Characterization and description of tomato variety Explosion, growing and care


Tomato, which is also a tomato (from Latin Solanum lycopersicum) is an annual or perennial herb of the genus Nightshade, a family of nightshade, grown as a vegetable. The fruits are, in terms of botany, berries. There are a huge variety of tomato varieties, and today we will consider one of the garden varieties - this is the tomato explosion variety.

Tomato blast characteristic. Tomatoes variety Explosion belong to the early ripening, with a temperate climate give a good harvest when transplanted into the open ground, resistant to adverse weather. In cold climates the culture is grown in greenhouses.

Description of tomato and characteristic. This variety is quite new, bred by breeding and improving the variety Bely filling. The shape of the tomato is round, slightly ribbed, the flesh is red, grainy, the weight of one fruit is about two hundred grams, up to four kilograms can be collected from one bush. Description of the specified grade:

  1. The plant is short, reaching a height of not more than half a meter.
  2. The characteristic of ripening is good, the fruits of the Explosion ripen ninety days after the first shoots.
  3. The flesh of each tomato is medium dense, fine-grained, the characteristic of taste is positive.
  4. Under favorable conditions, the weight of one fruit can reach two hundred and fifty grams, the usual weight - about one hundred grams.
  5. Tomato is grown in any climatic conditions (in regions with a harsh climate growing in greenhouses).
  6. This variety of tomato is resistant to drought and disease.
  7. Taste fruit tomato rich, sweet, with a characteristic aroma. It is eaten both fresh and in the form of blanks (pickles, canning, ketchups and sauces).

Growing up

There are two ways to grow tomatoes blast: seedless and using seedlings, their description:

  1. Seedless. To begin, the seeds must be soaked in a growth stimulator for six hours, then dried well. You can use it as a ready-made solution from the store, so cooked yourself, for example, in the following way: dessert spoon of aloe juice per cup of boiled water. Land for planting should be already well warmed up, the air temperature should be above zero. Tomato Blast grows well in any soil, but still preferable loose and weak acid. In the soil it is necessary to make shallow pits, a depth of about three centimeters, at a distance of fifty centimeters from each other. In each well placed two or three seeds, which are covered with earth and sand. When the first shoots sprout, weak sprouts should be removed, leaving the healthiest one in each well.
  2. Seedling. Tomato seeds are sown. An explosion on the seedlings takes place in mid-spring (late March). The prepared nutrient soil is placed in the planting tank, in which, in turn, seeds are sown. They should not be deepened, you can only slightly press down and sprinkle on top of the same soil, produce watering with warm water. Capacity should be covered with greenhouse film and placed in heat. Hothouse film periodically removed, and seedlings moisturize. When two true leaves appear on the stem, the seedlings can be smashed into separate containers. Perfect option - glasses of peat, which can be purchased at the store for gardeners. These cups are placed in open ground and in greenhouse beds. In the case of planting in the greenhouse it is necessary to apply organic fertilizer to the beds and dig up everything. Next, planting holes are dug up to about forty centimeters deep, in each of which a peat pot with a tomato seedling is placed, the ground is compacted. In the greenhouse, young tomatoes are planted closer to the end of May. In the open land, they are planted in June, when at least seven true leaves are formed on the sprouts.

Caring for Tomatoes variety Explosion is not very different from caring for any crop of tomatoes, but you should still follow certain rules, and here is their description:

  1. Regular and abundant watering in the morning and evening with room temperature water, after irrigation, soil loosening is recommended.
  2. For a good harvest, should be staving. Left the main trunk plus one healthy shoot, which already has a brush of flowers, this measure will allow to keep the bush stronger. All other shoots break off, keeping five centimeters, to prevent the development of a new shoot.
  3. Bush pomdorchikov The explosion is very low, so tying it to the support is not necessary.
  4. The plant needs regular feeding (at least four times per season). Good tomato will react to the introduction of both finished mineral and organic (diluted manure or compost) fertilizer. You can practice a useful watering: infusion of nettle or burdock leaves diluted with water in a ratio of fifty to fifty.
  5. All the grass near the bushes of a tomato blast should be felled so that the beneficial substances of the soil would only enter the tomato bush. Tip: weed out grass can be used as mulch.

