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AVA fertilizer: reviews, price, instruction, where to buy


ABA fertilizer review. What minerals and trace elements are included. What actions does ABA have? Instructions for use. Reviews

All gardeners, gardeners and indoor plants lovers, in order to achieve good results on their plantings, enrich the soil through the use of fertilizers. Plants are noticeably fed into growth, become more tolerant to weather conditions in different climatic conditions, yields increase, the duration of flowering of ornamental species. AVA fertilizer is popular with gardeners because it is easy to use - it is applied to the soil once a season or for several years. The effect of the application is noticeable immediately and lasts until the next use.

Fertilizer composition

AVA fertilizer is a tool that is a concentrated complex of minerals and trace elements that are necessary for the successful growth and development of various plants:

  • fruit trees,
  • vegetables,
  • home flowers,
  • grass

The basis for the creation of the drug taken properties of volcanic lava masses. For its production using the method of melting minerals by high temperature.

About half in the composition is phosphorus (55%), which, accumulating in parts of the plant, helps it grow faster and more favorably, and fruits and flowers to be larger and brighter. Calcium (12%) contained in ABE makes the plant tissues more durable. Potassium (25%) is responsible for the fluid balance in parts of the plant, helping it to survive excessively high or low ambient temperatures. Magnesium (8%) contributes to the vital processes occurring in plant cells. Chromium (4%) increases the activity of the development of roots and green mass.

In addition to minerals, AVA contains a whole list of trace elements, without the presence of which in trees, vegetable crops, herbs and flowers, the appearance, health, abundance of the crop will not be pleased with high rates. For example, iron (0.5%) stimulates the formation of chlorophyll, affects the color of leaves, and manganese (0.1%) participates in some biochemical processes occurring in cells. In addition to these substances, silicon (2%), boron (0.5%), cobalt (0.1%), selenium (0.0005%), zinc (0.05%), molybdenum (0.1 %), copper (0.02%).

All elements in the fertilizer ABA are selected in exactly the proportion in which they are necessary for the nutrition of vegetation. When properly applied, they do not harm the plant.

Fertilizer properties

AVA is a well-balanced agent whose crystals have a homogeneous structure of a homogeneous nature. This means that the properties of its constituent substances are the same.

Top dressing is dissolved in the earth due to chemical processes occurring in it for 2-3 years. Therefore, the fertilizer is not washed off with water from the soil, its properties are not affected by changes in air temperature.

Julia Petrichenko, expert

Substances included in the complex of the drug, enter into chemical interactions with microorganisms in the ground after the soil warms up above 8 degrees. Therefore, their properties are manifested in the period when they are most important for plants. In cold seasons, the effect of the drug is preserved.

How does Ava on plants

AVA is used at all stages of plant development - during seed germination, during the growing season, during the autumn period when preparing gardens for wintering. Drug is absorbed by vegetation more than 95%.

AVA is an environmentally healthy supplement, because it does not incorporate elements harmful to nature.

Due to the enrichment of the soil fertilizing plants ABA:

  • noticeably gaining strength,
  • before starting to bloom,
  • better tolerate winter cold
  • resistant to spring frosts,
  • withstand summer drought,
  • less sick
  • productivity increases
  • fruits ripen faster, and they have better taste and appearance.

Forms and types of fertilizer

The drug is manufactured by the manufacturer in the following fractions:

  • soluble capsule capsules
  • granules of purple, lilac, blue hues,
  • powder.

There are the following types of tools:

  1. Brand AVA: universal 2-3 years, for gardening, for landscape applications, for flowers - perennials in the garden.
  2. Brand AVA-1: universal 1 year, for seasonal use, for floriculture, universal with urea content, for sowing seeds, for house plants, for annuals in the garden and on the balcony, for vegetable crops, with nitrogen content.

The tool is manufactured according to quality standards TU 2189-001-500032241-99. Producer - Agrovit company, Russia.

