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Garden street swing with their own hands


In the warm season, we all rush to the country to relax. And, of course, we take children with us. For them, you can arrange outdoor entertainment, so that time in the fresh air is fun and active. One of the traditional children's fun is swing.

Everyone knows the option - swing tires, which many had in childhood. It will take an old tire and a stronger rope. If you wish, you can paint them, as in our example.

Having the skills to work with tires, you can make more complex and original swings, giving them the shape of an animal.

Another idea is to make a swing for children from an old skate. Stylish and simple.

Popular now design - swing-nest. The central part of the weave of the towing rope, and the suspension sheathe fabric. You can use macrame technique or knit a seat of nylon thread.

A more sophisticated version is a swing made of metal with support legs, can be ordered from the master.

And this is the usual wooden swing without a back. They are made of sawn wood and hung on strong ropes.

A highchair swing is a good idea for using old furniture.

Several original wooden swings, on the manufacture of which you need to work a little, but the result is worth it.

And this, on the contrary, is a model, which is primitive in manufacturing, a swing seat, but even they can be interestingly painted, for example, in the form of animals.

For a hammock swing, the seat can be sewn by using thick fabrics.

Many swings can be made with your own hands from scrap materials. Children will love this kind of entertainment regardless of their age.

Garden swings for a comfortable stay

In the country or summer cottage, the uninterrupted attributes necessary for a good rest are summer terraces, gazebos, swimming pools, playgrounds, etc. Many also do not imagine their rest without a swing, and in this case they are not at all a subject for the fun of children, although they also swing at them with great pleasure. A feature of the garden swing can be considered the fact that several people can comfortably sit at the same time on them.

Installed in a shaded place, garden swings can also become a full-fledged sleeping place for an afternoon nap. In general, you can use them as you please, and if you do them yourself, you will manage to take into account all your requirements.

If summer vacation is a family tradition, then you should think about the younger members. Installed street swing to give will become a place of everyday pilgrimage for children, where they will spend a lot of time.

But you can not see the swing only from the standpoint of rest, such a design is a great option for improving your health. It is known that the well-being of the human body is largely determined by the state of its spinal column. A swing is excellent contribute to its unloading, primarily due to the removal of muscle spasms.

Swing for the garden: types, sizes and shapes

Before you begin to assemble and install the swing, you need to decide on their type and size. You will also have to think about where they are best located, taking into account the peculiarities of the local area and lifestyle.

But in any case, before starting the preparation of the design drawing, you should decide on the answers to the following questions:

  • which material to use - the most popular is wood or metal, but when working with the second one you probably will need welding, so if you don’t have a device or experience with it, you will have to use the help of a specialist,
  • what shape and size should be swing. As a rule, the best option is a product with 3-4 seats, and for protection from the sun and summer rain you can provide a light canopy or awning cover
  • What will be the method of fastening the seat - suspended, hammock, etc.

The swing can be horizontal and vertical: in the first case, the mount is mounted on a perpendicularly mounted (in relation to land) axis, which is the central reference point of the structure. These types include all swing balancers.

To create additional comfort, the seat can be made soft with the help of upholstery, as well as add extra comfort using a set of cushions. It is possible to envisage the possibility of folding the backrest - in this case, it will be possible to get a full-fledged sleeping place for a day rest.

An important point is the question of whether a stationary construction will be stationary or mobile - in the second case it is important to consider its weight when choosing a material, but at the same time not forgetting that the swings are able to withstand the design load.

A variety of garden and children's swings to give

Planning to make a swing for giving with your own hands, you need to decide on who they are intended for. The most popular type is the so-called family model, which is a structure that can comfortably accommodate several people. According to the type of installation, they can be mobile (including folding) and stationary.

Each has its own advantages, but the choice of a portable model allows you to use the swing in the garden and on the outdoor terrace (for example during bad weather). By mobile swings can be attributed, and light suspended structures in the form of a cradle, providing the opportunity to change the place of their suspension, which is most often used branches of trees.

Because of the location of the garden structures can be attributed, and children's swings, characterized by a large variety of forms and principle of action and are used not only for recreation, but also active games.

An alternative to a wooden board can be: an old chair, which sawed off legs, a plastic chair, car tires and other available materials. For the entertainment of the youngest family members, you can make a special cradle with a mandatory stopper.

Children are happy to use for their games suspended swing designs, which can even give the appearance of familiar toys. But they will not refuse to swing on the structures of the "balance", especially given the fact that they can have fun with friends.