Characteristics of the disease. Variety of Tomatoes Explosion practically disease free, thanks to high-quality breeding, however, it may suffer from harmful insects. To prevent insect infestation - pests will help protect the timely processing of tomato bushes with insecticides, which can be purchased in stores for gardeners.

With the right care, you can get a bountiful and tasty harvest from tomato varieties Explosion, regardless of climatic conditions.

Characteristics and description of the variety

Vzvyv - tomato of the Russian selection, a product of improvement of a known grade Bely filling. Included in the State Register in 2007. Recommended for cultivation in the cold Russian regions, both in greenhouses and on beds in open ground, but can grow in other areas. Treats early ripe grades, the first ripened tomatoes can be plucked from bushes for 93-105 days after shoots of plants seem.

According to the originator description, the explosion variety tomatoes have the following characteristics:

  • plants determinant, undersized, height of bushes 45-60 cm,
  • the fruits are well-rounded, with weak ribbing,
  • the number of interchangeable cameras - 6-7,
  • the pulp of ripe tomatoes is dense, its color and skin are red,
  • the taste is excellent.

Tomatoes yield Explosion - 2.5-3 kg per bush. The mass of fruits is 100-150 g, the first larger ones are up to 250 g.

Fruits of an early ripe grade of a tomato Blast tasty, fleshy, juicy. They can be eaten fresh, cut into salads, put on juice, used as a side dish, added to pizza, canned: pickled, pickled. If necessary, the fruit can be transported (they tolerate transportation perfectly) and be stored in a cool and dry place for some time. This makes explosion tomatoes suitable for growing with a view to selling.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tomatoes Blast was loved by vegetable growers of the northern regions of the Russian Federation for excellent cold resistance, but they still have a number of wonderful qualities that are also interesting for gardeners and other regions of the country. It:

  • the possibility of growing through seedlings and sowing seeds directly into the ground,
  • the ability to grow in almost any soil
  • unpretentious care,
  • early ripeness
  • small size of the bush,
  • abundant ovary,
  • good presentation of fruits,
  • excellent yield,
  • good keeping quality
  • cold resistance
  • excellent tolerance to drought and sudden changes in temperature
  • resistance to tomato diseases, including vertex and root rot, late blight,
  • harmonious ripening of fruits.

There are no flaws in tomato variety Explosion, so they can be safely recommended to any gardener.

Agrotechnics of cultivation and care

To grow tomatoes in the open ground variety Explosion as possible through seedlings, and sowing seeds directly into the ground. Naturally, it is possible to sow the last method only in the southern regions; in the rest, seedlings are planted on the beds or in the greenhouse. The difference in the application of the 1st and 2nd options is that when planting seedlings you can get early tomatoes, and when sown with seeds, tomatoes will begin to bear fruit later, but the fruiting will be longer.

Seedlings of tomato varieties Explosion begin to grow for 1.5-2 months before the estimated date of placement on the beds. The day before sowing, the seeds are soaked and kept warm for them to germinate. After that, they are sown in cassettes, pots and cups filled with fertile soil. It can be made with your own hands from garden soil, sand and peat, but it is better to use ready-made soil mixtures for seedlings, which can be bought in stores for vegetable growers. For disinfection of soil can be shed with a solution of potassium permanganate.

In each tank planted 1 tomato seed Explosion. They are lowered not lower than 1-1.5 cm deep into the ground. Below it is not necessary to deepen - the seeds will germinate for a long time. Watering is carried out from above, sprinkled with earth, cover the containers with a film and take them to a warm (temperature should not be below 25 ° C) not too lit room.

After the appearance of all shoots, the film is removed, and the seedlings are transferred for a week to a place where it is slightly colder, but the lighting is better. Additionally, it is illuminated with LED lamps: the total length of the day for a tomato should be at least 10-12 hours.

