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Herbicide "Tornado": how to use the tool to control weeds


Most gardeners and owners of private plots are fighting weeds by old-fashioned methods, because they consider herbicides to be some kind of chemical weapon that destroys all living things. However, modern means of combating weeds with the prescribed instructions for use are harmless to humans. Effectively destroying weeds, the drug does not accumulate in the soil and does not have a negative effect on its quality.

Herbicide Benefits

Tornado herbicide is made in liquid form based on glyphosate-isopropylaminoic acid. It is diluted with water, so the preparation of the solution is not difficult, even for inexperienced owners of cottages and private houses. Designed to handle greenhouses, greenhouses, lawns, small gardens. In agriculture, used to control weeds on fields for growing cereals and potatoes, as well as for desiccation.

Benefits include:

  1. Time is saved, as it does not require weeding crops three times. To eliminate weeds, one treatment is enough.
  2. The possibility of desiccation - drying of various crops before machine cleaning.
  3. Large temperature range in the application. Tornado is permissible to use when pre-tillage before planting any crops.
  4. Processing is possible after sowing without concerns for the quality of the crop, since the herbicide is not active in the soil.
  5. The tool has been tested in many rural and forest farms; therefore, it can be used in dacha and household plots without the risk of damage to planted useful plants.
  6. The preparation is absolutely harmless to the soil and sown seeds, as it is active only when the above-ground part of the vegetation is present.

Operating principle

Herbicide Tornado is designed to destroy one-and perennial weeds of more than 150 species. Getting on the leaves, the solution quickly penetrates inside and spreads the nutrient juice through the plant. All parts of the weed from the roots to the leaves are affected and photosynthesis is stopped. As a result, the death of the stems and roots begins.

Instructions for use reports that it is a pesticide of systemic action and with the same success affects the cultivated plants. Therefore, when processing weeds, useful plantations should be covered with a film or use a brush instead of a spray gun. A week after spraying, the weeds begin to turn yellow and fade, and after 2-3 weeks they die without the possibility of recovery. In plants and soil Tornado can last up to two months, and then breaks down into safe components.

Preparation of the solution

Pure soft water is used to prepare the working solution. Adding ammonium sulfate is desirable. For reliable adhesion of the solution to the leaves should use the tool Macho. For tornado weeds, the instruction prescribes the use of 3 liters of mortar per 100 m2. Depending on the place of use, a solution of different concentrations is used:

  1. For the destruction of annual weeds in the garden plots prepare a solution of 25 ml per 3 liters of water. Against perennial species, the concentration is doubled. To combat wheatgrass, ambrosia, field bindweed to three liters of water will require 75 ml of funds.
  2. Autumn tillage is performed with a solution with a concentration of 50 ml against annual and 75 ml per 3 liters from perennial weeds.
  3. Lawns are sprayed a couple of weeks before sowing. A concentration of 50 ml is used against annual vegetation, 75 ml per 3 liters of water from perennial species.
  4. Potato fields are processed 2-5 days before germination of the sprouts with a solution at the rate of 25 ml per three liters.
  5. To clean the roadsides and fences from weeds according to the instructions, 25-50 ml for annuals or 50-75 ml against perennial plants are dissolved in three liters of water. Processing of annual species is carried out when reaching a height of 5-15 cm. Perennial weeds are sprayed when their growth exceeds 10 cm.
  6. To get rid of scrub 30-40 ml of the drug diluted with 1 liter of water.

Recommendations for use:

  1. Processing is recommended in the morning after the dew dries or after 4 pm. Sprayed jet should be held at a height of no more than 3-5 cm from the tops of the weeds.
  2. To reduce the consumption of the solution in the processing of high thickets, they must first be mowed and removed.
  3. After spraying the herbicide sprayer should be well washed. Otherwise, when it is used for treatment with other drugs, poison residues will fall on the cultivated plantations and may lead to their death.
  4. If it rains soon after spraying, the concentration of herbicide will decrease, therefore only the above-ground part of the weeds will be destroyed, and the root system will remain. Therefore, spraying does not need to do if before the start of the rain less than 6 hours.
  5. Spraying in windy weather is fraught with droplets on cultural plantings, which can cause their death.

Security measures

When working with a Tornado herbicide, it is necessary to wear work clothes and shoes to protect exposed areas of the body. Eyes are protected with glasses, tight to the face, and the mouth and nose - with a respirator or a multi-layer bandage. Do not eat, drink or smoke during work. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water. In case of contact with the skin, the product is removed using a tampon from a soft tissue, and the lesion is thoroughly washed with soap. In case of contact with the stomach, it is necessary to induce vomiting, having drunk before it water with an absorbent (6 tablets of activated carbon per glass). After calling an ambulance do not take any measures until the arrival of the doctor.

After work, you need to wash with soap and clothes to wash. Despite the fact that the drug is harmless to animals and insects, it should not be poured into reservoirs. Residues are poured on weeds or on cultivated soil. Empty container from the concentrate is burned.

Storage rules

It is permissible to store the prepared solution for 1 day, since then the active substance evaporates. Storage of undiluted product without loss of properties Allowed during the year if the following conditions are met:

  • storage place is not accessible to the sun,
  • no damage on the container
  • the cover provides full tightness:
  • temperature is in the range of -15 - + 40 ° C.

"Tornado": a description of the herbicide

The drug is considered one of the most common among summer residents. Herbicide has continuous systemic action, penetrating through the ground part of the roots, destroying plants. And all thanks to the active ingredient - isopropylamine salt of glyphosate acid. A liter of the product contains 500 g of the component. Means for the destruction of weeds "Tornado" is sold in the form of liquid concentrate of various sizes.

Purpose and mechanism of action of the drug

Weed shredder "Tornado" is used in homesteads, vineyards, in gardens - wherever annual and perennial plants are cultivated. The process begins with the fact that the agent penetrates the plants through the leaves and stems, blocking the synthesis of amino acids in them. Thus, growth currents are destroyed, ground organs die off, and underground organs suffer greatly. True, weed seeds remain intact.

The process of full infection of the plant takes two to three hours, but the results of the action can be seen at least a week later, when the weeds wither and turn yellow. Another two weeks is necessary to ensure that the plants are completely dead, but these periods vary depending on weather conditions.

Such herbicides for dacha are convenient in that, getting into the soil, they do not pose a danger to cultivated plants - they can be planted on the treated area in four days. Completely the drug decomposes in the ground within a month.

