Spicy and medicinal herbs

Oregano and its medicinal properties and contraindications


Perennial herb that is used in traditional medicine as an expectorant, secretory, carminative, bactericidal, antihistamine, diaphoretic, sedative.

Useful properties and contraindications of oregano are well studied. The Latin name "origanum" came from the Greek language and translates as "the joy of the mountains." In ancient Greece, grass was treated with toothache and headache, used as an antidote for poisonous animal bites and poisoning, for healing wounds. In Russia, it was affectionately called “motherboard”, “swan”, and also called “grass of love” and often used as a love potion, they made kvass from it. And in Europe, herbs were used to make aromatic beer.

Growing area

Oregano, or oregano in natural conditions, is ubiquitous throughout Europe, especially in South and Central. Its homeland is considered the Mediterranean basin. In Russia, the grass does not take root only in the Far East and the Far North. Oregano loves dry and floodplain meadows, valleys, slopes of beams, also grows on forest edges and glades of forests, in bush thickets, at the edges of field roads.

Botanical description

Oregano ordinary. Botanical illustration from the book “The Bilder ur Nordens Flora” by K. A. M. Lindman, 1917–1926.

Oregano does not like clay, acidic soils. On these soils, it almost does not grow or develops weakly.

  • Root. Creeping, with many branches.
  • The stalk. Up to 90 cm high. Upright, with four sides, branched on top, green or purple.
  • Leaves . Oblong shape, pubescent, at the top of the stem, the tips of the leaves are pointed, 2 to 4 cm long, darker above, lighter below.
  • Flowers Grow in the form of inflorescences, sprawling panicles. Flowers are small, pink-purple.
  • Fruits. In the form of a calyx with four nuts, brownish in color.

If you rub flowers and leaves of the motherboard, a pleasant, expressive smell appears. Herb has astringent, bitter-spicy taste.

Growing and harvesting

It is recommended to harvest the plant after the second year of the growing season, then in the leaves and flowers the content of beneficial substances increases.

  • Growing up. Motherboard refers to unpretentious plants. It can even be grown in boxes on the balcony. It is well acclimatized in the garden plots, in the garden, it is not afraid of drought and frost, it can grow on any soil, except for damp places, acidic soils. Grass should be planted in a sunny place, sowing can be both in spring and early autumn. You can prepare seedlings, sowing seeds in March, then there is a high probability that the mother will bloom in the first year. If the seeds are sown immediately in the ground, flowering will be only next year. During the growth of oregano can not be poured with water or, conversely, dry the soil, otherwise the content of essential oils will decrease. At one place the grass can grow for a long time - up to 25 years.
  • Collection The tops of the stems, along with the inflorescences and leaves (height up to 20 cm), are cut with a knife. The grass blooms from June to August, but experienced herbalists recommend collecting the motherboard at the beginning of the mass flowering.
  • Making oregano essential oil. To obtain the essential oil use fresh raw materials, which are processed using hydrodistillation.
  • Drying Rough stems are best to break off, because they have the least valuable substances. Dry oregano in the open air, but in the shade. It is important that the plant does not fall under the open rays of the sun and does not overheat. It is necessary to dry at a temperature not higher than 35 ° C, otherwise useful substances will evaporate.
  • Storage Dry raw materials are packed in thick canvas bags, wooden boxes. They are stored in a dry and cool place. The motherboard also needs to be stored separately from other herbs, as they can absorb its flavor. You can thresh dry motherboard, pulling out all the coarse branches. The threshed grass is placed in glass jars, tightly closed. In this form, it can be stored for 3 years.

In Russia, oregano for industrial purposes is cultivated a little. But, for example, in France and the USA - this is a popular agricultural crop, which is used in the food industry and pharmacology.

Healing action and application

For medicinal purposes, flowers and the upper leaves of the plant are used. They are used to treat a number of chronic and acute diseases as a tonic, tonic, sedative, anticonvulsant.

