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Instructions for use of the drug "Fitoverm" for plants


Most gardeners and summer residents to combat all sorts of parasites use the biological drug Fitoverm.

Instructions about the use of this drug Fitoverm for indoor plants, as well as in the garden, you can easily help to understand all the issues.

The drug Fitoverm is considered to be a kind of insecticidal acaricidal agent, which is quite active in ticks and dangerous insects that kill indoor plants and flowers in the apartment and house, as well as plants and flowers in closed or open ground.

Reviews of drug owners Fitoverm confirm the uniqueness and effectiveness of this tool.

Properties and composition of the drug

The manufacturer of this biological drug Fitoverm is a manufacturer from Russia, the company Farmbiomed. Some kind of colorless liquid which is in a plastic or glass package.

This intestinal insecticide is recommended for the destruction of various types of pests and parasites in the garden, for the detailed processing of vegetables, flowers and indoor plants in closed soil.

This active ingredient of the drug Fitoverm - aversectin S. Such an active component, a product of vital activity of a special type of microorganisms that live in the soil.

Only one liter of this insecticide contains about two milligrams of a sufficiently powerful and active substance. Possesses the third class of toxicity.

The drug Fitoverm is considered very versatile. This drug is very effective for combating parasites, as well as carrying out all sorts of preventive spraying in greenhouses and open soil. Insecticide is allowed to apply to the treatment of most plants in the so-called green area, while not taking out all the plants from the pulp or the apartment.

Drug release form Fitoverm

The producer of the drug, Phytoverm, took into account almost all the needs of the owners, who like to engage in various activities that are respectively associated with the cultivation of flowers, vegetables and fruit crops. Absolutely everyone will be able to choose a tool in a fairly convenient package with a suitable volume.

On sale, buyers will be able to find several types of this biological drug Fitoverm:

  • Ampoules - two, four and five milliliters. Containers are in waterproof packaging. The instruction is present,
  • Plastic containers or cans to handle a fairly large area, the volume of this form is mainly five liters,
  • Vials in the amount of from ten to four hundred milliliters.

Advantages and disadvantages

The biological drug Fitoverm rarely receives negative reviews in its address.

All gardeners and gardeners, as well as gardeners often use a tool that is at the average level (degree) of toxicity to destroy the dangerous insects and mites that occupied the plants.

The drug Fitoverm is a very popular tool with an active effect on all sorts of parasites.

Advantages of the drug

  • Instant effect
  • Low toxicity to humans,
  • Able to destroy various types of harmful insects and mites,
  • Not able to pollute the environment
  • Very effectively fights spider mite, which in turn is a real thunderstorm of almost all plants,
  • Active acaricidal (tick-borne) action,
  • Good enough price of the biological drug Fitoverm,
  • You will be able to collect the vegetables and fruits of your plant after forty-eight hours after the last spraying,
  • The addiction of parasites to the effects of the drug Fitoverm is very rarely fixed by gardeners and gardeners,
  • Ease of use drug Fitoverm,
  • Also suitable for indoor and open / closed soil applications.
  • Instantly decomposes in soil and water,
  • A large number of types of packaging, as well as their volume (ranging from two milliliters to five liters of solution),
  • Universal composition.

Cons of the drug

  • The so-called concentrated emulsion is very dangerous for bees,
  • At some moments, very dangerous mites and insects cannot completely disappear from the area, in such cases it is necessary to supplement the effects of the Bioframe Fitoderm with various toxic chemicals,
  • It is forbidden to spray the solution during the flowering period,
  • To achieve the maximum effect, several treatments are needed (about three to five).

This active substance has a very negative impact on the livelihoods of ticks and insects.

  • Ticks, peppered moths, leaflets, thrips, as well as other dangerous varieties of parasites and pests cannot feed, multiply and move around. After forty-eight or seventy-two hours, all the pests that destroyed the labor of the owners will die,
  • Very high acaricidal activity makes it possible to get rid of even very persistent and dangerous parasites, for example, such as the Chlechténdal mite. A very dangerous spider mite will also die about forty-eight hours after spraying the solution,
  • After swallowing even the smallest (microscopic) particles, this drug can disrupt the regulation of processes in the body of the parasite.

What parasites are used against?

The drug Fitoverm is very active in absolutely different types of pests, harmful insects, ticks and parasites.

  • On potato fields - against stem nematodes and Colorado beetles,
  • On indoor plants, as well as flowers in open soil and greenhouses - against aphids, spider mites, mealybugs, thrips,
  • On gooseberry, currant plum, apple - against peppered moths, moths, leaflets,
  • On cabbage, turnips, onions - against cabbage and turnip moths, moths, melons, leaf beetles.

Compatibility with other drugs

In some cases, special mixtures of two to three acaricidal insecticides are used to destroy parasites and pests.

Before preparing such a combination, you should know the rules for its preparation, and also a very important point is the specification of the compatibility of all drugs.

Some nuances of the use of the biological drug Fitoverm:

  • It is forbidden to combine with the means that carry an alkaline reaction,
  • It is allowed to combine with fertilizers, pyrethroids, growth regulators, as well as organophosphates.

