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Money Tree DIY


A money tree is a symbol of well-being that brings wealth to a house. There are alternatives to the present money tree, for example, artificially created crafts that will decorate the room and complement the interior.

How to make a money tree from coins

A tree of coins is a popular way to decorate an artificially created money tree with your own hands.


  • souvenir coins with holes,
  • newspaper,
  • wire,
  • gold paint
  • pot or glass container
  • glue,
  • clear varnish for coating
  • coarse english salt
  • brown and green gouache,
  • elements of decor.

Following the step by step master class, you can make a beautiful craft that brings happiness and well-being to your home:

  1. Spread the coins on the newspaper and cover them with gold paint on both sides. Dry the coins.
  2. Make wire twigs. To do this, attach a coin to the wire using the hole. On one branch there should be three coins.
  3. Make some big branches. To do this, connect three small branches together.
  4. Make a tree trunk from thick aluminum wire. Paint the trunk with brown gouache. To him tie copper wire with coins.
  5. Hot glue to attach the craft to the pot or glass container.
  6. Make a filler for capacity. Coarse English salt must be painted with green gouache. Fill the tank.
  7. Cover the craft transparent varnish.
  8. Decorate the money tree elements of decor. Optionally, you can add a souvenir - a toad, which holds a large coin. This animal also symbolizes well-being and wealth.

The tree of coins is a beautiful plant that will decorate your window sill, shelf or desktop.

Topiary "Money Tree" do it yourself

Topiary is an artificially created tree, beautiful interior decoration and innovative way to design your desktop. Doing topiary out of the money with your own hands is an interesting and exciting activity that any beginner master can handle. If you have never made a coffee topiary, the money topiary is a great option for the first craft.

The assembly of topiary begins with the base. It can be a foam ball. Such a blank can be purchased at the store for creativity. The basis can be a ball, a ball of foam (it is easy to make it with a balloon, which then needs to be burst with a sharp object), a ball of a macro complex. One of the budget options - a ball of old newspapers, made with his own hands. Following the step-by-step master class, you can make such a simple basis for crafts:

  1. From a large number of newspapers form a tight lump. Shape it a ball. Sheets should be tightly pressed to each other, then the lump will be suitable for use.
  2. Cover a clump of newspapers with glue to make it hard.
  3. Wrap the resulting ball with thread. The ball must be heavy.
  4. Cover the base with masking tape.

Preparing the basis, you can proceed to registration.


  • a pack of souvenir money (you can use any currency),
  • ball base
  • branch or chopsticks for sushi,
  • pot or glass container
  • hot glue,
  • old newspaper,
  • paint in a can,
  • wire,
  • paper clips
  • elements of decor.

To make a beautiful crafts, you need to follow the step-by-step master class.

  1. Prepare a ball basis.
  2. Cut the souvenir money in half.
  3. Cut a corner at the cut point to create a pentagon.
  4. Fold each sheet in a bag, fasten the edges with a clip, wrap the bottom. Repeat steps 2–4 for 70 souvenir banknotes.
  5. Start sticking bills with hot glue, starting from the branch.
  6. Prepare the barrel for crafts. You can use an ordinary branch (washed and dried). For a branch to be strong, it is necessary to wind it with wire from above and below. Paint the branch paint and cover with a protective layer of varnish. The traditional color is brown. Gold and silver paint looks especially elegant and magical. You can use different colors, but it is important to follow the overall composition and stick to your chosen style. Instead of a branch, you can use sushi sticks glued together.
  7. Make a potty for topiary. You can make it from a plastic bottle or glass vessel. You can buy in the store a pot for plants. Fill balls or glass beads into a transparent container so that the craft looks more beautiful.
  8. Attach a branch to the bottom of the pot or container with hot glue.
  9. Connect the branch and the ball-basis, covered with bills.
  10. Additionally, decorate the crafts with decorative elements: ribbons, braid, lace, rhinestones or sequins. You can decorate the craft with an artificial plastic or capron butterfly.

Do-it-yourself topiary is an amazing craft that will surely decorate your room and become a money symbol that will bring money and well-being to the house. Such a money tree can be presented to relatives and friends. Believe me, the recipient of such a gift will be delighted and surprised.

Christmas tree from the money with his own hands

Such a Christmas tree made of banknotes is an interesting element of decor.


  • foam cone
  • souvenir bills,
  • long wooden sticks
  • pins,
  • scissors,
  • toothpick,
  • glue,
  • paper.

To make a beautiful money Christmas tree, it is necessary:

  1. To cone was stable, you need to pierce it with long wooden sticks.
  2. Pins attach bills to the foam cone. Need to start from the bottom. Care must be taken to ensure that there are no empty spaces on the basis. Christmas tree must be completely filled with artificial bills.
  3. Cut a star out of paper, stick it to a toothpick.
  4. Toothpick stick in the top of the foam cone. A simple hack of money is ready!

Pistachio Money Tree

Using simple tools, you can create an amazing craft that you can give to family and friends or to decorate your house with it.


