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How to apply "Energen" for seeds and seedlings


This tool is produced in the form of polydisperse granules with a size from 0.1 mm to 4 mm. "Energen" in capsules dissolves easily and fairly quickly in ordinary water with the formation of a slight sediment. If we talk about the main characteristics of the granules, then they do not clothe and have significant flowability. As for the chemical composition, one capsule contains not less than 700 g / kg of sodium and humate fulvate, as well as sulfur, salts of silicic acids, micro- and macroelements in chelate form.

The main advantages of the drug

The use of the drug "Energen" allows you to effectively protect plants from such adverse factors as, for example, drought and frost, to stimulate their growth and development, as well as to increase the survival rate of plants. In addition, this fertilizer has significant biological activity, due to which it increases the yield and activates the vitality of flower and vegetable crops. A decrease in the nitrate content is also observed due to the use of Energen. Reviews testifies and about improvement of flavoring qualities of fruits.

Scheme of application

If we talk about the features of the use of this fertilizer, then, for example, for watering vegetative plants and seedlings, one capsule of the preparation should be diluted in one liter of cold water. In this process, you must begin processing immediately after the appearance of the first true sheet. The procedure is repeated every ten to fourteen days. For spraying various kinds of flower and vegetable crops, one capsule of the preparation is also diluted in one liter of cold water. For irrigation of strawberries, cherries and apples at a time should be used three granules means "Energen". The instruction in this case recommends diluting the drug in ten liters of water. During the season, as a rule, four to six treatments are carried out using Energen fertilizer.

Fertilizer "Energen": description and forms of growth stimulator

"Energen" is a natural growth and development stimulator, it is a polydisperse granules of 0.1-4.0 mm, easily soluble in water (solubility of 90-92%). The preparation contains 700 g / kg of sodium salts: humic, fulvic, silicic acids, as well as sulfur, macro- and microelements. Standardly, the drug is produced in two forms: capsules and liquid solution. In liquid form, the drug is marketed under the commercial name Energen Aqua. The drug is a solution of 8% in a 10 ml tank. Also included in the package is a special nozzle-dropper for the most accurate use when feeding seeds. In liquid form, “Energen” is universal, but it is especially convenient to use it for preseeding preparation of seed material. Positive feedback from many amateurs and specialists suggests that soaking the seeds before planting in this solution gives one hundred percent germination. The drug "Energen extra" is available in capsules. The package contains 20 capsules, with a dosage of 0.6 g, packed in a blister. Both types of the drug are equally effective in plant growing.

They are used in the form of highly diluted solutions, dosage (0.001, 0.005, 0.01, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3%) for:

  • spraying and soaking seeds, tubers, seedlings and seedlings,
  • foliar treatment of plants,
  • watering the soil, lawns, pastures,
  • watering flowers, seedlings, trees, annuals and perennials at the root,
  • use together with pesticides, water-soluble fertilizers.

How does "Energen" on plants

Using the growth stimulator “Energen” on its plot, subject to compliance with the instructions and agrotechnical rules, it is possible to significantly improve the quality and quantity of the harvested crop while reducing time and labor costs. One of the important features of the drug - versatility. It has a unique nutritional composition that is suitable for all plants and cultures. And, most importantly, there are no contraindications for using Energen. Cultivated plants absorb "Energen" as a natural catalyst, which has the universal properties of increasing the stability of life processes.

"Energen" for seeds and seedlings has a diverse effect on plants and according to the instructions has the following properties:

  • improves the structure of water, makes it look like “melt water” in properties,
  • improves soil fertility, improves its structure, reduces acidity, increases moisture and oxygen saturation,
  • increases the ecological purity and nutritional value of the soil,
  • activates the activity of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, accelerates the formation of humus,
  • ensures the availability and transportation of nutrients to plants,
  • accumulates and transmits solar energy to the plant,
  • increases the permeability of the cell membrane, respiration and plant nutrition,
  • It blocks the entry of heavy metals, radionuclides and other harmful substances into the cells.

