Pests and plant diseases

Decis: a shock insecticide for emergency cases


Every gardener wants to see his garden not only beautiful, but also healthy. Naturally, for fruits and vegetables there are a lot of different threats, but they can be eliminated with the help of the insecticide "Decis". Instructions for use will help you choose the correct dosage of the drug for a particular culture. This tool is universal, so it can be used both for the garden and for the vegetable garden.

Feature of the drug is that it is very effective and safe for human health. "Decis", the instructions for use of which must be strictly followed, can eliminate a large number of pests: Colorado potato beetle, bedbugs, aphids, meadow moths, deadbirds, locusts and other insects. The advantage of the tool is that it practically does not accumulate in the soil.

The principle of action of the drug is quite simple: it has a detrimental effect on the nervous system of the insect, after which paralysis occurs in pests, and they die. In addition, the correct use of the substance helps to scare away beetles about to leave eggs on the leaves of plants.

Let us consider in more detail what kind of drug it is - "Decis" (instructions for use and dosage). Used means for such crops: apple, beet, potatoes, barley, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, grapes, pear, corn, wheat. It must be applied either at a certain stage of plant growth or during the growing season. It all depends on what purpose the drug is used.

A tool such as "Decis", instructions for use provides for spraying the leaves, branches and stems after you first noticed the appearance of pests. It is best to carry out the procedure in warm and dry weather. It is desirable that during spraying on the street there was no wind and sun. Therefore, it is best to do all the work either in the evening or in the morning.

The drug "Decis" is diluted in ordinary water. Basically, for one specific dose, you will need 10 liters of fluid. In order for the substance to be well dissolved, the mixture must be thoroughly mixed. The number of treatments depends on which particular plants are sprayed, but not more than 2. The minimum amount of time between harvesting and the last use of an insecticide is 15-30 days. Do not use the drug during flowering plants. It is necessary to work only in protective clothing. After the procedure, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands and wash.

After using the substance, empty containers should be buried in the ground, away from water bodies. In the trash cans can not be thrown out.

There are several modifications of the presented drug, one of which is "Decis Profi". The use of this tool is possible for a sufficiently large range of insect pests. It is very toxic even to rats. This substance must not be mixed with any other insecticide. Used drug for the treatment of more than 50 crops.

Advantages and disadvantages

Structural chemical formula of deltamethrin and its spatial model

After a sufficiently long search, the desired active ingredient (active ingredient) was found: a synthetic pyrethroid deltamethrin (see the formula in the figure on the right). A new drug showed some truly unique qualities:

  • The resistance of pests to the drug Decis today is not marked.
  • Instant action on all beetles (beetles), lepidoptera (butterflies), homoptera (aphids, glass-holders), most retinopterans (sawflies, wasps) and dipterous (flies). Specially bred resistant to Confidor Colorado beetles 100% die from Decis in 5 minutes, the rest - instantly.
  • It is not washed off by a rain, and term of protective action 2 weeks. This usually allows one treatment to neutralize and 2-3 waves of plaque migratory pests.
  • The hazard class for humans is the 3rd (see also further), i.e. if a stranger accidentally caught in the treatment zone obdas the drug, he will not necessarily retire.

However, the insecticide Decis is not without serious deficiencies:

  1. DV is a strong neuro-paralytic poison of the enteric-contact action, giving long-term effects. There is no antidote, therefore it is necessary to work with Decis, observing special precautions, see below.
  2. Hazard class for bees and aquatic organisms 1st: kills instantly, so the areas of farmland that are suitable for use by Decis are very limited, see below.
  3. The hazard class in soil accumulation is 2nd - the systematic use of Decis is, of course, excluded; this drug is the only “first aid” tool for the most urgent cases.
  4. Phytotoxic, as a result - a limited species composition of cultures to be treated with the preparation (see below).
  5. Long waiting time before harvest, 3-4 weeks.
  6. It is impossible to throw out the used container into household garbage cans and the more so to wash it for improper use. Containers and packages from Decis need to be disposed of at special landfills or (which is generally forbidden) to be burned.
  7. High cost, approx. 7000 rubles per liter of fuel consumption (for 2018).

Decis and plants

The manufacturer claims the lack of phytotoxicity in Decis. However, more than 20 years ago in the Russian Federation, it was found that a 0.01% deltamethrin solution causes burns of young leaves of Brussels sprouts, and a 0.00175% solution for 50 days after treatment reduced the accumulation of total and protein nitrogen in the leaves of beans and inhibited the synthesis ascorbic acid (Kuteev, F. S., Lyashenko, L. I., Puchkova, I. I., Protection and Protection of Forest, issue 1, Use of pyrethroids and dimiline in the forestry industry of the USSR and abroad, M. 1986) .

