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Tiovit Jet: instructions for use


Combined pesticide (fungicide with acaricidal effect) Tiovit Jet is particularly suitable for protecting fruit and berry and flower crops in personal subsidiary plots. Although this drug does not give 100% plant protection (lost because of the surviving fungi and pests 5-15% of the crop), but Tiovit Jet is cheap, approx. 300 rubles / kg for the summer of 2018. Its consumption rates are small, and in a small LPH with acc. it is more profitable to come to terms with a small gross yield of harvest, than to spend on buying expensive pesticides with a high degree of protection.

It is also important in the conditions of household plots and the fact that Tiovit Jet does not cause resistance of the objects to be eliminated is not phytotoxic, and subject to the norms of consumption and application rules (see below) does not degrade the quality of the soil at the site and does not cause damage to the environment. Ie, Tiovit Jet on a small area can be used systematically from year to year indefinitely for a long time, so it has long been chosen by small private owners for grapes from powdery mildew - oidium - and grape spider mites: Tiovit Jet still gives the best protection from them than comparable in price and safety means of similar purpose. How Tiovit Jet helps get rid of, for example, grape pruritus, see the video:

Composition and properties

Fungicide also acaricidal action Tiovit Jet developed by Syngenta Crop Protection. This pesticide monodrug, its active substance (DV) is sulfur S of allotropic modification S8 (see fig.), Which can also be judged by its name: who is familiar with chemistry knows that the prefix “Tio” (“Tio”) means containing The “overhang” of 2-valent sulfur, namely S (II), forms the allotrope S8.

Chemical formula of pesticide active ingredient Tiovit Jet

Note: sulfur S (II) may be part of sulfur compounds with a different valence, for example. 4-valent S (IV). One of the most famous substances of such a structure is thiosulfuric acid, see fig. on right.

The physical properties and, which is especially important in this case, the effect on pathogenic fungi and pests of free sulfur sulfur allotropes differ markedly. S8 is more active in this respect against pests and pathogens, but is safer to use for the environment. The composition of Tiovita Jet includes at least 80% (800 g / kg) of S8 sulfur, and for this reason, this drug is not colloidal sulfur, which has long been known to farmers.

Why Tiovit Jet is not just sulfur

Profitable methods for the extraction of fine sulfur from industrial emissions into the atmosphere and its purification from arsenic compounds were developed in the 30s of the last century. At the same time, finely dispersed sulfur in the form of a colloidal solution began to be used in agricultural technology as a pesticide. In the USSR, mass production of colloidal sulfur was established in the 50s.

Colloidal sulfur and Tiovit Jet

Colloidal sulfur (on the left in the figure) is produced and successfully used until now: it is not such a bad pesticide at all - due to the fact that the final product is a generally random mixture of allotropes, its effectiveness is somewhat weaker, but the spectrum and area application is wider than that of Tiovit Jet. However, the preparative form of colloidal sulfur wettable powder JV is not very convenient in the work: the powder coagulates, stick together in lumps. The working suspension of colloidal sulfur is not a real colloidal solution, it is a rather coarse suspension, which is difficult to prepare, and there is no guarantee that the sprayer will not clog during operation.

The commercial preparation Tiovit Jet (on the right in the pic.) Is water-dispersed granules (EDC), pressed from raw materials with at least 80% S8 of extremely fine grinding. JV for sale so finely grind can not stick together until it reaches the counter. The granules, formed by Syngenta technology, do not lose their properties for more than 3 years (the shelf life of the drug), and disintegrate in water, forming a real colloidal solution. The find is not very technologically sophisticated, but very useful in practice: S8 EDC is not only easier to use, but much more efficiently powdered, therefore Tiovit Jet is produced under license or from the original semi-finished product in many countries, including and in the Russian Federation, see fig. at the beginning and video presentation:

What do granules give

Granulation of especially fine DV gives advantages not only in the technology of use, but also in the effectiveness of the preparation:

  • The working suspension dries out instantly and forms a dense, rain-indelible film on the treated surfaces - Tiovit Jet is applied without adhesive.
  • For the same reason, and due to the incompatibility of the drug, the preparation of the working solution is simplified and accelerated - it is prepared directly in the sprayer tank.
  • In the case of the use of a sprayer with a stirrer, the absence of blockages of the sprayer during operation is guaranteed.
  • Tiovita Jet's protective effect is enhanced compared with colloidal sulfur and is stable throughout its life (7 days).