Caring for seedlings standard - regular watering as the soil dries in pots and 1-2 fertilizing with mineral fertilizers. The first of them do after 7-14 days after germination, the second - after another half a month. A week before transplanting seedlings to the beds, it is hardened.

Tomatoes The explosion is planted in greenhouses or greenhouses when they have 5-7 leaves. The planting pattern is 40 cm between the bushes in rows and 50 cm between the rows. All the planted tomatoes are watered, sprinkled with earth and mulched on top with straw, hay, sawdust.

Tomatoes Blast, designed for open ground, you need to find a place that it was:

  • sunny
  • located on a flat or elevated platform,
  • well ventilated, but without walking winds and drafts.

Well, if before the tomatoes there were previously grown pumpkin, beans, garlic and onions, root vegetables (except potatoes). The soil that tomatoes love should be neutral or slightly acidic, light, breathable, well permeable to moisture. In the northern regions of the tomatoes, the explosion works well on warm beds. Planting seedlings in the same way as in protected ground.

Caring for tomatoes The explosion is simple and does not fundamentally differ from the care of other tomato varieties. This variety is considered unpretentious, so its cultivation should not cause problems for any vegetable grower.

Water the bushes with such a frequency that the ground was always wet, not allowing it to be overwetted and dried. The volume of water poured under each bush, increase with the onset of fruiting, so that the tomatoes are poured as best as possible. For irrigation use only warm settled water, the procedures are carried out in the mornings or evenings. During the daytime, they do not water, but air the greenhouse to normalize the humidity.

Feed tomatoes with mineral fertilizers, alternating them with organic. Top dressing is done 3 times during the growing season: 7 days after planting, during the period when the buds are laid and during the appearance of the first fruits. With the first feeding make nitrogen in the nitrate or slurry. It activates the growth of green parts of plants. From the second and third - potassium and phosphorus in the composition of superphosphate, potassium sulfate (40 g per bucket) or ash (50 g per bucket). These elements improve metabolism, stimulate flowering, fruiting, and have a good effect on the taste characteristics of fruits. When the ovaries begin to appear on the tomatoes, they are fertilized with sodium humate, dissolving 1 tbsp. l this fertilizer in a bucket of warm water.

It is not necessary to form and carry out the staving of tomato varieties. Explosion is not necessary, as they are stunted and stable, but the branches with growing fruits are still tied up so that they will not break. Tomatoes are harvested in the blanse phase, technical and, of course, biological ripeness, as you like. Use is also at the discretion of the grower.

Tomatoes "Explosion": description of the variety

These tomatoes were bred in the Russian Federation in the 21st century. Tomato Blast refers to the early ripening varieties, since from the moment the seeds are planted in the ground to the appearance of ripe fruits, it takes from 100 to 110 days.

Determinant bushes of this tomato grow to 45-60 centimeters and are not standard. They are characterized by spreading. About indeterminantny grades read here.

The explosion is a hybrid variety. You can grow these tomatoes in the open field, and in greenhouses, greenhouses or under film. It shows high resistance to weather changes, as well as to most diseases. The yield of the “Explosion” variety is decent - about 3 kilograms of fruit are usually harvested from one bush of these tomatoes.

Explosion Tomatoes are especially appreciated for qualities such as:

  • Simultaneous ripening of fruits.
  • Resistance to various diseases.
  • Good commodity qualities of fruits and their taste characteristics.
  • Unpretentiousness.
  • Good yield in all weather conditions.
  • Universality in the use of fruits.

This variety has practically no disadvantages, which is due to its popularity.


Characteristics of the fruit:

  • Tomatoes "Explosion" have a rounded slightly ribbed form.
  • They reach 120 grams in weight, but some gardeners manage to grow tomatoes weighing 260 grams.
  • They have a dense texture and red color.
  • The dry matter content is average.
  • These tomatoes are distinguished by a small number of cameras.

Tomatoes Blast can be stored for a long time and carry transportation very well. Tomatoes of this variety are ideal for fresh consumption and preparation of vegetable salads, preservation and pickling, pickling, cooking ketchup, tomato paste and juice.