Choosing a place to swing

Despite the fairly compact size, sometimes finding a place to install a swing is sometimes difficult. First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that the chosen ground is relatively flat and preferably with a grass or sand surface (This is important for safety reasons, and this factor needs special attention when installing structures for children.).

It is necessary to take into account the sides of the horizon - it is not recommended to have it in the north, but the southern side, especially the territory without natural shelter in the form of greenery, is unlikely to be comfortable.

The most attractive is the south-western or western side, since it is there that the afternoon sun lives, less aggressive and more affectionate. The awning canopy helps to solve this problem, but it is powerless against high temperature and standing hot air.

Be sure to take into account the fact that the operation of the swing requires a certain area, which should be enough so that at the most distant points of the amplitude does not touch the surrounding objects.

What material to make a swing to give?

In order to make a swing in the country you can use different types of materials, including improvised. But, if this design will be used not only for recreation and it is planned to shift it to decorative and aesthetic functions, then this issue should be approached taking into account how harmoniously the swings fit into the existing (and most often already sanitized) landscape.

The choice of material should be made from the point of view of its practicality and ease of working with it. Therefore, apart from the use of metal and / or wood, there is practically no alternative.

Both materials have universal advantages:

Of course, metal and wood have their own special advantages, which should be considered when choosing a material for the manufacture of swing. For example, wood is safer, especially if needed children's swing for home or garden, but the metal is more durable.

According to the degree of wear and service life, the tree also loses a little, but with timely treatment with antiseptic and protective impregnations, the construction of it can serve for quite a long time.

Choice of suspension for swing

When you want to make a garden or children's swing in the yard, be sure to ask about the choice of material for the manufacture of suspension. For this can be used ropes, thick ropes and metal chains. In terms of reliability, all these elements are different from each other, but in order to make a final decision, one must take into account some of the features and nuances of each material.

For children's structures, the best option is a rope or a rope with nylon thread. They are well able to withstand a small load, secured with the help of the sea hub ensure reliability and safety, and due to the small weight of children they are weakly exposed to the main problem - sagging.

But nevertheless natural wear occurs over time. For the manufacture of suspension, you can use ropes or ropes with a thickness of at least 24 mm in diameter, but the final choice of thickness should be made taking into account the planned load.

The metal chain has an advantage in terms of strength characteristics, but it is not recommended for children’s options due to the risk of pinching fingers in the rings - in this case, you can choose either a product with a smaller link size or prefer a rope.

In addition, the suspension using the chain can be mounted on bearings, so you should think about limiters to prevent too much swinging amplitude.

In addition, if you plan an inflexible suspension, then you should use metal rods with a diameter of 16 mm, which are installed using bearings (at the top of the structure) and bolted or welded at the bottom when attached to the seat elements.

Making a garden swing

With sufficient experience and a creative approach, you can design an original or even an exclusive model, which, however, will still be based on the basic ones, since the principle of driving will remain the same.

As a base for wooden or metal swings, you can use regular stands with a crossbar mounted on them. But this design does not have sufficient reliability and durability and can be used for a swing, and for garden models for the whole family it is better to do on the frame, the side parts of which imitate the letter A (versions of this model can be supports in the form of letters L and X).

When designing, it is necessary to correctly calculate the height of the structure: for a stationary minimum it will be 2-2.10 m, for a mobile model this indicator can be slightly reduced. For the manufacture of such a swing, more precisely, their frame, you will need:

  • 4 support legs
  • crossbar, to which the seat will be suspended afterwards. It is possible to foresee for this purpose special elements or to install a bearing mechanism,
  • elements to create stiffeners - two units are required for installation on two racks.

For a tree (most often used for this timber) besides mechanical connection with bolts, there are no other options. But in this case, you can think about the use of metal lining-inserts.

When designing a seat for a swing, you should take into account the number of people who can simultaneously fit on it. The calculation is made from 60 cm per person. The seat itself may have a wide variety of forms, the presence or absence of the backrest, armrests, etc.

For it you can use both old pieces of furniture or improvised materials found at the cottage, and purchase lumber, metal, etc. for this. Additionally, you should be engaged in decorating with the use of textiles or other decorative materials differing in relatively high wear resistance.

Metal and wooden swings

This design can be both stationary and mobile. In the second case, 4 more metal rails will be required, which are welded to the swings in the lower part, forming a peculiar support in the shape of a square or rectangle.

