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Features grapes Arcadia


Recent developments of breeders are attracted by the resistance of plants to adverse weather conditions and high yields. But there are also varieties bred in Soviet times, which still do not lose popularity and recognition of gardeners. One of these is the grape Arkady, let's talk about its description and characteristics.

Description grape varieties Arcadia

Arcadia refers to early maturing plants with a growing season of 115-125 days. Vine develops quite intensively, reaches a height of more than 2 m. The leaf is wide, formed in the form of five blades. The underside is slightly pubescent. Large clusters of conical shape from 600 gr. up to 1.5 kg. And this is not the limit, with proper farming techniques the brush reaches a weight of 2.5 kg.

The plant is recommended for planting in the southern parts of the country and the middle lane, but with the condition of creating a shelter for wintering. Harvest can be done in early August, and in southern Russia, the harvest period begins a couple of weeks earlier.

Agrotechnology consists of the usual rules that apply to most cultures. With their implementation, a consistently high yield (over 35 kg from a bush) is ensured.

Characteristics of berries

Among the predominant characteristics of the Arcadia variety are large round-shaped fruits, reaching 2 cm in diameter. The mass of one berry is 12-15 grams. The color of the fruit is green with a slight pink tinge. The flesh is very sweet and juicy, and the thin skin is practically not felt in the mouth when used. The product contains sugar - 15-16% with acidity not exceeding 4-6 g / l.

Ripe grapes are covered with barely noticeable white wax. This factor contributes to long-term storage and good transportability of the crop. It is not for nothing that the variety of Arkady is highly valued by winegrowers cultivating the plant for industrial and commercial purposes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Growers and ordinary gardeners who have experience in growing Arkady grapes, highlight the following benefits of the variety:

  • early aging
  • high yield (up to 40 kg from a bush),
  • resistance to mildews,
  • the plant tolerates frosts down to -25 °,
  • simple rules of agricultural engineering.
Arcadia grapes close-up

As any plant, grapes have weaknesses.. One of these is considered susceptibility to disease (rot, oidium). Like other varieties, this variety does not tolerate strong winds and waterlogging. Arkady has no other weightier flaws.

Planting grapes is better to do cuttings. When choosing a place for a plant, preference is given to a well-lit area without drafts. The main thing to avoid lowlands, taste deteriorates from an overabundance of moisture, and the risk of cracking berries increases. The soil should be lightweight and fertile.therefore, before planting, it is necessary to enrich it with organic matter or a mineral complex, which includes phosphorus and potassium. The cuttings develop quite quickly, forming a powerful root system.

When disembarking, you should first make a planto provide the necessary space for the bushes. The interval between neighboring plants is 2 m. If the crop is planted in rows on a plantation, then at least 1.5 m is left at the aisle.

For planting seedlings prepare pit. Its parameters should not be less than 80x80x80 cm. At the bottom it is recommended to make a bedding of gravel or coarse sand for drainage. After that, make half a bucket of humus and a bucket of fertile soil. Immediately before immersion of the escape, the pit is heavily watered. When digging in the cutting, water is added to moisten the soil. The surface of the soil after planting mulch moss or sawdust.

Landing dates are determined by climatic features. The temperature of the soil in spring should rise to 10 °. Experts do not recommend lowering a sapling into the cold ground. It will not grow at low temperatures anyway, but it can die. Also allowed landing in the fall in October.

Arcadia grapes in the garden

Care for a young and mature vine

The rules for the care of young shoots and mature vines do not practically differ from other agricultural varieties.

  • Watering for culture requires abundant in the initial stage. Later it is only necessary to maintain the humidity at an average level. The abundance of moisture adversely affects the taste of berries and their integrity, so it is not necessary to irrigate the bushes unnecessarily. Watering is rarely carried out during the flowering period until its completion; when the fruit ripens, it stops and resumes only after the harvest. 2 weeks before the bushes are prepared for winter, the irrigation stops completely.
  • Top dressing is simply necessary for a fast-growing plant, especially at the initial stage. The nutrients used are organic or potassium phosphate fertilizers. With nitrogenous lures, you need to be careful, they provoke the cracking of fruits and impair taste.
  • At the stage of development of the bush it is necessary to cut two or three stalks.
  • To preserve soil moisture After watering, a layer of mulch should be laid on the ground surface. from sawdust or moss.
  • Vine cut in such a way that it remained 8-12 eyes. The total number of buds on a bush should not exceed 35-45 pcs. Every spring, shoots are removed that have suffered badly in winter.
  • Preparing for winter in regions with a harsh climate involves wrapping the bush with agrofibre or special fabric. A ball of soil is raked under the root so that the root system does not freeze. When using the film, it is necessary to observe the temperature regime and the timing of the disclosure of protection to prevent overheating.