Such a multifaceted effect of the drug has a positive effect and allows you to achieve high results in yield and plant quality. Thanks to “Energen”, the time of ripening and growth of plants is reduced from 3 to 12 days, the yield increases several times:

  • by 20-30% - for grain crops,
  • at 25-50% - in vegetables and potatoes,
  • 30-40% - in fruit and berry crops and grapes.

Instructions for use of the drug "Energen"

Fertilizer "Energen" is available in capsules and in liquid form, therefore, instructions for use of these forms are different. "Energen" in capsules is used for spraying seedlings of flower and vegetable crops, as well as for enriching the soil during pre-sowing preparation. The drug in the liquid form "Energen Aqua" is more versatile, as it is suitable not only for spraying and feeding, but also for soaking seeds. It is very important not to violate the dosage and to comply with the instructions with accuracy, to ensure the optimal effect of the drug.

How to use the drug for seeds

Before planting seeds in open ground or on seedlings, it is recommended to soak the seeds in Energen. This will provide the future plant with the necessary nutrition and will give 90-95% of seedlings. In Energen, a growth stimulator, the instructions for the preparation state that in order to process 50 g of seeds it will be necessary to make a liquid solution using 1 ml of the preparation per 50 ml of water. The correct concentration of the product is easily achieved using an euro-vial with a dosing dropper that comes with the product. Consider how to properly dilute the drug in order to soak the seeds in Energen.

Water for soaking seeds must be pre-filtered or defended for several days in order to clear it of heavy compounds and metals.

  • make 50 ml of clean, filtered water
  • drop 1 ml of product into water (about 7-10 drops),
  • put into the solution a packet of seeds, not more than 10 g,

The time of soaking the seeds is different, depends on the type of culture and varies from 2 to 10 hours. The optimal time of exposure in a growth stimulator for cucumbers and cabbage is from 6 to 10 hours, and tomatoes - 4 hours.

The use of "Energen" for seedlings of vegetable and flower crops

Liquid Energen Aqua is also used for spraying sprouted seedlings: 5 ml per 10 liters of clean water, according to the instructions for use. The same proportion is suitable for soaking seedlings of flowers, peaked in the ground, this amount is enough to process 100 square meters. m young seedlings. If you need to process before planting bulbs and tubers, use a different proportion: 10 ml of the drug per half liter of water. Spraying of plants with a growth stimulator is carried out about 6 times per season: before flowering and after, when the ovary begins to germinate, during the period of active development of the fruit, as well as in the case of a long dry period. In Energen in capsules, the instructions for use differ from the liquid form.

For different cultures, the dosage is different, consider the proportions that are suitable for the most common ones:

  • 1 capsule of Energena is diluted in 1 liter of water for watering seedlings at the vegetation stage. This volume of solution is enough for 2.5 square meters. The first treatment with a stimulant is carried out as soon as the first true leaflets appear on young saplings. Subsequent - with an interval of one and a half to two weeks,
  • 2 capsules per 2 liters of water - a solution for spraying seedlings of vegetable crops. This amount is enough to handle 80 square meters. m plants
  • 1 capsule per 1 liter of water - for the treatment of flower crops. The volume is enough for 40 square meters. m,
  • 3 capsules per 10 liters of water must be diluted for spraying fruit crops: apples, strawberries. This volume is enough for 100 square meters. m

Before watering the seedlings with “Energen”, you need to take care of a convenient sprayer for spraying the plants, since the leaves must be evenly processed. Spraying is best done early in the morning or in the evening. Up to 6 treatments are also performed during the season.

The advantages of using growth stimulator "Energen" for seedlings

The drug "Enegren" is considered the best among analogues and has the following advantages:

  • high biological activity and environmental safety,
  • It has a high (91%) content of biologically active substances (humates, silicic acid salts, fulvates, sulfur and other elements),
  • the presence in the composition of silicon compounds, which ensures the strength of the stem and plant resistance to external influences,
  • balanced combination of sodium and potassium humates,
  • possibility of mixing with other pesticides and agrochemists for joint treatments,
  • safe to use, environmentally friendly.

