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Form the crown of the money tree


Mozolnik, crassula, money tree - all these are different names for the same plant - junkie. This room flower with proper care and the formation of the crown is able to take the form of figured wood. And without proper care, attention and care will turn into a weed on the windowsill.

To pudding woman took the form of a tree with a strong trunk and a powerful crown, when you care should take into account some points. The article discusses step by step how to properly form a fatty meat at home and shows photos of a decorative flower.

Pot Selection

The diameter of the pot is selected according to the size of the crown: slightly larger than its diameter. As the plant expands, the width of the tank needs to be increased. A tree with a voluminous meaty crown will become more stable. Ideally, the money tree pot should be wide, heavy and flat. The bottom layer is laid drainage.

Not any pot is suitable for the bastard. Its root grows close to the ground surface. Therefore, the pot for rooting suitable shallow. The fatty root of the fatty root in a deep pot tends downwards, and the stem upwards, while thinning and weakening.

Cracters take a light, loose, porous primer. The money tree does not like fertilized and fertile soil. The composition of the substrate for the bastard should include humus, sand, sheet and sod land.

Home care

  • When forming the crown and the growth of the crassula, great attention is paid to lighting. The fat woman prefers bright light, but from direct sunlight the flower leaves will turn red. If there is little light, the stem will stretch, the branches will twist, and the crown will lose symmetry. For this reason, it is recommended to turn the flower periodically. You should not forget about the fragility of the branches. Careless handling of the plant will result in breaking off of fleshy heavy branches.
  • Treelaceae do not need frequent and abundant watering. Thick and fleshy leaves of a flower are able to accumulate moisture. The fat woman belongs to those plants that are better to underpower than to pour. More demanding it is to wipe the leaves and general spraying. Clean leaves are saturated with oxygen and become resilient.
  • When grown in an apartment, fatties branch out weakly and grow long and thin. Therefore, the crown and trunk of the money tree form.

How to properly cut to get aesthetic?

Pruning is done to form the crown of the money tree. Causes of pruning:

  1. Stability. When the tree grows, long, randomly directed branches are formed, the flower needs support. The plant is falling apart, shallow roots can not hold a massive crown. As a result, a tree can tip over, damaging heavy fragile branches.
  2. Formation of the central stem.
  3. Difficult care and transplant.
  4. Improved decorative properties. If desired, and the ability to form a crown for any aesthetic taste.

It should be done correctly and on time. The method of pruning depends on the age of the plant and its condition.

How to give shape to swell grew beautifully?

It is desirable to begin to form a beautiful pudding tree small yet. The young plant is not pruned. Her pinch. This procedure slows the growth in height and contributes to the intensive growth of lateral shoots.

Pinch a young plant like this:

  1. Carefully inspect the top of the shoot. Find a growth bud. It is located at the very top, among the top rosette of leaves.
  2. Without touching the neighboring leaves, gently pinch it off with nails or cut it with nail scissors.

Pruning adult plants is as follows:

  1. Prepare the tool: garden pruner, sharp knife, long tweezers.
  2. Examine the tree and determine which branches do not match your chosen form.
  3. Carefully and gradually cut them off, trying to keep the cut above the bud by 1-2 cm. With this you stimulate the development of the plant, the growth will become more active.
  4. When removing small twigs, make cuts closely along the trunk.
  5. Slices need not be processed. Just let them dry out and tighten.
  6. Try to leave miniature leaves on the ends of the branch, removing the rest.


  • Do not attempt to form a round shape at one time. Repeated pruning gradually stimulates the growth of nearby kidneys, and the jerky will eventually take on the desired shape.
  • Do not be afraid to cut large branches - the plant is thus rejuvenated, renewed, throws out young shoots.
  • Use long tongs or tweezers to remove cut leaves and branches from the crown.

What to do for branching to be fluffy and beautiful?

For, so that the bastard was fluffy, that is, with a large number of branches, you need to consider the following points:

  1. Plant only one process in the pot. Several plants in one pot form thickets, interfere with each other, weaken.
  2. After 3 - 4 pairs of leaves grow on the branches, pull out the last pair of buds. In this place 2 - 3 new buds will grow over time. So the fat woman starts branching.
  3. If necessary, periodically repeat this procedure.
  4. Cut a long sprig to the desired size.

How to pinch so that lateral stems appear?

If the bastard trunk does not give side stalks, simply pinch the top. The thick trunk of the money tree can be quickly formed by growing long branches. Long shoots have powerful bases. After the branch has reached a sufficient thickness, the length is removed. Also leaves are removed at the bottom of the trunk.

Formation of the crown of the money tree can be made at any time of the year, but the beginning of spring is considered optimal. At this time, the active growth of the plant begins.

