant formation of children. Solution consumption - 1 l per 1 kg of bulbs.

    Resuscitation tool ...

    As a potent agent, heteroauxin is effective for plants with an intermittent vegetation cycle and those accustomed to stress. Most indoor ornamental cultures are not among those. But many people from tropical forests, for example. Orchids, in nature with the slightest deterioration of living conditions fall asleep, and the rooms wake up heavily after wintering and often get sick. In addition, orchids are mostly epiphytes with a poorly developed root system; therefore, heteroauxin is contraindicated in them during normal content. Waking up sleepy orchids is best with compositions of nicotinic and succinic acids with vitamins. However, heteroauxin for orchids can be a means of salvation if they have a bad winter, and when they wake up they are sick and withered. Then the plants are removed from the substrate, remove the rotten roots and soaked, plunging along the root collar, into the next. composition:

    • Rainwater or distilled - 1 l.
    • Heteroauxin Green Belt - 1 tablet.
    • Vitamin B1 - 2 tablets or 1 capsule.
    • Any fungicide for orchids - 1 tablet.
    • The drug Zircon - 1 drop.

    The ingredients are dissolved in the specified sequence. The plant (s) are soaked at night or 2-4 hours in the dark. At the end of treatment put on rooting.

    Note: In no case can you handle heteroauxin-sleeping orchids!

    Description and purpose of the drug Heteroauxin

    Heteroauxin is indoleacetic acid, belonging to the class of auxins and formed in plant tissues. It regulates growth processes and increases physiological activity. Under natural conditions, the substance is formed from Amino Acids Tryptophan in the field of vegetative mass of plant crops, and later passes into the shoots and root system, where under oxidation it turns into an active component. In laboratories, Heteroauxin is produced in five ways. The simple synthesis of this substance led to the start of experiments on plants and the use of the product in the agricultural field.

    When treating plants with Heteroauxin, the active substance penetrates into plant cells and accelerates the formation of the root system.

    Numerous experiments confirmed that Heteroauxin contributes to:

    • The emergence and development of the root system in cuttings,
    • Root formation in seedlings and adult specimens of cultures,
    • Accretion of tissues after vaccination,
    • Tissue regeneration,
    • The process of adaptation to any conditions of different types of plants during transplantation,
    • The germination of bulbs and seeds
    • Development of ovaries and leaves
    • Increase the number of seeds in the fruit and yield,
    • Abundant reproduction of bulbs and increase their mass,
    • Increase the duration of flowering.

    Heteroauxin is used in the following situations:

    • When processing planting material - seedlings, cuttings, bulbs,
    • When processing crops before planting from a greenhouse to open ground,
    • When rooting cuttings that can not independently form their root system,
    • To accelerate the adaptation of the stock of shrubs and trees of fruit and berry crops,
    • To heal damage to ornamental plants,
    • To restore dying crops.

    The drug protects the cuttings and seedlings from the occurrence of fungal diseases and feeds them with the necessary beneficial elements.

    Release form

    In purified form, Heteroauxin is represented by a white powder of crystalline consistency with a pinkish tinge. The tool can be produced in the form of a tablet with a volume of 0.1 g, containing potassium salt and active ingredient. It is convenient to use tablets in the presence of small garden and gardening sites. For large agro complexes, Heteroauxin is used in the form of a powder, which is packaged in packs of 50 g, 100 g, and 1000 g each.

    Today, often produce the release of the combined funds based on indoleacetic acid:

    • Heteroauxin with vitamins of group B. It is used for tissue regeneration in injuries of plant crops, plant recovery after fungal diseases and the rescue of seriously injured specimens of valuable crops.
    • Cornerost. Care must be taken with supplements, as this biostimulator is suitable only for certain types of crops.

    Preparation of the solution

    Heteroauxin differs in some features in solution preparation:

    • The drug is not able to dissolve in water. To prepare the solution, the substance is diluted in ethyl alcohol.
    • Overdose in the processing of crops and seeds usually slows down their development. Therefore, when using the tool you should always follow the instructions for use.