In addition, "Energen" in capsules can be either diluted with water or used in dry form, mixing it with fertilizers to feed the soil. Thanks to the use of Energen in plants, the metabolism is improved, the production of vitamins, amino acids and sugars is stimulated, growth and maturation are accelerated. In addition, the drug helps to reduce the content of nitrates by 50%, increase resistance to diseases, pests, weeds, adverse factors.

Security measures when working with the drug

The drug "Energen" is a high-grade growth stimulator, according to the instructions, it belongs to the 4th class of danger. Procedures with the use of the drug should be carried out in closed clothes and gloves. When working with the drug in a dry form, you need to wear a respiratory mask. In case of contact with the skin, it is recommended to immediately wash the area with plenty of water and soap. In case of contact with mucous membrane, rinse with water and consult a doctor.

Storage conditions of growth stimulator "Energen"

Growth for seedlings of tomatoes, cucumbers and other crops "Energen" should be stored in a dark, dry, closed and well-ventilated place, at a temperature of 0 to +35 degrees. The bottle should be kept away from children.Also not recommended transportation or finding drugs "Energen" next to food. In general, as a natural biostimulator, Energen simply needs to be used for seedlings of tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, cabbage and other vegetable, as well as flower, fruit and berry crops and for the enrichment of the soil.

Energen - the technology of the future

“Future Agrotechnologies” reads the inscription on the packaging of the drug Energen. Why precisely future? It is possible that producers assume that over the course of hundreds of years only organic fertilizers will be used in agriculture, given to people by Mother Nature. Let's not focus on the distant future, and consider how today you can use the plant growth stimulator Energen.

Attention! The tool can be used as a classic fertilizer, that is, to treat them with soil. When released into the ground, the drug serves as a catalyst for the formation of humus.

With Energen (potassium humate), you can immediately "catch" two birds with one stone. The preparation differs in naturalness as it is made from brown coal, but the effect gives the same noticeable, as powerful inorganic fertilizers. In the formula of Energen:

  • salt of humic acid,
  • salt of fulvic acid,
  • salts of silicic acid,
  • sulfur and other macro and micro elements.

Fertilizer effect Energen

One of the main features of the tool is versatility. There is no such plant, which would not be useful help this unique composition. It is useful for flower, garden and garden crops. And Energen Aqua is created precisely for the care of seeds and shoots. The main results of the use of potassium humate are:

  1. The awakening of the vital forces of seeds, which, after appropriate processing, willingly germinate.
  2. Strengthening the immunity of friendly shoots. Energen helps them to resist various pathogens themselves.
  3. Increased stress resistance of any crops. They are much better tolerated pick, temperature drops, the influence of various natural factors.
  4. The increase in the number of fruits by 30-40%.
  5. Unambiguous increase in crop quality. In fruits grown with Energen, the level of vitamins increases and the level of nitrates decreases.

Application of Energen Aqua for soaking seeds

The drug is produced in liquid form, packaged in vials of 10 ml. with a special dropper. This tool is designed for soaking seeds and tubers, spraying and watering seedlings of flowers and vegetables.

The instructions for use say that the approximate proportion is 5-10 drops per packet of seeds. More accurate dosage depends on the culture and stage of growth.

For soaking seeds, it is better to dilute Energen Aqua as follows:

  • prepare 50 ml. clean, filtered water
  • drop 5-10 drops of concentrate into water,
  • drop a packet of seeds weighing up to 10 grams into liquid,
  • cucumber and cabbage seeds should be kept in the solution for 6-10 hours. For tomatoes, the optimum time is 4 hours,
  • after the procedure, the seeds are recommended to be dried and placed in the prepared soil.

Using Energen Aqua for spraying seedlings

For processing and watering sprouted seedlings of vegetables or flowers 5 ml. funds mixed with 10 liters. clean water.

A solution for soaking tubers and bulbs is prepared based on other proportions: 10 ml. on half l. water.