Instructions for use of the drug "Tornado" (culture and dosage)

Weed remover "Tornado"showed himself perfectly in the fight against dicotyledonous weeds (field thistle, creeping wheatgrass, common finger, field bindweed), cereal, hydrophytic weeds (sedge, tuber, reed, reed mace, cane).

Spray them between rows in fruit gardens during the growing season. During the whole warm period, they are treated with ditches and paths in gardens and on gardens. It is desirable to treat the places of sowing and planting of garden and horticultural crops in the fall, so that in the spring there will be no problems with weeding.

How to use weed remedy? They are sprayed with weeds when they enter the stage of active growth — they reach about 5 cm in height, but not more than 15 cm. However, these indicators depend on the type of weed. For example, perennials must grow by about 10–20 cm and acquire at least five leaves. If it is about annual dicotyledonous weeds, they can be processed with two leaves and before flowering. Dicotrial Perennial sprayed during the formation of buds and blooming flowers. Spray the area in windless dry weather in the morning or evening.

In the question of how to use the "Tornado", it is important to know how to properly prepare the solution. The instruction recommends observing its concentration within 1–3%. According to the general rule three liters of water is taken 25 ml of funds. This will be enough to treat 100 square meters of space.

When it comes to industrial scale, the concentration largely depends on the type of weeds. So, weeds up to 15 cm at an early stage of growth are treated with a tractor sprayer filled with a solution at a rate of 50–100 l per hectare. For taller and thicker weeds, they take at the rate of 200 liters per hectare.

When hoses are used, 800–1000 liters per hectare are taken, hand sprayers - 300–500 liters per square.

When using aviation for a hectare, 30–100 l of funds are sufficient. In the latter case, the data are given for the Mi-2 helicopter with a working width of 25 m, which flies at a height of 5 meters at a speed of 60 km / h. Or, the AN-2 is used with a working width of 30 meters, which flies at a height of 2-3 meters at a speed of 160 km / h.

To prepare a solution, you should take only pure water, without admixture of clay or silt - they neutralize the effect of the drug. If the water used is too hard, the dosage of the drug should be higher, but less solution is used. To prepare the weeds agent in the country, the container with the preparation is agitated, the necessary amount of the agent is measured for one spraying procedure.

The sprayer tank is half filled with water, then the agitator is turned on and the preparation is gradually added. Without stopping stirring, add the remaining amount of water. The solution should be prepared right before the spraying procedure and immediately use the whole. Leaving it to the following procedure is contraindicated.

Features of the use of herbicide against weeds

“Tornado” weed remedy is stored at a temperature from 40 ° С to -15 ° С, while freezing does not affect how the preparation is used. It retains its quality and properties after defrosting, it is only important to mix it well. If the original packaging has not been opened, the drug is stored for five years.

When and how to process plants

To combat unwanted vegetation, the drug is used in the first phase of the growing season weeds. This helps to quickly and permanently slow down their further development. During this time, vegetable crops have time to grow stronger, develop, and soon weeds themselves inhibit. If the drug is used repeatedly or several times over the summer, the last treatment should take place no later than 45 days before harvesting. This time will be enough for all chemistry to be washed out of vegetables or decomposed in the soil.

If we talk specifically about how to use the "Tornado" from the weeds, we give an example for the treatment of beds with squash or pumpkin. When the first shoots appear around them, it is necessary to loosen the soil, clean and treat it with a tool so that it does not fall on the desired crops. During that time, until new weeds appear, the plants will grow, the leaves will be spread out and they will drown out unnecessary growth.

Compatibility "Tornado" with other drugs

For more effective destruction of weeds at the dacha, it is recommended to use the tool with the addition of other herbicides. For example, a mixture with the drug Magnum is effective. Also, a good result gives the combined use of "Tornado" with ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate and other nitrogen fertilizers. If there is a need to simultaneously apply insecticides at the site, the drug is well combined with "BI-58".

Compliance with safety measures when using the "Tornado"

First of all, we must remember that the direct action of any chemical agents is dangerous for human health. Therefore, when processing the site with a preparation, do not forget about the means of individual protection: at least a respirator, rubber gloves and boots.

Spraying is carried out in dry calm weather. If the wind speed exceeds 5 km / h, the tool will fall on the neighboring beds with cultivated plants located near the forest belt. The effectiveness of the drug reduces the rain, which passed less than four hours after spraying. During this time, the drug does not have time to be fully absorbed into the plant. Neutralizes the effect of the drug and abundant dew, because it additionally dissolves the drug. Prevents its penetration into weeds and dust, which can be thickly deposited on plants during dry periods. In this case, it is desirable to process the area after the rain, when the growth of the grass dries.

It is not recommended to dilute the drug with more water than recommended by the instructions - this reduces its effectiveness. It’s not worth worrying about its high concentration in the soil, since it does not accumulate in it and is removed in a couple of weeks. Cultivated plants on the treated area can be planted after a month and a half.

Tornado: disadvantages and advantages of the drug

The drug has third grade toxicitytherefore it is considered safe for people, warm-blooded animals, bees. In this case, the fish has a toxic effect. People should avoid its contact with mucous membranes. Of the merits it should be noted the high penetrating ability, the destruction of more than 155 species of various weeds, including shrubs. It can be used in any temperature range at which weeds retain their ability to grow.

In the fall, the plot can be processed up to frost. Does not accumulate in the soil and quickly decomposes in it. It is used as a means for drying sunflower, cereals and other crops.

However, gardeners and gardeners note some drug deficiencies. For example, it does not give a 100% result, and after a while the weeds reappear. If the solution concentration and the rules for its use are not maintained, the roots of the plant remain viable.

Many are frightened by the third class of drug toxicity and the impossibility of working on the sprayed area for a whole week. But, as a rule, the low price of the drug covers these drawbacks.

Herbicide "Tornado" gardeners appreciate for the opportunity to save time and effort to clean the site from unwanted vegetation. In addition, it is quickly removed from the ground and is considered harmless to humans. The truth is sometimes, in order to achieve a good result, you have to use it several times a season. But in general, he copes with his task well, which is especially nice with an eye to the low cost of funds.

Tornado Weed Remedy

Every gardener knows that to get a rich harvest, you need to pay a lot of attention to the beds. In summer, the main efforts are required for irrigation, loosening and weed control. Destroying weeds in the garden is important because it not only deprives cultivated plants of moisture and nutrients, but also serves as a potential source of disease and contributes to the spread of pests.