How to apply Ava fertilizer

AVA fertilizer in different forms is used at any time of the year and at any stages of plant development, from planting seeds to fruiting. Perennial flowers are fed during flowering in the second half of summer. Fruit trees are fertilized in autumn or spring before the growing season. The soil for annual vegetable crops sprinkled with fertilizer during planting. Use ABA for better germination of seeds during germination.

How to feed the plants

AVA scatter on the required area in the minimum quantities indicated on the package. Do it directly into the loosened soil, mixing with the ground so that the root system interacts easily with the granules. The effect of using fertilizer depends on it. For a good result, 15 grams of money per 1 square meter is enough.

ABA is also used to care for aquatic plants in aquariums. To do this, use a very small amount of fertilizer, making it under the roots of algae. Capsules are harmless to the living inhabitants of the aquarium.

Dosage of drugs Ava

The manufacturer recommends the use of the tool in the following doses:

  1. For trees and shrubs, the preparation is applied at planting time or as a top dressing from 20 to 100 g per specimen to the root zone over an area equal to the crown perimeter.
  2. For strawberries and strawberries, 5 g is enough for each bush.
  3. For vegetable, flower plants, root crops, the drug is mixed during planting with the soil in the calculation of 4 g per 1 liter of soil or 10 g per 1 square meter.
  4. To feed any plants, the powder is shaken with water and watered the soil. Use 4 g per 1 liter of water.
  5. Apply the drug for foliar fertilizing. To do this, 2 g of the product are shaken in water and sprayed on plants in the spring-summer period.
  6. When fertilizing domestic plants, 3-5 g of the drug is placed in water, mixed and well shed the soil in pots. For spraying, a suspension is prepared from 2 g of product per 1 l of water.
  7. ABA with urea is used at all stages of plant growth. For sowing seeds take 1 teaspoon of seed and fertilizer, mixed with 0.5 cups of sand. For seedlings distribute in a well 4 g of the drug. When feeding, prepare a suspension of 2 g of the drug and 1 liter of water.

Precautionary measures

Wear rubber gloves when working with the product. If the preparation gets into the eyes, rinse well with plenty of clean water. If AVA gets into the mouth, it is necessary to empty the stomach and contact a medical institution.

Store AVA in a well-sealed package in a dry place. Under these conditions, the shelf life of feeding is from 3 to 5 years. Keep out of the reach of children and animals.

According to reviews of those who applied AVA on their plantings, after applying fertilizer, heavy, loamy lands became loose, yields increased several times, and home plants bloomed in a variety of bright colors.

Some plant growers believe that the price of AVA is quite high, but considering its rare use and low dosages, the cost of the preparation corresponds to the quality.

And what kind of fertilizer do you use for your gardens, gardens and flower pots? Tell us about it in your feedback.

General information

In our climate, in order for plants, trees and flowers to delight us with their appearance, it is necessary to apply fertilizers. There are organic and inorganic additives. The first group includes compost, manure, various compositions containing peat, etc. Inorganic fertilizers are a more extensive category that has collected various complex compounds of such substances as potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, fluorine, and many others. They are used in preventive and therapeutic purposes to combat various kinds of diseases and to increase the fertility of crops. This group includes fertilizer AVA. It is present on the market for a long time. For the long term of its service, this tool has recommended itself from the best side. Let's see what constitutes the AVA top dressing: reviews, varieties, cost and instruction.

Gradually dissolving

This tool is familiar to many. The technology of development of this feeding is its main advantage: in the laboratory, a structure was created containing a lot of mineral substances that are stored in the soil during periods of snowfall, frost, drought and rain. At the same time, AVA fertilizer is actively working, feeding and protecting the soil and perennial plants remaining for the winter. That is why this complex tool is in great demand in the Urals, Kamchatka and Primorsky Krai.

