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Why does not bloom Decembrist


  • What you need "Decembrist" for flowering
  • How to care for the Decembrist in 2018
  • Why does not the Decembrist bloom at home?

The most important condition for abundant flowering "Decembrist" is the correct temperature. Put the plant pot in a well-lit place, but remember that this flower does not tolerate direct sunlight. In the summer and spring, the Decembrist needs diffused light or partial shade, but during the flowering period it is best to place the pot on the southern window, protecting it from direct sunlight.

Schlumberger has a shallow root system, so it does not need a deep large pot. It is noted that the narrower the pot in which this plant is located, the more abundant it blooms.

In the summer, as well as during the flowering period, the “Decembrist” needs abundant watering. Watering this indoor flower is best with soft, settled water. In the spring and autumn, the “Decembrist” should be watered only as the topsoil dries.

When the "Decembrist" blooms, try to touch the pot less. Do not rotate it or move it from place to place, otherwise the plant will drop buds and flowers.

During the flowering period, the plant should be fed with a weak solution of organic and mineral fertilizers. It is also good to spray the flower at this time.

If you decide to transplant "Decembrist", then it is best to do it immediately after the end of flowering. Young plants are recommended to be transplanted once a year, adults - once every 2-3 years, but large specimens may not be replanted before 5 years.

March. April

Be sure to do spring pruning. Moreover, this is not the use of scissors or blades. This is the breaking off of the hands of the last segment on the whole shoot. If you leave a half-cut piece on a branch, then 100% rot or disease will begin. Therefore, you need to break strictly on the knees! And by all means on each runaway.

Some sources recommend transplanting the Decembrist every year. If your plant is in good conditions:

  • pots low but wide
  • bottom thick layer of drainage
  • soil mixture loose, nutritious, well breathable

You should not once again disturb the already weak root system. It will be enough to periodically gently loosen the ground, trying not to damage the roots.

If your Decembrist grows in other conditions, then the early spring is the time for a competent transplant. Just do not take a huge pot with the expectation of the future. In such a tub, the soil will quickly sour, and the roots simply do not have time to master all the space. In general, for a 20-year-old Decembrist, a pot is no more than 20 cm in diameter.

The flower stands on a sunny, but shaded window sill. Direct sunlight is contrary to the natural needs of the Decembrist. Yes, and they burn it mercilessly.

Care at this time is simple:

  • once a month feeding with a weak solution of any mineral fertilizer
  • maintaining high ambient humidity by spraying
  • watering is not strong, but frequent
  • temperature at + 22-27 ° С, not higher
  • loosening the soil to improve air permeability

The tropics, namely, from there the zigocactus hails, is warm and humid, not heat and damp. By the way, the Decembrist grows on the trunks of trees, and not on the ground, so you should not be especially zealous with food.

The Decembrist will not refuse organic chemistry, only in very small quantities. If everything is done correctly, then at the tips of the broken shoots appear the rudiments of a new knees.

July. August

Care continues in the same manner, new shoots grow safely. The only thing is that fertilizing is being stopped now completely, but not abruptly, but gradually reducing them to nothing.

By the way, at this time you can safely rearrange the pot with the Decembrist, which will then be impossible. You can even take the plant to the garden. At the same time the cold August nights will remind him of the imminent period of rest.

By this time, feeding stopped. Now you need to reduce to zero watering, spraying and in general any moisture.

The big mistake of many flower growers is the installation of additional lighting for the Decembrist and maintenance in greenhouse conditions. The air temperature should remain at a level not higher than + 17 ° С. Light day is short and dim.

Do not worry that the plant is in spartan conditions. In natural conditions, this is completely normal. But the flower will understand that now comes the period of hibernation. Just do not change the conditions dramatically. Everything should be as smooth as possible and without jumps. By the way, the climate of the middle band allows you to keep the Decembrist on the street or on the balcony until mid-autumn. The only thing to do is to cover the pots from the rain. An unexpected abundant watering can negate all your efforts.

The Decembrist is sleeping. All of the above conditions do not change. But it’s already cold outside, because when the air temperature drops to + 10 ° C, almost all life processes stop, and we don’t need it. At the same time, the room is too hot for a normal rest period. What to do?

  1. Content on a glazed balcony or veranda. Just watch the night temperatures, sometimes there are frosts.
  2. Keeping the room on the windowsill. In this case, the battery is covered with a thick towel or blanket.
  3. It is possible to isolate the lower part of the window from the room with glass or thick film.
  4. It is also recommended to put pots with a plant in the staircase or vestibule of the apartment.
  5. Some flower growers manage to keep the Decembrist in a hot room, but plastic bottles with ice are laid out next to them. As they cool, they are replaced by new ones.
  6. The flower is placed under the open window.