  • What is useful oregano? The most valuable herb is thymol, geranyl acetate, carvacrol. In the upper leaves a lot of ascorbic acid, it is much less in color and very little in the stems. It also contains tannins, free spirits, flavonoids.
  • Oregano from cough, inflammation of the throat and mucous membranes of the mouth. The herb is effective in acute respiratory viral infections, flu, bronchitis and pneumonia, and acts as an expectorant. Also, her decoctions can gargle, make inhalations for pharyngitis, laryngitis, hoarse voice. With stomatitis and gingivitis, the motherboard acts as a natural antiseptic, promotes rapid healing of wounds on the mucous membrane, eliminates unpleasant smell from the mouth.
  • In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The use of oregano herb is effective in atonic constipation, when peristalsis is disturbed, the susceptibility of nerve endings of the intestinal mucosa. Broths and herb extracts increase the muscle tone of the intestines, the secretion of the stomach (increase acidity), normalize appetite, relieve intestinal spasms, promote the removal of gases, help with inflammation of the gallbladder and biliary tract. Origanum well disinfects the digestive tract, acts as an anthelmintic, stimulates the pancreas.
  • With skin diseases. Chronic dermatosis, eczema, diaper rash, purulent inflammations, boils are well treated with lotions from the decoctions of the motherboard. You can also take a bath with the addition of decoctions.
  • With nervous disorders. The essential oils of the motherboard act as a sedative, have a slight sedative effect. When neurosis, stress, convulsions, epileptic seizures, insomnia, depressed, increased sexual excitability is useful to drink tea with the motherboard.

In addition to traditional medicine, oregano is used in the food and perfume industry, in cosmetology. It is also an ornamental plant and decorates with its color and odor personal plots and front gardens.

Use in gynecology

Oregano - female grass. It is used to treat gynecological diseases. What is important to know?

  • Oregano during pregnancy. It is strictly prohibited decoctions for use inside and douching. This will be explained by the fact that the grass tones up the smooth muscles of the uterus, this can lead to its contraction and miscarriage.
  • Oregano with the delay of menstruation. Broths and infusions of herbs provoke menstruation with their delay. Self-treatment is not recommended for menstrual cycle failures. It is necessary to undergo an examination and find out the reason for regular delays.
  • With painful menstruation and during menopause. Oregano acts as a sedative, relieves spasms and pain, levels the emotional state during menopause. Oregano is often used in gynecology in the component of fees, which usually includes: nettle, knotweed, elecampane, radiola, yarrow, dogrose.

In the people it was believed that the female herb can not drink to men. It was believed that men lose potency during long-term use of oregano. This opinion remains at the level of myth. The effect of herbs on sexual potency is not proven.

Medicinal forms of oregano

On the basis of oregano prepare decoctions, infusions, teas, essential oil.

  • Decoction. To prepare the broth will need: 1 tbsp. spoon of oregano and 200 ml of boiling water. Grass insist 30 minutes, filter, take before meals for ½ cup.
  • Infusion. It is recommended to insist the motherboard in a thermos to keep the grass essential oils. For the preparation of infusion take 2 tbsp. spoons of raw materials and 2 cups boiling water. Insist 3 hours, take 4 times a day for a tablespoon before meals. Store infusion can be 2 days.
  • Tea Dried flowers and leaves of oregano are added to ordinary tea, which gives it aroma and improves its taste. You can make tea with oregano and thyme. Sometimes erroneous information is found that oregano and thyme are one and the same. They belong to the same family, are similar in their chemical composition and healing properties, but still they are different herbs. Chamomile and sage are also added to the herbal mixture of thyme and oregano.
  • Use in cooking. Dushitsu is often attributed not to medicinal herbs, but to spices that enrich culinary dishes with exquisite flavors. In popularity, it is inferior except marjoram. Oregano is especially esteemed at home - in Italy. Here the herb is used as a seasoning for meat, tomato sauces, added to soups, spaghetti, pizza, vegetables. The unique taste creates a mixture of oregano, basil, thyme (thyme) and rosemary.
  • The use of essential oil of oregano. The oil may be colorless or have a yellowish color, it has a strong smell and spicy taste. Carvacrol, which is contained in the essential oil, is a natural antibiotic and also has antihistamine properties. Essential oil is used to treat skin diseases, in cosmetology, with nervous disorders, respiratory diseases, and as an anesthetic for toothache.
  • Baths. They are used for nervous disorders as a sedative, as well as for skin rashes to relieve inflammation and itching. For the solution you will need: 200 g of dry raw materials and 3 liters of water. The grass is brought to a boil and left in a water bath for 20 minutes. Then filtered and poured into a bath with warm water.

Motherboard is often part of the chest, diuretic, diaphoretic, lactational, carminant fees.

Useful components of oregano

The useful composition of the components of oregano is impressive:

Phytoncides - inhibit the development and growth of harmful pathogenic bacteria, are an excellent natural antiseptic, treat cough and cold, have diaphoretic and expectorant properties.

