Review of the best varieties of carrots for cultivation in the open field


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Let's talk today about the best varieties of carrots with photos and a small description. Of course, you cannot tell about everything, there are a lot of them. I will dwell on well-known, time-tested varieties that do not give up their positions, even in the presence of new hybrids. All of them are divided by maturity into:

  • Early (65 - 90 days),
  • average (100-110 days),
  • late (more than 120 days).

The division does not greatly affect the quality and taste of root vegetables. Just early can be used for food and processing, while others are good for storage.

I want to note that the domestic carrot varieties are much tastier and better stored than foreign ones. Foreign breeders are trying to bring varieties for sale - the main thing is to be even and beautiful, even to the detriment of taste.

The store is difficult to choose the right grade. Therefore, think in advance: why you will grow carrots, and what the soil in your area. Here are some small landmarks to choose from:

  • If you have a light, loose soil, then boldly plant long varieties.
  • Varieties with short roots are the most ripening, plant them in early spring.
  • Round varieties grow quickly, but not very productive.
  • If you want to grow carrots for sale - choose imported varieties, this is just above and talked about.
  • For yourself it is better to plant domestic varieties, the taste is richer and more carotene.
  • Yes, and they are better adapted to our climate.

Early carrot varieties

Basically, these varieties give early production for food and for the "bundle". Often these varieties ripe fruit is not very sweet. Productivity is small, not stored for long. But provide early harvest.

1. Amsterdam - fruits are bright orange with a blunt tip, cylindrical small, weighing 50-120 g. The flesh is tender, very sweet, juicy with a small center. It is cultivated for early production, the variety is resistant to cracking, to coloring, high-yielding.

Variety "Amsterdam"

2. Paris Carotel - The earliest and most famous carrot. One of the oldest varieties. Short, almost round fruits, orange, excellent dessert taste - tender and sweet. She is very fond of children. Productivity is small. It grows well on heavy soils, loam.

Variety "Carotel Paris"

3. Parmex - fruits are almost spherical, bright orange, up to 4 cm in diameter, weighing about 50 g. The pulp is very tasty - tender, juicy. The variety is suitable for growing on heavy soils with a thin fertile layer. Good for wholegrain canning. Gathering roots with a diameter of 2-3 cm. Variety varieties Karotel, externally similar to it.

4. Dragon - carrots with purple skin and orange flesh. The taste is sweet, spicy. If you like unusual plants - this variety is for you. Very useful carrot.

Variety "Dragon"

5. Tushon - fruits are cylindrical up to 20 cm, smooth. The bright orange flesh is juicy and sweet. Not very long stored, it is better to use fresh and for processing.

Variety "Tushon"

6. Fairy - universal purpose of carrots. Well kept in winter. Cylindrical fruits, weighing up to 170 grams.

Variety "Fairy"

7. Finhor - productive variety. Fruits ripen in 80 days. Carrots large, up to 150 gr., Smooth, conical with a blunt tip. Almost no core. The taste of the fruit is dessert, rich in carotene. No need to spud the plants, as they do not grow above the ground. Very resistant to various diseases. For long-term storage, unfortunately, is not suitable.

Variety "Finhor"

Mid-season varieties

They ripen in the fall, gain sweetness and juiciness by this time, the most delicious carrots grow from these varieties. Well kept.

1. Nantes 4 - a variety widely cultivated in Russia. Yield is average. Very tasty variety - it is correct to say - a delicious variety of carrots. The pulp is orange-red. Fruits are cylindrical, up to 150 gr. weight. Stored until mid-winter. Suitable for underwinter seeding.

Grade "Nantes 4"

2. Vitamin 6 - a widespread variety. It grows well on peat soils. Fruits are cylindrical, up to 20 cm, with a pulp of orange-red color. Stored medium. The increased content of carotene (16.4 mg per 100 g of carrots).

Grade "Vitamin 6"

3. Losinoostrovskaya 13 - The variety is well-known and rather old, it is very popular among gardeners. Fruits are cylindrical up to 18 cm long. Orange-red pulp with a high content of carotene (up to 18.5 mg per 100g.) Valuable variety for dietary and baby food, fresh carrots in salads. The variety is very fruitful, well kept.

4. Moscow Winter A 515 - a fruitful popular grade (90 - 110 days), checked by time. The fruits are elongated with a blunt tip and a small core. The bright orange flesh is juicy and sweet. The variety is well kept in the winter - until spring, resistant to tsvetushnosti. Suitable for underwinter seeding.

Grade "Moscow Winter A 515"

5. Incomparable - a fruitful grade with the rich content of carotene. Conical fruit with a blunt tip. Orange pulp with a thin middle. Excellent taste, weighing up to 200 g, up to 17 cm long. Variety resistant to tsvetushnosti. Suitable for sowing before winter.

Variety "Incomparable"

6. NIIOh 336 - also common crop variety. Delicious fruits up to 18 cm in size, cylindrical, tasty, orange, weighing up to 130 g. This variety contains a lot of carotene (19 mg per 100 g) and is well stored. No need to spud it, completely immersed in the ground with growth.

Grade "NIIOH 336"

7. Rote Risen (Red Giant) - high-yielding variety. Fruits are large, up to 20 cm, conical. Red-orange, very tasty. Well kept.

Variety "Rote Riesen"

8. Samson - mid-season (110-120days), cylindrical fruits, orange, weighing up to 200 grams. The grade is high-yielding, root crops tasty, leveled. The flesh is sweet, crunchy, juicy - very tasty. Suitable for processing, long storage, useful fresh. Suitable grade for underwintering.

Variety "Samson"

9. Forto - high-yielding (100-110 days). Cylindrical fruits, large, weighing up to 200 g, up to 20 cm long. The taste is good. It can be grown in all regions, well stored and gives stable yields.

Variety "Forte"

Late-ripening carrots

Slightly inferior in sweetness mid-season varieties, but very well kept. Usually with large roots.

1. Vita Long - long fruits, well kept until spring. When growing do not crack. Very tasty fruits, rich in sugar and carotene. Excellent grade for juice.

Variety "Vita Long"

2. Yellowstone - Spindle-shaped fruits, aligned with a sharp tip, weighing up to 200 grams. Yellow color. The variety is very fruitful, good taste.

Variety "Yellowstone"

3. Queen of Autumn - a popular variety with red fruits, cylindrical in shape, up to 22 cm long, even with a sharp tip. The flesh is sweet, aromatic, tasty. Variety resistant to tsvetushnosti. Suitable for sowing before winter. Stored almost until the new harvest.

Variety "Queen of Autumn"

4. MO (Carrot Special) - a fruitful srednepozdniy grade. Fruits are red-orange, up to 20 cm, conical. The flesh is juicy, tasty. Well kept. You can sow under the winter. Sown this variety last year, I liked it. Really tasty, juicy carrots, sweet. Stored well, already eaten.

Grade "MO"

5. Chantenay 2461 - widely grown variety. Conical fruit, short and thick. The flesh is orange, dense. Weight up to 300 grams, but grow and 500 grams with sufficient moisture. The taste is average. Stored until spring well.

Variety "Shanten 2461"

I told only about the best varietal carrots with photos and descriptions. Hybrids, I did not fundamentally mention. Because I do not grow them myself and do not advise others.

Criteria for choosing varieties

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The criteria for choosing a variety are:

  • Stability - the ability to be stored for a long
  • Vitamin content - the total percentage of saturation with useful substances
  • Taste - there are sweet varieties, there are more fresh,
  • Appearance,
  • Speed ​​and time of ripening: all varieties can be divided into early, medium and late,
  • The purpose of growing: all varieties of carrots are divided into feed and table,
  • Productivity - the ratio of the mass of the resulting crop and the area in which it is grown.

To choose a variety for sowing, it is necessary to determine the purpose for which the carrots will be grown. If the main goal is sales, then it is better to focus on such criteria as keeping quality, appearance, transportability.

Variety Laguna F1

A hybrid with a very short ripening period of approximately 80 days.

  • The root crop has a bright orange color, a cylindrical form and makes
  • about 17-20 cm in length.
  • Laguna F1 has excellent taste and has a good presentation - all root vegetables are smooth and beautiful.
  • The lagoon grows well in almost all regions with a temperate climate, it takes root in any soil, both in clay and in black soil.
  • The average yield of this type of carrot is 5-7 kg per square meter.
  • Laguna is planted by sowing in open ground.

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Laguna F1 is a variety that is resistant to various diseases, but it is better not to allow increased soil moisture when sowing. Many summer residents purchase carrot seeds of this variety as the best for open ground.

Sort Alenka

This type of carrot is bright orange in color, has the shape of a cone with a blunt end, is 14-16 cm long. The flavor qualities are high, the roots ripen with very juicy and rich vitamins. This vegetable is demanding of moisture and soil looseness, but is resistant to various types of diseases. Grows best in black soil.

