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How to choose a swing Nest or do it yourself - a review of models in size, characteristics and cost


A simple way to take a child is to buy or build a swing for him. Kids of different ages love to ride them, and adults are not against going back to childhood and “flying” a little. Purchased designs are very diverse, so choose the desired model is not difficult. Craftsmen can please their children, having built for them entertainment on their own from various materials.

Swing history

It is not known for certain who invented the first swing, but there is information that they were used in ancient Greece. Presumably ancestor of this design there was a baby cradle suspended by a woman on a strong branch of a tree in order to calm her child. In the 19th century, swings were popular among the nobility, young people on dates eagerly swayed on them in the garden, admiring the sunset and enjoying the singing of birds. In our time, the swings have not lost their relevance, but first of all they remained entertainment for children.

Many models have been invented, and various materials are used to make them. The structures have become an element of the dacha design, even if children have long grown up in a family, children's rope swings in the garden characterize the owners as interesting, romantic and extraordinary people.

What is a nest swing

Spider Web or Nest design - swing, which have many different names: basket, web, oval, stork nest, swing. Their main advantage is security. The child can gently swing himself or with the help of adults. On swing can swing at once several children. In comparison with conventional fixtures, the nest is hung across the beam, and less space is required for swinging.

Design features

Reliable product design is made in the form of a large circle or oval. Inside the mesh is placed (for seating). The oval is held on metal stands with the help of several ropes. From above you can lay a blanket to use swing as a hammock. The nest is made of durable material, so it can withstand a large weight of several children. The advantage of this product is a water-repellent fabric, through which you can mount the "nest" on the street or in the apartment.

How to choose a round swing gossamer

Unusual swings Spiderwebs are a decorative addition to the playground. The appearance of the device will attract neighbors and their children. The height of the product is chosen at will - it can be adjusted for both an adult and a small child. The nest can also be an addition to the suburban area in the children's corner. When choosing a model, it is recommended to pay attention to:

  • manufacturer,
  • availability of support
  • maximum load
  • material of manufacture.


The first country producing the Nest swing is Belgium. The company "KW" produces children's playground equipment for playgrounds: slides, ropes for climbing, spring weights. Today there are already domestic models that are presented in online stores. Adaptations are suitable for a corner of entertainment of kids in the house, the apartment, at the dacha. Options equipment playgrounds can be seen in the photo.


Thanks to the convenient design, the product can be hung on the street, cottage or at home. It all depends on the size of the proposed design. There are several sizes of product models:

  • A small model can be hung not only on the street, but also in the house, but the downside is that a large number of children will not fit on it (for example, KBT Multi-seat “Oval”).
  • Medium and large can only be hung in the yard. The advantage of this type is the placement of a large number of children on a single product (for example, Swing Nest Hit M 1200 mm).

Presence of support

The fixture has a certain support. It is made from dry glued timber of different heights. The manufacturer provides at least 60 cm in plus to the main size for laying in the ground. The design is in the shape of the letter "A". In the middle there is a circle with a grid on which to sit. As an example, pay attention to the model of the swing nest garden Heath 120 cm on

Another option (suspended) - hang on a specific design (if the house - hook in the ceiling, if the street - a tree or beam). On such a construction, the support assumes a cord or rope on which the seat is attached. Before buying it is recommended to pay attention to the quality of the rope, the maximum weight. An excellent choice is the Samson Nest swing model, presented on the Ozonsport website.

Maximum load

The maximum allowable load depends on the type of swing. That is, if the finished models have a small size, then a maximum of 2-3 children will sit on the seat - a lot of weight can lead to a quick breakdown of the product (round hanging swing Nest on Sportpauer). The product holds up to 6 children on the seat, while the robust frame will not break, and the cords that hold the seat will not crack (for example, “Igragrad 120 cm Multicolored Nest” on Papadzha’s website).

Manufacturing material

When making a round swing, the Nest selects only high-quality and reliable materials, such as metal pipes of various diameters, which provide additional accurate fixation of the “web” (for example, Samson Nest Hit). The seat is wrapped in a net of decorative cords, and to provide additional comfort, you can purchase a synthetic pillow with a filler. The support frame is made of wooden bars (garden model "Nest" Hit 120 cm).

Buy a round swing with a grid - a review of models

You can buy Swing Nest in any store. However, not all models are available in one or another outlet. Paying attention to the above criteria for selecting a product, you can find on the Internet suitable models that can make your yard or apartment even more comfortable. The following are products that are popular among kids and can be bought in the online store.

Cloud castle

The big garden swing “Cloud castle” has the following dimensions - 1500 / 2000х1100х850 mm. Suspended climbing safety rope, its length can be adjusted from 1 to 2.5 m. The device can withstand a maximum load of 100 kg. The body is made of metal - steel pipe with a polymer color, which prevents the appearance of corrosion. The frame is about 90 mm thick.

Unusual products Hit have two functions: they can rotate around one axis or swing on two. The main characteristics of the model:

  • maximum load 200 kg
  • product diameter of about 1.2 m,
  • Silicone sleeves have holes that protect the wiping of the rope,
  • the base is made of steel pipe (wall thickness - 1.5 mm),
  • the seat weave them a twisted polyamide rope (8 mm), which provides strength,
  • suspensions are made of a three-strand rope (thickness 15 mm), which makes the device reliable.