If we are talking about seedlings of flowers, peaked in open ground, then 10 l. water dissolve 5 ml. Energena Aqua. The resulting liquid can be treated 100 m.2 young plants.

Positive feedback from amateurs and specialists confirms the high effectiveness of the product in question. According to the practitioners, the result of using Energen Aqua is 100% germination of the treated seeds and early, generous yields.

The virtues and beneficial effects of the natural components of Energen

The main benefit of fertilizer is its natural natural composition, which is harmless to plants. At the time of its application:

  • useful microflora is preserved,
  • there is a help to plants in adaptation to certain growing conditions,
  • there is an improvement in protein and carbohydrate synthesis,
  • activates the action of enzymes
  • the processes of biochemical reactions are intensified.

As a result, the yield on the site increases significantly, even in years with adverse climatic conditions. Valuable quality is economical and compatible with many pesticides and other fertilizers..

Another advantage of the drug is the absence of contraindications. Using "Energen" on the site you can not worry that it will have a negative effect on the development of plants. On the contrary, as soon as Energen begins to act, positive changes in the vital activity of plants are revealed:

Useful composition of growth stimulator for plants and seedlings "Energen"

The drug has a chemical name that reflects its composition - potassium humate. Completely natural remedy with two active substances. In this case, these are the salts of two acids - humic and fulvic. There are two forms of drug release:

  1. Encapsulated. Each package has 20 capsules weighing 0.6 g. The capsules dissolve perfectly in water, and no sediment is formed. Therefore, this form is popular because of its ease of use.
  2. Liquid. This form is produced in the form of a solution (8%). The release is made in 10 ml bottles, equipped with a convenient dropper.

The scope of the use of natural stimulator in the suburban areas

"Energen" is used for two procedures - irrigation or spraying. A separate area is the soaking of saplings, seeds, seedlings, tubers or cuttings. Capsulated drug is more used for foliar sprays. But also for root watering it is convenient and useful. Getting into the soil, potassium humate increases the fertility of the soil, increasing its humus content.

Natural remedy is used not only in private households, but also on an industrial scale. With it, they process crops of grain crops, vegetables, and garden plants. Эффективность препарата одинакова при тепличном выращивании растений и в открытом грунте.

Жидкая форма очень удобна при выращивании рассады. Специальная насадка позволит точно выдерживать дозировку при питании семян. Легко проникая в почву, вещество стимулирует выработку гумуса. В итоге корневая система саженцев укрепляется, и дальнейшее развитие растений проходит гораздо быстрее. Nutrient solution long before the start of the summer season prepares seedlings for transplantation.

The use of Energen capsules

According to the instructions, Energen capsules must be diluted in water. A pack of 20 capsules of 0.6 gr.

Energen Extra applies:

  • for spraying and watering seedlings,
  • enrich the soil before planting,

For watering seedlings and already growing plants on an area of ​​2.5 m 2 apply 1 liter of water, the capsules are diluted in a 1: 1 ratio. The first watering is carried out with the appearance of the first leaves on a sapling, then a break of 1.5 - 2 weeks 4-6 times.

For spraying vegetables and flowers the same proportion is used 1: 1 per 40m 2

For spraying trees and bushes 10l proportions are applied: 3 capsules per 100 m 2. Spraying is best done in the early morning or in the evening.

Water should be used only clean, it is necessary to insist or filter it so that there are no excess impurities and dirt.

Energena Aqua application

Energen Aqua is a 10ml bottle of 8% solution. The kit also includes a convenient dropper in the form of a nozzle that allowsdo not accurately measure the amount of fluid. It is best to use Energen Aqua before planting plants in the ground, then a 100% result will be obtained, however, the treatment of plants with this drug later will also bring a lot of positive effects.

Energen Aqua is applied:

  • for spraying plants,
  • for watering plants
  • for soaking seeds before planting.

According to the instructions in 1 ml of solution contains 15 drops.