Rules of storage of the drug Fitoverm

Very useful information:

  • This waterproof concentrate belongs to the middle class of toxicity. That is, it is strictly forbidden to keep plastic containers or ampoules next to medicines and products,
  • The optimum temperature threshold is from fifteen to thirty degrees of heat,
  • The premises for storing the drug Fitoverm must be dry, without direct exposure to the sun's rays,
  • The shelf life of the drug in a plastic bag or ampoule is the same - twenty-four months,
  • Invalid release of this toxic agent into the hands of children.

The biological drug Fitoverm pleases its gardeners and florist not only with high efficiency, but also with a fairly decent price.

Plastic containers and ampoules are sold in special outlets for gardeners and flowers, hypermarkets, and flower shops.

The manufacturer of the drug, Phytoverm, offers its customers different forms of plant treatment products:

  • Fitoverm Super,
  • Good Power
  • Flower happiness.

The average cost of the drug Fitoverm:

  • Bottle in one hundred milliliters - about one hundred and sixty rubles,
  • Canister five liters - about seven hundred fifty rubles,
  • Ampoule four milliliters - about fifteen rubles.

One ampoule of this drug is enough to handle a fairly large area. The average consumption of the working solution (and not concentrated) for indoor plants from zero point one tenth of a liter per square meter.

For spraying vegetables, one liter per ten square meters of beds will be enough; for potatoes, four liters per ten square meters of beds; for fruit trees, five liters per apple tree, plum, or pear. When spraying currants, the average solution consumption is one liter per bush.

Instructions for use

On the packaging of the biological drug Fitoverm there is a table, it will indicate the frequency, timing and frequency of processing for almost every type of plant.

However, do not neglect these rules and dilute this concentrated remedy so to say “by eye”, you simply will not have such a desired effect from spraying a very strong or weak composition.

The most prerequisite for successful control of harmful insects and mites is the use of a freshly prepared solution.

During storage, the activity of this tool is gradually reduced, and the result of the processing itself, respectively, will not satisfy its owners.

It is very important to remember the precautionary measures!
That is, wear rubber gloves, protect respiratory organs with a respirator, wear transparent plastic glasses, and protective clothing. After the treatment itself, you should very thoroughly wash, wash your hair and rinse the mouth.

It is also forbidden to smoke, drink and eat food when spraying this drug Fitoverm. If you show signs of intoxication, you should immediately take activated charcoal and go to fresh air. If there are very severe reactions, you must visit a doctor.

Terms of use of parasites

Spraying Balsamine and Violets

one liter of warm water requires two milliliters of a substance, that is, a concentrate. The processing itself is carried out from the lower and upper sides of the leaflets. The optimum temperature threshold in the room should be a mark above twenty degrees of heat.

Also, the smaller the openings of the spray nozzle, the better. Already the next, repeated processing will be carried out only in three or four days to destroy the hatched larvae.

Spraying orchids.

To destroy thrips, it is necessary to dilute two milliliters of the substance to two hundred milliliters of water. When fighting with other parasites, a weak concentration will be sufficient, that is, about five milliliters of water, about two milliliters of the drug Fitoverm, will be enough.

The highest efficiency was observed when processing not only the plant itself, but also when treating the soil. To destroy all the larvae, it is necessary to spray the plant three to four times.

When attacking aphids, a concentration of two milliliters of the drug Fitoverm on two hundred and fifty milliliters of water is needed. Already re-processing should be carried out after seven days.

Rules of application in the garden and garden

  • Eggplant, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes. To combat thrips and aphids, the best option would be to concentrate two milliliters of the solution on water with a volume of from two hundred to five hundred milliliters,
  • Currants, fruit trees and shrubs, street flowers and raspberries. A solution of one liter of water for two milligrams of the drug Fitoverm will help to destroy the grassworms, moths and ticks.
  • Cabbage. For the destruction of scoops and cabbage stalks it is necessary to place two milliliters of the drug in five hundred milliliters of water.

Very important! Spray the solution should be in calm weather, and dry. With very high humidity, the effectiveness of the drug is significantly reduced. The rain will simply wash away the tool, and you will have to repeat the treatment again.

Drug reviews

The drug Fitoverm is considered a very popular tool for processing plants in open soil, greenhouses, as well as indoor plants.

The hosts are attracted by the sufficient toxicity of the drug, which provides safety for the person himself and a lethal dose for the parasites, with the opportunity to collect fruits and vegetables within forty-eight hours after the last treatment.

Flower growers adore this drug for its active influence on the tick (spider web), which advertised drugs cannot cope with at a very rough cost.

Some growers write that when pests invade houseplants, the so-called additional treatment with much more toxic means is necessary. Reasonably acceptable cost is another advantage of the drug Fitoverm.

For the fight against parasites of open and closed access, and pests that attack indoor plants, the drug Fitoverm is suitable.

He is considered the most effective tool, which received about ninety-seven percent of positive feedback from gardeners.

Instructions for using the drug are required to read: for each fruit, vegetable species, as well as houseplants and berry crops, its own concentration of the working substance of the drug Fitoverm has been developed.