Play garden

The diameter of the round swing-nest Play Garden is 1 m, and the length of the ropes is 2 m. The destination is for children over 3 years old. They can be hung in the yard and at home. The kit includes:

  • rope (4 pieces),
  • Swing Nest (1 piece),
  • steel galvanized carbine mounts (2 pieces),
  • galvanized steel ring carbine (4 pieces).

Hanging swings have a special pillow for greater convenience. The design is resistant to environmental influences, as they are made of safe and high-quality materials:

  • frame diameter - 61 mm,
  • maximum hanging height - 2 m,
  • maximum load - 150 kg.

Multiplace KW

KWT’s popular multi-site “Nest” is made of reliable materials that are resistant to various mechanical damage and high or low temperatures. For sitting use a rope rope, and fastening - galvanized steel. Main characteristics:

  • size of construction - 75x835x1080 mm,
  • the diameter of the rope is 1 cm
  • maximum load - 150 kg.

Suspended Samson with Mesh

The average Samson swing swing can be placed in the yard or at home. They are cheaper than models with fastening on wooden beams, but no less reliable. You can seat 2 children, although the product is considered to be single. Ropes are able to protect the structure from falling. The main characteristics of the model:

  • maximum load - 100 kg,
  • seat dimensions - 100x100 cm, weight - up to 8 kg,
  • a wire nest mesh (8 mm) is wound on the basket frame,
  • rope for fastening the basket - 18 mm,
  • main fixing rope –18 mm,
  • frame material - metal.

With a tent Hudora

Suspended swing from the manufacturer Hudora equipped with a tent and have a frame made of polypropylene pipe. They can swing with one axis of rotation. The product can be used at home or on the street. Main characteristics:

  • removable tent has windows and its size - 123 cm,
  • height can be adjusted from 1.4 to 1.9 m,
  • maximum load - 100 kg,
  • product dimensions - 110 cm.

Sport Elite WHSW002-110

Round swing from the Sport Elite WHSW002-110 rope has overall dimensions of F60xF60xH5 cm. When using the extra pillow, it can be used as a cradle seat. The fastening rings are located along the edges of the ropes, they can be used to hang a swing on the hooks of the house, in the yard on any support. The product is suitable for children over 3 years. Specifications:

  • frame material - 10 mm PE, steel F25 / 1.1,
  • powder-coated metal frame,
  • maximum load - 100 kg.

How to do it yourself

The design of the non-folding product Nest simple, you can create it with your own hands. The first step in creating a swing is that you have to weave the seat. The main task is to completely cover the surface of the hoops. In order to make a chair, you must follow the step by step instructions:

  1. You will need two metal hoops of different diameters, which can be taken from the bicycle wheels. For sitting, you need a diameter of up to 70 cm, and for a back - 110 cm.
  2. Next, take the 900 m cord to be used for weaving, 12 m sling, 2 thick cords to connect the rings, 2 wooden rods, tape measure, scissors, work gloves.
  3. Hoops for the manufacture of chairs should have a cross section of 35 mm. Such metal-plastic pipes have a metal sheath inside, which increases the strength of the structure. For the frame, you can use PVC pipes.
  4. For weaving the seat is suitable polyamide cord with a polypropylene core. Thickness - up to 4 mm. Its advantage is a soft surface, the ability to create dense knots that will not stretch during use.
  5. For 1 meter of stroke, you must take 40 meters of cord to create tight turns. They need to be applied with good tension, and for greater density every 15-20 turns should be done tightening with effort. If you want to do the winding of a rope in the form of a dream catcher, make large gaps between the ties, using durable textiles. To make a swing for children, you can use colored ropes.

The second stage is the weaving of the grid. To do this, you can use any form of weaving, but often use macrame technique - “chess”. Weaving scheme can be found on the Internet. The main thing - keep track of the tension of the cord. From the free nodes you can make a fringe at the edges. Another important detail is the assembly of the structure. Finished hoops need to be fixed from one edge and wrap around the structures with a single cord. The last stage is to design the back of the chair. Weaving need to start from the top of the back and down to the seat.

The design can be strengthened with two thick cords that will connect the seat with the backrest. On the seat you can put a pillow with different upholstery. You can add to the finished product using a complete set of mosquito nets. The finished structure with a grid attached elements of suspension. The ropes on which you plan to hang the socket can be replaced on the chain.

By production material

At the mention of the phrase "baby swings" in the head there is an image of an ordinary wooden plank suspended from ropes. Modern constructions can be made from a variety of different materials, such as:

  • Wood is an environmentally friendly material, absolutely safe for the child, wooden swings are most common. When using them, you need to pay attention to the quality of surface treatment so that the kid will not drive a splinter during the ride.
  • Iron - iron products are the most durable and reliable, they can ride not only children, but also adults, and with great weight. The disadvantages of iron structures can be attributed to their bulkiness and susceptibility to corrosion. Metal must be periodically treated with anti-corrosion compounds, painted so that it does not rust or smear clothes. Also, when riding you need to carefully monitor the kids so that they do not get injured from the swinging part of the metal structure.
  • Fabric - fabric swings are the lightest, they are most often used for riding babies, as the fabric can withstand low weight. For ease of sitting, fabric products are equipped with stiffening ribs; for safety, purchase models have belts with clasps.
  • Plastic - a modern material, lightweight and easy to clean. Plastic is easy to clean, has many colors that are appreciated when you make children's playgrounds. When buying a plastic swing, you need to pay attention to the quality of the material: it must have a safety certificate, it should not smell unpleasant. Plastic for outdoor use must be frost-resistant; if it does not have this quality, it will be brought into the room for the winter.