In order to increase the germination of seeds, to further improve their growth, reduce the growth time and increase their immunity, they are recommended to be soaked before planting.

According to the instructions, vegetable seeds, all except the representatives of the Cruciferous and Pumpkin family, 10 grams of seeds are soaked in a solution of 50 ml of water for 5 to 10 drops of Energen - 4 hours.

Representatives of the Cruciferous and Pumpkin family, these are cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkin, cabbage, and others, using the same proportions, soaked for 6-10 hours.

For processing of tubers of flowers and potatoes use 500 ml of water per 10 ml of Energen, soaking is not required, it is enough to spray before planting.

Before planting seedlings, seedlings or seedlings of flowers, trees and shrubs in the ground, it is recommended to immerse the root system in a solution of 1l of water for 20 drops of the drug.

Attention: it is important to know and remember that the beneficial properties acquired through this growth stimulator are passed on to the next generations, which means that the treatment of seeds obtained from plants fertilized by Energen is no longer necessary.

It is best to spray vegetables and flowers no more than 6 times:

  • before the buds bloom,
  • after the buds bloom,
  • after the ovary appears,
  • during drought,
  • before ripening fruit.

Dilute the solution for spraying seedlings, trees and shrubs in the proportion of 3 liters of water per 5 ml Energen and treated area of ​​100m 2

For irrigation on an area of ​​2.5 m 2 10 l of water is diluted with 5 ml of the drug.

The benefits and safety of growth stimulator Energen

This drug has clear advantages:

  1. It does not incorporate any genetically modified products.
  2. It has absolutely no contraindications.
  3. Plants grown using this growth stimulant can feed animals and birds, so they can cultivate pastures.
  4. The harvest will not cause any harm to the person.
  5. Compatible with other drugs and fertilizers.
  6. Checked by many gardeners, flower growers and gardeners, has a lot of positive feedback.
  7. Patented and economical.

The use of a growth stimulator Energen will not only improve the germination, growth and quality of plants and crops, but also protect it from nitrates, adverse conditions, pests and fungal diseases, from heavy metals and other harmful substances. Helps flowers and plants to survive a transplant favorably, making them more resistant to weeds and temperature extremes.

Forms of release

Granules of the drug Energen

Energen's preparative form is gray-brown water-soluble granules with a size of 0.1-4 mm (see fig. On the right) with a humate content of at least 7% (7 g / kg). Dry Energen Extra contains from 8% of grade A potassium humate, and Energen Ultra - from 8.5% of it and is more balanced in the composition of additional substances.

Energena granules are not subject to storage under normal conditions - chelates disintegrate - therefore, the drug comes in the form of a water-soluble concentrate Energen Aqua (solubility of a dry preparation in water is about 90%) or encapsulated in a water-soluble shell, see fig. below. In action, they are equivalent if the ratio of 1 ml of Energen Aqua = 1 capsule (0.6 g) encapsulated is observed. Energen encapsulated is more expensive, but it is stored longer and at a higher temperature (up to +35 degrees). Energen Aqua is more convenient to use for processing seed and indoor plants, because it is metered smaller: a dropper with 15 drops = 1 ml is included in the package.

Forms of release of plant growth stimulator Energen

Composition and action

Energen as a growth stimulator differs from other drugs of a similar purpose in the absence of specific growth substances in its composition - phytohormones. Figuratively speaking, Energen is not a concentrate of proteins and steroids for “strokes”, but a rational daily routine and good living conditions for a recruit soldier, while he does not have a lack of appetite and need for action. On the comparative characteristics of Energen with some other growth stimulants, see the video:

Video: Energen and other seed stimulants

The basis of Energen is the natural components of fertile soil: salts of humic acids potassium humate (there are other publications on humates) and sodium fulvate, their role is primarily soil structuring. In addition, the preparation includes chelates of trace elements of plant nutrition, sulfur and other meso-elements, as well as silicates of silicic acid salts. The role of the latter is very important, because they help strengthen the plant support system: poor growth and low yields of healthy annuals on fertile soil are often caused by a lack of calcium and silicates. But if calcium is easily introduced into the soil by liming, then it is much more difficult to fill in the lack of silicates in it. Therefore, Energen is not at all what, for example, Gumat is +7. What he and humates have in common with microelements is that both affect the plant through the soil.