Abroad, this publication is passed over in silence, but in the branded instructions to Decis a rather limited circle of cultures for which the preparation is recommended remains unchanged. It does not fit in any way with the basics of the marketing policy, nor with the universality of the action of DV Detsis on pests. Indirectly, we can assume that Bayer Crop Science specialists (they know their business) secretly conducted their own research, were convinced - yes, there is phytotoxicity, possibly selective, and recommend using Decis either on cultures that are hardy to him or when damage from crop damage by pests is obviously greater than its loss from the use of this insecticide.

Note: in the new preparative forms (see below), Bayer specialists seem to have succeeded in largely eliminating this disadvantage.

Take another look at the DV Decis formulas (see figure above). The first thing that attracts attention is the cyanogroup CN. What is cyanide is not necessary to explain: the presence of CN makes Decis a fast-acting intestinal insecticide. Although deltamethrin is not a Jesuit poison and the cyano group in it is not associated with an alkali metal, but with an organic residue, getting Decis inside is fraught (literally) with very serious consequences.

The second component, preim. contact action - bromine Br. The well-known mild sedative "bromine" is actually potassium bromide KBr. It is harmless to a certain dose, like sodium chloride sodium chloride NaCl, but here and there the halogen is “balanced” with an alkali metal, roughly speaking, of equal chemical strength. Almost “unbalanced” bromine in deltamethrin is almost as toxic and dangerous as halogen, as free chlorine.

The nervous-paralytic effect of deltamethrin is determined by the structure of its entire molecule. But cyanogroup and bromine as toxins have a common property: a pronounced threshold effect. Up to a certain dose per kilogram of the live weight of an object, their poisoning effect either does not affect or is limited to local symptoms and passes without a trace. However, if the threshold is surpassed, then the other substance already acts in full force.

The threshold effect of poison is valid for all organisms susceptible to it, only for us and insects, the levels of thresholds are different. For work with Decis and its application on plants, the most important conclusion follows from here: strictly follow the dosages, the concentration of the solution and the rules of application, see below! Nedodacha leave pests alive, and an overdose can cause irreparable harm to the operator during operation, and consumers of agricultural products!

Note: The threshold of deltamethrin on arachnid (arachnids) is much higher than on insects and closer to that of humans. Therefore, the drug Decis acaricide in no case is not! From ticks and do not try to try! With spider mites on the site you need to fight pesticides with acaricidal action, for example. Karbofos, Tsipermetrin and others.

Forms of release

Earlier, Decis was produced in Decis Profi VDG preparative forms (water-dispersed granules) at a concentration of 250 g / kg DV (25%) and Decis Expert CE (emulsion concentrate), 100 g / l or 10% DV. Now, they have added the form Decis Lux CE 25g / l (2.5%), and the highly concentrated Decis Expert from the general sale has almost disappeared.

Preparative forms of release insecticide Decis

Decis Profi VDG is available now as well. of all forms of this drug (see fig.), it is the cheapest, but ECO was added to the form of EDC in 600 ml bottles, this packaging is convenient for areas of the order of several hectares. Decis Lux is packaged for all occasions: from 1 and 5 l cans to 5 ml ampoules. Decis Lux is the optimal form of the drug for LPH: it is stored in unopened packaging for up to 4 years (Decis Profi EDC is up to 2 years), and due to lower concentration it is applicable to a much wider species of plants, see below.

Note: Presentations videos about Decis Profi and Decis Expert, see below:

Precautionary measures

The working solutions of Decis are of little toxic to humans, and deltamethrin is poorly soluble in water and fats, so they can be sprayed in simplified PPE: working clothes, shoes, headgear. On the face - respirator-petal and goggles. Latex gloves with high leggings are on hands, and a plastic raincoat or other moisture-proof washable cloak with a hood should be thrown over the clothes. The permissible working time is 4 hours, after work you need to take a shower, a cape, gloves and shoes to neutralize with a solution of half a glass of baking soda in 3 waters, and wash the clothes with household soap. On processing plants with solutions of substances of the 3rd class of danger, see the video, but in this case, pay attention primarily to the equipment of the operator and the procedure for the production of work:

Special conditions

The combination in one preparation of the 3rd class of danger to humans, the 1st for bees, aquatic, and the 2nd for the soil among pesticide chemistry is generally infrequent. For yourself, you also need to take into account the threshold poisoning effect of Decis, which is very individual for different people. Hence the following additional precautions:

  1. Within 15 from the operator, there should be a trained (instructed) auxiliary-insurer in PPE,
  2. The guard zone during treatment for people is 150 m,
  3. The same for residential buildings and private sources of water supply - 50 m,
  4. The protection zone of reservoirs - 2 km,
  5. Security apiary area - 3 km,
  6. The limitation of the summer of bees is 72 hours,
  7. Neutralization of a spilled preparation or working solution - immediate solution of caustic soda 200 g per bucket of water,
  8. If the drug gets on the integuments of the body, wash it off with a swab soaked in a solution of baking soda 2-3 tbsp. l 1 l of water and rinse the affected area under a stream of clean water,
  9. If the drug gets into the eyes, respiratory tract, mucous membranes and inside - immediately contact a toxicologist (or deliver the victim to him), taking with him the packaging from the drug. There is no antidote, the measures of the first self-help are ineffective!
  10. If any signs of indisposition appear, immediately stop working and also consult a doctor.

Decis is stored in the usual conditions for pesticides: in a separate room, not intended for storing food, in a cabinet, etc. container under constipation from children and animals. Storage temperature range from –20 to +40 degrees Celsius. Storing Decis in the same container with biological products is unacceptable.


The insecticide Decis in tank mixes is fully compatible with pesticides based on Imidacloprid and other neonicotinoids. Incompatible with toxic chemicals and fertilizers having an alkaline reaction: lime and / or copper preparations, for example, Bordeaux mixture, XOM, etc. When making complex mixtures, Decis stock solution is introduced into the tank after FOS or the last. If Alirin is used to neutralize the pesticidal stress of plants, Decis solution is introduced into the tank last but one.

Application procedure

The procedures for using Decis Profi VDG and Decis Lux Lux are significantly different: in both cases, the mother liquors are prepared in several different ways. In addition, the species number of crops to be treated with Decis Lux KE is much broader, and the regulations for its application to them are simpler. Spraying in both cases is carried out according to the usual rules: in the evening in a quiet, better cloudy, weather. The time to rain is 2 hours, the temperature range of processing efficiency is from +15 to +30 degrees Celsius.

Decis Profi

Decis VDG stock solution is prepared in the usual way: a dose of the drug is closed with a small amount of warm water and stirred into mush. The seed is diluted with stirring with water to a volume of approx. 1 liter and pour in the obtained mother liquor with stirring into the sprayer tank filled to 1 / 5-1 / 3. The filled tank is closed and shaken vigorously several times. In operation, the tank is shaken every half hour. The working solution must be consumed within 4 hours.

Dosages, consumption rates and application procedures of Decis Profi VDG are given in the table:

Decis Lux

The decis Lux Suite stock solution under the conditions of LPH is prepared simply: the ampoule is dissolved in the specified amount of water, see below. The working solution is consumed for 6 hours, you can shake the tank every 2 hours.

Instructions for use of the drug Decis Lux is given in table. It is impossible to divide an ampoule, if the solution needs less: it is not stored when opened. A possible option on a strip line is to first make a solution of maximum concentration (for pome, stone fruit, legumes and grains), work it out as needed, and then, diluting the residue, process the other acc. culture.


According to the experience of using Decis by small gardeners, gardeners can be said that, firstly, its use from the Colorado potato beetle is not economically justified: if judged not by the apparent effect ("legs up, and fell"), but by the safety of the crop, it is not the worst The effect is given by Intra Vir, Spark Gold, Konfidor, Koragen and others. Cheaper and safer insecticides.

Secondly, the best field of application of Decis in private farms and small commodity farms is the protection of apples from the cropwort. Especially - in the first case, since even a small amount of wormholes in the fruit deprives the crop of marketability and profitability. At the same time, deltamethrin, which has a weak translaminar activity, practically does not penetrate through the dense coverings of apples, and there is no need to be afraid of the ecological compatibility of the crop, subject to the regulations on the use of the drug. How to use Decis to protect the crop of apples, see the video:

Insecticide Decis Expert

Decis Expert - universal contact product for the operational control of a wide range of pests.