According to the place and method of installation

All structures for riding can be installed either on the street or indoors.

  • Street facilities - they are installed at playgrounds in the city, in the country. The place for installation must be chosen in such a way that during the ride there is no interference. The area around should be open, in the area of ​​scope there should not be other play structures so that other children during the game are not injured.
  • Swings for rooms - they are installed in apartments, houses or gaming centers. Usually these are small constructions designed for riding very young children.

According to the installation method, two groups of structures can be distinguished:

  1. Suspended - have two parts: the seat and suspension. On the street, they are usually hung from a powerful branch of a tree. If the swing is intended for home use, the suspension is fixed on the ceiling, in the doorway.
  2. Floor - their design is U-shaped, on the crossbar, which is fixed on two bases, the seat is suspended. Floor models can be installed on the street and at home, home designs are usually designed for kids up to three years.

By design

There are such types of swings:

  • Stalls - the seat is a plate for the seat, the simplest design when it does not have a back. Also the shop can be equipped with a back and armrests.
  • Sofas - a seat in the form of a bench with a back lined with soft material, soft volume pillows can be laid on the back and the seat. On such a swing, several people can ride at the same time, some models are transformed into a double berth, which is very convenient if you need to accommodate guests who came to the country in the summer.
  • Hammocks - can be made in the form of a fabric bag suspended from the base, or in the form of a conventional hammock - a grid stretched between two supports.
  • Balancers - such models are designed for riding at the same time two children. The swing is a crossbar mounted on a low pole, the children sit on both ends of the crossbar and roll up and down, outweighing one another.

We build swings by ourselves

To build a swing for children to the country, you must first determine the place where they will be installed: it should be a spacious placeIt is advisable to have a good overview for observing adults during a game.

The next step is to determine the type of construction and material of manufacture. If there are young children under ten years old in the house, it is better to refuse a model in the form of a plate on ropes, since it will be difficult for kids to hold onto them on their own.

Options that you can easily do yourself:

  • Swing balancer - for their manufacture take a strong board with a length of about three meters. Board clean, smooth sanding. The hinge is fastened to the middle, along the edges are seats in the form of wide plates and handles. A pole is driven into the ground at a depth of 0.5 m, a part above the ground has a height of 40-50 cm. The hinge is fixed on a support, the finished structure is decorated with drawings or funny figures.
  • Suspended swing - for their manufacture take a solid wooden base, for example, the seat of an old chair with a back. If it is planned that the kids will ride, in order to increase safety, they attach round slats so that the child cannot fall forward. Сиденье прикрепляют к прочным веревкам, хорошо, если найдутся железные цепи — тогда кататься смогут и взрослые.The construction is suspended on a tree, if it is possible, it is better to build a wooden or iron base - supports with a crossbar) for hanging the seat.

A great option for hanging models is a metal hoop, braided with a net using macrame technique. On such a swing, you can lie, kids can even spend on them a lunchtime nap in the fresh air.

It is easy to build a swing for your child, with their help you can turn your stay at the country house into a fun and unforgettable vacation.

Suspended models

A great choice for those who want to build a great happiness for their baby on tiny square meters. This economical model takes up little space, is inexpensive, safe and convenient.

Suspended swing can be attached to the ceiling or to the crossbar in the doorway. The main thing is to fix the product at such a height so that the child can freely reach the floor with his feet while sitting. If necessary, they are easy to remove.

Safety rails and seat belts will protect the little owner of the swing from falling. Handrails must be durable and "inflexible".

In the nursery for a child of 3 years, you can purchase hanging products with a strong and wide plastic crossbar and securely fixed polypropylene ropes. They are easily attached to the ceiling using metal hooks or rings.

For a more secure pastime, there are suitable floor options with restrictive handrails and safety straps. They are stable, equipped with excellent clamps, which protect the structure from overturning. The backrest supports the spine in the correct position.

Swings can be an original gift for children of more advanced age. Suspended chair with a bright seat perfectly fit into the room teenager. He will quickly appreciate how pleasant it is to read a book and dream while swaying in it.

Constructions that are installed on the floor take up quite a lot of space, cost more, but they have a lot of advantages. You can fold them, take them on a visit or on a picnic. Floor models are equipped with locks in the form of suckers, which keep them in balance.

Such options can be divided into 4 groups: electronic, mechanical, chaise lounges and swing transformers.

A great choice for the little ones.

Electronic swings are a good gift for newborns and their parents. This is not a luxury, but a means of harmonious coexistence of the baby and mother.

Electric jacks rock, calm, entertain and develop the baby. And mother give precious time-out for rest and domestic troubles. After all, a newborn (especially anxious) usually subdues all the time young parents who are forced to constantly carry it on their hands and rock it.

Electro-nurses work on the network or on batteries. The bed is designed taking into account the structure of the body and the possibility of a long stay of the child in it. The inclination of the backrest can be adjusted.

The music panel has a volume control and provides a choice of several tunes. The ability to adjust the swing time (from 10 to 30 minutes) has a relaxing effect, soothes and lulls.

Reliable seat belts firmly fix the baby, insure against falling. Bright toys suspended on a rocking arc entertain, and as they grow older they develop grasping skills and fine motor skills.

