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How to apply Actellic: the active substance, the mechanism of action and instructions for use


The Swiss company Syngenta offers gardeners, gardeners, amateur growers an effective preparation for the protection of plants. Many owners use the insecticide Aktellik. From pests, garden, vegetable garden, against parasites that destroy indoor flowers, this tool is considered one of the most effective.

Experienced owners reveal the secrets of using the drug Aktellik for the destruction of pests in the open and closed ground. There are nuances of processing home plants. Knowledge of the rules for the use of a popular insecticide will make it possible to more effectively deal with spider mites, beetles, aphids, caterpillars, thrips, and other pests.

Composition and action

Useful information:

  • Actellic is a universal remedy. The broad-spectrum insecticide effectively destroys pests in greenhouses, gardens, kitchen gardens, is suitable for spraying a toxic solution of indoor plants, for combating barn insects,
  • The active ingredient of the universal remedy is pyrimiphos methyl. The active ingredient has a negative effect on flying and crawling insects,
  • concentrated product is compatible with many drugs. Effective mixtures and solutions based on the drug Aktellik protect plants from the attack of most pests,
  • contact-intestinal insecticide acts both on the digestive system of dangerous beetles, ticks, caterpillars, and on the nervous regulation. For the death of insects, contact with the areas where the toxic preparation is sprayed,
  • potent agent belongs to the second class of toxicity, by accumulation in the soil and water - to the third class of danger. You can not pour the remnants of the concentrate and working solution into the river or lake: the composition is detrimental to fish, aquatic organisms. The insecticide Aktellik is dangerous for wasps, bees, pollinating insects, birds.

Release form

Actellic is a concentrated emulsion (ae). Oily liquid of light yellow color is in ampoules and canisters. For spraying the plants, the owners prepare the working solution: mix a certain amount of insecticide with water. For processing fruit, vegetable crops, flowers, the manufacturer offers the optimum concentration of the solution.

One of the advantages of a popular insecticide is convenient packaging. The manufacturer offers several types of packaging for large farms, small greenhouses and summer cottages for processing potted flowers.

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Available for sale:

  • ampoules of 2 and 5 ml of the drug,
  • wettable powder
  • cans with 1–5 l of concentrate.

Advantages and disadvantages

Universal insecticide - an effective tool with a wide spectrum of action. Most owners believe that the composition is much superior to drugs of similar action.


  • destroys many parasites and pests,
  • concentrate is destructive for bedbugs that are difficult to handle,
  • spraying means protects farmland, garden, summer cottage, plants in the apartment and the greenhouse,
  • high fumigant activity: the insecticide destroys pests in hard-to-reach areas and on the back of the leaves,
  • ease of use: it is enough to dilute the concentrated emulsion with water, and the composition is ready for use,
  • fast death of pests: from processing to death of ticks, bedbugs, caterpillars, harmful beetles, it takes from 10 minutes to 5–6 hours,
  • the drug is effective for fighting the Colorado potato beetle,
  • the composition is allowed for the disinsection of sanitary and medical premises, potato and granary, bulbous and seed stocks,
  • non-systemic insecticide acaricide is successfully used to kill ticks,
  • The packaging is suitable for both large farms and amateur growers. The manufacturer offers packaging of different sizes - from 2 ml (ampoules) to 5 liters (canisters),
  • residual effect - from one to two weeks on ornamental and vegetable crops to two to three weeks in open ground. Grain and potato stocks protect insecticide particles for 6–8 months,
  • sufficiently economical consumption: one ampoule with a volume of 2 ml is enough to prepare two liters of solution, with a large population, the concentration increases - an ampoule per 1 liter of water,
  • The cost of a universal insecticide suits many hosts.


  • high toxicity means, when processing plants it is important to be careful, be sure to use protective equipment. Neglect of precautionary measures often causes intoxication of the body,
  • sharp smell after processing.

What pest is Actellic used against?

The universal composition is recommended for the protection of fields, gardens, summer cottages, gardens, plants in greenhouses. A potent insecticide does not allow barn insects to breed in granaries and warehouses. Amateur flower growers also purchase concentrate to destroy “aggressors” parasitizing on houseplants.

Insecticide Aktellik kills the following pests:

  • mealybugs,
  • stem and leaf-eating insects, beetles: bark beetles, caterpillars, peppered moths, roetails, spiders, sawflies, whitefly,
  • different types of ticks: spider webs, pocket, felt, gall, flat heel mites,
  • sucking and piercing-sucking insect species: thrips, scutes, aphids, pennits-bibs,
  • thunderstorm garden - the Colorado potato beetle,
  • black and red ants.

Application from pests in the garden

Before processing shrubs and fruit trees, it is important to understand how to prepare the working solution, to clarify the rate of consumption per tree or shrub. For spraying, a standard concentration preparation is prepared in the garden: for 2 liters of water - 1 ampoule (2 ml) of the preparation. If there are more bugs and caterpillars than usual, it is allowed to prepare a strong agent: 1 vial of insecticide per liter of liquid.