This design can be easily rearranged if necessary, but in this case, the disadvantage is the lower strength characteristics.

For stationary models you will need to perform a certain amount of earthworks:

  1. first prepare the site, if necessary, fill it with sand, tamp,
  2. prepare a pit with sides of 20-30 cm and a depth of 40-50 cm with a garden drill or a standard spade,
  3. make a sand pillow at the bottom
  4. in the presence of weak, crumbling soils, it will be necessary to make a formwork, for which, for example, asbestos or other pipes with a diameter exceeding 2 times the column diameter can be used,
  5. the lower part of the wooden poles must be treated with antiseptic and hydrophobic compounds,
  6. the lower part of the metal pillars will need to be treated with anti-corrosion agents and, for protection, be coated with mastic or, for example, engine oil,
  7. for concreting it is necessary to prepare a cement-sand mortar, for the strength of which it is recommended to use a small fraction of rubble or gravel,
  8. By installing the racks in the appropriate pits, concreting is performed, and after the material has gained strength, you can begin to install the bench on hangers and use the swing.

For wooden elements will need to perform the process of grinding, perhaps even repeatedly. It is necessary to obtain a completely flat and smooth surface without raised lint of wood fibers and without hooks, which can cause damage to the skin.

What are we for?

Swing even the simplest design will bring a lot of joy not only to children, but also to adults. And what is especially remarkable, they will not be empty in hot weather and even in frosty winter. In addition, the choice of finished designs is large enough, ranging from the usual swing for the street and ending with stationary educational platforms for teenagers.

But for starters, it is worthwhile to figure out what the benefits of the swing are and whether they can harm the health of the child.

  • Rocking movements have a calming effect on babies.
  • Swing helps strengthen the muscles of the arms, legs and body and teach the child to control his own body.
  • Rhythmic up and down movements have a beneficial effect not only on the nervous system, but also on the development of the vestibular apparatus, which is a kind of training that helps prepare the young body for traveling in transport, as a result, the child is less swayed on the road.
  • Dexterity and coordination develops - the child learns to balance, maintain balance and feel the rhythm.
  • The positive emotions that appear after swinging on a swing are comparable to listening to relaxing music.
  • This is a great way to spend excess energy without harm to health. When swinging a swing, a large amount of energy is spent, which is comparable to a light short jogging in the fresh air.
  • The child has the opportunity to entertain themselves independently without the participation of seniors. A playground with swings will take the baby for a long time and allow adults to go about their business.

In addition, a stylish and original playground will decorate the suburban area.

Main elements

Any swing can also be divided by type, type and age restrictions. But the basic elements always remain the same: a durable and stable frame, a protection system and comfortable seating.

The frame is the main element of any swing. It must be durable and reliable to withstand any loads. The frame also involves attaching the suspension with a seat to the support bar. Most often for a framework the strong tree or metal is used. Plastic does not have a special strength and reliability, so these models are designed only for children under the age of 5 years. Reliable frame should be held on two supports in the form of the letters "L" and "A" - this option is considered the most common and sturdy for street swings. Props in the form of the letter “P” need additional fixation and strengthening. For greater reliability, it is recommended to dig supports into the ground to a depth of at least a meter and cement in addition.

Hangers can be made of metal pipes, chains or ropes. For younger children, it is recommended to choose a swing with four hangers - these are safer and more comfortable models. Older children will swing on two suspensions. Also, some designs have only one suspension, in which case the child sits on the seat in such a way that it wraps its legs around.

Chain swing is suitable for swinging at a small amplitude., что делает такие конструкции удобными для маленьких детей. Но и детям постарше нравятся такие качели – они обладают повышенной прочностью и надежностью. На таких качелях не удастся раскрутиться «солнышком». Но при выборе подобной конструкции обратите внимание, чтобы звенья металлической цепи имели средние отверстия, чтобы обезопасить маленькие пальчики ребенка. In small rings can get stuck a finger, and in large, on the contrary, they can be pinched.

For outdoor swings, hard materials such as plastic, wood, and rubber are more often used as seats. Iron is rarely used, as it freezes quickly in the cold, and heats up instantly during hot weather. On a hard top seat you can lay a pillow with removable covers. Rubber can also be used as a seat, but in this case it will be possible to swing on a swing only in a sitting position. You can also do your own do-it-yourself cobweb or nest sitting using thick ropes and textiles. But in the rain, this design will get wet and quickly lose its original appearance. The simplest seats are made of wood. The seat covered with varnish and treated with protective agents will last for many years. You can also make a seat out of an old chair, skateboard, or an unnecessary durable board.