Alenka has a high yield, the average yield of this variety is 6-9 kg per square meter.

Planted by sowing in open ground. It is important to know: when sowing carrots with dry seedlings, you will have to wait longer, as the seeds will take time to swell. To this soil-demanding plant grows faster, you can first prepare the seeds and let them swell and germinate. In this case, the shoots will sprout quickly, but there will be an increased need to monitor the level of humidity — it must remain high.

Variety Tushon

If you are looking for seeds of the best varieties of carrots for open ground, you can also pay attention to the variety of early ripe carrots Tushon.

  • The yield of this variety is 5-8 kg per meter.
  • The root itself has a length of about 15-16 cm, a flat surface and bright orange juicy flesh.
  • This vegetable contains about 17 mg of carotene per 100 grams of pulp, so it has high beneficial properties.
  • Tushon has a short ripening period of about 70-80 days from the time of sowing, plant it better in April, in early spring. It is better not to store this sort of carrot for a long time, but to use it immediately for food or for preparation of blanks.
  • Sow this type of carrot can be directly into the ground. It is resistant to cold, disease and tsvetushnosti.

Caramel carrots

Caramel has a rich rich taste, a lot of sugar and carotene in the composition, often used in baby food due to its excellent taste and beneficial qualities. The roots of this plant also look good: a rich orange color with a smooth surface, a conical acute-angular shape, the length of the roots is 15 to 17 cm. The yield is from 5 to 8 kg per meter. Important: carrot varieties caramel is highly resistant to diseases and pests. This allows you to refrain from chemical processing, which is also important for vegetables used in baby food.

Favorite variety

Carrot Favorite has a rich sweet taste and juiciness, contains in its composition a lot of carotene and sugar. This variety has a cylindrical shape, a length of about 15-16 cm, does not crack during storage.

Warning: this is one of the types of early carrot, which is stored for a long time. Favorite is also sown in open ground in spring or autumn.

Shantane variety

The French hybrid, which has got accustomed in Russia very well, possesses universal qualities: convenience of storage, pleasant taste and appearance. Root crops have a pronounced orange color, a length of 12-15 cm and a conical shape. This hybrid is unpretentious, grows in almost any soil, is resistant to cracking and can be stored for a long time.

Planted in late spring or summer, ripening time is 100-120 days, depending on the climate.

Grade Perfection

If you are thinking about which sort of carrots are best stored, pay attention to carrots Perfection. It has sweet juicy root crops of conical shape, which have high keeping quality and excellent taste.

The term of ripening of this vegetable is about 120-140 days from the moment of sowing. Without special requirements for the composition of the soil, it grows almost everywhere.

Vitamin variety

Of the mid-season varieties, it has the highest yields up to 10 kg per meter, as well as excellent taste and richness of nutrients in the composition. Root crops have the shape of a thick cone about 16 cm long.

It is a universal variety, suitable for both fresh cooking, and for canning, stewing. Vitamin carrot has a high keeping quality, can be stored in winter.

It grows well in sandy and loamy soil. Sowed in open ground around the end of April.

Carrots Losinoostrovskaya

If you need an unpretentious care, but the variety is universal in its characteristics, you can try the best quality carrot seeds. The reviews of most summer residents about Losino-istrovskoy carrots are positive. As well as storage periods, and about taste and advantage.

  • It is a popular variety among summer residents, having a good composition, taste and appearance.
  • The roots have a cylindrical shape with an extended base, as well as many lateral filamentous processes.
  • Carrots have a large amount of carotene in the composition, which tends to increase during storage (up to 25 mg per 100 g).
  • Such carrots are stored for a long time.
  • The yield is about 4-7 kg per meter.
  • It is planted in open ground and grows equally well in any soil. Demanding on moisture.

Tip: if pieces of the root are exposed when watering, it is better to sprinkle them with soil to prevent the accumulation of harmful substances in the tip of the rhizome and the deterioration of taste.

Carrot Nantes

It is also very popular and well-known variety of carrots, suitable for almost any cooking, as well as long storage. It has excellent keeping quality, cylindrical roots, about 14-17 cm long and with juicy tender pulp, characterized by an increased content of carotene. It is planted by sowing in open ground in April or early May or in summer. Suitable for pre-winter landing.

Carrot Gourmet

This type of carrot is considered the leader in taste, it is very tasty,

juicy and sweet, rich in carotene and sugar, often used in baby and diet food. This variety combines its taste qualities with a relatively high yield of 5 kg per square meter and relative unpretentiousness. This variety of carrots is considered the best for planting in the summer. This is a mid-season variety, the time from sowing to harvesting is about 90-110 days.

Moscow winter carrots

High-yielding carrot variety with good taste and rich carotene content.

  • Root crops of a cylindrical form, with a smooth surface, the average size are about 15 cm.
  • The yield of this variety is about 6 kg per meter.
  • High keeping quality. When summer planting carrots can be stored until the new harvest.
  • Also, the variety can be used for sowing before winter.

Samson Carrots

The grade possesses good flavoring characteristics. Root crops have a cylindrical shape with rounded edges.

The yield of this variety is up to 8 kg per meter, in addition to the yield, this variety is resistant to negative environmental factors, diseases and pests.

High keeping quality varieties, carrots Samson can be stored all winter.

Tip Before you put the carrots in storage, you need to prepare it: cut the tops, and stand the roots for a week in a cool, ventilated and dry room. This will increase the keeping quality and preservation of fruits by another 30%.

Variety Vita Long

Root crops have a uniform bright color and contain a very large amount of carotene and other vitamins, and carotene tends to increase during storage, as in many other winter varieties.

Root crops are not very large, conical shape.

Vita Long's carrot is planted at the end of April.

Karlen variety

High-yielding late-ripening variety. Its yield is about 6-7 kilograms per square meter, and the growing season is about 120 days. The color of the fruit is saturated red, the shape of the root crops is conical. Karlen contains a lot of carotene and sugar, so it has a bright and rich taste, and is also very useful.

This variety of carrots has a high keeping quality and is suitable for long-term fresh storage. Storage must be dry. Planting carrots in April, harvesting around mid-September.

Grade Red, without core

It has long bright red fruits with excellent rich taste. Contains a large amount of nutrients, carotene and sugar. Red carrot varieties are very juicy.

Stored for a long time, landed in the summer, giving birth in the fall, in September or even October. The growing season is relatively short, about 100-110 days.

Variety of autumn queen

Medium-late variety with high yield and good taste, having roots of a smooth cylindrical shape, with orange-red fragrant, very sweet pulp. The yield of 8-10 kg per meter, has a high keeping quality, can be stored for very long.

The most productive carrot varieties

The most productive varieties of carrots are those whose yield exceeds 7 kg per 1 square meter.

These varieties will be:

  • Lagoon (marketability 90%),
  • Tushon
  • Amsterdam

  • Nantes,
  • Cartel (up to 9 kg per meter)
  • Abaco, having a yield of up to 11 kg per meter, vitamin.

It is important to know! Yield depends not only on the variety of carrots, but also on the growing climate, conditions and care.

Varieties of carrots for planting in the winter

Varieties that are suitable for planting before winter should be very resistant to temperature changes and the vagaries of the weather. The best-rated carrot seeds for planting in winter should be planted in open ground in autumn. They will winter in the soil and will give the first shoots in early spring.

These are such varieties as:

  • The Queen of the Autumn lands in the winter to get the earliest harvest.
  • Losinoostrovskaya carrot is well manifested when planted before winter. Gives quick friendly shoots in the spring.
  • Carrot varieties Krasa maiden is rich in vitamins, a great option for planting in the winter. With early spring harvest it is useful to drink the juice and use fresh.
  • Chantonne is a high-yielding variety that quickly ripens in the spring when sown before winter.
  • Moscow winter carrot is suitable for autumn sowing, tolerates winter well, gives early shoots.
  • Amstrédam carrot has a good appearance and nutritional value. Suitable for spring and autumn crops. It has a long shelf life and rises early in spring when sown before winter.
  • Nantes carrots are most winter-resistant, have high yields at pre-winter sowing. At the same time it is stored worse than the other varieties listed here. But gives the earliest harvest.

The best varieties of carrots for storage

It is best to store carrots in a dry, not too warm room with an air temperature of 2 to 5 degrees Celsius. The room must be ventilated. The ideal place is a dry and clean cellar with an established ventilation system.

Mid-ripening and late carrot varieties have the best storage capacity.

  • Carrot Red,
  • Queen of autumn
  • Red Giant
  • Chanton,
  • Monastic,
  • Moscow
  • Tushon
  • Vita Long,
  • Losinoostrovskaya.

All of them, under favorable conditions, retain their taste and appearance until the next harvest.