The design is convenient to use for feeding, using a removable table. In the nursery for the newborn electric swing is an indispensable attribute.

If you decide to present this miracle of modern technology to young parents, first find out their opinion on this matter. Despite the indisputable advantages of the electronic cradle, it has principled opponents.

  • Sun loungers are a portable rocking chair. The easiest and cheapest option is a cradle, which has two positions: active (the design swings from any movements of the child) and stationary (the chaise longue is fixed in one position). The back of the rocking chair can be adjusted depending on the needs of the baby (sleep, wakefulness, play). More advanced models have a music panel with a set of soothing melodies and several vibration modes.
  • A practical choice is the transforming swing. They are easy to turn into a highchair or portable cradle. They are equipped with a soft seat and adjustable backrest. Such models are designed for children who have reached six months of age.
  • Mechanical swing - an option for children over 3 years old. They will please the restless preschool children who adore movement. Swing swinging children with the help of flexion-extension of the back, squats and straightening. To shake her baby in between times can and parent. The “winged” miracle is equipped with a high chair (for babies) or a backless seat (for those who are older and loves to sway standing up).

What to consider when buying

When choosing, consider the main points: quality and compliance with the stated standards.

  • Age and weight of the child - the first thing you need to navigate. Suspended swing is more suitable for children from 3-4 years old and older. They are easy to operate, have a minimum of additional features and are attractive in price. The manufacturer always indicates how much weight the structure holds. Floor models are “trones” for babies from birth to one year. They are designed for weight up to 9-11 kilograms.
  • Safety is a must when choosing a rocking chair. Pay attention to the stability of the structure, the presence of anti-slip retainers (for floor options) and seat retainers (for hanging). The design must be heavy enough so that it does not overturn. Be sure to have seat belts, restrictive handrails. Check the quality and reliability of fasteners and components.
  • Convenience and comfort is an important factor when choosing. It is necessary to pay attention to the seat. The best choice would be a version of the tree, well supported by the back of the child in the correct position. It is hypoallergenic, durable and environmentally friendly. Chairs should be equipped with soft removable covers or capes of moisture-proof material.
  • Additional functions. If you wish, you can choose a swinging miracle, which has all conceivable devices. For example, a music panel with a dozen lullabies, several vibration modes, a timer setting time during which the baby will sway in his bed. Hinged arc with toys, colorful lights, mosquito nets, remote control for parents - the imagination of the manufacturers is limitless.
  • The area of ​​the apartment. Before you stop at the vending model, consider the free space in the house. For small apartments it is better not to choose bulky outdoor facilities: while rocking the chair will touch the objects standing nearby.

Swing is a great gift for a child who will give him a lot of joy, strengthen muscles and harmonize the nervous system. They will help to form a correct posture, improve coordination of movements, and perfectly train the vestibular apparatus. Scientists are confident that pendulum swing movements even stimulate brain activity.

How to choose a swing to give

When choosing a swing for the cottage, it is first necessary to determine who will use it. There are options that are suitable only for children of a certain weight, as well as those that can withstand adolescents or adults. The safety of children directly depends on this, so you should decide in advance whether the structure is to be dismantled when the child reaches a certain age, or whether a universal option is initially necessary.

An important role when installing in the country a swing for children is played by the material, given that they will be outdoors. So, for example, the wear of wooden products is higher when installed in open areas without canopies, metal parts are subject to rust and corrosion, and plastic tend to crack at too low temperatures.

It is necessary to decide in advance whether they will be in the open air, whether they plan to clean them in the room for the winter period or during rainy weather, and also assess the likelihood of injuries, for example, due to damage to wooden or metal products.

It is also important to sensibly assess the age of the child and his ability to protect himself independently. For example, if you choose to give children a metal swing, in the winter time there is a high probability of frostbite, as well as injury when falling from a slippery surface.

The height of the structure and the surface over which it will be installed will depend on this - grass, sand or asphalted area. In the event that summer cottages for children are set so that they can entertain themselves independently, without strict control from adults, it is recommended to choose a grassy or sandy surface, which should be regularly cleaned of stones and other dangerous objects when falling, and small height and set them away from walls, shrubs and trees.

In addition, it is necessary to determine in advance for how many children the structure is intended. Many compact models will not take up much space, but are suitable only for one child, moreover, a small weight. When choosing the option of a swing to the country "for growth" or for two or more children, you should pay attention to more massive structures with the most reliable fastening system.

The benefits of rocking for children

According to experts, while swinging, the child trains not only physical skills, but also develops psychologically.

Thus, when self-rocking, both in a sitting and standing position, the child trains the muscles of the legs and arms, as well as the back. Repetitive movements increase the endurance of the hip and knee joints, and the regular torso inclinations teach you to maintain posture. In addition, the child develops coordination and vestibular apparatus.

From a psychological point of view, an important aspect is independence and responsibility. Swaying on a swing, children are in complete control of the situation, and the consequences of such entertainment largely depend on them: moderate gentle rocking is safe, too active can lead to injuries, and the choice between these options depends solely on the child. Attentiveness also develops: the child learns to evaluate the consequences of his actions and to follow what is happening around him so as not to harm his own person or others.

Types of swing designs

All children's garden swing, suitable for installation in the country, can be divided into:

The first ones are a self-contained structure that is installed on the ground, the second ones require auxiliary parts for hanging.