Swings may vary in width. The best option is considered a double model with a wide seat, which can sit at the same time two children or an adult and a child.

Standard stationary swings with a solid frame can have a mirror seat, which is very convenient if you have two children in your family, then the kids can sit opposite each other and swing at the same time. Younger children still need to pick up a swing with a locking back and a stopper in front so that the child cannot fall down during the swinging.

A canopy over a swing is an additional and optional attribute in any design., although it has a lot of functional advantages. First, during a light rain or on a hot day under a canopy, you can continue playing. Secondly, during the precipitation, metal fasteners of the structure can fail, and the elements of textiles get wet and become useless. Polycarbonate is considered an excellent material for a canopy - it protects well against precipitation and at the same time transmits light. Also canopy can be made of roofing materials or flooring.

The most common models work on the principle of a pendulum, that is, you can swing on them up and down. But some swings work a little differently. Structures are divided into the following types.

  • Stationary models on the frame. Such a swing can be used not only for children, but also for adults. Supporting structures should be dug in reliably to the ground at least one meter and concreted for structural reliability.
  • Suspended rope or chain seats - this type includes bungee. The main thing that the fastening device was strong and reliable. The easiest way to install such a swing on the street is if there is a larger tree with strong branches growing on the plot. In this case, it is enough just to secure the cable or strong rope. But if there is no tree on the site, then it is necessary to put a U-shaped frame with strong supporting structures.

Children's street swing: types

Choosing a swing for children to give street, parents are obliged to check them for absolute safety for the child. Consider what manufacturers offer us for our treasures.

For the safety of the swing seat, it is necessary to provide a horizontal bar at the front of the seat that will provide protection for your child.

First of all, the swing is divided by the material of manufacture. They can be wooden, metal and plastic.

Children's woodenswing to give differ in environmental friendliness, durability, simplicity of assembly and beautiful appearance. Impregnation of wood with a special compound increases the service life of products.

Old skate is also suitable as a swing seat, because its board is very strong and durable

You will have to tinker over such a wooden swing plane, but the result is worth it, your child will feel like a real pilot

Metallic Swings are among the most reliable and durable models. They can be forged, collapsible, welded. Weigh a lot, but this is justified by their durability and stability of the installation.

Suspended swing, the seat of which is made of metal rings, will be a real decoration of your yard

It is possible to use any options for a child’s swing as a seat, for example, a part from a ski lift.

Plastic designed for the smallest. Light and bright, they are great for kids under the age of 5 years, but they are afraid of winter frosts and fade under the sun.

For kids, comfortable and safe will be a fabric seat with a perimeter protecting structure, where the child will feel confident

There are swings and type design: suspended and frame.

Swing frame type in the form of a red wooden sofa - a bright accent for your site

FrameOf course, it is preferable for children, since they are highly resistant, they can be freely moved to different corners of the site, they are durable and fairly safe to use.

A simple form of swing can be made special - a little imagination and boring seats turned into bright little animals with which it will be much more interesting to play to your children.

Suspended models are simple, do not require special skills to build. For their arrangement, a carrier crossbar, a strong rope and a board for a seat are necessary. It is desirable that she had a back.

Having chosen bright colors for the swing, you will be able to raise children's mood even more.

Car tires can be excellent material for children's swings, if you apply for them a fun coloring

Swing chaise lounges designed for kids under the age of 3 years. They are usually low, with a soft back and a seat in the form of a lounge chair.

Chaise lounge with soft seats - a safe swing option for a small child

All these models can be purchased in stores, but if you decide not to spend money and build a swing for children to give with your own hands, we will help you.

From materials for structures with supports there are two options: metal and wood. Unfortunately, children's metal swings for giving will require special skills from you. If you are not a blacksmith and not a welder, build a metal frame will be problematic. Yes, and pipes for the supports also have to look.

To make such a swing, you will need very little: a wooden chair and chains - and a unique decor for your yard is ready

Kids swing is not particularly demanding on the design. For children, the main thing is movement, and it can be provided by a rope suspended from a thick branch of a tree, with a seating area.

The optimal solution that any parent can fulfill is the construction of a wooden swing.