Attention: before you put carrots in storage, you should sort them out, leaving only the freshest ones. Only healthy and ripe fruits without external damage have high keeping quality. After harvesting, it is not necessary to keep the carrots warm so as not to shorten the shelf life. After collecting for a couple of days, the carrots must be cooled, and only then put in storage.

Review of the most delicious varieties of carrots

It is difficult to say which carrot varieties are the best in taste. It is worth noting that the most succulent are early-ripening varieties, the sweetest - late-ripening.

Good taste different varieties such as:

  • Samson,
  • Karlena,
  • Red,
  • Moscow winter,
  • Nantes,
  • Gourmand
  • Vitamin

To prepare the second hot dishes:

For fresh cooking, making juices and baby purees, the ideal option would be:

Common mistakes when choosing

When we purchase carrot seeds that are best for open ground, we can still make mistakes that negatively affect the yield of our root crops, as well as their storage and taste.

The pursuit of a beautiful presentation. Not all varieties of carrots that have a beautiful shape and large sizes will have a good taste.

Storage of varieties sown before winter. Even late-ripening varieties are not stored for long in this case. For storage you need to lay varieties, the harvest of which was harvested in the autumn.

It is important to know: when planting carrots in spring and autumn, you can use the same varieties, but the time of planting and ripening also affects their properties.

We conducted a review of different types and varieties of carrots for every taste. You can choose the variety that meets your cultivation goals, and get excellent results.

How to choose the right grade

In stores it is difficult to choose a suitable carrot, which means that you should think in advance the following points: for what purpose are you going to grow carrots, what type of soil on your site.

You can use the following for selection. landmarks:

  1. In the presence of a light, loose soil, you can safely plant long types of carrots.
  2. The earliest varieties with short roots need to be planted in early spring.
  3. Round carrot species are fast growing, but they are not particularly productive.

If you plan to grow carrots for sale, then in this case you should - choose imported varieties (why - you already know!).

For own use it is better to plant on domestic varieties: they are healthier (more carotene) and richer in taste. In addition, they are better adapted to our climate.

Late-ripening carrot varieties

For late-ripe sweetness, they are slightly inferior, but they are very well stored. Possess, as a rule, large fruits.

1. Vita Long - a variety characterized by long fruits. It is well kept until spring time. Do not crack when grown. The fruits are very tasty, rich in sugar and carotene. Variety is great for juice.

2. Yellowstone - The fruits of this variety have a fusiform shape, with a sharp tip, aligned, their weight reaches up to 200 grams. The color of this variety is yellow. The grade is characterized by high productivity, differs in good tastes.

3. Queen of Autumn –A very widespread and popular among gardeners. In addition to the beautiful name has a smooth, beautiful fruits of red, smooth with a sharp tip. The form is cylindrical, grows up to 22 cm, has. The pulp of the Queen of Autumn is very sweet, tasty, fragrant. The variety has immunity tsvetushnosti. Suitable for podzimny planting. Well kept, literally until the new crop.

4. MO (stands for “Special Carrot”) - medium-late productive variety. The fruits of this variety are red-orange, grows up to 20 cm, the shape is conical. The flesh is tasty, juicy, perfectly stored. Suitable for sowing the winter.

5. Chantenay 2461 –The variety widely grown in our country. Conical fruits are thick and short. The flesh has an orange color, quite dense. Weight reaches 300 g, but with sufficient moisture grows up to 500 g. It has an average taste. Good enough to lie down until spring.

How to choose a carrot for storage

In gardening for beginners, choosing the best variety of carrots that would be suitable for long-term storage may initially present some difficulty. In the huge choice presented in modern stores it is very easy to get lost and in despair take the first available bag with a more attractive picture. This, of course, would be a mistake. When choosing, rely first on the following characteristics that will help make the right choice for those who are looking for a suitable variety for long-term storage.

  • vegetation lasts from 115 days onwards
  • does not give in to cracking,
  • has immunity to diseases
  • suitable for growing on any soil, in any climate,
  • does not lend.

How to choose the most delicious varieties

To select the most delicious carrots, which I would like to sell later for the money, it will be enough to focus on the mark “very good taste” or “excellent taste qualities”.

But in order to choose the best carrot variety directly in order to plant it on your plot, you need to consider the following:

  • soil quality on the site. If you have a light and loose soil, you'd better plant there long-varieties, and if you are lucky enough to make a plot with heavy clay soil, it is advisable to plant short-fruited carrots there.
  • ripening time. The earliest ripened mi are short-fruited varieties of carrots.
  • yield Unfortunately, the most outwardly interesting varieties of carrots, which have round fruits and quickly produce a crop, do not differ in yield.
  • commercial purposes. If you grow carrots for sale, it is better to take beautiful imported varieties of carrots. Let them not taste as good as ours, domestic. For personal use, it is better to take domestic ones: they are sweeter and more adapted to our conditions.
  • Colour. To date, meet hardly any color. You can find white, black, red, purple, orange, pink, yellow, green and even burgundy in the market. Each of them can find its own interesting and unique features.

Late carrot varieties

The shelf life of carrots directly depends on the ripening time, since the later the harvest is harvested, the longer and better it is stored. Later varieties include Alenka, Berlikum Royal, Dolianka, Golden Autumn, Emperor, Red Giant (or Rote Risen), Queen of Autumn, Morevna, Monastic, Olympus, Flakoro, from hybrids: Jobe, Canada, Cascade, Narbonne.

Carrot varieties for long-term winter storage

On the eve of spring, amateur gardeners are becoming more active, they begin work on the selection of seeds and the preparation of seedlings for planting in home gardens. Among the vegetables that are usually planted in gardens, a large place is occupied by potatoes, onions, carrots and beets. In the article, we will look at popular carrot varieties and try to determine which variety will be the best for what purposes.

The sweetest carrot varieties

Medium late variety (from emergence to technical ripeness 100-120 days). Root crops 17 cm long, weighing 90-210 g, truncated-conical with a gradual run down to a blunt-conical base, protrude above the soil surface. The surface is smooth, with small lentils, bright orange. The color of the flesh is intense orange, the core is small orange in color, juicy, good taste, contains 7.6-12.0 mg% carotene. The yield of 3.1-7.1 kg. The variety is resistant to premature planting, it has a high yield (along with Shantane), good persistence and drought resistance.

  • Best of all root crops lie in bulk, interbedded by sand taken in quarries.
  • Nantes 4 is characterized by a cylindrical blunt shape of the fruit - with a length of up to 15 cm, the weight of each root crop reaches 150 grams. Very juicy and tender flesh. Well kept, the seeds are suitable for underwintering.
  • The best varieties of carrots for storage
  • Samson
  • Carrot

. At the same time, the length does not exceed 22-25 cm. It has an oval shape at the stage of technical ripeness and is elongated when gaining vegetative mass. Tastes are good, but the resistance to pests of carrots is almost zero - it is necessary to carry out insecticide treatments in a timely manner, spray them from powdery mildew, fleas. Late, maturation not less than 140 days.

In 2011-2013, many new varieties of carrots appeared, among which the best are considered:

For winter storage, the following carrot varieties are chosen: Biryuchekutskaya, Vitaminnaya-6, Geranda, Grossa, Cardinal, Queen of Autumn, Losinoostrovskaya 13, Moscow Winter, Nantes-4, Samson, Flakoro, Forto, Shantena 2461, hybrids F1: Altair, Aristo, Askania, Basel, Cascade, Nigel, Nelix.

  • When choosing carrot seeds for planting, you need to know what it will be used for. Carrot varieties can be divided into the following categories:
  • The variety is mid-season, from sunrise to technical ripeness takes 86-102 days. Root crops are cylindrical, obtuse, the surface is smooth, the core is rounded, measuring about 20% of the diameter of the root. The flesh is orange, good taste. Relatively resistant to flowering and drought. Better than other varieties tolerate drought and can produce high yields.
  • What better carrot varieties

. If the humidity in the cellar is high, you can put the carrot in the boxes and also pour sand. You can not use the remaining sand from last year, always sprinkle root vegetables new.

The largest carrot

Callisto is one of the longest grades. Root crops can be stretched more than 20 cm. Enough tasty and fruitful carrots.