    The concentration of ethyl alcohol pick 50% or 70%. Instead, the funds can be used medical purified alcohol or regular vodka.

    For breeding components, a small container with a well-closed lid will be needed.

    Instructions for breeding funds:

    • The drug tablet is crushed to a powder.
    • The resulting powder is poured into the prepared container.
    • In a medical syringe recruit 10 cubes of ethyl or medical alcohol.
    • The liquid is introduced into the container with heteroauxin. Capacity close lid.
    • The mixture is heated in dishes with hot water at a temperature of + 60-70 degrees.
    • From time to time, the solution is shaken, and the cover is removed from the container to release the vapor formed.
    • After the powder is completely dissolved, the container is taken out of the dish and used for the intended purpose.

    Usually plants are watered in a volume of 1 cubic solution per 1 liter of water.

    Heteroauxin: instructions for use

    It should be noted that Heteroauxin is used only for soaking planting materials and watering the roots of plants. Pollination or spraying this drug is not carried out.

    The dosage of the solution of the drug, processing time and consumption depends on the type of plant or planting material:

    • For vegetable seedlings - 5 tab. / 10 l of water for 200 seedlings. Plant roots are immersed in a solution with a temperature of + 17-21 degrees. Watering around seedlings make a week after landing in the ground. On 1 square. meter will need 2 liters.
    • For seedlings of flowers - 5 tab. / 10 l of water for 200 seedlings. Plant roots are dipped in a solution with a temperature of + 19-23 degrees. Watering the plants planted in the ground a week after planting. On 1 square. meter will need 2 liters.
    • For seedlings and seedlings of fruit crops - 2 таб./10 л воды на 20 растений. Корневую систему посадочного материала опускают в раствор до уровня корневой шейки и оставляют на 1,5-2 часа.
    • For луковиц and клубнелуковиц цветочных видов растений - 10 таб./10 л воды на 10 кг посадочного материала. Before planting, the tubers and bulbs are soaked in heteroauxin for 5-7 hours.
    • For fruit and berry cuttings and flower plants - 20 tab. / 10 liters of water per 1000 pieces of planting material. Lignified and semi-lignified cuttings are treated in solution for 15-18 hours, green samples - for 10-15 hours.
    • For grape - 100 tab. / 10 liters of water per 5000 copies. The graft and the upper part of the stock are treated in heteroauxin for 3-4 seconds.
    • For roses - 20 tab. / 10 l of water for 1000 cuttings. Green material is immersed in the solution for 12-15 hours.
    • For fruit and berry and ornamental crops - 2 tab./10 l of water per 1 tree, 5 l - per 1 bush. Watering pristvvolnuyu area occurs during the blooming of the kidneys and during the abscission of leaves.

    For processing violets 1 tablet means diluted in 5 liters of water. Root flower neck is immersed in the working solution for 16-18 hours. Plants planted in the soil are watered with Heteroauxin immediately and after 14 days. This drug is an effective biostimulator for violets.

    For frequent use, Heteroauxin is used in small doses. 2 tablets dissolved in 20 ml of alcohol. The resulting solution should be stored in a dark glass jar. For gardening needs, 2 ml of the mixture is diluted in 10 liters of water and used for its intended purpose.

    The drug is often used to process broken or cut stalks indoor cultures. For fresh places cut use a weak solution. When transplanting home samples, a solution is prepared in the proportion of 1 tablet per 2 liters of water. In the liquid immersed the roots of plants and leave for 1-1.5 hours. This is done as a preventive measure so that in the future home cultures will not be affected by fungal or bacterial diseases.

    Check heteroauxin, replacement of funds with other drugs

    Often this drug is replaced with fakes that are not capable of affecting plants, like a real heteroauxin. The original tool has a pinkish tinge and has a sharp peculiar smell. When the powder is dissolved in ethanol, there should be no precipitate.

    If poor dissolution of the powder occurs in the liquid with a spilled agent or a precipitate appears, it means that the substance purchased is not Heteroauxin. It is necessary to get rid of this remedy.

