Potted flowers and plants

Who can and can not give chrysanthemums? How to choose the color of the buds?


A bouquet of chrysanthemums is ideal for many events: birthday, date, wedding, anniversary, ceremonial rituals. The discreet charm of this flower allows florists to create highly elegant monophonic or mixed compositions.

Present a bouquet of white or cream small chrysanthemums to the bride. For a young girl, entering a new life, it will be more appropriate than the traditional composition with roses. Buy a bouquet of large-flowered chrysanthemums for the wife as a sign of tenderness and love. Choose flowers of deep cherry, wine red or burgundy shades for a mature woman in a highly respected position.

Flower etiquette and symbolism. What to look for?

Flower etiquette does not prohibit the presentation of a bouquet of chrysanthemums and a man. In this case, it is better to choose yellow shades. It is a symbol of influence, wealth and nobility. Choose as a gift a single pot with flowering indoor chrysanthemums. You will not be mistaken if you present such a bouquet to a teacher for a professional holiday. Chrysanthemums admire abundant flowering, not particularly capricious. Perhaps, therefore, it is a symbol of longevity and good health.

Bouquet for close friends, relatives or good friends, you can choose, taking into account individual preferences. Personal preferences will be quite appropriate, even if they do not coincide with traditional associations. They sometimes contradict each other. For example, red is a symbol of love and life, as well as the color of blood, anger and revenge. White - a symbol of purity and innocence, sadness and mourning, golden - the sun and joy, but at the same time - hate and separation.

Do we need stereotypes?

Flowers are the most frequent and traditional gift. It is customary to orient yourself in the norms accepted by someone and sometime in the modern world. But today, some stereotypes are becoming irrelevant. For example, the same color associations. Modern technologies allow growing any flowers of various, even unusual, colors, practically all year round. By the way, the chrysanthemum was originally only yellow. Now florists offer bouquets with green and with dark, almost black flowers.

Modern bouquets are incomparable. Give only positive and pleasant emotions. Floral arrangements are designed to emphasize the festive atmosphere, as well as the significance of the individual. Perhaps you should not divide them into wedding and mourning, suitable and unsuitable. Do not complicate your life with unnecessary stereotypes! Give a variety of flowers to relatives and loved ones, be happy and remember that life is beautiful!

Depending on color

There are several varieties of chrysanthemums: needle, terry and so on. Each species is beautiful in its own way. Strict restrictions on who can and who can not give these flowers, does not exist. A bouquet of chrysanthemums is perfect for a young girl, and for an adult lady, as well as for men of any age. The main thing is to choose the right color.

Chrysanthemums are considered a symbol of good health and longevity. Therefore, these bouquets are very relevant for older people. Men prefer to give flowers of yellow shades. Such a bouquet will symbolize wealth and nobility. In this case also brown, claret flowers will approach.

Young girls are better to give white chrysanthemums. Perfect fit small inflorescences. White color can be diluted with contrasting shades: bright pink, purple, green. Today, color painting technologies are widely used, they can even be used to sparkle or print images. Such a spectacular option can be an excellent basis for the bridal bouquet.

You need to be careful with colors that are painted in golden hues, since this color means both joy and hate.

Not for Italians

It is worth being careful if you want to present chrysanthemums to the Italians. The fact is that in Italy these flowers are usually brought to the funeral or put on the graves during a visit to the cemetery.

If you give this flower to a resident of Russia, you can present not only cut, but also planted in a pot chrysanthemum. Such a gift will remind you for a long time.

Symbols of colors in Europe

Later, the language of flowers spread to Europe thanks to the notes of some travelers. Aubrey de la Mottray, who visited Turkey at the court of the Swedish king, and Mary Wortley, who was the wife of the British ambassador in Istanbul, told his compatriots about him. The latter described the secret language of the love letters in her letters to her homeland, which were published after her death. These letters made her famous.