We build a wooden swing

The simplest design is a children's suspended swing for giving without a frame. Great, if you have a big tree with a low-lying, thick bough on or near the plot. Two ropes were thrown over it, the seat was made of improvised means - and the swing was ready. As a seat, you can use tires traditionally loved by summer residents, a high chair, an abandoned skateboard, a piece of board, an old ice house. In general, everything that, in your opinion, is suitable for comfortable riding of a child.

The easiest way to organize a swing is to use a tree branch as a base.

In such a round rocker on a soft pillow, tied to the base, so as not to “fly away”, it will be pleasant to spend time not only for children, but also for adults

To build a frame swing, first determine the place. It should be close to the house, but away from the fence and trees. Then we need lumber and tools. We choose conifers, but others can be, the main thing is that the tree is dry, strong, free from defects. We carry out preliminary processing of wooden parts: we clean, grind, process with a special compound to improve moisture resistance. For the swing, we need:

The beautiful and durable design of the swing chair will not leave indifferent not only children, but also adults

  • two pillars
  • rope (about 6 m)
  • crossbar
  • ring-shaped suspension (can be hooks)
  • fastener

For the stability of the frame side supports can be made in the shape of the letter "L"

Tip!Note that the nails for fixing parts of the swing are not suitable, it is better to take the bolts.

With your own hands, you can build such a hanging swing chair, where your children will play

From the tool we take a shovel, a hammer, a drill, a tape measure, a plane, a Bulgarian, paint and brushes. Well, the bridgehead for work is ready. We proceed to step by step design.

To create such a wonderful swing, you just need an old chair, a rope and bright paint.

  • Carefully remove the place under the swing from the garbage and level the platform.
  • We dig two holes for pillars to a depth of 90-100 cm.
  • Before installing the pillars in the pits, we will process the lower part, approximately 50 cm, with tar. So we will protect them from rotting.
  • Fastened to the crossbar posts. It is desirable that the diameter of the crossbar coincides with the diameter of the pillars.
  • We mount metal parts with special fasteners. They can be purchased at the store.
  • We process grinders sharp corners.
  • Fastened to the crossbar of a rope or chain, checking their reliability with its own weight.
  • Tie the ends of the ropes to the seat, pre-drilled holes in it.

U-shaped street children’s swings with greenery at the vertical posts will provide shade and aesthetic design for this simple design.

We got the letter "P".

Tip!For kids, better mount seatsse not on two ropes, but on four. Take for this two lengths on each rope, fold in half, and pass the ends in the seat.

If you are confused by this option, you can build a more stable design, taking four pillars for the frame and placing them in the form of a letter “L”. The sequence of work is almost the same, only you will have to dig four holes, cut off the top of the pillars at an angle, connect them with metal parts. Between the pillars, at the bottom, at a height of about 50 cm, stiffeners should be nailed on both sides of the swing. This design creates opportunities to create a real children's holiday home. By increasing the distance between the posts, you can nail a long crossbar and add a rope or climbing ladder to the swing.

Children's wooden swing for giving differ in environmental friendliness, durability and simplicity of assembly

Swing bench for rest and entertainment of the child, made of wooden pallet

We build together

Now you know how to make a child’s swing in a country house of wood by yourself.

Original children's bright swing, the seat of which is made of fabric with elastic bands

A fun deer swing will bring joy to every child.

If the first experience does not disappoint you, do not stop there. The child is growing, and maybe you are planning the birth of a second baby, and the swing alone will not be enough. Build a children's swing and slides in the country with their neighbors or friends. Maybe among them will be the master of the metal, and then you get the eternal swing for children of any age.

Multicolored swing baskets will not only bring joy to children, but also significantly change your yard

What to do with a swing?

Traditionally, swings are made of wood, metal, and combinations of these materials. However, the swing seat can be made of plastic, metal pipes, bars, strong rope, an old chair or a chair without legs. Often used tires and other waste materials.

The main thing is to sit comfortably and safely on the swing, and the stands withstand the loads exerted on them.

Often suburban swings are equipped with sheds of fabric, polycarbonate, wood, roofing materials. This "roof" protects from bright sunlight, you can sit on a swing without the risk of burns.

What are the swings?

Before building a swing, you should think about their purpose (skating children or adults), location (overly dimensional models are inappropriate in small areas), seasonality (not all dachas are appropriate to leave the swing for the winter in the open air). It is also important to choose a model that fits well into the overall picture of the dacha landscape.

Swings can be mobile (collapsible) and stationary.