    If it is not possible to purchase Heteroauxin, then for processing plants and planting material you can use the following means:

    • Aloe. One tablespoon of plant juice is dissolved in a glass of water. The solution is poured into another container, which is tightly covered with a lid and transferred to a dark place for 2-3 days. Before use, the liquid is diluted with boiled water to obtain a volume of 5 liters. The cuttings are soaked in solution for 5-7 hours.
    • Yeast. 100 g of the product is diluted in 10 liters of warm water and used for soaking the roots of the necessary crops.
    • Nettle. The stems of a young plant are soaked in warm water for 10-14 days. The resulting solution helps to stimulate the growth of garden plants.
    • Honey. Half a teaspoon of honey is diluted in 0.5 liters of water and infused for 5-7 hours. The tool is used for grafting.

    It should be noted that such agents are not as effective as Heteroauxin, and cannot completely replace it.

    What is heteroauxin

    Heteroauxin was first isolated in 1934 among mold fungi and microorganisms, studied by the Dutch chemist F. Kegl and the staff of his laboratory. Later, it was found in higher plant crops, formed as a result of the conversion of one type of amino acids, tryptophan in the leaf part, and moving along the growing roots of plants and their stems, while being in which as a result of oxidative reactions, it is activated. It stimulates cell division and stretching.

    The most popular drug for root formation is Kornevin - before use, study the instructions for use of the root.

    Heteroauxin can be used as a stimulator of root formation when breeding different types of plants, including ornamental trees and shrubs, cuttings and seedlings of fruit and berry crops. In addition, the drug is used to treat seeds, roots of seedlings, bulbs and corms. Healthy root development accelerates the growth of the part of the plant located above the ground. Additional nutrition of the root system helps the plant to gain strength, to ensure proper care, which will immediately affect the quality of flowering and the abundance of the crop.

    The active ingredient of the drug is indolyl-3-acetic acid. Available in the form of tablets and capsules with powder. In combination with vitamins B1 and C, the effect of the drug can be enhanced.

    Attention: Heteroauxin is mixed with vitamins in the following proportions: six tablets of the drug are diluted in 10 liters of water and 0.1 g of vitamin B1 is added to the same place.

    Heteroauxin is manufactured in Russia by manufacturers Green Belt and Orton. Its use can not be a substitute for conventional mineral and organic fertilizers used in gardening.

    Dosage and methods of use of heteroauxin (instructions for use)

    In order to accelerate the growth of different plant species, you need to know how to use heteroauxin correctly. How to dilute the drug in the required proportions depends on the plant species and the tasks.

    Bulbous plants On the eve of the disembarkation, you need to soak in the solution, keeping to the proportions: one tablet of the drug per liter of water. The bulbs treated with the solution will develop almost twice as fast.

    In preparation for planting seedlings and plants for transplanting need to put their roots in a solution prepared at the rate of two tablets per ten liters of water, and keep it up to 20 hours. Water the soil around the planted plants with the same solution.

    Soaking cuttings in heteroauxin solution.

    In the solution with a stimulant, you can put the cuttings for 15-18 hours immediately after separation from the main plant. The proportions will depend on the size of the cutting and the thickness of the bark, and this can vary from two to six tablets per ten liters of water.

    Seeds, preparing for sowing, are soaked in a solution obtained by dissolving six heteroauxin tablets in a liter of water.

    When watering saplings and seedlings use the diluted drug in the proportion of one tablet per three liters of water. Watering is done twice: immediately after disembarking and two or three weeks later.

    Saplings purchased in the nursery require a special approach. For them, preparing a special mass, called a clay mash. It is mixed on the solution of the drug. During preparation, peat and clay are used in equal amounts, ten liters of water in which one tablet of heteroauxin was diluted. In the resulting creamy solution dip the roots just before planting. In the same way you can do with corms of crocuses and gladioli. Such a method is more preferable to them than the usual soaking, and will contribute to a powerful activation of the development of the root system.

    Strictly follow the instructions for use.