The consumption rate of the working solution:

  • beet. Aktellik destroys weevils, mertvoyedov, 10 square meters. m - 1 liter of solution,
  • peaches It will take from two to five liters of the working solution to combat the flare guard and shield;
  • potatoes. Destroy the Colorado potato beetle, the wireworm will help spraying at the rate of one and a half liters of solution per hundred. Processing is carried out twice per season.
  • cabbage, carrots. Pests: moths, cabbage bedworm, fleas, carrot fly, leaf beetles, whiteworm. A liter of solution per 10 sq. m beds,
  • black ashberry Pest - cherry sawfly, one-time spraying of the agent is carried out,
  • planting strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, currant bushes. Pests: leafworms, aphids, mites, scythos, moth, fireweed, various types of beetles. 10 square meters. m planting enough 1.5 liters of working solution,
  • eggplants, cucumbers, tomatoes, flower cultures, ornamental plants. Pests: greenhouse whitefly, mites, thrips, mining fly, mosquitoes, aphid. For open ground, the consumption rate is 2 liters of diluted product per 10 square meters. m., in closed ground - 1 l.

Use of pests in the apartment

Many owners use contact-intestinal insecticide Aktellik for treating homes from bedbugs, domestic ants, harmful bugs, cockroaches, fleas. For high performance, it is desirable to combine a universal remedy with other compounds to avoid resistance to the active substance. According to many hosts, the pest on plants is a toxic remedy destroying much more efficiently than the parasites that live in an apartment.

How to act:

  • put on protective clothing, take animals and households away from the apartment, pack food, take out the aquarium,
  • to prepare a solution: one ampoule per 1 or 2 liters of slightly warm water (the more parasites, the stronger the prepared tool). First connect the insecticide ampoule with 100 ml of water at room temperature, mix the emulsion with a plastic or wooden stick, then pour in the remaining liquid,
  • stir well (3-5 minutes), pour into a spray bottle, treat all areas where parasites hide,
  • in some areas you can walk with a brush dipped in an insecticide solution,
  • after 2 hours, ventilate the room, do a wet cleaning, do not wash in hard-to-reach places: the drug retains a residual effect for at least a week,
  • in a week or two, repeated processing is required.

Application for the protection of indoor plants


  • the best option is to spray the working solution on the flowers so that no one is at home in the next day or two,
  • the drug destroys pests that feed on the juices and greens of indoor plants. The contact-intestinal type of insecticide destroys thrips, ticks, scarab, mealybugs,
  • after dilution of the concentrate according to the standard scheme, moisten the greens, moisten the entire surface of the plant, be sure to treat the underside of the leaves and stems,
  • experienced growers are preparing a mixture of Actellic and other insecticides. When in doubt, it is better to abandon the combined composition: an insecticide based on pyrimiphos methyl is an effective remedy,
  • spraying of orchids is carried out twice, the interval between procedures is a week. For the destruction of pests burrowing into the ground, feeding on the sap of the roots, watering is carried out with a working solution,
  • for maximum effect, cover the flowers after processing with a plastic or polyethylene cap, stand for a day or two in a ventilated room where people rarely go. If it is impossible to put the plants on the balcony, then it is advisable to stay with relatives for a couple of days while the insecticide fumes disappear well.

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The price of a concentrated emulsion depends on the volume:

  • ampoules of 2 and 5 ml - on average, 30-50 rubles,
  • the canister (1 l) - the average price is 3500 rubles,
  • canister capacity of 5 l - 9500 rubles.

There are quite a few evaluations of the action of the Actellic universal insecticide on the Internet forums. Most owners speak positively about the drug. The tool often destroys many pests that can not cope with other toxic compounds. Pleases the owners of the effectiveness of the action, the rapid death of dangerous parasites and pests. Even capricious flowers like orchids tolerate the effects of an organophosphate compound.

The only point to which you should pay attention: a high class of danger. The hosts recommend spraying the insecticide only in thick, protective clothing, respirator, gloves, otherwise allergic reactions, dizziness and nausea can not be avoided.

Video - instructions on how to properly dilute the drug Actellic:

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Non-system insectoacaricide "Aktellik"

First, let's look at what Aktellik is. This drug is a chemical pest control agent for agricultural, horticultural and ornamental plants. "Actellic" refers to insectoacaricides, because it is also aimed at the destruction of both harmful insects and ticks. “Actellic” is a non-systemic drug, it interacts contact, directly with the pest. This is one of the important advantages, because the tool does not harm the plant itself, acts only on insects and mites. Systemic means penetrate the plant tissue and act on the "enemies" when they feed on them.

  • affects both ticks and insects,
  • effective against many varieties of pests
  • wide scope of use (agriculture and forestry, gardening, gardening, disinfection of premises, indoor plants),
  • short term exposure,
  • prevents re-emergence of "enemies",
  • duration of exposure
  • not addictive,
  • does not harm plants.

Active ingredient and mechanism of action of the drug "Actellic"

According to the chemical classification means refers to organophosphorus compounds. "Actellic" is based on the active substance pyrimiphos-methyl. The composition of the drug "Actellic" also contains additional elements that prevent the emergence of addiction pests and provide a long shelf life of the drug.

“Actellic” is an enteric-contact pesticide. Means, getting into the body of pests, disrupts the enzymes that carry out neuromuscular transmission of impulses. With the accumulation of the active substance in the tissues of the nervous system, the functionality of all the organs of the victim is disturbed, a complex poisoning of the body occurs. "Actellic" has a fumigant effect, which allows it to be used in the fight against insects that live on the underside of the leaves.

Instructions for use of the drug "Actellic"

Since Actellic is a chemical agent It should be used in strict accordance with the instructions. Features of the preparation of the solution, the rate of consumption and the multiplicity of treatments depend on the application, the type of crops being processed.