As you can see, many options. If you need the rapid flowering of the Decembrist, you will definitely find an opportunity to keep it cool.

From about the middle of the month the Decembrist should be gradually withdrawn from the rest period. Slowly they begin to water the ground, slightly increase the temperature of the air, slightly increase the lighting.

By the way, this time is the last moment when pots can be moved to another place. As soon as the tiny buds appear, it will not be possible. It is even forbidden to turn the plant around its axis and touch the shoots. Otherwise all the buds will fall off safely. Decembrist will go to growth, skipping the flowering period.

All annual training will have to start all over again, because in the summer the zygocactus does not bloom.

December. January

If everything was done correctly, then at this time you admire the lush flowering. Now you can not be zealous with care. You can only:

  • spray the Decembrist with cool defended water
  • sometimes water the soil until lightly wet
  • feed with any fertilizer for flowering plants

The dosage of mineral water should be reduced by 2 or even 3 times. The root system of the Decembrist may not have time to learn the full measure.

By this time, most zigokaktusov finish pleasing the owners and the most exhausted. Do not listen to advice that recommends giving the plant a rest a month, another. This is fraught with the death of the Decembrist. Remove all faded buds and begin to gradually increase dressing, watering and spraying. March is soon, and a new period of preparing the Decembrist for the next bloom will come.

Some recommendations

Come across tips to plant a Decembrist in the purchase soil for cacti. But after all it is stony-sandy, plants are not adapted for such. Better prepare the soil yourself. Just need:

  • peat
  • sand
  • turf
  • leaf humus
  • bark of deciduous trees

Mix in equal shares and boldly plant. This composition is as close to natural as possible and passes air well.

Perhaps zigokaktus even more suitable special soil for orchids. Because they grow in approximately the same conditions for the root system. Just add a little bit of ordinary garden soil to this soil.

If you missed the pots with a rearrangement and the Decembrist has already started producing buds, then you will have to adapt and not touch it until the end of flowering. The slightest movement in this period - and you already miss a whole year without admiring the fabulous bouquet.

You should know that the Decembrist lays the buds only on young shoots. If you feel sorry for breaking the plant in the spring, then you can be left without flowers in the winter. In addition, a similar procedure helps to form a lush bush, rather than two branches to the floor.

Do not confuse penumbra and shading. The first will not help the Decembrist in the formation of buds, because he simply does not have enough coverage. Shoots will be thin and long. The second has a positive effect on the development of the whole plant, because it allows to get maximum illumination without overheating and direct sunlight.

During the entire vegetative cycle, carefully monitor the drainage holes. They must be free and pass excess liquid well. The root system of the Decembrist is already very small and weak. And if it is still constantly in the swamp, the roots will simply rot. What are the flowers when the plant dies?

Why does not bloom Decembrist. What to do? After reading this article, you will not have similar topics for reflection. We all laid out on the shelves and described each step of the grower. Follow the recommendations and admire the magnificent bouquet of your tropical "cactus".

Why does the zigocactus "rebel" in winter?

What if the Decembrist is not going to bloom at the beginning of winter? It is necessary to find an objective reason for such a refusal.

Problems can be the following:

  • not enough light
  • big pot
  • wrong watering mode
  • nutritional deficiency
  • failure to comply with the temperature regime
  • dry air
  • defeat flower diseases or pests.

You can find out why the Decembrist does not bloom in a separate article.

Effect of seasonality on the plant

Decembrist care depends on the change of seasons. Each month corresponds to a specific life cycle of the plant.