  • Improved formulation, increasing the effectiveness of protection.
  • The best covering of a surface of leaves of the processed cultures.
  • The best covering of integumentary tissues of harmful insects.
  • Reliable performance against aphids.
  • High bioavailability of the active substance.
  • Low risk of flushing.
  • Lack of phytotoxicity for culture.
  • Low risk for pollinating insects and entomophages.
  • Concentrated product, which allows to save on transport, storage costs, as well as the cost of recycling containers.

Instructions for use of insecticide Decis

Processing of crops and trees must be done before flowering, strictly adhering to the recommended consumption rates and the concentration of the drug in the solution. Processing is best done in dry, windless weather at moderate temperatures. It should be remembered that with strong heat, the effectiveness of "Decis" may significantly decrease.

Vegetable cultures are treated with the drug "Decis" according to the following scheme:

Advantages and properties of Decis

This insecticide is not in vain gained popularity among the owners of gardens and orchards. With proper use of the tool does not have a harmful toxic effect and is absolutely harmless to the earth, animals and people. For example, in the USA it is often used one day before harvest.

Decis is a insecticide of contact-intestinal action, helping gardeners get rid of various harmful insects that threaten crops. This agent is used to process fruit and berry trees, vegetable and fruit plants. Insects as a result of its action, die, regardless of their age stage.

Главным действующим веществом в препарате является дельтаметрин, являющийся сильнодействующим химическим подобием инсектицидного природного компонента, который обнаружен в ряде растений семейства Пиретрум.

Средство выпускается компанией «Байер» в трех формах:

  • концентрированная 2,5% эмульсия,
  • концентрированная 12,5% эмульсия «Экстра»,
  • гранулы, растворяемые в воде (25% дельтаметрина), «Профи».

Pesticide is produced in bags (granules) and bottles (emulsion) at 0.6 mg, but Decis in 2 ml ampoules is a fake.

The advantages of the drug include not only its detrimental effect on sucking and gnawing insects, but also:

  • high content of the active element,
  • rapid activation and action of an insecticidal substance,
  • it is applied in various areas with any climate
  • selectivity for spiders, predators and insectivorous plants,
  • low odor
  • high effect at low dosages,
  • used for seedlings and indoor plants.

Decis begins to act within 1 hour after spraying.

It is necessary to remember not to cause addiction in insects to the drug, it is necessary alternate with other insecticides. The consumer reviews about it are most often positive: they note a high degree of efficiency, that is, the pests actually die and do not appear for a long time.

The insecticide Decis Profi can be used no more than two times per season.

Among other similar pesticides, Decis is distinguished by strong initial toxicity and high concentration. If the gardener has a sprayer with fine spray functions, the drug consumption is reduced several times. For example: for processing a kitchen garden of 100 sq. M. meters for the preparation of the working solution will require not 5, but only 3 liters of water. In addition, the effect of the drug lasts for two weeks, despite the rain and other natural phenomena.

The drug has the following actions:

  • the insect eats the leaves and fruits processed by it, the substance, getting into its stomach, causes a blockage of their nervous and digestive systems, as a result of which pests die,
  • able to scare off pests that want to leave their offspring (eggs and larvae) on the treated leaves and soil,
  • used in the processing of empty warehouses and sub-fields, before vegetables and fruits are laid in them for storage. After disinfection, it is not recommended to enter the room for two days,
  • has low toxicity.

About the drug Decis in the instructions for use states that it is relatively harmless to the fauna, humans and the soil, however, safety standards when working with it should be respected.

Application and dosage for processing plants

Use the tool should be when the gardener begins to notice the appearance of insect pests, larvae and butterflies on plants. Decis treatment It is best carried out in dry, windless weather in the morning or in the evening, taking the necessary precautions.

For spraying trees, bushes and beds prepared working solution. First, the drug must be diluted in a small amount of water, stirring continuously until it is completely dissolved. Then add more liquid to the desired volume required for processing the garden.

Vegetable and fruit crops are treated with Decis Profi. Instructions for use offers the following dosages:

Houseplants are sprayed at the rate of 1 g / 10 l of water. During the flowering period to handle crops is not recommended.

Safety measures when working with insecticide

Although this type of insecticide has no toxic effect on humans, safety rules must still be observed.

  • The hazard class of Decis 3rd. That is, it can cause burns and allergic reactions when it comes into contact with the skin, therefore, it is impossible to work with the drug without protective equipment.
  • In the presence of apiaries, the tool does not apply, because from it the bees, like other insects, also die.
  • Also, Decis is not used near artificial ponds.
  • When processing crops and trees, smoking, eating and drinking fluids are not recommended. It is not allowed to touch the plants treated with the preparation for 3 days.
  • After work, wash hands and face thoroughly with soap and warm water and rinse the mouth.
  • The vessel in which the working solution was prepared should not be thrown out and even less used for other purposes, it must be burned.