AVA mineral fertilizer is a fertilizer, the instruction for which also contains information about the principle of its action. It is noteworthy that the basis of the work of the tool is the latest development of chemical scientists. Imagine a tablespoon of rock salt. After placing it in a container of water, it will dissolve. This is facilitated by the polycrystalline structure of its molecular lattice. AVA fertilizer has a different composition. Its structure is homogeneous and is obtained as a result of heat treatment of mineral substances. Such a molecular lattice does not allow the dressing to quickly dissolve, but only allows it to gradually give up its elements, saturating the soil with nutrients.

Stimulating the work of the root system

AVA mineral complex agent is a fertilizer, the instruction to which states that even the tiniest granule of the preparation in question contains all the beneficial substances declared by the manufacturers. With the introduction of instant fertilizers at the roots of the culture, sometimes a high concentration of elements is formed, which has a strong effect on the plant and the soil. This side effect is not observed if you use fertilizer AVA. The reviews of gardeners who prefer the top dressing in question confirm the mild effect of the mineral complex on the root system and stem. Due to its structure, top dressing remains in the ground for a long time. And while its action is not weakened. Therefore, fertilizer can be applied once every few years. This is also an important factor in attracting consumers who are looking for their harvest.

Persisting in the soil

AVA fertilizer does not go from one layer of soil to another. Therefore, this mineral complex can be applied at any time of the year, without fear that the pouring rain or snow melt will wash the top dressing. This property is a huge advantage when used in regions where heavy rains and snowfall are stronger. Another remarkable feature of the complex mineral preparation is the dissolution temperature. Only when the temperature is above +8 ° C outside the vehicle “wakes up” and differentiates into atoms, feeding the soil and roots with useful elements. Therefore, the plant receives the necessary substances only during the growing season, when it is most in need of support. At other times, the mineral complex “sleeps”.

No important item

It is noteworthy, but in the composition of the fertilizer there is no such substance as nitrogen. Although many experienced gardeners would agree with this, this element is very useful for plants and crops. And the whole thing is this: the composition of the complex means contains molecules that, when released into the soil, react actively with nitrogen-fixing bacteria. Those, in turn, quickly multiply. Their main property is the consumption of nitrogen from the air. Thus, without having in its composition an important mineral element, AVA fertilizer "delivers" it to the plant's root system. Despite this, gardeners note that in some cases, nitrogen should be added. So, if the soil for sowing is sandy or poor in minerals, if you plan to grow crops that have a highly developed leaf structure (cucumbers, cabbage of all kinds, zucchini, pumpkin, etc.), then nitrogen will become necessary for proper feeding.

Application, composition and cost

It is noteworthy that for the effective action of the drug, it is enough to deposit from ten to fifteen grams of top dressing per square meter to the ground. In this case, the action should be repeated after several years (as a rule, after two or three years). The mineral complex must be added to the slightly loosened first fruiting soil layer. What is even more convenient - the deposit period can be absolutely anything.

AVA fertilizer contains the following elements: potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, boron, manganese, cobalt, silicon, molybdenum, iron, phosphorus and copper. Since fertilizing should be done infrequently, and the rate of application is rather small, this complex mineral remedy is very cheap compared to its counterparts. AVA fertilizer, the price of which depends on the region, on the volume of the package, the type of preparation and other factors, can be purchased for 30 rubles (for vegetables), and 200 rubles (for perennial crops).


Ava is an environmentally friendly fertilizer. In their composition, they have all the substances for the full growth, flowering and fruiting. In addition, they enhance the reproduction of beneficial soil microflora, which has a positive effect on the condition of plants.

There are several reasons to choose fertilizers of this brand:

  • ease of use - powders and granules are used in pure form, they do not need to be diluted with water,
  • the ability to make the drug in the fall - in the winter it will be inactive, and in the spring it will take effect,
  • safety for the root system, no burns after the procedure,
  • positive effect on soil composition, including the amount of beneficial microorganisms in it.

The main advantage of the drug is the ability to conduct root dressings every few times. Unlike analogs in composition, the active substances in the form of granules remain in the ground, are not washed off with water or snow, and are released as needed.