In turn, the mobile swing can be suspended or equipped with a precast frame, which is installed on the ground.

Want to make a swing at the cottage for a child?

Children's swing is a great idea how to entertain a child in the country, and the portal offers you to familiarize yourself with the information on building a sandbox with your own hands. If you already have a sandbox, then read the article about building a playground with your own hands - here.

In addition, read the information about the dacha decoration.

You can make a swing balancer, a hammock swing, a sofa swing on your own. Particularly noteworthy are designs that are far from the classic representation of a swing construction. Unusual swings can be:

    in the form of chips,

And recently there was a swing for children with disabilities. The design with a platform for a wheelchair allows to ride even to those who, unfortunately, cannot move independently.

Making a swing swing do it yourself

For such a swing is not provided frame. We will only make a seat that we will attach with chains or ropes to ceiling beams or thick branches.

Decided on the choice of design swing?

Decide on a lesson for yourself! See the article about building a carport.

And also see the material about the fountain in the country - a link to the material.

Tire swing

Option 1. The simplest swing is an old tire tied with a rope and suspended from a tree. You can also use a chain and fix it with a screw and nut.

Option 2. We have a tire horizontally. Cut through 3 or 4 holes, insert metal hooks into them, which we fix with washers and nuts. We loop ropes or chains in hook loops.

Option 3. This is the most difficult option, which will require mastery of the Bulgarian. The tire should be cut to a certain pattern, bend and fix with long pins so as to obtain a semblance of an animal or bird. With one of the methods of manufacturing suburban swing can be found below.

Swing from the boards

Swing from the board (saw cut logs, wooden lattice, etc.) and ropes - a classic. It is enough to make 4 holes in the corners of a wide board and push the ropes.

Instead of the board, you can use the old highchair, sawing off the legs and tying it up with ropes.

Hoop swing

Metal (steel or aluminum) hoop must be equipped with rope weaving so that the cobweb-seat is formed in the center. It is advisable to wrap the edges of the hoop with foam rubber and sheathe it with thick cloth. And in order to hang the swing, you need a few strong ropes, metal rings or other fasteners that need to be fixed at least four points around the circumference.

As one of the options, you can consider a swing-hoop, into which a metal basin is inserted. The edges of the pelvis should firmly hold the hoop. Subsequently, the design is easy to disassemble and retrain in a flower garden.

Tarpaulin swing

For the manufacture of such a swing you will need two wide metal triangles, riveting and directly the material - tarpaulin. We fold it in several layers, sew around the perimeter, insert triangles and fasten with rivets. It remains only to hang the swing on a branch or beam.

Wooden swing on the supports

To assemble a wooden swing on the stands we prepare the following:

  • strong rope
  • wood,
  • picket fence and plywood for making benches,
  • fasteners.

Galvanized bolts are used as fasteners for such swings. We refrain from simple screws and nails.

For additional protection of the material from damage and preservation of its natural appearance, we use a lessuring antiseptic. Pre-cover them with all wooden elements of construction.

The finished swing is suspended on a solid branch or attached to racks with a transverse beam laid on top of them. To assemble the support structure, use a wooden block.

The lower ends of the wooden racks are treated with bitumen. To fix the posts, it is enough to dig a couple of holes with a depth of about 1 m, install stands in them, cover 20-30 cm in height of the pit with a mixture of sand and rubble, and then pour concrete.

If you wish, you can make concrete pillars separately and attach a wooden bar to them with anchor bolts. Do as you like. When using the second method between the metal and the wood must be laid waterproof material. To give the frame greater stability, we support racks with braces.

We make the swings ourselves in accordance with the following step-by-step instructions.

First step. We make support arcs, clubs. To do this, we use boards 22 mm thick (best of all from pine) and plywood 12 mm thick. In accordance with the scheme, we draw a pattern and cut out 6 clubs.

The second step. On plywood blanks we outline the outlines of the core. We make a layer in the middle of a glued shield. In the outer layers of extreme clubs, we make cuts for the ends of the rope.

The third step. Fasten parts of the support with waterproof glue. We tighten support by clamps. They are removed only after complete drying of the glue.

Fourth step. We process the edges of the supports with a grinder, giving them a rounded shape.

Fifth step. Вырезаем из сосновой доски кругляши для держателей каната. Это проще всего сделать при помощи соответствующей насадки на дрель.

Шестой шаг. Обрабатываем опоры и готовые кругляши грунтовкой либо атмосферостойкой краской.