  1. January. At this time, the plant actively blooms. It needs regular watering so that the top layer is constantly wet. Spraying and fertilizing the zygocactus with mineral fertilizers will not interfere. It is best to choose drugs, namely, for flowering plants. You can not move the flower from place to place, otherwise it can reset the buds. Read more about why the Decembrist drops buds here.
  2. February March. The Decembrist is exhausted after flowering, he needs rest to recuperate. Dry, withered flowers should be removed. It is also important to transfer it to a cool room with an air temperature of + 13-15 ° C and humidity of 50-70%. Water 1 time in 10-14 days.
  3. April. The growing season. Restore the dressing mode. It is better to start with nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers 1 time per month. Moisturize the flower should be abundant. Sunlight should be applied to avoid thermal burns. At the end of the month the Decembrist can be propagated and transplanted. A young flower is transplanted annually, and an adult individual - every 5 years. If necessary, in April crown formation is performed, unnecessary shoots are removed, to stimulate further growth. The optimum room temperature for this month is + 18-20 ° C.
  4. May June July August. It is a warm time. Schlumberger can be taken out on the balcony or outdoor terrace. It is advisable to choose a place in the penumbra. Water after drying the topsoil. Feed every two weeks.
  5. September October. The Decembrist is resting before the next flowering. It should be moved to a room with a temperature of + 13-15 ° C. Do not feed and minimize watering.
  6. November. Preparing for the future flowering. Room temperature should be raised to + 20 ° С. Now moisturize the plant more often, mostly warm, settled water. In this month, the buds begin to hatch, so it is not advisable to touch the zygocactus.
  7. December. It was time for the Schmumbergs to bloom.

How to accelerate the flowering of Christmas tree at home?

What you need to do to plant flowered?

With the arrival of autumn, the air temperature outside will be much lower than in the room. Just the moment when you should leave the plant on the veranda or on the loggia. The Decembrist must be sheltered from the rains and strong winds.. You can leave it there for a month. Watering excluded. It's okay if several segments are affected, fade.

But with the onset of frosts, when the outdoor temperature is below + 10 ° C, zigokaktus is better to take into the room. Provide coverage for 10 hours a day. Do not forget to water 2-3 times a week. After 50 days there will be flowers.

To achieve the flowering of the Decembrist at home or speed it up, should follow basic guidelines:

  • the process lasts longer if the room is cool and humid,
  • when the flowers ottsvetut, they need to be immediately cut off,
  • it is important to update the soil of the Decembrist substrate for succulents.

To flowers on the Decembrist was a lot, the plant is recommended to stimulate fertilizing. For bright, lush flowering, phosphorus and potassium are needed. Therefore, starting from April, include mineral substances in the plant ration once a month. In summer, the zygocactus spends the bulk of its forces on growth, respectively, the amount of fertilizer is important to increase. Top dressing to produce twice a month. At the beginning of November - stop making nutrients.

As fertilizer can be used:

  1. specialized complexes for cacti,
  2. slightly concentrated mullein,
  3. ash-based solution (2 tablespoons of ash per 1 liter of water),
  4. glucose solution (2 tablespoons of sugar per 1 liter of water),
  5. infusion of citrus.

How to make a flower grow and give plenty of buds?

Why does it sometimes happen that the Decembrist does not grow for a long time, sits still, how to make it bloom? The owner is anxious if he does everything correctly. First of all, There are a number of reasons for stunting.:

  • the flower has not been transplanted for more than 5 years,
  • planted in the wrong ground
  • in the process of transplanting the root system was damaged, the plant is now sick, as a result of which it stopped growing,
  • lack of watering or nutrients
  • little light.

How to care for the Decembrist, so that he fully grew and developed and bloomed? The following steps should be taken.:

  1. remove the Decembrist from the pot, inspect the roots,
  2. if there are damaged or dry areas, remove them,
  3. process cuts with antiseptic, ground cinnamon or sulfur,
  4. transplant a flower in a rich minerals, loose soil for cacti,
  5. if necessary, change the pot,
  6. restore the irrigation system
  7. feed with nitrogen fertilizers,
  8. put the plant in a place with diffused light.

In this case, experienced growers are advised to apply the "dry law". Bring the flower to a cool room with a temperature of + 13-15 ° C, and do not water it. After 2-3 weeks, return to a warm place, restore the regime of irrigation and fertilizing. After suffering the plant, as a rule, lays flower buds. After 2 months, begins to bloom. Thus, it is possible to adjust the seasonal cycle, so that the flowering will fall just for the winter.

Mistakes in the care of Schlumberger and possible diseases

If the Decembrist is not happy with an abundance of buds, does not bloom well, then there are reasons to be sorted out.

    The appearance of the red tick. If orange dots are seen on the base of the flower, then a harmful insect eats up the flower. As a result, it becomes sluggish, segments and buds fall off.

Help: you can first try to wipe the Decembrist with a soap solution, if this does not work, then treat the insecticide with a solution. Due to illness. Sometimes Schlumberberger suffers from fungal infections that provoke the development of rot. In this regard, the plant can not fully bloom, loses part of the buds, turgor.

  1. First of all, you need to inspect the root system, remove the rotten parts.
  2. Then process the flower with systemic fungicides and transplant.
  3. And also to cut off the flowers, so that the plant spends its vital forces on the fight against the disease, and not on flowering.
  • Incorrect room temperature. Flowers of zigokaktus fall at critical air temperatures of + 10 ° C and below. But in a warm room, it blooms badly.