Completely remove the weeds in the garden - an impossible task. Even if you carefully removed all plants from the root before flowering, weed seeds can persist in the soil for a long time and germinate under certain conditions. In addition, weeds seeds are spread by wind and birds, so you need to constantly release your garden from harmful plants. Herbicides, special chemicals aimed at eliminating weeds, can help in this difficult task. One of the best is Tornado - an effective herbicide, the advantages and features of the use of which we describe in this article.

How does a tornado weed remedy work?

To understand why a Tornado has such high efficiency, one should learn about the principle of its operation and main components.

The active ingredient of the herbicide is glyphosate, which negatively affects all plants. Эта особенность объясняет, почему Торнадо можно использовать только до появления всходов культурных растений. Дело в том, что даже небольшое количество вещества, попадая на листья или стебли культур, проникает в их соки, а с ними – в корневую систему, уничтожая ее (рисунок 1).

Рисунок 1. Результат обработки сорняков гербицидом

The same principle of action is observed in the treatment of weeds. By spraying the tornado weeds, you will ensure that glyphosate from the leaves penetrates the roots in just a few hours. However, this does not mean that weeds will die quickly. As a rule, it takes about 10 days to fully dry weed. It is easy to notice the effect of the action of the drug: the leaves of the plants first begin to turn yellow, then they dry out, and after about 3 weeks they disappear completely.

It is noteworthy that with the help of this herbicide, it is possible to destroy not only plants, but also young shoots of trees and shrubs. But in this case it should be borne in mind that due to the characteristics of these representatives of the flora, the period of the drug will be longer. The active substance is stored in the aerial parts for two months, and the complete death of young shoots and trees will come no earlier than three months.

Features of the impact of the Tornado on the root system of weeds explains why you should not sow the crop immediately after treatment. It is advisable to spray weeds a month before the start of field work, including plowing. The fact is that in the depths of the soil can remain the roots of plants that will be crushed during plowing. Most of them will die, but some can still give young shoots. Therefore, after treatment should wait 3-4 weeks. It is during this period that the maximum concentration of the drug in the roots is reached. After the expiration of this period, you can safely plow the garden, as all the roots of weeds are guaranteed to die by that time.

Instructions for use of tornado weed

Tornado belongs to the herbicides of continuous action, that is, it can destroy not only weeds, but also cultivated plants. This feature explains why the treatment can be carried out either in spring, before sowing, or in the fall, after harvesting.

Note: Many gardeners prefer to use herbicides of selective action, intended for the destruction of weeds in the beds with already sprouting crops. Such drugs are indeed considered safer, but less effective, and for the complete removal of weeds, it may take several treatments per season. To use chemicals less often, it is better to spend one spring processing of a Tornado, since such an event is enough for the entire season.

As mentioned above, the herbicide is available in liquid form and in several forms. The numbers next to the name of the drug indicate the concentration of the active substance. For example, Tornado 500 is a powerful herbicide, half of which is the active ingredient.

In order to dilute the chemical, you must strictly follow the instructions on the package. In addition, the dosage depends on the type of plot that you intend to process, and the degree of distribution of weeds. To make it easier for you to prepare a truly effective and effective solution, we have prepared for you detailed instructions for its preparation.

How to breed

It is necessary to prepare the working solution for spraying immediately before the procedure, since the Tornado water solution is not intended for storage. If you have prepared more of the drug, and after processing you have a balance, do not store it until the next time. The liquid in any case will lose efficiency, so it is better to dispose of it immediately, pouring out in a remote area of ​​the site.

Figure 2. Dilution of the drug

To dissolve the Tornado, you just need to pour the right amount of solution into the water, using the instructions on the package. It is advisable that the water be soft (for example, rainwater), but if you do not have it, you can soften ordinary water by adding a little ammonium sulfate (Figure 2).

Note: It is important that for effective exposure the drug should be on the leaves of plants for some time. Therefore, the treatment can not be carried out before the rain or in hot weather, when the liquid dries quickly. However, if there is a strong need to destroy the weeds, spray in the morning when solar activity is not so high.

The ready-made aqueous solution of Tornado is liquid, and in order to more reliably fix it on the surface of plants, it is recommended to add a special preparation-adhesive “Macho” to the liquid. It contributes to the retention of particles of the solution on the surface of the leaves and ensures the absorption of a larger amount of the active substance.

Dosage and consumption

On average, it will take about 3 liters of the preparation solution to spray one hundred square meters. This amount will be enough for one-time soil treatment. But for more effective use of the herbicide, the working solution should be prepared in a special dosage, depending on the type of weeds and the degree of their distribution (table 1).

The main dosages of Tornado are:

  1. To eliminate annual weeds for 3 liters of water should take 25 ml of the substance,
  2. Perennial cereal weeds (for example, creeping wheat grass) is more durable, so the concentration of the drug should be increased to 50 ml per 3 liters of water,
  3. Weeds with a strong root system and rapid growth, require an even more concentrated solution. Such plants include ambrosia, sow thistle, convolvulus, burdock and grassgrass thickets. For such weeds prepare a solution of 75 ml of Tornado and 3 liters of water.
  4. If you plan to destroy the weeds in the garden with potatoes, you should remember that processing can be carried out only before the emergence of the cultivated plant. In this case, use these dosages: for annual weeds it will be enough to dilute 25-50 ml of the drug in three liters of water, and for perennial we need 50-75 ml of the substance. The amount of chemical increases depending on the degree of weed distribution.
  5. Clear garden paths or roadsides can be done using a highly concentrated solution (25 ml of the drug per liter of water).
  6. If you want to remove the young growth of shrubs or trees on the site, you should prepare a solution in this proportion: take 30-40 ml of the drug per liter of water. You should also be prepared for the fact that shrubs and trees are dying slower than ordinary weeds, and it will take about two months to eliminate them.
Table 1. The main dosages of the herbicide

When processing the garden of Tornado, it should be remembered that this drug has a continuous effect, that is, it is capable of destroying not only weeds, but also cultivated plants. To prevent this, spraying should be carried out before the emergence of shoots, and it is better - at all before planting seeds or seedlings in the ground. However, if there is a need to use a Tornado on already-raised beds, all cultivated plants should be covered with a thick film.

It should also be borne in mind that the drug possesses the highest efficacy during the period when plants only began to increase the green mass and did not enter the flowering phase. during this period, the sap flow from the roots to the aerial parts is activated, therefore, the active substance of the herbicide penetrates to the roots much faster.