If, however, the insecticide had a negative effect on the body, need first aid:

  • in case of gagging or dizziness, the injured person is brought to fresh air,
  • in the event that part of the product has hit the exposed area, the skin should be washed with warm running water,
  • if a component suddenly gets on the mucous eyes, they should be flushed with a stream of warm water (preferably open) for at least 15 minutes,
  • when you enter the stomach, you need to drink half a liter of water with coal tablets and artificially induce vomiting,
  • if the affected person doesn’t feel better during the day from the action of Decis, then you should contact a toxicological center specialist,
  • The product must be kept out of the reach of pets and children.

For processing crops, Decis can be used in conjunction with other drugs, such as plant growth stimulants, fungicides.

Consumer reviews about the drug

I have my own small garden, mostly it is a racket and an apple tree. A couple of years ago my moth attacked my trees. All the fruits were eaten from the inside. And usually a rich harvest was limited to two 5-liter buckets. The seller in the store told me to try Decis - an insecticide, and what you think - this “harmful” insect disappeared. Almost all the fruits were intact, in some places, of course, there were still a few "representatives", but I think next year I will finally finish them with this drug.

I often process the basement with Decis which helps me get rid of various flies, cockroaches and other basement animals. Somehow Detsis Profi got into his hands, and he is really good at applying, in my opinion, safer than the first drug (it caused a slight tearing), and the result is very good.

Aphid started up on my bahche, all the leaves rolled up - of course, I didn’t have to wait for the harvest, the watermelons were small and some pale. The neighbor advised Decis, I tried and was pleased. True, it is necessary to process the plants carefully and dilute the preparation according to the instructions.

Insecticide Description

The popularity of this tool is due to its versatility of use and great efficiency. With the help of this tool you can kill gnawing and sucking insects, regardless of their phase of development. This agrochemical allows you to cope with the larvae and already adult pests.

The insecticide Decis is completely harmless to people and animals, it does not accumulate in the soil, and, consequently, does not impair the characteristics of grown vegetables and fruits. Currently on sale can be found three varieties of this drug:

  • 25% water-soluble granules Decis Profi.
  • Decis Extra - 12.5% ​​emulsion concentrate.
  • Decis - 2.5% emulsion concentrate.

The mechanism of this insecticide is extremely simple. The drug enters the body of the pest through direct contact with the foliage treated with insecticide. The microelements contained in it cause disturbances in the nervous system of insects. Under the influence of this chemical nerve fibers are destroyed, respectively, the pests are deprived of the opportunity to feed and move. Also contained in the preparation of trace elements repel insect pests, so they do not lay eggs on the treated plants.

Landing Processing Recommendations

Landing processing is best done in calm and warm sunny weather. We recommend this work to be done in the early morning or in the evening after sunset.

It will be useful to take care of the availability of personal protective equipment. You will need a gauze mask and goggles. For processing the garden, you can use the simplest hand sprayer.

To ensure the highest possible efficiency of spraying insecticide Decis possible by doubling the garden. The interval between such treatments is 10 days.

It is necessary to perform such spraying of vegetables, fruits and fruit trees during the growing season. Approximately one month before the harvest date, garden processing is stopped.

Insecticide Decis - It is a tool popular with domestic gardeners that allows you to effectively cope with various insect pests. Such a universal drug can be used for spraying fruit trees, shrubs, vegetables and fruits. Its use does not pose any difficulty, so we can recommend this insecticide to all novice gardeners.

Apple trees in the garden were covered with moth and other pests. I used various means before that, however, such treatments did not give any effect. I read the reviews on the Internet by means of Decis, purchased in the store Decis Profi. This insecticide helped me completely get rid of pests, and the apples gave a great harvest.

For the first time decided to process the garden from insect pests. The shop was advised by means of Decis, with which I sprayed trees and shrubs. The problem with aphids and moth was completely solved. Next season I will also use this insecticide.

Long fought on the site with pests. I did not want to use chemistry, but in the gardener's shop they convinced me of the complete safety of this product. I also read reviews on the Internet. All gardeners were satisfied with the insecticide Decis. I processed the garden and I can say that the result exceeded my expectations. The insect problem is completely solved.