Breeding methods

For breeding varieties Arkady gardeners use the following methods:

  • grafting a cutting on a separate bush (this method speeds up the fruiting of a young vine),
  • planting seedlings (the advantage of this method is to improve the taste and commodity qualities of the berries).
Care for the vine Arcadia

Experts recommend choosing planting material carefully. The root system should be white and the cut should have a green tint. If the length of the roots exceeds 25 cm, they are cut to 10-15 cm.

Vaccination of the shoot is done in the prepared split. The compound is tightly sealed with tissue ligation, on top of which a garden pitch or wax is applied.

Diseases and pests

The variety of Arcadia has excellent immunity, but the need for prevention remains relevant. To create protection, the bushes are sprayed 2 times per season before and after flowering. Bordeaux liquid (1%) is used as a working solution. Upon detection of the first signs of a lesion, treatment with fungicides should be carried out immediately.

Planting Arkady Grape Saplings

Periodically gardeners replenish the garden with new cultures, often giving preference to the latest developments in breeding. But if the goal is to get a fast and stable crop, then it is better to stop the choice on a proven variety, which is Arcadia.

Grape Arkady: description of the variety

Arcadia pink grapes, an early ripe variety with a maturation period of about 125 days, when calculating for excellent weather, which is an excellent indicator. The clusters are heavy and rather large. The weight of the best bunches comes to more than two kilograms. The shape is almost always cylindrical, with blades, but it can be conical and winged. The description of the berries themselves is like grapes, large, from 11 g and more. It all depends on the load of the bush and agricultural technology. The shape of the berries is ovoid or heart-shaped, white or amber in color.

The variety is fruitful, which is characterized by a low level of sugar content, not more than 15-16%, and not an overestimated acidity indicator - 4-6 g / l.

Described as a simple, unobtrusive and light taste. At full ripening muscat aroma prevails.

Arkady, possessing fleshy-juicy pulp, durable, but not thick skin, gives a high rate transportability and keeping quality. This contributed to bringing the variety Arcadia in the top ten varieties of the assortment of the whole world.

At a favorable time of year, shoots have time to mature perfectly. The same happens if the bushes are not overloaded with bunches. On a good bush, the fruitfulness of shoots is from 60 to 70%.

The grape variety Arkady is attributed to the number of varietal winner, for high rates of productivity, from 20 kg and above.

A full-fledged and worthy descendant of resistance and quality genes, loves care, for which he gives matured grapes. Poor quality and inadequate care can destroy the bush, by the autumn unripe grapes will be obtained.

The grapes of Arcadia are characterized by highly resistant to mildew, approximately 3.5 points, but the frequency of spraying Bordeaux liquid at least 1 time per season. But the resistance to oidium, a terrible grape fungus, is rather low. The defeat begins in the spring with shoots, then goes to the berries. It is recommended to spray the vineyard with a preparation called Ridomil Gold, after the appearance of 3 leaves. Re-spraying after two weeks. In the absence of a special treatment, gray mold is dangerous,

The condition of the soil is reflected in the quality of the berries, so when the humidity of the soil cover drops, the berries can crack. Grapes Nastya requires a balanced irrigation drip irrigation, before flowering. Frost resistance to a temperature of minus 23 ° C, if you cover the film at a temperature of 2-3 ° C below.

Planting and caring for grapes

The best time to disembark this variety spring, from April to early June. Possible planting in the fall, but there is a risk of freezing the seedling. Air temperature is up to 15 ° С, and soil temperature is up to 10 ° С. The soil can be chernozem, loamy, clay, sandy and sandy. The height of groundwater from the surface is not higher than 1.5 meters.

The site must be selected:

  1. Sunny, without shading and large trees near,
  2. With fertile soil.

Therefore, fertilizers are necessary, but dose limits should be observed. Good option feeding:

  1. Nitric,
  2. Phosphate Potassium,
  3. Mineral fertilizers.

Nitrogen fertilizers should not be consumed, since Nastya’s grapes do not tolerate its excess.