We offer you to get acquainted with tomatoes of the variety "Explosion" on the photo:

Features of growing

Tomatoes Explosion can be grown in all regions of Russia, as well as they are distributed in Ukraine and Moldova. The main feature of the variety is that they can be grown both seedling and seedless. They are distinguished by good germination of seeds and fast ripening of fruits.

Before sowing seeds for seedlings, you need to hold them for six hours in melt water, and then in aloe juice. These solutions are excellent growth promoters. After that, the seeds must be dried, and then they can be sown in a well-heated soil. This usually happens in March or April.

Some gardeners first plant seeds in small containers with nutrient soil, and after the emergence of seedlings they plant them in the ground along with these containers. This allows you to keep intact the root system of plants. The distance between the bushes should be 50 centimeters, and between rows - 40 centimeters. Someone uses special mini-greenhouses for seedlings.

After the emergence of seedlings, they will need frequent, but moderate watering. One plant should receive 100 milliliters of water once every seven days. After the leaves are formed on the plants, the amount of water will need to be increased to 200 milliliters.

While plants are in the vegetative stage, it is necessary to feed them at least four times. For feeding, you can use both chemicals and wood ash solution with bird droppings or manure.

Read on our site all about fertilizers for tomatoes:

Like any other varieties, the Explosion will not harm the correct mode of watering, weed removal or mulching, tying if necessary.

Description and characteristics of tomato blast

Variety Outbreak is characterized by early boundaries of fruit ripening and determinant type of growth. The plant enters the fruiting stage after 102 days. Culture is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for cultivation in open or protected ground.

Fruits of the Explosion variety differ in the following parameters:

  • Rounded shape, slightly flattened, slight ridge is observed near the stem.
  • During the period of maturity, the fruits are covered with an even red color.
  • The weight of each fruit is 110 g.
  • The flesh is firm with a sweet and sour taste.
  • The level of dry matter is average.

The harvest is stored for a long time without losing appearance, and tolerates transportation over long distances.


Subject to all the rules of cultivation with one bush will be able to collect up to 2.5 kg of crop. It is important to properly prepare the seeds for planting, grow healthy seedlings, choose the soil and place.

Bushes have a limited point of growth. The stem is pulled out not too high, approximately to 48-58 cm. The undersized bush needs to be tied to a support. Best results are obtained when forming a bush in 3 or 4 stalks. Tomatoe Bush The blast doesn't branch too much. The leaves are medium in size and light green in color. The inflorescence is formed simple.

Resistance to diseases and pests

Tomatoes variety Explosion rarely get sick, but for the purpose of prevention they carry out processing with special solutions.

In case of violation of agrotechnical methods or under adverse weather conditions, alternarioz, fusarium and blight most often develop.

Of the pests in most cases attacks aphid, spider mites, thrips.

general description

Взрыв, считающийся лучшим сортом 2016 года, относится к гибридам. К единственному минусу можно отнести то, что нет возможности самостоятельного сбора семян (как и для всех гибридов). Although the tomato is extremely harvested, the next year’s seeds will have to be spent again.

Fruits of a tomato of this grade differ:

  • high in antioxidant lycopene,
  • the presence of vitamins A, C and K,
  • successful distribution of sugars and acids.

Customer reviews of this variety of tomato and its description suggest that the seeds can be planted directly into the ground. However, landing in open ground in the southern regions is especially recommended. You can combine the seedling method and planting seeds directly into the ground.

The explosion is highly resistant to late blight and root rot lesions.

You can grow these tomatoes in the greenhouse.

Planting a plant

For best results, seeds before planting can be soaked in aloe vera juice or growth stimulants (for 6-12 hours). Then the seeds are dried and sown (you can immediately into the ground). The soil is best suited light, slightly acidic and well hydrated. Plants are planted according to the 40X50 cm scheme. For all the time, the plant must be fertilized at least 4 times, since the quality and quantity of fruits will depend on the care.

Seeds in open ground can be sown in May-June (depending on the band, as soon as the threat of frost has passed). Seeds for seedlings are sown in April.