Chemically, all allotropes of sulfur are almost the same. Their effect on the elimination objects (see fig.) Is equally the same: sulfur, firstly, binds the metals necessary for the synthesis of its own enzymes of harmful organisms, secondly, it takes away from them and brings out at least the necessary free hydrogen. Sulfur vapors have a protective effect on plants. The volatility of S8 is slightly higher than other sulfur allotropes. In addition, when dispersed, microdisperse DV forms a microbonder film with a huge ratio of its surface area to volume, which increases the concentration of sulfur vapor. However, they do not have translaminar activity and do not penetrate into the plant tissue, this is due to the lack of phytotoxicity of the drug and the short waiting time until harvest after processing.

The effect of sulfur vapor on harmful organisms

Advantages and disadvantages

The physicochemical properties of free sulfur are due to other advantages and disadvantages of Tiovit Jet, which are generally the same as those of colloidal sulfur:

The drug is ineffective against organisms with vapor-proof covers or with a metabolism that is significantly different from that of pathogenic fungi.

For the same reason, the species range of elimination objects is limited.

Slightly toxic for Verticilium Lecanii.

Non-toxic to spores and mycelium of Trichoderma lignorum, Trichoderma viridae and Trichoderma roseum. As a consequence, it is applicable together with biological products and in organic farming systems.

Precautionary measures

Tiovit Jet is classified in the 3rd class of danger to humans and bees. For bees, this indicator may be overestimated (by degree of danger, not by numbering). However, you need to take care of bees, and extra precautions here will not interfere. Although sulfur vapors are repellent for bees and they take a bribe from sulfur-treated flowers, if there is an apiary within 1.5 km from the place of work with Tiovit Jet, they should be isolated on the day of processing the bees morning till evening.

However, for a person and warm-blooded, the danger class of Thiovit Jet is clearly underestimated (for the same indicators), especially since they are usually treated in warm and hot weather. Although through the skin, incl. sweaty, free sulfur practically does not penetrate into the organism, but through the eyes, mucous membranes and respiratory organs, the way into it is open. Therefore, in this case, it is better to follow the general guidelines of SanPiN, which refer all sulfur preparations to the 2nd class of danger to humans, and equip accordingly (see also fig.):

  1. On the head - a hat.
  2. On the body - work clothes.
  3. On hands - single-layer protective gloves.
  4. On the feet - work shoes.
  5. On the face - filter respirator (dust respirator-petal does not protect against fumes!).
  6. On the eyes - goggles, canned with a face seal.
  7. Preparation of working fluid - in a shaded place at the lowest possible temperature.
  8. Allowable work time is a complete “hot” work shift, 6 hours.
  9. After work, be sure to take a shower with bathing (not rinsing the body!).
  10. They do not use alkaline washing in the shower: shampoo for the head, gel for the body.

Note: fine sulfur on the skin can cause eczema, but in the case of Tiovit Jet the risk is minimal. Fully insulating PPE is very expensive, it is better to rely on your own care and accuracy.

Inhalation of powder and sulfur vapor can cause thiopneumococoniosis and other acute respiratory diseases. Their common symptom is a hysterical cough, possibly with blood. In this case, you must immediately stop working and consult a doctor.

Neutralization of spilled Tiovit Jet - to collect a broom in the scoop. If a small amount is spilled (up to 20-30 g), it can be burned in an incinerator located outdoors, although formally this is a violation of environmental standards, but no rapid analysis will actually reveal an excess of MPC in the air for anhydrides and acids. A larger amount is handed over for disposal in a special point of reception of toxic waste. A working solution spilled on the ground in the amount of up to 1-2 liters does not require special disposal measures, since sulfur is a meso element of plant nutrition.