How to use the drug for cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants

A solution of "Actellica" for cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants is prepared in the following proportion: 2 ml of pesticide is diluted in water - 0, 7 l. For ten square meters of the treated open area, you will need two liters of working fluid, if protected ground is treated (for example, in a greenhouse) - a liter per 10 square meters. m. The maximum number of processing - 2 times, a break between them - 7 days. After spraying before harvesting, at least 20 days should pass.

The consumption rate of the drug when spraying berry crops

For the processing of berry crops (strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, currants) "Aktellik" consumption rate is 2 ml of poison per 1.3 liters of water, the right amount of the mixture - 1.5 liters per 10 square meters. m. The maximum amount of treatment is 2 times, the interval between them is 7 days. After spraying before harvesting, it is necessary that at least 20 days pass. For spraying grapes, melons, watermelons 2 ml of "Aktellik" diluted in 0, 7 of water.

How to use "Aktellik" for ornamental plants

"Actellic" for spraying houseplants bred in the following proportions: 2 ml of poison per liter of water. Mixture consumption - liter per 10 sq. M. m. The maximum number of processing - 2 times. When processing indoor plants, it should be remembered that Actellic belongs to the 2nd class of danger to humans and is quite toxic. Therefore, spraying is recommended to be carried out on the balcony or loggia, then open the window (just do not allow drafts), close the entrance doors to the room tightly and do not enter it for a day.

If the pest attacked ornamental plants growing in open ground, you will also need to know what Actellic is and how to apply it. The solution is prepared in this consistency: per liter of water 2 ml of poison. Consumption of poison - 2 liters per 10 square meters. m open ground and 1 liter per 10 square meters. m of protected ground.

Due to its toxicity, Actellic should be used at home only in the most extreme cases. For the treatment of indoor plants in the house is better to think about what you can replace "Aktellik." Such drugs may be "Fitoverm", "Fufanon", they are less toxic.

Instructions for use "Aktellika" for cabbage and carrots

The insecticide "Aktellik" is effective against the whole complex of pests of cabbage and carrots, and here is the instruction for its use: Dilute 2 ml of the product in 0.7 l of water, on 10 square meters. m of the treated area need 1 liter of solution. After processing before harvesting it is necessary that at least a month has passed. The maximum number of sprays - 2 times.

Compatibility "Aktellika" with other drugs

Often for the complex processing of crops from pests and diseases at the same time use mixtures of pesticides. "Actellic" is compatible with almost all fungicides and insecticides that are used at the same time. ("Akarin", "Aktara", "Albit", "Fufanon"). However, the drug is not used with agents that contain copper (for example, Bordeaux liquid, copper oxychloride), calcium, and preparations with an alkaline reaction. ("Appin", "Zircon"). In each case, it is better to check the compatibility of the drugs as described in the instructions. The visible signs of incompatibility include the formation of lumps in the solution and stratification of liquids.

If the pest has an addiction to the drug, its use will not give results. It is necessary to find out what to replace “Actellic”. Such means include Iskra, Fufanon, Fitoverm, Aktara.

Security measures when working with the drug

"Actellic" when following all the requirements of the instructions is not toxic to plants. At the same time, the drug belongs to the 2nd hazard group for humans and the 1st hazard group for bees and fish. Therefore, when working with a poison it is necessary to observe the following security measures:

  • do not use food containers for dilution
  • when working with the preparation, all parts of the body must be protected by clothing, be sure to use gloves, a hat to protect the hair, goggles and a mask or respirator,
  • while working with Aktellik it is forbidden to drink and eat food,
  • finding children and animals in the room where the spraying is carried out is prohibited,
  • do not spray near aquariums, ponds, hives with bees,
  • it is recommended to leave the processing site immediately after the work done, it is better not to enter the enclosed area during the day,
  • after spraying, wash hands thoroughly, wash clothes.

Aktellik: storage conditions and shelf life

"Actellic" should be stored in a dry, dark, well-ventilated, out of reach of children at a temperature of from -10 degrees to +25 degrees. Next to the drug should not be food and drugs. Shelf life "Aktellika" - up to 3 years.

The drug belongs to one of the most effective universal remedies against pests, but for the safety of use you need to know when can you use "Actellic" and how to breed it.

basic information

"Actellic" is a non-systemic insectoacaricide that has an enteric-contact effect, protecting plants from ticks and insects (whitefly, sawflies, weevils, scale insects, aphids, etc.). Contact method of exposure involves the penetration of the drug into the respiratory tract of pests, intestinal - its penetration into the body with food. Due to the wide range of action of the insecticide, it is possible to get rid of pests that suck the juices and gnaw the foliage. The drug is available in ampoules and cans, but it is more convenient to use ampoules. Attached to the tool "Aktellik" instructions for use allows you to achieve maximum efficiency. Pesticide is used to preserve fruit plants, strawberries, ornamental and flower crops. Since it showed a good result in the fight against barn insects, it is used in warehouses for storing grain.

"Aktellik" is not for nothing called one of the best plant protection products. It has the following characteristics:

  • effectiveness in the fight against many pests (mites, insects),
  • ability to influence different types of insects that harm plants,
  • low cost

Use of insecticide to protect plants

If it was decided to use "Actellic", the instructions for use must be studied. It is necessary to strictly follow all its instructions and dispense the drug, depending on which plants require protection from pests.