Essential oils - used in cosmetology, tone and nourish the skin, improve its appearance, fight cellulite (due to its ability to restore the state of the subcutaneous fat layer).

Tannins - have a bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect, relieve conditions in diseases of the respiratory tract (bronchitis and pneumonia).

Coumarin - has a sedative and sedative effect, analgesic and anti-spasm effect in migraine and headache.

Carvacrol - relieves irritation and inflammation, helps with skin manifestations of psoriasis, dermatological ailments, allergies, relieves rashes, acne, and boils.

Thymol - antiseptic, antipruritic, anthelmintic agent (destructive for many types of worms), very successfully used in pediatrics and for the treatment of adults.

Organic acid - has a persistent diuretic and choleretic effect, recommended for diseases of the liver, spleen, urogenital system, used like citric or acetic acid in cooking.

Bitterness - increases the secretion of gastric juice, improves appetite, is indicated in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, relieves manifestations of meteorism, significantly improves intestinal peristalsis.

Flavonoids - have anti-ulcer and antitumor effect, is a prophylactic against cancer, prevents the development of cancer cells.

Useful properties of harvested raw materials from Oregano grass can last for quite a long time (up to two or three years). But it must be properly assembled, dried and stored. And they collect the grass from the middle of summer, when the plant is at the peak of its fragrant flowering. To dry the collected and cut into medium-sized pieces of raw materials should be in a dry shaded place, but well blown clean air.

Therapeutic use of plants

The popularity of this plant, due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial healing properties, is very high. This valuable herb is successfully used in pharmacology. On its basis, tinctures, decoctions, extracts, teas are prepared, which are not only healthy, but also tasty. They have such actions as:

  • antiseptic,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • sedative
  • pain killer
  • antispasmodic.

The benefits of oregano are invaluable:

For the genitourinary system - the herb is indispensable for various problems of the urinary tract, diseases of the gallbladder and kidneys, because it removes bile gently from the body and also has a diuretic effect.

For the digestive system The healing properties of the plant play an especially important role in the treatment of colitis, gastritis, flatulence and other problems of the gastrointestinal tract. The herb significantly improves intestinal motility, therefore it is used in tea for chronic constipation. Oregano helps improve appetite. It removes excess cholesterol from the blood.

Diabetes care. In diabetes, it is recommended to add the seeds of the plant in fish and meat dishes, and the leaves are put in soups, side dishes and salads. It turns out and useful, and very tasty.

When removing dermatological problems decoctions, infusions, baths and compresses using oregano ingredients help to cope with furunculosis, eczema, allergic rash, acne skin problems.

For the prevention of oncology Regularly brewing oregano in tea and just drink it, with honey or jam.

For antiseptic prophylaxis corridors, offices and wards of hospitals, hospitals, maternity homes. Since this plant has a powerful antibacterial effect, doctors use this property from the emergence and subsequent development of Staphylococcus aureus. Staphylococcus can provoke mortality of newborns, therefore doctors and appreciate the importance of the medical properties of oregano.

Also, the use of preparations based on raw materials of oregano is indicated for relieving toothache, treating hypertension, vegetative dystonia (VVD) and epilepsy.

Medicinal properties of oregano for women

Oregano ordinary knowingly called female culture. It is a common component in many women's and gynecological collections. Broths and infusions based on Oregano herb are very useful for the female body. Here are some indicators in which women are advised to have this plant gathered in their homes and used throughout the year and as needed:

  • This plant helps in the fight against erosion.
  • With intrauterine bleeding.
  • Decoction with the use of leaves and flowers of oregano helps to restore the menstrual cycle.
  • Under the supervision of the attending physician, women are advised to take medicinal fees based on the components of this plant to reduce the manifestations of premenstrual symptoms (PMS).
  • In the postpartum period, it is used for breastfeeding, since it causes more active formation of milk.
  • The plant is used to facilitate well-being during the period of climax problems, normalization of hormonal levels.
  • Traditional healers claim that the use of this herb contributes to breast augmentation, and especially if used in the composition of decoctions and infusions during puberty.

The effect of the properties of oregano components on men's well-being

As already mentioned, this perennial honey plant is female grass. Indeed, it is not recommended for men to abuse the use of oregano in the composition of spices, teas and infusions. The fact is that this spicy fragrant spice called “oregano” can negatively affect male potency. Some components of this culture can cause an increase in the body of female hormones.