Places with free wind penetration should also be avoided. Therefore recommended placing the vineyard along the walls, but with a distance of 0.5 meters, and 2 meters between the bushes themselves.

Arkady Rosy's preparation for storage

For planting shoots are used with a thickness of 8-10 mm and an interstice no more than 10 cm. The best length of a seedling when pruning is 40-50 cm.

Removal of leaves, tendrils and stepson required.

The number of shoots present is not more than 9 and a maximum of 45 per bush. Mandatory normalization of the inflorescence is required. For one shoot no more than one bunch. Inherent compatibility of grapes with a large number of rootstocks.

Planting of seedlings can be carried out one day after the seedling is kept in water, doused with a solution of potassium permanganate and drying. If the seedling remains for late planting, then the prepared plant is wrapped in a film and stored in any shaded place at a temperature of 0 to 2 ° C. After, shortly before planting, the seedling is taken out again and immersed in water for two days.

In order to prevent the infection of grapes with bactericidal individuals, the stalk must be cut in two places, 2 cm above the upper eye and 5 mm from the lower eye. It is necessary to remove the lower kidney, and dip the upper one in paraffin (heated in a water bath to a temperature not exceeding 70 ° C) and immediately immerse it in very cold water.

For the rapid emergence of the roots, a cut is made at the bottom of the cutting, 3 cm long, you can increase the number of such cuts to 4 lines on the surface of the bark. It should be cut carefully so as not to damage the wood.

Description of the final action. Use a damp cloth to tie the lower part of the cutting, put it in a plastic bag and place it on the windowsill with the upper buds towards the sun, the lower ones to the heat batteries. The first roots will erupt in 2-3 weeks.

Seedlings of the grape variety Arkady take root well, fruiting comes early. But it is recommended to plant the cuttings, so quickly the root system appears sufficiently powerfully linked. For a healthy root system is characterized by white color, not dry and intact basis. Experienced winegrowers say that own-grown grown seedlings possess exquisite taste.

Equally important is the color of the cross section - strictly green.

Planting seedlings

Planting grapes seedling Nastya carried into the pit, the depth is twice the root of the plant. At the bottom fully use crushed stone, mastic pebbles or crumbled bricks for drainage.

After fertilizers must be present, it is advisable to use humus, but always on top of sprinkled with ordinary earth, in order to save the root from burns.

When planting, the seedling is filled with half of the earth and watered with warm water, then again sprinkled with earth and secured with a support.

Negative trait grapes Nastya

Lack of grapes lies in its low resistance to fungal diseases. But, nevertheless, this does not prevent the Nastya grape variety, in the sum of its positive characteristics, from being a decent grape form.

Arcadia economically profitable variety, it is more often, from the varieties attributed to it, used in industrial production. Ukraine is the birthplace of Nastya grapes and the most popular habitat of this variety.

Description grape varieties "Arcadia"

Bushes high, characterized by rapid growth of branches. The volume of fruitful shoots 50-70% of the total.

Bunches are ranked as large and very large. They have an average density, usually branching. The weight of one bunch may vary from 500 g to 2.5 kg.

The leaves are large, slightly dissected, have five lobes, a bristle and a thin fluff from below. Color - light green.

Large berries, on average, with a five-ruble coin, that is, from 27 × 24 mm and larger. The shape may be heart-shaped or ovoid. The average mass of berries - 11 g. After the final maturation, the color becomes honey or amber.

The flesh is very juicy and meaty. The taste is harmonious, unobtrusive and light, when ripe, there may be notes of nutmeg. The skin is thin, but durable. The acidity is small - up to 6 g per liter, the sugar content is also low - 14-16%.

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Photo grape "Arcadia":

Specificity and differences of varieties

Differences Arcadia pink:

  • The berries are pink with purple tint,
  • The smaller size of bunches and berries,
  • The taste is more intense and intense.
  • Later ripening periods - up to 130 days from the formation of the ovary,
  • The density of the pulp in the berries is higher
  • The berries do not crack due to moisture,
  • This variety is discussed in more detail in the article “The Grape Variety Helios” (this is the second name for Arcadia Rose).