    Help: during flowering, the temperature should be maintained at + 15 ° C, then the process will be long and abundant. To do this, the plant must be taken out on a warm balcony, where you can maintain the required parameters, or in a separate room.

    Help: feed with potassium or phosphorus based drugs. Adhere to proper diet in accordance with the seasons of the year.

    Although Schlumberger belongs to the Cactus family, this does not mean that she loves the light, and tolerates drought well. On the contrary flower is most acceptable diffused lighting and regular watering. And the most important thing to remember is that it is impossible to twist and turn the Decembrist during flowering.

    Why does not bloom the Decembrist, what to do?

    It is very important to create a suitable plant care, because the flower is very naughty. Then, throughout the winter, he will be able to please you with his bloom.

    It is important to know that if you break the most simple and primitive rules for caring for a flower, you may stop its development.

    Experienced flower growers are advised to sometimes make a small correction so that the Decembrist will once again delight you with his luxurious flowers. Read more about this below.

    Ухаживать за этим комнатным цветком не так сложно, как кажется. Чтобы получить прекрасный букет цветов яркой окраски в положенное время, нужно ознакомиться с полезными рекомендациями от опытных специалистов.

    And, for starters, you need to make sure that for a flower all conditions are created for its normal growth and development. Since indoor flowers are all different, therefore the conditions of their “maintenance” will differ. Each flower has its own character and needs, which must be read. If you regularly monitor the Decembrist, then you can see a change in his mood, when there is no proper watering or lighting. Having provided it with everything necessary, at the end of November, it will be possible to notice on its stems a multitude of buds, and subsequently - bright colors that will delight you all winter.

    Proper care

    The Decembrist is a house plant and belongs to cacti family. Regardless of this, in the summer, it needs not only fertilizer, but also frequent watering.

    Why is the Christmas tree not blooming? There may be several reasons for this:

    • there is no wintering period,
    • there was no flower pruning in the spring,
    • watering insufficient or excessive,
    • illumination,
    • the flower has not been transplanted or transplanted into a very large pot.

    Many believe that for all indoor plants need light and heat, but the "Christmas car" requires very different conditions.

    Christmas tree should be planted in a wide and shallow pot, as the plant has a shallow root system. In order to avoid stagnant water during frequent irrigation, good drainage must be done. This will keep the root system of the flower in good condition. Flower ground You can buy in a specialty store or do it yourself. It consists of:

    In addition to properly prepared soil, you need to organize a flower good lighting. The Decembrist, though related to cacti, is very does not like direct sunlight. Flowerpot is better to install on the windowsill from the north or west side.

    Even in the summer, this type of cacti does not tolerate heat, it has a negative effect on it. The optimum temperature for its flowering is 17–20 °. To speed up the flowering period, experts advise lowering the temperature to 15 °.

    Abundantly watered plant is not recommended. In the period of decreasing temperature, the number of irrigations should be reduced.

    In summer, the soil of the plant must be fertilized. To do this, it is better to use fertilizers for cacti. And in the autumn, he will need additional feeding for ordinary flowering plants.

    If in summertime you moved the flower to a new place, then by the fall this is not recommended. The fact is that the Decembrist is very sensitive and reacts poorly to changing permanent positions. In order for the flower to please you with its flowering, you do not need to move the pot, twist and rearrange. Even the slightest turn of the pot can cause a sharp reset of the buds.

    In the warm season, a pot with a plant can be taken out onto an open balcony or loggia. But to set it in such a way that direct sunlight would not fall on it. In the heat of the plant you need to pamper a warm shower, as often as possible to spray it with water. During this procedure, the ground in the pot should be covered with something to prevent water from entering it. A shower is needed only to wash the dust off the leaves.

    The Decembrist, like all Zygocactuses, is a long-liver. With normal and caring care, he can live from 15 to 20 years. Pinching indoor Decembrist need to do every year. Why? This will make the crown decorative and moderately thick. Growing shoots need to pinch at the beginning of summer. This will allow them to become thicker and more dense, and also, make them branch. This procedure can not affect its winter bloom.

    The content of the flower in the period before flowering

    This period begins in September. By this time, you need to stop feeding the plant, as well as minimize its irrigation and any hydration, even spraying.