It is necessary to follow only two rules when using both types:

  • they should be installed away from dangerous objects with the expectation that even if the child has swayed strongly it will not touch the wall or tree,
  • They should be reliably mounted (installed on the ground, fixed to a tree or a ceiling of a veranda) taking into account active use.

Even with regular reminders to children about how to behave, no one is immune from falls or bumps. Therefore, when choosing a swing for the cottage - suspended or outdoor - it is recommended to give preference to those whose design does not allow excessive rocking, fraught with falls.

There are options for swings with safety restraints, which help not to lose balance, as well as with soft seats, which is important at risk of injury to people who are close.

For one and for two children

Another selection criterion is the number of children who will use the swings. There are models whose size and design are suitable for only one child. These include single swings with limiters that will protect the child from an accidental fall, as well as those that support the weight of only one person.

If you use a swing for a few people, for installation in the country should pay attention to the double options, as well as those who can use a larger number of children.

These include:

  • bilateral - swing with two seats, which are located facing each other and are set in motion by alternately rocking two children,

  • double rooms - swing with two (or more) seats for parallel independent swinging of several people,

  • balance - ground swing, which is a long beam with a center of gravity in the middle. They are set in motion with their feet, allowing them to swing in a vertical plane.

In addition, popular and swing nest, which is usually a circular grid, the diameter of which allows them to be used as one child, as well as several.

Rope swing

  • different cheapness
  • safe to use
  • require constant monitoring of fastening
  • affected by the sun, rain and snow
  • withstand less stress and are not suitable for hanging massive structures.

Kids swing on chains

  • differ in the big term of operation,
  • withstand a lot of weight
  • traumatic (children can squeeze fingers with links, as well as burn a chain in hot weather or freeze their hands in winter).

When choosing the type of attachment of the swing, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors: weather conditions, the weight they must withstand, the age of the child and his ability to observe safety precautions. In addition, an important role is played by the combination of fastening with the material from which the seat is made - wood, metal or plastic.

Wooden swing for giving

Among the differences of the swing for giving:

  • hypoallergenic,
  • strength,
  • exposure to external factors
  • injury risk.

Metal swing

  • can withstand more weight
  • durable
  • traumatic
  • not suitable for use at low and high temperatures.

In the event that the choice of seat material has already been made, it is necessary to think in advance exactly how it will be combined with one or another type of attachment. So, suitable for giving children's plastic swings, which will regularly come into contact with the chain, can be deformed, and the metal seat can cut the rope on which it is suspended.

In this regard, it is recommended to use ropes for fastening only plastic or wooden seats. The best option would be a through-mount, in which the ropes are inserted into the holes in the seat and tied in a knot under it. Thus, it is possible to avoid contact of the rope with sharp edges of the seat, which will accelerate its wear, however, you will have to regularly check the strength of the knots. If the decision is made to buy a swing for children on a chain at the dacha, it is worth remembering that they are more suitable for side mounting to the seat in such a way that its integrity is not compromised.

Children's age when choosing a swing to the cottage

The age of the child and, as a result, his ability not to harm himself when using a swing, largely determines the choice of the type of design, as well as components. All country swing can be divided into those that are suitable for children under three years old, from three years old and teenagers.

Toddlers require more control from adults, so buying or making your own swing should take into account all the dangers that may await the child. When choosing a seat material, it is better to give preference to a hypoallergenic tree or a comfortable plastic. For this age, more suitable for children's swing to give on the ropes. But if for reliability it is decided to use chains, you should pay attention to protective fabric covers - they are mounted on a chain of children's hanging swings and help protect the child from accidentally getting fingers into the links.

Swing for the smallest children is recommended to be installed on a soft surface to reduce the risk of injury, as well as at a low height. For safety reasons, you can also use various restraints - a certain form of seats, belts, and so on.

For children older than three years, such limiters, as a rule, are no longer suitable, therefore safety issues must be addressed through the use of proper construction and materials. So, in order to protect the child from falling, it is recommended to choose corrugated plastic or wooden seats with backs, which will help to keep balance and not to tip over. You should also limit the swinging of the swing. For this age group it is also recommended to use a rope swing or children's covers on the chain.

Swings for teens require an even stronger attachment and use of materials that can withstand more weight. For children of this age, it is already permissible to use an iron swing, as well as simple structures without backs, which can be installed at a higher height.

Every child must have a swing. After all, this is joy, happiness and a sense of flight. When installing you need to choose the right place and fixtures. The place must be perfectly level, and the fastenings are reliable and of high quality. It is also desirable that the child was in sight.

Конечно же, качели на природе, то есть на даче, это для ребенка неизгладимое впечатление, но в то же время к их установке нужно подходить с полной ответственностью, что бы все было на дежно и безопасно.

Если устанавливать напольные качели, то для большей устойчивости опоры конструкции лучше всего зацементировать в земле. Of course, in this case, the swing will always be in one place, but the possibility of the fall of the structure is reduced to zero.

With the choice of swing to give problems will not be. In stores, they are sold in a huge range, for every taste and color. I bought a child the usual plastic swing, and just fastened it with ropes to the horizontal bar.

What it is?

Swings are structures designed to swing, sit, or rest on them. Execution of such structures can be very different, however, all of them are united by the availability of seating and support with the suspension system.

Views by purpose and location

Outdoor swing is placed under the open sky in any suitable size plot of the local area, in the garden, on the terrace or in the open gazebo.