The effect of Energen on plants in the experience

Energen is especially effective for plants in the early phases of development, but its effect affects the entire season - from sowing to harvesting. The effect of Energen on plants is clearly shown in fig. on the right with the results of the cultivation of demanding vegetables (“sweet” pepper) in obviously unfavorable conditions: in insufficient supply and with a lack of light. The left plant in fig. control: it received all the necessary nutrients, but without growth stimulants. The middle one is also the same, but with Energen, and the right one with directional stimulants. The average plant seems to be less than the control one, but the calculation shows that its leaf surface area is a little excessive for the ripening of fruits, and in the control one it is insufficient. What is clearly visible in the quantity and quality of the fruit. The crop from the right plant is larger in mass, but its maturation is prolonged, and the leaf surface is excessively excessive. That is, some of the costs and labor for the care of the planting will go to the tops, and if the cold comes early, then a lot of the crop will be lost. From this we can already conclude: Energen is most effective in the risk zones for a given culture and / or if it is impossible to give sufficient attention to caring for it.

Stimulation by Energen young rapidly growing plants indirectly, but very significantly affect the generative phases of development - from flowering to fruiting. Unpretentious in not quite favorable, but familiar to them conditions bloom lush, like the elite in the hands of an experienced gardener, pos. 1 and 2 in fig .:

Action of Energen on plants in nature

The same violent flowering of fruit provides the maximum yield in these conditions. For example, peaches in the Rostov region, to the north of the Krasnodar Territory and in the Crimea may also bloom plentifully (pos. 3 and 4), but when the time comes to harvest, the price of fruit often has to be significantly reduced in order to compete with imported ones. And with the use of Energen, fruit northerners are approx. in 3 years out of 4, they are in no way inferior to southerners (pos. 5 and 6) - except for overhead costs for transportation and storage. And on the price tag, you can write with a clear conscience “Without chemistry” or “From a bioeconomy”. The same applies to other valuable demanding crops, poses. 7, with the addition: increased keeping quality allows you to carry them for sale far to the north from the cultivation area by ordinary personal transport, and you don’t have to spend money on renting special storage facilities.

Note: on the use of Energen for flowers, see the story:

Video: Energen for tomatoes

However, there are other possible uses, again, through the soil and roots, based on the fact that Energen increases plant resilience. For example, the encapsulated Energen is successfully used for “lazy” soil recultivation: the capsules are mixed with fertilizers applied to the soil dry at the rate of 1 capsule per 1-1.5 kg of the mixture. Another option - to accelerate the maturation of compost, 1 capsule approx. 200-300 cubic meters dm heap (mass in the pit). Energen is also used to restore the root system after frost, see the video:

For seeds and seedlings

But back to the main purpose of the drug. Instructions for use of Energen for processing seed and planting material are given in the table:

Instructions for use of growth stimulator Energen for seeds and seedlings

Soaking seeds is carried out directly before sowing in a cloth bag, they are sown wet from it - humates must fall into the ground to exert their effect. The onions are processed in the same way. How to spray Energen seedlings, see video tutorial:

Video: Energen for spraying seedlings

Compared with other stimulants seed germination Energen less active. But it has a significant advantage: the peculiarities of the production of humates on an industrial scale and the cost of the final product are such that it makes no sense to fake it. What can not be said about expensive directional stimulants, see the video:

Energen for watering

The drug Energena in capsules allows ordinary (not chlorinated or dechlorinated) irrigation water to be similar in properties to the "gold" melt. In melt water ice nanocrystals, consisting of literally several dozen molecules, are preserved for a long time. At positive temperatures, they easily form coordination bonds with atoms of other chemical elements, which explains the high bioactivity of thawed water. Humates "tighten" the water molecules in such aggregates. To prepare the "golden" water, 1 capsule of Energen Extra (better Ultra) is dissolved in a 1.5 liter bottle of water. Particularly responsive to watering such water indoor plants. Outdoor plants are watered in the evening at the usual rate of watering can, indoor at the root, see fig.