    Many growers are confident that in the period before flowering the plant needs to create greenhouse conditions, provide additional lighting. But everything is much simpler. It should be in a cool roomwhere the air temperature is 17 ° and not higher. Additional lighting is not needed at all, as the plant during this period is sufficiently ordinary, short and dim daylight hours.

    Do not worry about the Spartan conditions in which the flower is located. During this period, the plant should begin a period of hibernation, and the flower itself should understand. There is no need to change the maintenance conditions drastically, everything should happen smoothly, without jumps.

    If we consider the conditions of detention of the Decembrist in the middle lane, then the climate of this zone allows you to keep the plant on the street until mid-October. Despite the changes in weather conditions, it feels quite normal. That's just from the pouring rain to protect it, putting pots on him.

    In October, the flower just sleeps, while all the conditions of its maintenance remain the same. Since the apartment is already warm, the Decembrist should be kept a little on the balcony, only if it is glazed and the plant will not be in the cold. Options to leave it in a sleeping state are many. Why do you need to do this? Before flowering Decembrist need to rest. Here are the options that will allow him not to wake up for a while:

    1. Keep the plant on the glazed balcony, but at the same time monitor the air temperature.
    2. Leave the room on the windowsill, but at the same time close the battery with a thick blanket or towel.
    3. Fence off the bottom of the window from the room with a thick film or glass.
    4. To take out a flower to an entrance or to leave in the platform.
    5. Experienced flower growers keep the Christmas tree in an apartment in a hot room. At the same time, plastic bottles with ice are laid out around it. As they cool, the bottles need to be changed.
    6. You can leave the plant on the windowsill, but only under the constantly open pane.

    As you can see, the options not to wake the plant during hibernation are many. For yourself, you can choose a more acceptable.

    Already from the middle of November, the flower is needed hibernate. He began to periodically water, increase lighting and raise the temperature of the air. At this time, the pot with a flower can be rearranged last time to another place. As soon as the plant has small buds, it’s absolutely impossible to do this. It is not recommended even to turn the pot with a flower around its axis, as well as to touch the shoots. Otherwise, the buds just fall off, and the Christmas tree goes into growth, skipping the flowering period.

    If you are doing everything right, then in December you will be able to admire the lush flowering. During this period it is not recommended to be very zealous with care, you can:

    • spray the plant with cool settled water
    • water the soil but very rarely just for light moisturizing,
    • use any fertilizer for flowering plants.

    How to care for a plant during flowering

    When the Christmas tree appeared buds, then it should be treated with special attention. It can not be turned in any case, and even more so - transferred to another window. The plant in a flowerpot should stand in one position until such time as it does not completely bloom. Why?

    During this period, it is advisable not to touch the leaves or the flowers with your hands. Instead of watering is better to use leaf spraying method. For this you need to buy a conventional sprayer.

    After the Christmas tree ottsvevel, you need to pick all the withered flowers. If you bought a blooming flower in a store, and all its flowers have fallen off at home - do not be discouraged, because every living creature has an adaptation period. If you properly care for the plant for a whole year, then it will surely please you with its flowering.

    Plant diseases

    Most of all, the Decembrist affects the thyroid gland, spider mite or powdery mildew. To cope with these ailments should use special chemicals and fungicides.

    When the appearance of fungal diseases, watering the plants should be cut, and the leaves are regularly wiped with a damp cloth.

    If brown spots are visible on the leaves, then these are patches. The leaves of the plant need to be treated several times with a special solution. In addition, you need to thoroughly wash the window sill, as the larvae of this pest may remain on it.

    Home care for the plant

    The lack of flowering is affected by the non-observance of the rest period or the wrong exit from it, diseases and pests, insufficient feeding, changing places during budding. Even the slightest disturbance in the care of this capricious flower will lead not only to the absence of buds, but also to his death. Specialist advice on how to care for the Decembrist so that it blooms and pleases with abundant flowering include the following:

    • keep calm
    • moderately watered and regularly fed,
    • avoid sudden changes in temperature
    • Do not rearrange the plant unnecessarily.

    It is necessary to plant the Decembrist in a low wide pot. The plant does not tolerate stagnant water and watering should be moderate. Good drainage at the bottom of the pot will ensure the outflow of excess water and save the root system from rotting.

    On brightly lit window-sills, the flower is uncomfortable and the right place for it will be windows with diffused light. In the summer, the Decembrist needs fresh air and regular spraying. If it is not possible to take out to the open air, it is recommended to put the pot at the open window, protecting it from direct rays and drafts. A pallet with wet moss or peat placed under it will provide the flower with the necessary moisture.