The effectiveness of the herbicide can be reduced by drought, strong sun or rain, which passed immediately after treatment. To make the action effective, it is best to spray in the morning or evening. However, if the leaves of weeds are covered with a thick layer of dust, the active substance will be more difficult to penetrate into the tissues. In this case, it is better to wait for the rain, which will wash away the dust layer and carry out the treatment after that.

Storage conditions

Tornado is considered a relatively safe herbicide, but this does not mean that its use and storage can be treated negligently. First of all, it should be noted that the chemical bottle must be kept tightly closed and separated from food or drinking water, out of the reach of children, animals and birds.

If you have already prepared the working solution and sprayed it, but you have formed the remainder of the chemical, you should not store it until the next time. First, the solution will lose its effectiveness, and secondly, its evaporation can be harmful to health. The remnants of the drug must be disposed of by pouring it onto the ground in remote areas of the garden, as far as possible from cultivated plants, grazing sites, animals, wells, or other sources of drinking water.

When preparing and using the solution should also be careful. The chemical can only be diluted in plastic containers that are not used for storing or preparing food. It is better to allocate for this purpose a separate bucket. Do not eat, drink or smoke during spraying. You must also wear a hat and protective clothing so that the drug particles do not accidentally fall on the skin or mucous membranes.

The video shows what the result will be after the site is treated with a Tornado herbicide.

Description and action

Active substance - isopropylamine salt of glyphosate acid. Its content in specific products of the line is different. It depends on the purposes, features of their application. Herbicide is available in liquid form, the volumes of ampoules and vials - different, you can choose to fit your area.

The effect of the drug is continuous, as, for example, in Chistograd or Tornado 540. After spraying, the Tornado penetrates into the roots of weeds, getting there from the leaves and stems. The formation of amino acids is blocked, so the growth stops. The ground part of the weed dies, the roots are oppressed, the seeds are not harmed. Many gardeners consider the tool effective.

There is a feature, which is important to consider when choosing a Tornado. Instructions for weeds instruction recommends using caution. Continuous action means that the Tornado destroys any plants, including cultivated ones. Therefore, you need to handle before planting or spray only weeds, observing accuracy.

Destructive action begins in full within 2−3 hours. Results are visible after a week or a bit later. Complete destruction - approximately three weeks after spraying. The timing is largely influenced by the weather.

The drug does not spoil the soil. Part of the cultivated plants can be planted after a month, some - after four days or even earlier. During this time, substances harmful to them, have time to decompose.

General terms of use

Overgrown areas are processed:

  1. Before the appearance of cultures or between rows. Sowing places are usually sprayed in autumn.
  2. The tool is used in periods of active plant growth. In the warm season, areas between crop rows, ditches, paths are processed.

Tornado is suitable for breeding more than 150 species of weeds.. For example, the following are destroyed:

  • hydrophytic: sedge, rogoza,
  • dicots: wheatgrass, field bindweed,
  • cereal and others.

It is desirable to process when each of them has a growth phase. In this case, the plants should be about 5 to 15 cm high. Although there are features, eg:

  1. It is desirable that the annual dicots appear two leaves. Processing takes place before flowering.
  2. Dicate perennials are destroyed in the period of the appearance of flowers or at least buds.
  3. Perennial can be allowed to grow a little more - 10−20 cm in height.

Spraying is important to hold in certain weather:

  • in dry weather for at least four hours - rain or dew does not completely absorb, wash off or dissolve the product,
  • without wind, or if gusts are weak,
  • warm
  • heat, especially long, is undesirable - dust interferes with penetration.

It is better to process in the evening or in the morning. This will increase the chances of success. If you do not meet these conditions, the efficiency becomes lower, the time of destruction - more.

The number of treatments depends on the plant:

  1. Annuals die. However, the tool does not act on the seeds, so their "children" may appear.
  2. Perennials grow and re-treatment is required.
  3. For shrubs enough one procedure per year.

Meeting species

There are several types of packing "Tornado". They all have a similar effect, but are slightly different. For a specific case, it is desirable to choose a more suitable option:

  1. "Tornado 500" - perfectly manifests itself in the fight against cereal annuals. The most successful moment for processing will be their exit into the tube. The height at the same time - from 5 cm. Dicotyledonous weeds are destroyed up to their very flowering. Acts against perennials. For effect, they need to grow to 10−20 cm and have at least five leaves.
  2. Tornado 540 is also a universal remedy for weeds. Here, compared with the previous one, there is more active substance that kills plants.
  3. Tornado Bau is a compact and convenient option. Suitable for processing a small area. Small bottles are equipped with a sprayer.

Other nuances in use

When using the herbicide "Tornado" It is important to remember a few features:

  1. It can be stored from –15 ° C to + 40 ° C. Low temperature does not spoil its quality. It is only necessary to mix thoroughly after defrosting. The Tornado herbicide should be stored in the instructions for use for five years, provided that the package has not been opened.
  2. The most effective spraying time is the period of active growth of weeds (vegetation). And it is better to choose its first phase. Efficiency is not only due to the particular vulnerability of weeds. Vegetables get a "head start" and have time to grow, get stronger. This sometimes helps them themselves to oppress the weeds that appear later.
  3. If the product is applied several times during the season, the last spraying should be at least 1.5 months before harvesting. It is necessary that the chemicals are washed or decomposed and the products become safe.
  4. Means "Tornado" is well combined with other drugs from weeds. Moreover, it is even recommended to choose another herbicide or insecticide (insects). Efficiency in the composition of some mixtures only grows. For example, it interacts well with Magnum. Particular attention should be paid to those drugs that destroy the seeds in order to compensate for the lack of "Tornado". For a simultaneous impact on insects, you can use, for example, "BI-58". "Tornado" goes well with nitrogen fertilizers.
  5. Applied to aquatic plants. They must develop at least half and speak above the water. The drug is dangerous for fish.
  6. It has a third class of toxicity. Pesticide can harm a person: should not get on the mucous membranes. If this happens, rinse immediately with running water. In case of skin contact, remove with a tampon and wash the area. It is important not to forget about safety, protection: gloves, rubber boots, goggles, respirator.

Main advantages

The advantages of the means are as follows:

  • pretty quickly removed from the ground,
  • almost safe for humans, animals, soil organisms, bees,
  • low cost,
  • can handle up to the most frost,
  • used for drying some crops, such as cereals, sunflower,
  • perfectly penetrates all parts of the weed,
  • suitable for many types of "bad" plants, among which there are even shrubs,
  • long stored.

Main disadvantages

There are some disadvantages of the product:

  • does not always destroy the weeds, you have to reuse,
  • powerless against plant seeds, so shoots may appear again,
  • if you make a mistake with the application, for example, to take an inaccurate concentration, the effect will be insufficient, the roots will remain.