Once upon a time, young girls and married ladies enthusiastically recalculated the number of petals of each flower in a bouquet, looking for a secret meaning in this figure. Today, the language of flowers is almost forgotten, but we still consider the red rose as a symbol of love, and yellow tulips are the harbingers of separation. And why give yellow chrysanthemums? And what do they symbolize?

Chrysanthemums in the plant kingdom

Chrysanthemums are a genus of plants of the Astrov family. Today, there are more than 2,000 species of these beautiful flowers (including the popular chamomile in our country). They are so different that even the most sophisticated florist can pick up a chrysanthemum to their own taste. Chrysanthemums are grassy or bush. Often the height of the plant does not exceed 80 cm.

The homeland of chrysanthemums is still unknown to scientists. Perhaps they first appeared in China or Japan. Some historians believe that chrysanthemums 2500 years ago, Chinese Buddhists brought to the Japanese region. Today, these beautiful flowers are the national symbol of Japan. The plant is emblazoned on the seal of the emperor and is considered the unofficial Japanese coat of arms. Order of Chrysanthemums for the Japanese - the highest award.

There are many shades of chrysanthemum. The least popular are whites, which in many European countries are associated with death. It is forbidden to give them in China. They are often bought for tragic cases, put on the graves of the departed. In Malta, white chrysanthemums can not be kept at home or given to relatives and friends. However, today we will discuss the yellow flowers, which in most countries carry only positive associations. Why give yellow chrysanthemums and what associations do they evoke in different nations of the world?

Yellow chrysanthemum

Yellow is a multifaceted color that has many meanings. First of all, it is associated with good mood, optimism and joy. However, yellow is also the color of emperors, so it symbolizes power and nobility. It also attracts luck and success, contributes to the disclosure of creative abilities. Therefore, to give chrysanthemums for the holidays is possible and even necessary. It will be a wonderful gift for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or March 8. This gift is suitable for both men and women. Feel free to give chrysanthemums to girlfriends, beloved girls, relatives.

Yellow Chrysanthemum - is the queen of flowers, which has an incredible, bright beauty. This flower is not without reason called the queen of autumn. It is a real decoration for any bouquet. And it has a special secret meaning. Why give yellow chrysanthemums in different countries of the world?

Yellow chrysanthemums are worshiped in China. Here they are endowed with very beneficial properties. A bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums standing in a porcelain or ceramic vase is not only beautiful, but also attractive for Mrs. Fortune. The Chinese believe that yellow chrysanthemums can be given, as they are agents of male yang energy and attract good luck to the house. In order to enhance this effect, you need to add symbols of longevity - pine, bamboo, crane and deer.

Why give yellow chrysanthemums in Japan? Here it is incredibly revered and symbolizes the sun (and even is called likewise “kiku”). Therefore, chrysanthemum is the emblem of Japanese emperors. The Japanese believe that this plant keeps from diseases and misfortunes, carries the energy of beauty and longevity.

In Vietnam, chrysanthemum symbolizes the purity of thoughts and clarity of mind.

When asked whether it is possible to give yellow chrysanthemums in France, the value of which is unfavorable in this country, the answer is unequivocal - no. Here, this beautiful bright flower is considered a symbol of treason. French women are generally better not to give flowers of yellow color, as they symbolize infidelity. The only exceptions are sunflowers, to which European women have a special reverent attitude.

Is it possible to give yellow chrysanthemums to a woman?

Yellow personifies luck, happiness, vivid emotions and feelings. And if the Italians and French women do not appreciate the beauty of this bouquet, our women will be delighted. This bouquet can be intended both for mother or sister, and for the woman he loves. It symbolizes warm and sincere feelings.

However, the yellow chrysanthemums presented to his girlfriend are of particular importance. They symbolize sincere and deep feelings and trust. In their own language, the flowers say: "I trust you, I love you."