Tiovit Jet in tank mixtures is incompatible with agrochemical products containing petroleum products and mineral oils. In all other cases, a preliminary compatibility test is required: 50-100 ml of working fluids are mixed in clean glassware and kept the mixture for an hour under observation. If there are no signs of a chemical reaction (changes in temperature, color, transparency, foam or gas bubbles) and / or precipitation, the preparations are considered compatible.

Application procedure

The main field of application of Tiovit Jet is viticulture. Here this drug showed itself in all its glory. For other target cultures, the drug is applicable as an economical tool in case of a weak or moderate degree of damage by harmful organisms. In all cases, the time to rain is 6 hours.

Tiovit Jet is applied by spraying according to the usual rules, but the sprayer must be with an electric stirrer, not a manual one! The working fluid is prepared directly in the tank of the device: the tank is filled with water by half, the agitator is turned on, and the metered dose is injected in small portions. The ideal technology is to throw at a pellet (they are quite large and there are not so many per 50 g of them). In this case, the next pellet is thrown after the previous one is completely dissolved.

After complete dissolution of the dose of the drug, the tank, without turning off the agitators, is added to the norm and starts to work. The mixer must be turned on until the solution is fully developed, stopping it, even for a short time, is undesirable. After work, 1-2 liters of water are poured into the tank and produced by washing the sprayer. Then they go into the shower, and after it they must disassemble and wash the entire sprayer.
Instructions for the use of pesticide Tiovit Jet in LPH is given in Table. below. There are no target crops such as greenhouse cucumbers and flowers in the regulations for this drug, but according to the experience of the owners of private household plots, the drug is effective and harmless for them too.

For more information on using TIOVIT Jet, see the video:

Be careful!

No, here we are not talking about the hidden dangers of Tiovit Jet, they have not yet been discovered. But ... the technology of extraction from raw materials - industrial sulfur-containing gases - is prev. Allotrope S8 and its cleaning is quite complicated and feasible only under production conditions. But granulation of fine sulfur, incl. cheap simple colloidal, quite feasible artisanal ways. Therefore, unfortunately, there are a lot of fake TIOVIT JETA on the market, see the video:

Features of the drug and composition

In search of effective solutions for the protection of garden, fruit and berry crops, summer residents turn to any methods and means. Among them, the highly effective drug "Tiovit Jet"who has managed to establish himself as a reliable protector of domestic plants and a good means of preventing powdery mildew, putrefactive formations, as well as pests, including ticks. With the right dosage, the drug gives a very good result.

The particular popularity of this tool determined by several advantages that gardeners notice:

  • The tool reliably and for a long time rests on the outside of the treated culture. Therefore, its effectiveness persists for a long time,
  • When using water forms a uniform suspension,
  • Prepare the working solution very easily and quickly
  • The drug is considered universal, because it can be used to treat and spray almost all types of garden plants,
  • The tool does not have phytotoxic substances in its composition, so no need to worry that after treatment it will worsen the growth and development of the plant, making them non-ecological. In fact, the harvest will remain safe and completely organic,
  • In the closed package the suspension can be stored for up to three years.
  • The tool does not burn.

How does the drug

Highly effective drug for the treatment of grapevine and other crops is available in specialized stores in the form of water-soluble granules, which contain sulfur in the amount of 800 grams per kilogram of the substance. After coming into contact with water the tool turns into a solution with a viscous consistency, allowing for a long time to stay on the treated surface.

The tool is considered to be a contact fungicide that can be used for all kinds of areas in gardening. Experienced gardeners highlight the effectiveness of this fungicide in the fight against various ticks.

People appreciated the decision at the expense of excellent results in ensuring the protection of grapes, fruit and flower plants from all sorts of diseases. In a short time, the active substances destroy many pathogens, providing reliable protection of culture up to 10 days (exact indicators of the effectiveness of the drug are determined by the degree of culture damage and weather conditions).