However, if there are no contraindications, oregano will be useful for men, it is necessary to use it in short courses in the form of tea. In this case, the healing properties of the plant will have all the positive effects that were listed above. In the male diet it is recommended to include in small quantities this raw material for improving overall well-being, as well as:

  • to improve digestion,
  • with flu and cold,
  • when coughing and other respiratory diseases,
  • in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • with acute ulcers,
  • with diabetes.

Oregano contraindications

Before you prepare yourself or buy oregano in a pharmacy, you should be familiar with its contraindications. The grass and components contained in it must be used with care when:

  • chronic malfunction of the cardiovascular system,
  • pregnancy (because oregano in the early months provokes miscarriages),
  • increased acidity of gastric juice,
  • individual intolerance.

The side effects of oregano are seen in hypertension (high blood pressure), because its components can put additional stress on the heart, therefore, if there are problems with the cardiovascular system, it is not recommended to take this plant for a long time or in large doses.

It is not recommended to use the components of the plant in the children's diet. Если часто применять душицу в составе чаёв для детей и подростков, то есть опасность нарушения их полового развития.

Известны редкие случаи наступления анафилактического шока после употребления в качестве лекарственного средства большой дозы препаратов на основе этой травы.

Полезные лечебные рецепты из сбора душицы

Рецепт 1. Чай:

  • смешать 1 ч. ложку заварки и 1 ч. ложку травы душицы,
  • залить 1 стаканом кипящей воды,
  • Let it brew for 10 minutes and drink as a tonic tea, with jam or sugar.

Recipe 2. Infusion:

  • 2 teaspoons of dry collection pour 1 cup of boiling water, cover and wrap a towel,
  • insist 20-30 minutes
  • filter, cool and take half a cup for a quarter of an hour before meals.

Recipe 3. Broth:

  • 2 tsp of oregano collection pour 1 cup boiling water,
  • cover and hold for 20 minutes in a water bath,
  • cool broth, strain and drink half a cup before eating.

Recipe 4. Healing baths:

  • 1 bucket of hot water takes about 50 grams of oregano herb,
  • insist under the lid,
  • filtered and poured into the bath.

Recipe 5. Powder for migraine and runny nose:

  • dried raw materials pounded in a mortar:
  • The resulting powder must be inhaled (sniff) with a stuffy nose and headaches.

Recipe 6. Compresses for pain:

  • Oregano herb oil can be bought at the pharmacy,
  • add 3 drops of this oil to 0.5 l of warm water,
  • impregnate with gauze,
  • attach to the sore spot
  • fix bandage for 2 hours.

If you pour a little oil on a cotton pad and attach it to the aching tooth, the pain after a short time will begin to subside.

Recipe 7. Alcohol tincture:

  • pour 10 grams of oregano 150 ml of alcohol,
  • leave in a dark room for 10 days,
  • strain the mixture
  • keep the tincture in a dark bubble,
  • drink 4 times a day half an hour before meals, 30 drops.

Tincture is useful for stress, insomnia, atherosclerosis, menopause and neuropsychiatric stress.

The use of oregano (oregano) in cooking

In the culinary arts, the spicy taste of the oregano plant is used in fresh and dried form for the preparation of:

  • fish dishes (as sauces and gravy),
  • as an additive to meat (in the composition of spices with pepper and other spices),
  • to improve the taste of salads (often use young fresh leaves),
  • in cold cocktails and hot mulled wine.

Spices with the presence of components of oregano are used by restaurateurs to stimulate appetite, and in home cooking to facilitate digestion.

Oregano in cosmetology and perfumery

Many qualities of honey and fragrant oregano (brass color) are invaluable for well-groomed and self-engaged women.

  • Oregano is used as a fragrance for eau de toilette, lotion, soap and cologne.
  • The healing herb is added to the toothpaste, is part of some rinsing for gums, because, as already mentioned, helps relieve inflammation and relieves toothache.
  • As an additional additive in the bath with the infusion of the series and chamomile helps with skin rashes, itching and diaper rash. In addition to the bath, you can use this mixture in the form of compresses and lotions to cleanse the skin from such troubles as pigmentation, acne, allergic rashes.

And what is described here - only a small part of the use of medicinal properties of oregano from its rich arsenal.

Biological description and distribution

Origanum (the second name is “Oregano”) is a type of perennial plants belonging to the genus “Origanum” of the “Laminae” family. In Russia, this herb grows almost everywhere. It can be found in the meadows, forest edges. In the USA, France and other countries, oregano is cultivated at sites.