Next you can see a photo of a beautifully decorated bastard:

Further care after trimming

The fat woman is very unpretentious and instantly takes root after trimming. Therefore, during this period does not require special care. Enough to put it in the usual conditions. Over the next few weeks you should not transplant the plant, you need to give him the opportunity to recover.

The process of forming the crown of the money tree is quite interesting and fascinating. And with the observance of the recommendations and not complicated. But the result will surpass all expectations.

How to form a crown?

In order for the money tree to take the form of a tree, it is necessary to perform two basic procedures - pruning and pinching. It is necessary to do such procedures when the money tree is still young.

Pruning should be only long and strongly overgrown branches of the tree. You need to cut in such a way that there are about four leaves on the branch. The procedure should be carried out with a sharp knife or pruner.

Be sure to make sure that the instruments are sterile, and the cut must be treated with wood ash or activated carbon, otherwise you risk a rotting of the plant.


In order not to cut the branches of the money tree, at home you can easily perform such a procedure as pinching. After the appearance on the branch of three or four pairs of leaves, the kidney, which will appear next, you will need to gently pull out with tweezers or just your fingers.

It is best to do this with rotational movements, since you are twisting the cork out of the bottle. Several new buds will have to appear at the site of pinching in a few days, which is a sign that the plant is beginning to branch.

In very rare cases, one kidney appears, but if this has happened, the procedure must be repeated.

Features of care

Although the plant and unpretentious care, for the best development it is necessary to maintain the optimum temperature, choose the right light, stick to the watering regime, fertilize and periodically replant.

March to September The optimum temperature for the money tree should be around 24 ° C, in the summer it is recommended to plant the plant on the balcony. September to February it is about 14 ° C.

If in winter the temperature is higher than the set, then [/ url] can lose the leaves, but you shouldn’t worry much, they will grow over time.

As for lighting, bright places with direct sunlight are best suited for podyanka; in winter, they need additional lighting. The plant can exist in the penumbra, but this quality should not be abused, since a long stay in the shade can cause illness or death.

After winter, the plant should be gradually accustomed to direct rays in order to avoid burns.

Periodically it is recommended to spray the plant with separated water and wash the dust off the leaves.

Fertilize our plant is necessary during the active growing season, which falls in the spring and summer. Complex fertilizers with a small amount of nitrogen are used as top dressing.

The correct pot should be made of clay, not deep, and the width should not exceed the diameter of the crown of the tree. An example of what pot is needed for the money tree, you can see in the photo.

The very same transplant is carried out as needed when the pot becomes tight. As for the soil, the following mixture will do: 4 parts of sand, 1 part of leaf humus, 1 part of sod land.

The mixture that you prepare should not be very nutritious, otherwise the side branches will begin to grow rapidly and lean under their own weight, which will make the fatty look unattractive. Therefore, in order not to spoil the plant, it is best to purchase a special substrate in the flower shop.

The money tree is an exotic plant.which has become popular among many people. It is unpretentious in the care, but still it is better to adhere to certain recommendations for care. Important factors in the formation of the classic “image” of the bastard are timely pinching, trimming and properly selected pot.

Choosing a pot and soil for a money tree

The first mistake most people make is wrong pot selection. With a large amount of land tap root stretches down, and the plant itself up, which makes it thin and weak. If your plant was in a large pot, transplant it into a small and flat pot.

The soil for money trees it should be half sand and fine gravel. You can easily buy it in flower shops.

Sweetie, or Crassula (Crаssula) - "Money Tree"

Care of the money tree

If during transplantation you noticed that plant root greatly increased in length, shorten it a little with scissors, so that it fits successfully into a new pot.

Water the money tree it is recommended not abundantly, but often, because with abundant watering in a pot, water can stagnate, which often causes rotting of the roots of the plant.

Trimming money tree Six-year money tree in too large a pot. © Shade

Money Tree Formation

If your tree is small and has not started branching yet (the optimum height is 15 centimeters), pinch off 2 small upper leaves, you can pinch off more, but only so that at the end of the twigs there remain 2 large leaves. Later on this place the branching should begin (2 pairs of leaves will appear at once), if this does not happen and there will be only one pair, it should pinch off again.

You can start to form a money tree later. Even if it has already grown big, you can shorten the branches, but unfortunately, the stumps will remain at the pinch point, so it’s better to take up the formation of the plant when it is young and only remove the upper leaves where you think the tree should branch. .

Krascula is a very tenacious plant. It does not require special care and even without problems will suffer a prolonged absence of watering. To multiply it is also easy. Just put a small branch in the water and in a few days it will give roots.

Rooting of the money tree

Try to form a money tree and after a while you will be pleasantly surprised by the result, and perhaps it will even become your little hobby.

Crown formation by pinching

This method consists in the timely removal of the growth buds of the crassula in the right period and in a certain place.