Photo grapes "Arcadia Rose":

Differences Arcadia early:

  • Maturation is accelerated for a week, the development period is only 110 days,
  • The flesh is denser,
  • Resistant to oidium with a score of 3-4 points,
  • Resistance to frost below - tolerates up to 23 °,
  • Almost not subject to damage from wasps,
  • The size of the berries and clusters is inferior to Arcadia.

And just lovers of grapes in the cultivation of this variety will be able not only to eat plenty of wonderful berries, but also to share with friends.

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History of breeding varieties

This species was bred at the Odessa Scientific Institute named after Tairov. Two varieties were taken as a basis - Moldova and the Cardinal. As a result of selection work, it was possible to obtain a variety that took all the best characteristics of the source material.

Thanks to Moldova, Arcadia has good adaptation characteristics, the sapling quickly takes root in a new place and is resistant to changes in climatic conditions. Temperature changes are not terrible for him, as well as return spring frosts.

And the Cardinal conveyed to Arkadia the high taste qualities of the berries, stable fruit bearing and resistance to the most common diseases of the vine.

Interestingly, despite the fact that the parent varieties have dark blue and purple color of the berries, they are light yellow in Arcadia.

Description of grapes Arcadia

Studying the description of the variety Arkady, you can decide whether it is suitable for growing in a particular area:

  • Large berries with proper farming grow up to 12 grams.
  • The bush itself is vigorous with large strong shoots.
  • The leaves have weak pubescence, broad-blade form.
  • The weight of one bunch of grapes reaches 750 grams, the structure of the brush is dense.
  • Grapes are sweetish, have a nutmeg aftertaste and a bright aroma.
  • Подходит для выращивания как в крупных фермерских хозяйствах, так и на небольших садовых участках.

Отличительные характеристики

Сорт Аркадия выгодно отличается от других разновидностей виноградной лозы благодаря следующим техническим характеристикам:

  1. Since both male and female flowers bloom on the vine, there is no need to plant pollinating plants. Moreover, Arkady herself is a pollinator for other varieties of culture.
  2. With proper care for the season, you can remove up to 18-25 kg of berries from each bush.
  3. Without additional shelter, Arkadiy grapes can withstand temperatures down to -20 degrees, at lower temperatures it is worth taking care of winter shelter of the vine.
  4. The sugar content of the berries is in the range of 16-17%.
  5. It transports transportation over long distances without any problems, which makes it popular among farmers who grow grapes for sale.
  6. Juice, wine, jam is made from Arcadia.

Terms of ripening

Gardeners call the ripening time of berries another advantage of the variety. Crop can be removed after 110 days after the appearance of the ovary. In different regions, the dates differ, which directly depends on climatic conditions and weather.

Landing rules

The survival rate of the seedling and future harvests depends on the correct planting. For placement choose a place on the sunny side of the site, preferably near the wall of the building to protect the seedling from drafts.

In the planting pit make rotten organic matter and mineral supplements. Abundantly watered and mulch the ground around the bush.

Description of the variety and the main characteristics of the photo

As a result, this vineyard received high resistance to various diseases from its “parents”, as well as excellent taste qualities of ripened fruits. Another plus of the new variety is the early maturation of the clusters. From the appearance of foliage to full maturity of the brushes, no more than 4 months pass.

With proper care, the vines go well in growth, the shoots are erect, strong, grow quickly, can reach a height of 2 m or more. Young shoots for the season woody more than 70%.

The variety has a high yield (from 50 to 75% on each shoot). The bushes of Arkadia begin to bear fruit early - in the fourth year after planting, you can already collect good yields. Autumn pruning can be carried out both short and long. When arched growing on the shoots up to 12 buds are left, on the trellis - no more than 4 buds.

Since the variety is high-yielding, you should plan in advance the number of brushes on the bushes, so as not to overload the vines. The guarantee of a good harvest and excellent taste qualities of ripened fruits is the correct ratio of hands and shoots. In the process of formation of ovaries on each stalk it is necessary to leave 1 brush. Flowers appear bisexual, so the bushes do not need additional pollinators.

The ripening brushes of Arcadia have a beautiful large decorative form - conical, slightly branching with blades. Moreover, the weight of the ripened brush ranges from 0.5 kg to 2.0 kg.