An adult plant reaches a height of 50-70 cm, has a branched, often creeping rhizome, tetrahedral, erect stem, oblong-ovate leaves. Oregano blooms from June to July at the age of two. Its seeds ripen in the last month of summer.

Oregano is not picky about growing conditions, but it does not develop well on acid and clay soils. The plant prefers open areas.

Composition and calorie oregano

Calorie content: 100 g of oregano (fresh) accounts for about 265 kcal.

Nutritional value (per 100 g of product):

Oregano is rich in vitamin C and tannins. In the raw material is from 0.3 to 1.2% essential oil (colorless or yellowish), with a pungent taste. The composition of the aromatic component includes thymol, carvacrol and other compounds. The high content of carvacrol gives the essential oil properties of antibiotics and antihistamines.

In medicine.

Oregano is of great importance for medicine, as it has a large number of medicinal properties (about contraindications below). Dushitsu added to chest, diaphoretic and carminative fees. It is used to treat respiratory ailments. This herb is used externally for toothache, and the people of India use it as a stimulant and tonic.

Oregano is indicated in intestinal atony to stimulate peristalsis. The plant is used for stomach cramps, inflammatory diseases of the liver, gastritis, jaundice, nervous disorders, insomnia, whooping cough. Flowers and leaves are added to the baths with rashes and scrofula. Oregano extract is part of the drug "Urolesan."

Folk healers use oregano for paralysis, rheumatism, epilepsy, pain in the intestines, amenorrhea, as a diuretic and diaphoretic. Homeopaths recommend using this herb for hypertension and atherosclerosis.

Essential oil of oregano is used to add flavor to soaps, colognes, toothpastes and lipsticks. The plant is nectariferous, and in dried form is used to control pests (ants, wax moths).

In cooking.

Oregano is added to spicy mixes for meat fillings, pies, home-made sausages. She seasoned cooked meat, sauces and sauces. Italians use oregano to flavor pizza. In some European countries, oregano is added to champignon dishes.

Residents of the Caucasus and Belarus season with mushroom and cucumber pickles with oregano. In Siberia, this grass is seasoned with a pie filling, which is then mixed with meat, cottage cheese and eggs. The plant goes well with most spices, especially rosemary, marjoram, pepper and basil. In Russia, it is used for brewing tea.

Useful properties of oregano and contraindications to use

Medicinal properties:

Since oregano has bactericidal properties, it is often used to protect hospital premises from Staphylococcus aureus.

The plant helps to cope with illnesses of the nervous system, including depression, fatigue and fatigue, bad mood, neurosis, convulsions and epilepsy. It significantly reduces flatulence, stimulates the formation of gastric juice, and also helps to relieve spasms of the intestine and stomach.

Oregano decoctions are known for their diuretic properties, therefore they are recommended for use in urolithiasis. Oregano helps to eliminate diseases accompanied by pain, as it has a diaphoretic and analgesic effect.

The people oregano is often called the "motherboard", "female grass", as it is used for bleeding, hormonal imbalance and to alleviate the symptoms of menopause.

Harm and contraindications:

Oregano can not be used during pregnancy, as well as with hypertension. This plant should be abandoned to people suffering from heart problems, peptic ulcer and gastritis with high acidity.

Folk recipes

  1. With spasms of the digestive tract.

Prepare the tincture in this way: 10 g of dry and thoroughly chopped herbs pour about 100 ml of alcohol (70%). Means to put in a warm room for a week, and then strain and take about 40 droplets 3 times a day strictly before meals.

  1. With bronchitis, cough, whooping cough and asthma.

In 0.5 liters of vegetable oil, add 45 g of crushed oregano and leave to infuse for 12 hours, then strain and take in the amount of 2-5 drops 3-4 times a day. With a strong cough, asthma and whooping cough, drink tea prepared according to the described recipe, sweetened with honey, and use a bath with a decoction of medicinal herbs.

  1. With tonsillitis, stomatitis, strep throat, sore throat.

1 drop of oil of oregano add to a glass of boiled water. Rinse with this composition of the mouth, throat.

  1. With bronchial asthma.

A glass of boiling water pour 15 g of crushed grass. Composition to take 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. Healing infusion has a diaphoretic and pronounced expectorant effect.

  1. With allergies, epilepsy.

A glass of boiling water pour about 10 g of crushed oregano and insist for a third hour, then strain well and use 100 ml for a quarter of an hour before meals 3 times a day.