Features of the application and method of action of the drug

Processing plants with this drug carried out by spraying. Plants are treated with "Fitoverm" up to four times per season, excluding the period of abundant flowering of plants.

Intervals between treatments can range from seven to twenty days. For the effectiveness of the action of the substance on pests, it is not necessary to treat the plants during the rainy season or when the air temperature drops. To prepare the solution should be used in a separate container.

Aversectin C is an active substance, which has excellent properties in the fight against ticks. Treatment with this drug is practiced among summer residents in the following cases:

  • in case of affection of street and indoor flowers with aphids, spider mites or thrips,
  • while protecting potato plantations from the attack of the ladybird, stem nematode, Colorado potato beetle,
  • in the protection of cruciferous crops, onions, melons and other vegetables from attacks of cabbage and turnip moths, melon aphids, leaf shells, moths,
  • to protect garden trees and bushes from attacking leafworms, moths, moths and other insects.

The effect of the drug is calculated on the paralyzing effect during the use of its microscopic dose by insects. The insect after the use of the drug can not move, multiply, eat and die within a few hours. The action of the drug allows gardeners to get rid of harmful insects within two days. The instability of a poisonous substance allows it to be quickly neutralized from plants through the soil and water.

The only drawback of the drug can be considered as its effect on adult pests. The action of the insecticide does not kill the larvae, pupae and eggs of insects that do not consume the poisonous substance with food.

"Fitoverm" for indoor plants

"Fitoverm" is available in liquid form with various volume and concentration in the form of a water-soluble concentrate. For spraying indoor flowers used drug with a concentration of 2 milliliters per cup of water. You can even handle flowers indoors, but using personal protective equipment.

Houseplants are treated up to four times with an interval of 7-10 days. When processing from spider mites, dilute 2 milliliters of concentrate to 1 liter of water. When treating plants from the attack of aphids apply 2 milliliters of 0.25 liters of water. In the protection and treatment of indoor plants from thrips, dilute 2 milliliters of concentrate with 0.2 milliliters of water.

The effect of the drug is slower.than when processing garden crops, so the complete death of insects can be expected on the seventh day. For the complete destruction of the larvae will need to process the flowers "Fitoverm" at least four times.

Instructions for use for garden crops

"Fitoverm" for garden and garden crops is diluted from 2 to 10 milliliters of concentrate to 1-4 liters of water. The treatment of plants is carried out in the morning with no rain last at night, or in the presence of dry weather in the evening on windless days. When using an insecticide during the treatment period of the plant, use individual protective equipment.

The possibility of combining with other substances

According to the instructions for use of the insecticide, it cannot be used with pesticides of chemical origin and substances, which are based on an alkaline environment. It can be used in conjunction with some growth biostimulants. The solution can be combined with organophosphate insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers, pyrethroids.

It is possible to check the possibility of combining different products with "Fitoverm" in the following way: if after mixing two preparations and their complete dissolution in a container a precipitate forms, then they are not suitable for use as a single means.

Security measures when working with insecticide

Although "Fitoverm" and is considered practically harmless, but by chemical hazard criteria he referred to the third class. Therefore, when working with him, it is desirable to apply:

  • special clothes, glasses.
  • gloves, respirator.

After processing the plant, it is important to thoroughly wash the hands and exposed areas of the body, rinse the mouth with water.

Package after substance applied It is advisable to wrap in a plastic bag and then throw it in the trash. Insecticide disintegrates within two days only when released into the soil. Стоит обеспечить надежную защиту от попадания вещества в водную среду. Во время бутонизации растений обработку не производят, чтобы не навредить пчелам.

As a first aid, if the substance gets into the eyes, they should be washed with running water without dropping the eyelids. It is recommended to flush the drug off the skin with soap and water. If the drug got into the oral cavity, it is necessary to induce vomiting and take a sorbent diluted in water at the rate of: 1 tablet per 10 kg of human body weight.

How to breed "Fitoverm"

Apply to various plants and bushes solutions from concentrate and water. All solutions are prepared based on one liter of water. Processing of bushes and vegetable crops is carried out during the growing season before the start of flowering by spraying. The treatment of the bushes is carried out when they are damaged by such pests as the red fruit and spider mite, leafworm, moth, moth, and moth. Fruit trees before flowering are treated with a poisonous substance once during the season.

Depending on the type of plant, a solution of the concentrate is acquired with a greater or lesser content of the substance. The number of sprays is carried out depending on the type of plant and the degree of its damage. Re-treatment of plants is carried out for the complete destruction of pests, due to the fact that the drug acts destroying only through the digestive system of insects and therefore can not have a killing effect on them. Vegetable crops are processed from the attack on them by melon and peach aphids, spider mites, moths and cabbage moths, cabbage moths and turnips, thrips.

Fitoverm: prescription of the drug

Cultivation of indoor plants is complicated by the need to combat pests and diseases of green pets. Strong chemicals should not be used in residential premises, and the effect of treating by folk remedies is short-lived. Biological pesticides have a toxic effect on pests, but do not accumulate in plant tissues and cells.

The drug Fitoverm is designed to kill insects and mites, parasitic on ornamental and agricultural plants:

  • mealybugs,
  • spider mites,
  • listworms,
  • spring tails
  • shchitovok,
  • moths,
  • thrips,
  • sciarid
  • aphids and other pest groups.