Tornado has proved its effectiveness to many summer residents. Disadvantages can be repaired with other drugs or following the instructions. Very important for human health and cultures is its relative safety.

We got a plot of 9 acres. Everything is very neglected there. Grass literally to the waist. My husband and I, as soon as we were clever: the ruberoid interfered with it, and tugged by hand. Then he bought a Tornado. Weeds seem to be scorched. A carpet of yellow remained from them. I hope the pesticide is exactly safe.

I take it for three years in a row. I really do not like the weed, but it's easier. It remains only to wait and then collect the remains of weeds.

Took on trial. I quickly processed everything and left: beds, bushes in the front garden, path to the house. In the pond, her husband with goldfish disgusting kind of swam. Her too. The day after tomorrow we will come together to see whether it helped or not. Reviews like good on the Internet.

Tornado weeds: instructions for use

As with any other chemical, when applying a Tornado, you must strictly follow the instructions on the package. Only in this case, the working solution will be prepared correctly, and spraying will have the desired effect.

The working solution must be prepared immediately before use, as it is not intended for storage and loses its effectiveness. In addition, the treatment is desirable to carry out during active growth of weeds, before flowering: so the active ingredient of the drug will penetrate faster into the root system. It should also be borne in mind that for a certain type of treatment uses its own dosage of the substance, which we consider in more detail.

Before preparing the working solution for spraying, you should prepare soft water, in which the drug dissolves much faster. Для этой цели можно взять отстоянную или дождевую воду, а если ее у вас нет – смягчите обычную жесткую воду с помощью сульфата аммония.

Примечание: Опытные садоводы также рекомендуют добавлять в раствор специальный препарат «Мачо». This is an adhesive that does not allow the particles of the herbicide to dissipate and they remain on the leaves and stalks of the weed until its complete death.

Depending on the type of treatment, use the following dosage of the drug:

  1. For spraying between the rows of the garden or vineyards, 10-25 ml of the preparation are taken for 1 l of water (depending on the number of weeds).
  2. The garden and the vegetable garden before sowing lawn grass or cultivated plants are treated with a solution consisting of 15 ml of herbicide per 1 liter of water.
  3. To eliminate weeds on roadsides or in a hedge, use a more concentrated solution: 25 ml of chemical per liter of water.
  4. If you want to destroy shrubs or young trees, dissolve 30-40 ml of the drug in a liter of liquid.
Figure 1. Herbicide Dosage

Using this information and knowing the approximate area of ​​the treated area, you can buy a chemical in a container of the required volume (Figure 1).

How to breed

Despite the fact that the Tornado is considered safe for human health, some caution should be taken when preparing the working solution. First, you need to mix the drug with water in a special container that is not used to store food.

Secondly, it is necessary to dissolve means only in clear water. It is not recommended to add other drugs to the solution in parallel. After the introduction of the substance into the water, the mixture must be thoroughly mixed and carefully poured into the sprayer.

How and when to spray

It is recommended to use the drug in spring, when the first growth of weeds has already appeared, but the cultivated plants have not yet been planted. Autumn processing is also allowed after harvest. With this spraying, you significantly reduce labor costs for the next season.

In general, recommendations for spraying Tornado weeds include such points:

  1. It is better to carry out the treatment in the morning after the dew has dried or in the evening, after 16 hours, when solar activity decreases.
  2. The procedure is best carried out in windless dry weather, so that the particles of the substance are not scattered throughout the site, and settled on the leaves and stalks of weeds.
  3. If you are cultivating weeds at a site with already grown cultivated plants, it is recommended to spray only inter-row sprouts, and seedlings of vegetables at this time should be covered with dense plastic wrap.
Figure 2. Personal Protective Equipment Required for Work

It is desirable that within 6 hours after the treatment there was a warm, but not hot weather. If the air temperature is above +25 degrees or it rains, the efficiency will be extremely low.

Herbicide Tornado Weed Control: Properties

The drug belongs to the herbicides of the new generation, whose action is aimed at the destruction of annual and perennial weeds (Figure 3).

Herbicide properties include:

  1. The ability to quickly penetrate the root system of plants through the aerial parts.
  2. Complete safety for insects, animals and people.
  3. It has high efficiency: for the complete destruction of weeds on the site is enough one spring processing.
Figure 3. Herbicide release form

In addition, the drug does not accumulate in the soil and does not reduce its fertility. In general, it can be called a relatively safe chemical, but in order to benefit from its use, you should know some of the nuances of use.

What kind of weed

The active ingredient of the herbicide affects annual and perennial herbs, which may belong to completely different species and families. In addition, with this drug you can quickly eliminate shrubs and other lush plantings in the neglected area (Figure 4).

Figure 4. Weeds against which the drug is used

The drug was developed in such a way that its use was effective regardless of the climatic region and the characteristics of the cultures growing there. In other words, the list of weeds that can be destroyed with the help of this herbicide includes more than 150 items, and when preparing a working solution of a certain concentration, even young trees can be destroyed with the help of a Tornado. The only cultures against which the action of a substance will be ineffective are alder, birch, maple, acacia and maple.

What forms is available

Herbicide has a liquid consistency, which greatly simplifies the process of preparing the working solution for spraying. In this case, the drug has several forms of release: 5, 50 and 100 ml for areas of different size.

In addition, next to the name of the drug is digital labeling (for example, Tornado 360 or 500). It displays the main properties of the drug. So, Tornado 500 is the latest development, and the preparation includes special salts and acids, which quickly destroy weeds and retain the effect of the use of the substance for several months.

Pros and cons of the drug

There is a wide range of weed control products on the market for herbicides, so choosing the right one can cause certain difficulties. If you decide to opt for the Tornado, we recommend pre-assess the advantages and disadvantages of this herbicide.

The advantages of using Tornado include:

  1. High penetrating power: the drug destroys more than 150 species of weeds and even small shrubs, so it can be used not only to control weeds in the garden, but also to clean the area from young shoots and trees.
  2. Wide temperature range: Tornadoes can be used in any warm season, right up to the beginning of autumn frosts. In addition, in a hot time, the use of herbicide is not recommended, since the active substance will quickly evaporate from the surface of the plants, without being absorbed into the leaves and stems.
  3. Soil safety: the drug does not accumulate in the soil and does not reduce its fertility. The components of the herbicide after the end of the period of action break down into components that are absolutely safe for human and animal health.