To prepare the solution, open a 2 ml ampoule, dilute its contents in two liters of water. The resulting solution is used for spraying. In the presence of a huge number of insects, the solution is made more concentrated (1 ampoule per liter of water). The drug "Aktellik", instructions for use of which involves the use of different amounts of solution for different plant species, is used with extreme caution. Do not use the drug in hot, windy and humid weather (before the rain or immediately after the rain, dew).

When processing ornamental crops, as well as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers in order to protect them from ticks, thrips, whitefly, aphids, flaps and other pests per 10 square meters. m requires 1 liter of solution for protected ground and 2 liter for open. A maximum of two treatments can be performed.

To protect carrots and cabbage from pests, take 1 liter of solution per 10 square meters. m. They are processed no more than two times. For gooseberry, strawberry, raspberry and currant requires 1.5 liters of funds per 10 square meters. m. Processing is possible once or twice. Peaches, honeysuckle and irgu are also treated 1-2 times (peaches - 2-5 liters per tree, game, honeysuckle - 1.5 liters per bush).

When protecting crops by means of "Actellic ke", the instructions for use of which establishes certain dates for the start of their collection, it is necessary to observe existing security measures. Spraying is performed evenly, the last treatment is carried out mainly 20 days before harvesting, grain processing - 3-4 weeks before storage. After processing carrots and cabbage, harvesting can be carried out only after 30 days, honeysuckle and shadberry - after 25 days, peaches - after 50 days.

The period of plant protection is 7-14 days. The most successful treatment is achieved by spraying twice with a freshly prepared solution with an interval of 5-7 days.

Application for grapes

For processing grapes often use "Aktellik". The instructions for use contain all the information necessary for the implementation of this procedure. In the vineyards it is used as a powerful insecticide against stubborn pests (mealy worms, wireworms, scutes, aphids, mites) in calm and dry weather, no earlier than 5 hours before the rain. For bees, exposure to Actellic is dangerous. Instructions for use for grapes contains information on acceptable doses, it should be considered during processing.

To combat the leaf phylloxera use 3 l / ha of the drug, the consumption of working fluid is 800-1500 l / ha. Allowed no more than two sprays during the growing season for some time before harvesting (no later than 20 days).

Application for indoor plants

Insecticide effectively protects indoor plants from many pests. But for indoor floriculture, it is used only in cases where other methods have not brought the desired result. For example, the shield has a protective layer, therefore not all means are suitable for its elimination. In such situations, you can use the insecticide "Aktellik Gold." Instructions for use means must be observed, because this drug is highly toxic.

The working solution is prepared from the contents of one ampoule. For dilution of 2 ml of the drug requires 100 ml of water. The volume of the solution is adjusted to one liter. It is important to use it for uniform treatment of the surface of plants during the day. 2-3 treatments with a frequency of 7-10 days will be enough to get rid of pests, and one use of Actellic will be enough for prevention. Instructions for use for indoor plants contains all the necessary information.

Compatibility with other pesticides

Aktellik is compatible with almost all known pesticides, except for alkaline substances and preparations, which are produced in the form of dust and wettable powders. However, with each use of drugs in a mixed form, be sure to check their compatibility. If to apply "Aktellik" with observance of all recommendations, its resistance is not observed.

Instructions for use "Aktellika": precautions

Pesticide "Aktellik" - a highly hazardous substance of the 3rd class resistance in the soil. It is very dangerous for bees and fish, toxic to humans. The use of funds is prohibited in the sanitary zones and near in the fishery ponds. The contamination of drinking water sources and ponds with Actellic is unacceptable. Instructions for use of this tool requires strict adherence to all security measures, which will avoid undesirable consequences.

They work with Aktellik only in protective clothing (overalls, gloves, respirator, goggles). In no case should animals and children be in the treatment area! To avoid poisoning, do not need to smoke, eat food, water and other beverages. After processing and removal of protective clothing, hands and face should be washed with soap and mouth should be thoroughly rinsed.

First aid for poisoning

If the drug gets into the eyes, they should be well washed with water, if the skin - you need to use soap. If the drug gets inside the body, it is necessary to drink plenty of water with activated charcoal as soon as possible (5-6 tablets of charcoal are taken per cup) and induce vomiting. Antidotes are cholinesterase, reactivators and atropine sulfate. A person affected by the action of pesticides must be urgently taken to the hospital.

It will be useful to get acquainted with the reviews of those people who used "Aktellik". Instructions for use, reviews of the drug - important information. The tool is effective, however, vapor pressure and excessive toxicity are its major drawbacks. There are cases when, after processing, not only the pests died, but also the plants themselves.

We must be very careful with pesticides, one of the representatives of which is Actellic. Instructions for use, reviews - the basic information on which the choice of drugs to get rid of pests.

How does the insecticide on parasites

Actellic refers to non-systemic insecticides-acaricides. The principle of its action is represented by the enteric-contact form. Due to the high penetrating ability of the active substances from the composition of the drug freely destroy insects that live on the back of the leaves and in hard to reach places. In the body of pests through the respiratory tract and with food intake. The complete extermination of colonies of dangerous pests occurs in 5-10 minutes or several hours. The exact time is determined by the type and period of the problem.

After the treatment of crops, the insecticide continues to protect them from an unforeseen attack of various pests for another 2-3 weeks. Garden and decorative crops remain protected for 1-2 weeks, and barn stocks receive reliable protection for 8 months.