Only one chrysanthemum in a bouquet says that the person to whom you present it is unique. A bouquet of three flowers does not carry any semantic load, but five chrysanthemums are presented for expressing gratitude. Beloved girl is better to buy a bouquet of seven chrysanthemums, which will inform her of the giver’s deep affection.

How it happened that the chrysanthemum appeared value

It is believed that the "language of flowers" - the villages - originated in antiquity in the countries of Western Asia. With it, women of the East could convey their emotions and experiences.. At the beginning of the 18th century, an exotic custom spread to European countries, and then was adopted in Russia.

Potted Chrysanthemums

Species and their shades were given certain values. Initially, plants endowed with properties caused by associations and personal emotions, later they were entrenched by tradition.. Different plants grew in each locality, national and class peculiarities existed, therefore the floral alphabet was somewhat different. Selam attracted poets and artists of the Romantic era, and by the end of the 19th century, the passion for “flower” messages had passed.

Interest in the “language of flowers” ​​was revived several decades ago; modern villages were enriched with new meanings.

Despite the huge variety of cultures, the plant occupies a special place, it is called "the queen of autumn". Ancient China and Japan are considered the motherland. For a long time only monarchs were available. Symbolized power, wealth, nobility.

In the Land of the Rising Sun, chrysanthemum is a symbol of the state. For many centuries, a stylized image of a 16-petal yellow plant is the imperial seal and the state emblem. The color of this symbol is orange or yellow - “golden”: it is the coloring of the first known chrysanthemums, the name of which comes from the Latin “golden color”.

Luxurious spectacular views strike a variety of forms:

  • Bush, with small simple or terry inflorescences,
  • Bright balls,
  • Large inflorescences - simple or semi-double “chamomile”, flat or bulk, needle or peony.

In addition to the traditional yellow, white, pink and red chrysanthemums, varieties with fancy coloring, unusual lilac, green and blue, are now bred.

What do white chrysanthemums give?

White varieties are presented as a sign of love, tenderness, purity. They symbolize honesty, sincerity, loyalty and devotion.

White chrysanthemums personify open and honest intentions.

They are presented to relatives, as well as in cases when they want to emphasize the high moral qualities of the person who is given a bouquet.

What do yellow flowers say?

The traditional symbolism of the yellow varieties is a wish for longevity, health, wealth, power, wisdom, greatness.

Modern interpretation of the solar plant - declaration of love, assurance of friendship, openness and sincerity. The giver informs about the desire to be with his beloved, to maintain a trusting relationship with friends.

Yellow chrysanthemums mean about intentions to confess to your soulmate in the most sincere feelings, in love

It is appropriate to present yellow chrysanthemums to both women and men in official ceremonies. In this case, express appreciation, wishes of success in business, well-being.

At one time, only members of the imperial family could afford the yellow varieties.. Later they were allowed to use in marriage ceremonies. Since then, it is considered acceptable to give yellow species during the wedding.

Who can give red chrysanthemums?

Red, carmine, burgundy, wine shades choose, if you want to report hot love and affection. Emphasize the grace and beauty of the donee. Of these flowers are monochrome bouquets, or used as an accent in complex compositions.

The red color of chrysanthemums indicates love

Give red species to lovers, relatives, close dear people.

What do pink and lilac flowers symbolize?

The symbol of love, romance, tender feelings are considered pink and lilac chrysanthemums. Buds of light pastel shades give young girls and girls. Adult ladies are presented with flowers of rich, bright tones.

Lilac individuals with fantasy color, derived by modern breeders, symbolize originality, creativity, originality.

Blue chrysanthemums as a gift

Blue color is an achievement of breeders, therefore it has only a modern interpretation.

Like other exotic stains, symbolizes originality, bright individuality of the one who is given such flowers. Emphasize its special position in the life of the giver. Give to male colleagues, partners, friends.

If you want to emphasize the wisdom of your chosen one, your wife, then buy blue chrysanthemums

Another meaning of blue is wish you success in the service. They are presented, escorting the soldiers, as a sign of loyalty in a long separation.