Седьмой шаг. Through rounds we screw metal holders of the rope into the supports, and then we cover the wooden elements with acrylic paint.

The eighth step. We turn to creating a seat for a homemade wooden swing. First of all, align the fence.

The ninth step. Next, drill the holes for the screws in each slat. In order to make the holes as neat as possible, we put a corner on the edges of the shtaketin (can be made of plywood) to fit the planks with previously made holes in the right places.

Tenth step. We screw shtaketiny to the supports. To ensure an even step, we place the planks between the slats.

Eleventh step. Fix the armrests to the supports. They are also made of shtaketin. Screw metal bolts into the end of the slats. We lay between the support and the armrest wooden kruglyash.

The twelfth step. We pass the rope through the holes of the holders fixed in the swing support. We tie the rope on the sea knot, after that we wind a wire on it, a strong thread or cord.

Thirteenth step. Cut the free edge of the rope with a knife.

Fourteenth step. We pass the rope through an oval hole in the armrests. The armrest itself is supported on the pads installed on a pair of half-rings tightened by bolts.

Fifteenth step. We wind the rope along the cable pit and tie it with a rope.

In conclusion, it will remain to hang the ring to the Alpine carbine fixed to the crossbar of a support or a thick branch of a tree. Your swing is ready!

Metal swings on the supports

Metal swings are also easily made by hand.

First step. Cut the workpiece from the pipe. You need to make 2 two-meter side racks, a 1.5-2 meter crossbar, and 4 pipes of arbitrary size for the base (2 pipes will go to each side).

The second step. We clean the pipes from burrs with the help of a pelt on metal or a file.

The third step. Weld the workpiece for the base at a right angle.

Fourth step. Weld to the ready base of the rack, and then welded to the racks crossbar.

Fifth step. We start earthworks. It is necessary to dig 4 holes with a depth of 80 cm.

Sixth step. We put metal beams into the prepared pits a bit longer than the depth of the pits.

Seventh step. Fill the grooves with beams with concrete. Concrete can be made independently from a part of cement, a part of rubble and two parts of sand. Add water to the dry mixture and mix thoroughly until smooth.

The eighth step. We leave concrete for about a week to gain strength.

The ninth step. Weld hooks to the crossbar. For the manufacture of hooks, you can use an anchor.

Tenth step. Weld the frame of the swing to the metal beams.

Eleventh step. Attach the seat.

On this homemade metal swings are ready. You can test and take in continuous operation.

Street swing and their types

First, you need to decide on the type of future swing. And only then it is possible to plan the subsequent actions for their construction. The most simple swing for children and the most common are:

The choice of one type or another depends on the availability of the material, its quantity, time and skills of the master.

Children swing swing can have a different shape. And you can make them from different materials at hand. Their key feature is that they should be hung from a tree or another structure, which are placed at a sufficient height so that the child can comfortably climb and swing.

Separate wheelchairs work on the same principle as outboard ones. But the main difference is the presence of a specially adapted design for the seat suspension. Also remember that for the construction of a separate swing will need to collect them separately, it will take some time and materials.

Material selection rules

If you want for your child to make such a mini-attraction in the country with their own hands, then you need not only to have special tools with you, but also to be able to handle them correctly. Therefore, before you start work, evaluate your strength. For example, the metal swing in terms of manufacturing more complex than wood.

So, to make them, you should understand the peculiarities of the behavior of the metal in different conditions and be able to use a hacksaw, grinder or welding machine. Naturally, not everyone can do it; in the absence of confidence, choose a lighter option.

But the tree - this material is quite simple in terms of processing, and even non-professional builders, even simple gardeners with children, can cope with it.

However, you need to choose the right type of tree, for example:

In addition, the wood should not be holes, knots and other defects that can later cause injury to the child.

Also such attractions for summer houses are made of plastic. This material is the cheapest, but remember that it is not environmentally friendly, and the plastic swing will be designed only for a certain weight. Accordingly, if you want to go with the child, you risk breaking the structure.

Making of scrap materials

Of course, not everyone can do their own hands with a wooden wheelchair. But if your child really wants you to equip a swing at the dacha, you can quickly make them out of scrap materials that almost everyone has.