"Tiovit Jet" - instructions for use

Before you start applying the fungicide in your garden or in the garden, make sure that you have fully studied the instructions and know what you are doing. The exact dosage and intensity of the procedures is determined by some individual properties. We will understand the basic principle of the preparation of highly effective fungicide against pests of grapes.

To overcome the problem of ticks, the composition is prepared as follows:

  • we take 40 grams of substance
  • diluted in a 10-liter bucket of water.

For a noticeable result, 4-6 sprays will suffice at a rate of 3-5 liters per bush.

In addition to carefully studying the instructions, you also need to clarify the appropriate time of day and weather conditions when it is better to use a fungicide. Experienced gardeners recommend starting the action in the morning or in the evening, provided that the wind is completely absent. Make sure that all the green parts are sprayed evenly, but on the leaves so that there is not too much moisture. Between treatment activities need to sustain an interval within 7-8 days.

To prepare the solution, dilute the medium in a small amount of water. Then the liquid should be stirred, gradually bringing the solution to the desired proportion.

If you did everything correctly, the first signs of the effectiveness of the drug can be seen within a few hours after treatment of the affected culture. In this case, the plant will receive good protection for another 7-10 days. Basically, it all depends on weather conditions, because if it rains after processing, most likely, a significant part of the money will be washed away.

How to use the tool correctly

Despite its relatively safe composition, the drug can harm living organisms, including humans, domestic animals, and the culture itself, if it is used improperly. Before you start processing, carefully read all precautions. Among them we highlight the following:

  • The treatment of plants is carried out without the presence of children or animals
  • In the process, you need to use a protective mask and special clothing that will allow you to protect exposed areas of the body, respiratory organs and eyes from the ingress of toxic substances,
  • When performing processing activities in no case can not drink water, eat food or smoke,
  • The remains of the drug must be buried in the soil, in a specially designated place for the disposal of such waste. You can not throw them in a pond or leave it in the garden. Neutralize the solution can be soda ash,
  • After processing, the culture must be protected from possible contact with livestock and poultry,
  • You should also limit the flight of bees, at least for 24-28 hours,

If the solution is somehow on the skin, wash it off with soap and water as soon as possible. If the substance gets into the eyes - rinse with plenty of water.. If you accidentally swallow a part suspension, start drinking water with a manganese solution. Also drink activated carbon and induce vomiting. If the consequences begin to progress, call the doctor, otherwise the situation can be seriously aggravated and become deplorable.

Хранить средство в закрытом виде можно не больше трёх лет, при условиях, что хранение осуществляется в сухом, неосвещенном месте с хорошей вентиляцией и температурным режимом от -10 до +40 градусов Цельсия. Не храните его возле продуктов питания и кормовых запасов для домашнего скота.

Среди хороших аналогов препарата «Тиовит Джет» - коллоидная сера. Sulfur is in the composition of both products, but the adherents of the first one assure that it acts much more efficiently and faster, allowing you to eliminate the problem in a short period of time.

If you take into account all the recommendations and advice, you can protect your garden and garden against any pests and diseases.

Other features of this fungicide

It is necessary to start spraying garden crops in calm, calm weather, when there is no wind or any precipitation outside. Better to make it early in the morning or in the afternoon and evening period. When processing, try to make sure that all parts of the culture are saturated with the active substance. In this case, its action will begin in a short time. This usually happens a few hours after the treatment. As for the zucchini, tomatoes and roses, they are subject to five-time processing during the growing season.

From 10 to 80 grams of the substance is diluted with 10 liters of water. To create a suitable solution to combat such an affliction as ticks, you need to take 40 grams of the product and dilute it in a bucket of water. If we are talking about treating a dangerous problem called ovidium, the volume of the drug per 10-liter bucket increases to 50 grams.

In a similar proportion, the drug can be used to process a small number of bushes (from two to five). The exact dosage will depend on the individual characteristics., including the degree of damage to the culture and age of the plant It is known that ovidium progresses at temperatures up to 25 degrees. The impact grew and the rain held it back.