The biological tool is recommended for spraying in the garden, home farms, for spraying greenhouse plants and indoor plants. The inhabitants of the green corner can not stand to be processed from the living room.

The mechanism of action on parasites

The active substance of the drug - Aversectin C is a biological insecticide and acaricide of the fourth generation. The Latin names for these classes of arthropods are Acari and Insecta, and the word caedo means "I kill." The product derived from the waste products of the microorganism Streptomyces avermitilis, refers to the intestinal and contact biopesticides. Fitoverm has a detrimental effect on pests, but does not accumulate in plant tissues.

Important! Contact poisoning effect occurs after the solution wets the integuments of the body pests. At the same time the agent enters the body through the intestines when eating the treated plants.

After the solution Fytoverm in the digestive tract Aversectin destroys the intestinal wall and is in the body cavity. Most insects and mites lose their ability to feed after 8 hours, aphids - after 10-15 hours. At 3–7 days, the drug causes paralysis and death of arthropods. Fitoverm does not act on eggs, so repeated treatments are necessary to destroy new generations of harmful organisms.

The protective effect of the drug lasts indoors for up to 20 days. The higher the air temperature, the more effective the "work" means. When processing in wet weather on the open balcony, loggia, terrace, the protection period can be reduced to 1 week.

Aversectin does not accumulate in the air, in the soil and in water, as it decomposes within 12 hours. The prepared solution is not recommended to be stored - it loses its properties. Also, the drug Phytoverm is not used for watering plants, since the active ingredient is not absorbed by the root system.

Instructions for use

On each packaging of the Fitoverm biological product there are instructions on the timing and frequency of treatments. The instructions also provide dosages and describes dilution methods. The ampoules contain a concentrated emulsion, which should be dissolved in water immediately before spraying the plants. It is necessary to adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations, then the result will be close to the expected effect.

How to breed?

To obtain a working solution, the emulsion Fitoverm is mixed with a certain volume of water in a special sprayer for indoor flowers or a spray gun adapted for this purpose. First, a portion of water is poured into the container, the ampoule with the emulsion is opened, and the liquid is stirred until completely dissolved. Then add water to the volume specified in the instructions for the drug.

Important! Dilute the drug immediately before treatment. Sprayed plants only freshly prepared liquid. Use the right amount of solution, the rest is poured into the toilet.

Dosage of the drug for the destruction of major pests of indoor plants:

  • Spider mites. Dissolve 1 ampoule (2 ml) in 1 liter of water.
  • Thrips. Dilute the contents of 1 ampoule in 200 ml of water.
  • Aphids. Dissolve 1 ampoule in 250 ml of water.
  • Other pests. Add 2 ml of biological product to 500 ml of water.

Water diluted drug Fytoverm with each hour of storage loses its effectiveness. This feature should be taken into account by those who plan to process plants several times. For the next spraying, it is necessary to prepare the working solution again in accordance with the instructions.

Precautionary measures

Phytoverm refers to the drugs of the third class of danger, that is, it has low toxicity to humans. It is recommended to complete all the spraying works with the solution within 1 hour in order not to endanger yourself. It is necessary to properly dilute the drug and dispose of its residues, use in the dosages specified by the manufacturer. The containers used for dissolving and spraying should be rinsed thoroughly, stored separately from food and utensils.

Work with solutions of pesticides should be in rubber gloves, use a respirator. During the treatments can not eat. If spraying of plants is carried out on an open balcony, loggia and terrace, then it is recommended to perform work in calm weather, preferably in the evening, when there are no bees. After processing, clothes and headgear should be washed, all used containers, tools should be rinsed several times with water.

What indoor plants are used for?

The drug Fitoverm is used to kill insects and mites that harm violets, orchids, balsamine and many other indoor plants. This universal remedy is most effective when carefully treating the entire plant, including the lower surfaces of leaves, buds, and buds.

The emulsion is colorless and odorless, but after spraying the solution can leave shiny or dull drips on the plants. Violets are placed on the time in an unlit place to drop the solution dried. Other flowers can be rinsed with water a few days after spraying.

Re-treatment is recommended after 4 days. With a strong infection of plants with dense leaves, 4 sprays may be required with an interval of 4–5 days between them.

Compatibility with other pesticides

To combat the complex pests used mixtures of biopesticides. You can combine the Fitoverma solution with pyrethroids. To prepare the mixture take half the dose of each drug. The effect comes faster, lasts a longer time. Fitoverm is also combined with fertilizers for foliar feeding.

Description of the drug Fitoverm

Fitoverm belongs to the contact-intestinal group of insectoacaricides. This means that the insecticide is used against various types of insects and mites. The contact-intestinal mechanism of action suggests that the agent penetrates the skin of the insect and gastrointestinal tract when eating leaves. The active ingredient in the insecticide composition - aversectin C - causes nerve paralysis in the animal.

The pest loses the ability to feed 8 hours after treatment, its death occurs after several days. For sucking insects and ticks, the effect comes a little later: insects stop feeding after 12 hours and die within a week.