  1. What carrots to plant in early spring. The advantages of this variety are many. The first - smooth, beautiful fruits that have an excellent presentation. The second advantage is increased resistance to pests, including those against fungal diseases. Maturing term - 120 days (srednepozdny). Tastes are not bad, as for a “winter” vegetable, relatively sweet, fragrant, dense fruits. The length, as a rule, does not exceed 25 centimeters, diameter - 4-5 cm. VioletWhiteAnastasia is a high-yielding medium-term ripening hybrid with a high content of carotene, which can be stored for up to 8 months. Its roots are bright orange to 22 cm long and weighing up to 160 g.
  2. These varieties are recommended for baby food, as they have a higher content of carotene and sugar. This carrot is also good to use for people whose activities are related to regular work at the computer. Carrots of sweet carrots include Children's sweetness, Children's joy, Emperor, Karotan, Krasa maiden, Darling, Nastena, Orange boyfriend. Selection - foreign and domestic,
  3. The variety is mid-season, the shape of the roots is elongated-conical with a blunt end, the core is round or irregular in shape, measuring 40-50% of the diameter of the root crop. The color of the flesh of the root is bright orange-red. Tastes are good. The variety is fairly resistant to flowering, high-yielding. One of the best varieties for winter storage, can be used for underwinter seeding.? Definitely the most popular for many years are considered such varieties as: Nantes 4, Vitamin 6 and Losinoostrovskaya 13. You are here: Agroinfo »Articles» Top 10 best varieties of carrots From other varieties in different latitudes for early sowing well Artek, Canning, Rex have proven themselves. The latter has large roots up to 200 grams and is excellent for fresh consumption and canning.

The most delicious vegetables

. Very beautiful vegetable, which, moreover, has good taste. Few people know that the natural color of this vegetable is purple and a few hundred years ago these were the roots. Weight is small, about 130 grams, long, up to 45 centimeters. The yield reaches 55 t / ha. She has no more merit. Resistance to pests is weak, we must constantly look after the bed.

  1. Carrot. Very tasty and big vegetable, grows up to 400 grams, has a sweetish taste and excellent aroma. It requires good watering, because during drought the vegetative mass can significantly decrease in volume. Always keep the soil loose and wet - only then can the desired result be achieved.Golden Autumn is a high-yielding universal variety of late ripening, large, even root crops grow up to 27 cm in length and weighing up to 220 g. the market, are of particular interest to those whose root has an unusual color and shape:
  2. Ripening terms, Mid-season hybrid (from emergence to technical ripeness 95-105 days). Root crops with a length of 20-22 cm, weight 75-85 g, cylindrical, dull-conical. The surface is smooth, bright orange, aligned. The flesh is orange, juicy, good taste. The color of the core is not different from the color of the pulp. The yield of 7.3-7.8 kg. The hybrid is resistant to stalking and cracking of root crops, is relatively resistant to diseases.
  3. Welcome to the agroportal AGROINFO! Our main areas: agricultural machinery, price review for agricultural machinery (tractors, combines, cultivators, harrows, plows, seeders, reapers).

With averages, everything is very clear - most gardeners will call you seeds that have been tested for years: Vitamin 6, Losinoostrovskaya 13, Shantane 2461. Less often they sow Moscow winter, NIIOKh 336.

With increased resistance to disease and good quality

Among other things, one cannot rely on only one type of seed and one company.

  1. Nandrin Vitamin Carrot
  2. Helen is an early ripe universal high-yielding variety, a root crop with a small midpoint weighing 150 g and up to 16 cm long. The carrots of this variety are resistant to tsvetushnosti and do not crack. Go
  3. Late hybrid (from emergence to technical ripeness 110-130 days). Root crops weighing 110-165 g, cylindrical, obtuse with a slightly pointed tip, almost completely immersed in the soil. The surface is smooth, orange. The flesh is orange, juicy, good taste. The core is small, orange. The quality is good. Productivity to 8,9 kg. The hybrid is relatively resistant to diseases and pests.Top 10 best carrot varieties

Vitamin 6 can also be sown in the ground since autumn. She has the highest tastes supplemented with excellent keeping quality. Root vegetables are neat, cylindrical in shape.

Carrots - the best seeds and proven varieties

If you want to eat fresh carrots in early summer, you should buy early varieties.

  • . Гибрид Приволжской опытной станции, испытывается в умеренной климатической полосе уже более 10 лет и за этот период зарекомендовал себя как сорт с отличной лежкостью, стойкостью к заболеваниям и вредителям. Плоды имеют массу до 230 граммов, неплохие вкусовые качества, твердые. Лежкость повышенная, при хранении в подвале и песке могут легко долежать до средины весны без потери вкусовых качеств.​
  • ​. Пользуется чрезвычайным спросом у дачников, так как имеет больше 12% сахара! Такой показатель кажется невероятным даже для некоторых фруктов, но это так. Amount of ascorbic acid - 0.2%, and carotene - 28 mg%! From one meter it is possible to collect about 6 kg, and all fruits will be distinguished by increased keeping quality. Perhaps one of the most delicious carrots in Russia.

When choosing the best varieties of carrots for planting, be sure to consider the soil you have on the site. So that you have been provided with this useful and tasty vegetable all year round, it’s best to plant several varieties of carrots of different ripening terms. The Belgian White variety is white carrot, the yield,

Late variety (from emergence to technical ripeness 125-130 days). Root crops 24-28 cm long, weighing 135-200 g, of conical shape with a pointed elongated tip, slightly protrude above the soil surface. The surface is leveled, orange. The core is orange. Taste the quality of fresh root vegetables are good. Well kept. Maximum yield 8.8 kg.

What carrot seeds should be planted in spring - early varieties

- the most accessible, among effective, channel for the promotion of agricultural products in Russia.

  • Losinoostrovskaya 13 - despite the difficult name and scaring damn dozen, this carrot has a delicate sweetish taste and juicy core. It is included in the diet and children's menu.
  • - they are not suitable for long-term storage, but they will provide you with tasty root vegetables before anyone else. The average yield for summer-autumn, but later ones should be planted if you plan to make stocks for the winter. In addition to the selection of seeds, the agrotechnology of cultivation also affects the safety of your harvest.
  • Carrot

Middle varieties - getting ready for autumn

Another color variety of vegetables. The weight of such fruits reaches 450 grams, they are much more than any hybrid, and grow to such sizes in just 70-90 days. The only drawback is the relatively poor taste, despite such a beautiful appearance. Very few sugars, fruits not juicy, almost without flavor. The main purpose of growing such a vegetable is to obtain raw materials for roll-in, excellent marketable products and

The best grades of carrots for Siberia: Shantane 2461, Nantes 4, Vitamin 6, Incomparable, Losinoostrovskaya 13, Altai shortened.

Carrot seeds - the best late varieties

Mid-season variety (from germination to technical ripeness 78-105 days). One of the best table varieties of carrots and the best variety for winter crops. Root crops 16 cm long, weighing 100-120 g, a cylindrical form. The surface is smooth, with small depressed lentils and a small amount of roots, orange, by the end of the growing season, sometimes with green or violet pigmentation of the head. The flesh is bright, orange-red, fragrant, juicy, tender, sweet. The core is small, rounded or rounded-angular, of the same color as the pulp. One of the best grades in taste. The yield of 5.5-6.6 kg. The variety is resistant to premature stalking, but unstable to white and gray rot. Suitable for early spring and late spring sowing. It is widely distributed in industrial crops and is a standard variety. Until the middle of winter, it remains satisfactory, with further storage there are large wastes.

You can read the latest news of AGROINFO in YandexShantane 2461 - with indicators of keeping quality Shantane does not compare, perhaps, none of the middle varieties. Root crops are large, up to 250 grams, tasty and applicable for all needs, be it fresh juice or soup.The later the seeds were sown, the better the crop will be stored.

  • . An excellent variety that contains 12 mg of carotene, 8% sugars, many useful for the body acids. The mass of one fruit is not more than 200 g, however, they are very tasty and are very popular among summer residents. The yield is 8 kg per 1 m2. Good resistance to premature stalking and tsvetushnosti.High yield (up to 90 t / haCarrotVarieties Queen of autumn, Joba, Delicious, Pharaoh - red carrots,
  • Rostselmash

Color and shape.

The best carrot varieties for the Moscow region are: Moscow Winter, Nantes 4, Shantane 2461, Losinoostrovskaya 13, Vitamin 6.

Mid-season variety (from germination to technical ripeness 78-100 days). Root crops 13-15 cm long, weighing 60-165 g, cylindrical in shape, somewhat thickened, with a blunt tip, almost completely immersed in the soil. The surface is smooth, with small eyes, orange. The core is small, about 20% of the diameter of the root, round or stellate, the color is almost the same as the pulp. The flesh is tender, sugary. Tastes good and excellent. Contains up to 11% sugar, 15-28.4 mg% carotene. The quality is good. The yield of 3.7-7.8 kg. The variety is resistant to stalking, however, it is prone to cracking of root crops, white and mucous rot slightly affected. The variety is suitable for sowing on mineral and drained peat-bog soils.

How to plant carrots in the spring - the whole thing in the soil?

  • A
  • Nantes there is a queen and there is a king too small

Then the area needs to be buried, cut ridges and make grooves. This procedure is carried out on wet soil in October. The grooves should be deep (4-5 cm).