Chrysanthemum - the flower of joy, a symbol of the sun. Focusing on the beautiful romantic "language of flowers" you can express your innermost feelings and attitudes.. It is important to show imagination, attention, your emotions and preferences of the person to whom the bouquet is intended. Not necessarily follow the stereotypes, you can create new images. The main thing is sincerity and creativity.

Who and when to give chrysanthemums?

Chrysanthemum is considered a flower of the Ancient East. In Italy, a bouquet of chrysanthemums has long symbolized grief and suffering, they adorn the graves of the dead, woven into tomb wreaths. However, the rest of Europe is one of the most beloved flowers of all women and florists. Translated from the Greek, the name of this plant means “golden flower”. This nickname it received because of the true color of the heads - yellowish-golden.

Chrysanthemum spread throughout the world from Japan. Her image can be seen on the blades of the royal monarchs of the state, starting from the VII century. Subsequently, the flower used on the arms and other symbols of power. To date, a stylized image of chrysanthemum is decorated with the emblem of the Land of the Rising Sun and flaunts on one of the honorary orders of this state.

Flower etiquette or how to give chrysanthemums?

Bouquets of roses and chrysanthemums are the most popular compositions for any holiday. They can consist of only one type of flowers or in combination, but they can be presented on a birthday, wedding, March 8, February 14, and just like that, from the heart. The non-beauty beauty of chrysanthemum allows florists to create the most amazing compositions from these flowers. You can give bouquets of chrysanthemums:

  • young lady
  • wife
  • mom, aunt or grandmother,
  • colleague
  • girlfriend
  • sister or niece
  • dad, grandpa or teacher.

It does not matter who will be the recipient of the gift, the flower in this respect is universal. Even brides of recent years very often choose bouquets of white chrysanthemums to create wedding compositions.

In accordance with the floral etiquette of chrysanthemum as a gift should be:

  • for men - yellow, orange or brown,
  • a young girl is better to give white or pink flowers,
  • red or two-colored chrysanthemums are perfect for a wife,
  • mother or grandmother choose flowers according to their tastes.

It is very pleasant to receive as a gift indoor chrysanthemums in small pots, blooming almost all year round. This plant is very unpretentious, it survives well in any room and will delight your loved ones, colleagues or teacher for a long time.

How to make a fragrant and fluffy bouquet of chrysanthemums on your own?

If you are going to make a bouquet of chrysanthemums with your own hands, use the master classes on the Internet. Creating the simplest composition involves the following steps:

  • take three branches of a flower, a couple of twigs of ficus, a branch of bird cherry, a branch of baby's breath and three branches of fern,
  • use a basket, vase or other container
  • if you mean using a basket, take a piece of floral sponge,
  • put a piece of sponge in the water, wrap the back side with cling film, put it on the bottom of the basket,
  • fix all double-sided tape.

To form a bouquet you need to start with a fern. Обрезаем его так, чтобы каждая ветка была приблизительно одинаковой длины. С их помощью будут заданы основные параметры букета - высота, обхват и объем. Внутри круга, сформированного из листьев папоротника, устанавливаются остальные декоративные растения. Их длина должна быть чуть меньше.The height of the branches of chrysanthemums should be even less. After the main parameter is selected, it is necessary to cut the stems diagonally and remove leaves. Now you need to insert all the flowers symmetrically into the oasis. You can diversify the bouquet with other flowers, for example, roses radically opposed to the color of chrysanthemums.

Symbolism shades of chrysanthemum

No less important when choosing a bouquet is the color of the flora:

  • a bouquet of white chrysanthemums symbolizes loyalty, devotion, purity of thoughts,
  • purple and lilac flowers are best given to a loved one - a friend, girlfriend,
  • yellow chrysanthemums are recommended to give to women who want to confess their love.