Main characteristics of the Aktellik insecticide

The drug has found its use in the processing of crops that grow in open ground or greenhouse conditions, as well as indoor plants exposed to many dangerous insects and pests. Among them:

  • piercing-sucking and sucking insects (aphid, thrips, scutes, pennica-bib),
  • leaf-eating and stem (sawflies, horntails, weevils, moths, zlatki, nut-pots),

It also effectively fights spiderwebs., gall, felt and pocket mites, mealy worms, ants and the Colorado potato beetle.

Very often, with the help of Aktellika, industrial warehouses are processed, where grain, potatoes and seeds are stored, as well as medical and sanitary premises.

We must not forget that the drug belongs to the highly toxic and belongs to the second class of danger, so it can be extremely dangerous to aquatic organisms and fish, birds, beneficial insects and honey collection.

Application of Actellic in the garden

When processing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, ornamental and flower crops, Actellic from ticks, aphids, flakes, thrips and whitefly is used. In greenhouse conditions allowed 1 liter of operating flow. When, when it comes to spraying crops in open ground, the volume is 2 liters per 10 square meters.

In order to reliably protect carrots and all existing types of cabbage from a dangerous horseradish scoop, whitefish, moth, leaf beetle or flea, you need to take 1 liter of highly effective solution and spray them on 10 square meters of territory. Such a volume will be effective if you want to clean the beets from the dead-weeds and weevils.

In addition, Aktellik can be used for treating raspberry, currant, strawberry, gooseberry bushes. In this case, it is necessary to take 1.5 liters of water-insecticidal mixture and completely spray it with the culture. Experienced gardeners note the high efficiency of Actellica in the fight against sawflies, moths, peppered moths, gallitsa, aphids or mites, which often affect the berries.

For example, currant processing is carried out even during planting, when cuttings are soaked in a 0.3 percent insecticide solution.

For processing peaches use 2.5 lira per tree. Bush irgi and honeysuckle requires 1.5 liters of funds. In this case, the harvest can be started only 1.5 months after the processing procedures.

As for the chokeberry, timely processing contributes to reliable protection from the mucous cherry sawfly. Vineyards can be sprayed from all species of mites, aphids, leaf phylloxera and other dangerous pests. The optimal dosage is 3 liters per hectare. Potatoes can be processed twice per season at the rate of 1.5 liters per hectare. It is known that the suspension very quickly and effectively gets rid of the Colorado potato beetle.

Application at home and in the office for the treatment of indoor plants

The use of Actellica in the conditions of the room will be indispensable in those cases if the indoor plants are very badly affected, and other means are generally ineffective. In the residential environment, they start processing flowers on the balcony, in offices and at enterprises before the weekend.

Many growers practice complex processing along with other means. It is important to moisten the flowers abundantly and moisten the entire surface with the preparation, including the back of the leaves.

If we are talking about the processing of orchids, the plant is watered right under the root. In order to completely destroy the pest colonies, treatment activities are carried out twice with a break of one week.

After successful spraying, the flowers should be covered with a plastic or plastic cap and held for 1-2 days in a little-visited ventilated room.

All application instructions Aktellika for indoor and office plants are available on many floricultural resources.

Compatibility and security measures

Aktellik insecticide is known to be compatible with most insecticidal and fungicidal preparations, as well as non-alkaline substances. It is not allowed to mix the agent with Bordeaux mixture.

As mentioned aboveActellic is a highly toxic compound, so any work with it should be carried out taking into account all safety measures:

  1. Absolutely all stages of use are accompanied by the use of special clothing, respirators, gloves and goggles. You must reliably protect yourself, from the moment of preparing the working suspension to spraying,
  2. It is important that at the time of treatment in the room, garden or greenhouse there were no children and pets,
  3. It is also strictly forbidden to eat, drink or smoke during processing activities,
  4. Upon completion of the work, special clothes should be removed, thoroughly washing all exposed areas of the body with running water and soap. Then you need to rinse your mouth, taking a small amount of tablets of activated charcoal. You can also drink milk,
  5. The container used to prepare the suspension is transferred to a plastic bag and discarded in special places for such garbage. You can also burn it away from water. Ampoules need to break,
  6. In order not to violate environmental regulations, it is not allowed to use insecticide in environmental and sanitary zones, near fishery or fishery enterprises, as well as sources of drinking water. When honey plants are blooming, it is also forbidden to cultivate crops, since this can cause the death of beneficial pollinating insects and hamper the natural process of pollination,
  7. Aktellik is stored in dark places inaccessible to children and animals at a temperature of 10-30 degrees Celsius.

Important advice: if you notice any signs of poisoning with the active ingredients of the drug, represented by weakness, nausea or vomiting, provide access to fresh air as quickly as possible, and then call a doctor. It is also important to give the injured a glass of pure water with a teaspoon of baking soda or 5-6 tablets of activated carbon. It is necessary to wash the stomach.

If the drug gets into the eyes, they should be washed intensively with clean water. If the skin - with a soap solution.

The antidote to the insecticide is atropine sulfate, P-AM.

Let's sum up

If you intend to use Actellic for processing garden, agricultural or indoor ornamental crops, be sure to carefully study the instructions for use. It is important to carefully review all instructions and follow them without any mistakes. The dosage of the drug must be correct and determined by the type of plant.

To prepare the working solution, the ampoule with the active substance with a capacity of 2 milliliters must be opened and diluted in 2 liters of water. From the resulting solution is obtained highly effective means for spraying. If the degree of damage is very high, and the number of insects exceeds the permissible limit, the concentration of Actellica can be increased by calculating 1 ampoule per liter of water.