First of all, you need to consider that all crown formation operations should be carried out during the season of active growth: at the beginning of the growing season — in the spring or at its height — in the summer, in order for the money tree to grow the leaves from new, stimulated by pinching, buds.

When on this young succulent, stretching upward, grew four pairs of leaves and between the leaf plates of the fourth pair, a new growth bud appeared, it should be pinched off, trying not to damage the already existing leaves. So the first branching of the trunk is formed.

Instead, the removed kidney plant will form two, sometimes three, new budswhich will give rise to the first two (three) branches.

Occasionally in place of the remote appears only one kidney. In this case, it is also removed, ensuring the appearance of exactly two shoots.

Later on, with these growing shoots, they follow the same pattern: they pinch a growth bud that forms between the leaves of the fourth pair on each branch

As a result of this controlled branching, the shoots do not grow too long and retain sufficient strength.

The fat woman gets a beautiful shape - you only need to provide good lighting, sufficient, but not excessive watering and do not forget from time to time turn it, so that the increment goes evenly, without “overbalance” on the more lighted side.

In young plants on the formed trunk, even when it is woody, leaves can persist. With age, they disappear themselves.

Trimming shaping

How to cut a money tree at home?
This method is used for adults Fatty.

The cropping is carried out in the active growth phase - in the spring-summer period. Is it possible to trim the bastard winter or autumn? - Not.
When pruning carefully select the place where the branch will begin.

It is best to follow the “golden rule”: count down four pairs of leaves and trim the stem-stem right over the fourth pair, trying not to leave noticeable above it stump, as it will continue in the future.

Near the cut, new shoots will appear that will give rise to young branches. These shoots will need to pinch, achieving uniform branching and the formation of a beautiful crown of the money tree in the same way: pinch after the fourth pair of leaves.

Pruning stimulates growth, and in order for the bruise to form new shoots correctly and the leaves develop well, appropriate conditions must be ensured - bright light, moderate watering - and from time to time rotate container with succulent, achieving a uniform increase in green mass.

The height of aesthetic perfection in growing Krassula will be the formation of it. bonsai - a dwarf dwarf tree.

On the one hand, the positive effect of pruning for the plant itself and the ease with which new foci of growth are formed on it, facilitates the creation of bonsai. On the other hand, fragile, brittle stems and leaves complicate this task.

To bonsai was a success, first of all carefully choose the capacity for the future of the tree.

Container should not be too big and shallow - this is the main condition. Depending on the shape of the bonsai, it can be elongated or rounded. It must have drainage holes of sufficient size: stagnation of water to a bastard is harmful, like any succulent - a native of arid areas.

If a bonsai is grown from a rooted cutting, it is planted in a small and shallow pot, and then, as it develops, it is transplanted into a more extensive, but still shallow receptacle.
The main task of such small dishes is to suspend an too pronounced growth only upwards, because the deeper the main, pivotal root penetrates, the more actively the sprout rises.
So that the future of the bonsai tree does not stretch, they also apply root trimming - Especially for taproot. In the case of too developed roots they are shortened by a third. After pruning, the root system must be dried in air for a day and only then placed in a container and covered with soil.

Crone crassula bonsai form pinching (when grown from cuttings) and trimming (in the case of an adult plant), following the basic rule - pinching or pruning immediately after four pairs of leaves.

Some amateurs still grow miniature money trees with slight trunk bends in the horizontal direction, very gradually tilting the tree and carefully winding it with wire until the stem-stem is woody.

The advantage of growing pottery bonsai is also it fast growth - the result does not need to wait for decades, as when creating bonsai of ordinary trees - and breeding ease: in case of failure, you can take into account errors, root a new cutting and start all over again. При посадке нескольких черенков в мелкий длинный контейнер можно сформировать целую рощицу деревьев-бонсай.

Tolstyanka-crassula-money tree positively responds to pruning and pinching, and here the interests of the plant and man are the same: well-formed succulents retain strength and thick foliage, and florist decorate the interiors with low trees with many brilliant leaves and coins, which, moreover, as the ancient Chinese tradition, bring financial abundance to their owners.

Then you can see the photo of how to correctly form the crown and pinch the Money Tree:

How to trim a fathead and why to do it

Lovers of flowers whose house has a crotch, or a beautiful one, should know how to form a money tree and its crown. It is easy to grow it, the main thing is to correctly form the crown. The plant is a pottery, which is grown in many lovers of indoor flowers, may look different. It may look like a small tree with one thick, powerful trunk. It may also look like a bush.consisting of several thin trunks. A tree with a large trunk and a sprawling crown symbolizes monetary prosperity coming to the house from one source. A bush with several thin trunks attracts money into the house, which in weak streams enter the house in various ways.