However, it should be borne in mind that in addition to the advantages, the Tornado also has certain disadvantages. First, when using it, it should be borne in mind that this herbicide belongs to drugs of continuous action. In other words, it destroys absolutely all the plants in the cultivated area, including cultural plantings. Therefore, if you have a need to treat the bed with the seedlings of vegetables, they will need to cover with a film and only after that begin to spray.

Secondly, the drug does not always have a long duration. For example, if immediately after treatment it started to rain or spraying was carried out in hot weather, the Tornado may not completely destroy all the weeds. This is due to the fact that in similar climatic conditions, the drug is not absorbed into the leaves and does not penetrate into the root system.

It is also important to maintain dosage accuracy. If the preparation is too small, weed roots may remain in the deeper layers of the soil, which will give young growth in a few months. In addition, it should be noted that a tornado, unlike other modern herbicides, has a negative impact not only on the seedlings of cultivated plants, but also on the planting material. Therefore, after the site has been treated with a preparation for sowing seeds or planting seedlings, we will have to wait about a week.

Compatibility with other chemicals

It often happens that there is no time for a separate processing of the garden with herbicides, insecticides and fertilizers, and you have to combine several preparations at once. Despite the fact that manufacturers of most chemicals do not recommend using several drugs at the same time, the Tornado herbicide combines well with other chemicals.

For example, if there is a need to simultaneously deal with weeds and pests, a Tornado can be used simultaneously with the Bi-58 tool. To increase the effectiveness, you can also combine Tornado with other herbicides, such as Magnum. If you want not only to remove weeds, but also to fertilize the soil, the herbicide can be combined with nitrogen fertilizers (ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, etc.).

In addition, when using a tornado from weeds, one particular feature of the drug should be taken into account: it only affects the roots, since the active substance penetrates the root system through the leaves and stems. In this case, if you spend the autumn processing, and weed seeds have already spread throughout the site, you will have to use other herbicides, which are aimed specifically at destroying the seeds. In this case, you will destroy not only adult plants, but also their seeds, and thus prevent the spread of weeds in the next season.

Composition and release form

The preparation Tornado is used in garden plantings, in summer cottages and vineyards for the destruction of more than 150 types of weeds. In addition, the tool is used for spraying the soil before planting, as stipulated in the instructions for the use of tornado weeds.

The active substance of the herbicide is an aqueous solution of 360 g / l of glyphosate acid (isopropylamine salt).

Produced tornado 5 ml ampoules and 50, 100 and 1000 ml bottles.

A small drop of the material applied to the weed is enough to destroy the plant along with the root system. Usually complete disposal of weed crops takes place in one week, but in rainy weather this period may be extended.

Purpose of means

The process of getting rid of weeds when using Tornado begins with the fact that after applying it to the plant, the poison gradually penetrates through the stems and leaves, blocking the natural synthesis of amino acids. This destroys the process of grass development, its ground organs die off, and irreparable damage is caused to the root system.

At the same time weed seeds remain intact. The period of the final infection of the plant takes several hours, the full result is observed only after 10-14 days, weeds turn yellow and fade.

Herbicides of this kind are very convenient for use in summer cottages. When released into fertile soil, they are not dangerous for cultural plantings, which are allowed to be planted on a plot treated with the product after a few days. Full decomposition of the herbicide in the soil occurs after one month.

Tornado Weed Remedy sprayed space between rows of fruit and berry plantations during the growing season. During the summer, they can handle ditches and garden paths. To avoid spring problems with weeding and planting garden crops on the site, it is better to treat it in the fall with a Tornado weed herbicide.

Features of use

Weeds begin to spray the drug during the stage of their active growth, when they reach a height of 5 to 15 cm.

However, for each type of weed there is a feature of the drug:

  • The one-year dicotyledon grass is processed when the second leaf appears, before the beginning of the flowering period.
  • Dicotyledonous perennial plants are sprayed at the beginning of bud formation.
  • Perennials before processing should grow by 10−20 cm, as well as get five or seven leaves.

Important! Processing is carried out in the evening, only in dry and windless weather.

The recommended concentration of the drug Tornado is 1−3%. According to the rules, 25 ml of product are taken for three liters of water. This amount is enough to handle an area of ​​one hundred square meters.

If we talk about industrial scale, the concentration of the drug depends on the type of weeds:

  • Weed grass up to 15 cm tall at an early stage of development is treated with a tractor sprayer using a solution at a rate of 50-100 l per hectare.
  • When using hoses per hectare, 800–1000 liters are bred, and for hand sprayers, the concentration is 100–500 liters per area.
  • The use of aircraft for spraying weeds allows the use of the drug in the amount of 30-100 liters per hectare.

There are features on the treatment of weeds, concerning the number of treatments per year:

  • For spraying bush plantings, a single procedure is enough for a year.
  • Processing perennials after they grow requires a second spraying procedure with Tornado at the end of flowering.
  • Annuals die from a single spray, but are able to grow several times a season. Due to the fact that the drug has no destructive effect on weed seeds.

Pros and cons of herbicide

The benefits of using a herbicide to remove weeds are:

  • The highest level of safety for humans and the environment.
  • Permission to use at any temperature conditions in the period of plant viability.
  • Using the tool helps to get rid of almost all varieties of weeds, trees and shrubs.
  • The drug quickly decomposes and has no accumulative effect in the soil.
  • The use of a Tornado does not cancel the sowing of any cultivated plants.
  • It is used as a crop desiccant.
  • Can be used to remove weeds in water bodies, but plants must reach half of their potential size above the water surface.
  • Convenience and ease of use.
  • It can be used as a dryer for sunflower and cereals for their early ripening.
  • The drug has an adequate cost.
  • Processing can be carried out until the onset of frost.
  • Shelf life in the package is 5 years.
  • Freezing does not affect the quality characteristics of the herbicide.

The disadvantages of the drug include some parameters and characteristics.:

  • It has a third class of toxicity, so it is safe for people, warm-blooded animals and bees. In this case, the drug has a negative effect on the mucous membranes and fish.
  • It does not guarantee 100% of the result, since weeds reappear after some time from the seeds.
  • Improper concentration of the solution and violation of the rules for its use leads to the fact that the roots of the plant can remain viable.

Drug compatibility

The most effective disposal of weeds on a plot of land can be achieved using the Tornado remedy with the addition of other herbicides. The most effective is a mixture of drugs Magnum and Tornado.

A good result can be obtained from the joint use of Tornado from weeds according to the instructions together with ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate and other nitrogen fertilizers.