In the soil, the insecticide Fitoverm decomposes in 25-30 hours after application, on the surface of leaves and fruits - in 2-3 days. For most other drugs, the decomposition time is 20-30 days. Therefore, the use of Fitoverma is recommended during the period of flowering and fruit picking.

Note! Since the insecticide is quickly destroyed, it is not enough to spray the plant once.

During the first spraying, adult individuals die, but their juvenile forms (larvae, pupae, nymphs) remain. When they begin to feed on their own, re-treatment is necessary. The use of the drug continues until all pests die.

Phytoverm is a fourth generation biological action substance. It is based on the metabolic products of soil microorganisms, making it safer than chemical products. The drug belongs to the third level of danger (moderately dangerous), so when using it, avoid contact with skin and mucous membranes. Before using the drug should be familiar with the instructions and dosages.

Spectrum of the drug

Phytoverm is a odorous substance with a wide spectrum of action. It is used to protect indoor and cultivated plants from:

  • Colorado beetles
  • Butterflies butterflies and cabbage,
  • Aphid
  • Trips
  • Moth,
  • Vegetable mites,
  • Peados
  • Leafworm,
  • Whitefly,
  • Mealybug,
  • Shchitovki.

In practice, the effectiveness of the drug against pests does not always correspond to the declared by the manufacturer. For example, good results were shown experimentally when using the drug against ticks, but they quickly got used to it and with repeated treatments, the effectiveness dropped. The most effective insecticide Fitoverm from whiteflies, thrips, leafworms, moths, aphids, scale insects. Phytoverm from mealybug and spider mite showed a fairly good effect at high temperatures.

Processing rules

Preparation of the working solution is carried out immediately before use of the drug in compliance with the dosages. For breeding can not use the dishes, which prepare food, after applying it must be thoroughly washed. It is better to use disposable tableware. How to dissolve Fitoverm is indicated in the article below.

When choosing the day of processing should pay attention to the weather. On a rainy day or at high humidity, the treatment will not bring the desired results. It is noticed that on a hot day (air temperature is from 24 to 32 ° C) the effect of the use of the drug against spider mites increases by 4.8 times, when the temperature drops to 17 ○ C - it drops 7.6 times.

For the treatment of cultivated plants Fytoverm use a spray. At the same time, it is monitored that the product is distributed evenly - it is under these conditions that most pests die. Thus, fruit trees and vegetative plants are treated.

Houseplants are treated carefully by smearing each leaf on both sides with a solution. The remnants of the drug are poured on the soil in a pot. This is necessary because sprays and vapors of the drug indoors can get into the lungs.

Fitoverm should be applied at least four times, with an interval of 7-9 days.

Security measures when using Fitoverma

Spraying of plants is carried out in special equipment. Use gloves, goggles and a mask (if necessary), closed clothing. During the procedure, smoking and eating are prohibited. At the end of the procedure, wash your hands and face with soap. Spraying is desirable to carry out in a protective mask, or to be at some distance from the jet.

Important! If the drug gets into the eyes, on the mucous membrane of the nose or mouth, open wounds, they must be thoroughly washed with water.

With the penetration of the drug in the gastrointestinal tract should drink a few tablets of activated charcoal, if possible - cause vomiting. It is recommended to be examined by a doctor.

The drug is stored in places inaccessible to children and pets, away from food and medicines. Storage temperature - from -15 to 30 ○ C, shelf life of 2 years in closed packaging. Remaining solution after the procedure must be disposed of, in any case not stored.

Fitoverm advantages and disadvantages

Flyoverm is very popular due to the following advantages:

  • The drug is not phytotoxic, that is safe for plants,
  • Decomposes quickly
  • Efficacy against plant mites is 96-100%,
  • Operates at high temperatures
  • Can be used during flowering.

Like all drugs, Fitoverma has its drawbacks. These include:

  • The need for frequent and thorough treatments
  • Low efficiency in rainy weather,
  • Do not use Fitoverm with other drugs
  • Badly wets the surface of leaves and flowers,
  • The cost of processing is slightly higher than when using other means.

In order to better wet the leaves and flowers of the plant with an insecticide, it is recommended to mix it with surfactants, such as soap suds or shampoo. Thanks to the foam, the drug “sticks” to the leaves, which has a positive effect on the effectiveness of its action.

Consumption rates and breeding rules

How to dilute the drug for treatments in the garden. In a bucket with 1-2 liters of water pour the vial of the drug and mix thoroughly. Then fill a 10 liter bucket with water to obtain a solution of the desired volume.

When processing houseplants, the following norms are observed: from a spider mite, 2 ml per 0.5 l. water, against aphids and thrips - 5 ml per 0.5–0.6 liters of water. After a week you need to repeat the treatment. If the pest shows signs of life again - change the drug.

Attention! Each ampoule is accompanied by instructions for use, which indicate the exact dosage. The table shows the recommended doses of consumption, obtained experimentally.

To determine the norms of insecticide cultivation using the data listed in the table.