If you intend to process gooseberries and currants, use from 30 to 80 grams of the drug per bucket of water. Such plants need intensive processing in spring and summer. For example, currants will have to be sprayed at least three times, gooseberries - at least five.

Let's sum up

The problem of protecting grapes from various pests interests many summer residents and gardeners. The fact is that growing a vine is very simple and convenient, and the opportunity to collect ripe, tasty and completely organic berries every year looks very attractive. For this reason, every year the number of winegrowers and gardeners engaged in such a crop in their backyards or cottages, is growing rapidly. And along with this, the demand for the purchase of good products to protect the vines from dangerous “guests” and diseases also grows.

Despite strong immunity and unpretentious nature, different grape varieties can be affected by various pests, including ticks. If you do not find an effective solution for the problem, most likely, the vine will cease to give a good harvest, the berries will decrease in size, lose their former taste and begin to fall off unripe.

In the future, healthy shoots and leaves will begin to turn yellow and dry out, causing a lot of additional problems. In this case, the culture will simply perish, and instead of the expected fruits, you will only get a bad mood and frustration. To protect the planted grapevine from such events, be prepared in advance to treat it with a good prophylactic preparation and provide reliable protection against such misfortunes.

Among the best tools for the processing of grapes - "Tiovit Jet."

As already stated for this drug is characteristic many benefits, including:

  1. The absence of highly toxic substances in the composition. The product is phytotoxic, so it will be useful for all types of garden, fruit and berry crops. You do not need to worry that after processing the plant will lose its previous growth rates, and the fruits will become unsafe and non-ecological,
  2. Even a beginner summer resident can prepare a solution, since there are no difficulties or problems in this matter
  3. In addition to the vine, this drug can be used for other crops, including vegetable and fruit. For this reason, he should be at the disposal of every caring gardener,
  4. The drug is characterized by a high rate of exposure to the affected culture. Also an important advantage is that after spraying the crop can be collected and eaten in a few days, which is very convenient.

general information

"Tiovit Jet" is a fungicide with a contact principle of action and refers to inorganic compounds. Sulfur vapors are one of its main components. The main task of the composition is to protect vegetables, berries and fruits from various fungal diseases (for example, powdery mildew), and also to destroy sucking pests, such as the stem nematode, red and hawthorn mites, aphids.

Drug description

In the instructions for use "Tiovit Jet" indicated, the composition is a water-dispersible granules, which are 80% composed of sulfur and have the ability to completely dissolve in water. The result is a suspension, which, when processed, reliably covers the stems and leaves of plants and remains on them for a long time.

The active ingredient of the fungicide is located inside and is released as soon as the shell dissolves. Each granule has a large size, which greatly simplifies the process of using and storing the drug.

The action of "TIOVIT Jet" takes place in the shortest possible time: the result will manifest itself a few hours after the treatment.

Before using the substance for its intended purpose, you must carefully study the instructions in order to know how the drug Teovit Jet works. The instructions for use indicate the following principle of operation of the fungicide:

• During the treatment of affected plants, the composition releases sulfur, which enters the disease-causing cells. This process takes several hours.

• Then the cells affected by sulfur begin to die.

In order for the action of the fungicide to be effective, it must be used at a certain temperature: not lower than 20 degrees and not higher than 28 degrees. The inconsistency with these indicators has a negative effect on the effect of the drug. Sulfur as the main active substance should evaporate, and at low temperatures it is impossible. During heat, the composition practically does not give the desired effect, since chemicals at high temperatures are less active.


It is necessary to supplement the instructions for use of the fungicide "Tiovit Jet" with the list of advantages that the drug has:

• The tool has a preparative form, which greatly improves adhesion, as well as the activity of the gas phase.

• In the process of processing plants are not dusty, not spills.

• The TIOVIT Jet is not flammable.

• The drug gives an effective result. Plants are provided with reliable protection for 7-10 days.

• If you adhere to all the requirements specified in the TIOVIT JET instruction manual, then resistance (body immunity) will not occur.