Ava is a mineral fertilizer. Into its structure those substances which are further used by plants for different vital processes are added:

  • calcium is necessary for the growth of the root and vegetative system,
  • Calcium, cobalt - affect the time of ripening and fruit quality,
  • magnesium, iron, manganese - are involved in the processes of energy metabolism,
  • silicon is necessary for the absorption of phosphorus,
  • boron, selenium - strengthen the immune system
  • phosphorus - used during flowering,
  • Molybdenum, copper - improve the general condition of plants, as they are used for the exchange of basic substances.

Important! The composition of the fertilizer and the concentration of active substances are slightly different for its different types. However, they are all produced without nitrogen — it is then synthesized by soil bacteria that accelerate growth and reproduction in response to the introduction of the substance.

Instructions for use

Ava fertilizers are a series of complex substances intended for different types of plants separately. For the best effect, you should use the appropriate form of release or buy a universal dressing. Nitrogen is part of only one of the varieties, and this is indicated on its packaging.

Top dressing is developed for different types of fruit, berry and ornamental plants, trees and bushes, lawns and flowers. If the packaging is marked "2-3 years", this means that the effect of fertilizer continues during this period of time, so it is suitable for perennial plants.

The drug in the form of granules must be collected with a spoon and applied to the soil around the plant. Dosages are determined individually:

  • under the berry bushes or vegetables in the wells when planting - half a spoon,
  • several granules under the bow or bulbous flowers,
  • on 1 spoon under large bushes when landing,
  • 1.5 spoons for trees.

There is a kind of "universal" for annual plants. This substance is sufficient to distribute over the soil surface in the amount of 10-15 g per 1 m during planting seedlings or seeds.

Elite gardener

Fertilizer with a high content of phosphorus (55-50%). This substance stimulates the processes of flowering and fruiting, which is especially useful in the garden and kitchen garden to increase yields.

The application rate specified in the instructions:

  • 250-500 g under one tree at planting, then feeding every 2-3 years,
  • 20-50 g for shrubs,
  • 2-5 g when planting strawberries and strawberries.

Fertilizer can be applied both in spring and autumn. The first tillage is carried out during planting, then with a frequency of several years.

There is only one type of fertilizer Ava, which contains nitrogen. It is recommended to apply on areas with a shortage of this element, as well as with the appearance of symptoms of its deficiency in plants. В профилактических целях достаточно универсальной добавки без азота — она стимулирует деятельность почвенных бактерий, под влиянием которого вещество будет фиксироваться из воздуха и откладываться в грунте.

Удобрение Ава Осеннее — это основная подкормка для многолетних растений. Ее действие пролонгировано. therefore, it is introduced in a standard amount no more than once every 2-3 years. The substance enters the soil in the form of granules, but begins to act only in the next season, when the soil warms up to 8 degrees.

Top dressing which is brought under different types of plants when landing. It contains the same active ingredients as other varieties, but in such a concentration that it does not accelerate the growth and development of the shoots. In addition, fertilizer increases plant resistance to temperature extremes, improves seed germination and seedlings.

For ornamental plants

Ornamental plants also need timely fertilization, including annual species. The growth of shoots, the duration of flowering, the size and quality of flowers depend on the availability of nutrients in the soil. In addition, the manufacturer has developed top dressing specifically for annual and perennial indoor and garden flowers.

For perennial flowers

This variety is suitable for perennial garden flowers. It has a long duration and is paid every few years. Dosage indicated on the package:

  • for shrubs - from 30 to 50 g when planting, then after 2-3 years,
  • for bulbous - several pellets for each plant.

Tip! Top dressing is also used when preparing the soil for ornamental plants in pots. 1-3 g of the substance is mixed with 1 l of soil before planting seeds or cuttings.

For annual flowers

The fertilizer is intended for annual garden or balcony flowers. The substance is produced in the form of granules, of which it is recommended to prepare an aqueous solution according to the instructions, but you can also use them in a dry form. There are several ways to use this drug:

  • during planting, mix the seeds with granules (1 spoon each) and sand (half a cup) and land in the ground, then pour them abundantly with water,
  • for irrigation, dissolve the granules in water at a ratio of 2 g / l and water the plants until the soil is fully wetted,
  • for spraying leaves - 2 g of fertilizer per 1 liter of water.