  • pistachios,
  • wire,
  • gold paint
  • pot or glass container
  • drill,
  • thread,
  • glue,
  • gypsum,
  • decorative elements (gold coins, souvenirs, etc.).

To make a pistachio money tree, you need:

  1. Clear the pistachios and remove the nuts, leaving only the shell.
  2. Drill a hole in the edge of the shell.
  3. Thread the wire into the hole, making large and small twigs. On small sprigs, place three shells of pistachios, and then combine several small branches into large ones.
  4. Make a tree trunk of wire, connect with sprigs.
  5. Wrap the tree trunk for strength.
  6. Cover the craft with gold spray paint.
  7. Hot glue to attach the end of the barrel to the bottom of the tank.
  8. Capacity pour plaster and wait for drying. At will plaster can be painted in green color.
  9. Decorate the tree with additional elements of decor.

Even a beginner can make such a pistachio money tree.

Money tree will bring good luck and prosperity if you make crafts with love and soul. Do not be afraid to experiment and create artificial trees, because this is a fascinating and interesting activity!

Money tree made of coins with their own hands

You need to tie pieces of wire (copper, with a standard diameter of 0.3 mm) to a coin, and you may not care much about the same length for all segments, nothing, if some are longer, and others are shorter, in any case it will align in progress. To form the twigs, we need to successively connect five pieces of wire with the coins attached to them. Focus on the photos that show the process of creating such money tree do it yourself step by step. When you managed to weave together all the coins (in our master class 50 pieces were used) in a dozen branches, you can begin to decorate them. Thin wire is good for working with square holes of coins, but it cannot qualitatively hold the weight of all five coins at once, therefore each branch needs to be strengthened with an additional piece of wire at the base, for this purpose we take a material one millimeter thick, fold it in half and this width should be enough to strengthen. All together we wrap a dark floral ribbon and combine them into a single trunk. If necessary, we also add thicknesses to it using copper wire.

The second stage is the formation of a tree, because it must now be issued, to create a stand for it. This stage can take up to half an hour, because the foundation will be ours. To do this, make a solution of alabaster, cement and sand, dilute it with water and pour the mixture into a plastic box of suitable shape, dip the wire barrel inside and fix until the mixture begins to set. After 20-30 minutes, remove and begin to make out the trunk. He needs to add additional volume. To do this, again take alabaster, plaster, which is used to decorate the walls in the apartment, cement, dilute it with PVA construction glue (or clerical diluted with water), apply this mixture on the trunk, scratching the grooves with improvised material.

Coloring can be multi-layered: a layer of bronze paint, a layer of gold paint, acrylic lacquer + glitter. You can proudly present a finished product to your friends by telling how powerful it is a magnet for money, adding it with other knowledge, for example, about an apartment number for feng shui.

Money tree do it yourself: master class

Both the leaves on the legs and the coins of different denominations, the wire on which is fixed in a small drilled hole in the upper part, should become your blanks. Drilling metal will be somewhat more difficult than when doing hand-made wood crafts, but here we are talking more likely about dexterity and the presence of a special thin metal drill. If no one in your family can dare to do such a fine job, then simply make loops on the wire segments and stick them to the back of the coins. This is exactly what was done in our case. Again, as in the previous example. money tree do it yourself from coins master- the class of which we considered earlier, the trunk in the assembled state needs to be further strengthened by taking a thicker, but still rather flexible wire. Thickening of the trunk, together with decorating, is made with a plaster bandage, which is very convenient to wind from top to bottom or with its more modern analogue - floristic tape.

The base is inserted into a glass with uncured plaster or finishing plaster, since we will not remove the craft after hardening, the glass is initially worth choosing and elegant, and at the same time, one that is not sorry. It is convenient to use this method, since it allows you to put additional décor on the surface of a still plastic retainer, for example, another portion of coins, beads, seashells, which, after complete drying, will be reliably glued. This way of decorating the interior is an excellent substitute for “make it yourself from wood” ideas.

Money tree do it yourself photo

Topiary number one has a classic round shape and a single trunk, a real tree of happiness and good luck. Those who are engaged in a similar variety of handicrafts, know that the stores sell round foam blanks for Topiary, so as not to suffer from the creation of their own. But for this job you are perfect small foam ball (not rubber, as it will need to pierce for mounting the base). Select the center of the ball and stick one coin to it. All of them for this work should be the same value, that is, the same size and appearance, it is very important for the overall effect of the finished product. Four more coins are stuck on the first coin with a little overlap, and then, in the next row, you also overlap the next eight coins, moving in a staggered manner. The texture of the coating that appears on the ball should remind you of snake scales, well, or, if you like, a bump. Naturally, going through the equator, you will need to reduce the number of elements in the reverse order.

In the opposite center of the ball, leave an empty hole with a diameter of one coin. You will need to pierce it, using scissors or a knife, to insert a straight trunk inside. Additionally, it should be fixed during installation with a layer of transparent silicone glue. To disguise this junction, take a piece of beautiful fabric, with a suitable texture, thread it and form a skirt, which will need to be glued to the base. The other end of the barrel is inserted into the pot with a filler, which is worth decorating with a fabric to match the tone (golden shades). The filler can fix the craft reliably (plaster, plaster) or be temporary.