Watering plants with growth stimulator solution Energen

Note: vegans and others. supporters of "natural" food instead of ordinary drinking water expensively buy "functional". So, this water is “functioning” also by humates, but not by agricultural water.

Energen on the ground

Spraying Energen plants open ground will also benefit them. The main role here will be played by foliar feeding with microelements and sulfur, but humates will not be lost, either. will be washed into the soil just where it is needed. It is better to prepare working solutions for spraying on Energen in capsules, since the chelates in Energen Aqua have already “woken up” and will quickly disintegrate in the air. Dosage and treatment regimens are as follows:

  • Seedlings - 1 capsule per 1 liter of water. Consumption rate - 2 cups (400-500 ml) per 1 sq. M. m or 3-5 ml per plant. The first treatment after the appearance of the first true leaf, the second after 2 weeks.
  • Vegetable - the dosage is the same. Consumption of a solution of 2.5 liters per hundred. dissolve 2-3 capsules in 2-3 l of water (a bottle of “dvushka” or 3 l of a can). The working solution is consumed immediately. 4-6 treatments per season in 2-4 weeks. Spray in the evening by the usual rules: in calm, warm weather, preferably overcast.
  • Fruitful - dosage 3 capsules per bucket of water. Solution consumption 1 l per 10 sq. m surface of the crown or bush. Before flowering 1-2 processing with an interval of 2 weeks. The following - after flowering, at the stage of formation of the ovaries and under the fruit.
  • Flower - 1 capsule per 1 liter of water. Consumption of a solution of 0.25 l (glass with the top) per 10 square meters. m. 1-2 processing before flowering.

Note: strawberries (garden strawberries) are processed in the same way as fruitful strawberries, see the next. video:

Precautionary measures

The drug Energen is a substance of the 4th class of danger, but only because the 5th (safe) agricultural chemistry is not assigned. Therefore, precautions when working with Energen elementary: gloves, apron, during work do not eat, do not drink, do not smoke. Eyes are best protected with glasses, but special protection of the respiratory organs is not required. Storage according to the usual rules: under constipation out of the reach of children and animals, separate from food. If the substance comes into contact with the skin or eyes, rinse with water. If swallowed, clean the stomach with available tools. The time of work with the drug is not limited. Energen can be used in residential areas without special precautions.

Description and useful properties

The substance is a natural growth stimulant from brown coal and humic acid, which is available in granules and in liquid form.

Energy for seeds and seedlings has a positive effect on plants. This is manifested in:

  • increased growth
  • strengthening plantings and increasing their resistance to diseases,
  • increase in chlorophyll due to leaf area, root system,
  • good flowering, pollination,
  • the possibility of using in the form of feeding for seedlings,
  • high protection against stress and temperature difference, adverse environmental effects,
  • increases soil moisture saturation.

As a result, the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the crop are improved.

Composition and forms of release

The tool is available in several variations. They are united by the content - it is identical for both types of feeding:

  • potassium salts of humic acids,
  • sodium sulfate,
  • chelated forms of trace elements necessary for plants,
  • sulfur and other meso elements.

Energen Extra

The drug has the form of soluble powder in capsules of 0.6 g of light green color in a package of 20 pieces. Before use, Energen capsules are dissolved in water according to the instructions for use.

The considered form of fertilizer is used in the following cases:

  1. watering young seedlings,
  2. processing during flowering,
  3. spraying any plants.

The drug is also used in dry form to add to the compost and sprinkle the area during planting.

How does the drug on plants?

Fertilizer "Energen" affects the culture, activating enzymes that improve metabolic and chemical processes.

When following all the measures prescribed by the instruction, it increases the quality and volume of the crop.