As mentioned above, the use of the drug in the processing of plants should be subject to all precautions. Importantso that the weather outside is not hotwindy or wet. You also can not start the procedure before the rain or after it.

If we are talking about the protection of crops by means of "Aktellik", the exact dates when you can begin the action will depend on the expected time of harvest. During the work, it is important to spray the crop evenly, conducting the last treatment 20 days before harvest. The processing of grain crops can be started 3-4 weeks prior to storage. After careful processing of carrots and cabbage, you can start harvesting no earlier than 30 days. Жимолость и иргу опрыскивают через 25 дней, персики через 50 дней.

Соблюдая подобные рекомендации, вы сможете защитить свои зеленые насаждения от непредвиденного контакта с опасными вредителями.

Актеллик — инструкция по применению, состав и эффективность

The drug Actellic, the instructions for use of which contain detailed information about its use, is a highly effective insecticide with acaricidal properties, it is highly appreciated by gardeners, because insecticides act only on insect pests and their larvae, and acaricides destroy a particularly dangerous type of parasites on plants - spider mites. It is important to know that Actellic is highly toxic to all types of insects, including useful bees, wasp-riders and ladybirds.

For summer residents and pets, the poison is dangerous if the solution gets inside, and to avoid poisoning, for the drug Actellic the waiting time is from 20 to 50 days. On the leaves and stems, the chemical lasts about a week, but its traces are found in the sap of the plants, and the toxin elimination occurs after about 3 weeks in dry weather. Abundant precipitation accelerates the process of purification.

The drug Actellic EC, that is, a concentrated emulsion, packaged in 2 ml ampoules, contains the active substance pyrimiphos-methyl at a concentration of 500 ml per liter of emulsion, and the distinguishing feature of the chemical is the ability to act on pests in various ways:

  • through the outer shells,
  • through the digestive organs (when pests eat leaves moistened with a solution, or suck the juices from the treated plants),
  • through the respiratory tract.

Actellic has toxicity for ticks, lepidoptera (butterflies) and their larvae, beetles (beetles) and their young, hymenoptera (flies, wasps) and other dangerous pests. It is allowed to use in open ground and greenhouses, also provided for the emulsion Actellic - instructions for indoor plants. Such versatility has become the reason for the high popularity of the drug, because they can replace several agents when plants are affected by different types of insects at the same time.

The drug is more active against young individuals, the membranes of which absorb liquids better, that is, when an insect gets on the body, Actellic gives a better result, but when penetrating into the intestine along with plant parts, the effect of the toxin is less pronounced, therefore during processing you should try to sprinkle the areas with particular care on which the greatest accumulation of parasites is observed.

How to apply Actellic - the rate of consumption of funds

Instructions for use Actellic recommends diluting in warm water with a temperature of up to + 40 ° C, while the air temperature in the room where the solution is prepared should not fall below + 20 ° C, this is due to the fact that the emulsion is less viscous in heat structure and dissolves faster. The working solution of Actellica under conditions is more uniform and effective.

To dissolve Actellic instructions for use advises in a concentration of 0.1 or 0.15%. To get a product with a concentration of 0.1%, it is enough to pour the contents of one vial of Actellica into 2 liters of water and mix well, and it is recommended to use it with a moderate and low degree of damage to plants by insect pests. A more concentrated solution (0.15%) is prepared by dissolving the contents of one ampoule in 1 liter of water - it is used for dense plant colonization.

For the Actellic working solution, the consumption rate is individual for different types of crops, taking into account the age of plants, their size and much more, all of which is described in detail in the instructions for use of the preparation on its packaging. Instructions for use Actellic recommends spending for fruit trees from 2 liters of working solution on each tree (if the plant does not exceed 6 years old), and up to 10 liters (for fruiting trees).

As for berry bushes - currants and gooseberries, then from 1 to 1.5 liters of Aktellik's working solution is spent on one plant, depending on the size of the bush, and the same amount is spent on processing one vine.

The consumption of vegetables, melons and grains, as well as strawberries ranges from 1 to 1.5 liters of Actellica per 10 m², but for greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers consumption is slightly higher - up to 2 l / 10 m². On houseplants, the consumption rates of Aktellik coincide with the greenhouse.

It is important to remember that before processing by Aktellik it is necessary to remove the branches that are most damaged by pests and shoots, and it is desirable to burn them immediately after harvest so that insects do not move to healthy cultures.

Actellic is used for irrigation of the soil as the main measure against insects and their larvae preparing for wintering, for this purpose they prepare a solution with a concentration of 0.15% and irrigate the soil, spending up to 1 liter per square meter of the greenhouse.

Optimum effectiveness of treatments can be traced when processing plantings immediately after the rain, since in this case insects are more active, which means that they are easier to destroy by direct exposure to the chemical. After the rain on the plants, the stomata are open, and the active ingredients of Aktellik more easily penetrate into the vascular system.

Does Actellic have an analogue with which to replace it?

Analogues of the drug Actellica do not indicate the instructions for use from the manufacturer, but they exist - the same active ingredient that is included in the composition of Aktellik is contained in the preparations of Kamikaze and Phosbecid. They have a different concentration, and therefore the norms of dilution and consumption are significantly different from those recommended for aktellika. The drug Actellic replacement can be found in other groups of insecticides:

When using them, it is necessary to follow the instructions for use, as they have a different chemical and biological composition, concentration and method of application. Unfortunately, their action is not always equivalent in relation to various types of pests, and in efficiency they are inferior to Actellica.