These flowers, collected in a bouquet, in any case mean how much the person to whom the gift is intended is dear to you, what sincere and genuine feelings he causes in you.

Are stereotypes important when choosing a floristic composition?

One of the most popular gifts is considered a bouquet of flowers. Floral compositions are presented on any solemn occasion and just like that - for no reason. Many people pay special attention to stereotypes and the norms adopted by some unknown people. However, is it really right?

Initially, chrysanthemum was a yellow flower, but today biologists have brought out a huge number of varieties of this flower, among which you can find plants with large heads, and small bush chrysanthemums, and there are no tens of colors to say. Today, florists can buy a bouquet of chrysanthemums of black, purple, green and other most unusual flowers.

Modern compositions, invented and implemented by designers, are works of art, each of which is simply unique and has a special meaning. Exclude flowers of mourning tones and symbolism from a possible choice and boldly buy exactly the bouquet that you like. Move away from stereotypes and trust your taste.

Types and description of chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums belong to the Astrov family. These flowers are annual and perennial. Today there are more than 150 species of these plants. By external signs they are usually divided into:

Most often it is a bush plant. The height of the bushes can vary from 0.5 to 1.5 meters. Most species grow naturally in Asia, Africa and warm European countries.

The leaves of chrysanthemums have jagged edges, simple or dissected form, some species are characterized by pubescence. Their color is mostly light green. The flowers are in the form of baskets and more complex terry inflorescences. Varieties with completely different color of the petals are derived. Chrysanthemums are white, yellow, lilac, blue, purple, pink.

Florists appreciate these plants for being they do not fade for a long time. Bouquets of chrysanthemums are a great home decoration and are kept very long. These colorful daisies are not afraid of low temperatures, they can be given even in winter. To make the bouquet stand longer, it is recommended to remove the lower leaves from the stems, leaving the leaves only near the inflorescences.

Color Meaning

Once upon a time, only yellow chrysanthemums were known to man, and the love for this plant began with them. If you translate the name of the flower from the ancient Greek, it means - gold-colored. The legend about the appearance of this plant was born in the East and it says that once, the dragon grabbed the sun into its paws to steal it from people, but it burned and tore the luminary into parts, each of which became a golden flower.

In those days, chrysanthemums were the privilege of the Japanese Imperial Palace, where they were bred since the 12th century and considered a symbol of power. The members of the royal family decorated their clothes with these flowers, which the mere mortal was strictly forbidden. In this eastern country, even today, chrysanthemum is loved and revered and is considered a flower, deservedly equal to sakura. For Japanese, chrysanthemum today is a symbol of longevity.

In some European countries, these colorful daisies are inextricably linked to mourning. They are laid on the coffin of the deceased, brought to the cemetery. So do, for example, in Italy and France, for their inhabitants, these flowers personify sadness.

In China, yellow chrysanthemums are used in compositions made by Feng Shui. It is believed that in combination with pine or bamboo, these flowers attract a powerful flow of Yang energy into the house, and with it, well-being and good luck. High beautiful vase will only enhance their energy.

In Russia, the most famous type of flower - daisy chrysanthemum. Another popular variation are oak trees, so named for the similarity of the shape of their leaves with oak leaves. We have decided to give these flowers to anyone for any reason. When choosing a bouquet as a gift, it is not bad to be additionally guided by the symbolic meaning of each color.

What do different color chrysanthemums mean?

To give a bouquet as a gift is the shortest way to express your feelings and affection to a person. Specialists from floristics believe that everyone should know the language of flowers. What does the specific color of gorgeous chrysanthemums mean?