Effect of Energen on plants:

  1. Increased soil biochemical parameters.
  2. Acceleration of germination through the revitalization of nutrients.
  3. The accumulation and processing of solar energy.
  4. Preventing the plant organs of heavy metals, salts and harmful acids.
  5. Changing the properties of water for the better.
  6. Increased cell permeability, activation of metabolic processes.

The use of the drug reduces the growing season, while increasing the yield by:

  • for cereals - 20-30%,
  • for vegetables - 25-50%,
  • for fruit and berry - 30-40%.

Scope and methods of application

Energize the soil before planting and spray it with various lesions, as well as water it with lawn. In the drug, produced in liquid form, soaked the seeds before planting in the ground. Fertilizer is also watered in indoor plants when they are transplanted, as well as for disease prevention.

According to the recommendations of the manufacturer, watering is carried out when the first leaf appears on the sapling. Subsequent sprays are required to support plant growth and development.

Preparation of working solution

Properly diluted fertilizer is suitable for watering and spraying all plants grown in the summer cottage.

Consider the tool can be mixed in its pure form with other feedings, soluble in water.

The solution of the drug "Energen extra" is prepared at the rate of 1 capsule per liter of liquid.

The order of preparation of the working solution (PP) "Energen Aqua" varies depending on the purpose of the application:

  • seed soaking: 15 drops in 50 ml of water,
  • root treatment: 10 ml per half liter liquid,
  • watering: 30 cap. / 1 l (seedlings watered at the root).

15 drops = 1 ml of the product.

How to apply for seeds

For this purpose, only Energen Aqua is used.

The working solution is enough to handle 50 g of seed. Before dilution of the water required to defend or filter. The time for soaking vegetable seeds is 9 hours. The rest of the plants need 4 hours. Then the grains should be washed and sown. Soaking stimulates further development.

Применение для рассады овощных и цветочных культур

Раствор средства успешно используется для опрыскивания и полива молодых побегов. Дозировка и нормы расхода зависят от обрабатываемого растения.

«Энерген аква» применяется для овощей, декоративных (в т.ч. комнатных), плодово-ягодных культур, а также деревьев и кустарников. To strengthen the rhizomes before planting, a working solution is used to treat the roots, in order to affect plants that have already been planted, PP is used for irrigation.

In total, the crop is watered no more than six times per season on shoots and up to the period of active growth of the fruit. It is better to perform treatment in the morning or in the evening.

"Energen extra" is used for watering, spraying garden and fruit plants. In the first case, the consumption rate is 1 liter of working solution per 2.5 m2 of the treated area. The order of breeding and application during spraying depends on the culture:

  • vegetables and flowers - PP, consumption - 1 l per 40 m2,
  • Cherry, strawberry, apple - 3 capsules per 10 liters of water (this amount of solution is enough for processing 100 m2).

Security measures when working with Energen

When using the product, it is necessary to take into account the toxicity and to remember about the methods of protection when working with hazardous solutions.

All procedures are performed in closed clothes with a mask and gloves. If the fertilizer gets on an unprotected skin area, wash it with soap and water and consult a doctor.

Terms and conditions of storage

The stimulator is kept in a ventilated, dry place protected from sunlight. The bottle should not be available for children and pets. Do not transport or use the product near food. "Energen extra" is stored indefinitely. Energen Aqua should be used within 5 years from the date of production.

Common mistakes when using Energen
Inefficiency is associated with:

  1. improper use of the stimulator (non-compliance with the instructions),
  2. processing plants in the daytime - when spraying may form dark spots.

Allergic manifestations are also possible if the protective measures are not followed.

Price and analogues

The cost varies from 35 to 150 rubles and depends on the region and point of sale. Fertilizers that have a similar effect on plants to plants are potassium and sodium humates, Gumi.

The preparation "Energen" for seeds and seedlings, used according to the instructions, contributes to increasing yields in quantitative and qualitative terms. An additional bonus when using, according to reviews of gardeners, is the opportunity to choose the most appropriate form of release of funds.