How to make a money tree with your own hands

Continuing to create an unusual triple money tree do it yourself, master class step by step which is in front of you, you can move from the process of decorating the balls to the stage of creating the trunk. For someone who can do garden furniture with their own hands, even a triple barrel will not be a problem. Each is three pieces of strong steel wire wrapped with duct tape. Decorative effect will give twine, which is neatly wound on each trunk, but not from the beginning and not to the end. The beginning is a segment that will be inside the ball of the workpiece and there is no need for twine and just as it is not needed at the ends that will weave into one wide trunk.

The connector may be hot glue, which must be applied to the wire trunks themselves before being introduced into the ball, and at the finished joint. If necessary, decorate it with coins or twine. Also in our example, a flower pot was decorated with a string - a stand for topiary.

Money tree from bills do it yourself

On the creation of the ball and the legs on the third example, you probably can not stop in detail. It is better to consider the process of twisting bills. In this work there are two main types - rolls tied up with a piece of twine, and small fans for which the paper is folded with an accordion.

When you make a sufficient amount of decor, cover it with a ball-basis (it is pre-pasted with several bills so that there is a single color), using hot glue. It is best to move from top to bottom, then you will calculate the amount of material correctly and keep the shape of the ball. Additionally money tree do-it-yourself from banknotes master- the class of which we are considering, you can decorate with souvenir coins, they, complete with a pair of rolls, decorate the pot on top.

Coin Topiary

Starting the manufacture of topiary from coins (ornamental tree with a figured round crown), you should follow the rules:

  1. The main emphasis of the crafts is the crown, and its diameter should be larger than the pot in which the tree grows.
  2. The maximum size of the pot is equal to the width of the crown, but it is better to take a less voluminous pot so that it does not delay attention.
  3. The total height of the souvenir tree will be approximately three diameters of the crown itself.
  4. The barrel should be thin but steady.
  5. That the tree did not fall, the basis pot should be filled with a heavy filler.

One of the simplest variants of a money tree made of coins is to use as a base for the crown of a round foam ball. Some craftsmen make it from newspapers, tightly folding them and gluing together, but this option is not the best, because to achieve a smooth rounded shape is very difficult. To crown turned out perfect, it is better to pick up a foam ball. Its size depends on the desire and number of coins available, but it should be borne in mind that there should be a lot of them, because the ball is fully covered.

The ball should be pre-pasted with paper napkins - so it will not be slippery and the coins will stick better.

So, to make your own money tree topiary, you need to pick up small coins of the same denomination, for example, 10 rubles. They can be fixed either with a thermogun or with PVA glue (the first option is preferable, since it will ensure a good stick). To form the crown should be in the form of scales, namely:

  • glue one coin first
  • attach two coins from above so that the first one is partially hidden and they touch each other in the center of the bottom coin,
  • glue the rest of the coins in the same way, stacking like scales, layer by layer,
  • process pasted crown varnish to enhance shine.

A small portion of the ball must remain empty - the trunk will “grow” from here.

The trunk of the tree can be made from ordinary sushi sticks and then it will be flat or from a piece of thick aluminum cable, fancifully bending it. The golden effect will be given to the wooden trunk by painting, but the cable must be wrapped with tape or paper of the same color.

It remains to collect and "plant" a money tree, namely:

  1. Fasten the barrel in the left hole on the ball-crown, if necessary, using glue.
  2. A plastic cup of small volume or a regular cup filled with plaster and set the tree.
  3. When the plaster hardens, glue the “soil” in the glass with coins, paint it with golden paint or fill it with sparkles.
  4. Декорировать горшочек при помощи краски либо обклеить красивым кружевом.

При желании на стебель можно прикрепить листья или бантики, а на крону посадить бабочку — все зависит только от фантазии мастера.

Elegant money tree with branches

A very delicate money tree can be made with your own hands from coins and wire: a beautiful falling crown with golden leaves, coins will be the main decoration of the house. Making a talisman is easy for this:

  1. Drill holes in the coins and put them on a small piece of thin wire - these will be the leaves on the petioles.
  2. Connect the leaves into branches.
  3. From the branches to collect the tree, attaching them to the trunk of a thick flexible cable.
  4. Set the tree in a pot or a glass with plaster.

Coins can also be combined with beads, and the trunk to give a different shape.

Picture of coins

Not only bulk tree looks impressive, but also laid out in the form of a picture on canvas or paper. Such work can be done with children, because there is nothing difficult in how to make a money tree in a picture, no. The work itself consists of the following:

  1. On the canvas to draw the outline (trunk and crown).
  2. Put the trunk out of paper napkins twisted into flagella.
  3. From the coins put the crown.
  4. Paint it all with golden paint.
  5. Paste the picture into the frame.

What does the money tree symbolize?

With a money tree associated with a lot of signs. According to Feng Shui, the main task of this talisman is to attract financial well-being and wealth to its owner, but the effect will be only if the tree is put in the right place, namely in the wealth zone. The south-eastern side of the room is responsible for this, and to enhance the effect of the money tree, a fountain is recommended nearby.