45 g of crushed herbs pour 0.5 liters of oil (vegetable) and infuse the remedy hours 8. Take 5 drops of oil before meals.

  1. When irregular, painful menstruation.

Pour about 15 g of oregano with a glass of boiling water, leave for an hour, cover with a lid, then strain and use 30 ml of it 3-4 times a day.

  1. With flatulence.

A glass of boiling water pour 30 grams of grass, insist means a third hour, strain and drink warm before eating.

A glass of boiling water pour 30 g of oregano, insist a couple of hours, strain and take warm for half an hour before meals 3-4 times a day for ½ cup.

  1. With cholecystitis.

In equal quantities mix herbs: sage, lemon balm, knotweed, St. John's wort, oregano. 30 g of the composition pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and insist 3 hours. Take the tool in the form of heat for ½-3/4 cup strictly before meals, mixing the herbal tea with 15 ml of honey.

  1. With anxiety.

Place oregano in a gauze bag and hang it under the water in the bathroom. Water temperature should be up to 37 degrees. Healing bath to take no more than 10 minutes.

  1. With headache.

About 30 g of crushed oregano pour a glass of boiling water, leave for a third of an hour, drain. Lower the gauze, folded in 2-4 layers, into the solution, and then apply it to the forehead. With headaches and runny nose you can smell the dried flowers and leaves of oregano.

  1. With depression, obsessive neurosis, fatigue, overwork.

Prepare tea: put 5 g of oregano in the teapot, add 15 g of green tea and pour the components with boiling water. Take a drink throughout the day.

  1. With skin itching.

50 g oregano pour 10 liters of boiling water, cool, strain. The resulting solution to wipe the affected areas.

  1. When insomnia.

10 g of carefully chopped herbs pour a glass of boiling water, insist a third hour, strain. Approximately 100 ml of the product mixed with 15 ml of honey should be taken overnight.

  1. With furunculosis.

Tie a bandage with chopped oregano to abscesses.

  1. With a strong hiccups.

Pour 0.5 liters of boiling water a handful of chopped herbs and about 8 hours to insist, strain. Apply 2-3 drops of oil to the neck and rub it carefully. The procedure is duplicated 3 times a day.

Interesting facts about oregano

  1. It is believed that if a branch of oregano is sewn into a pillow, then the child will sleep peacefully, without seeing nightmares.
  2. Previously, oregano was ranked as the "grass of love." In fact, the oil from it dulls the libido. Women tried to ward off her husband from the relationship on the side, putting a branch of the plant under the mattress of the matrimonial bed.
  3. Oregano is used to control moths.
  4. Men should not abuse tea with oregano, as it worsens an erection.
  5. In Italy, pomegranate is seasoned with oregano, which is why the herb is often called “pizza-herb”.
  6. Origanum is extremely rich in vitamin C, the concentration of which is high in the stems of the plant (565 mg per 100 g). In ascorbic acid oranges are much less (only 60 mg per 100 g).
  7. In Russia, oregano was often added to kvass, and Europeans brewed beer with it. This allowed us to extend the shelf life of drinks.
  8. Scientists from England have shown that the substance "carvacrol", located in Oregano, can replace several popular antibiotics. In this regard, oregano was more effective than streptomycin, penicillin, and about 16 other similar medicines.

Oregano is famous for its anti-bacterial properties. It has an amazing aroma, so it is widely used in cooking. Tea with this herb is known to almost everyone. In addition, oregano has virtually no contraindications to the use. This makes it an indispensable tool for the treatment of various diseases.

Plant description

Oregano is a type of herbaceous perennial plant from the family of yasnotkovyh (Lamiaceae). As a spice, it is known by its second name - oregano. The plant has a tetrahedral upright stalk, branching creeping rhizome, oblong leaves of ovate form. The area of ​​grass growth is Europe and the Mediterranean, in Russia it is found everywhere (excluding the areas beyond the Arctic Circle), in open spaces (glades, meadows), hillsides, and forest edges.

Due to the many beneficial properties and widespread use in cooking, cosmetology and medicine, in a number of countries (France, USA) this plant is cultivated, that is grown artificially. The grass is unpretentious, but develops poorly on clay, acidic soils, dark areas. On the territory of the Russian Federation, the plant blooms during the month, starting from the second half of June (after attaining two years of age), the seeds ripen by the end of summer. July, August are the time of harvesting vegetable raw materials.