If there is a need for the simultaneous use of tornadoes and insecticides, best suited means BI-58.

Important! To improve the effectiveness of the drug after its use, you should use herbicides of selective action, which are aimed at the destruction of seeds of weeds.

Instructions for use

Instructions for use for herbicide Tornado notifies that the concentrate working fluid for processing must be 1-3%. The drug should be well diluted in water, which requires a fixed amount of time.

The tool is not used in dry weather. The rapid result is achieved in wet soils, in which weeds form more rapidly. Work is done in the morning or in the evening. It is necessary to abandon the treatment with abundant dew or before the rain. Weeds are required to have a formed leaf plane.

Tornado is compatible with most famous pesticides. Not observed resistance of plants during the entire period of application.

Herbicide is used once per season. Annuals are most vulnerable if they reach 5 cm in height. Long-term weeds must reach 10–20 cm in height and have at least 5 true leaves.

Dicotyledonous annuals are sprayed instantly after the development of two leaves, and dicotyledonous perennials - in the period of budding and flowering.

In the spring, processing is performed with the aim of eliminating carrion, long-term and one-year weeds. This method will exempt from a significant number of treatments throughout the year. After harvesting, the area is sprayed for sowing the following year. The purpose of the event - to reduce the intensity of cultivation. For the development of abandoned areas, weeds are crushed in the autumn and plowed. In the spring, the area is sprayed and fertilized.

Substance consumption rate

The manufacturer proposes a subsequent dose of Tornado herbicide from weeds:

  • dicotyledonous and annual cereal weeds - 2-4 liters of solution,
  • dicotyledons and weeds entering into a perennial cereal group - 4-6 liters,
  • malicious greens - 6-8 liters,
  • water grasses - 8-10 liters,
  • Deciduous shrubs - 4-8 liters of substance.

However, these are only general tips, with a specific dose should be determined depending on the level of contamination of the place, the type of weeds and their combination. Water for the solution should be applied only pure, without sludge or clay, which can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the substance. For hard water, a dose increase is recommended.

The best concentration of the composition should be in the range of 1-3%. Directly the solution is prepared directly before starting work. Изначально элемент размешивают в фабричной таре, после чего отмеряют необходимое количество и засыпают в бак опрыскивателя.

Почему Торнадо?

Гербицид Торнадо – результативное средство для ликвидирования злаковых сорняков. После обрабатывания сорняка элемент просачивается в корневую систему в протяжение некоторых часов. The result presented in the instructions - the leaves turn yellow after a week, and after 14-20 days the weeds die.

  1. Exterminates one-year and long-term weeds, grass weeds, bushes.
  2. The list of weeds, which effectively eliminates the Tornado herbicide, enters more than 100 types.
  3. Herbicide is not dangerous for the sphere located around. The manufacturer’s manual states that it functions rapidly at a temperature of from 0 to + 50C.
  4. It does not change the structure of the land in the treated places, which does not interfere with the sowing and planting works.
  5. It has a long period of exposure to the main element - at least 5 years.
  6. It remains in the soil for 2 months, after which the period of destruction for safe substances begins.
  7. Sowing can begin after 3-4 days from the processing stage.

Consider reviews of summer residents who used the Tornado weed treatment.

Many are faced with the problem of overgrown weeds in their own areas. Fighting the grass in the manual way, quite exhaustingly, of course, after weeding the grass a week later - two grows back. For such situations, there are herbicides (weed control).

So, I met directly with the problem of overgrown grass and acquired the Tornado facility. He mixed it with water (the ratio of 100 grams to 5 liters of water) and used a sprayer to sprinkle hateful grass. After 2 weeks, having come back to my site, I noticed completely burned grass.

The grass has already begun to grow rapidly as the first spring sun has sunk, and weeds abound. I got a nettle on the plot, and there was a burdock and even a thistle. For a whole season I have been fighting very actively with the weeds not only in the garden beds, but also on the lawn, at the outbuildings, around the flower beds I process everything with Tornado. This method is very effective and rapidly fighting weeds.

Tornado is sold in large packages of 100 milliliters, and in ampoules of 5 milliliters. I prefer to purchase in ampoules. Since the huge tare is not sealed at all, it can be easily opened, and the means to dilute with water, or just not open the vial, so the tool will be of higher quality. Tornado destroys all varieties of weeds, but you need to keep in mind that cultivated plants also die if they are treated. So you need to be very careful when applying it. On the opposite side of the package, fluid dilution tips are spelled out. Complete destruction of weeds begins after 3-4 weeks. The hazard class of substance 3, that is, it is a moderately dangerous compound. Processing should be carried out in dry, windless weather.

I live in a private house, and there, of course, grass grows everywhere, or rather weeds. As we with the spouse only did not fight with the given weeds, all in empty. Everything would be fine, however, the children play directly where the weeds are, and various insects live in the grass as everyone knows. The most terrible thing for me is ticks, and besides them there may be snakes. So I decided to fight the weeds with the help of a herbicide continuous impact "Tornado". Diluted as directed, sprinkled across the terrain, avoiding contact with cultivated plants. A week later, she discovered that the yard had turned yellow, and a week later all the plants had dried out. I burned dry grass, and now I am calm for children, no ticks are dangerous to them.

Description of the drug "Tornado"

Salts of isopropylamine glyphosate acid act as the main active ingredient in the preparation.

The main and only form of release is a liquid consistency, which greatly simplifies the application procedure.

Using this tool, the following objects are processed:

  • fields intended for the cultivation of spring crops
  • non agricultural land
  • couples,
  • use for desiccation purposes.

Scope are plants such as:

  • annual cereal plant
  • dicotyledonous plants belonging to the category of weeds,
  • plants of woody-shrub type.

Use efficiency

The preparation Tornado is used for highly effective elimination of weeds, as well as tree-shrub vegetation.

This insecticide perfectly fights with existing perennial as well as annual weeds.

It should be noted that it is extremely undesirable to use the Tornado herbicide to combat vegetation such as alder, willow, acacia, and maple.

Herbicide is characterized by systematic activity. It is in view of this feature that a complete, effective weed control is carried out.

This is because:

  • The active substance through the part located above the ground, gets into the depth of the root system, destroys the weed completely,
  • Through the use of this drug is blocking the synthesis of automatic acids. The substance completely damages the existing points of plant development,
  • It performs an action on a weed leading to its complete drying not only in relation to the upper part, but also the part that is located in the soil.