    Zygocactus dormant period

    From August zigokaktus begin to prepare for rest. Top dressing and watering are gradually reduced and completely stopped by September. At this time, the flower must be provided constant temperature not higher than 17 ° C. or keep outside, shielded from rain. And in October to bring in a room with a temperature of 10 ° C.

    There are several tricks to achieve such indicators in the conditions of an apartment without harm to other plants.

    1. Leave the flower under the open window.
    2. Fence off part of the window with a film or glass, creating a cool corner for the zygocactus.
    3. Spread around the pots of the bottle with ice and change as they warm up.
    4. Central heating batteries under the window sill, where there is a pot to cover with thick towels.

    If the period of rest is sustained, then from November for the zygocactus begins the stage of awakening. It's time to think about how to prepare and how to make the Decembrist blossom after the end of sleep. First of all, you need to choose a permanent location and not disturb the flower in the process of setting the buds. Gradually resume watering, add lighting and increase air temperature. For uniform formation of the ovaries, the tub should be rotated slightly around the axis, but not rearranged.

    Features content after flowering

    By February, the flowering is over, now it is necessary to remove the withered buds and pin the branches. This procedure is recommended every spring, because the formation of flowers occurs only on young shoots. This should be done without the use of cutting objects, breaking off with careful movements over the whole leaf segment on each shoot.

    Abundant flowering causes depletion of the soil mixture and the plant itself. Experts advise in the spring to conduct dressing. In addition to ready-made fertilizers, you can use wood ash, sugar and yeast, from which you can prepare nutrient compositions, than to feed the Decembrist to bloom:

    1. Ash can be added directly to the pot with a flower or diluted in water for watering 2 tbsp. l spoons of powder per liter of liquid.
    2. Sugar water has a beneficial effect on zygocactus growth. For irrigation, dilute 1 tbsp. l sugar in 0.5 liters of water.
    3. Yeast top dressing is made from 2 tbsp. l yeast, 1 tbsp. l sugar and a liter of water. Let it stand for about 2 hours. One part of the yeast dressing diluted in 5 parts of water and water the plant.

    How to transplant Decembrist

    A common reason why the Decembrist does not bloom at home can be tight capacity. A young plant requires an annual transplant, and an adult - once in 2-3 years. New pot for transplanting need to choose more than the previous 2-3 cm.

    In the wild, the Decembrist grows on the roots and trunks of tropical trees. In order for the flower roots to get enough air at home, it should be grown on a nutritious, loose soil mixture. Ready soil can be purchased at a specialty store or cook yourself. The optimal combination of soil in equal proportions: leaf mixture, peat, coarse sand.

    Stages of transplanting:

    1. Wash thoroughly, rinse with boiling water and dry. At the bottom it is necessary to fill the drainage layer at least 3 cm.
    2. Carefully remove the plant from the pot, carefully remove the roots from the ground and inspect. If traces of rot are visible, it is necessary to trim the damaged areas.
    3. For disinfection, hold phytosporin in the solution for 25 minutes and after planting in a new pot.
    4. Gently moisten an earthy ball and put the flower in its place.

    Frequent care errors

    A common reason why a zygocactus stops blooming is improper care, stress, and pest attack.

    Frequent moving tubs from place to place, a sharp change in temperature and light causes the flower to stress, to which it reacts by dropping the buds and fading growth.

    Another reason why the Decembrist does not bloom is pests. At home, they rarely threaten the plant, but their appearance should not be excluded. Regular inspection of leaves, stems and soil will help notice the pest on time and take action.

    If more than 4-5 buds develop on the stems, then some of them must be removed to prevent depletion of the plant.

    The plant senses the attitude of the host, and don't take it to the house, succumbing to someone's persuasion. Such a flower will not be able to please good health and abundant color. And vice versa, he will thank the owner for a long time with unfading beauty in response to attention and proper care.

    Poor watering

    The lack of flowering of the Decembrist, as a rule, is the result of often committed errors in the care of the plant.

    Title "Christmas Cactus" - delusion, the flower is not a cactus. In its natural habitat, it grows on the branches of trees in tropical forests, attached to the bark by roots. Unlike typical cacti, it does not grow in a hot and dry desert. Hence the most common mistake when caring for the Decembrist, leading to the absence of flowering - too rare watering.

    Do not allow complete drying of the earth in a pot. Too long breaks in watering lead to leaf deformation. The plant after drought is long restored and does not bloom.

    Water once a week. Better in the form of a 5-10 minute shower that simulates precipitation. After a shower, the plant needs to dry.