Chemical composition and energy value

The main valuable component of the composition of oregano is vitamin C, its content in leaves (565 mg / 100 g), flowers (166 mg / 100 g) and stems (60 mg / 100 g) is higher than in citrus fruits (60 mg / 100 g) . Plant material contains from 0.5 to 1.5% of a pungent essential oil containing thymol, geranyl acetate, carvacrol and other chemical compounds. The energy value (caloric content) of 100 g of fresh oregano is about 265 kcal, the percentage ratio of food organic substances:

Side effects and contraindications

Infusions, oregano teas should not be used during pregnancy. One of the contraindications is regular use by men, because an extract of this herb may cause a decrease in potency. Be careful when using the plant for these conditions:

  • pathologies of the heart, blood vessels,
  • hypertension (high blood pressure),
  • stomach ulcer,
  • aggravation of gastritis,
  • increased acidity of the stomach.

Is Origanum and Thyme the same?

Frequently asked question. It is necessary to immediately make a reservation about the current misconception regarding the identification of this plant. Some people believe that oregano and thyme are one and the same. This is far from the case, although both herbs have a wide range of medicinal properties and are also used in cooking, they are completely different. There are also differences in appearance: oregano (oregano) is a highly growing plant, and thyme is a creeping shrub. The inflorescences of both herbs also differ in appearance, although their fragrance is, it must be admitted, something similar.

Oregano Herb - Health Benefits

Useful properties of oregano can last for a very long time (up to three years), if it is properly prepared. Gather grass in the summer when it is at the peak of its flowering. To dry raw materials should be in a shady place, blown fresh air.

Oregano, photo:

Oregano grass with inflorescences, photo:

The chemical composition of the motherboard is impressive: the oil component quarkarol, vitamins, plant hormones, thymol, essential oil affect the human body like the first generation of antibiotics. Due to the action of these components, the plant has an anti-inflammatory, antiglytic, antifungal, diuretic, antibacterial, choleretic, antispasmodic action.

Consider more oregano medicinal properties:

  1. Oregano essential oil has a calming effect, a decoction helps a lot with insomnia, a stressful situation, nervous irritability, neurosis, hysteria.
  2. It is successfully used in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, removes the manifestations of flatulence, relieves pain, improves intestinal motility.
  3. It has antispasmodic effect - for headaches, migraines it is very good to use oregano tea.
  4. It relieves the condition in case of respiratory diseases, promotes sputum discharge, helps with bronchitis, pneumonia.
  5. Oregano ordinary is destructive for most types of worms, successfully used to treat adults and children.
  6. It has a choleretic, diuretic effect, it is recommended for diseases of the liver, urogenital system.
  7. It helps with skin irritations, manifestations of psoriasis, with various dermatological ailments, allergies. Broths, compresses clean rashes, acne, acne, boils.
  8. Regular consumption of tea is recommended for the prevention of cancer, as oregano is a kind of “shield” for the development of cancer cells.
  9. Oregano grass is actively used by cosmetology, improves the appearance of the skin, fights cellulite due to its ability to restore the state of the subcutaneous fat layer.
  10. Restores the menstrual cycle, successfully copes with the manifestations of PMS, but such treatment should be carried out under the strict supervision of the attending physician. If you competently take drugs with oregano during breastfeeding, milk will be produced more actively.
  11. Excellent natural antiseptic.
  12. For colds, coughing, to facilitate breathing it is very useful to carry out inhalations with a steep decoction of oregano (or you can use the essential oil of the plant).
  13. Essential oil (a few drops) can be added to vegetable sunflower or olive oil, and then with this composition to rub, massage aching joints, to heal various rheumatic manifestations.

In addition to all of the above, teas, decoctions, tinctures with oregano help to cope with toothache, normalize high blood pressure, increase appetite.

Tea with oregano, photo:

  1. If a person suffers from gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, then use teas, preparations with oregano is not recommended.
  2. При повышенной кислотности желудка лучше ограничить употребление чаёв, настоек, отваров с этой травой.
  3. Любое лечение следует начинать постепенно, с небольших доз, чтобы не спровоцировать аллергическую реакцию на растение.
  4. For diseases of the cardiovascular system should consult a doctor, as sometimes the motherboard may well harm.
  5. Oregano during pregnancy is prohibited (at any time)! Expectant mothers should not eat any products with this herb. The reception of oregano begins active contraction of the muscles of the uterus, which can lead to miscarriage.
  6. Men should be extremely cautious to consume tea, as well as oregano-based drugs - frequent use of these products can lead to problems with potency.