  • Yellow copies of our contemporaries consider expression of declaration of love and faithful friendship. They symbolize sincerity, openness and touching. It is considered appropriate to offer yellow chrysanthemums, making a marriage proposal. If a bouquet of these flowers is given on the official occasion, it symbolizes a desire for well-being and success in business, and expresses gratitude for complicity in the common cause.
  • Whites chrysanthemums are very popular. Like other flowers of white color, they symbolize purity of feelings and thoughts, honest and faithful relations. A bouquet of white chrysanthemums is handed out when they want to emphasize a deep respect for the high moral qualities of a person and express confidence in his impeccability. These flowers are suitable as a gift for people of any gender and age.
  • On saturated red, burgundy and wine shades are stopped when they want to confess their love and talk about their strong attachment. They are usually given to the closest people: beloved, close relatives, those with whom they communicate closely. Red copies received as a gift may hint at the recognition of your physical attractiveness.
  • Flowers delicate shades (pink, pale lilac, blue) very suitable for young and gentle creatures - girls, young girls. It is appropriate to hand them during the candy-bouquet period on a date. They will tell a friend about your interest and desire to pamper her and become an expression of timid feelings and nascent youthful love.
  • Bright flowers lilac and blue give a shade to unusual and creative people as a sign of their originality. You can give them to colleagues and good friends. For women of mature age, bright red and burgundy colors are also suitable.

Why give yellow tulips, chrysanthemums and other yellow flowers

Thanks to Natasha Koroleva, for almost 30 years, yellow tulips are considered "heralds of separation."

It so happened that in our country yellow color in floristics is perceived rather ambiguously. Many treat the yellow bouquet biasedly, associating it with parting, treason and other sorrow. The only exception is mimosa, the symbol of March 8th, which is favorably received.

You will be surprised, but the dislike for yellow flowers in the territory of the CIS countries is imported from European open spaces. Long since in Russia, solar plants were considered a sign of friendship, warmth and light. Bright bouquet gave with wishes of wealth and joy. Actually, yellow flowers carry the same meaning even now. Lemon-colored chrysanthemums from a colleague mean recognition of merit and a wish for success in the future.

Why give yellow roses

A man usually does not bother with the symbolism in the selection of a bouquet. But if he decided to approach the problem with all seriousness, to surf the Internet in search of an answer, and in the end he presented it with yellow roses, then there may be several options.

  • Reconciliation. A bouquet of yellow roses is not presented as a request to forgive treason, as many are accustomed to mistakenly considered. This is a ray of sunshine in the hope that peace will reign in the house after a quarrel.
  • Delight. They are presented to bright, cheerful personalities, for great achievements or with such wishes.
  • Friendship. A man can present a bouquet of yellow roses to his friend, without a hint of a romantic relationship, or to a girl whose love he will not reciprocate.

What give white tulips, chrysanthemums and other white flowers

White is the color of youth, purity and innocence. The colors of the shade of the first snow are chosen to express tender feelings, pure love and admiration. Florists often use them in combination with other shades, making bouquets more versatile.

What does a person want to say when presenting such a gift?

  • Snow chrysanthemums demonstrate the sincerity of feelings. Such a bouquet will be presented only with open intentions, for example, during a marriage proposal.
  • The refined and noble lilies are also heralds of pure thoughts and quivering feelings.
  • White tulips give mostly young girls, emphasizing their freshness, youth and beauty.

What give white roses

To the queen of flowers is always a special relationship. White roses are perfect, like the girl they are presented with. Men prefer white roses to any other shades when choosing a wedding bouquet to emphasize the exclusivity and purity of their chosen one. This is a sign of eternal love, erasing the boundaries of life and death.

What give red tulips, chrysanthemums and other red flowers

Red is a very many-sided color with a rich spectrum of shades: wine, scarlet, burgundy, carmine. It is not difficult to guess that the color of blood, and accordingly life, symbolizes love, ardent passion or desire - strong feelings, emotions. The bouquet may consist entirely of red flowers, or they will act as a bright accent. However, give flowers in scarlet tones, the same tulips, for example, not only the beloved, but also the grandmother, sister or other close person.