Flyoverm for protection of indoor plants and seedlings

The phytoverm can be used to process potted flowers, as it does not have a strong odor. Experienced growers are advised to purchase Fitoverm for indoor plants in ampoules of 2 ml. The content is diluted in 200 or 250 ml of water. All leaflets and flowers are carefully treated with the preparation, and the remainder is poured into the soil in a pot. If only flowers are affected, they are recommended to be picked and thrown away. Means Fitoverm protects the plant for up to 10 days, after which re-treatment is required.

Experienced growers recommend treating not only the outer part of the plant, but also the roots. In particular, this method is suitable for orchids. Orchid roots are washed with hot water, immersed in a solution of the drug and wound with polyethylene overnight. A bag of plants is left in a sunny place, and the next day they are sown in a new pot and soil. Treatment is repeated after 10 days. Flowers for flowers are most effective against mites, the most frequent pest of indoor plants.

It is advisable to handle seedlings before planting in the ground. Since pests of seedlings multiply rapidly, it is necessary to spray insecticide regularly.

Experienced breeders note that the greatest effect is achieved by cultivating seedlings at a temperature of 18 ○ C. It is recommended to sow seedlings in the land steamed and treated with Flyoverm.

Applications of Fitoverm

The drug is sold in the form of a concentrated liquid intended for spraying aerial parts of a plant. Destroys ticks and many common insect pests. Does not pollute the soil and quickly decomposes in the environment.

Flyoverm is used to combat the following categories:

Due to the non-toxic composition of the drug can be used for the treatment of indoor plants. Also used for the treatment and prevention of pest damage in garden and horticultural crops.

Operating principle

"Fitoverm" refers to the so-called biologically active drugs. In its composition aversectin is a substance of directional contact-intestinal action. When ingested, the insect has a neuroparalytic effect, which violates the digestive function. The pest stops eating after 6-15 hours, after three days it dies. Requires repeated application, because the eggs of harmful insects does not act.

The protective effect lasts from 5 to 15 days when used outdoors. After treatment of indoor plants, this period is 7-20 days.

Pros and cons means

A variety of vials (2, 4, and 5 ml) and vials (10-400 ml) can be found on the market. for processing large-sized agricultural areas, packaging is provided in 5-liter canisters.

Drug benefits:

  1. A wide range of effects on various groups of insect pests.
  2. Натуральное и безопасное для человека средство.
  3. Не оказывает негативного воздействия на растения.
  4. В почве быстро распадается, не оставляя вредных соединений.
  5. Не вызывает привыкания даже при неоднократном использовании.
  6. В зависимости от обрабатываемой площади можно приобрести подходящий объем средства.

Due to the rapid period of disintegration, spraying can be carried out during the period of fruiting, which distinguishes Fitoverm from other drugs. In addition, this tool shows the maximum effect in dry and hot weather, while many drugs in such conditions "do not work." In addition to the undoubted advantages, the tool also has some disadvantages.

These include:

  1. Higher cost compared to chemical analogues.
  2. The need for repeated treatment for the complete destruction of pests.
  3. Incompatibility with other drugs.
  4. During processing during the period of flowering pollinating insects die.
  5. Unpleasant sharp smell of the prepared solution.
  6. Ineffective in tillage.

The tool is extremely unstable to precipitation, so when breeding requires the use of a substance-adhesive. Usually a soap solution is used for these purposes. In addition, for spraying it is necessary to choose the day without the slightest rain, otherwise there will be no benefit from the treatment.

"Fitoverm" and "Fitoverm KE" - what is the difference?

There are several types of manufactured products under the brand "Fitoverm". In particular, "Fitoverm CE" refers to the so-called insectoacaricides, which are more effective in relation to various types of mites. There is another type of drug - "Fitoverm P", designed to combat nematodes. Depending on the type and degree of damage by different types of pests, it is better to use highly specialized means.

What is Fitoverm

Fitoverm is one of the biological products. Their distinguishing feature from toxic chemicals is the delayed action on the objects of elimination. Affected individuals continue to eat 2-24 hours, and die 1-3 days after treatment. Therefore, in the neglected area and during raids of voracious pests (locusts, etc.) biologics are not very effective: pests will eat everything before they die. In such cases, it is necessary to use insecticides like “ambulance”: strong, dangerous, but also killing malicious objects instantly, for example. Aktaroy Especially - for fruit trees and berry bushes, when it is necessary to save perennial plants, waving his hand at crop losses. But Fitoverm and among biological products stands out for a short period of complete decay: 24 hours in the soil, a maximum of three days in plants. If processing by Fitoverm was carried out at a temperature above +15 degrees in the evening, then the day after tomorrow it is already possible to release bees.

Other features of Fitoverma are mainly contact poison, intestinal to a lesser extent, and therefore its use is most effective against pests with thin covers, see above. On objects of defeat Fytoverm has a rather long after-effect: in their organisms it lasts for 7-20 days. Surviving individuals reduce the intensity of food (and the harm they cause), and their fertility also decreases. Further, Fitoverm acts the stronger, the higher the ambient temperature: if we take the action at +20 degrees as a standard, then when it is lowered to +15, the effect of the drug weakens threefold. With an increase to +25 it increased 1.5 times, and at +30 approx. 8 times. Finally, Fitoverm is subject to the damaging effects of sunlight and hydrolysis. In an environment with 100% humidity or in water, its decay is accelerated by half.