• Compliance with all recommendations allows you to develop plant resistance to adverse factors.

• Fungicide is safe for human health, animals and insects.

• There are no restrictions when choosing the next crop rotation plant.

Preparation of the solution

There is nothing difficult in the preparation of the fungicide "Tiovit Jet". Instructions for use will help to cope with this, even a novice. It is necessary to dilute the drug in water. A few liters is enough. It is forbidden to use for such purposes any food dishes. Vegetable growers, as a rule, use a sprayer to carry out the treatment.

When the granules are dissolved, it is necessary to add the necessary amount of water according to the instructions in the container. For example, if you take 10 liters, you will need from 35 to 80 grams. drug. It is recommended to pour half of the water into the tank (5 liters), pour the preparation into it, mix well. To the received structure to add the remained liquid and again to stir.

The instructions for use "Tiovit Jet" said that during the preparation of the solution should not be violated its uniformity. To do this, it should continuously interfere. If this option does not suit you, then you can borrow the solution from experienced gardeners. They use a sprayer with an automatic mixer, which is included both during the preparation of the solution, and in the processing of plants.

If after use the liquid has not been completely consumed, then its residues should be disposed of. Chemicals will only be active during the day, so the solution will then become unusable.


Processing of plants is carried out in a quiet, preferably calm weather. The optimal time of the day is morning, but it is perfectly acceptable to schedule the procedure for the second half of the day.

It is necessary to act in such a way that the stems and leaves of the plant are evenly covered with solution. Sulfur will begin to actively evaporate in 2-3 hours.

Crops such as tomatoes, zucchini and roses can be sprayed up to five times during the growth and development period of the plant.

On capacity in 10 l use from 25 to 85 gr. fungicide. Another dosage should be viewed on the package.

For grapes, the instructions for use of Tiovit Jet are as follows: ovidium is treated by dissolving 45-50 grams. drug in one bucket of water for the destruction of ticks - 40 grams. on the same volume. The resulting suspension is enough to handle several bushes. It is important to consider the method of growing grapes and its age.

According to the instructions for use "Tiovit Jet" for strawberries, experienced gardeners recommend dividing the treatment with chemicals into three times, where the fungicide is used at the last stage, after the growth of young leaves at the rate of 35-40 grams. on a bucket of water.

Cabbage is processed no more than 3 times per season. Dosage - 80 gr. drug per 10 liters of water.

Tiovit Jet is also used to disinfect land in greenhouses and greenhouses. For this 100 gr. fungicide dissolved in 3 liters of water. Suspension enough to handle an area of ​​10 square meters. m

When meeting with the drug, it is important not only to study the instructions for use of Tiovit Jet. Reviews about it are no less significant. Gardeners are satisfied with the use of fungicide and note its effectiveness. The main thing is to comply with all recommendations for use.

Sulfur is an inorganic compound, and therefore can be toxic to plants. To avoid harmful effects, you should refrain from processing crops in wet weather, and also not to mix the drug with compounds having an alkaline reaction.

"Tiovit Jet" will help protect the garden and grow a rich harvest, because caring for plants brings not only pleasure, but also a tasty reward.

The composition and effect of the drug

The product is a completely water-soluble sulfur granule, which forms a stable suspension that remains on the stem and leaves of a plant when dissolved. The tool is developed by the Swiss company "Singenta".

Sulfur secreted by the fungicide enters the disease cells and disrupts their vital activity. A few hours after contact with the drug tiovit jet, they die. Experienced gardeners do not recommend using the tool at temperatures below 20 ° C and above 28 ° C.

Its action is based on the work of sulfur vapor. Evaporate, and therefore act, at low temperatures, it will not, and at high, any chemical preparation reduces the impact force. The period of the protective action of the drug is 7-10 days.

Instructions for use

Spraying drug Tiovit Jet spend in calm weather, in the morning or in the afternoon.

When processing all parts of plants should be evenly covered with a solution. A few hours after spraying, he begins to act.