It is not necessary to dive a tomato, as this variety belongs to undersized.

Tomato harvest explosion, judging by the description and reviews, can be expected in 90-110 days. This variety easily tolerates small frosts and drought.

Plant height does not exceed 65 cm, is characterized by a large number of lateral shoots. You can not tie up a tomato, but only mulch (for example, straw, sawdust). Then you will get a low indeterminant sprawling plant with a large number of small fruits. If there is a desire to get the berries larger, it is desirable to cut the leaves and stems of tomato (pasynkovanie).

Gardeners reviews

Galina, 56 years old:

Sowed tomatoes immediately in open ground. After 5 days, the first loops of seedlings appeared, the seeds were not previously processed. Applied seeding with precise depth. I had to cut the tomato, there was such a huge amount of fruit.

Marina, 38 years old:

I rate the grade on a solid top five. Considering the rather cool summer. Grown tomatoes in the greenhouse. It is necessary to tie up a tomato, because the fruit can simply break the bushes. Since the tomato fruited until the frost, some tomatoes were removed green. Will go to canning. Here is a photo of my tomatoes.

Michael, 44 years:

For this type of tomato you need a mandatory garter. Understand those who planted the explosion. Bush just hung with fruit.

Distinctive characteristics of the variety

Having considered the variety of tomato explosion, you can highlight such features:

  • can be planted as seeds directly in open ground, therefore it is especially recommended in the zone of risky agriculture,
  • fruits weighing up to 150 g (if not the stepson, then smaller), the crop is formed due to the abundance of fruits,
  • high dietary value of tomatoes,
  • does not require picks,
  • fruits can be used for whole canning, and for the preparation of pastes, ketchups,
  • with a seedless method, a tomato will bear fruit all summer and until frost, with a seedling method, the harvest will be early,
  • Excellent product characteristics allow you to grow it for sale, and just for the family.

Thus, tomato blast is very much appreciated by gardeners. Every year there is an increasing number of fans of this class. And all thanks to exceptional features:

  • resistance to weather changes (both to drought and frost),
  • unpretentiousness
  • high yields
  • resistance to many diseases
  • early harvest.

And finally: if you want to get large, fleshy tomatoes, then you should definitely stitch them. How to do this, tell the video.

Characteristics of tomato variety Explosion

It differs, first of all, in its precocity: it needs from 90 to 110 daysTo make tomatoes appear. In addition, this variety justifies all the efforts in the garden.

The tomatoes themselves are very tasty, fleshy and dense. Tomatoes are very suitable for salads, tomato paste and salting. The content of solids in them is moderate.

Tomatoes Blast - Meaty. juicy and tasty

So, in more detail: “Explosion” is an early ripe variety that won the sympathy of the gardeners for the following characteristics:

  • Steadily prizhivchiv, in all weather conditions,
  • Not prone to disease due to climatic conditions,
  • Very easy to clean,
  • High yield: from one plant about 3-4 kg,
  • Resistant to diseases affecting all types of nightshade.
The explosion has a high yield - 3-4 kg from a bush

Tomatoes "explosion" according to the description of low-ribbed, rounded ripen with weight up to 120 gr, and experienced gardeners, the lower fruits can reach and 250-300 gr.

In these tomatoes there are a lot of vitamins like: A, C, K, also high content of lycopene. Taste properties at height, popular and easy to cook.

Tomatoes are very fleshy, there are not so many seed chambers in them, about 5-6. However, being a hybrid plant, does not give seeds for cultivation, it is always necessary to buy new seeds.

The plant itself is small in size about 45-60 cm. The leaves are not wide and not thick, light green in color.