Carrots of this variety contains a large amount of carotene, but it hides long enough. Since the emergence of shoots, a little more than 125 days have passed.For many gardeners involved in the cultivation of this garden culture, it is known that the most dangerous pest of carrots is the carrot fly. About its appearance testify twisting leaves on plants. To prevent the occurrence of this pest can only competent and timely care for plantings.The yield of root crops and their taste are directly dependent on the correct timing of planting. After all, each variety has different terms of fruit ripening.

When and how to plant carrots in the spring - time

Medium ripening - Baltimore, Supermuscate,

Carrots are cold-resistant plants with a long growing season, so you can start planting them from the end of April. You can also sow in several planting dates and varieties of different maturation duration.To article content ↑What kind of carrots to plant in early spring to get an earlier harvest? There are many early, medium and late varieties. If the former are intended for the first salads and vitamin juices, then the latter and the third are for autumn and winter consumption. Each gardener decides for himself what kind of carrot delegates he invites to his beds.

There is no big secret in a good harvest - the carrot will grow almost by itself to an impressive size in light, loose and nutritious loams and sandy beds, but on heavy clay and waterlogged soils you will get pale and gnarled roots. Stagnation of moisture for it is generally destructive! But the drought will not turn anything good either - the roots will be fibrous, coarse.

Planting carrots in the spring - the first shoots and thinning

) Carrots are sown on time. So that the seeds did not sit for a whole month in the half-frozen ground, but also did not fall on the very first day under the heat and drought,

Set a contradictory task: a big carrot is never tasty. Tasty carrots are not gigantic in size. Previously, the carrot variety was planted everywhere (in the old days it was the name for carrots), but then technical varieties of larger sizes and cores appeared.

Prepared in this way the soil should stand until frost.

Variety selection

Prepare the bed for planting:

  • Root crops tend to accumulate nitrates, and they can become poisonous. Go
  • The meaning of planting is that, in addition to the fertile and friable land, they prepare the beds in the fall, dig up and make furrows.
  • The Queen of the Autumn is delicious and well kept
  • A few general tips on planting carrots before winter:

Long stored, gives a high yield.

Of course, especially since planting under the winter eliminates the many troubles that necessarily accompany the planting of carrots in the early spring.

Location selection

Further care of planting is the frequent and regular weeding of the soil. The first loosening of the soil is carried out when the seedlings germinate. This is necessary to remove even young weeds, which have a very negative impact on the growth and development of plants.

Nantes. This variety is suitable for growing on dense soils, gives juicy and tasty fruits up to fifteen centimeters long.

Put the compost in the garden, it will make it warm,

Planting dates

In fact, how to plant carrots in granules, there is a little trick - you need to pour plenty of beds before and after planting so that the water soaked the shell and the carrots sprout faster. The method of planting carrots in granules is very convenient. Later, no need to spend a lot of time weeding the beds with carrots. Carrots immediately grow at a certain distance from each other.

Dig the ground with a shovel to the depth of the bayonet,

The level of acid balance is also important, because carrots do not like acidified soils.

And in early spring, as soon as it becomes possible to approach these furrows, carrot seeds are sown. Just before this, the seeds are soaked in a warm (like a hand tolerated) water solution for 30 minutes or an hour. Then the seeds are slightly ventilated to create a flowability state, and sown in the furrows.

Soot-Kuroda Shantane and Abaco, to them I still add all sorts of different things a little bit - maybe it will be better. No, not yet found. The color is bright orange, the heart is almost absent, sweet, juicy, not long - it is convenient to dig, well kept. What else do you need from a carrot? And size and taste are two incompatible qualities. The largest is a feed, for animal feed or GMO!

If the soil is poor, then nitrogen fertilizer can be carried out: 15-20 g / m2.

Carrot Care

Moscow winter.

The fact that sprouts begin to appear already at a temperature of +3 + 4ºС and are able to withstand frosts down to -4ºС speaks in favor of sowing carrots for the winter. If you sow properly, you can get an early harvest.

It is important that the soil in the area where the carrots grow is loose and light. Too dense soil with a crust provokes a curvature of root crops. This does not so much affect their size as on the presentation. That is why loosening the soil is a must in the process of growing carrots.

Losinoostrovskaya. Root vegetables, juicy and sweet to taste, are grown for baby food. This is a mid-season hybrid with a long shelf life.

Abundantly water the beds before and after sowing,

Before planting carrots in granules, you need to understand that carrots belong to umbrella plants, which means that they grow for a long time, approximately 2 weeks. In order for the seeds to sprout, they must swell, soak in water, so they need to be watered a lot. And if the carrot seed is in the granule, then water is needed even more so that the shell dissolves and the water reaches the seed. to article content ↑

  • Break up large clumps of earth and loosen the soil with a rake,
  • Traditionally, gardeners sow carrots in April or even May for more northern regions, however, the option of sowing for the winter in November is also possible, because the plant itself is frost-resistant. Pick up for carrot beds should be well-lit places that will literally bathe in the sun throughout the day. If the soil on the plot is heavy, add sand and peat to it, half a bucket per square meter, if the soil is poor, fertilize it with peat, turfy soil, humus and mineral fertilizers.
  • Watering in the most important, the first time, there is no need, because there is plenty of moisture after the snow. Carrots grow very quickly and amicably. At the same time, the crust does not form and does not interfere with shoots.

Diseases and pests - prevention

If you have a light, loose soil, you can choose from any varieties, and if it is heavy, oily, then varieties with a short, thick root crop, such as “shantane”, will be more suitable. But the taste depends not so much on the variety, but on the soil.

In the spring, when the snow comes off, and the soil begins to dry, you can walk on the surface of the ripper.

Traditional carrot variety for most of the central regions of Russia.

But not every carrot is able to withstand such temperature changes, there are special varieties of carrots for the winter.

The process of thinning seedlings is necessary for the full growth of plants and the formation of large and beautiful in shape fruits. Landings should not be thickened. The first thinning is carried out at the stage of formation of a single sheet on plants. After the appearance of the second sheet, this procedure is repeated. It is necessary to increase the distance between plants in half.

Is it possible to plant carrots before winter?

Cover with a covering material or polyethylene.

Mixed way of planting: mix carrot and radish seeds in one bowl, add a little river sand and sow groove. Radish rises and ripens much earlier than carrots and is gradually eaten, while there is more room for carrots in a row and there is no need to thin out. Go

Draw the grooves with a stick, 3–4 cm deep and spill them abundantly with water.

What carrots to plant in the winter?

Sow the seeds in the narrow grooves, which should be done at a distance of not less than 10 cm from each other. It is recommended to pour them with hot water and sprinkle with ash or chalk. Seeds need to be sown at a distance of about a centimeter. Go

  1. I have planted carrots this way for several years, indeed, it has time to ripen and grow large before the harvest period.Need a good grade. Now a large selection of varieties and hybrids of carrots. If you have never grown carrots before, then you need to sow several different varieties and, after ripening, do family tasting in a different form, salads, boiled, in a pie filling, and just nibble. Family Council will determine the most delicious varieties that are obtained precisely in your garden, in your conditions.
  2. Pest control can begin 15 days after emergence.Half the success depends on the right place for sowing:
  3. The most common varieties:Successful cultivation of carrots can be only if the plants provide proper care, and most importantly - provide frequent and abundant watering. Only under such conditions can you get a bountiful harvest of tasty root vegetables. Due to lack of water, carrots grow sluggish and bitter. Systemic watering should be at all stages of plant growth and development. To moisten the soil with plantings need to be at the root depth. An adult plant is watered to a depth of at least thirty centimeters.
  4. Incomparable. Tasty carrots, which is designed for long-term storage, has a high content of carotene. Seed germination is high.Water regularly
  5. Radish can be replaced by any fast-growing and ripening plant. Good spinach or salad. The idea of ​​mixed beds is not new, but it gives good results. On one bed well haricot beans and carrots. Let the beans close in the center of the garden and the carrots on the sides.The seeds of the carrot are small, and if you pour a lot of seeds into the groove a lot, they will grow thickly and will have to be thinned out.
  6. There is no sense in a thicker crop, because you still have to leave only the strongest plants, and pull out the rest.To do this, select the most appropriate variety of carrots.
  7. The second factor of taste is soil fertility and nutrient balance. It is best to give it to the analysis in the agrochemical laboratory and get the results of the analysis with recommendations for the application of fertilizers. Excess or lack of any elements can spoil not only the taste, but also worsen the quality of the root.Nantes, Children, my bunny.

How to plant carrots before winter?

Carrots give good yields only on loose soil. Ideal loamy, suspended, floodplain soils with slightly acidic or neutral reaction, with a high content of organic substances,

  • Nantes-4.
  • From the moment of sowing the seeds to harvest, carrots are fed only two times. The first feeding is carried out three weeks after the emergence of shoots, the second - two months later. Fertilize carrots with liquid dressings.
  • These are the most popular varieties that grow gardeners at the same time - in spring. When planting carrots at this time of year it is necessary to consider its ripening time.