Work with fungicide tiovit jet has some features:

  1. The instruction does not recommend the treatment of wet leaves.
  2. During the period of ripening of fruits and coloring in a natural color they cannot be sprayed.
  3. When using it is forbidden to contact with drugs with an alkaline reaction.
  4. After processing the garden with oily-based preparations, it is allowed to use the tiovit jet fungicide only after 2 weeks.
  5. It is not recommended to mix the tool with others.
  6. Spraying is carried out in protective clothing, glasses, gloves, with closed hair. During the procedure it is forbidden to smoke, drink, eat. After completion of work it is recommended to change clothes and wash thoroughly.

Processing different cultures

Tomatoes, zucchini, tomatoes and roses to protect against powdery mildew for the growing season is recommended to be processed up to 5 times. On a bucket of water dilute 30-80 grams of funds.

For spraying grapes, a tiovit jet is bred in the following way: 50 grams per bucket of water for treating oidium and 40 grams per bucket of water to get rid of ticks. Depending on the growing method and age, this amount of the working solution can be treated with 2-5 bushes. To protect against ticks, it is enough to process the grapes once, for the treatment and prevention of oidium, 4-6 treatments per season will be required.

For spraying different varieties of currants and gooseberries from American powdery mildew in a bucket of water is diluted with 30 to 80 grams of the drug. During the spring and summer period, the currants are processed as much as 3 times, the gooseberries - 5.

For the treatment of apple and pear from powdery mildew, 40-80 grams of the preparation are added to a bucket of water; spraying is carried out 1 to 6 times.

Dissolving 80 grams of the drug in 10 liters of water, as much as 2-3 times per season, spray the cabbage from powdery mildew and keels.

To disinfect the soil in greenhouses and greenhouses use a solution of 100 grams of the drug in 3 liters of water, which is enough to handle 10 square meters.

Subject to the instructions addictive to the drug is not observed. Depending on the weather and the degree of damage to the plant, tiovit jet lasts from 7 to 10 days. He likes gardeners so that one day after treatment you can use the products.

Gardeners reviews

Reviews of the gardeners who used the preparation tiovit jet testify to its indisputable advantages:

  1. Quick and easy solution preparation.
  2. Suitable for processing different crops.
  3. Keeps well on the treated surface of the plant.
  4. Not phytotoxic, does not inhibit the development of plants.
  5. After its application, the products remain environmentally friendly.
  6. The shelf life of the drug is 3 years.

Applying tiovit jet on their plots, gardeners due to its high efficiency intact preserve the crop.

Analogs of the drug

Colloidal sulfur and fungicide tiovit jet - drugs with the same active ingredient, but the effect of their action is different. Tiovit jet acts more efficiently: it is better dissolved in water and more strongly retained on the leaves of the treated plants. He is preferred by most gardeners.

"Tiovit Jet": description

Available in the form of water-dispersed granules of sulfur 800 g / kg. This means that they are completely dissolved in water.

When fully dissolved, a stable suspension is formed. She long held on the leaves and stem of the plant. Developed the drug in the company "Singenta" (Switzerland).

Sulfur secreted by the fungicide enters the pathogenic cells and disrupts their vital activity. They die a few hours after contact with the drug "Tiovit Jet".

Reviews of gardeners are not advised to apply it at temperatures above 28 and below 20 ° C. After all, the basis of its action is the work of sulfur vapor. At low temperatures, it will not evaporate, which means it will not act either. And at high decreases the force of exposure to any chemical drug.


The drug "Tiovit Jet" - moderately dangerous (the third class of danger). It will not harm birds and fish. If possible, bees should not be allowed within 5-6 hours after treatment. Protective zone for them - 3 kilometers.

Spraying is carried out when there are no children or pets nearby. It is possible to work in the territory where the treatment was carried out after 4 days.

If the solution got on your hands, wash it off with soap and water. When he got into his eyes, they are washed with running water, opening his eyelids. If swallowed, drink as much water as possible with coal or potassium permanganate. Coal must be taken at the rate of 1 g per 1 kg of weight. After some time, cause vomiting. Repeat the procedure for a more complete cleansing of the body. When swallowing a large amount of the substance is treated in a hospital.