What give red roses

The scarlet rose is a royal flower, a sign of the deepest, most passionate and strong love. If a man gives a woman red roses, the number of flowers also matters:

  • One means unique, unique. But the bud itself must be impressive. When it is open, it means that a person is ready for a full-fledged relationship, and an unblown flower signals modesty, timidity and shyness.
  • Three - a sign of harmony and strong union.
  • Five - a compliment, respect, recognition, willingness to build relationships.
  • Seven - strong passion and desire.

The best compliment to female beauty is maroon roses, but it is not customary to give them to older women.

What give pink tulips, chrysanthemums and other pink flowers

School and student novels, the first kisses and candy-bouquet periods pass under the waterfall of rose petals. Romance, youth, sympathy - the most appropriate symbols of this color in floristics. A bouquet of pink tulips can symbolize the young man's first feelings for the girl. But also with equal success can pass a father's love for his daughter, moreover, at any age: for a schoolgirl, already an adult, successful business woman. Pink color does not oblige, but emphasizes attachment to a person without undertones.

What give pink roses

Here, the symbolism is almost the same as that of tulips, peonies and others. But still, the rose is the most noble look, so in pink it signifies refinement and elegance, it can be part of a complex message. Romantic promise bears a bouquet of white flowers with a pink tinge, delicate pink shows sympathy, and deep and rich - thanks. Thanks to the geniuses of selection engineering these days, you can choose the most unexpected color options, with edging and divorces on the petals.

Separately, it is worth highlighting lilac and purple colors. A charming lavender shade is chosen when they want to impress a creative and extraordinary person.

What give blue tulips, chrysanthemums and other blue flowers

In most cases, deep ultramarine color in floristics is a great achievement of selection art. Especially in honor of the bright blue chrysanthemums, which are universally suitable for presentation to colleagues and partners, teachers and educators, men and women. If a person is given a bouquet in blue tones, then they wish successful advancement along the career ladder and general well-being.

In more intimate and close relationships, blue is the color of loyalty and wisdom. Here are more often used shades created by nature: irises, bells, forget-me-nots. Thanks to him, they emphasize the importance of a loved one and say goodbye before a long separation.

What give blue roses

The Queen of Flowers, too, cannot boast of natural blue and blue hues. These varieties are artificially bred for special occasions. The person who presented such an original bouquet is clearly fascinated by you or experiencing secret feelings and desires. This color, unusual for floristics, is a symbol of mystery and magnetism, a strong attraction (not to be confused with affection). At the same time, in a situation with loved ones, a bouquet of blue roses indicates that you can rely on the giver, it is a sign of infinite trust.

Why give orange tulips, chrysanthemums and other orange flowers

For some reason, orange-tinged flowers are extremely rare. And in vain. Imagine a situation for a moment: on a usual cloudy day, you were presented with a bouquet of flowers. Which one to choose? Pink or red - hardly. Ahead is birthday, March 8, the day of the accountant or something. Nadaryat. But in such an everyday moment, you want something bright and explosive. So orange here will work at 100%. This color literally radiates life and energy, encourages action. The juicy tint is universal and will help out in many situations:

  • to the wedding, as a symbol of happiness, admiration and joy for the young,
  • to colleagues as a sign of trust and recognition of merit,
  • in confirmation of a strong friendship.

Orange flowers are presented if they want to draw attention to their gift.

Why give orange roses

What makes a rose different from other flowers? It is more symbolic, especially in the relationship between a man and a woman. The person who chose such a gift, or your best friend or a real fan.

If the husband gave his wife a bouquet in the color of orange, then there is still “gunpowder in the old dog”. It is believed that the orange rose also has sexual connotations. Not vulgarity, but pure life energy. This may be a hint of physical closeness, and the presence in the bouquet of additional white flowers indicates that a person loves both your soul and your body.

Often, men stop at the universal version - a bouquet of scarlet roses. Show your imagination and pick up a more eloquent copy, because now you know how to do it!