Choose early varieties of carrots.

On the same bed you can get several harvests, if you plan the planting correctly for the maturity of the plants. That one plant replaced another and the bed was not empty.

If you sprinkle a few seeds, the seeds will not sprout or the seedlings will be rare - this is the main difficulty in growing carrots, so they came up with such methods of planting as:

If the plants are located too close, then thinning can damage the remaining roots, which is why it is recommended to sow the carrot not thickly.

Not bad, if the predecessors in the garden before the carrots were beets, cabbage or early potatoes.

And third, agricultural technology. It is necessary to follow the classic, well-known recommendations for soil preparation, planting, density, watering, loosening, harvesting and storage. It makes no sense to repeat them, they are in all articles and books on carrot cultivation, the only thing that of all the activities significantly affects the taste, is watering . With a lack of watering carrots will be rough and can even taste bitter. И убирать морковь нужно вовремя, как только она созрела. Передержка вкуса не улучшает. Лучше посеять разные сорта с разным сроком созревания.​

​Нантская​ ​участок должен быть огорожен от ветра,​

​Очень вкусный и холодостойкий сорт, отлично растет не только на благодатной почве, но и в более тяжелых условиях. С момента появления первых всходов до момента сбора урожая пройдет всего лишь 2 месяца.​

​Есть несколько вариантов, как можно подкормить морковь:​

  1. ​Опытные садоводы высаживают одновременно несколько сортов, чтобы получить урожай ранних и поздних корнеплодов.​
  2. ​к содержанию статьи ↑​
  3. Let me remind you that you need to plant carrots around onions to fight pests. A neighborhood with related plants, umbrella of carrots does not like.

Varieties of carrots maturing

Sowing carrots carried out in early spring (starting in April). The first early carrot can be enjoyed at the end of May - early June (from the moment of emergence of shoots to full maturity, 60 to 80 days should pass). It has a pleasant taste, but does not differ in long shelf life (quality lasts no longer than two weeks). In addition to the root, rich in vitamins, you can use and young tops. Popular early varieties of carrots: Bangor, News, Orange Muscat, Nantes-4, Favorite, Shantane 2461, Amsterdam, Nantes-14, Helen, Fairy, Parisian carrot.

The ripening period of medium carrots is 80-115 days. This category includes Bolteks, Geranda, Leander, Rogneda, Forto.

Popular varieties of late carrots: Golden Autumn, Emperor, Berlikum Royal, Scarle, Narbonne, Alenka, Dolyanka, Morevna, Canada, Cascade. Harvest can be stored all winter.

advise to choose a variety of carrots for planting

To plant a carrot smoothly, you can buy or make a paper tape with seeds glued with starch glue. All you need to do in the spring is to spread the ribbon along the furrow and prikat it with earth. This is the smoothest way, although it will take a lot of time to spend on it. It is much easier to place the seeds in the salt shaker with large holes and shake over the prepared grooves. Whatever method you choose, sowing carrots in the spring will end in thinning anyway!

Elmira Naumova

For sowing carrot seeds you need to choose the right place. This garden crop prefers to grow on a sunny plot. Growing in shallow areas significantly reduces its yield and taste. For carrots suitable area, which will be illuminated by the sun throughout the day.

There are proven varieties and hybrids of carrots with guaranteed germination and tasty sweet fruits. These are hybrids: Kalina, Canada, Chinese beauty, Kirina, varieties: Pharaoh, Peasant, Naniko, Mo.

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Boris Stepanov

Carrot loves to sit long in the ground - sometimes shoots appear almost a month later. At this time, weeds are already rampant on the beds, so some summer residents sow lettuce or spinach seeds along with carrots, which serve as beacons for the gardener. In the planning of the garden, keep in mind that the best predecessors for the root crop are tomatoes, cabbage and potatoes.

But to sow carrots must be rare lines, fill the grooves with peat and water carefully.

How to plant carrots, so that it was large and sweet?

Fall Queen of Autumn, you will not lose. Large, tasty, well kept

If before the onset of stable cold weather the seeds have time to germinate, then all the seedlings will die, so it is best to plant the carrots in already slightly frozen soil, for example, at the end of November. And the preparation of the soil itself is best completed by mid-October.

Less sweet variety, it ripens not as fast as Nantes carrots, but it tolerates not only cold, but also the lack of the necessary amount of water.


In one bucket of water dissolve two glasses of wood ash.In the process of planting this crop should be considered crop rotation. This plant is not recommended to be planted in the same place for several years.

New varieties of carrots:This method of sowing is very convenient - the carrot seeds on the tape are located at a certain distance from each other and you will not need to calculate at what distance to put the seed in the soil. Planting carrots on a ribbon is very simple - put a ribbon with seeds into the prepared groove, roll it along the entire length. Then you sprinkle with earth and seal the landings (you can pat the board on the ground covered with earth) and water it, the paper tape disintegrates by itself.

On a ribbon.As soon as the first leaves appeared, you should take up thinning. Many gardeners are in no hurry, waiting for the roots to become edible. However, this is a mistake that will reduce your harvest at times - the roots will interfere with each other, deform and linger in development. Therefore, after the first thinning, leave 3-4 cm between plants, after three weeks, double the distance. Each thinning should end with abundant watering.

To make the carrots large, you need to plant the seeds so that there is about 6 cm distance between two seeds, and you need to make the ground very loose to a depth of 20 cm. But I don’t need to try to make the carrot too big, too large carrots (or rather too thick) are rarely sweet and tasty. The sweetness of carrots depends largely on the variety, and not on how it was planted.​2​

Svetlana 100

Plant a few. and then in the new season you will already know which ones are better suited for you.

To begin with, the soil is cleaned of plant residues and deep plowing is carried out. During plowing, fertilizers are applied: per square meter of soil - 2 kg of rotted pus, 25 g of superphosphate and 10 g of potassium salt.

Fifteen grams of urea and double superphosphate are mixed with twenty grams of potassium nitrate. The mixture is diluted in one bucket of water.

The best forerunners of carrots are cabbage, onions, potatoes, garlic, cucumbers or tomatoes. You can not grow carrots in the area where previously grew parsley, dill, celery or parsnips.

Early - Sister, Mother in Law, Crunchy,

kitsune tenko

How to plant carrots so as not to thin out: choose a planting method either on the tape or in granules according to the 5 x 5 cm scheme. To the content of the article

Then sprinkle on top of the ground and pat on the landings, and again pour plenty of crops. Waiting for the emergence of carrots takes a long time, but like all the plants of the umbrella family. This usually happens after a good rain, apparently it is necessary that the seed is saturated with moisture in order to grow. Although in the literature they write that at a temperature of + 8 ° C, carrot seedlings appear in 25–30 days). To accelerate germination, cover the bed with lutrasil.

In principle, it is necessary to water the beds with this root crop regularly, in warm, sunny weather at least once a week for a bucket of water per square meter of beds.

To make the carrot sweet, you need to pick up the seeds, now there are many varieties of high sweetness. For myself, I found a good grade ALTAI PAQUE. Root crops grow medium size, small heart, juicy, sweet. When the plants reach several centimeters, the carrots must be broken through, leaving the plants so that the distance is two to three centimeters.

.A how the size of a carrot will be, its seeding (planting) really affects:

The Queen of Autumn or Losinoostrovskaya, both varieties are sweet and the carrots are large, well kept and suitable for canning,

If the soil is not loose, but heavy, semi-decomposed sawdust is introduced into it (fresh will only spoil the layer).

Carrots for the winter: varieties

In the middle or in the end of October, when warming is not expected, it is possible to sow winter carrots. The most famous varieties: Nantes 4 and Shantane-2461. Good yields gives Vitamin 6.

Carrot variety Losinoostrovskaya 13

Losinoostrovskaya has earned excellent recommendations. 13. The color of root vegetables is standard, the core is poorly expressed. The length of the carrot is about 15 cm, the average weight is 70-120 g, the shape is cylindrical. Harvest can be stored.

Recommendations by region

The climate of central Russia has characteristics such as a moderately humid summer and a winter rich in snow. Optimal carrot varieties for Moscow region and for central Russia: Moscow Winter, Callisto, Vitamin 6, Shantane 2461, Losinoostrovskaya 13, Incomparable, Autumn Queen, Nantes 4, Tushon, Amsterdam, Altai shortened.

In cold regions, conditions are more severe: strong winds, winter frosts and cool springs limit the range of plant varieties. The best carrot varieties for Siberia and the Urals: Alenka, Amsterdam, Belgian White, Fun F1, Tushon, Viking, Vitamin 6, Canada F1, Leander.