Tomato bushes height Explosion - 40-60cm

Grade Reviews

Anna: “Among the bushes in the rows, according to the weather changes, covered under the film, the Explosion looks more cheerful than anyone else - last week, there were slightly visible fruit ovaries. But at this time, tomatoes are already weighing presumably 100 grams, only while green ... However in weight add tomatoes nimble - really explosive speed! ”

Aleftina: “From the video I first heard about the wonderful hybrid“ The Explosion ”. This is the third year since I planted these tomatoes on open ground. After 5-6 days, the first loops appear. Fertilizing plants do not indulge, just not necessary. Grow very well. The crop exceeded all expectations: the taste is excellent, for pickles and salads, I highly recommend it. ”

Yana: “The variety of tomatoes is Pyaterochka! Planted two seasons, and every year the harvest deserves respect. We have to admit that this summer is not very warm. Collected tomatoes until late autumn, the taste of tomatoes is relatively juicy and not bad, it is possible to collect and green, they are spiced at the same time, and stored for six weeks. "

Taisiya: “Planted seed, under the film. They grew together, yet the first ovary of the explosion occurred much earlier than other varieties. When night frosts in June, the bushes covered with plastic wrap. Harvest, just no words, but the trunks of the plant propped up with daughters, otherwise they would lie on the ground. "

Landing methods

Statement that he intended only for landing on open ground, true to reality. Only in a single experienced gardeners, he bears fruitlessly in greenhouses.

Therefore, careful selection of a place for a bed of these tomatoes is the main condition for yield. But this is not a fundamental feature, Solanaceae, for the most part, love the sun.

Sowing and growing

"Explosion" is possible to land and by seedling and directly in the garden (only in the southern regions).

Having bought seeds, before planting in a seedling place, it is important 6 hours hold in the melt water and aloe juice. After that, slightly dried, sow in a warm, slightly acidic and saturated, moist soil. This method, in fact, will help to collect a great harvest.

Tomato Seeds Blast

Care requirements

Seed bushes, at the time of disembarkation must be aged 50-60 days. When transplanting, it is best to take into account the distance between the bushes, fine, if it is: 40 cm X 60 cm.

The "explosion" is very sprawling and short. As for irrigation, the plant requires the per week one bucket. And when tomatoes appear, 2 buckets a week.

After the fruits appear, you need to water 2 buckets a week.

Tomatoes "Explosion" in terms of fertilizers, to ordinary are simple. It is only 2-3 times per season to feed the bush with compost. Tomato bushes are resistant to late blight and root rot disease. Easily tolerates windy weather and sudden temperature fluctuations. As for the pests: “Explosion” also has its own immunity for them.

Are these tomatoes parted

However, when cutting the leaves and single stalks, it is necessary to remove the bright leaf because they take nutrients from the tomatoes.

Passed need to properly: do not break off young shoots, because still able to form the ovary of the fruit. In addition, if you harvest already ripe tomatoes in time, you can greatly increase the yield. Only by the time the collected tomatoes contribute to the further growth and ripening of young tomatoes.

Globally, blast tomatoes are beautiful and highly recommended for speedy harvest. We can safely say that V.I. Kozak, inventing this variety, very carefully considered all the possible nuances of gardening. Efforts justified. The variety is great in fertility and ease of care.

Variant with seedlings

To grow strong seedlings, you must follow certain rules and requirements:

  1. Before sowing should be the selection of seeds. Suitable for planting only dense, large seeds. The selection is carried out manually, or use saline. Purchased seeds are immersed in it. After 12 minutes, bad, unfit for planting seeds should emerge on the surface of the water.
  2. Pathogenic microorganisms may be present on the surface of the seeds, which, after entering the soil under favorable conditions, begin to be active. Therefore, the seeds are immersed in a solution of potassium permanganate saturated in color for 23 minutes.
  3. To activate the growth process, you need to soak the seeds. Prepared seeds are laid out on a small piece of damp cloth, another layer of wet tissue is placed on top and left for a day for swelling.
  4. For planting seeds the explosion is preparing the soil. It is best to mix the usual land with humus and peat.

Seedlings begin to plant in early March. Planting material can be planted in wide containers or in separate cups. Seeds are laid out in pre-prepared wells to a depth of 7 mm. Then the container covered with a film until the germs.

Seedless way

Sowing seeds of variety Explosion immediately into open beds begin only after heating the soil to +12 degrees. Stable warm weather should be established by this time. Most often, planting a variety of explosions will begin in early May.