Top dressing for annual plants does not have a prolonged effect, so the treatment should be repeated every 7-10 days during the year. The granules dissolve well in water and begin to act only in its presence.

For indoor plants

Top dressing is suitable for all types of flower and decorative plants at their cultivation in house conditions. It can be applied to the soil or prepare a solution for spraying greenery from it. Dosage and consumption rate of the drug:

  • for the first application - 3-5 g of dry granules per 1 flower or 10 g per 1 m of soil,
  • for irrigation - 5-10 liters of solution (4 g of the drug per 1 l of water) per 1 m of soil,
  • for spraying, 2 g of the granules are dissolved in 1 l of water and infused for several days. then sprayed with a spray.

The procedure can be carried out all year round. Ammonia is absent in the fertilizer; therefore, it can be applied even during flowering by foliar application.

For trees and shrubs

Available in the form of granules of prolonged action. They are suitable for both fruit and ornamental plants. Fertilizer increases their immune protection against pests and adverse factors, increases yield, accelerates the growth of shoots. Dosage with the introduction of the drug is 25 g per 1 m of soil.

For vegetables

"Ava for vegetables" contains a large amount of phosphorus for abundant fruiting. It is made during planting, this amount of granules is enough for the whole season. The consumption rate of the drug:

  • cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables - 3-5 g per well. pre-mixed with sand,
  • cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins, roots - 10-15 g per 1 m of soil, mix before planting.

The effect of fertilizer lasts 1 year. When planting crops in the next season, the procedure is repeated.

For sowing seeds

Allows you to improve the performance of their germination. This substance is suitable for all plants that reproduce by seed. The method of its introduction depends on the size of the seeds:

  • for small ones - prepare a mixture of seeds, sand and fertilizer, sow in furrows,
  • for large ones, combine sand with granules, place them in furrows, put seeds on top and sprinkle with earth.

For 1 spoon of seeds, you will need to take 1 spoon of fertilizer and half a glass of sand. They do not need preliminary preparation, and after sowing the soil must be moistened with water.

Suitable for cucumbers and tomatoes when grown in greenhouse conditions. At the first top-dressing, 3-5 g of dry matter are applied under each bush. The effect of the drug lasts 2–3 years, after which it is added again. For subsequent dressings, 3 g per plant is enough.

Onion and garlic

Top dressing can be used when growing onions, garlic and spices. Before planting the crop in the spring, it is recommended to add 10 g per 1 m of the beds and dig up. Another way to add fertilizer is to prepare an aqueous solution in the proportion of 4 g / 1 l and use it for watering. Thus, you can feed the plants twice - during the germination of the first shoots and at the end of spring.

Strawberries and strawberries

For strawberries and strawberries it is enough to fertilize once, at the beginning of spring. When planting, 3-5 g of granules are placed under each bush. The procedure can be repeated in the fall, after harvest. Granules do not dissolve under the action of precipitation and begin to act only after warming.


For all types of root crops developed a separate type of fertilizer Ava. It is introduced directly into the soil in the amount of 10–15 g (2–3 spoons) per 1 m. It is enough to repeat the procedure once a year, at the beginning of the season.

General characteristics of the fertilizer and its beneficial properties

Ava fertilizer belongs to mineral and contains in its composition a complex of useful components that were extracted from volcanic soil. Experts note that when released into the soil, volcanic lava enriches it. This fact confirms the lush vegetation around the volcanoes.

The main advantage of this fertilizer is that all components are created naturally. Thus, the chances that the plant may overpower with substances or get poisoned are minimized.

Such an additive quickly dissolves in the soil, while maintaining its beneficial properties. With the right approach, soil fertility will be maintained for several years. Pay attention to the fact that Ava acts on each culture differently.