Carrots: varieties suitable for storage

Root crops that are not related to early varieties, you can lay in winter storage. The following varieties and hybrids are recognized as the best: Flakoro, Ascania, Samson, Nigel, Forto, Basel, Cascade.

Carrot variety Moscow zinyaya

The Moscow winter winter variety withstands excellent storage. Root vegetables are painted orange, have a blunt-conical shape. Their average weight is 100-170 g. In length, they reach 15-16 cm. In terms of ripening, this variety is considered to be mid-season. Root vegetables have a very pleasant taste. About 5 kg of carrots can be harvested per square meter.

Sweet carrot varieties

Sweet varieties of carrots are especially recommended to be used by children and people working at a computer - there is a lot of not only sugars in such root vegetables, but also carotene. Such varieties as the Emperor, Nastena, Children's sweetness, Children's joy, Krasa maiden are considered the sweetest.

Carrot variety Karotan

Excellent taste characteristics inherent in the variety of carrots Karotan. Root crops in length reach 25 cm. They are rather large (average weight - 150-220 g), sweet and juicy. The variety has a universal purpose (any processing methods are available, winter storage is possible). The ripening period is late, the color of the roots is orange.

Varieties of large carrots

Carrots are considered large, weighing at least 200-350 g, and their length reaches 20-30 cm. This category includes Losinostrovskaya, Amsterdam, Nandrin F1 varieties, Russian size, Nantes 4, Canada F1, Lakomka.

Samson carrot variety

The variety Samson has an average ripening time, the seeds are characterized by high germination. Cylindrical roots are not only large, but very sweet. The flesh is colored in a rich orange color. The core is mild. The length of the carrots of this variety reaches 16-20 cm, and the weight is 200 g.

Color carrots: varieties

In addition to the usual orange carrots in your garden you can grow colored root vegetables. White is inherent in Belgian White, red in Delicacy, Joba and Pharaoh, yellow in Yellowstone, and purple in Rainbow Mix and F1 haze.

Variety carrots Dragon

Violet carrots with orange core look original - variety Dragon. In terms of ripening such carrots are early. In length, root crops reach 20–25 cm. Their taste is spicy, very sweet, the aroma is specific (it disappears after cooking).

Coreless carrots

The grades of carrots without a core are not so many (more precisely, they are not at all - there are varieties with a weakly expressed, almost imperceptible core). The following varieties can be mentioned: Praline without a core, Longu Rote (red long without a core), Karotinka.

Carrot variety Red long without core

Long red - carrot variety of late ripening. The cylindrical root crop 22-24 cm long is painted in red-orange color. The taste of carrots in this variety is very pleasant. The variety is suitable for winter storage and gives stable yields.

Carrots for juice: varieties

Varieties of juicy carrots are ideal for making healthy juice. The greatest interest are such varieties as the Queen of Autumn, Callisto F1, Forto, Losinoostrovskaya, Tushon, Manikor, Dunyasha, Charmer.

Carrot Favorite

Favorite - this sort of carrot became famous for its juicy and sweet pulp. The ripening period of mid-early root crops, but if the seeds are planted in the second half of June, the crop can be stored in winter. The carrot has medium size, the shape of the root is cylindrical, the root tip is flat, the color is orange. The root mass can reach 170 g.

Carrots are a popular vegetable in the world. It is not only tasty, but also immensely healthy. A variety of varieties allows you to choose the most successful option for any region.

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Carrots rotting in the cellar - a problem faced by many gardeners. There are many reasons for spoiling the root, it is an infection in the cellar, dampness and high temperature of the air during storage. But in most cases, flabby carrots in winter is the wrong choice of variety.

The best varieties of carrots for winter storage

Carrot harvest

Every spring summer residents have a question, how among the abundance of beautiful seed bags to find the best carrots for storage for the winter. Many people choose the photo on the package, and this is wrong. To begin, we will get acquainted with the most old-fashioned species. Then we will find out, by what principle a variety should be chosen, in winter it is well preserving taste and presentation.

Sweet Carrot Varieties

The best root vegetables for baby food are sweet. They bring more benefits because of the high percentage of carotene. Among the later varieties of sweet and able to be stored for a long time can be identified:

Carrot Sweet Carrot

World-famous carrots, rich in carotene. It is recommended to use as raw materials for processing. Carotan is stored for a long time, its characteristics are: saturated orange color, cross-section diameter from 5 cm, root length not less than 25 cm.

Carrot variety Favorite

Sweet, perfect cylindrical shape. Matured roots have an average length (15 cm) and weight (160 g), is stored well. When sowing in the fall, Favorite gives an early harvest in years, rich in rainfall, does not crack.

Already in June you can feast on fresh fruits, if in early spring you plant an early variety with a growing season from 80 to 90 days. You can pick a productive variety that will feed the family in the summer and will be well kept in the cellar.

Early carrot Tushon

These are cylindrical, thin root crops, average indicators of length 15 cm, weight - 100 g. Productivity - 5 kg / m². For winter consumption, you can sow in mid-June. For early root crops recommend autumn sowing (October, November).

Carrot variety Artek

Easy to care early grade. Artek can be well kept in the cellar. Maroon-orange root vegetables with an average weight of 150 g and a length of 15 cm do not rot, juicy, tasty. For summer consumption, fruits are ready in 1.5 months.

Carrot variety Fun F1

Early hybrid, ideal for summer beam products. Can be grown for winter consumption. Root vegetables are bright orange, not large from 50 g, have an average length.

For the manufacture of healthy juice and Korean dishes large carrot is good. Here are the varieties that need to pay attention in the next season:

Large carrots Canada F1

Unpretentious middle-late hybrid, gives good yields on heavy soil. Fruit weight from 130 to 500 g, length 20 cm, in cross section up to 5 cm. The plant is characterized by a sweet, juicy orange pulp.

Russian size

Carrot variety Russian size

A variety that on light, fertile soils yields a crop of root crops weighing up to 1 kg. Norm for carrots - large diameter (6 cm). The length is also not small - from 25 to 30 cm.

Nandrin F1

Carrots grade Nandrin F1

Popular among farmers hybrid from Dutch breeders. Short growing season up to 100 days. Carrots with a small core, a cylindrical shape, does not crack. The average weight of Nandrin F1 150 g. In length, roots grow up to 20 cm.


Prolonged storage is not only the right choice of carrots. This is the optimal time for planting, proper care. and choosing the best way to store root vegetables.

What gardener or summer resident does not dream of a good harvest of hand-grown vegetables? Therefore, one of the first questions that arises in farmers with the onset of spring is: which large varieties of carrots should be selected for sowing in their own area.

Carrot is a vegetable rich in healthy minerals and vitamins. The plant contains a lot of carotene (vitamin A), which is very useful for the human body. It is also an indispensable ingredient in many dishes.

Carrot Tushon

A popular early ripe grade of carrots for an open ground. From sowing to harvest takes 70-90 days.

Root crops are aligned, cylindrical, with bright orange-red inner and outer coloring. Root length 18-20 cm, weight 80-150 grams, the surface is smooth with small eyes. The flesh is juicy, with a very high content of carotene, excellent taste.

Yield carrots Tushon: 3.5-4.5 kg / sq.m (subject to the agrotechnology).

This carrot is intended for fresh use and processing.

Carrots Children's sweetness

Sredneranny grade of carrots. Rosette leaves half-sprawling. The leaf is green to dark green, medium cut.

The roots of medium length, cylindrical, the tip is slightly pointed (Amsterdam cultivar type). The core and flesh is red, sweet, juicy, excellent taste. The average weight of a root is 90-130 grams. This carrot is recommended for fresh use and for beam products.

Productivity of carrots Children's sweetness - up to 6 kg of fruits from 1 square. meter landings.

Carrot variety Children's sweetness is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation to the Central Black Earth Region.

Carrot Alenka

Sredneranny, high-yielding grade of carrots. The ripening period is 90-100 days. Root crops 12-16 cm long, with a diameter of 3-4 cm, with fragrant, sweet pulp.

Сорт Аленка обладает отличной лежкостью, поэтому хорошо сохраняется всю зиму.

Устойчив он практически ко всем болезням, морковь не растрескивается. Может выращиваться во всех регионах.

Урожайность моркови Аленка: до 10 кг/кв.м. (при правильной агротехнике).

Морковь Нандрин

Раннеспелый, высокоурожайный гибрид моркови. Период от полных всходов до технической спелости составляет 75-95 дней.

Корнеплоды крупные, выровненные, цилиндрической формы, длинной 15-20 см, в стадии зрелости оранжево-красные, с сочной мякотью, богатые каротином.

Ценность carrots Nandrin F: early ripeness, stable yield, the ability to use root vegetables both fresh and for processing and long-term storage.

Yield carrots Nandrin: 4.6 - 6.7 kg per square meter meter landings.