In order not to harm yourself and the environment, Actellic, the instructions for use of which were examined earlier, should not be used inappropriately, and during spraying - the face, body, eyes and airways should be better protected by clothing and special means.

Description of Actellic

Means Actellic is an organophosphorus compound, the active ingredient is pyrimiphos-methyl. The drug is available in the form of a 50% emulsion concentrate, placed in ampoules of 2 and 5 ml, as well as in cans with a volume of 3-5 liters.

Aktellik is designed to protect agricultural, garden, indoor plants from the following pests:

  • sucking and piercing-sucking insects (aphid, thrips, scale insects, pennick),
  • spider felts, felt, gall, pocket tongs and rafts,
  • stem and leaf-eating insects (sawflies, bark beetles, barbs, barktails, weevil moths, leafworms, whitefly, goldfish, nut craps),
  • mealybugs,
  • granary pests (moth, weevil),
  • ants
  • Colorado beetle.

Means is used for disinfection, protection of industrial potato storages, granaries, seed stocks. It is also used for the disinsection of sanitary and medical premises.

How does Actellic work?

Actellic is a non-systemic acaricide insecticide. By type of exposure refers to entero-contact. The tool has a high penetrating (fumigant) activity and is able to kill insects living in hard to reach places or on the back of the leaves.

The active substance enters the organism of the pest through the respiratory tract and with food. It then deactivates the enzyme responsible for nerve conduction. This causes paralysis, and then death. Insects die during the time interval from 5-10 minutes to several hours (depending on the species, developmental stage, weather).

The advantage of Aktellik is its long-lasting ability to remain active on inert surfaces (walls, metal, wooden structures, etc.). Pests will not appear in barn stocks for 8-12 months. After processing, the drug is able to "protect" agricultural plants for 2-3 weeks., Garden, indoor - 1-2 weeks.

How to apply Actellic to the treatment of indoor plants?

Actellic is used for the treatment of indoor plants only in the case of mass destruction by ticks, scutes, thrips, and if other means and methods of pest control were ineffective. According to the instructions for use, the drug is diluted in a proportion of 2 ml per 1 liter of water. This volume of solution is enough to handle 10 m 2.

Moisten the greens, be sure to treat the stems and the bottom side of the leaves. If the plant has been damaged by pests that burrow into the ground, water it with a solution. For maximum effect, cover the flowers with a polyethylene or plastic cap.

Processing should be carried out in a ventilated room, for example, on the balcony. Leave the flowers there for 1-2 days. During these days, entering the room is not recommended. After 7-10 days you can spend the second processing of indoor plants.

Use for processing residential premises

Actellic can be used to treat residential areas from the following parasites:

According to reviews, to improve the effectiveness of the result, it is recommended to combine the tool with other formulations. This will help avoid the development of insect resistance to the active substance.

Preparation for processing:

  • wear protective clothing
  • take the household, pets out of the apartment,
  • take out the aquarium
  • pack the products.

To prepare the solution, dilute 1 ampoule (2 ml) in 1 or 2 liters of water at room temperature. The concentration of the solution will depend on the number of parasites. Consumption will be 1 liter per 10 m 2.

Mix the contents of 1 ampoule with 100 ml of water, mix with a stick (plastic, wooden). Pour in the remaining liquid. Stir the mixture for 3-5 minutes.

Processing order:

  1. Pour the solution into the spray.
  2. Treat the areas inhabited by parasites.
  3. Places of the greatest accumulation of insects can be processed with a brush moistened with a solution.
  4. Air the room after 2 hours.
  5. Do a wet cleaning, while hard-to-reach places do not need to be washed.

After 1-2 weeks. it is necessary to re-process. Note that Actellic has a residual effect that lasts for about a week.

Precautionary measures

Actellic is a highly toxic drug that belongs to substances of the 2nd class of danger to humans. According to such indicators as persistence and accumulation in water, soil, it belongs to the 3rd class of danger. Actellic is toxic to fish, birds, bees, beneficial pollinating insects.

Observe the following precautions when working with the product:

  1. Protect all parts of the body with clothes, you should wear gloves.
  2. The headdress is obligatory.
  3. Wear safety goggles and a respirator or mask.
  4. During the preparation of the solution do not exceed the rate of concentrate specified in the instructions.
  5. Do not use food containers to dilute the solution.
  6. Do not drink, eat, or smoke while working with the drug.
  7. Do not spray the solution near water bodies, aquariums, hives with bees.
  8. After processing, you must immediately leave the work site.
  9. Then wash your hands thoroughly with soap, and wash your clothes.

If the solution accidentally gets into your eyes, immediately rinse them with plenty of water. In case of contact with the skin, remove it with a cotton swab and rinse thoroughly with running water and soap.

For the prevention of poisoning after working with Aktellik you can take activated charcoal. If nevertheless symptoms of poisoning appear (dizziness, nausea, vomiting), get out into the fresh air, drink plenty of water.

If the solution gets into the digestive tract, it is necessary to wash the stomach. To do this, drink 3-4 glasses of water, induce vomiting. Then take activated charcoal (at the rate of 1 tab. Per 10 kg of body weight) and seek medical help. A specific antidote (antidote) to the active substance Actellica is atropine sulfate.