Chinese experts on feng shui claim that ornamental talisman trees should have 10 branches, on which exactly 100 coins are located - this combination has the maximum magical effect.

If you shake a tree and ring the leaves with coins, in the near future we can expect material benefits. True or not, this is up to you.

As for the living money tree (bollard), the plant also retains its symbolism, if properly care for it. In this case, in order for the flower to affect the material state in a positive way, it is necessary to regularly wipe the leaves, avoiding the formation of dust on them - it will lead to the opposite effect (waste and loss of money). Drying the bush also foreshadows unplanned waste.

In order to activate the action of the money tree-cholstyanka, a coin should be put on the bottom of the pot and every year on Christmas Eve it should be washed under running water.

Summing up, I would like to say: if there are stocks of small items in the house, including old coins, you should definitely try to make a talisman from them. A money tree made with love with your own hands will not only decorate the house, but will also be an original gift for friends and acquaintances.

Topiary and its purpose

Topiary is a miniature artificial tree made by hand. Traditionally, it has a spherical crown and is installed in a pot. Such crafts are widely used as decorative items for interior decoration. It is also a great option for an original and versatile gift, which, depending on the design, can look very cute or very presentable.

Once topiary were called masters of figured pruning of trees and bushes, professionals capable of imparting perfect forms to plants - geometric, zoological, fancifully mystical. Now, this concept implies a hand-made product, the appearance of which is difficult to correlate with real botanical species, because it depends solely on the author's imagination.

Often topiary is called a tree of happiness, which suggests the use of this product as a beautiful talisman. Some of its varieties can be used to:

  • bringing good luck to the house
  • financial assistance,
  • improving health
  • search for the second half,
  • career advancement.

For the manufacture of topiariya fit a variety of materials. Craftswomen use paper, beads, cereals, coffee beans, coins, ribbons, feathers, cloth, candy, flowers, shells, and more. The design and color palette depends on the purpose, the general style of the interior, where it is planned to place the craft, personal preferences.

Especially popular today is the money tree of bills. It’s easy to make it with your own hands. It is only necessary to determine the technique of execution. But not necessarily adhere to certain canons. This is a creative work, so you can give free rein to your imagination and create your own unique design.

Banknote and Coins Tree

For the manufacture of cash topiariy used coins, as well as souvenir bills or paper napkins with the appropriate print. In some cases, real banknotes of insignificant denomination are used. But such a product will not look very presentable, although it will turn out to be quite expensive, because about 100 bills will be spent on one tree. So much better to use fake. Both local currency and dollar or euro are suitable for this.

The possibilities of using such topiary are wide enough. They are made for various purposes:

  1. The tree will be an excellent decorative element that can decorate your home interior or office.
  2. This is a universal gift that is timed to any holiday and hand over to a woman, man or child.
  3. You can make a money tree with your own hands from bills in a lesson of work or in extracurricular activities with children.
  4. Topiary of coins and banknotes will become a talisman for attracting financial flows. Also, it is used as a charm to preserve the existing wealth.
  5. Artificial wood can replace indoor plants that require constant maintenance and often cause allergies.
  6. The manufacturing process itself is quite fascinating. He is able to satisfy the creative impulses and design ambitions of both a beginner and a professional.

Basic consumables

Classic topiary is a tree with a single trunk and a spherical crown, "growing" in a flower pot. But the crafts can look like anything. Different products in form, materials, performance. The trunk is made straight, winding, branched. The crown can be not only round, but also oval, pyramidal, heart-shaped or sprawling. You can also make an original Christmas tree out of the money, which will decorate a window sill, an office table or a shop window.

For the manufacture of wood from paper money do-it-yourself use available materials. They can be found at home or purchased in the department for creativity. Topiary consists of several basic elements.

  • Small flower pot. It is desirable that he was quite weighty. Otherwise, in order to impart stability to the structure, we will need to weight it. Instead of a flowerpot, you can use a teacup, earthen pot, plastic cup, tin box, and the like.
  • "The soil". The pot is usually filled with gypsum or clay. This allows you to securely attach the tree and make the bottom of the product heavier, which will prevent it from overturning from any careless movement. Sand, beads, coins, pebbles, shells, etc. will also come down for filling. Top of their layer is better to glue.
  • Trunk. For its manufacture, a thick wire, a branch, an old felt-tip pen, a cardboard sleeve from a roll of cling film, gluing of several bamboo pallets, etc. will be suitable. Get the desired shape and texture, making the trunk of clay or plaster. The blank can be painted, smeared with glue and sprinkled with glitter, wrapped with paper, tapes, twine.
  • Crown Forming Ball. It should be of small diameter. The larger the ball, the more massive the crown will turn out and the greater the number of bills needed for work. It is cut out of a floral sponge, molded from a newspaper and glue, or used with handy objects - a foam ball, a foam ball, a rubber jumper, a ball of thread.
  • "Foliage". In this case, it is made of counterfeit bills and / or coins. The latter can be both real and decorative. The number of pieces of paper depends on the diameter of the ball to which they will be attached, as well as the method of forming leaves.
  • Finish. Used to decorate the finished product. These can be satin ribbons, feathers, sequins, beads, cloth trims, artificial or dried flowers, berries, seeds, butterflies and other insects, netsuke, tinsel, sisal, and the like.

Additional devices

To make a wood from your own money, you will also need some tools and additional materials. When working often use:

  • PVA glue or glue gun,
  • toothpicks, pins,
  • stapler
  • scissors,
  • wire,
  • thread,
  • acrylic paint or nail polish.

All materials should be prepared in advance. You also need to make sure that they are well combined with each other and are suitable for the realization of the existing ideas.

Step by step instructions for beginners

Those who are already interested in how to make a money tree out of bills, have an idea of ​​what work to do. But the result is worth it. We need to act according to the following scheme:

  1. First do the trunk. If you use a natural twig, then you can leave it in its original form. Other blanks are painted, varnished, smeared with glue and wrapped with tape or other decorative material.
  2. On the upper part of the trunk is mounted ball for the crown. Sometimes in order to put it on a stick, you must first make a hole. It depends on the material from which the ball is made. In some cases, it is more convenient to combine a ready-made crown with the stem part.
  3. There are several options for making foliage. One of the easiest things to do is folding the paper bags. To save material, prepared bills can be cut across in two. If this is not necessary, then they simply fold in half. The number of kulsk depends on the size of the base. So, for a ball with a diameter of 4-5 cm you will need 80−100 "leaves".
  4. Attached bags with glue. Sometimes toothpicks are used for this, then one edge is inserted into the bag, fixed with a glue gun, and the other is thrown into the ball.
  5. You can combine banknotes of different colors, as well as introduce other elements, such as paper flowers, artificial green leaves, tinted feathers, bows, hearts. Sometimes the bags of bills are interspersed with the same elements made of felt or colored paper. This, if desired, achieve the desired combination of colors or deduce certain patterns.
  6. The formation of the crown must begin at the top. Four bunches are glued together between themselves with side surfaces so that the towering corner of each of them is facing outwards. This workpiece is fixed in the center of the ball. The remaining single bags are placed in a circle until the entire surface is covered by them.
  7. If you could not find a beautiful pot, you can use an ordinary plastic cup. It is dyed, wrapped with crepe paper, draped with cloth, pasted over with beads, coins, rhinestones, eggshell or otherwise trimmed. Sometimes, for these purposes, designers use several extravagant materials, such as newspapers, burlap, string.
  8. If the pot is quite weighty, then the barrel in it can be fixed with clay, and the rest of the space filled with lightweight material, such as padding polyester. And when the container is light, it is better to pour a solution of clay, gypsum or cement into it. The money tree will be fixed in this substance.
  9. When the contents of the pot is completely dry, you can proceed to the final stage of finishing. The soil is decorated with sisal fibers, covered with coins or pebbles, covered with sparkles. Often a pot tied with ribbons. The tree trunk can also be decorated with additional decoration - a bow, a string of beads, a snake. It is important to comply with the measure, otherwise the composition will be lurid.
  10. Under the tree you can put a ladybird, imitation sprout, palisade and so on. If you want to add a present with real bills, they are rolled up, wrapped with braid and tied to the trunk.

Now the work can be considered finished.

Other mascot tree options

There are many ways to design topiary out of bills. Fake banknotes can not only be rolled up into bunches, but twisted into tubules, bent in half, folded like a fan, make flowers, stars and other elements of them using the modular origami technique. The edges or cores of such blanks are often decorated with beads or beads.

Crown can be molded from coins of any value. At the same time, they are glued on a spherical base, but not flat, but slightly overlapped. Otherwise, there will be gaps between the coins, which will give the product a somewhat untidy look.

The basis of the money tree is sometimes taken as a panel on which the trunk and branches are embroidered with satin stitch or a cross. It is supplemented with notes-leaves and other elements. There are also options when banknotes or coins decorate a living money tree - a roomy sweetie.

Crafts can be made more like a tree. Its structure will be more complicated. Such a composition should have not only a trunk, but also branches. Beads will help to simulate foliage. Several pieces of it are strung on a wire, the edges of which are then joined, giving the element a leaf-like shape. Each such leaf is fixed on the branches. Considering that this is a talisman for attracting money, the beads must be green or golden. You can decorate the finished crown with the help of Chinese coins (with a hole in the center).

Sometimes this topiary is used only to donate money, for example, to newlyweds, in a non-trivial way. After reviewing the photo of finished works, you can stop at a ready-made design decision or come up with your own version of the money tree. For these purposes, any suitable. Real money is neatly twisted into a tube and placed not in the thick of counterfeit bills, but separately, so that they can be easily noticed. The advantage of such a gift is that it will not become just a pretty trifle, but will contribute to the financial well-being of a young family.

What does the money tree symbolize?

Before you make a money tree of coins with your own hands, check out this illustrious talisman in more detail. It is not only a beautiful interior decoration, but also an amulet with a strong energy. This talisman is considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity. If you equip your home according to the principles of ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, then it is best to arrange an odd job with money in the workplace or in the south-eastern part of your apartment or house.

How to make a topiariy of coins with their own hands

One of the most popular options for crafts in the form of a money tree is a coin topiary. For its manufacture you can buy souvenir Chinese coins, which are characterized by the presence of a square hole. To form a barrel, you need a suitable tube or wire, depending on the size of the future product. Sometimes for this purpose they take a real branch of a tree. The main pot for decorative crafts often appears. The barrel is fixed in it with the help of clay, plasticine or glue.

Tools and materials

To create a money tree with coins that brings happiness and wealth to the house, you will need to purchase golden paint. With its help you will give your craft a spectacular and original look. Prepare the following materials and tools:

  • pistachio shells,
  • coins,
  • golden paint, varnish,
  • a coil of wire
  • small potty
  • FUM (fluoroplastic sealing material): tape or thread,
  • glue,
  • scissors, drill,
  • gypsum mix.

What materials will be needed

To begin, you should find a suitable cone of foam rubber, because It will be used as the basis for the money tree. In addition, prepare the following materials and available tools:

  • clay pot
  • wooden sticks (for example, sushi sticks),
  • toothpicks,
  • banknotes,
  • pins,
  • paper
  • glue,
  • scissors,
  • gypsum mix.

The main stages of creation

The process of creating this money tree is simpler than the instructions described earlier. Finished crafts can be decorated with bright labels or holiday ribbons. Process of creation:

  1. To begin, cut a part of the cone, put it on wooden sticks and place the blank in the stand in the form of a clay pot.
  2. Attach bent money (dollars or rubles) to the cone, using pins for this. This should be done gradually in rows, starting from the bottom.
  3. Suspend the entire cone in bills of currency. You can use them in any quantity, the main thing is to make sure that there are no voids in the tree.
  4. Cut a star out of paper, stick it to a toothpick and place it on the very top of the cone.

Bonsai of beads and coins

One of the interesting options is the money tree of beads and coins. With a competent and careful approach, you should get a bonsai with delicate green greens, an irregular shape and a barrel, in the crevices of which coins are hidden. This homemade bonsai can be a real money magnet. Weaving beads will be made in a looped technique. Такое денежное деревце выступит в качестве отличного подарка близкому человеку.

What is needed

Ключевым материалом является зеленый бисер. Купите сразу около 100 г китайского бисера среднего размера (номер восемь). Дополнительно подготовьте:

  • медную проволоку (тонкую и толстую),
  • старую тарелку,
  • флористическую ленту,
  • ПВА-клей,
  • лак,
  • гуашь,
  • плоскогубцы, ножницы,
  • гипсовую смесь,
  • alabaster, finishing plaster.

Stepwise Algorithm

Focus on beadwork. The aesthetics of the leaves and twigs depends on how well you get it. Detailed master class:

  1. Count off 8-9 beads, form a loop of them. Twist the wire to form a "leg" with a length of 1.5 cm.
  2. On both sides of the first loop you need to make the side leaves. For this, fasten 8-9 beads on a 0.5 cm long stem. The result is a finished branch of 3 loops. Twist the wire again to form a leg for the branch itself. So get a branch of the third order.
  3. Connect three such branches together to get a larger - second order.
  4. A large branch (of the first order) will consist of 3 branches of the second order. In total, there will be 9 branches of the third order in such a branch, to one of which it is necessary to attach a golden coin with a square cut in the middle.
  5. To make the branch rigid, attach a copper wire with a diameter of 1 mm and a length of 10 cm to its base. Fasten the elements with a usual floral tape.
  6. In general, out of 100 g of beads will make about 12 large branches. Form a crown of monetary bonsai from them: take a wire-frame with a cross section of 3 mm and gradually attach to it the prepared branches of the first order. Secure them with floral tape.
  7. Bend the tree so as to make it look more natural. Attach a steel wire loop to the base of the barrel for stability.
  8. To make the money tree more realistic, bend all the branches. The form of bonsai for stability can be corrected with pliers.
  9. Get into plastering. Take a suitable shape, cover it with cellophane and cover with a mixture of cement, plaster and sand in equal parts, which must be diluted with water. Set the barrel in the mixture and hold until alabaster grabs.
  10. Once the base has hardened, remove it from the pot, free it from cellophane and cut off all excess.
  11. Cover the trunk and branches with a mixture of 2 parts of alabaster and 1 part of finishing plaster, which should be diluted with PVA glue. After one day, apply another layer of the mixture and form a crack in the crust with the back end of the brush.
  12. Have a look at painting money bonsai. First, cover the bark with light gouache, gradually darkening it closer to the top of the craft. Then process the second layer - brown gouache.
  13. Without waiting for the second layer to dry, rub the entire craft with a damp sponge. When the paint dries, add translucent and acrylic gilding.
  14. If the crown turns pale, spray it with varnish and sprinkle with sparkles. With the barrel you can do the same.
  15. You can decorate with stones and coins that need to be glued to the barrel with polymer glue.

A tree of paper money do it yourself

A miniature tree decorated with paper money will be an excellent gift on the eve of the New Year holiday and an original addition to any interior. Such an odd job will never lose its relevance. To do it yourself, you need to prepare notes of any currency that interests you. With the right approach, you will get an odd job no worse than those depicted in the photo of master classes by experienced needlewomen. Money tree do it yourself - a sequence of actions:

  1. If you use the standard bills, the tree will get big. Therefore, cut the money "blanks" in half and give them the shape of a pentagon so that in the future they can be folded into symmetrical bags.
  2. Form from each paper bill kulechek, and fasten the edges with hot glue. Bottom blanks bend. It is difficult to calculate the number of kulachs needed in advance, so first make about 60-70 pieces. Add new ones if necessary.
  3. To prepare the topiary trunk you will need a wooden stick and decorative tape. The elastic foam ball with a diameter of 2.5 cm will be used as the basis - you can buy it at the pet store.
  4. Wrap a flat stick in two layers with a translucent metallic tape of golden color.
  5. Pierce the ball with a knife, insert the future trunk into it. For reliability fix with hot silicone glue from the gun.
  6. At the bottom, where the barrel is fixed, start attaching the money bags. Fix them not on the ball, but on the trunk.
  7. All subsequent blanks fasten with each other. Do not forget to apply glue to the place where the little bags touch the ball.
  8. As a result, you should have a ball with money-bags strung on a golden stick. Make the top of the head very carefully, because This is the most visible area of ​​homemade topiary.
  9. Find a suitable pot that will be the basis for your crafts. Try to make a container with your own hands. To do this, find a suitable yoghurt tin and paint it with acrylic paint.
  10. Once the paint is dry, decorate the homemade pot with ribbons and a net. To fix the decor you need with a glue gun. On the front of the pots can attach a golden bow.
  11. Mix in a separate container cement with sand (determine the appropriate proportions yourself). Add water there until the mixture acquires the consistency of thick cream.
  12. Put the ready solution in the pot, set there topiary with paper money-kulkami. It is better to fix the tree during the drying of the cement-sand mixture. You can substitute a support for it.
  13. Coat the dried mixture with transparent glue, then decorate it with sand specially designed for this purpose.
  14. After complete drying of the mixture and glue, add topiary decor. You can use real foliage, colorful ribbons and bills. The last roll, put at the base of crafts and securely secure with glue.
  15. Glue the leaves to the trunk using hot glue. Pot add a bow, and around the trunk you can put a thin golden ribbon, fixing it in several places.
  16. Sprinkle the finished craftwork with bills with clear varnish and place it by the open window to dry.
  17. After finishing work, check the stability of the pot. For reliability, process the edges in places where the mesh is fixed using hot glue to match the pot.

Money Tree - Money Topiary

To make “Money talisman” in the form of topiary - the most common type of crafts, attracting wealth and well-being to the house. Topiary has the appearance of a small tree growing from a pot. This tree must necessarily have a magnificent crown of a round or other shape (cone, heart, oval, etc.). All materials for topiary can be purchased. in the store for creativity.

You will need:

  • Potty - It is desirable that this was a miniature flower pot made of clay or ceramics (heavy, because the craft must be sustainable). Give preference to a painted beautiful pot in advance, or purchase a clean pot that you can decorate yourself.
  • Tree trunk - it can be a wooden stick, a sleeve-sleeve from cling film or parchment (look in the kitchen), a real branch of a tree (curved or flat), a pencil and much more. As a rule, the barrel should be covered with a layer of paint or glue, then wrap with a linen thread (called “brushwood”, sold in household stores or departments for handicraft).
  • Foam ball - it is easy to buy in the department for needlework or drawing. It is not expensive and has several size options (small, medium, large). The ball is very light, it is easy to work with it: any material is fixed with needles or glue.
  • Various decorative items - they are necessary in order to decorate the finished product and give it an aesthetic appearance: corrugated paper, colored paper, decorative coins, flowers, insects, ribbons and much more.

“Money Trees” in the form of topiary - talismans of wealth to the house:

"Money Tree" in the form of topiary - creative approach

"Money Tree", decorated with flowers from bills Several types of "money tree" of coins: painted from bolonchik Topiary of twisted bills and Chinese "happy" coins Unusual money tree of coffee beans and coins Different types of money tree topiary

Money tree made of dollars with their own hands

Step-by-step creation of a “money tree” from dollars (or other bills):

  • Prepare all necessary materials.: pot, barrel, plaster base, plastic ball, souvenir notes and glue (hot, rubber or instant drying).
  • Firstly should prepare the trunk. To do this, a stick or twig is covered with glue and wrapped with decorative thread, or with tape. You can simply open the acrylic paint, which is not washed off with water.
  • After preparing the barrel, he fixed in the pot. Sow a plastic ball on a stick, fasten it. After that, insert the stick into the pot, fix. For these purposes, you can use a plaster base that dries out and becomes a kind of “foundation”. Or just stick the stick in the clay, press it to the bottom of the pot, and fill the rest of the space with drainage, decorative or real pebbles.
  • Prepare bills for gluing. To do this, roll them into a cone. The sharp corner of the cone should be pressed with your fingers and wrap to the side so that this part is glued.
  • Glue bills should be on a powerful and "fast" glue, so that they do not have the opportunity to deform or quickly detach from the base.
  • The finished tree with bills can be further decorated with other elements. at will from the shop for needlework.
How to twist the cone of the bill for the "money tree"? Instead of a cone, you can twist a banknote into a butterfly

Money tree do it yourself as a gift for a wedding: congratulation to the gift

It's no secret that dMoney is the best gift for a wedding. But what if this gift is presented in an unusual way? Banal envelope with bills no one is surprised, does not give joy and pleasant memories. Lovely An alternative to an envelope or postcard will be a topiary or “money tree”.

Such a gift you can do it yourself by twisting the real billsand not souvenir. This should be done carefully, so as not to spoil the money - it is best to twist the tube and tie it on a string. To hand such a gift should be solemnly and so that everyone can appreciate your originality. Do not hesitate to pick up special poems and congratulations to literally “charge” your gift with positive energy.

Options "money tree" for a wedding gift:

Tree with dollars as a gift for the wedding

"Money Tree" in the form of embroidery with attached bills Real money tree with bills as a gift for a wedding "Money tree" of real coins as a gift to newlyweds Tree, decorated with flowers from these bills Unusual way to give money to newlyweds

How to hand a “money tree” to newlyweds, in which words:

This day is wonderful, important
I want to congratulate you with a gift.
I am not afraid of this symbol of trouble,
With him you will be fed and sweet!

My gift is not simple,
Power lurks in it
Coin bright gold
Multiply your property!

A money tree can be magical,
Bring you joy, prosperity and luck.
I give you a sincere gift of my soulful
Let gives happiness, love and inspiration!

The best gift - of course, the contribution,
Cash deposit for big development.
My gift to you is a treasure tree,
In it, you find notes and coins!

I want to give you a money tree,
Not simple, golden, with a little secret.
You put it at home and keep it safe,
It will be a joy to give it both in winter and in summer!

Money tree do it yourself as a gift for the anniversary: ​​congratulation to the gift

You can give a “money tree” not only for a wedding, but also for any other holiday. For example, on the anniversary. With your gift you wish the hero of the day prosperity and happy "well-fed" days. In addition, in your gift will be "hiding" the real sum of money, as they say, "for a rainy day."

Hand a gift with beautiful greeting words:

Anniversary, this is the date! I urgently need to congratulate
Kissing, wanting wealth and handing gifts!
I give you I give you a tree with a bright red ribbon,
Let my surprise surprise you with every twig!

I will give you a tree as a gift
In it, wealth is hidden and well-being.
I wish you happiness with money, personal,
Let only the best accompany you in life!

I give you a gift I am simple -
A bouquet of wishes and banknotes.
May there be grace with you
Let every day fill joy!

Happy anniversary, dear, get a gift!
The tree is magical, "rich", happy.
Let your every new day be cheerful, bright,
Heal you, my dear, full and beautiful!

"Money Tree" - a good gift for the anniversary

Money tree do-it-yourself birthday gift: congratulation to the gift

“Money Tree” is an unusual gift for any birthday. You can beautifully present any amount of money in an original way.

Greeting words:

I congratulate you, my friend, happy birthday,
Take as a gift a tree is not easy, money!
Let it give you the best moments
You keep it and spend the bills very carefully!

How much I want to say
You only have a birthday,
I give you my humble gift
Soot: "Here is a tree of happiness!"

Take my heartfelt gift
After all, this is handmade
And the tree is magical:
Prosperity in it, joy, care!

Unusual "money" tree as a birthday present For a birthday, you can donate "money tree"

Money tree do it yourself as a gift for the New Year: congratulation to the gift

For people close to New Year's holidays, you can give a money tree - this is a good and original gift that will be remembered for a long time.

Greeting words:

Christmas tree sparkles
And under it is my present money,
In this tree, wealth is hidden
Be content, rich serene!

Let this symbol bring you good luck
Will open many happy roads.
Let the money tree solve your problems
Give what he could not buy himself!

A beautiful tree is a lucky talisman for you
It will give you a lot of joy, goodness and well-being.
In it is the power to lurk, that will throw the whole world to its feet,
The secret that you will bring only the best!

Unusual New Year's gift - "money" tree

Money Tree DIY Bead

You can make a money tree not only from bills and coins. Hand-made bead souvenirs are very popular.

What is important in creating a money tree of beads:

  • The color of the tree plays an important role! Since you are creating an amulet and a talisman for the house, choose “monetary colors”: green, gold or red.
  • Making a tree is not difficult: you will need thin copper wire and a lot of beads (see video).
  • Strengthen the magical properties of the tree additional decoration will help - Chinese coins that attract money and well-being. You can buy them in stores for creativity.
  • The finished tree should be planted in a miniature pot., at the bottom of which you should put a coin with the number 5 (5 or 5 kopecks, 5 rubles, 5 cents, etc.).

Variants of the "money tree" of beads:

Green "money" beaded tree Gold "money" beaded tree A large "money" tree made of coins and beads - a talisman for the house Money Tree bonsai of beads, coins and minerals
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