Fertilizer has the following advantages:

  • the possibility of using the additive in the autumn period, as it is capable of dissolving at a soil temperature above 8 ° C,
  • resistance to high soil moisture
  • the absence of chlorine, that is, the drug has a careful effect on the root system,
  • the ability to stimulate the soil to develop new nutrients
  • complex impact
  • increase of plant immunity to various diseases, as well as to sudden temperature changes,
  • ease of use
  • economy,
  • long shelf life.

After using the drug Ava plants become much stronger, and their growth is accelerated. Fruit crops under the influence of this additive quickly pick up color, and their fruits become larger and tastier.

Ava drug action

The granules of this top dressing have a homogeneous structure, therefore they do not dissolve immediately, but gradually, thus the period of supplying the soil with useful substances lasts for a long time. The tool is not afraid of frost, so fertilizing Ava works well at any time of the year, it can be used for perennial and winter crops. Top dressing is not washed out of the soil and does not pass into the lower layers of the soil.

Instructions for use of the drug for different cultures

Garlic should be fed throughout its growing season. In the fall, before planting, the soil should be well loosened and fertilized using 10 grams of powder per square meter. Mix well the soil before planting.

In early spring feeding should be carried out before the first leaves. To do this, use 4 grams per liter of water. The drug will be most effective if you pre-loosen the soil.

Strawberries, garden flowers, potatoes

  • The tool should be made in early spring - from 3 to 5 grams per plant. During flowering and fruiting means is not used. To ensure a good harvest, fertilizing should be carried out in early autumn.
  • Flowers should be fed throughout their growth.. Before planting, the soil is fertilized with Ava with a calculation of 10 grams per square meter. Annual plants should be re-fed 2 weeks after transplantation in open ground, and then when the buds begin to mature. Top dressing can be carried out by a non-root method or by watering. To prepare the solution will require 4 grams of the drug per liter of water.
  • Feed potatoes necessary when plowing the soil before planting. 10 grams of Av should be taken per square meter. During the growth of the culture is not necessary to feed, as nutrients will be enough.

Seedlings and aquarium plants

  • Most of the garden crops should be fed after the appearance of the first shoots. For feeding seedlings need 4 grams of the drug per liter of water. Please note that these are young plants with a weak root system, so the use of a concentrated solution is contraindicated.
  • Aquarium plants also need periodic feeding. Ava fertilizer is great for this purpose. The concentration of the drug should be minimal, so you should use 2 grams of the drug per liter of water.

Ava fertilizer release forms and precautions

The drug is available in such fractions as:

  • powder,
  • blue and lilac granules,
  • soluble capsules.

Wear rubber gloves when working with the product. If fertilizer comes into contact with eyes, rinse well with plenty of water. If the product has got into the mouth, it is necessary to immediately clear the stomach and consult a doctor.

Store the product in a sealed and dry place. Under optimal conditions, the agent can be stored for 3 to 5 years.

Some gardeners say that this drug has a rather high price. However, the tool is very economical to use and gives a good effect.

Ava fertilizer is considered one of the most efficient of its kind. During the processing of plants, take into account their specificity and stick to the desired dosage.

Description and composition

Ava fertilizer was created by technology based on the properties of volcanic lava. This means that all the minerals in the composition of the drug is melted under the influence of high temperature. The main feature of such a fertilizer is slowly dissolving in the soil over several months. Due to this, plants receive the entire supply of mineral elements for a long time: up to 2-3 years. Ava is not washed out of the soil with water and is not affected by weather conditions. The drug starts to work at +8 ° C.

Attention! Ava fertilizer has a homogeneous structure - the properties of all active substances in its composition are the same. When properly applied, top dressing does not harm crops.

A little more than half of the complex fertilizer is phosphorus. He is responsible for the size and brightness of flowers, fruits, rapid growth. Other Ava components:

  • potassium - improves the adaptation of crops in hot and cool weather,
  • calcium - strengthens plant tissue,
  • chromium has a positive effect on the development of roots and green mass,
  • magnesium - accompanied by all the important processes that occur in plants at the cellular level.