Street models come in two types.

  • In the form of fixed capital structures with a roof or open type. Under their installation, a foundation device is required on which the support is installed. Depending on the number of seats, the seat can be single or multi-seat as wide as a park bench.
  • In the form of portable structures. Their main advantage is mobility and the ability to move from one place to another if necessary. A distinctive feature of such products is a small amplitude of the buildup, which is due to their purpose - a quiet rest in the lap of nature.

Products of stationary and portable type are suspended or frame in the form of a solid structure, having a collapsible frame, which is mounted on an open area.

Today, children's favorite fun has become a stylish element of the interior design of living spaces. Models of a swing for the house are presented by two versions. A traditional-style swing swing is a practical and convenient design with a single, sometimes double seat. It is hung from the ceiling with the help of cables, ordinary ropes or chains, or fixed to the walls with special fasteners.

Thanks to the imagination of the designers, extraordinary hanging swings with a seat in the form of a peculiar suspended chair appeared. They are comfortable and relax and work.

The large-scale version of the swing chairs in the form of suspended sofas or beds successfully combines the entertainment component with the main function of the place for a comfortable rest.

In the floor models, the movable seat and the securely fixed stationary base are combined with the suspension system into a single integral structure. They have an external similarity with a rocking chair. The advantage of such solutions lies in the practicality, due to the possibility of transfer from one room to another, and the disadvantage is impressive dimensions, so it will not be possible to accommodate them in a small apartment.

Swing sofa

Classic models with a canopy or tent-tent, two suspension points and a low frequency of buildup for a measured family holiday. The soft back, a wide seat with pillows do pastime in the fresh air as comfortable as possible.

Designed for a group of users of two, three, four people.

Swing bench

In these models provide a variety of variations of the seat. It can be made of wooden planks by analogy with a park bench, made in the form of a wooden sofa, a wide wooden bench with or without a back or board, supplemented with a mattress or pillows. There are also products on a metal frame with a spring, made as a common bench or a construction of several seats connected to each other.

Collapsible curved models with a single metal, wooden or plastic chair-chaise longue and a single point of attachment visually seem very fragile. In fact, they are able to withstand a weight of up to 200 kg at the expense of a rigid steel frame spring.

This is a great option for outdoor recreation, especially when it's hot outside.

Cocoon on the rack

Spherical models in the form of an unusually comfortable hanging ball-shaped wicker chair are equally suitable for home and street. The design includes a curved high-strength metal rack, on which a chair is suspended by a chain.

The hemisphere of the frame consists of arc-shaped steel tubes, and natural rattan or its synthetic analogues serve as a braid., bamboo, bast or vine of trees with sufficient flexibility like that of a willow, crayfish or bird cherry. To the wicker model relies soft decorative pillow. Since the walls of the structure pass light well, it is convenient to relax and read in such a swing.

In the apartment usually choose a compact model of "egg", hung at the top of the head on a low rack. There are also large models for the street made of natural materials with a resistant pyramid-resistant, thanks to which they can be swayed intensively.

These models do not have a rigid frame part. The design consists of a light and at the same time durable fabric, suspended between two supports on the support bar. Advantages: comfortable, low weight, easy to install. Disadvantages: lack of back and "shapeless" eliminates the possibility of full body support.

In the manufacturers' lines you can find soft options, which have supporting foam inserts.

These elegant hanging products on the suspension provide complete relaxation. The constructions consist of a rigid wooden frame with woven mesh as the base and soft textile cushions. Designed for one user. Professional designers create real masterpieces using the macrame technique with a very strong, unusually beautiful lace mesh, formed by nodular weaving, as well as exquisite handmade fringe.

As we are talking about the swing for adults, it is worth mentioning the romantic, gentle and fantastically beautiful options that are set at such significant celebrations as weddings. In spring and summer, they are decorated with fresh flowers and plants, colored satin ribbons, airy, translucent fabrics. For the swing in the autumn-winter season, artificial leaves, flowers, bunches of grapes, balloons and other decorations are used, turning even the most modest in performance swings into stylish art objects.

Of wood

The advantages of wooden products - reliability, stability, solidity and durability. The main drawback is massiveness, which creates inconvenience during transportation. Constructions of wood have a truly luxurious look, but you can save it only with regular use of special equipment. The finished structures are also treated with antiseptic compounds and varnished, which prevents premature decay of the wood and the development of mold fungi.

Since the protective coating does not last forever, it will need to be updated from time to time.

Of metal

They are made of metal corners, steel beams, aluminum profiles of round and square shape. The larger the diameter of the pipes and the thicker their walls, the higher the strength and durability of the structures.

Their advantages:

  • durability and reliability, due to the high mechanical properties of the metal itself - strength and wear resistance,
  • practicality - exposure to UV radiation, weather phenomena, temperature fluctuations excludes a decrease in the strength characteristics of metal structures,
  • profitability - in comparison with a tree, the procurement cost of metal is lower.


  • when using products made of solid, durable metal, the risk of serious injury is much higher than in the case of using a swing made of wood,
  • metal is vulnerable to corrosion, so the construction of it need periodic processing in a protective composition.

Other materials

For the manufacture of outdoor wicker models there is a vine, artificial or natural rattan, bamboo. Natural rattan woven cocoons are practical and durable, but are expensive. The material itself is moisture resistant and can withstand sudden changes in temperature.