    The active effect of the drug is largely determined by the choice of the correct proportions of its cultivation and the natural features of different plant species.

    When breeding violets Heteroauxin is diluted in the amount of one tablet in five liters of water, the root neck is immersed in this solution for 18-20 hours. After planting, the soil is watered twice: immediately after planting and after a couple of weeks. A similar method of using a biostimulator for violets has proven itself quite well.

    At the same time, the experience of using heteroauxin for orchids as a growth promoter or a resuscitating agent for diseased or dying roots, it has ambiguous estimates. According to several opinions, the drug can be quite effective in such cases. At the same time, there is information about the strong effect of the drug only on dicotyledonous plants having a net venation on the leaves, if the leaves have a linear venation, like in orchids, the effect of using heteroauxin will not be noticeable.

    In order to be able to use the drug, you should know how to dissolve heteroauxin in water. As a rule, tablets dissolve rather poorly, so they must first be thoroughly crushed, having obtained powder from them, and then diluted with a small volume of 50% alcohol. Next, add water according to the instructions.

    Warning: heteroauxin is a drug that is poorly soluble in water.

    Is it possible to replace heteroauxin with another drug?

    Heteroauxin can replace nettle.

    If for some reason it is not possible to acquire heteroauxin, the drug can be replaced by some conventional means, among them may be:

    An excellent natural plant growth stimulator is the young shoots of nettle, preferably their tops. After collecting, they must be kneaded and soaked in warm water, in which they will infuse for one and a half to two weeks. The resulting fermented solution is used to stimulate the growth of horticultural crops.

    A useful solution for activating the growth of plant roots can be obtained at home if you dilute one hundred grams of yeast in ten liters of slightly heated boiled water.

    When preparing the cuttings for planting, they can be soaked in a warm solution of diluted natural honey in water in the proportion of half a spoonful of honey per half liter of water and left for 4-8 hours. Rinse immediately with water before planting.

    You can also get a stimulant if you dissolve a tablespoon of aloe juice in one glass of water, then pour the mass into a jar, close the lid and put in a dark place for a couple of days. After that, boiled water is added to the solution to a volume of five liters. In it soaked cuttings for 4-8 hours.

    Despite the fact that gardeners have learned quite a virtuoso to use the available tools on the farm, nevertheless, none of them can completely replace a special-purpose preparation, such as heteroauxin.

    Attention: drugs root roots and krezacin have a favorable effect that stimulates the formation of roots.

    First aid for poisoning

    If, however, a poisoning of the body with the drug has occurred, as well as when it is in contact with the skin or eyes, thorough washing with water, including the stomach, should be done as soon as possible if it enters the esophagus. Next, perform symptomatic treatment.

    The drug should be stored in a dry room at low temperatures, the maximum allowable boundaries of which range from -10 to +35 degrees. Tara should be sealed. There should be no food and medicine nearby. The storage location must be kept out of reach of children and pets.

    The active effect of the drug is possible in the first 2-3 years after release. When stored for more than four years, the recommended dose should be doubled. The solution prepared for use cannot be stored for longer than two days.

    We recommend to watch and video material on the Heteroauxin preparation, we wish you a pleasant viewing.

    Reviews of the drug Heteroauxin

    Catherine: Very pleased with the use of this powerful root stimulator. He made a particularly strong impression on me after I managed to save a fading rose dropped by someone on the sidewalk. I became unbearably sorry for the flower, and I brought it home. From cuttings treated with heteroauxin, sprouts appeared in the spring, which grew splendidly in my garden, still pleasing the eye.

    Tatyana: Based on my own experience of using heteroauxin, I would not advise keeping cuttings in it until the very appearance of the roots. They just need to soak, and water after transplanting after a while. The results will be amazing! Without special need in the winter, I would not advise anything specifically to stimulate.

    Oleg: I consider heteroauxin to be the best tool for treating seedling roots. It is not very convenient to use because of its too slow solubility; nevertheless, in my opinion, it is precisely to stimulate the growth of seedlings that it has no equal.