With hypertension, you should not use drugs with the content of the plant, as well as teas, so as not to provoke a hypertensive crisis.

Useful properties of oregano for women

Motherboard is considered a female plant for no reason, as it helps in the treatment of many gynecological diseases. Douching grass with a decoction cures cervical erosion, suppresses intrauterine hemorrhages, promotes faster recovery after the birth of the child, increases lactation.

The use of tea, infusions based on oregano is used to alleviate the condition of the female body during menopause, as well as normalize hormonal levels. Oregano is the main plant in many gynecological collections for the treatment of female genitalia. With a delayed menstruation, painful critical days, the motherboard gives a lasting positive effect.

In addition, the decoction of this herb has long been used by the fair sex to improve the condition of hair, enhance their growth, prevent hair loss. For weight loss is also recommended tea with oregano, which helps to eliminate toxins from the body, improves the digestive tract, promotes active bowel cleansing.

Mother (oregano), crushed, photo:

You can use "pure" tea from oregano (1 tsp per cup of boiling water), you can combine it with other useful medicinal herbs, from this their positive effect will only increase. For example, to make “Monastic tea”, you will need shredded root of elecampane, St. John's wort, oregano (all ingredients take 1 tablespoon), 100 g of rosehip berries. All ingredients need to be mixed, pour 3 liters of water, bring to a boil, and then infuse for 1 hour. This drink can be kept cool, to drink as much as you like, without forgetting about contraindications.

Before brewing oregano, it can be mixed in equal parts with black or green tea - healing, invigorating effect will be provided to you. You can also significantly improve the state of the nervous system, for this you do not even have to use the decoction of the plant inside. Take a thermos, 50 g of dried leaves with oregano inflorescences, cover with two liters of boiling water, close the lid tightly, draw a “potion” for about 3 hours. After this time, strain the infusion, pour it into a bath with warm water. If you take these baths at least 20 minutes for 3 weeks (1 time / 2 days), then you will quickly increase your emotional background.

If you are still unfamiliar with this plant, be sure to correct the situation, discover another well of useful recipes for nature. Almost all the medicinal properties of oregano and contraindications are mentioned by us. Drink healing tea, take a soothing bath, add this delicious spice to the dishes. Be healthy!

The benefits of oregano

This plant is recognized medicinal. In our country, it grows everywhere except in the Far North. She loves to "settle" on sunny forest glades, on hills and open meadows-dry land.

Currently, the number of this species of oregano has decreased significantly, and in many regions of Russia, plant harvesting is limited. During flowering, grass and flowers are most rich in vitamin C, tannins and essential oils. The aroma of the plant is extraordinary!

Food use

Oregano is a popular spice synonymous with Oregano, which is part of many spice mixtures for cooking meat, chicken, fish and other dishes.

In addition to tea, oregano is added when preparing homemade kvass (for flavoring) and when pickling cucumbers (they turn out to be especially crispy and deliciously smelling).

To tea with health benefits, oregano is recommended to brew along with other plants: strawberries, blackberries, mint, chokeberry. Fragrant leaves are often added to homemade alcoholic beverages.

Useful recipes

Tea from the leaves of oregano with blackberry

Young leaves of oregano and blackberry (you can substitute raspberries, currants) after harvesting are dried on the newspaper - under the sun and in the air. Then dry it at 40 degrees in the oven. As a whole or crushed form fall asleep in paper bags and stored in a dry place. For brewing in a ceramic kettle take a spoonful of collecting 3-4 cups of boiling water. Drink with honey or sugar.

Cooking kvass with oregano

Kombucha can be insisted not on tea, but on infusion of oregano. In this case, the infusion retains all the beneficial properties in harmony with the benefits of Kombucha. Particularly interesting and useful is the combination of oregano and kombuchi for kidney diseases.

In the case of classic kvass, take 10-15 g of finely chopped raw oregano for 1 liter of bread kvass. Oregano is wrapped in a two-layer gauze bag (sterile) and dipped in a container with a drink at the peak of its fermentation. Then from the finished kvass removed. Drink strikes on the spot wondrous aroma, pleasant and refreshing taste!


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Despite the wide medicinal properties, oregano has a number of contraindications. Herb motherboard, as well as medical fees containing it, is not recommended to be taken during pregnancy. Phytohormones can cause uterine contraction. Increased secretory activity of the stomach also implies a refusal to receive oregano.