With mass production, manufacturers prefer to work with a more unpretentious and cheaper polyotang. But it is very cool, so it can cause tactile discomfort during the cold season.

Completion and dimensions

Dimensions of street models with a prefabricated frame include three parameters - the length, width, corresponding to the depth of the frame part and height, for example, 256x143x243 cm.

  • If you intend to mount a swing in an open area, then the determining factor will be the width of the structure. It is important to take into account that the side posts are at a maximum height of 2.12 m, and the seat is 0.4-0.5 m shorter in width (about 1.6 m).
  • When the acquisition of a double model of a swing swing-bench is in priority, the optimal length is 1.5-1.6 m, while there will be a place for the child.
  • For a family of 3 people, the swing width of 1.8-2 m is more than enough so that when placed together they do not interfere with each other. If the user is one, then the width of 1 m is sufficient to rest comfortably.
  • Those who often have guests at the dacha, who like to relax by company, should take a closer look at the big swings 2.4 m long or more.

To improve the usability of the product is completed with various accessories in the form:

  • mosquito nets,
  • removable covers made of waterproof fabric
  • shelves,
  • armrests,
  • Cup holders
  • soft capes,
  • waterproof awning tent.

When installing a home swing swing, it is important that mounts, which have the main load on the knots, are of high quality, safe, reliable and durable.

According to the installation site of the swing, fasteners are of two types:

  • products for fixing to beams and pipes with a round or square section of the type of clamps with a carbine or through fasteners,
  • fixings for fixing to flat surfaces.

Depending on the models, fasteners can withstand a load of 100-200 kg. Most often, steel is manufactured for their manufacture with various types of anti-corrosion coatings (zinc, powder spraying).

What is the role of the subject in the development of the child?

For adults, swings are an opportunity to relax, but children perceive them as an object for entertainment. However, these large toys can give not only joy, but also bring tangible benefits to the health of a growing organism. The positive impact of spending time on a swing is expressed in the following.

  • Strengthens the muscular-ligamentous corset and spine, improves the mobility and flexibility of the joints, helps to form a correct posture.
  • Due to the oscillatory movements while swinging, the vestibular apparatus is trained and the motor coordination is improved.
  • Help in study. During the monotone swing, the brain parts responsible for speech, reading and writing skills are stimulated.
  • Helps to fight hyperactivity as an effective means of play therapy, which helps relieve tension and reduce aggressiveness due to the release of accumulated energy.
  • Developmental function Thanks to the swing, the child gets the first ideas about the rhythm - the natural alternation of elements in time and space.
  • Develops communication skills with peers of their own and opposite sex.

What are they doing?

The framework materials are as follows.

  • Of metal - products from a tubular metal profile are the most durable, reliable, wear-resistant and can easily withstand operation under conditions of increased loads. At the same time they are afraid of rust and weigh a lot, which creates a lot of inconvenience when carrying.
  • From wood - These options have less strength, but they have excellent thermal conductivity.
  • From plastic - the use of inexpensive and light material, on the one hand, reduces the cost of products, and on the other hand, reduces the service life due to brittleness and exposure to low temperature.

Seat materials are as follows.

  • Wood. Pros - environmental friendliness, durability, high thermal properties. Cons - the high cost and the need for systematic use of protective compounds. Otherwise, the material begins to rot and crack.
  • Plastic. Pros - cheaper than other materials, the ability to give any shape, a variety of colors, lack of maintenance. Cons - "colder" wood, not designed for high mechanical loads.
  • Textile. The main disadvantage of fabric seats - insufficient strength. For this reason, they can be found only in products for children under 3 years old.

With self-made craftsmen make the seats from a variety of scrap materials.

In the course are tires, tarpaulin, old skateboards, outdated garden or home furniture, pallets left after the construction of the house.

Where to install?

For many years, swings were an attribute of exclusively public children's playgrounds and sports and gaming complexes. The situation has changed with the advent of mobile models for the home, which can be placed in the nursery itself or in the doorway, on the balcony or loggia.

Installing a swing in the summer cottage, backyard of a private household or in the garden will make the rest of the child not only interesting, but also useful. The existing variety of swings for home and street allows you to choose the right model for a child of any age.

For babies

This category is represented by automatic products of three types:

  • battery powered electric shooters
  • electrical models connected to the power supply,
  • hybrid options that can be powered by the mains and, when necessary, by batteries.

All models are equipped with five-point seat belts, a soft armchair or a cradle with automatic control, providing the ability to adjust the speed and swing amplitude. The number of swing modes, depending on the model, varies from 3 to 6.

In musical models there is a special block for playing various soothing melodies. It can be lullabies, sounds of nature, heartbeat, while they are accompanied by various lighting effects. The package includes mobiles with toys, removable feeding tables, removable covers, pillows under the head.

There are also transformable analogues of cradles. This is a swing-chaise longue with an adjustable orthopedic backrest, maximally adapted to the infants spine, and a removable chair.

In the expensive models, the vibration function is provided, which is triggered in case of increased physical activity of the baby.

Frame floor

Their design includes a frame on which a seat with a backrest is suspended. Pros - stability and safety, thanks to the equipment with belts for passive protection of the child when swinging, handrails, footrest, a bridge between the legs and transverse latches, preventing spontaneous folding of the structure.