Restrictions when using the drug Actellic

There are several limitations when using the tool:

  1. It is forbidden to spray Actellic by aviation method.
  2. It can not be used in areas that are directly adjacent to the fish protection, environmental, sanitary zones.
  3. Do not use the product near drinking water sources, fisheries and fishing enterprises.
  4. Do not spend spraying during the flowering of plants-honey plants.
  5. It is forbidden to do treatment after dew or rain (i.e., on a wet leaf surface), and if in the next 2 hours. precipitation is expected.
  6. Do not spray the plants if there is a strong wind outside.
  7. Do not process in hot daytime hours.

Cannot handle uncleared greenhouses. Pre-clean debris, plant residues. Clean out possible insect covers.

An error is to underestimate the dosage specified in the instructions. In this case, only weak individuals will die, and the strong quickly develop resistance.

Do not use Actellic for several years in a row. It also contributes to the development of insect resistance to the drug.

Compatibility with other drugs, analogues

Actellic is compatible with non-alkaline substances, many insecticides and fungicides. However, before each use of drugs in a mixed form, it is necessary to check their compatibility. Do not use Actellic in conjunction with alkaline substances and agents that are available in the form of wettable powders or dusts.

Analogues of the drug, similar in action and effectiveness: Aktara, Aliot, ATO-beetle, Calypso, Confidor, Ratibor, Nurel, Biotlin, Kamikaze, Kleschevit.

Characteristics Actellica. How does he work

Agrochemical developed by Swiss experts. Today it is produced by Russian and Belarusian manufacturers. Actellic is certified and fully approved for use on home gardens.

The tool is sold in the form:

  • dry powder (for dilution with water),
  • ampoules (2-5 ml)
  • concentrated emulsion (capacity 3-5 l).

The basis of Aktellik is phosphorus. The active ingredient has high penetrating properties, it is able to exterminate pests in hard-to-reach places of plants. The remedy enters the body of insects along with breathing and food. It confirmed its effectiveness in the fight against aphids, mites, thrips, greenhouse whitefly, sawflies, leaf beetles, scale insects and other pests.

The developers say the following effectiveness Aktellika:

  1. The death of pests occurs in the interval of 10 minutes. up to 3-5 hours. It depends on wind, precipitation, humidity, lightness and other weather factors. The speed and impact of Actellica is also influenced by the type and stage of development of the insect.
  2. After treatment, the insecticide continues to protect the plant for 1-3 weeks. The wider the area of ​​sprayed crops, the longer. Processing stocks in the barn allows you to protect them from pests for up to 8 months.

How to use insecticide

The instructions for this agrochemical are simple. For processing the usual area is easiest to use ampoules Aktellika. Dilution of bulk cans is relevant only for huge agricultural areas. Ampoules of 2 ml will be enough for 2 liters of prepared liquid for spraying both garden and room crops. The consumption rate of the working mixture Aktellika:

  • for plants and shrubs in the greenhouse - 1 l per 10 square meters. m
  • in the open ground - 1.5-2 liters for the same area,
  • for trees - 2-5 liters, depending on the height and crown.

Tip To determine the exact dose will help the instructions to the drug with the recommendations.

When preparing Aktellika, observe dosage accuracy. Individual plants are sensitive to increased concentrations. In particularly advanced cases, experts recommend diluting 2 ml of Aktellik in 1 liter of water. Reviews gardeners say that usually only enough processing. Developers confirm: repeated spraying in a season should be carried out in exceptional cases.

Features of the application Aktellika

Experts give such tips:

  1. Use only freshly prepared insecticide solution. Dispose of leftovers.
  2. Spray the plants no later than 4-6 hours before the rain. Other mandatory conditions for the use of Actellica are the absence of strong wind, air temperature is + 12 ... + 25 ° С. Do not work in direct sunlight, morning or evening.
  3. The solution should be enough to spray both the outer and the back of the stems and leaves.
  4. The last treatment with the solution is allowed no later than 30 days before the first harvest. The exception is peaches. They can be plucked only 50 days after spraying.

The use of Actellica for potted plants is appropriate for mass infection and poor results of using other means. If possible, bring diseased plants to the loggia, and in the office prepare the treatment before the weekend. Some room needs to be sprayed with a solution twice. For example, for the treatment of orchids will require two procedures with an interval of 1 week. For most potted plants, it is enough to moisten the greenery and sprinkle the leaves. Orchid should also be watered at the root.

Tip After processing for a couple of days, cover the flowers with a plastic cap and put them in a quiet room.

Plants in an outdoor flower garden are best treated with Aktellik in combination with other agrochemicals. Greens need to fully moisturize. The drug is used not only in the field. Soaking the currant cuttings before planting is an excellent prophylactic against pests. Просто опустите веточку на пару минут в 0,3%-ный раствор средства.

Мнения о применении Актеллика

Садоводы и огородники подтверждают высокую эффективность препарата, о которой заявляют производители. Aktellik is used to protect cereals, vegetables, berries, fruit crops, ornamental plants (quite often - in the care of a flower garden). Apply it to the store, food warehouses, storage and forest plantations. Insecticide is equally effective in open and closed grounds.

The main disadvantage of Actellica does not relate to the quality of exposure to insects - a sharp and unpleasant smell. When using an agrochemical in an enclosed space, be sure to work in a respirator or mask, protect exposed parts of the body, and after finishing air the room. In addition, Aktellik has another drawback: addictive ticks and species that produce several generations over a season. Against such insects, it is better to combine the drug with other insecticides. At the same time, the use of Aktellik is unacceptable in combination with alkaline agents, in particular, with Bordeaux mixture.