It is important to note that the herbicide has no ground activity. This means that the drug does not have a negative effect on the seed, this, in turn, allows crops to actively grow and develop.

Herbicide Tornado has a solid effect. It has a universal character. With this drug, you can quickly and effectively get rid of a huge number of existing weeds.

The flow rate of the working fluid herbicide Tornado 500

The processing procedure with the help of tractor equipment is 50–100 l / ha, for those cases when weeds are at the stage of early growth and their height is not more than 15 centimeters, up to 200 l / ha if weeds have reached a height of more than 15 centimeters, and on their stem there is a large number of sheets.

For the procedure of treatment using air transport, the working fluid consumption of the drug is 30–100 l / ha, for treatment with the help of a manual sprayer, the consumption is 300–500 l / ha, and for hoses - 800–100 l / ha.

The Mi-2 aircraft is used quite often. Its speed is 60 km / h, the height above the level of plants is 5 meters, the scale of capture is 25 meters.

Preparation of working solution

Preparation of the active solution is carried out only on the basis of pure water. This is a very important point, since the prepared working fluid on impure water will lead to the fact that the level of efficiency will decrease several times.

The thing is that the particles of clay or silt present in the water neutralize the active substance. As a result, efficiency drops. If it is not possible to use good, soft water, and only hard water is available, then in this case it is necessary to reduce the rate of the working solution, while increasing the dosage level of the drug.

It is recommended to adhere to the concentration of the working solution at a level of 1-3%.

It is very important to pretreat the working solution before it is planned to carry out the spraying procedure. Initially, a container with the drug is taken and shaken as thoroughly as possible. After that, with the help of a measure, it is necessary to separate the necessary amount of herbicide required for one refueling of the sprayer. Half the water is poured into the tank and the drug is added.

Effective and inexpensive herbicide

Tornado belongs to the herbicides of continuous action, destroying all weeds, which are sprayed with the active solution. With the help of this chemical you can get rid of such weeds:

One of the advantages of using this agrochemical is its ease of use, so even novice gardeners will be able to destroy weeds in the garden, which saves them from having to manually weed the beds or use various mechanical means to destroy the plants. The instructions for the Tornado weed preparation indicate the dosage of the agrochemical, which will allow the preparation of the product correctly and the subsequent quality treatment of the site.

The drug retains its effectiveness for 60 days, which allows you to completely get rid of various weeds, subsequently preventing their appearance on the site. Tornado fights annual and perennial plants, which makes it possible to cope even with those weeds, which cannot be destroyed manually without digging up the soil.

Drug benefits

Herbicides of continuous action have gained popularity among gardeners today, which is explained by their excellent efficiency and ease of use. The advantages of Tornado include the following:

  • Safety for the environment.
  • The ability to tillage at any temperature.
  • Efficiency of use.
  • Ease of use of herbicide.

Tornado 500 is guaranteed to get rid of annual and perennial grass weeds. This chemical retains its effectiveness for a long time, completely destroying the plants, shrubs and trees that have been treated with this tool.

Precautionary measures

When using a Tornado herbicide, appropriate precautions must be observed. Work is performed using a respirator, goggles and rubber gloves. Spraying should be carried out using mechanical devices, and the processing itself is carried out in calm weather.

After completion of the work, the remaining solution should

Herbicide "Tornado"

A well-established herbicide called "Tornado". One liter contains 360 g of glyphosate, which is the main active ingredient.

A drop of "Tornado", falling on a leaf or stem, goes to the root and destroys it. As a result, the plant dies. The drug successfully removes annual and perennial weeds. Removes the thistle, burdock, but first you need to increase the concentration.

Where is used?

Apply the "Tornado" from the weeds in the fields, in the garden, in the garden in the fall or spring, three weeks before tillage. In the garden and in the vineyard are sprinkled between the rows during the period when weeds grow and develop. On the roadsides and territories free from cultivated plants, use the entire growing season.

How does the "Tornado"?

After spraying the Tornado herbicide from the weeds and getting it on the parts of the plant, the active substance penetrates within a couple of hours. For several days the weeds show no signs of damage. But somewhere in a week they turn yellow, wither and disappear completely after three weeks. For overgrown trees and shrubs, wilting begins in a month and ends in two months.

If weather conditions do not contribute to the rapid action of the drug (it can be both cold and rain, and drought), then even longer. The drug itself is stored in plants and soil up to 60 days after using the "Tornado" from weeds. Instructions for use says that it has the maximum effect in three to four weeks. Then his strength diminishes, and he dissolves, breaking down into safe substances. But for planting plants do not need to wait that long. This is done four days after using the Tornado from weeds.

Reviews gardeners say that you do not need to rush to tillage. Plowing the plot before the weeds are gone, we chop their roots. Some of them will continue and grow further. Therefore, with plowing or loosening the soil, you need to wait two or three weeks.

If you often use the herbicide "Tornado", then some plants may develop the effect of addiction to it (resistance). Then you need to replace it with another, for example, “Roundup”.

"Tornado Bau"

If you need to treat a small area of ​​the territory, then you can purchase the drug Tornado Bau. This herbicide is completely ready and packaged in bottles with sprayers.

You just have to bring it to the weeds and process them.

The effectiveness of the herbicide "Tornado"

Can a herbicide completely and permanently clean the area or field from weeds? Not. But it greatly facilitates the cultivation of crops.

If, before planting, the soil is treated with the Tornado herbicide, then there will be no weeds in the plot for about two months. This will give the opportunity to ascend, climb and form a full-fledged plant.

Reviews and recommendations

Consumers note the effectiveness of the drug "Tornado" from weeds. Reviews indicate some features of its use:

  • Plants need to be processed until they grow above 20 cm.
  • High grass must first be mowed and removed and then sprayed, otherwise a large amount of the drug will go to dry the cut grass.
  • After treatment with a herbicide, the sprayer should be thoroughly cleaned. If this is not done well enough, then with further processing of crops, for example from blight, sprayed plants may die.
  • Rain, which passes shortly after being treated with the Tornado herbicide, reduces the concentration of poison, and only the ground part of the plants dies. The roots remain. It is advisable to carry out processing for 6 hours before the rain.
  • When processing in windy weather, drops may accidentally fall on useful plants growing close to them, which will lead to their death.


The main disadvantage is the non-selective action of the Tornado weed. All plants on which the herbicide has got, will completely die. This does not allow it to be used for the destruction of weeds that sprout in the garden after the emergence of crop plants. You can not use it in the beds of strawberries or flower beds with mighty plants. In the soil there are under-treated roots that will germinate over time.