Consider just a few ideas:

  • Pallets - often after construction there are wooden pallets that can perfectly suit as a basis for a swing. You will also need a strong rope, as well as a strong tree, which can be used as a support structure. If there is no such tree, then poles can be used for the supports. The simplest option is to strengthen the rope on a pallet and attach it to the supports. More complex is to combine several pallets together as a seat and backrest. You can decorate or paint them,
  • Old skateboards or snowboards - they can break, and the board remains. Do not rush to throw them away, because you can successfully use as a basis for a street dacha attraction. Despite the fact that snowboards seem fragile, they are incredibly durable and can withstand heavy loads. Accordingly, they can be perfectly used as seats. But you need to attach them tightly to the ropes, and then hang on a support. And if there is still a roller mechanism on the board, the work will be even easier. It will only be necessary to make loops of ropes and pass a skateboard through them, the ropes will be fixed with castors and will not slide off
  • The design on the basis of tires - quite popular for installation in the country. First you need to build supports in the form of bars made of wood or metal, as well as a transverse beam installed between them. Screw the ring bolts into the top beam. On one side, attach the rope straight to the tire, and on the other, thread the rings. Instead of ropes, chains may come up. And for supports, you can use a tree, it will greatly simplify the construction process. The design will somehow resemble a bungee, its appearance will be far from ideal.

If a child really wants a swing to be built at his dacha, but you cannot start a global construction, then you can use parallel bars, boards, logs, or even seats from old chairs or chairs as materials.

Instruction: freestanding wooden swing

To make your own design for children made of wood, prepare the following materials:

The chair of a design becomes their bars and boards. Bars will be needed at the assembly stage of the frame, boards will be needed for seating and armrests. Wooden poles will be used as a suspended structure. Four pieces should be stapled with each other in the form of X.

In addition to the materials themselves, such woodworking tools as:

  • drill,
  • saw (simple or disc),
  • plane or grinder,
  • hammer.

Almost every cottage has a similar toolkit. It is minimal, and it is quite enough to build a swing for the child.

Seat assembly

In the manufacture of structures should begin independently with the assembly of the seat frame, and then it will need to upholstered with wooden boards. It is quite simple, but you need to correctly calculate the angles between the individual bars - each of them should be 90 degrees. Such a miscalculation will allow the structure to be as stable as possible.

If the seat is too long, then after drilling the bars it will need to be strengthened using one or two crossbars. Separate parts need to be connected either with long nails or with bolts and nuts together with washers. But the last option is very complicated, because before you insert the bolts, you will need to drill holes for them. However, this type of fastener is the most suitable, and will create the maximum type of strength.

The finished frame will need to upholstered with wooden boards. For fasteners, use screws or nails, since the load on the boards will be minimal. You should also take care of the armrests, because they should be attached as much as possible, because then the suspension system will be attached to them.

Construction of suspensions

Hangers are also a very important part of the future swing.without which it is impossible to imagine them. To make them yourself, prepare:

  • drill,
  • washers, nuts and bolts of the right size,
  • long chain (two pieces).

With the use of a drill in the armrests, drill four holes - two in each of them. Another option is to drill one hole in the armrest, and the second in the back. We thread the bolts through the holes and use them to attach the chain to the swings. Later, when installing, adjust the length of the chains so that the seat was as a result even. In order to properly assemble the suspensions, it is recommended to find on the Internet special drawings of wooden structures and act on them.

Suspension assembly

The procedure for making a swing is completed by assembling the suspended structure. Most often it is made on the basis of logs or wooden boards.

For work will be needed:

  • five logs
  • self-tapping screws
  • long nails
  • bolts
  • two carbines.

Then, when you have prepared everything, pair the logs in pairs crosswise, but so that it is so that the crossing point is located at a sufficient height from the ground, and so that the child can comfortably ride.

The optimal height is the length at which the chain attached to the crossmember will not reach the ground about one meter. But the logs at the same time need to very firmly connect with each other.

So, when the finished crosses are connected to the crossbar, they need to be dug into the ground, this will ensure the strongest possible fixation. It is recommended to check in advance whether the finished structure is capable of supporting a weight of up to 150 kg.

In order for the construction to last as long as possible, it is recommended to coat it with an anti-corrosion compound. And the swing can be painted - it will not only give them an attractive appearance, but also make them less susceptible to precipitation.

At the end, fix the seat directly using carbines prepared in advance. Then, when you complete all the work items and wait for the paint to dry, you can offer the children a ride.

Arrange for children leisure in the country - A very important task for parents. In the absence of sports equipment and playgrounds, an alternative can be found in the swing equipment. And we, as we saw above, can be built with our own hands.