    Milan: Great drug! Absolutely effective! I get it in advance, because in the spring it quickly disappears from sale. Usually used for seedlings, cuttings and saplings.

    Heteroauxin - Growth Stimulator Description

    Heteroauxin (indolyl-3-acetic acid) is a substance of the auxin class, which is formed in the plant tissues and contributes to its growth processes, increasing physiological activity. On the basis of a natural substance that stimulates a high level of biological action, a new type of fertilizer, heteroauxin, was obtained by laboratory synthesis. This substance is an organic plant growth promoter. as well as the process of rooting for various saplings of trees and shrubs, seedlings and bulbous plants.

    Heteroauxin is used by gardeners as a conqueror of cuttings of fruit and berry crops. Even a small amount of the drug will improve the development of a healthy root system and accelerate the growth of terrestrial parts of the plant. Thanks to the use of heteroauxin, flower crops will flourish, and fruit and berries and vegetables will give a good harvest.

    Mechanism of action, how heteroauxin works

    Heteroauxin is used in the process of planting plants for better rooting and stimulating root growth. The nutrients that make up heteroauxin give a developed and powerful root system to various crops, and as a result, there will be a favorable growth of ground parts and abundant fruiting.

    This fertilizer contributes to a good survival rate of seedlings, seedlings when cutting and planting, and also contributes to the successful transplantation of a shrub or tree.

    The mechanism of action of the solution of heteroauxin is the penetration of the drug into plant cells, followed by the accelerated development of the root system, both under normal conditions, and when the plant is planted in the wrong soil.

    The positive aspects of the use of heteroauxin can also be attributed to the acceleration of crop growth, increase in yield, protection of cuttings and seedlings from the appearance of fungal diseases, as well as feeding the plant with necessary micro- and macroelements.

    Recommendations for the use of the drug, how to use heteroauxin (consumption rates and treatment objects)

    Heteroauxin is produced by Russian manufacturing companies "Green Belt" and "Orton" in the form of powder, packaged in packs of 50, 100 or 1000 g, as well as in capsules weighing 0.1 g. Consider in more detail the heteroauxin fertilizer and its application instructions for different types of plants.

    As a stimulator of rooting of cuttings of ornamental, berry and fruit crops dissolve 10 tablets in 5 l of warm water and put the green cuttings into the resulting solution for 10-15 hours, and half-and lignified ones for 16-21 hours at the rate of 5 l per 500 cuttings. In this case, the drug will improve the accretion of tissues and increase the survival rate of the cutting.

    As a growth promoter for grapes in a solution of 10 tablets and 1 liter of water immerse a multi-eyed piece of grape vine, leaving about 30% of the cutting with a peephole above the surface of the liquid. Heteroauxin is used for grape grafting - it is able to improve the scion and rootstock fusion, for this you should dip them for a couple of seconds in the preparation solution 1 tablet per 1 l of water.

    Gardeners are sometimes interested in what can replace “Kornevin” for roses, which is very popular. The drug "Heteroauxin" is an analogue of the drug "Kornevin", similar to its effect on the rhizomes and shoots of the plant. As a growth promoter for roses, it is necessary to soak the cuttings in a solution of 1 tablet and 5 liters of water for about 15-17 hours.

    As a stimulator of growth of seedlings of berry bushes or fruit trees, they are soaked for two hours, immersing to the level of the root collar in a solution of 1 tablet per 5 liters of water, after which the seedling is planted.

    Heteroauxin is used for bulbous flowers by soaking bulbs and bulbs in a solution of 1 tablet per 1 liter of water for 16–20 hours, thereby rooting will be stimulated, there will be more processes in the parent plant, and the flowering time of the plant will also last.

    Heteroauxin, according to the instructions for use for indoor plants, is used in case of stalk breakage or pruning of shoots - by treating a fresh cut point with a weak solution of the preparation. When transplanting a room flower, it is recommended to dip its roots in a solution of 1 tablet in 2 liters of water for 1 hour to prevent late blight, blackleg, powdery mildew, gray rot and scab.