A site is dug up, beds of 75 cm width are made and nutrients are brought in (suitable ash wood, humus). Tomatoes blast sow better in two rows in a checkerboard pattern. The interval between rows is 49 cm, between the holes - 32 cm.

In one recess recommended to plant 3-4 seeds. Then the hole is covered with earth and watered with warm water. Beds must be covered with a film before the first shoots.

Distinctive features and characteristics

Any hostess who at least once planted this tomato variety in her plot will appreciate its productive qualities and unpretentiousness. In addition to these characteristics, the description of tomatoes The explosion speaks of other features of this plant.

  1. The variety is deterministic, its height varies between 40-50 centimeters.
  2. The fruits have a rounded, slightly oblate shape. The average weight of tomatoes is 100-120 grams. But if the variety is grown in enriched soils, a mild climate, ripe tomatoes can weigh 200-240 grams.
  3. The variety is early ripe.
  4. Tomatoes Blast are disease resistant: late blight and various rot.
  5. Planted bushes and crops tolerate lowering temperature indices well. It is this characteristic that justifies the flattering reviews of those who planted tomatoes in an explosion in the conditions of the northern cold regions. However, the maximum yield can be obtained only under conditions of average optimal temperature indices.
  6. Description of the variety says that planted tomatoes tolerate dry periods. However, to obtain fleshy juicy fruits, in a drought, it is necessary to carry out artificial watering of plants.
  7. Fruits can be consumed fresh, as part of salads, main dishes, and also used for preservation and preparation of juices. Such use of the crop is due to its excellent taste and fleshyness.
  8. Since tomatoes have dense pulp, they can be transported over long distances. They are well kept.
  9. Variety of tomatoes The explosion can grow in conditions of different acidity of the soil. However, the best option is considered to be a soil with low acidity and high air permeability.
  10. On average, from 1 planted bush about 3-5 kilograms of tomatoes are collected.

Such characteristics of a variety make it competitive with respect to other sustainable hybrid varieties.

Growing rules

To get a rich harvest, you must adhere to several rules for planting.

  1. Sow seeds for seedlings need in March and April. In this case, it is desirable to adhere to the recommendations of the lunar calendar.
  2. Planting material is immersed in a container filled with decontaminated fertile soil to a depth of 1 centimeter.
  3. After the formation of several sheets, the seedlings spiked around peat cups.
  4. Then it is necessary to fertilize the soil and to harden the tomato. To do this, it can be placed near the open window or carried out on the street for a couple of hours.
  5. Once the seedlings reach 2 months of age, it can be transplanted into the open ground.

Variety of tomatoes The explosion was bred specifically for open ground, but this variety is well acclimatized in greenhouse conditions.


In order that the bushes in the process of growth are not damaged and gave the maximum yield, it is necessary to take into account their peculiarities when planting seedlings.

  1. Planting seedlings should be carried out at a distance of 40-50 centimeters from each other.
  2. A small amount of fertilizer is required in each well.
  3. To plant seedlings in the ground should be right in the peat cups.

The characteristic and the description of a grade allows disembarkation of seedling to a hothouse design at the age of 1.5-2 months. Before planting, the greenhouse must be sanitized and ventilated thoroughly.

Get a good harvest from each bush can be, if they are watered regularly, to feed with mineral fertilizers. After watering, carefully loosen the soil.

This should be done carefully so as not to damage the extensive root system of plants. Also, they must be protected from all sorts of pests. When they appear, timely pest control is required.

The one who grew such tomatoes claims that the bushes grow sprawling, therefore they need to be tied up to the supporting structures. Especially such a garter must be implemented in the presence of a strong gusting wind. If cultivation occurs in greenhouse structures, the construction of supports is not a prerequisite.

Characteristics of tomato blast allows you to get delicious, fleshy fruit throughout the summer and the first autumn decade. Its special advantage is the possibility of growing in almost every region of the country. It is for these characteristics that each season of Blast Tomatoes receive a lot of positive feedback from summer residents who planted it on their plot.