    A lot of water in the soil is not favorable, does not contribute to flowering. Do not leave excess water in the pot stand.

    Big pot

    The Decembrist has a weakly branched root system, should be grown in small pots. Many owners, assuming the large size of the hanging shoots, planted a flower in large containers. A lot of land in a pot, absorbs a lot of water that is not fully used by the plant. Too wet soil leads to a drop in flower buds that have already appeared. It will be easier to maintain the required water level in the soil when grown in a flat pot.

    Too warm

    A common reason for the lack of flowering Decembrist - growing in too warm rooms. In the natural habitat of the flower, among the branches of trees coolness reigns, we provide the optimum development temperature of 21 ° C. At night, the temperature should be lower, in the range of 15-18 ° C. High temperatures inhibit flowering.

    Bad light

    Too little light during the day prevents the flower buds from becoming tied. The flower needs a bright place, does not tolerate direct sunlight. Direct sunlight, especially during the daytime, turns the leaves purple. The Decembrist needs only 2-4 hours a day of intense sunlight, preferably at sunset or sunrise.

    Decembrist is a short day plant, it takes 12 hours of absolute darkness during the autumn and winter months (from September to December) for flowering. It should not be placed in rooms where at night there is access to artificial light (a street lamp standing a short distance from the window).

    Abrupt changes in conditions

    Too sudden changes in temperature, humidity and light intensity, hot and cold gusts of air, lead to the fall of flowers and buds. During the flowering period it is necessary to provide the plant with more peace of mind. At the time of flowering should not replant the plant.

    What to do to the Decembrist bloomed?

    The appearance of flowers, preceded by the restriction of access of light for 12 hours a day, apply a darkening procedure. The procedure begins in October, closing the plant with an opaque bucket or pot for 6 weeks. If the pot is in a dark room, there is no need to cover the plant. It is necessary to close the window tightly so that the plant does not have access to artificial light.

    In the process of darkening the Decembrist we provide optimal conditions for growth - a temperature of 21 ° C, during the day good lighting and balanced watering. If you meet the conditions, the Decembrist will award with lush and beautiful flowers.

    Decembrist: How to care to bloom?

    Как заставить цвести декабрист в домашних условиях? Чтобы зацвел декабрист, надо сделать так, чтобы были оптимальными:

    • watering,
    • температура,
    • почва,
    • освещение,
    • частота пересадок,
    • подкормки,
    • местоположение.

    Если все эти факторы учесть, то растение точно выкинет бутоны и приготовится к цветению. Ну а теперь по порядку, как помочь декабристу зацвести.

    Photos from the site: pro100-cvety.ru

    Organize a holiday season

    What to do to bloom the Decembrist? Be sure to create such conditions that the plant rested in the fall. Without this, the Decembrist will most likely not have any buds. How to do it?

    With the onset of the first autumn coolness, reduce the watering of the Decembrist. During the rest period, it consumes a minimum of water. If you do not stop it often watered, it can rot the roots. From this the plant will die.

    The air temperature during this period should reach 15 degrees Celsius. At lower rates, root rot may occur. They will not be able to transport moisture and nutrients to the stems and twigs. If the temperature of the air in the room reaches a level greater than 15 degrees, the Decembrist will not enter a stage of rest. He will continue to increase the green mass of leaves, but it may never get to the buds.

    In the autumn season it is important that the duration of daylight does not exceed eight hours. It is his reduction is for the Decembrist one of the natural signals that it is time to lay the buds.

    Photos from the site: klumba.guru

    How to make a Decembrist blossom: lighting

    As already stated above, for the Decembrist to blossom, it is important to create optimal lighting for him. In the summer it should be sufficient for the development of the leaflet. In the fall it is reduced. If the Decembrist is at the window, then it will not be difficult to do, because in nature, and so there is less light. No need to artificially increase daylight hours. The same conditions are important in the winter when the Decembrist begins to bloom.

    How to care for the Decembrist to bloom: watering

    What to do to bloom the Decembrist? Create an optimal watering mode. To do this, it should be understood that a flower requires a lot of moisture only during the period of active growth and flowering, that is, in spring, summer and winter. In the autumn, as you remember, the Decembrist has a rest period, when watering should be limited to once every two weeks.

    In spring and summer, the flower should receive a lot of moisture. It grows, increases in volume. Then everything should be minimized. Re-activate watering in the winter, when the Decembrist will throw out the first buds. At this time, he again needs a lot of water to ensure not only the stems, but also flowers. After flowering, watering is reduced a little, at a moderate level.