As a consequence, the general guidelines for using Fitoverma are as follows:

  • A single treatment is not very effective, you need to repeat.
  • To begin treatment as soon as the first pests are noticed.
  • Processing of Fitoderm is usually carried out in the evening in warm, dry weather.
  • The first application of the Fitoverma to rid plants of pests before pollination can be carried out in the morning at the very beginning of the first buds blooming. Then it will be possible not to be afraid that pollinators will perish - Fitoverm is not very dangerous for bees. The second treatment to preserve the ovaries is carried out immediately after the flowering of the plants.

Note: about the protection of the garden and vegetable garden on a small plot with the help of biological products; see the video below:

Formulas, action, modifications

The active principle Fitoverma refers to avermectins - substances produced by the actinomycete fungus Streptomyces avermitilis. Avermectins are extracted from the mycelial mass of the fungus by ethanol (alcohol) extraction. The peculiarity of avermectins is a double nerve-paralytic effect on pests: they stimulate the release of γ-aminobutyric acid in the synapses of neurons and at the same time block the channels of chloride transfer to the dependent receptors. Chloride current in the nerves is disturbed and the entire nervous system goes awry. The process is rather slow, but resistance (resistance) of pests to Fitoverma develops with great difficulty. In fact, Fitoverm can be regularly used for plants for 5-6 years, without fear of withdrawing a resistant population in itself. And if such has arisen, it is enough to switch to other pesticides for a year or two so that the susceptibility of pests to Fitoverma is restored.

Modifications of the active ingredient Fitoverma

However, in the Fitoverme there is a very serious nuance concerning the users' own security: there are 2 series of modifications of avermectins, due to the so-called. spatial isomerism of molecules: Aij and Bij. In foreign preparations and domestic from foreign raw materials, the active substance is avermectins Bij (on the left in the pic.). Bij avermectins are stronger, but more toxic (hazard class 2-3), they accumulate in fruits and in the EU are approved for use only in inedible crops. However, "euro-oriented" producers have no doubt brought them into the composition of widely advertised funds for the garden and the city.

Note: the ij index in the names of avermectins denotes the type of metal Me and the organic radical R attached to the base molecule (core) of the substance. The ij index practically does not affect the consumer qualities of Fitoverma.

In the Russian Federation only Fitoverm based on Aij avermectins (in the center in the figure) is approved for use in an individual farm. It is produced by the NBC “Farmbiomed” LLC (right), extracted from the VNIISHM-51 or VNIISM-54 fungi-derived strains derived in Russia. The phytoverm from Farmbiomed can be safely used at the dacha, garden or farm, and others (Letto, Plantafol, OptiRoza, Fitoderma from other manufacturers) are suitable only for inedible crops and houseplants - they have a stronger effect on pests, but apply them for fruit and vegetable is not recommended. By the way, inexpensive pesticide Fitomerovsky Fitoverm helps with pests of open ground roses, see for example. roller:

Forms of release

The phytoverm for indoor gardening is available in 2 and 4 ml ampoules of concentrated emulsion (CE). For use on open ground in vials of 5, 10, 30, 50 ml of CE and 100, 200, 400 ml and in cans of 5 liters of MP stock solution. For professional use - in the form of a powder P. The content of the active substance KE - 2 or 10 g / l, MP - 2 g / l, P - 2 or 8 g / l. Formalia MP 5 l and P in individual farms are not used. It is also undesirable to use MR, since in the opened package it is not stored. Phytoverm QE can be removed from an unopened vial with a syringe in parts, piercing the cork with a needle, then the shelf life of the drug is not reduced. Fitoverm is kept and divorced according to the general rules for liquid biopreparations, see the video:

Drug characteristics

Fitoverm is an agent that combines insecticidal, acaricidal and nematicidal effects and is used to protect industrial, vegetable, berry-fruit and decorative crops of both open and protected ground. The main active ingredient of the drug is aversectin C - a substance of natural origin, a mixture of avermectins B1a, A1a, A2a and B2a.

The main advantage of aversectin C is that the products based on it do not cause addiction in pests and can be used for several years in a row.. In addition, the substance is not phytotoxic and has no property to accumulate in the leaves and fruits of plants.

The drug is available in various forms - from ampoules with a volume of 2 ml to five-liter cans. There are two types of it: "Fitoverm, KE" and "Fitoverm, P".

Preparation of working solution

The Fitoverma’s instruction states that the dosage of the preparation and its consumption rates vary depending on the variety of the crop and the pest attacking it.:

  • For deciduous and fruit trees, dilute 1 ml of the drug in a liter of liquid. Use the solution to combat moths, caterpillars, various mites and leafworms. The treatment is repeated twice with an interval of a week, if necessary, conduct additional spraying.
  • Indoor and outdoor ornamental plants, on which aphids, thrips or spider mites were seen, are treated with a solution of 2 ml of Fitoverma, diluted in 0.5 l of water. The only exception is orchids - for them, the concentration of insecticide should be half that, in order not to harm the leaves, bulbs and root system. According to the Fitoverma's instructions for use, for indoor plants, at least four treatments should be carried out every 7–10 days.
  • White and cauliflower rid of scoops, butterflies and their caterpillars, diluted with 0.5 ml of insecticide liter of water. The procedure must be repeated twice, repeated spraying is carried out in 2−3 weeks after the first.
  • For irrigation of vegetable crops used a solution of 2 ml of the drug, diluted with two liters of water. The complete destruction of thrips, aphids and spider mites occurs after three treatments with a seven-day interval.
  • A weak Fitoverma solution (2 ml per 5 l of liquid) is treated with seedlings before planting in open ground, in order to protect against various harmful insects.