    Heteroauxin stimulates root formation and survival of seedlings of vegetables, increases the yield of crops, and also reduces their incidence. To do this, when planting seedlings in open ground, it is necessary to dip the root system in the preparation solution at the rate of 1 tablet per 2 liters of water. After 6-9 days after planting, as soon as the plant starts rooting, it is recommended to water the heteroauxin with the root-root method, avoiding contact with the stem and leaves.

    How to check heteroauxin

    Иногда садоводу может попасться поддельный гетероауксин, который не сможет дать необходимый результат, поэтому покупку препарата нужно осуществлять в надежных местах реализации качественной продукции. Оригинальный препарат розоватого оттенка с резким специфическим запахом, хорошо растворимый в этиловом спирте без образования осадка. Спиртовой раствор препарата имеет окрас йода.

    Для того чтобы проверить гетероауксин, следует насыпать его в спирт и понаблюдать за раствором. At the slightest signs of poor dissolution of the drug or the appearance of a precipitate, it can be concluded that this substance is not heteroauxin and should not be used in horticulture.

    Heteroauxin: storage conditions

    Heteroauxin must be stored in a sealed bag or sealed container at a temperature of from 0 to +20 ° C in a dry dark place away from food, medicines without access to the preparation of children and pets.

    Growth stimulant retains its properties for two to three years, after which its effect gradually decreases. The finished solution of the drug can be stored for no longer than a day.

    The use of such a budget growth stimulator, such as heteroauxin, will have a beneficial effect on the root system of cultivated plants, improve seed germination, reduce the harmful effects of low temperatures and excessive humidity, and also stimulate the growth of the whole plant - all these factors make this phytohormone popular in gardening.

    Which is better - Heteroauxin or Cornevin

    Gardeners and gardeners often compare Heteroauxin to Corneum, since both agents are growth stimulants, although they differ in active substances: Heteroauxin contains indole acetic acidand Kornevin is indolylbutyric acid. Sometimes Kornevin is confused with Cornerost containing the same active substance as Heteroauxin.

    Both root-stimulants are used for cutting, for rootstock and scion, as well as for soaking different types of planting materials.

    Among the differences between these drugs should be noted:

    • Longer and softer effect of Kornevin on plant crops,
    • Root's ability to dissolve in water
    • Higher efficacy of Heteroauxin under negative growing conditions,
    • Rapid results of regeneration of plant tissues with Heteroauxin.

    Choose one or another type of stimulator depending on the desired results. If it is necessary for the drug to act for a long time, then Kornevin should be used. To achieve a quick effect, it is necessary to stop the choice on Heteroauxin.

    Features storage heteroauksina

    Means stored in a dry placewhere sunlight does not penetrate. The temperature indicator should be set in the range from -5 to +25 degrees. Containers for storing heteroauxin pick tight. Next to the growth stimulator should not be food and medical products. The room where the product is located should not be accessible to children and animals.

    Heteroauxin is stored for 3 years. The solution can be prepared from the means that is stored for the 4th year, but in this case, the recommended dose will have to be doubled. The prepared solution should be used in the next two days.

    The budget growth stimulator has a beneficial effect on the development of the root system of crops and seed germination. With this tool you can reduce the negative impact of low temperature or excess moisture. High quality and wide range of application of Heteroauxin makes it an indispensable tool for any gardener.

    ... and healing

    It happens that a broken branch reduces the decorative value of the plant to nothing. Most of all it concerns bonsai. In this case, if the branch is not completely broken off, the plant can be saved by treating the fracture with a shock dose of heteroauxin, as when grapes were grafted (see above), by applying a bandage (bandage) and substituting a support (s) for the branch. This method of treating injuries is quite effective for indoor plants. In the case of decorative open ground, a bruised branch will take root only if there is complete calm after 2-3 weeks. You can increase the likelihood of healing by building a windproof film fence around the plant.

    So, heteroauxin for plants is indicated for use in the following cases:

    1. For tree crops and herbaceous perennials with a not particularly intensive life cycle.
    2. In the presence or in anticipation of adverse conditions for the development of young plants.
    3. For emergency help perishing plants, if other means of salvation are not effective.