These are the main components of fertilizer. In addition to minerals, Ava also contains trace elements that are responsible for the health and appearance of horticultural crops, the richness of the crop. These include zinc, copper, silicon, manganese, iron, etc. The share of these substances in the feed is from 0.1% to 0.02%.

Types and forms of release

The range of fertilizers Ava is diverse. There are universal supplements, as well as preparations created for individual crops. The collection is represented by such drugs:

  • separately for perennial and annual flowers,
  • for root vegetables,
  • for onions and garlic,
  • for strawberry and strawberry plantations,
  • for vegetables,
  • for indoor flowers,
  • for trees and shrubs,
  • for sowing seeds
  • for greenhouses
  • for the lawn.

Also in the range there are such fertilizers:

  1. Elite Gardener. It can be used for trees, berries, conifers and ornamental crops.
  2. Spring and Autumn. Fertilizers have a prolonged effect for 12 months. Suitable for all cultures.
  3. Universal 1 year and 2-3 years. Slowly decomposes in the soil during the specified time.
  4. Wagon with urea. This type of fertilizer contains nitrogen. Designed for use by gardeners, growers, flower growers.

Ava is packed in plastic cans and doy-packs (vacuum packages with a wide bottom). The volume of content is from 30 to 800 g. The fertilizer is produced in the form of powder, soluble capsules and granules from blue to violet shades. The estimated cost of the drug - from 50 p. for a bag up to 500-600 rubles per bank.

Terms of use and reviews

The method of application depends on the form of release of fertilizer and its purpose:

  1. When embedding seeds in soil, they must be mixed with a small amount of the preparation and sand.
  2. Dry granules can be sprinkled directly around crops. So fertilize flowers, vegetables, berries, trees.
    1.3. The powder is used for feeding, stirring it in water. The resulting solution can be watered any plants, including indoor.

Gardeners and gardeners praise Ava fertilizer for efficiency, improved yield, ease of use. Some users note that the tool loosens heavy types of soil. Of the disadvantages of fertilizer - the high cost. However, given the prolonged action, many gardeners do not consider this a serious disadvantage, especially since the benefits of the drug are much greater.

The principle of action of fertilizer "AVA"

In order to grow healthy plants and get a rich harvest - weed, irrigation and loosening the soil is not enough. It is necessary to provide plants with good nutrition. Classic mineral fertilizers have a full range of nutrients, but quickly dissolve and they have to be used many times. With constant use, they pollute the ground and groundwater, inhibit and damage soil microflora. This adversely affects the development of plants, respectively, reduced the size and quality of the crop.

Scientists, developers, creating a complex fertilizer "AVA", managed to relieve him of the shortcomings, which has a commonly used inorganic. Possessing a homogeneous (rather than polycrystalline) structure, the granules of this top dressing dissolve gradually, providing the soil with essential nutrients for a long time. This avoids a glut of soil nutrients. “AVA” is not afraid of frost and high temperatures, droughts and rains. Fertilizer regularly "works" at any time of the year, which is especially important for winter and perennial plants.

In addition, this dressing is not washed out of the soil and does not go to the lower layers, and, therefore, does not pollute the environment. Due to the fact that this dressing dissolves in the soil very slowly, does not cake, is not afraid of moisture and has an unlimited shelf life, it can be applied much less often - once a year or even in several years.

The average rate of use of the drug "AVA" is about 10-15 grams per square meter, which is several times lower than for classical complex fertilizers. And you can make this mineral complex at any time convenient for plant growers. Granular forms are usually used once in 2-3 years, powder - once a year, liquid dressings - as needed.

Top dressing is scattered and mixed with the upper, previously loosened layer of soil.

Fertilizer is complex. It consists of the following elements:

Attention should be paid to the fact that the composition of this complex fertilizer does not contain the most important substance for plants - nitrogen, but, nevertheless, it provides crops with this element. The fact is that the composition of this tool includes molecules that stimulate the rapid development and reproduction of nitrogen-fixing bacteria that take nitrogen from the air and deliver it to the roots. But for plants with a highly developed part of the ground (cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, pumpkin) and on poor soils, additional nitrogen-containing feedings are needed.