In all cases, spraying is carried out using a fine atomizer, carefully making sure that the solution is evenly distributed over the leaves.. Plants should be processed in the evening, since in the dark avermectin B1 decomposes more slowly, due to which the insecticidal-acaricidal effect of Fitoverma is prolonged. Do not carry out spraying in the period of precipitation, as well as at temperatures below +17 ° C - otherwise the effect of the use of the drug will be close to zero.

Video: rules for breeding and storing the phytoverm

Note: Fitoverma dosages in typical application regimens, incl. and in this article, are based on the content of the active substance 2 g / l. If a drug of a different concentration is used, the dose should be recalculated for the same amount of water.


Floterm is applied by spraying according to the general rules (in the evening in quiet, warm, dry weather, not before the rain). The rules and dosages of the drug are somewhat different for sporadic and weak or moderate and severe damage by pests. In all cases, you must also take into account the strong dependence of the drug on temperature: the higher, the stronger the drug. For example, above +25 degrees with an average lesion, schemes should be used for the weak, and below +20 with an average or even sporadic lesion, apply schemes for the strong.

Instructions for the application of Fitoverma with pest damage to the average inclusive are given in the table:

Instructions for use Fitoverma from plant pests

The actual volume of purchase of the drug is determined as follows:

  • The size of the working solution is determined by the size of the area to be processed.
  • The volume of the working solution is calculated, how much is necessary Fitoverma CE in ml.
  • Vials or ampoules are purchased in the required quantity.
  • For the preparation of the working solution (see below), it is desirable to use a smaller number of packages with CE greater concentration.

Note: The consumption of the working solution for a pear tree is the same as for an apple tree. On plum, apricot and peach - 3 l / tree. On cherry and sweet cherry - 2 l / tree.

Norms and schemes of treatment of plants with Fitoverm with medium and strong pest infestation are shown next. tab. in pic .:

Instructions for use Fitoverma for plant protection with medium and strong pest infestation

Processed for each item area - 1 square. m. The fundamental difference from before. circuits - less water, it reduces the hydrolysis of the active substance. The same schemes are used in areas less than 20 acres. Firstly, in this case, the calculation is more convenient to conduct on the amount of water on the ampoule, and secondly, it is necessary to prevent the spread of the pest to neighboring plantations. From mass pests with more dense than aphids, covers, the methods of use are somewhat different:

How to breed Fitoverm

Liquid Fitoverm EC is a water emulsion. When preparing the working solution, firstly, it is impossible to prevent its separation, the entire batch will immediately become unusable. Secondly, any emulsion causes increased wear of the sprayer. Thirdly, the Fitoverma working solution is not stored due to the susceptibility of the active substance to hydrolysis - it should be used immediately after preparation. Therefore, Fitoverm should be diluted in this way:

  1. A smaller number of packages of larger volume and / or concentration is purchased.
  2. If more than one package was required for use, their contents immediately before preparation of the working solution is poured into one chemical neutral technological glassware (glass, polyethylene).
  3. Also, in a neutral dish, 0.25-1 l of water is poured, depending on the amount of the working solution (about 1/5 of the required).
  4. Water is poured into the sprayer tank to the volume of the working solution minus that in those. dishware.
  5. Fitoverm KE or MP with a thin stream with continuous stirring pours into those. dish with water.
  6. The intermediate solution is also poured into the sprayer tank with a thin stream while stirring.
  7. The sprayer with the filled tank is shaken 2-4 times and immediately starts to work.

Note 5: it is impossible to use food dishes for preparation of solutions Fitoverma. Technological use should be washed with a solution of baking soda 1 tsp. on a glass, and after that a large amount of clear water.

Storage and compatibility

Phytoverm in unopened packaging is stored at a temperature of –15 to +30 degrees as usual for agricultural chemistry: in a non-residential area and inaccessible to children and animals. In the room where Fitoverm is stored, it is impossible to keep food products.

Fitoverm is incompatible with other pesticides and fertilizers. It is possible to apply them after Fitoverma in 3 days, as a last resort - in a day. It is possible to use Fitoverm after other means of agrochemistry after the deadline for the acc. drugs. By default - no earlier than a week.

Phytoverm is an excellent plant protection product for inexperienced but caring gardeners and gardeners. The drug is little toxic, tolerates fairly gross violations of the schemes of use. But in accurate hands Fitoverm is very effective. For example, a currant in the hot and arid south of its cultivation zone is rather bad, and its pests are good. However, the proper use of Fitoverm and in these conditions allows to achieve 100% destruction of currant pests and, accordingly, 0% yield loss.