  • Ripening berries are oval, slightly oblong in shape, up to 23 mm in length.
  • In the process of maturation, their color changes from white to yellowish.
  • Fully ripened berries are bright yellow with a waxy coating.
  • Fruit weight reaches 12-15 g.
  • The flesh is juicy, rather meaty.
  • Tastes are excellent, berries are sweet with a slight sourness (sugar content reaches 16% with low acidity - no more than 6 g / l).
  • The aroma is light, fruity and nutmeg.
  • The thin skin is dense, at the use in food it is practically not felt.
  • If during the season rains are replaced by hot, dry weather, the skin of the berries is prone to cracking.
  • Similar during active ripening of fruits can attract wasps.
  • The ripened grapes have high keeping quality.

Medium resistance to mildew requires spraying of the vines during the season (at least 2). But from the oidium grape bushes should be protected - Arkady has no resistance to this disease.

The frost resistance of the variety is rather high - the vines withstand frosts down to -22-24 ° C.

The shrubs of this grape are responsive to mineral fertilizers, but do not apply too much fertilizer containing nitrogen. Also, do not overly moisten the soil. Compatible with most stocks. But it is better to plant Arkady on a tall stock. The cuttings take root very well, give roots quickly.

Productivity is high. The ripened harvest tolerates transportation; in terms of its decorative and taste qualities, ripened clusters of Arcadia are among the five best domestic varieties.

Gardeners reviews

According to the reviews of winegrowers, the variety Arkady feels great on a personal farmstead, without requiring special care and giving consistently good yields. However, with good care the bushes go better in growth, yields also increase.

Another advantage of this vineyard is the presence of flowers of both sexes, so it does not need additional pollination, and can itself be a good pollinator for other grape varieties that bloom simultaneously with it.

But the harvest should be either stored in a cool place, or sold immediately after harvest, because after a couple of days dark spots begin to appear on the berries.

The history of the selection of grapes Arkady

Every year in many countries, new varieties of crops that are resistant to diseases, are not afraid of pests, quickly mature. This goal was set twenty years ago by Evgenia Dokuchaeva, who worked as a breeder at the Odessa Research Institute. Tagirov. The institution brought out dozens of grape species. In the creation of 60 of them participated Evgenia Nikolaevna.

Variety Arcadia won the Grand Prix and gold at the international exhibition, which was held in 2011 in Simferopol, where the best bunches of grapes from many countries were presented.

general description

The table variety bred in Odessa is grown not only in the Crimea, Zaporizhia region, Poltava region, in the western regions of Ukraine, but also in Russia and Europe.

Stem plants quickly stretches up. Clusters form on more than half of the shoots. Based on the description of the variety, grapes Arkadia has large leaves of a light green shade. The plant is self-pollinated, and already 115 days after the growing season, berries are ripening on clusters of conical or cylindrical shape.


The berries of Arcadia have an amber shade, which is especially surprising, since the fruits of the varieties, which this hybrid was created by crossing, have a dark purple color. If you carefully read the description of the grape varieties Arkady, it becomes clear why he won the grand prix. One large light berry with good care weighs up to 16 g, in diameter it approaches 3 cm.

  • low in sugar
  • low acidity
  • juicy pulp.

The first figure is 15%, the second ranges from 4 to 6 grams per liter. Ripening, the berries are filled with the aroma characteristic of nutmeg, which is successfully combined with an unusual sweetish taste.

Fruits have a heart-shaped or round shape, covered with a white Prune bloom on top. Due to the strong, though thin skin, they are not damaged during transportation.

Even in Poltava region, which is located in the middle climatic zone, individual clusters weigh almost 3 kg.

It looks like a ripe bunch of grapes Arkady


Plant Arkady in the Crimea, in Central Russia. This grade decorates country sites in all areas of Ukraine. Its merits are called:

  • excellent frost resistance
  • good disease resistance
  • pleasant aroma of berries
  • beautiful appearance
  • high yield.

The variety of Arkady does not die when the temperature drops to minus 23. In the central regions for the winter, the vine is covered with a film, the roots are added dropwise with earth. Then the grapes withstand the 26-degree frost.

Brushes with berries appear in the second year, if the plant is planted on an old stock, on the third seedlings are bearing fruit. Grapes successfully fights mildew, which damages both bushes and leaves. Much worse than Arkady confronts gray rot, afraid of oidium. Spraying Bordeaux liquid helps prevent the development of diseases. The procedure is performed twice per season.

Vine bushes are planted in the ground in April, when the ground warms up to 10 degrees and the air temperature rises to 15. Such work is carried out until the buds appear, and in the fall - until the first frost. Suitable for growing varieties Arcadia not only black soil, but loam, sandy soil. It is important that groundwater does not rise closer than one and a half meters to the surface of the earth.

Selecting a site for grapes, take into account its features:

  1. The plant loves the sun.
  2. Does not give fruit in the shade.
  3. Does not tolerate the wind.

Shrubs are placed at a distance of two meters, in the country they select a place along the building, which allows to protect the vine from drafts, to decorate the territory.

The first dressing of grapes Arkady produce as soon as the growing season begins. Each bush is watered with a mixture. It is prepared by adding superphosphate, ammonium nitrate, and potassium salt to a bucket of water, respectively, 20.10 and 5 g.

The second time, the fertilizer is started before the berries begin to ripen. Nutrients are introduced into the deep grooves, which are dug in half a meter from the bush. The third time the procedure is performed in the autumn, a spoonful of potassium chloride is taken for 10 liters of water.

In addition to feeding, care for grapes Arkady provides:

  • proper hydration
  • mulching,
  • garter stalks
  • trimming a bush.

Regularly watered before flowering and after its completion. In dry regions, this has to be done almost every day, since Arkady's grapes react poorly to changes in the moisture index. Strengthens the growth of stems and shoots mulching soil. The ground is covered with humus near the bush.

Tie up the plant, equipping the trellis. To do this, install the pillars of metal or wood, for which in several rows are galvanized wire. The stems are attached to it horizontally with strips of material.

Due to the correct garter:

  1. The rays of the sun evenly fall on the clusters.
  2. Large berries are formed.
  3. Vine less sick.

During the flowering of grapes Arkady need to leave on the shoot no more than one brush.

Insect fights insecticides. To protect the stems from mice for the winter shoots treated with nitrafenom.

Pruning in the fall

In regions where there are frosts below 20 degrees, the roots and stems of Arcadia are covered with earth and covered with film. However, before this, a mandatory procedure is performed, on which it depends on what the harvest will be for the next summer. From the end of October, they start pruning the vines, picking up shoots for a new planting and shortening too long. They are trying to finish the work before November, otherwise fragile branches break down badly.

It is possible to rejuvenate the Arcadia vine bush in 3 ways. In the first case, a short pruning is done, leaving shoots at the level of 4 eyes, in the second variant at the height of the eighth, in the third - above 15. The cuttings selected for planting are treated with a solution of potassium permanganate, dried, wrapped in film and sent to the cellar until February.

Pruning grapes Arkady in the fall helps to form a bush, facilitates the process of covering for the winter.


From one vine of the hybrid bred by the Odessa breeder, an average of 20 kg of fragrant berries are harvested. However, gardeners who have long been engaged in the cultivation of this variety, argue that the crop can be obtained and twice as high, if properly care for the vine, to regulate the number of clusters and shoots. The coefficient of fruitfulness in this case reaches 1.5, and one berry weighs 15-17 grams.

Cut off the brush when the aroma of nutmeg. Fruits are served on the table fresh, canned, make juice from them, prepare jam.

Review Cultivation and Application Review

The success of the grapes Arcadia is obliged not only large berries and massive brushes. Gardeners claim that this variety is leading among other species in the number of harvested crops. On a powerful bush ripens up to 50 kg of berries, which are in demand in the market due to the appearance of the product and the amber color of the fruit. Unobtrusive taste is not boring, but since they are low in sugar, the wine is not very good.

If you fertilize the soil, get rid of weeds, tie the branches to the trellis, remove excess shoots, Arkady will award a fragrant harvest.

Winegrowers do not agree that the variety is resistant to diseases. It is necessary to spray it not less than other cultures. Young bushes cover for the winter necessarily the same way as the more thermophilic species.


Some gardeners prefer very large Laura berries, supporters of a hybrid obtained by crossing, believe that there is a risk that this variety is not pollinated and will not give yields.

Judging by the reviews grapes Arkady:

  1. Suitable for different regions.
  2. Requires proper care.
  3. Ripens quickly enough.

In order for the fruits to have a large size, the clusters are weighed in a kilogram, you will have to exert maximum efforts.

Winegrowers who grow the variety Arkady appreciate it for the original taste, unobtrusive aroma, the possibility of long-term storage and transportation over a long distance.