Brief instructions and features fertilizer «AVA»

Fertilizer is produced in two forms - in the form of granules and powder.

  1. Granular product is convenient to use when growing perennial crops. It is made once every few years in the form of the main feeding, providing good nutrition to the plants.
  2. AVA "Universal" fertilizer in powder form is usually used for growing annual crops, as well as for seasonal supplements. The term of effective action is one year, respectively, it is necessary to provide dressings 1-2 times during the year.

The drug is recommended for use under all vegetable, garden and ornamental crops. Fertilizer acts gradually, without creating chemical stress on the root systems of plants. Этим объясняется хорошая приживаемость саженцев, быстрое развитие и укрепление корневой системы молодых растений. Использование слабого водного раствора AVA «Универсал» для подкормок можно проводить по необходимости в течение всего вегетационного периода.

Примерные нормы расхода данного удобрения следующие:

  • Под одно растение кабачка, тыквы, перца, томата, капусты, садового цветка, куст земляники или лунку картофеля – около 1/3 чайной ложечки.
  • Under shrub crops - 1 tbsp. spoon under the bush.
  • Under each garden tree, 1.5 Art. spoon feeding.
  • For lawn grasses it is necessary to sprinkle fertilizer evenly at the rate of 10-15 grams. for every square meter and plenty of water.

Thus, the application rate of AVA fertilizer is 3-5 times lower than the classic mineral fertilizers, and given the long period of validity, this correspondence increases several times more.

Scope of use and effectiveness of fertilizer AVA

This complex top dressing is universal. It can be effectively used for fertilizing adult plants: fruit trees, berry bushes, vegetable crops, flowers and lawn grass. When planting seedlings and planting seedlings, it is helpful to pour dressing into each well according to the instructions. This will ensure good survival and rapid development of young plants. If necessary, to achieve rapid effect, you can use this drug in the form of liquid dressings.

Due to the unique composition, resistance to leaching and long life, AVA:

  • Promotes seed germination.
  • Beneficial effect on the root system, stimulating its rapid development.
  • Accelerates the growth and development of plants.
  • Provides grown crops with a full balanced diet.
  • It activates the multiplication of bacteria that absorb nitrogen from the air.
  • It makes plants more resistant to various diseases of the root system and they tolerate adverse weather conditions more easily.
  • Improves the taste of fruit and their ability to store. In this case, the presence of nitrates in them is reduced to a minimum.
  • Fertilizer dissolves only when the soil temperature exceeds +8 degrees. In the cold season, the drug AVA "sleeps." Therefore, it can be made both in spring and autumn.

Thus, the AVA complex fertilizer combines high efficiency, environmental friendliness, low labor costs for application to the soil and a fairly low cost. This is an excellent solution for gardeners and gardeners, especially in regions with fairly severe winters (Primorsky Krai, Ural, Kamchatka, etc.).

For lawn

Fertilizer "Ava for lawn crops" is applied once a year. It is available in powder form for more convenient distribution on the ground surface. During the main application (in spring, before planting), 15 g of the substance is applied in 1 m of soil and buried to a depth of 5 cm. In the future, it is enough to sprinkle 10 g of powder on 1 m of surface and pour it with water.

Prices in stores

The cost of the drug will depend on its volume, region and implementer. Fertilizer is available in small packages for home use, and in large bags. The approximate price for dressing will be:

  • for 100 g - 120 rubles,
  • for 900 g - 600 rubles,
  • for a bag of 30 kg - 18,000 rubles.


Ava fertilizer has an innovative formula and is characterized by a long action. Due to the gradual dissolution of the granules, the drug can be used without the risk of burns of the roots and shoots. In addition, the manufacturer took into account the needs of all types of crops and produced separate varieties of feeding for each of them.