    Do not forget to spray the Decembrist in the summer heat. This will increase the level of humidity in the environment. Namely, such conditions are necessary for this flower, which comes from tropical forests.

    At low temperatures a lot of water is not necessary for the Decembrist. He will not have time to master all the water, and its surplus will not evaporate, since there will not be enough heat around. This will lead to decay of the roots, as well as to the fact that pests start to infect the soil. The soil itself can sour. This will negatively affect the Decembrist, it can not only not bloom, but also completely perish.

    Photos from the site: umipark.ru

    How to make Decembrist bloom: the impact of transplantation

    What to do to bloom the Decembrist flower? Be sure to repot it regularly. On this depends the overall development of the flower. In a small flowerpot, he will not be able to grow properly, he will lack nutrition. The young plant should be transplanted once a year, as it grows rapidly. Mature will be enough to change the pot and the ground every 4-5 years.

    When transplanting, change not only the soil, but also the pot. Its size will increase with the growth of the Decembrist. You should not buy a pot "for growth". In a large vessel, the Decembrist will long be assimilated, growing roots that could fill the soil. As a result, the plant simply does not have enough power to bloom. Very often, the buds do not appear where the Decembrist is in a too large flowerpot.

    If the pot does not change the ground for a long time, it starts to lose its qualities. This concerns not only the reduction of nutritional value. The very structure of the soil is deteriorating. The earth becomes dense, begins to pass water and air badly. This leads to stagnant moisture, the appearance of infections and other problems. To roots it will be very difficult to exist in such conditions.

    The soil for the Decembrist must be loose. To give it such quality, add brick chips, coal. Be sure to make a drain ball in the pot. With it the probability of stagnation of water in the ground is reduced. The quality of the transplant depends on its subsequent state. It is important to prevent negative phenomena from the very beginning.

    What should be done to bloom the Decembrist? Replace it when necessary. Try to regularly loosen the soil in the pot.

    Photos from the site: floristics.info

    Fertilizer for the Decembrist - the path to flowering

    What you need to do to bloom the Decembrist? In addition, as described below, it is also important to periodically fertilize the soil in the pot. This will give the plant extra nutrition.

    How to feed the Decembrist to bloom? The choice of fertilizer depends on the time of year. In the spring and summer than to water the Decembrist to bloom? During this period it is important that the twigs and leaves of the flower grow. For this use nitrogen supplements. They provoke an increase in deciduous mass. You can add them until the end of summer. But with the arrival of autumn should stop giving the flower fertilizer, as it will rest all this season. As soon as the Decembrists have buds, go to a new series of dressings. How to fertilize the Decembrist to bloom? During this period, you can make any dressing, except nitrogen. This is important because during the flowering period the plant does not need to grow new stems at all. If you do not follow this advice, then you can achieve that the Decembrist will grow strongly, will be just huge, but will not bloom.

    You can not do without fertilizers. Soil gets poorer over time, and under room conditions its nutritional qualities cannot naturally recover. Therefore, the only way to somehow solve the problem are fertilizers. With them, plants can exist as they should.

    After the Decembrist has faded, again create for him at least a minimum period of rest. At this time, do not disturb it with fertilizer and frequent watering. All this is resumed in early spring.

    Now that you know how to feed the Decembrist to bloom, you can safely do it.

    Photos from the site: m.ok.ru

    Pests on the road to flowering

    Sometimes the Decembrist does not bloom, since all his strength is spent on the fight against pests and infections. Carefully inspect the leaves of the plant, they may be affected by spider mites or phytophthora. Both infections have a negative effect on both the stems and the buds. In the end, the Decembrist may either not bloom at all, or all of his buds will simply disappear without opening. In this case, the plant should be sprayed with drugs that will kill the infection. In particularly advanced cases, transplanting may be necessary.

    To prevent pests in the pot with Decembrist, try to create unsuitable conditions for them. Often air the room where the flower is located. Water moderately and loosen the earth in a pot. The abundance of air and a minimum of moisture are conditions in which pests do not start.

    What else can be done to bloom the Decembrist?

    The Decembrist does not like being moved from place to place. It is not advisable to even twist around the axis. All this makes the flower again adapt to external conditions. If you like to turn the pot, so that the Decembrist gets a uniform amount of sunlight, then forget about it. Perhaps it is because of this that it does not bloom.

    Periodically update the flower. To do this, you can simply pick a twig and root it. The Decembrist takes root pretty easily. A year or two after rooting, it may even bloom. Do not be afraid to rejuvenate the plant. Sooner or later it has to be done with all plants.