Those who are well versed in feng shui know that a jerky boy brings happiness and prosperity to the house because:

  • Its thick green leaves look like coins,
  • It absorbs negative energy and transforms it into positive,
  • A powerful trunk is the core on which family well-being rests,
  • Krasul has a strong energy, which contributes to the materialization of positive thoughts.

However, all this can be said only about that beauty, which its owner carefully looks after. If no one takes care of the fatty broil, and the plant is left to the mercy of fate, the tree quickly takes on an ugly look and stops attracting wealth into the house. This can be avoided if the time to engage in pruning and the formation of the crown. Pinching and pruning - the most important measures for the care of this tree.

How to cut a money tree at home

At home, you can either trim a cropped pot or pinch it. Both options are equally effective, the main thing is to cut or pinch correctly.

To form the crown of the money tree should be on time. This is usually done by pinching. Pinching is applied while the plant is still young. For older trees, you need to have full pruning.

Pinching is performed as follows:

  • One young plant is planted in a separate pot,
  • Soon young green leaves will begin to appear on the porkyanka. Leaves that have fallen to the ground in a pot must be destroyed in a timely manner. If you are late with destruction, the leaves will soon take root, and instead of one powerful trunk you will get some weak ones,
  • Then you need to wait until eight leaves appear on a sapling,
  • The kidney, which naklyunutsya between the leaves, gently removed. You can do this with your fingernails using the characteristic plucked movement. Hence the name - pinching,
  • Then this procedure should be repeated several times, as necessary. Every time a kidney appears between the pairs of leaflets, it is promptly removed. Thus, the bastard will soon form one full-fledged trunk. If you do not remove the buds, the bastard will have more and more new shoots, and instead of a powerful tree you will get a small bush.

If the indoor florist is late with pruning, and the trunk of the money tree has already hardened, instead of pinching, you will have to resort to pruning. Pruning should be sharply sharpened garden shears or shears. After pruning is finished, cut areas need to be treated with garden pitch so that the fresh “wounds” heal as quickly as possible. Pruning is a fairly effective method of crown formation, but much more troublesome and traumatic for the plant than pinching.

After pruning, we must pour and feed the earthenware in order for the plant to regain strength. If the tree has grown too much, it may be worthwhile to do a full pruning, not in one go, but in several steps. Cut branches and leaves should be burned immediately, as they can inhabit the pests and parasites of houseplants.

Practical recommendations

In order to properly form the crown of the bastard, you need skill. Perhaps the correct pinching or trimming will not work. However, you should not panic: the main thing is practice, but experience will come.

During the pinching you need to act very nicely. The shoots and leaves of the young bastard are quite fragile. It happens that the leaves are pretty fall off even from a light touch. Pushing the leaves to pinch the kidneys should be very careful.

During pruning in no case can not break and bend the branches with hands, which are subject to pruning, but not amenable to secateurs. Such actions are very stressful for the plant. If the branch is very thick, powerful, and it is impossible to cut it with shears, you can use a small hand saw. However, this is quite rare. Basically amateur growers do an excellent job with pruning with a pruner.

After pruning the plant is recommended to transplant in a more spacious pot. After the transplantation, the hodgepodge feels better and usually begins to grow much more intensively. Regular transplantation contributes to the intensive growth and development of the root system of the plant.

To make a fat woman look beautiful, it is necessary not only to care for the crown of the plant, but also to regularly wipe the dust from its thick leaves. If the plant is very dusty, you can make a real “shower” from a spray bottle for a fat man. Regular spraying with water not only removes dust from the trunk and leaves, but is also an excellent prevention of pests and parasites.

Recently, it has become fashionable for amateur flower growers to hang on tolstyanka various talismans and amulets in order to attract wealth and wealth in the house. You should not get involved in this. A fat woman is not a New Year tree, the trunk and delicate leaves can not withstand the load of heavy gold coins and similar decorations. But hang on krasulu New Year's “rain” or tinsel is possible, and an elegant tree will immediately create a festive atmosphere in the house.

Helpful advice

In addition to trimming, we should not forget about other important events for the care of podyanka Among these activities - timely watering, loosening the land in the pot after watering, and, of course, fertilizing. If you neglect these activities, then no pruning can give the tree a beautiful, well-groomed appearance.

Care should be taken to form the crown immediately after a young or old money tree has appeared in the house. If possible, do not miss a good moment to pinch. If an amateur florist still missed this moment, it’s not worth it to panic, as well-done pruning is absolutely as safe for a fat man, like pinching.

Money Tree is one of the most popular indoor plants among amateur Russian flower growers. If you sincerely believe that this small tree will bring prosperity and well-being into the house, this will happen. The main thing - to properly care for the bastard and prevent its growth. One beautiful tree with a powerful trunk looks much more spectacular than a bush, consisting of several thin twigs. Before pruning or pinching, the beginner grower can consult with more experienced colleagues.