Having scattered the preparation, collect it and neutralize it with a 10% solution of soda ash. The drug must be placed in a special container, signed, and then disposed of. Dig up the soil on the bayonet shovels. Do not sprinkle the remains of pesticide with dry bleach. Possible spontaneous combustion.

Do not throw the container or the remnants of the drug in water.

Features of working with the fungicide "Tiovit Jet"

  • Instructions for use are not advised to handle wet leaves.
  • Do not pollinate fruit during the period when the fruits ripen and turn a natural color.
  • When used, there should be no contact with preparations having an alkaline reaction.
  • If you have treated the garden with an oily base, then the "Thiovit Jet" fungicide recommends using the application only after two weeks.
  • Mixed with other drugs is not recommended.
  • Sprayed in protective clothing, gloves, glasses, cover the hair. Do not eat, do not drink, do not smoke. Then change clothes and wash thoroughly.

Comparison with colloidal sulfur

Фунгицид "Тиовит Джет" и коллоидная сера имеют одно и то же действующее вещество. Но эффект от их действия неодинаков. Многие садоводы применяли коллоидную серу и "Тиовит Джет". Отзывы свидетельствуют, что последний действует более эффективно. Это происходит потому, что он намного лучше растворяется в воде и прочнее держится на листьях обработанных растений.


  • The drug is not phytotoxic. It does not inhibit the development of plants.
  • Products after its use remain environmentally friendly.
  • Cooking solution is quick and easy. It does not light up.
  • Means it is possible to process various cultures.
  • Long service life - three years.

Special attention should be paid to the place where the TIOVIT JET will be stored. Instructions for use indicates that products need to be saved separately from this drug. The temperature in the room must be maintained from 10 degrees of frost to 40 degrees.

Tiovit Jet: active ingredient and release form

"Tiovit Jet" has established itself as a quality defender of cultivated plants from diseases and pests. The drug destroys pathogens. Available in the form of granules. The composition of "TIOVIT Jet" includes high-quality sulfur, which is the main active ingredient. When interacting with water, it forms a solution that adheres perfectly to the plants that can be processed.

Appointment to use

The drug is used to prevent various plant diseases, including powdery mildew, as well as to get rid of various pests, for example, ticks. It is important to correctly calculate the dosage of the agent and the intervals between treatments of the plant.

Instructions: consumption rates and method of application

Dosage means depends on the processed culture. Therefore, after the purchase of "Tiovit Jet" in the first place you need to read the instructions for use.

Consider the preparation of the working solution on the basis of "Tiovit Jet" for the processing of grapes.

To rid the grapes of ticks, you need 10 liters of water and 40 g of funds. It is usually enough to process a culture qualitatively once to forget about this problem. If you need to carry out the prevention or treatment of powdery mildew plants, then you should take 50 g of the drug per 10 liters of water. Spraying grapes need 4 to 6 times. At the same time, depending on the size of the grape bushes, one bush will take about 3-5 liters of solution.

In the application of "Tiovit Jet" it is important to know when to spray the plants. This should be done in the morning or in the evening, necessarily in the absence of wind. It is necessary to ensure that all parts of the bush were sprayed evenly, and the leaves do not remain wet. The interval between treatment procedures should be about 7–8 days.

Preparation of the solution begins with the dilution of the drug in a small amount of water. It is necessary to stir the liquid, and then gradually bring the solution to the required volume.

First aid for poisoning

If the working solution gets on the skin - wash it with soap and water, if in the eyes - with plenty of water. If it happens that you swallowed part of the solution - drink plenty of water with potassium permanganate, take activated charcoal, induce vomiting. If you drank a lot of solution - be sure to consult a doctor.

Term and storage conditions

The preparation "Tiovit Jet" can be stored in its original packaging for not more than three years in a dry, unlit, well ventilated place, observing the temperature regime from –10 to +40 ° С. Keep away from food and feed.