Negative - massive, because the products are designed for children weighing up to 25 kg and have a rather impressive size, so installation is possible only if there is a sufficiently large area.

The models are distinguished by an extremely simple design consisting of a support, a seat - seats with or without a back and a suspension in the form of ropes or chains. In the apartment they are usually installed in the doorway so that there is free space for the buildup. The smallest children, this option is definitely not suitable from a security point of view. The use of a swing requires certain skills of “control”, which allow to avoid strikes against walls or door jambs.

Classic street

Monolithic high-strength stable structures that cannot be disassembled. Under their installation choose an open area with a ground and grass. The seat is placed at a height of maximum 0.6 m, and the legs are concrete.


The standard model is equipped with one seat on hangers that are mounted on a support. Different kinds of double swings, which are suitable for families with two or more children of different ages, have much greater potential.

With two modules for riding

The design is identical to a single construction with the only difference that their metal base has an increased width. That gives the possibility of placing the usual suspension and double type of balancer or boat, respectively - simultaneous skating of three users of the same or different age. It can be a combination of a safe plastic suspension for a baby from one year to 3 years old with an adult module.

For families with twins, a variant is installed on the basis of installing different modules, for example, a socket and a standard one.

They are installed on the ground without pouring the foundation. Boats work by analogy with a rocking chair. These are designs with arcuate runners and the location of the seats opposite each other, which allows two to four users to simultaneously ride.


They have a very simple design that includes a central support and a balanced balance bar (lever) in the form of a long board. There are double or multi-seater, but the main condition for successful riding on them is about the same weight of all users. Противоположные края балансира служат сиденьями.

В движение качели приводит поочерёдное отталкивание пользователей ногами от поверхности земли, при этом один из них взмывает кверху, а другой опускается.

На пружинах

Designs with one or more rigid seats and one or two springs at the base, due to which the rocking chair moves up and down. The spring helps to push off from the ground and serves as a support for the entire structure. The form of such a swing can be very different - from representatives of the animal world to vehicles (cars, boats, rockets).

What to focus on in choosing a product?

To choose the right swing for children, you need to take into account a number of criteria.

  • The quality of the materials of manufacture. It is mandatory to evaluate the characteristics of strength, environmental safety and durability, affecting the duration of service life.
  • The set of structural features. Take into account the dimensions of the structure, the height of the seat, the amplitude of the buildup, the ability to adjust the backrest, the degree of complexity of management in accordance with the age, height and weight of the user, which eliminates the likelihood of accidental injury during operation.
  • Equipment elements for the safety and convenience of the child. Products must be equipped with safety belts, protective crossbars, brakes, massive base, soft linings, pillows with a hygienic cover and not have sharp corners.
  • Reliability of constructionthat depends on the quality of the overall and nodal assembly of the product.
  • The quality of weather performance designs and supports, given the possibility of operating on various types of coatings.
  • Design. It is important that the swings are not only practical, safe and reliable, but also have an interesting design solution. Design of models for kids up to 3 years should be unusual with the decor in a fabulous or cartoon style.

Usage Reviews

Analysis of feedback from users of various types of swings showed that most buyers prefer to deal with reputable manufacturers and order products on their official websites. We list a few of the most sought-after brands in the market in terms of price-quality ratio, and also find out how remarkable they are.

From the advantages of the Belarusian brand, buyers distinguish practicality, attractive design and reasonable cost. All Olsa products are manufactured in accordance with European quality standards and are able to compete with foreign counterparts.

The most popular model of the premium line is Palermo on a metal frame with an arc-shaped support of increased stability and a semi-automatic layout mechanism.

Garden swing Kostroma production also often appear in the reviews. Users note the high strength of the metal profile frames with an oval section of 63-51 mm, the reliability of the base of the seat due to the welded grille, the quality and comfort of the soft part.

Besta fiesta

The Italian brand has an impressive choice of single / double, baby swing, hammock and hanging models, chaise longue. Buyers are delighted with the convenience of designs and high-quality execution of products from natural materials. Here you can pick up hammocks of any color, from variegated Brazilian to calm in restrained colors.

Some users consider the rather high cost of products a disadvantage, however, agreeing that it is fully justified by the excellent performance characteristics of the swing.

Those who want to install modern, stylish, reliable wicker furniture in the country or in an apartment should pay attention to GreenGard products. For the manufacture of cocoon seesaws, the Russian manufacturer uses polyotang. The advantages of products users include strength, service life up to 20 years and the quality of weaving.

Of the minuses - the need to cover the chair with protective material during continuous operation in the streetto prevent moisture from rattan, which has a porous structure. Some are a little annoying, that you have to constantly monitor children who are invariably attracted to cocoons.

Too much swinging or jumping on the seat can damage the braided structure.

Kettler (Germany)

This brand is well known in Russia as a manufacturer of high-quality goods for sports and outdoor activities. Here is a huge assortment of children's swings, roundabouts (single, double, with several modules, transformers) for all age categories and adult models for the garden. There are practically no negative reviews about Kettler products in the network, which is not so surprising, because almost every customer mentions its quality advantages and exceptional comfort of use.

Beautiful examples

We offer a photo selection of interesting and unusual versions of swings for various purposes and examples of their use in the interiors of apartments and in suburban areas.

Suspended swing set not only in the usual places such as tree branches, but also placed in ready-made arches or pergolas, located on the backyard territory.

Such a solution allows to emphasize the stylistic features of landscape architecture.