    But what is necessary to remember about heteroauxin is that it is a powerful tool, but not a panacea. To feed plants with heteroauxin regularly is the same as taking antipyretic or stimulant drugs every day. therefore The main rule of using heteroauxin is not to use it systematically.

    Stimulation of rooting

    "Heteroauxin" - a chemical substance of increased physiological activity, is included in the group of auxins, directly affecting the development of plants.

    In industrial volumes, "Heteroauxin" is produced synthetically by the interaction of indole and glycolic acid. As a result of the reaction, indole acetic acid (auxin) is produced, which is produced by plants independently, but not always in sufficient quantity.

    Plant treatment phytohormone contributes to:

    • active development of roots in cuttings,
    • root formation in seedlings,
    • healing of injured tissue in places of vaccinations,
    • adaptation after transplantation
    • sprouting of seeds and bulbs,
    • the growth of the ovary and the crowns of trees
    • increase in the number of seeds in the fruit,
    • overall yield improvement, etc.

    Growth factor is used:

    1. To improve the quality of planting material.
    2. Processing seedlings before planting in open ground.
    3. Accelerated development of stock of shrubs and trees.
    4. Cure injured plants.
    5. Rescue degenerate varieties.

    Healing and Healing

    "Heteroauxin" is often used as a "medicine" for injured plants:

    • stimulation of the growth of trees and bushes
    • increased resilience to external negative factors
    • emergency rescue dying cultures.

    Using “Heteroauxin”, remember that this is not a panacea, and that it is not necessary to stuff a plant with a stimulant systematically - the result will be the opposite.

    Operating principle

    Phytohormone is used when planting plants in the ground to increase the percentage of rooting, which ultimately affects the volume and quality of the crop.

    The basis of "Heteroauxin" is indole acetic acid. The drug interacts with plants at the cellular level and stimulates the growth and division of cells.

    In addition to indole acetic acid, the product contains additional components that optimize plant life, vitamin C and thiamine.

    Forms in which it is issued

    Retail distribution networks offer “Heteroauxin” customers in the form of pale pink powder (packaging 50 g - 1 kg), or tablets (0.1 g) for small garden plots.

    Watch for advertising! A popular novelty for gardeners is a combined version of a growth stimulator based on “Heteroauxin” with the addition of vitamin B.

    According to user feedback, the product is especially effective in treating plants and as an anti-fungal agent.

    Security measures and first aid for poisoning

    Contact with heteroauxin should be used:

    • rubber gloves,
    • plastic aprons,
    • protective glasses.

    If during the work in the garden the phytohormone gets into the eyes, quickly and thoroughly wash the area with a large amount of water. And if Heteroauxin is ingested into the esophagus and stomach, drink up to 2 liters of a weak (pale pink) solution of potassium permanganate and induce vomiting.

    Seeing a doctor in the first and second cases is a must!

    What is the difference from "Kornevin", which is better to choose

    Gardeners, often, compare “Heteroauxin” or “Kornevin”, which is better, which in principle is not true, since the chemical basis of the preparations is different. “Heteroauxin” is based on indolyl acetic acid, and in Kornevin it is indolyl butyric acid, while Kornevin is often confused with Cornerost, which is similar in composition to Heteroauxin.

    If we make a comparative description of the two products, we get the following:

    1. Both drugs are growth and root stimulants, in this they perform the same tasks.
    2. Advantages of "Kornevina" - a mild effect on plant cells, a long lasting result and fast solubility in water.
    3. Advantages of "Heteroauxin" - localizes the effect of external adverse conditions, is effective in the treatment of "injuries" and is indispensable in emergency situations when saving the plant.

    When choosing a product, gardeners proceed from existing conditions and tasks, using “Heteroauxin” to obtain a quick result, “Kornevin” for less urgent circumstances.

    How to check the purchased drug

    “Heteroauxin” is produced in the form of white-pink crystalline powder or tablets. The product interacts poorly with water, so it is dissolved in alcohol (50–70%) solutions. A distinctive feature - the phytohormone is afraid of ultraviolet and moisture, so it is stored in a dark sealed container.

    The best solvents of “Heteroauxin” are ethyl, formic alcohol, where, in the absence of impurities, the phytohormone dissolves without residue.

    The color of the liquid “Heteroauxin” resembles the color of iodine. By adding 10 mg of stimulator to 100 ml of water, we get a 0.1% composition with a long shelf life.

    Adding water to the alcohol solution, we obtain a working mixture with a shelf life of 7 days.

    The failure-free method for determining the authenticity of "Heteroauxin" is the dissolution of the drug in alcohol. If the product does not dissolve, it is overloaded with ballast components or completely forged. It is pointless and dangerous to use a fake phytostimulator, since such a product is likely to harm plants.

    Rules of preparation of the solution

    To prepare the phytohormone alcohol composition, you will need:

    • "Heteroauxin" tablets or powder,
    • 50–70% ethyl alcohol or vodka,
    • Cap with lid.

    If phytohormone tablets, they need to crush. At the same time, we strongly do not recommend using tableware and tableware in your work!

    Instructions for use

    After receiving the powder, the product should be:

    • empty into a dry container
    • type in a syringe 10 cu. see alcohol
    • prepare an alcohol solution
    • cover the vessel with a lid and heat it in a water bath at 50–60 ° C.

    While heating the mixture, shake the solution periodically and release the generated steam. Complete dissolution of the powder indicates the readiness of the product.

    Dose of phytohormone to create a working solution: 1 cube per 1 liter of water.

    Saplings of trees and shrubs

    The roots of the fruit and berry saplings and shrubs are treated with a 0.002% solution of “Heteroauxin” (2 tab. Per 10 l bucket of water), and to prolong the effect they prepare a clay-peat mixture. Clay and peat are added in equal parts to the solution and stirred to form a liquid slurry. The roots are dipped (to the neck) into the mixture and planted, and then watered with a 0.02% solution. Under each tree - 5–10 l, under each bush - 2–3 l.

    Rooting cuttings

    “Heteroauxin” is effective for improving the rooting of cuttings of trees and shrubs, which are in the stage of lignification and semi-lumbering. If the shoots are green, most likely, they will burn even in a weak solution.

    The composition of the phytohormone solution for 100 cuttings is 0.02% (2 tab. Per 1 l). Wood shoots are soaked for 15–20 hours, non-lignified — for 10–15 hours in a dark place.

    The flower bulbs are lowered in 0.001% (1 tab. Per 1 liter) of Heteroauxin's solution for 4–6 h. The volume of the working compound: 1 l per 1 kg of plant material. The treatment of the flower bulbs with a stimulant will provide the plants with sustainable long-term flowering and normal development.


    "Heteroauxin" is successfully used to "revitalize" houseplants: the formation of buds and an increase in flowering time.

    Dosage for "room" seedlings: one tablet per ten-liter bucket of water.

    When processing flowers, roots are dipped into the working solution. One liter of liquid is enough for 20 copies. Water the plants with water solution after 7-10 days after planting.

    Feedback on the results of use

    Acquaintance with “Heteroauxin” for me turned out to be not entirely successful, there was practically no effect of steeping cuttings. Later I understood what was going on - I had soaked the cuttings for too long. Then I read that the phytohormone does not like the sun. Now soak seedlings only in the dark. The results are excellent, my rose garden is the best in the village.

    The tool is specific, requires care and accuracy in the preparation of the solution, but the results are encouraging. 2 grams of “Heteroauxin” became a salvation for my perishing orchids, since then I have always been treating plants only with them, dissolving one tablet per 5 liters of water. Helps a lot. My review of "Heteroauxin" is super positive.

    Heteroauxin is used to strengthen the roots of garden trees and shrubs with a long life cycle, to treat diseased or injured plants.

    Phytohormone is a potent drug, so you should not use a stimulant systematically - this will lead to the opposite effect.