Abaco Carrots

The early ripe Dutch hybrid of carrots, belonging to a sanktotip shantane. The period from full germination to maturity is about 85 days.

Root crops are uniform, saturated orange color, up to 16 cm long.
Carrots Abaco F1 resistant to bolting, and the roots are resistant to cracking.

The hybrid is intended, first of all, for receiving fresh production. But also well kept and suitable for industrial processing.

Productivity of carrots Abaco - up to 4 kg of fruits from 1 square. meter landings.

The Abaco F1 carrot hybrid is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation to the Central Region. Originator: Monsanto

Vitamin 6 Carrots

Mid-season variety of carrots, from germination to harvest takes 80-100 days.

Root crops are red-orange, cylindrical, obtuse, fully immersed in the soil, 17-19 cm long, weighing 100-165 grams. Their surface is smooth, with small eyes.

The merits of the variety: good taste, high content of carotene. The variety is resistant to tsvetushnosti, has good keeping quality.

Productivity of carrots Vitamin - up to 10 kg per 1 sq. M. m

Carrot Carotel

Legendary mid-season carrot variety, which occupies a leading position among all varieties by yield (up to 7 kg / sq. M). The period from germination to fruiting is 80-100 days.

Carrot varieties Karotel can be grown in all regions. Root crops are orange, cylindrical, obtuse, up to 14 cm long, weighing about 100 grams.

The flesh of carrots is juicy, tender, with good taste. The increased content of carotene in root vegetables makes them indispensable for the preparation of children's and medical nutrition.

Productivity of carrots Karotel up to 7 kg from 1 square. m

Carrots of this variety are well kept until the new harvest.

Carrots Red box

Mid-season carrot variety. The period from germination to maturity is 75-86 days.

The roots of conical shape with a slightly pointed tip (Shantane variety), short (11-16 cm long). The bark, flesh and core are intense orange. The flesh is juicy, has a high content of carotene, sugars, the almost complete absence of bitterness. The average weight of a root is 97-170 g.

Variety resistant to rifle, suitable for podzyme and early planting dates. Late seeding is recommended for storage.

Productivity of carrots Red box - up to 4 kg from 1 square. m, at the level of the standards of Incomparable and Shantene 2461. The maximum yield - 7 kg of fruit from 1 square. meter

The variety of carrots Red box is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation of the North Caucasus and the Lower Volga regions.

Carrot Shantaine Royal

Medium late fruited variety of universal purpose. The ripening period is 110-120 days.

Root crops are smooth, leveled in length, conical shape, 15-17 cm long, 3.5-5 cm in diameter, saturated orange color.

Variety Shantane resistant to colorflow, suitable for cultivation on all types of soil. Carrots of this variety are intended for fresh consumption, processing and long-term storage (retains a good appearance for up to 9 months).

Yield of carrots Shantere Royal - up to 9 kg per 1 sq. M. m

Carrot Red Giant

Late variety of universal use, derived in Germany. The period from full germination to technical ripeness is 110-130 days.

Root crops of conical shape, 22-24 cm long, red (pulp is also red). The average weight of a root about 100 g

Yield carrots Red giant: 2.1-3.7 kg per 1 sq. M.

This variety is ideal for long term storage.

Carrots Queen of Autumn description

Popular middle late variety of carrots. 120 days pass from germination to ripening.

Root crops are red-orange, cylindrical in shape, 20-22 cm long, aligned, of a good presentation. The flesh is sweet, tasty, aromatic.

The merits of the variety: good taste, excellent keeping quality of root crops. Variety resistant to tsvetushnosti.

Productivity of carrots Queen of autumn: 8.5-9 kg / sq.m.

For early harvest, it is recommended to sow carrots before winter.

Carrot Emperor

Late-season carrot variety for fresh use and processing. Rosette leaves half-sprawling. The leaf is long, green with shallow to medium dissected.

Root crops are cylindrical, very long, with a runoff to the summit (Berlikum type). The core and bark are red, juicy, of excellent taste. The average weight of a root is 80-190 g.

Yield carrot yield at the standard standard Nantes 4. Maximum yield of 4 kg per 1 square. m

Carrot variety The Emperor is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation to the Central Region for growing in LPH.

Originator: Russian Seeds, Search. Carrot seeds are produced granulated, on tape and in bulk.

Carrots Incomparable, characteristic

Medium late carrot variety. The period from sowing to harvesting is 104-130 days.

Root crops 17 cm long, weighing up to 200 g, with excellent tastes.

Virtues of the variety: resistance to tsvetushnosti, high keeping quality, high content of carotene. Seeding is recommended for the winter.

Productivity of carrots Incomparable - up to 7 kg per 1 sq. M. m

We recommend purchasing carrot seeds of excellent quality in the online store “Gardens of Russia”.

What varieties of carrots would you recommend to our readers? What varieties do you consider most productive? After all, everyone wants to grow varieties of large, flat and, moreover, sweet carrots. What do you plant more: varieties or hybrids? Please share your opinion in the comments. If possible, attach to a comment photo of carrots you have grown. Thank.

Your reviews about carrot varieties will help many gardeners to pick only the best varieties for planting.

Large early ripening (early) varieties

  1. Nantes 4 - root crops of classic color, have an elongated shape with a blunt nose, the maximum length is 12 - 17 cm, the average weight is from 50 to 170 grams. Crop harvested as early as 55 days after the first shoots. Carrots are tasty, juicy. But this species grows well only on light, sandy soils.
  2. Belladonna - one of the high-yielding varieties, ripens in 75 - 80 days. The length of the root reaches 19 cm, the flesh is intense orange color. Sowing can be repeated after the first harvest. Also, "Beauty" is used for landing in the winter.
  3. Lagoon f 1 - one of the novelties of early varieties of carrots, which has a wonderful taste. Vegetables are smooth, oblong in shape, average length - 17-20 cm. Harvest period from 65 to 85 days.
  4. Nandrin F 1 - A particularly popular variety among farmers. Good taste, high yield. Plant elongated, weighing up to 300 grams, up to 20 cm long. The surface is smooth, smooth, color is orange-red. Nandrin is resistant to disease and cracking. Collected after 75 - 100 days.

It is interesting: The famous root vegetable got its orange color as a result of the crossing by different species of this plant by the Dutch breeders. Peter I brought him to Russia along with potatoes, radishes and other strange vegetables.

Large mid-season varieties

  1. Calisto F 1 - a hybrid, has the shape of a cone with a blunt tail. The flesh is a bright color. Root vegetables are even with a lot of eyes, 18-25 cm long, with an average weight of up to 180 grams. High-yielding variety, well kept in winter. The ripening period is 90 - 110 days.
  2. Losinoostrovskaya 13 - oblong roots of bright orange color. The flesh is juicy, sweet. It grows well on loamy and sandy soils, loves lighted areas. Average length - more than 15 cm, weight - 110 grams. Carrots have good keeping quality.
  3. Viking - variety containing a large amount of carbohydrate-carotene. The flesh is bright orange. The shape of the root cone with a sharp end. It grows up to 20 cm in length, gaining weight 100 - 200 grams. The disadvantage is short storage.
  4. Vitamin 6 - ripens in 80 - 110 days. The length of the root - 15 - 20 cm, the average weight of 70 - 170 grams, cylindrical shape with a blunt end, the pulp is sweet, sugar. Suitable for cultivation on peat, mineral soils. Stability is average.

Note: To avoid branching, cracking and deformation of root crops, it is necessary to plant the crop in the soil, which was fertilized with manure no earlier than two years ago. Do not make chlorine and nitrogen supplements.

Large late-ripening varieties

  1. Canada F 1 - the high-yielding hybrid possessing good tastes and excellent lezhkost. Root crops of semi-conic shape with a pointed tip. “Canada” has gained popularity due to the fact that it gives a good harvest even on loamy soils. The weight of the vegetable reaches 170 grams, and the average length is 18 - 20 cm. It is characterized by a high content of carotene and resistance to diseases. Feedback from gardeners can be judged on the fact that this particular type is the most popular and beloved.
  2. Shantane 2461 - One of the most popular varieties of carrots. Ripens in 130 days and is perfectly stored in the winter. Vegetables are large, conical in shape, weight up to 250 grams, length - 15 cm, diameter - 8 cm.
  3. Nevis F 1 - the hybrid ripening for 110 - 130 days. Conical root crops with a blunt nose, have a flat, smooth surface and a weight of up to 165 grams. It is resistant to most diseases, well kept in winter.
  4. Flaccoro - the roots are elongated, the end is elongated, the flesh and the core are of a rich orange color. Length - 18 -28 cm, weight - 130 - 200 grams. Crop harvested in 110-130 days. Carrots are well kept until spring.

For how to care for sown carrots, see the video: